YouTube Shorts has already surpassed 6.5 billion daily views globally. Are you missing out on the next biggest opportunity for YouTube creators? You don’t have to! Dan Carson from vidIQ joins us to talk about the expansion of YouTube Shorts to more audiences and creators worldwide

We’re also going to explore how to incorporate Shorts into a video content strategy and YouTube’s new Twitch-Style live streaming features.


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[00:00:36] Jeff Sieh: [00:00:36] And today we are joined by Dan Carson, and we’re going to be talking about the expansion of YouTube Shorts to more audiences and creators around the world.

[00:00:44] We’re also going to explore how you can incorporate Shorts into your video content strategy, how to make the most of YouTube, extensive library of videos and music for creating. Can you, or can you not? And we’ll talk about that. And we’re going to find out why Shorts is being called the biggest opportunity for YouTube creators or YouTube wannabes in the past five years. We mentioned Restream earlier, but I also want to do a big shout out to our friends over at  Ecamm, you can find out more about them at They’re the ones that make the show look and work as amazing as it is. So go check them out at

[00:01:22] If you don’t know Dan Carson we’re going to induce them to you because Dan is the host of the YouTube the tube talk podcast and executive producer at vidIQ. You got to start in on YouTube in August of 2011, recording gameplay videos as a fun hobby while attending school for video production.

[00:01:42] So he joined the vidIQ team in 2020, and it allowed Dan to combine his hobby and professional talents to now, help others grow their own YouTube channels. And he’s here to help you do the same. Dan, thank you so much. And welcome to the show. Thank 

[00:01:58] Dan Carson: [00:01:58] you so much for having me. I’m really, excited to get into this.

[00:02:01] Jeff Sieh: [00:02:01] Yeah. So Grace take it away because I know you had some questions for Dan, so this is yeah. 

[00:02:06] Grace Duffy: [00:02:06] I wanna I, want to know more about vidIQ. Can you give us a quick intro about it and what w what it is and what it does.

What is VidIQ?

[00:02:15] Dan Carson: [00:02:15] Sure. Yeah. vidIQ is actually a whole suite of tools that you can use on YouTube. You can start for free as well, so you can install the software.

[00:02:25] And at first it could be a little bit whoa, there’s a whole bunch of stuff on my YouTube channel that wasn’t there before. It would be a little overwhelming. But we do have it becomes pretty self-explanatory and we also have a number of tutorials and guides over on our YouTube channel, which doubles as a YouTube education space as well.

[00:02:42] So we’re kind of tackling YouTube at all these different angles and it’s really. Awesome. Awesome. 

[00:02:49] Jeff Sieh: [00:02:49] So let’s talk a little bit about growing a YouTube channel in 2021. Cause this past year has seen an explosion in video content on all platforms it’s particularly live video content and everything seems to has changed with the pandemic going on and all this stuff.

[00:03:06] And so one of the things is YouTube recently partnered with these top CMOs from leading brands like general motors, Nestle and had, and they partnered with these popular creators on YouTube. And they called the YouTube called the masters of their own brand and command attention audience, attention around the world.

[00:03:25] So they had them tackle the problem of finding unique and innovative ways to connect with new customers and address their kind of needs that they have. So it was a new series on YouTube advertisers channel. In your experience, Dan, what does it take to build and keep an engaged audience of viewers?

[00:03:44] In 2021. So like what should content creators take into account? What should businesses be aware of? Because, I mean, I know that’s a lot to say right there, but what is your thoughts in 2021? What do creators need to do

What Does it Take To Build and Engage Audiences in 2021?

[00:03:57] Dan Carson: [00:03:57] Creators at large… like when it comes to businesses and things like that, it’s, I’m sure the game is a little more complicated, cause they’re definitely trying to sell a product creators at large.

[00:04:07] I mean, it kind of comes down to keeping people engaged. You need, and that’s so it’s so vague when people say that, oh you gotta keep people engaged. Like, what does that even mean? And it’s kind of, to me about becoming a better storyteller and I don’t want to jump the gun here, but like get it short.

[00:04:26] Is such a cool thing because it forces you to tell a story and you have less than a minute to do it, and I think that’s why it’s taking off so well, I think that’s why TikTokdoes so well because the creator needs to be hyper-aware of every second, every frame of footage. Because at any point you can just pick up your phone and swipe to the next one.

[00:04:48] It’s that easy. So engage keeping your audience engaged is just everything, no matter who you are, no matter what vertical you’re using. Okay. 

[00:04:59] Jeff Sieh: [00:04:59] We’re going to talk about that. Cause I already have questions going around in my brain, but Grace, let’s go into the first section of this nudes because I know we’re going to talk about Shorts in depth in a bit, but go ahead and break this news down.

[00:05:09] That happened last year.

YouTube Shorts Rolling Out Globally

[00:05:11] Grace Duffy: [00:05:11] Absolutely. We found out last week that YouTube Shorts is now rolling out globally. It is available to a hundred countries around the world when it first rolled out is only available to 20 us, UK and a handful of other countries were the ones fault. It was it’s still currently in beta.

[00:05:28] And as a quick re crap Shorts. YouTube TikTok competitor. So it’s short, catchy videos. It completely focused on being mobile. They’re up to 60 seconds long as Dan mentioned here with multi-sector camera and it’s only available on mobile. So now it’s rolling out to a bunch of new countries, and they’re also saying that they’re going to be including a new range of features, including the ability to sample other YouTube videos, which we’ll talk a little bit more about in a minute here.

[00:05:58] And then they’re also exploring new ways to offer quick links from Shorts over YouTube, as as they’ve been taking samples of that. Dan, I wanted to talk to you about how do you integrate Shorts into a content marketing strategy, particularly for a brand. You and I both work for video companies, right?

[00:06:20] Are companies the technology companies, and we’re both exploring Shorts.

How Can Companies Integrate Shorts Into Thier Content Marketing Strategy?

So tell us how other companies can take advantage of Shorts for their content marketing stuff. 

[00:06:29] Dan Carson: [00:06:29] I got to say, I think if you’re a brand, your best bet is to get into influencer marketing and get somebody who knows this industry to help you out.

[00:06:41] Because at  vidIQ, we’ve experimented with Shorts ourselves, and we’ve put them on, we’ve tried them on our main channel or vidIQ YouTube channel. We’ve tried them on their own, vidIQ Shorts channel. And it’s been exceptionally hard to get them any traction because we’re still coming at it from the perspective of YouTube educators.

[00:06:59] So where that’s what our product does. It helps people grow their channel by giving you all these metrics. And then we, as the creators help people with not only using the tool, but showing them just through examples and stuff in videos and doing that in a short is really hard. And I think that’s because people watch these, videos and expect snappy edits, a lot of laughs or something kind of mind blowing like, oh my gosh, I’m going to use like life hacks like I’m gonna use that.

[00:07:26] That’s awesome. And they, sell tools to people who can use them that solve problems. And I think they’re going to need to get really, creative. And that’s kind of where I said, why is it influencer marketing? Because you don’t have to hire a whole staff of people to help you write comedy, for example, you can just find the right influencers to market your products and, tackle it that way.

[00:07:55] Jeff Sieh: [00:07:55] Let’s, kind of go back and do birds, eye overview. Cause some people are still maybe confused about Shorts and they see stuff with TikTok and we talked about last week TikTok raised the, time limit, which is three minutes shorter, still one minute. So can you kinda talk a little bit about what are the cons some of the content requirements for YouTube Shorts?

[00:08:16] What do we need to keep in mind? As we start getting, as we can get started. I mean, you mentioned it at the intro that we have to be really cognizant of the time because we’re a thumb swipe away from somebody going to the next piece of content. So what are some things we kind of look at when we first, like when somebody says, okay, I’m going to do short, Stan said to do it, I’m going to do it.

[00:08:37] What do they need to do and keep in mind? 

[00:08:40]Dan Carson: [00:08:40]

What is YouTube Shorts and How Do I Make One?

So So what, the heck is it YouTube short? How do I even make one? So the way it works is a short is a video on YouTube that is vertical or square. You can have them all the way out to the square, which is great. But basically 19, let’s see what, 1920 by 10 80 would be like a normal 10 80 P video.

[00:08:59] You have to flip that it needs to be 10 80 by 1920. And the easiest way to do it is to use your phone and just record a vertical video as, you probably are already doing out there in the world, when you go to the zoo or something. The other restriction there is, you also need to make sure it’s less than 59.

[00:09:20] No, sorry. Less than a minute. So basically 59 seconds. I’ve seen the timestamp on YouTube for Shorts. Go up to exactly one minute. But for some reason when you upload one, it like adds a second. I think it rounds up every time. So just, I say 15 seconds and yeah, so square vertical has to be a minute or under.

[00:09:38] And those are the two big ones. A lot of people are concerned about hashtag Shorts. You need to put that in the title of the description. YouTube themselves have said you don’t need to, but it helps. And the reason it helps us because YouTube is creating this whole thing. It’s called a pivot page. And if you were to just literally in YouTube search type hashtag Shorts, you could click on this pivot page and it’ll show you every video with that hashtag and.

[00:10:02] Maybe it helps you rank faster because of that? I don’t think so because when Shorts first came out and they didn’t really announce it yet, a whole bunch of older, less than a minute vertical videos were just getting a ton of views. It was just spiking overnight. And none of them said hashtag Shorts because they didn’t make them back in the day of YouTube Shorts.

[00:10:18] And the last thing I’m gonna mention is that these Shorts camera and one of the things we’ll talk about today is how Shorts have gone global now. And that, what that means is everybody has access to the Shorts camera in their phone. That only lets you record unless something’s changed. I think up to 15 seconds.

[00:10:31] And I take that as a sign that YouTube, yeah, you get, they give you a minute, but they kind of want you to keep it even shorter. And that’s probably for your benefit. 

[00:10:41] Jeff Sieh: [00:10:41] So real quick. So, can I create short I’m asking for the audience, but like, can I create Shorts only on my mobile or can I do a really produced almost a minute, one on my creative premiere and then upload it on my desktop.

[00:10:55] I mean, I know we’ve talked a lot about it’s mobile, it’s for mobile, but is that the only place to consume it? 

[00:11:03] Dan Carson: [00:11:03] No, you can totally use a video editing software. It, depends on your video editing software. We’ve seen a lot of people come to us and say, I can’t get my editing software to help me make a vertical video.

[00:11:14] I know Premiere has a really easy setting in there that you can use perhaps Final Cut, more advanced video editors. But as long as you can get your video to output in either a vertical or square format, you can make it through anything. I mean, this is why gaming on YouTube Shorts has blown up the way it has because people in the Minecraft community and places like that just jumped all over it.

[00:11:37] And yeah, as long as again, the video is under a minute long and it’s, in that format have app. Gotcha. 

[00:11:44] So when it can, I only consume it on a mobile. So is it only for like, am I only when I create a short am I like forgetting about the rest of my audience on YouTube and I and, explain a little bit what the short shelf is.

[00:11:57] I guess there’s a lot of people.

What is the YouTube Shorts Shelf?

[00:11:59] Sure. Yeah. That’s a great question. The YouTube. Short shelf. I’ll start. There is a thing you’ll only see on mobile, and you’ve probably noticed it since this has been rolling out. When you’re scrolling through your feed, your home feed, there will be this new shelf, basically a bunch of videos that are in a row, and you can actually swipe over to see them kind of keep going.

[00:12:23] It’s instead of swiping down to see the rest of the videos and you can click on any of those and it kind of. Once you do, you’ve kind of entered the funnel and it’ll just, as you swipe up, you can just keep watching Shorts all day long. Also on mobile, there’s a button now they’ve added at the bottom called Shorts.

[00:12:40] And if you click that, that also gets you into the shelf and it just shows you what it thinks you’ll want to see and that’s all like mobile consumption is where Shorts are optimized. That said just because you upload a short doesn’t mean it can’t be seen on desktop YouTube. It can. It’s just I, would like to think YouTube is not pushing those.

[00:12:59] Cause I see them less and less. I think when videos fit that, that format and I have very specific viewing habits. So I might just not be getting them recommended to me, but they’re not going to be something that pop up into recommendations. In my opinion, it’s going to be, you have to seek them out, which is why you wouldn’t necessarily make a short for search.

[00:13:17] You’re kind of appealing to a whole different audience on YouTube. 

[00:13:21] Jeff Sieh: [00:13:21] I think that is a huge thing right there. What you just said is that it’s not for search. Go ahead. 

[00:13:30] Grace Duffy: [00:13:30] That was a question that we had is do you need to do SEO for short? So that was a question from a niece or falls earlier today.

[00:13:36] So you’re right. It does affect your viewing habits. Cause I tend to encounter YouTube on my desktop. I work on my desktop all day long. That’s where I’m watching it. I have to force my it’s not forced myself, but I have to intentionally go on Bobo to look at short. So I have a video production question for you, Dan, as far as…

[00:13:56] Let’s have 

[00:13:57] Jeff Sieh: [00:13:57] him answer that question from the top, because I think let’s go ahead and go there because I think that’s really important.

[00:14:02] Do you need to do SEO for Shorts,

Do You Need to Do SEO for Shorts?

[00:14:05] Dan Carson: [00:14:05] You should very much keep in mind your title. But that’s about it. I mean, the description is something you’d have to click into to actually see they’re still tags, but as we know, tags are getting less and less relevant and even more so in Shorts, the thing there’s two things you can control when you upload a short, that is the title and the content itself.

[00:14:31] I was going to say thumbnail, but no, that’s wrong. Control the thumbnail on a short, it picks for you what frame is going to be shown as the thumbnail for a short so it makes it easier. It’s one less thing to do, honestly. Now we, we say you should do thumbnails anyway, because they can be seen on your channel to your regular viewers, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

[00:14:50] So I still like to see if I’m nails on them, but I wouldn’t spend as much time on them for sure. Sorry, going down a funnel rabbit hole. Okay. That’s good. The main thing is title and you don’t want that title to be too long and you want to make sure that it’s just an it’s interesting, more so than anything else.

[00:15:09] And, that goes for regular YouTube too, by the way, you don’t have to try and make your title fit for only a robot to read. You still want your titles to always be clickable and always be interesting, but it’s more important on Shorts because I think they get truncated. It may be even like 40 characters or something.

[00:15:23] So you, only have this much space to have a title. That relates to the video and get people to potentially tap it. And the other thing that I’ve been kind of wondering to myself is when you’re watching Shorts, yes, the title’s important that random thumbnail you to pick for you is important, but it’s only important before you like enter the shelf.

[00:15:45] So that first short, the guy you’d click and get into the shelf is the one you saw the title and thumbnail for after that, every time you swipe, you’re just kind of watching a new video. The is kind of there at the bottom, but it’s it didn’t earn your click. Like the first one did. So the title… who knows, this is why, this is what I struggle with internally.

[00:16:04] Like, does the title even matter? I think to a degree, it definitely does, but that’s the biggest thing. That’s the most SEO I think you could do for it. Gotcha. Great. 

[00:16:13] Jeff Sieh: [00:16:13] So I’m sorry, I cut you off. You had another question about freedom. 

[00:16:16] Grace Duffy: [00:16:16] I just wanted to say and Nasr any S I’m sorry if I mispronounce your name and say, he said, thank you for answering his question.

[00:16:22] He’s starting a gaming channel. So he appreciated that SEO. Oh yeah. So I was moving on to the, at my gate production question. So as a video producer, do you have a workflow when it comes to creating Shorts? Is there a way that you can make the most of your video production time? For instance, if you’re making longer videos already for your YouTube channel, and I say longer videos, like the six to 10 minutes that seems to do really well.

[00:16:47] Like where in that, are you creating Shorts from that content or are you creating completely unique content just for Shorts or how are you kind of streamlining your time there or do you,

What Is A Good YouTube Shorts Workflow?

[00:17:00] Dan Carson: [00:17:00] I, so I have my own like, personal channel that I don’t share out there with the world because. Target audience and things like that.

[00:17:07] But on that channel, I made content only for Shorts. That was the whole, that was everything I did. And the reasoning behind it was just very simply the, time I had in the day, right? Like it’s a lot easier to make a one minute video than it is to make a 10 minute video because I just didn’t have a lot of time.

[00:17:23] So I took advantage of the fact that I can make the short form content it’s going to get out there to a new audience. And that was great. I’ve seen a lot of creators though, who are trying to find ways to repurpose their long form content. They were already making, they’re doing live streams, or they were making long form videos and they want to get in on the Shorts game.

[00:17:41] And why not? It’s one more new way. You can try and pull people into your YouTube channel. And we can go over all the different things. YouTube offers now a little bit later on, but you should absolutely be using it if you feel like you can. So my biggest trick there, if you’re going to take your long form videos and try and take cool clips from and make them YouTube.

[00:18:02] Context you, I never hear anyone talk about this, but you, as the editor of that short need to provide context to the audience who was not there for the long form video, because as we’ve already discussed, Shorts are going out on the short shelf to kind of a mystery audience. Who see these likely have never seen your channel before.

[00:18:24] Or they’ve only seen your channel through the other Shorts that you’ve done. Cause they’re kind of, they like watching Shorts the recommended more and more. So you need to provide as much context as possible. And again, you only have a minute to do it. So whether that’s through some kind of text you put on the screen or some, kind of funny introduction.

[00:18:43] And then if you choose to go the route of like, Hey, before you start watching the short, I just want you to know that this was from a live stream the other day. That’s not what I mean because I’ve already swiped away. That’s not fun to watch, but if you try and find a way to edit this thing and set it up, my I’ll, try to stress this.

[00:19:00] I don’t want people to go into their live streams, take a sliver like a 32nd sliver. That, that, was a cool moment without considering who’s going to see it, which is somebody who was not at the live stream. So does it make sense? Does it stand on its own?  

[00:19:13] That’s 

[00:19:15] Jeff Sieh: [00:19:15] it. a power tip right there.

[00:19:17] So we have some questions from the audience that I want to pull up really quick or some comments. This is from Gary. We were talking about tools to use, to make sure it’s and he said you can while put to vertical format very easily, you can even use a green-screen traditional pop. So thanks Carrie.

[00:19:31] That’s really, cool. That’s a great idea with the green screen, by the way. And then let’s see, how do I says, how can I use the same title? All my video, like for Shorts? Cause you said the title didn’t matter. So would you use the same title in all your, Shorts or is what are your thoughts?

Should I Use The Same Title In All Of My Shorts?

[00:19:48] Dan Carson: [00:19:48] You probably could. I definitely wouldn’t but I’m a believer in even, though tags, there are being, we’re being told that tags are just great for misspellings. They’re not very relevant to search anymore. That’s what YouTube is saying. You can bet that I’m going to fill out that entire box.

[00:20:04] I’m going to fill out the description. I’m going to fill out everything because it’s just one more tool that I’m given. And it’s, I don’t like leaving it blank. And on the chance that your short is the one that’s sitting front and center on the short shelf, don’t you want that title to be something interesting and very clickable I would and, the title is still viewable.

[00:20:24] It’s not like it’s invisible ,people see it at the bottom of the video as they’re watching. So if they want, if they’re like, what the heck am I watching right now? You want that to be there. So I wouldn’t use the same title and who knows the Shorts is still new. It’s going to all the things we’ve said today in a year from now, it could be completely irrelevant because they’re going to keep updating it.

[00:20:44] It’s going to keep changing for all. We know there’s going to be a short shelf on desktop one day. So w be aware of all these things and the ever-changing landscape of YouTube and take full advantage of all the different tools you gives you to promote your content. 

[00:20:56] Jeff Sieh: [00:20:56] So I guess we haven’t really asked this quick.

[00:20:58] And other than that YouTube is, I mean, Shorts is really cool and Tik talking to you is really cool. Why should we use it? W what’s the end game? Why it just, because YouTube is saying that we should, is that why we should great Shorts, content? What good does it do our channel? I don’t know if we’ve really talked about that.

Do Shorts Help My YouTube Channel?

[00:21:15] Dan Carson: [00:21:15] It’s not going to be for everybody. I kind of touched on this a little while ago, but vidIQ, as we tried, it was something we kind of abandoned because it was taking up more of our time to make this content and get it out there. And it wasn’t performing we got a lot of signals from YouTube that basically told us like, okay, this the type of content we’re making, isn’t going to work on, the shelf.

[00:21:37] So what we’re going to do is revisit this at a later date and we’ll see, it’s not going to be for everybody. And that’s okay. I would say that the community tab, which you unlock a thousand subs. Yeah. Is something everyone should use. However, some people just don’t want to they don’t want to make image posts and stuff and, have yet another social media feed to keep up with.

[00:22:00] So if you can use it, if you’re interested in it, then yes, absolutely. If it’s something that you feel like, oh gosh, a chore, a thing I have to do now, I’m already doing enough. Then don’t don’t bother because the most important thing about your YouTube channel is you, got to watch out for your mental health going into making all this content a lot goes into that.

[00:22:23] And if Shorts is going to be the thing that pushes you over the edge, and you’re like, I just with YouTube, I just can’t. Then yeah. You’re, only, you might only be hurting yourself then trying to force it into your strategy. Okay. 

[00:22:35] Grace Duffy: [00:22:35] Gotcha. So I know you said you’re running experiments a bit like you and you, put it aside, which is totally understandable if it’s not working right.

[00:22:42] If it’s not working, it’s not working, but would you be able to tell us what type of content you think does resonate on Shorts? Like what, maybe not the educational. How to content that, that your company focuses on or my company focuses on, but what other stuff is out there that is resonating that is working?

What’s Working for YouTube Shorts?

[00:23:01] Dan Carson: [00:23:01] I, can tell you for me, I like watching things that, and I kind of mentioned it before. I, like watching things that make me laugh. I like watching things that blow my mind. However, I’m seeing more and more people in the education space to try and figure this out. And there’s a couple of examples out there that I think of people doing this well there’s a channel out there they’re called alpha gaming.

[00:23:21] They give a lot of YouTube advice. It’s catered to the gaming community and Harris Heller runs that channel. And he likes to repurpose a lot of his clips from like streams, where he’s chatting with his audience and answering questions into YouTube Shorts. And I find myself when those were recommended to me actually listening to those.

[00:23:38] And it’s kind of the way he tells the story there’s context there. I didn’t have to be at the stream and it’s, the way he presents the information, the way he tells the story. And it just something about kind of the magic there is he’s able to pull me in there’s a hook there.

[00:23:55] And that’s the most important thing. So I think if you get creative enough, any type of content could thrive, but you really have to reinvent the way that you approach your content creation. Especially like if you were, if you’re like me, when I make a video cue video, I set things up a lot of the time it goes into the, setup of a video.

[00:24:13] And I am already when it comes to my retention in the first 30 seconds, trying to figure out, okay, I need to set this up, but I can’t take too long. It and going into Shorts, we were, when we first started, when this was early days, we kind of just made a shorter version of a vidIQ video. And then we started to get a little more goofy with things and the videos that did the pest actually, where were Rob Wilson, that the main host on our video, YouTube channel he, decided to show off his YouTube playbook.

[00:24:39] That sit above his shelf some behind the scenes and those did exceptionally well. And it, just proved us this is what Shorts is for when it comes to our audience. It’s for more interesting things, more conversational things rather than, Hey, like in today’s very quick, one minute YouTube lesson, I’m going to teach you how to get a thousand subscribers.

[00:25:00] People are more willing to sit down for a 10 minute lesson on that. So we don’t even need to be making that content. So it’s all about what’s going to catch people’s interest. I know it was kind of rambling, but I hope that’s what your question. 

[00:25:13] Jeff Sieh: [00:25:13] That’s what we wanted. That’s great.

[00:25:16] Yeah. Man, I’ve got so many things brewing in my my head here. So one of the things is short. They had it just seemed like a logical thing, especially because there is the rise of tech talk. But Shorts has a couple of features that we can take advantage of.

[00:25:36] So one of them is that it’s got this advantage of, they have an extensive library of content, which TikTokdoesn’t that doesn’t have anymore. And in fact, it, now, when you create a video, it has that little ticker, if like you don’t want it to share for someone to use it like to use for their Shorts or something like that.

[00:25:53] But, there’s this whole content library that they have and this, ability to remix and do duets and I sure hope no one’s going to do a duet with me ever, but it creates stuff from scratch and use this existing materials. And they also have this partnership with the music industry, which is really, big.

[00:26:12] What are your, thoughts about how well YouTube has used this, integrating this catalog of music and extensive library, are we going to see more of that is you think that’s going to give them the edge over TikTokin, in the long run. And do you leave that box unchecked or checked when you create 

[00:26:32] Dan Carson: [00:26:32] w The box you’re talking about is the one where you basically say that people can use your content to make a show.


Allowing Access To Your Content For Others To Make Shorts

And that, distinction there is important because it’s the audio that they can use as well, which I always found weird because I think on TikTok I think you mentioned that you can do duets and stuff with people there, but you actually get to see the video of the other person, if I’m not mistaken.

[00:26:53] So they can take the whole video and then react to it. So far on YouTube, it seems to just be audio. I ignore that box. I, the audio I use, cause I’m, just kind of on my personal channel, doing stuff. That’s, I’m using audio. It’s not really mine in the first place. So it’s like, if you want to use it, I guess you can, it’s not going to do anything for you.

[00:27:12] So I just don’t bother with it. I’m sure a lot of people uncheck that box. I, would say this might be a hot take here, but when that was announced, like, oh, here’s this thing that you can’t opt out of all in mass, you can now, but at the time it came out, you couldn’t, it was ticked on for everybody and you couldn’t just say no to it.

[00:27:32] And certain there’s a disclaimer and there’s a certain videos cannot. And you’re like, what does that mean? Y so I would say it only is in your benefit if somebody uses your audio, because YouTube sees to it, that you get the credit for that, no matter what, and that can only be beneficial to you.

[00:27:53] So if you have audio that you feel like people will want to use, and you’re worried about it, I wouldn’t be worried about it. You could still on ticket, that’s your prerogative, but I think it’s just one more avenue you have to kind of share you out there it’s one more place you can be. 

[00:28:11] Jeff Sieh: [00:28:11] Good point. Yeah. I think discovery is always good for creators, especially when you’re first starting. We have a lot of people in the comments saying they’re struggling that’s why they’re doing Shorts and they want to, grow that way. One of the things that I think is really interesting in late June, we learned that YouTube had set aside a hundred, right?

[00:28:29] To pay short form creators to make Shorts. And so according to Bloomberg reported that thanks to Shorts, nobodies are once again rapidly becoming somebody on YouTube, which is a little condescending, but whatever. And it’s also been called the biggest opportunity for YouTube creators or YouTube wannabes in the past five years.

[00:28:47] So one of the examples they use was British teen and magician, Dan Rhodes. He embraced Shorts in early 20, 21. And within two weeks, his YouTube subscribers jumped from 17,000 to over a million. So YouTube is looking to incorporate courage more of this. Other than Dan Rhodes, and you mentioned a couple a gaming channel that you like to watch, is there anybody else we should be watching for?

YouTube Creators We Should Be Watching

[00:29:12] Like how tos, like, okay Dan, you go like this guy, you need to watch cause he’s doing it right. And maybe. I know gaming is popular anyway, but maybe some ones that you like are kind of out there, like a British magician that just 

[00:29:28] Dan Carson: [00:29:28] That was actually there, I don’t know if we’re talking about the same person.

[00:29:34] I was going to say that might be the person I was going to mention because there’s somebody, I don’t know if it’s the same person, but he I’m looking at my phone. Now, if I seem distracted, he is, he makes these Shorts where he everything’s extreme. It’s like extreme cleaning and stuff.

[00:29:51] He runs around his house. I think it’s Daniel something. I do apologize. I’ll maybe I’ll pull it up in a minute, but he’s, someone I’ve been like watching quite a bit because the contents just hilarious. The creators. I, know you told me not to do this, but I’m going to go into the gaming buckets.

[00:30:10] I that’s just where I live.

[00:30:12] It’s 

[00:30:13] Grace Duffy: [00:30:13] Okay. We all live where we live. It’s fine. 

[00:30:17] Dan Carson: [00:30:17] A couple of creators I’ve actually gotten to talk to as well. Jake Feldman, he’s an animator and got his start on Shorts by animating among us in his own style. So everything is like custom animated and he made these ridiculously simple Shorts that really, short, like eight seconds and very, watchable, very addictive and all that in his own style blew up millions, of views, subscribers, everything, and.

[00:30:48] After among us. And the trend in that game started to kind of go down. He tried to figure out what to do pivoted to Minecraft and same thing, animated Minecraft characters in his own way, and put them in really short form scenarios. And it’s thriving. The other creator that I’ve gotten a chance to speak to is block facts.

[00:31:08] Another Minecraft creator, if you’re not on anything, but Minecraft is a game where you build with blocks. And so block facts gives you facts about those blocks and every short video. Okay. So consistent in every single way, these videos. So they’ll all start out exactly the same uses the same music and has the same like tone and personality.

[00:31:26] Every video, it’s always a bunch of facts about different blocks and every video is 27 seconds long. I asked him why he said you saw someone else doing it and thought maybe, I’ll just make them all twice seven seconds. So it just kind of, it worked so well over a million subscribers. And has done so well, he’s been able to pivot to long form videos now.

[00:31:50] These are people who, whose channels were nothing that was very sound, very rude. The way I said that whose channels were at zero Val and they got into two Shorts and, here they are today millions of subscribers. 

[00:32:04] Jeff Sieh: [00:32:04] Now, Grace, I know you have a question, but I wanted to ask this really quick, because you mentioned it earlier, Dan, that you have a Shorts channel?

[00:32:11] What are the advantages of having just a channel for Shorts? And do you 

[00:32:15] recommend that for people to test out Shorts is not doing it on their main channel, but on their like create a separate one to see if its going to work.

Should I Have A Separate Channel for YouTube Shorts?

[00:32:24] Dan Carson: [00:32:24] We get this question a lot and I’ve, gone back and forth. I used to say, why not put them on your main channel?

[00:32:32] Because if you’re going to get a bunch of people, who’ve never seen your content before to jump in on your main channel and have the potential to get recommended both of your Shorts and your long form content, then yeah. They should be on your main channel, but it comes with so many caveats.

[00:32:46] There’s so many, it depends. So if you’re going to make Shorts about. Fixing cars, but you have a channel where you travel maybe there’s a little bit of overlap there, right? Like you travel in a car but you like to make these short form videos about fixing simple problems on your car that might constitute another channel because the people looking for that content are people who are car enthusiasts, people who maybe have a problem with their car.

[00:33:13] I kind of should’ve swapped at the travel Shorts. Be way more interesting than the mechanic that wouldn’t really work anyway. You’d want those two things on different channels, but if you’re a travel channel and you have make these long form vlogs of you out in the world, you could do a lot with Shorts and there’s, to me, my opinion, no reason, those can’t be on your main channel, but what it does, the reason people are so nervous about this is because people subscribe to Shorts and it seems like they do so a lot faster than they subscribe from a long form video.

[00:33:42] And then a lot of them tend not to come back. It’s this phenomenon that’s been happening since, Shorts came out. And it seems that subscribers from Shorts just are not as sticky as the ones that come from the long form content. So it kind of takes your metrics and makes them look screwy to you.

[00:34:00] Like, okay, I have a thousand new subscribers on my channel, but you know, I’m not getting any more views on my long form videos than I really ever did. Maybe a couple. So what’s going on there? Maybe I should have started a new channel. And my, the thing I tell people is like, it’s okay. Those, metrics look screwy, but it doesn’t mean your channel is now messed up in some way.

[00:34:21] Th they don’t look as clean the metrics, but it’s okay. So it’s all, I should’ve just, I could sum this up by saying it’s all personal preference at the end of the day. I just always stress channel focus. If you’re going to do a gaming channel, but you want to do vlog Shorts, it doesn’t make any sense to have those in the same place, but that would be the case.

[00:34:39] If you had a gaming channel and you were trying to make long form videos of you fixing your car on the same channel, wouldn’t really work.  

[00:34:46] Grace Duffy: [00:34:46] So it sounds like if someone is trying to use Shorts to draw people into your long form content that isn’t going to work so well as your long form content, getting people interested in your Shorts.

[00:34:59] Did I hear that right?

Can I Use YouTube Shorts As A Lead Magnet To My Long-Form Content?

[00:35:01] Dan Carson: [00:35:01] And this is again I know it’s going to sound. People are gonna be like, this guy contradicts himself constantly, but we’ve seen. Block facts is a great example here, because as I said, he’s making long form videos now, and there’s a very specific key as to why he was able to do that.

[00:35:18] So got all these subscribers, he’s getting consistent views on all his Shorts. And then somewhere along the line block facts realized, Hey, the scale is tipped here because your metrics tell you everything. So usually when you upload a short, especially when you’re a smaller channel, you get no views on it and you go a whole day, no views.

[00:35:39] And for some reason, it just takes awhile for you to, finally test that video to an audience and put it out there on the short shelf. And so YouTube tells you, Hey, congrats, you have a thousand views from the Shorts feed. It tells you specifically where those views came from. What blog facts noticed is that after a while he was getting views very quickly when you put it as short and they were coming from brows, they weren’t coming from Shorts and.

[00:36:02] It’s that’s interesting. And what’s funny is that him and I kind of talked about this after, like when, he told me that I’m like it’s funny, I noticed the same thing cause I had my Shorts channel and I noticed I’m getting views from browse. Now my Shorts don’t take a whole day to get views anymore.

[00:36:17] That’s weird. And then they got another boost once they finally did hit the shelf and I looked into it and it seemed like the browse feature views were returning viewers. Those are people who’ve watched my content before. And so I tested a long form video and lo and behold thousands of views. This was a channel that didn’t exist until like January, it was solely for Shorts. And I managed to get thousands of views on a video without having to rely on the short shelf at all block facts did the same thing. And now his long form videos, which are now like 10 minutes long are getting over a million views. Just the same amount of views he was getting on his Shorts.

[00:36:53] The key there is that if your Shorts content is like so consistent and you’re really, focused, you can bring people over to the long form videos. If they’re going to feel like they’re still watching the same person, do the same thing. So block facts is long form videos are still 10 they’re 10 minutes, but they’re still block facts.

[00:37:12] It’s the same. It’s the same thing. You use a similar music. It’s Hey, this is the blah-blah-blah and I’m gonna give you a bunch of facts about it. And it’s the same content just longer. So while your metrics might look screwy, if you’re uploading Shorts and you’re getting subscribers, and they’re not coming back for your long form videos, that might be because YouTube is actually trying to recommend your long form videos to them.

[00:37:34] But there’s something about it. That’s off there. Seeing again, I’m going off of something that happened to me and one other person. So just keep that in mind. But they’re seeing YouTube is trying and the audience is seeing that and going, I don’t know who that is and they’re not clicking on it.

[00:37:51] And it might be because your Shorts and your long form content are not connected well enough. And I think maybe that could be your reasoning for starting this whole new Shorts channel if you want to. But that’s the key consistency in, the actual style of your content is going to bring you, I think, returning viewers, but you’ve got to build this up over time.

[00:38:11] It’s not, it won’t happen overnight just because you have one viral Short.

[00:38:15] Jeff Sieh: [00:38:15] On that point is this, so this is a great question. It’s a one more thing in my short video impressions is only one 50 bid getting, but I’m getting three K views. How is that possible? Is that what you’re talking about? Like the metrics are missing. That something like that is happening?

[00:38:31] Dan Carson: [00:38:31] I don’t know why that would be happening. That’s kind of interesting. You, your impressions are reaching 150 people. I don’t know if they’re talking about channel impressions or a specific video, I’m guessing a specific video, but the video gets 3000 views maybe.

[00:38:44] And this is just, I’m going off the top of my head here. It could be because you know how you can swipe really fast away from a short on your phone. Maybe YouTube is if maybe it’s counting the view, but not the impression, which would be weird to think, be the opposite of that. And it could just be because we’re an early days it’s just, that sounds kind of glitchy to me.

[00:39:03] It doesn’t sound like a feature sounds more like a bug, but I wouldn’t really know. 

[00:39:07] Jeff Sieh: [00:39:07] And they are saying it is still in beta. So that was one thing it’s really, they have, this is a really full fledged beta. I mean, really, because a lot of stuff that is happening in the rolling out to so many people.

[00:39:21] But one of the things just real quick, before we move on to the next section is early returns on Shorts have been really impressive. They reported 6.5 billion daily viewers on the surface as a March up from 3.5 billion at the end of 2020. And even the Sundar punchy, the alphabet CEO, cited Shorts as one of the great things that’s happening in their company.

[00:39:44] Like this is a big deal for them. So it seems like they’re not going to drop it really soon. And I don’t know how long they’ll leave it in beta or not, but it does seem like a thing to experiment with. I mean, you talked about with the IQ that you guys tried, it didn’t work, but you’re gonna go back.

[00:40:02] Are you waiting for it to kind of maybe like settle down or figure out your content strategy? Is that kind of, why you’re, I mean, you mentioned it wasn’t working and it was too much time taking away. Are you, I guess I’m asking what are you waiting for? And is there a certain time where you go and dip your toe back into the Shorts water?

When Will VidIQ Create Short Content Again?

[00:40:18] Dan Carson: [00:40:18] I think it’s just content strategy. A lot of it is, Rob. He’s, more in charge of everything we’re doing on YouTube than, I certainly am. I, definitely could, but all of us are just kind of we got a lot of things we’re doing, so it just, it truly just comes down at a time.

[00:40:35] We’re not really waiting for YouTube to change anything. It would be our content strategy. We would need to sit down and go one why are we, making these two? Like, is it valuable in three? What could we do differently in Shorts that we’re not already doing in our long form videos that are going to like it’s going to bring people in and captivate them.

[00:40:54] Jeff Sieh: [00:40:54] So speaking of captivating, I wanted to tell you guys about, we we mentioned that one of our sponsors is e-com you can find out more about them and social media is for , but one of the cool things they have right now going on is you can sign up for their brand new Leap Into Live Streaming Bootcamp.

[00:41:08] I will be speaking there as well. You can find out more about that. Go ahead and sign up for this for free. thing. If you’re interested on how to create a live show, how to create a podcast with your live show, you need to check this out because you can find out more, all about this at   That’s leap

[00:41:27] So go sign up for this free event. It’s going to start in September, but they have limited seats available. So you want to go ahead and reserve your seat today, Grace, you’re up. 

[00:41:38] Grace Duffy: [00:41:38] Yes,and there’s no better way to distribute that content. Then with Restream, you can go to over 30. Over 30 online destinations and it is especially cool.

[00:41:50] If you are using live video or audio or podcasting as part of your marketing strategy, not all of us are amazing video producers. Like our guests here, Dan, I certainly am not. And so havingRestream completely in my browser, the ability to brand switch cameras, multistream go to all these destination, use all these tools.

[00:42:11] It’s amazing. And you too can create an entertaining and engaging show. So you can find out more about that at

[00:42:21] Jeff Sieh: [00:42:21] Awesome. And go ahead and take us away. Cause we, I mean, we’ve talked a lot about Shorts that was like our first segment. We haven’t even gotten to the rest of them yet.

[00:42:29] So we’re going to have to pick up the pace a little bit, but this is really cool to this news, so let’s talk about the, this Twitch style stuff that they’re doing. 


YouTube Is Adding Twitch-Style Features

Grace Duffy: [00:42:38] I feel like this is right where Dan is with the gaming content. So YouTube is adding new Twitch style, live streaming features, calling live streaming or gaming creators and live streamers.

[00:42:51] They are rolling out a trio of, these features. They help creators engage with their audience more during their live streams and their, clips, which allows your audience to share the best moments of your content or. Fewer shares the best moments of your content polls in the chat, and then subscriber only chat.

[00:43:12] YouTube is saying that these are three highly requested product updates, and they’re expected to help creators gain more control over their content and engage more with their audiences. And if you’ve interacted with a content creator on Twitch before then these terms probably sound very familiar.

[00:43:30] This is probably something you’re already used to, but I want to talk about these one by one. So let’s start with clips, tell us technically how, they work and how, because it sounds to me that it’s not you, the creator creating clips of your stuff. It’s your viewers being able to do this from your stuff?

[00:43:48] Dan Carson: [00:43:48] Yeah. So if you’re live or it works on videos too, which is really interesting if you were alive, though, people can take moments from what you’re doing and quickly like crop out what they don’t want, but quickly make a clip. And then that. All it really is, a it’s the same video. They’ve just timestamped it in a certain spot.

[00:44:09] So you can click on it. You can watch the funny moment and then you can even click a button and just continue if you want to continue watching from that point, just pick it up. It just rolls right into the whole video, which is cool. The way Twitch does it is when you make a clip, it basically generates a video file.

[00:44:24] So your audience makes a clip of a funny moment. And the advantage to this is you can then share it on other social media platforms because of the way YouTube set this up. I haven’t gotten to play with it myself yet. So I don’t, I can’t say this for sure, but it would seem that it’s going to be harder to share those on social media beyond just like taking the, link you can generate a link on YouTube with the timestamp.

[00:44:44] I kind of feel like that’s how it would be if you were to share a clip on like Twitter, for example. But we’ll just have to see, it’s been rolling out really slowly. That’s the, one of the new features, that’s the one I don’t have access to yet, which is very frustrating, especially as somebody who streams games in their free time.

[00:44:58] So I hope I get that soon. But I’ve been looking forward to that one more than anything. It’s so, cool. 

[00:45:07] Jeff Sieh: [00:45:07] Gotcha. So that was good that you said that because DZ Studio said clips are not available in my channel. And so when they roll it out, is it just a gradual rollout until everybody gets it?

[00:45:17] I mean, do you, is there, you’ve done through the, some of these rollouts before? How long does it usually take changes to, to hit it? 

[00:45:25] Dan Carson: [00:45:25] It can take, weeks, months. I mean, cause there’s a period where it’s kind of in beta and stuff and they say, we don’t, we’ve only given this to specific channels and then you start to watch more, channels and you realize the beta’s kind of over, like there’s a channel.

[00:45:37] I usually watch on a regular basis that streams games and suddenly one day I saw the clip button there, but I still don’t have it. So it’s a much bigger channel than my own. And that’s probably why I’m guessing they’re rolling it out in waves to the biggest channels down to the smallest. But yeah it, just it could be, months and I’m sure YouTube loves getting all the comments about that.

[00:46:01] Jeff Sieh: [00:46:01] Sure they do. So I for this clips feature, I can see the benefit for like promos and stuff, but how do you control someone taking something you do or say out of context with clips? I mean, I can see somebody making fun of somebody else and it going viral and then you have some issues with that.

[00:46:18] Is there any way to control it. 

[00:46:20] Dan Carson: [00:46:20] I would say, there’s no way to control it even without clips, because anyone can record your screen and take you out of context. There’s now AI tools that can do that deep fakes, things like that. I think no matter what, I don’t think YouTube is even really concerned about it.

[00:46:34] But if I speaking to how it works on Twitch, I can say that you can, you have control, you can delete clips. There’s been streamers who have, who, who have found that people were clipping certain moments of their livestream. Like whenever they would stand up, for example, or something like that, like weird things, like why did this person clip?

[00:46:54] That time I stood up over and over again, what’s going on here. Like that people just kind of, they clip things and it’s, out of context. It’s weird. You can delete them. So you get those controls and I’m imagining YouTube has given creators the same level of control. But yeah, as far as taking things out of context I think that’s, just going to be a wider problem at large, no matter where you are.

[00:47:19] That’s true. That’s true. 

[00:47:20] Grace Duffy: [00:47:20] Moving on to live polls in chat I know it lets streamers create and manage live polls in their streams and premiers. That’s something new and example offered in the announcement was that if you’re playing a game, you can ask your audience, what is your next real time decision that you can make within this game?

[00:47:39] But what are some other fun and interesting ways that you can use these in chat poll? These live polls in chat. 

[00:47:45] Dan Carson: [00:47:45] So far, it’s just been a lot of fun to see the interaction. I’ve you know, what I’ve noticed is I could launch a poll in 10 minutes later, the poll can have more votes than I have live concurrent viewers, so that it represents people just going in and out of your stream the whole time.

[00:48:02] Like you could have a hundred viewers and then your poll the 150 votes. And you’re like what and you realize it’s been up for about 10 minutes and 50 people must have cycled out of my thing. So it kinda, it’s interesting from a metric standpoint in that way. And yeah, it can be, we’ve used it on video IQ channel to really great success when we’re doing like a Q and a stream, for example.

[00:48:25] And we’re trying to gauge from the audience certain questions. So like we’ll, ask them how many of you here are under a thousand subscribers. And just getting that answer from, by, by realizing that half your audience is there and they’re under a thousand subscribers, you can shift the whole conversation and say, wow, okay.

[00:48:41] So half of you are under that threshold. And like a quarter of you just got over that threshold. Cool. Like here’s what here’s how we. Move this conversation now. So it’s great for those things. It creates that next level of engagement. I haven’t seen any metrics on polls though. Like other than the poll itself, it says this many people voted and here’s how they voted, but that’s really all we get.

[00:49:02] So I don’t think this is something again, you have to use, like you’re missing out on some major YouTube feature. That’s going to grow your live stream, but it’s, engaging and the way it’s one more way to keep people from leaving your live stream in my opinion. 

[00:49:16] Jeff Sieh: [00:49:16] So last but not least, let’s talk about subscriber only chat.

[00:49:21] This is supposed to help you moderate your live chat and create more connections with your community by making the live chat available only to your subscribers for both streams and premiers. And it gives that creators, that ability to choose how long people must be subscribed for. So they can’t just jump in the conversation.

[00:49:36] So why is this important? Why only subscribers? Like what’s the thought process behind limiting this chat feature? Is this just to get people to subscribe or is there another. 

[00:49:49] Dan Carson: [00:49:49] I, was surprised to see this feature pop up. I wasn’t aware YouTube was even thinking about doing this. We had members only chat and we’d had that on sites like Twitch too.

[00:49:58] And the member, a member, subscriber, Freeman, anyone doesn’t know a member is somebody who can like pay. They’re just supporting your channel. They’re paying member, they get emotes, they get whatever you give them. And you can do live streams where it’s members only chat. And the biggest streamers do that because they have thousands of viewers.

[00:50:12] They have hundreds of members in some cases. And so it’s still a very active chat, but they can manage it. Now I’m like only going to communicate with these members so that you could argue as an incentive to buy into the membership when it comes to the subscriber only chat it’s similar, except it’s free.

[00:50:28] All you gotta do is hit subscribe. And now I’ve started testing this myself and I’ve noticed no negative impact in terms of the amount of people I get chatting. I actually turned off the timer as well. So you can set a timer of, you have to be subscribed for X, many minutes before you can. I turned it off and, said, you know what?

[00:50:48] As long as you’re subscribed, you can chat only for the purpose of testing it. Because one, it reminds people who watch me frequently that they haven’t subscribed yet. And two it’s, just that next thing, if someone’s just coming around to troll, it’s just that next step they got to take. And it’s my secret hope there that they go find a new target because it’s like, okay, what other hurdles is this person going to put in front of me?

[00:51:10] I’m just trying to get a quick reaction. Cause that’s how trolls be. So I really like it. I know that there’s other critters that are probably very hesitant of it. I would say it doesn’t hurt to try it because subscribing is free members. Members only chat is going to take some strategy if you’re going to turn that on.

[00:51:26] But when it comes to subscriber only, I mean, I personally, I love it. I think it’s fantastic. 

[00:51:32] Jeff Sieh: [00:51:32] So do you think you need to be at a certain subscriber level before you do that? Cause I would think like if you’re starting a new channel you want, you wouldn’t want to. You have to subscribe to talk to me if I’m doing a live.

[00:51:43] Dan Carson: [00:51:43] I, I think that’s a, yeah, that’s a great way to think about it. You’re a small enough channel. You might want to put some strategically behind that decision. The, less barriers you have to somebody accessing your content the better. So yeah you, also as a smaller, channel doing premieres or live streams, don’t have the same problem with trolling because you’re just smaller.

[00:52:07] So your target on your back is smaller. So yeah, it’s your channel also easier to manage because there’s not as many people, so I wouldn’t put a number on it per se. It would just be based on chat activity to me and how many people are kind of engaging with my chat. If it’s getting to be a lot, if there’s a lot of people, if you’re starting to find yourself having to stop what you’re doing and, delete some messages or stop what you’re doing, make sure your moderators are Chi-Ming and doing their thing.

[00:52:31] Yeah, subscriber only chat probably goes on. I also utilize slow mode, which is another feature you can set a timer. I use like a 15 second timer because sometimes people just like to type and type in enter and type and enter. And they’re like there’s a lot of people here. Let them have, some of the stage as well.

[00:52:48] So yeah, these are all things that are up to your discretion. And that’s why I love feature releases like this because even with clips, everything else, you don’t have to engage with these. If you don’t want to, if anyone out there is like, oh don’t turn it on. So I like it. 


Twitter Cancels Fleets

Jeff Sieh: [00:53:03] Alrighty. Our last piece of news is it is rest in peace fleets over on Twitter.

[00:53:09] I know. We learned via tweet yesterday Twitter will be sunsetting fleets on August 3rd and working on some new stuff. So they said, we’re sorry. Or you’re welcome when it comes to fleets. First of all, It’s just a poor name. I mean, the thing you have to drink before you have a colonoscopy is not a good thing to name features.

[00:53:35] They, sunset it because they said that it wasn’t they weren’t using it. They were going to have people join the conversation didn’t happen. And they’re going to important have other things going on Twitter and it was fleeting. It last, it was very clear. So sorry, Grace made me say that, but anyway, Dan, thank you so much for being here today.

[00:53:53] This has been amazing. I want to give you plenty of time to talk about where people can find you and your podcast, which is awesome. What’s the best place for people to find you and all the cheetah? 

[00:54:06] Dan Carson: [00:54:06] So the, best place to go would be, if you’re interested in checking out the podcast we, talk about all sorts of YouTube topics.

[00:54:15] What I love about the show is we tend to talk about. Topics about getting your first thousand subscribers all the way up to topics about becoming a brand and launching a product line, thanks to having a successful YouTube channel. So it really is a podcast for all YouTubers at all levels, if you’re interested.

[00:54:32] And then of course, If you’re interested in our tools, metrics that kind of help you make sense of the chaos that is YouTube sometimes and help by understanding your channel better, you can help grow on YouTube as well. 

[00:54:45] Awesome, great stuffy, amazing as always. Thank you for producing the show.

[00:54:49] Where can people find out about you? 

[00:54:51] Grace Duffy: [00:54:51] You can find me over at our own Restream YouTube channel. We have a whole slew of live shows from the pros on everything you’d like to know about producing your own live video shows from how to turn your live show into a podcast like we do to how to use ads, to promote your shows.

[00:55:11] So find us over there. We also have an amazing Restream community over at Facebook. You just find as an amazing place, if you, especially, if you’re getting started in live video, have a great resource, great community to get started. 

[00:55:27] Jeff Sieh: [00:55:27] Yep. Thanks. And feel free to go over to

[00:55:31] To check them out, to have the free tool, as well as my friends over on econ, but make sure you go sign up for leap into live. So leap for their new free webinar. Coming up about all about live streaming. And with that, do not forget as well that you can get reminded about this show by going to 903-287-9088 and we are also a podcast.

[00:55:50] And we’d love for you guys to subscribe to us over on apple iTunes Twitter or not Twitter, iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, all those places, Twitter, Stitcher, wherever scrubbed to us everywhere. It’d be great. Anyway. Thank you guys so much for watching. We appreciate you. We’ll see you next time. Bye everybody.



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