Crystal Tosh smacked head-first into the realization that she was running a business she hated and chasing clients with other people’s one-size-fits-all strategies. As a self-proclaimed marketing rebel, she now helps business owners tap into what makes them unique and lean into their magnetic intuition.

Learn more about her authentic approach to marketing and how you can tap into yours too!


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[00:00:01] Jeff Sieh: Hello folks. Welcome to another addition of Social Media News Live. We have always have fun stuff before the show. Grace just decided to leave. Go get a hamburger or something. I don’t know. She gets more coffee. I was so offended. I know. So offended. So rude. We haven’t done this for a long time.

[00:00:17] So I wanted to, before we get started, oh, we gotta go live on Amazon. Let’s go ahead and do that right now, Grace. Cause I think we got you fixed. Um, yay. So that sounded bad. Yeah, I got fixed. You got your problems fixed. Hey, and there’s our friend Gary Stockton. He says, good morning. You beautiful people. Uh, Huntington beach, Gary.

[00:00:37] Um, I’m kind of jealous that, uh, that sounds really nice right now. So, uh, hope you’re doing well, my friend, he just is redoing his studio. I’ve been watching his Instagram things and it’s start, he’s making me jealous cuz I want a new studio space. So, um, before we get started, once again, folks I wanted to give you, uh, give our friends at sure.

[00:00:56] A big shout out. Look at this. This is their new white, new R mic that they sent me, uh, for review purposes. I love it. It’s the M seven in their white version. So if you have one of those sleek offices, like Gary Stockton, that looks really, really cool. Um, you should get this mic because it’s really, really cool.

[00:01:12] So it’s, it is, uh, actually a limited edition. So I think it’s, and they’re only selling it on Amazon. So make sure you, if you’re watching on Amazon, click down below in the bottom and you can check this mic out once, you know, once again, it just sounds amazing and now it looks amazing in their white version.

[00:01:28] So thanks to sure for that. But crystal toss is here with us. I am so excited. I saw her speak at Jessica, um, Phillips now marketing, uh, social media week Lima, and she impressed me so much. And I couldn’t wait to get her to introduce you guys to her. So this is gonna be a fun show. So thank you. I’m excited.

[00:01:49] So Carrie says, I now officially have Mike envy. That’s the whole point, Carrie that’s. That’s why I do the show is so I can make people jealous of my stuff. So, um, Grace, how are you doing today?

[00:02:01] Grace Duffy: I’m back online. There was just that moment there of like, oh, I guess Jeff’s doing the show on

[00:02:07] Jeff Sieh: his own today.

[00:02:08] I’ll do it by

[00:02:08] Grace Duffy: myself. Yeah. Terribly. I, I live in a tornado or something. I don’t know.

[00:02:12] Jeff Sieh: Like, yeah, you have better internet than me. I’m like, where did what happened? I thought your kids were unplugging stuff. So

[00:02:19] Crystal Tosh: I have terrible internet too. It’s you know, rural America

[00:02:23] Jeff Sieh: problems. Yeah. Yeah. See, but Grace is like smacking Dallas, right?

[00:02:27] Grace Duffy: Yeah. Oh, Yeah, no, but I’m in like north, I’m like closer to Oklahoma. So you know, like, oh yeah. I’m in Kentucky. I love how everyone is just like, oh really? Oklahoma. I love it. No offense. Anyone?

[00:02:42] Jeff Sieh: No offense. Thanks Grace. Now all our, our Oklahoma viewers, Oklahoma listers,

[00:02:46] Crystal Tosh: just get off. Yeah,

[00:02:47] Grace Duffy: they can get online.

[00:02:49] Jeff Sieh: Oh, Grace, come on, stop. Sorry. Cause I know we go, we also go to tailwind show and they’re based in Oklahoma. So you’re gonna get us kicked off of that. So, sorry, tailwind. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, because Grace is rude. All right. So I’m gonna hit go on the podcast machine and we’re gonna get started. You can already tell this is gonna be one of those shows folks.

[00:03:07] So, um, one of those shows, one of those shows. And so let me go ahead and get started and we will get going. Hello folks. Welcome to Social Media News Live I’m Jeff. And you’re not,

[00:03:18] Grace Duffy: and I’m Grace Duffy, and this is the show that keeps you up to date on the world of social media. And today we have the awesome crystal Tosh with us.

[00:03:27] So when Jeff first introduced crystal to me, he was like, she grew this agency up to six figures by not really doing social media, she’s kind of the anti-social media. And I was like, that’s perfect for our social media show, Jeff. Right. But then I was intrigued because Jeff does not just recommend people lightly.

[00:03:46] Right. He he’s like, so I started like digging into more of the things that you’re writing about that your show, your podcast. And we’ll talk about in just a minute. And I was just so intrigued by your very unique perspective on social media, given the ups and downs, those of us that work in social media face every day.

[00:04:03] And so I am super excited to talk to you about your unique perspective, your new approach, crystal.

[00:04:09] Crystal Tosh: How are you today? I’m good. Thank you. I’m excited. My Internet’s working here in Kentucky, cuz I’m in the middle of nowhere too. So this is good. We’re we’re on the right track today. Um, and I’m so happy to be here.

[00:04:23] I loved social media week. Lima. I love Jessica. I love all of that. She and I both kind of share the same ideals about authenticity and marketing. So, um, she’s my kinder spirit. So

[00:04:35] Jeff Sieh: yeah. So, and you killed it at social media weakly. So, uh, it was, it was a lot of fun going there. So, uh, I wanna give a shout out too.

[00:04:42] Our friend, Chris stone, Chris, my friend watching over on LinkedIn. He goes, hello, authentic, good people. Well, we’re authentic. I don’t know if Grace isn’t kind of, she’s not always good, but we, for the show, she, she keeps it together. Just for

[00:04:57] Grace Duffy: this hour, just for this one hour, I keep it after that, I keep it together for this one hour after this is

[00:05:01] Jeff Sieh: complete mess.

[00:05:01] That’s right after that, it’s it’s, you know, it’s, you know, it’s a crapshoot. So here we go. Uh, I wanna introduce you guys to, if you don’t know who crystal is and miss social media week, which you should, you can already sign up for next year, go, uh, to, uh, to Lima and see us there. But if you don’t know crystal, I wanna introduce you to her.

[00:05:15] She is the founder of rockstar, social media, a human focused marketing agency that helps brands connect by harnessing the power of empathy. In fact, she runs several businesses and a non-profit and does it all in ways that honor her own unique style and intuition. She is a self-proclaimed marketing rebel, which I think is so cool.

[00:05:35] She believes there is no such thing as a template or a cookie cutter approach to marketing. And this is what we meant earlier when we said she’s kind of anti-social media, there’s not one size fit all or exact strategies for success. Uh, sh her goal is to unbox brands. Allowing them to be who they are online and with confidence.

[00:05:54] So every business and brand is unique. Authenticity is every brand superpower. And so I’m so excited to talk cuz that’s that all resonates with us because we have seen the gurus who go do it this way and you will make millions and then, you know, you’re just like, yeah. Uh don’t think so. So anyway. No, thanks crystal for being on the show today.

[00:06:14] Crystal Tosh: Thank you. I’m so excited to be here. Yeah. It’s a little bit sometimes like a little bit strange to say things as fits all approach. And I think that’s what stops people from growing. Cuz they try some of those and they don’t make millions of dollars and then they quit or they think they’re doing it wrong.

[00:06:30] So it’s kind of sad to see business owners give up on themselves. And that’s why I’m out here preaching the opposite because I mean, why is it that online space people are like, oh, I wanna make a million dollars tomorrow. But if you build a brick and mortar, you know, it’s gonna be three to five years.

[00:06:47] Right,

[00:06:47] Grace Duffy: right, exactly. Well, I would love to hear how you got into social media marketing and what was that tipping point that brought you to, cause I, yeah, I read this in your bio that you reached that point. It was your, a podcast bio of like, mm-hmm, you reach this point where you’re just like, ah, this isn’t working.

[00:07:04] And I wanna hear about that moment when you’re like, ah, this isn’t working and what prompted you to launch your

[00:07:11] Crystal Tosh: agency? Well, it was kind of a long journey. I started my first business and it kind of came out of honest motherhood and I had a Facebook group that grew exponentially when my kids were little.

[00:07:24] And um, so I kind of found organic marketing. by randomness of being a mom sharing her truth online. And I grew that into honest talk international, which became, um, an online on demand childbirth education course, and lots of things for, um, women basically. And, uh, tragedy kind of struck, my mom got really sick outta nowhere and she passed away and I sold that business to my business partner and took six months off.

[00:07:52] And I decided to start my agency right before the pandemic. So I was a, I’m a classically trained, I guess, if you will, I have a master’s in public health. So, um, during that difficult time, I just kind of got the J B, right? Like I just went back to work and tried to get by and I hated it. And, um, I knew that there was something missing for business owners and I knew I could help ’em.

[00:08:16] So I launched rockstar in my hometown here in Kentucky and Western Kentucky, and it started growing just organically. And naturally I just, honestly, I think I. Quit my job in February and the country shut down in March . So I went around and basically created a show like you guys have. And I started interviewing local businesses just to get their name out there and to try and just offer help.

[00:08:41] So I didn’t make actual money for about six or eight months. I just did what I knew how to do. And it paid off though, because people remember who comes around and helps you in a hard time. Um, and especially in Western Kentucky where people didn’t even know how to use Facebook, um, we took like restaurant menus and, you know, took pictures and put ’em on Facebook.

[00:09:01] So people could order and just little things that you, you know, I thought were insignificant, but ended up really helping. And, uh, then it just grew, it took off and word got around. And then now I have national brands that we represent and. We kind of went from just doing social media to now we’re a full service marketing agency.

[00:09:20] So we do websites and, you know, video content and Google ads and Facebook ads and all of it. So, yep.

[00:09:29] Grace Duffy: That’s

[00:09:30] Jeff Sieh: awesome. That’s awesome, crystal. Yeah. So I just wanted to, to end a lot of people don’t talk about this, but the amount of time it took, I, I think everybody, if you really dig deep, you go and like, yeah, there was a time where I just really was.

[00:09:41] I mean, I did a lot of stuff for free and did it, and nobody wants to talk about that. And I think we all I remember doing, I remember making videos for like some influencers, uh, back on like Google plus there’s my Google plus reference for the day. But yes, I, I fit it in the show. We need to make a bingo card for this game show.

[00:10:00] I know, but a drinking game or something, but anyway, um, game 10:00 AM Jeff. Well, you know, it’s five, I was on a cruise a couple weeks ago, so it doesn’t matter, you know, um, the, the thing is, is that we would just, I mean, we, we, we don’t talk about it. Everybody has to do that. Everybody has to amen. Put in the rest, you

[00:10:19] Crystal Tosh: know?

[00:10:19] Yes. I think that that’s, what’s missing in this online build to business space is the, the truth and the honesty. Um, and that’s kind of why I also launched a, a podcast called past the BS, which we’ll get to later, but people need to hear that. Yes, your valuable and your skillset is amazing, but nobody knows who you are.

[00:10:39] So you’ve gotta start somewhere. I mean, I literally started charging my very first client paid me $450 for a month of done for you. Social media content. I’m not there anymore. My agency doesn’t crystal. Yeah. I pay a team, but you have to start somewhere and you have to start building those relationships.

[00:10:59] And how else are you gonna build the relationships and gain trust then to get out there? Um, you know, I think social media is word of mouth marketing on steroids. I still think you build businesses based on word of mouth, but it can travel faster and farther by using social. And that’s what worked for me is I just got out there and started helping and it grew and grew and grew.

[00:11:21] And you know, now I have a team and we do a lot more than where we started, but that’s the truth of the matter is a lot of people don’t want talk about when you first start a business. It’s, it’s not making a million dollars overnight. It’s, it’s literally like a snake oil salesman. If it sounds too good to be true, it’s probably not true.

[00:11:39] And more people need to hear that so that they don’t think they’re failing. Mm-hmm

[00:11:44] Jeff Sieh: so the only thing that, you know, so that’s what I tell people. And Chris stoned, he goes. He goes, every show needs a Grace, which is very, very true. But you can’t have her she’s contractually obligated to stay here and then actually obligated.

[00:11:59] There’s no, nothing. I just, she, I would, I don’t know what I do. So Gary says, that’s awesome. Crystal, Chris stone, the Google plus drinking gang. It’s happening? Well, maybe where you’re at Chris, not here. And then Gary is like, yes, I agree with all this. Um, the thing, you know, going back to the relationship part of stuff is that is so important.

[00:12:20] And that’s why I love this live show, um, is because the thing is, it is all about relationships, but we have this platform where. I can reach people all across the globe and, and we do, and that’s, what’s so cool. Mm-hmm, , we’ve got, you know, Brian usually shows up from the, the UK, um, I mean Ian’s from the UK and then Brian’s from, um, Barcelona.

[00:12:40] I mean, so all these people come in, I just think it’s so cool that you can do that now with this platform, but it does come back to relationships. Uh, I think mm-hmm, really, really cool. So we, we, we kind of touched on your podcast. So I want you to talk just a little bit about your podcast, why you started it and tell us a little bit more about it.

[00:12:57] Crystal Tosh: Gosh, actually the idea for the podcast came on the drive, the six hour drive from Lima back home because I found my people in Lima. I’ll be honest, everybody. There was. So, um, value driven, really caring about other people, really caring about relationships, not so much by my stuff, you know, mm-hmm , and it wasn’t a pitch Fest, which was beautiful to me.

[00:13:19] And it got me to thinking about what could I do to spread the message more. And, um, I ended up partnering with Amy Hartman. She also owns it an agency and she owns real estate brokerage. She’s built multiple businesses. She’s a, you know, Big earner, but we didn’t wanna talk about money and how to get rich quick.

[00:13:38] We wanted to expose kind of the lies of the online space and really sh kind of pull the curtain back mm-hmm and show people that this is still building businesses and to save them from falling into the BS. Um, cuz you get totally caught up in the feed, you know, reading all these successful people and they’re in front of their Ferrari and that’s all great and fine.

[00:13:58] But if you’re just starting out, you’re like, what am I doing wrong? And you get so discouraged. So past the BS is a place where we expose everything. And we also think it’s important to talk about the fact that building an, a business that isn’t a coaching business, uh, looks different. Mm-hmm so, you know, building a sustainable business and some of these people that, you know, like to tout that they’re making all this money, they forget to say how much their payroll is or you know, how many people are working behind the scenes.

[00:14:27] And it’s really easy to get lost and think that they’re just this one person doing all this, all the things, but they’re not mm-hmm so yeah, that’s kind of the

[00:14:36] Jeff Sieh: theme and the people who are, who are, um, being authentic and tell the truth is. You know, they’ll say like, this was a struggle, you know, I’m still doing it myself.

[00:14:45] I haven’t got it all together. In fact, one of my friends, uh, Lu man, Angelo, who I went with on the cruise, he does the WDW radio, one of the biggest podcasts out there, but yeah, he’s been doing it for almost 20 years, like when podcasting first started and he still does it by himself, but he he’ll off, off to offshoot stuff.

[00:15:04] But, um, it still, he still works. Like if you ask him what he does for a living, he goes anything it takes. And so yes, you know, I mean, that’s what we have to do, so,

[00:15:12] Crystal Tosh: right. And I think that there are those be, you know, Amazing people being honest out there, but there’s also some that I feel like I’ve gotten caught up in, you know, Grace asked me what was the big point that I was like, mm-hmm, , uh, I’m gonna do my own thing.

[00:15:26] It was after hiring some very expensive people who led me astray and made me think that this one cookie cutter way was gonna solve all my problems. And what I ended up building was something I hated. Mm. Um, because it wasn’t in alignment with me and it wasn’t based on my values. And I think that that’s where people get disconnected.

[00:15:45] It’s what I said at Lima is, you know, you, you get so cut up that you put on everybody, else’s mask their solution and you forget what you’re really good at and what your genius is and how to let that out. And you get disconnected from your own knowing or intuition about why you even are doing this in the first.

[00:16:03] Right.

[00:16:03] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. So that, I mean, I don’t know where Grace went. Let me, let me, oh, no,

[00:16:07] Crystal Tosh: Grace, Grace got it.

[00:16:08] Jeff Sieh: She, no, she just left. She probably got tired of me talking too much is what happens. Uh, let me let switch this over to your camera and we can do this, so, okay, cool. Until she comes back and then who knows what’ll happen?

[00:16:22] Um, so I wanna, and here she comes, of course after I fix things, let me get her back in here. Uh, I tell you what so poor Grace, what a day? Grace, are you back?

[00:16:34] Grace Duffy: I’m back.

[00:16:35] Crystal Tosh: Okay. She’s drinking after

[00:16:36] Jeff Sieh: this. That’s right. That’s she’s got a real JB,

[00:16:41] Grace Duffy: you know, like, yeah. All right.

[00:16:43] Jeff Sieh: Sorry. So, okay. So let’s go to this next section.

[00:16:46] Um, and yeah, so Chris goes, uh, love this, treat it like a long game and you can see the broken easy buttons on the side of the pro later. Yeah, that is great, Chris. Yeah.

[00:16:56] Crystal Tosh: That’s so good, Chris. Yeah. Yeah,

[00:16:58] Jeff Sieh: exactly. And, and Chris is hustle. Now. Chris has really helped me. Um, if there’s one thing. Uh, I really have enjoyed about our relationship.

[00:17:05] He’s really helped me with my Amazon life stuff. Once again, it’s not a there’s work involved, but it’s, it’s been really, really lucrative because of one, the relationship that I was able to build with Chris. And he helps me, I help him. He calls me about Pinterest. I ask him questions about Amazon life. So, um, that stuff is worth its weight and gold.

[00:17:23] And we just don’t talk about that enough, but I digress. Grace, let’s go into this next Sieh segment where I know you wanted to read some questions. If you can make it through. Uh, segment

[00:17:32] Grace Duffy: if I can, if I can make it through emotionally. Right. just cause again, I’m with you in spirit. Just not digitally. Okay.

[00:17:38] Yeah. So this first section, the magic is you. I really loved, uh, digging into everything that you have your show and you know, your post and stuff. And I found this post of yours on LinkedIn that really like resonated with me as a marketer. And I think it’ll resonate with a lot of people in our audience.

[00:17:56] I’m gonna just read it because it’s very powerful. You said it was from a month ago. So if you follow crystal on LinkedIn, you’ll find this. It is, you said in seven weeks, my client has gone from being completely disconnected from his own genius and work to aligned and confident. This is how you create magnetic marketing.

[00:18:13] It’s not about being told, do this, do that. It’s reconnecting with your own secret sauce side note. This client has spent a hundred K. With Gus and felt lost and blocked. And now he’s tapped back in tapped back in and feeling confident the secret and magic ingredient to magnetic marketing is U Y O U U yes, like bold.

[00:18:35] Right. And I just think that this idea disconnected and feeling like from the genius and from your work, I do not know a single marketer who has expressed this either in private to me, or like through various Facebook posts. Right. At some level, we all feel this way, or we are feeling this way or have felt this way.

[00:18:52] Right. So let’s talk about your client’s experience. And, you know, we all feel drained from time to die. You know, we all have bad days, but this is something deeper I feel. So what did you do to help this particular client reconnect with their secret sauce in seven weeks? And this is not a get rich quick in seven weeks.

[00:19:10] That was just, you know, but that was, I wanna emphasize the, the reconnect.

[00:19:14] Crystal Tosh: Yeah. So, yes, my client’s amazing. He was so disconnected that he kept telling me, well, I don’t know what everybody wants to hear. Because we were trying to content plan. Right. He was so disconnected from what he was putting out on social media, that it really did sound like someone else.

[00:19:31] It was just him kind of following a formula. And he came to me because we’ve known each other from, we’ve been in programs together and then we’ve watched each other on the sidelines and he just said, I think you can really help me because you understand, people and, how to connect them back.

[00:19:48] And I was okay. So in seven weeks, what we did every week was literally go back to what he had created. So he sells a course. Right. And I basically took him back through like you created this now, why did you create this? What did it do in your life? How has it changed you? what person were you before you created this course?

[00:20:08] And now because he created it to help people. based on his own experience, right? but he was so disconnected from his own work and his own experiences, even that he couldn’t tell the story online in a way that circled back to the transformation he was able to provide. So through working with me now, he can confidently talk about what it is that he does, what problem he solves and how he transforms people’s lives effortlessly without kind of thinking what was happening is he even said, I would go to an event and people would ask me what.

[00:20:42] I do. And I would try to think back to all the coaches and how I’m supposed to word it. And he was just fumbling through and really not making those connections and the feedback he was getting is, yeah, it sounds really cool, but I, just feel like you’re holding something back and it was because he was trying to be other people.

[00:21:00] So, connecting him back to, this is my work. This is my genius. This is how I make a difference. Now he just talks about it and his content on Instagram and things like that is so much more relaxed and not forced that he’s drawing people in Because they feel the connection. And so I just think it’s important.

[00:21:18] And I think that, I set at Lima and I stand by this, we hire coaches because we do need help. and we hire consultants and all those things. But what we need to do is realize we, take what we need and leave the rest because there still has to be room for our own genius in there. Ooh,

[00:21:36] Jeff Sieh: that’s really good.

[00:21:37] Speaking of zone of genius, and I’m not one, uh, but I wanna talk about our sponsors Ecamm because I had forgotten, I got so involved in the conversation that, but I wanted make sure that you guys go to for slash Ecamm because they are a bunch of geniuses. They put together this package and this thing we’re using right now to go live.

[00:21:54] Um, they’re incredible. In fact, we’re Grace and I are gonna be at, uh, podcast movement next week. And, uh, actually Ecamm is gonna be there as well. We are gonna be broadcasting live from their booth. We’ll be doing this show live on Friday from their booth. That podcast movement got a lot of cool guest, uh, Coming.

[00:22:10] And so make sure you guys come to that and if you see us there, make sure you, you grab Grace cuz she loves that. Um, but don’t touch me. Um, but other than that, um, yeah, so make sure you guys give us a shout at that podcast movement go to and Ecamm has also started a brand new podcast called the flow. So make sure you guys go to that on their podcast player.

[00:22:27] They’re talking about how to, um, actually create a pod, a video podcast, which is very, very cool. That’s really popular right now. So make sure you guys go check out that out. It’s called the flow. Look at, at your favorite podcast player and give them a rating review and give ’em a subscribe that would really help them out.

[00:22:42] So Ecamm uh, slash Ecamm. All right. So crystal, you were talking about all this stuff and, and being authentic and how, um, you know, how important that is. But you know, I think everybody we know in marketing has got into it because they, they have a spark, they have curiosity, they have energy, you know, there’s no real, I guess, shortage of joy and creativity online.

[00:23:03] But, and folks that really wanna do what they’re passionate about. I mean, that’s, that’s just the way we’re wired, but based on your experience with clients, mm-hmm, what gets in the way of people’s true genius and creativity. You talked about your client before. Um, yeah. Why do we get blocked? What, what happens is that we wanna look like everybody else.

[00:23:20] What have you found that really kind of is a big stop for people?

[00:23:26] Crystal Tosh: they’re overthinking it. And they’re also kind of just trying to think about the client avatar. So I have a kind of a different approach to that. I feel like you’ve really gotta know yourself first and be confident in sharing who you are before you worry about your client avatar.

[00:23:41] Because what I’ve found is all my clients are so worried about, well, I want them to think this instead of, I feel X, Y, Z, and you know, it’s just like anything, if your, true self and I know authenticity is kind of a buzzword but I think so much of the blocks come from just not being confident and maybe not even really knowing.

[00:24:01] What makes us tick and what makes us different? I mean, I have a Mohawk, I, wear black, everything like that’s me. I wear converse on stage. most people would say that you should wear like dress clothes and some, cute pumps, but that’s not me. And I’m okay with that, but it’s really kind of uncovering all the shoulds and should nots and all the courses we’ve taken about the, template to success and realizing that there is not a template.

[00:24:32] And until you’re really confident in yourself and, happy to be yourself and sharing your message with the world, that’s when the magnet turns on and you just start getting people kind of flowing your way and saying, yes, I feel that way too. I mean, it’s why you and I connected at Lima. you know, if I showed up as a fake person as not really myself, number two, it’s really hard to maintain a persona.

[00:24:54] That’s not yourself. And it doesn’t feel natural. And so it kind of repels people because they know something’s.

[00:25:00] off

[00:25:01] Jeff Sieh: You know, going back to what you were saying. And, and we did this at Lima, uh, a little quick little, uh, thing where cuz so many people are told to, and this goes back to what you were talking about, your, your client and how you kind of helped him kind of unblock is to tell your story.

[00:25:15] And most people want like, okay, you need to know your elevator pitch and da da and you know, and the thing is, we’re not attracted to elevator pitches. We’re attracted like, oh, crystal is on a farm. And I grew up in Kansas. I all know all about farming, you know, all that kind of stuff. Mm-hmm . And so those kind of things, those stories that you can work in and attract people to you, that’s what people want to hear.

[00:25:37] And I think what you were saying and how to do that, and even your presentation at Lima really dove into that. It’s like, okay, how do we do that in a better way? Cause you know, there’s a right way to tell a story. And I think that’s what it sounds like you were helping your client.

[00:25:50] Crystal Tosh: Right. We don’t wanna create trauma bonds.

[00:25:52] There’s, you know, there’s a lot of, there’s a lot of that trauma bonding out there. I feel like, like here, my horrible, every detail of my sad story and connect on that, no, everybody has a struggle. We’ve all faced something and, and you’re so right, Jeff, about connecting on that personal level. I mean, you have to learn how to weave.

[00:26:12] What makes you, you into what you do and, and share it naturally. I mean, I kind of say this too, about social media, about sharing stories or connecting with people. Like, if you wouldn’t say it in real life, like if you were in a room with people and talking, if it wasn’t conversational, probably don’t do it on social media either.

[00:26:31] Cuz it’s just awkward and weird. Yeah. Just be yourself and, and realize that social media is a conversation. Um, a lot of people too, get caught up in this like, well I’m the expert and I’m just gonna produce all this expert content, but it’s. Think about the bread aisle, it’s all bread. Why do we choose a different bread over the other?

[00:26:50] Well, it’s marketing, it’s the labels or it’s the way it looks or the way we’ve, you know, our mom served it to us our whole life, whatever it is, it’s, we’re all marketers, we’re all, you know, service providers. We all kind of do some variation of the same. So the only reason why I would do business. Somebody over somebody else is on a personal connection level, something that’s made me feel like, oh, that person’s more like me or I, like you said, they’re a farmer too.

[00:27:16] Or we grew up in the same area or we like the same things. Mm-hmm . Um, but when you hold all that back, nobody knows. Right? Like, I don’t know what someone’s about if they’re just always talking about their two step solution to a million dollars

[00:27:31] Jeff Sieh: so I wanna give a shout out. So I wanna give an example of that.

[00:27:35] So I know Gary, just from watching his stories, cause he doesn’t, I mean, he’s a musician, he’s got this incredible setup that we are, we able to, uh, you know, kind of geek out over. And so that came from social media. I wouldn’t have known that if I wouldn’t have followed Gary and his stories and seen that.

[00:27:48] So there’s that connection there. And then we have, uh, we have a, a Catarina says, uh, so it’s good to see her. I haven’t seen her in a while. She goes, completely agree about trauma bonding. I had never heard that, that term before, but that is so true. Um, And I love what you said about not, uh, if you’re not gonna say it out in the room, you probably shouldn’t say on, on, uh, social media.

[00:28:09] I hope face. I hope Facebook is listening. You’re right. Geez. So, um, anyway, so, and, and so Chris goes, yes. The difference between products and services is us. Yeah. Very mm-hmm he’s so profound. So when

[00:28:24] Grace Duffy: you go Chris and so succinct into the profound, I know like he’s so succinct when he says that, because again, that brings back the, you know, people work with people that they like and trust.

[00:28:32] Right. Mm-hmm how do you build that? Like trust, not by trauma bonding, but like sharing, like things you have in common. And also you, I think you had this somewhere. I don’t know if it was a post or something. Uh, Christopher was just like, I’m not for everyone or that idea of like that’s okay. Right. Mm-hmm , you know, my friend Kelly Mariella says that a lot too, you know, like you’re not for everyone.

[00:28:53] That’s that’s okay. And that’s, I think people have to be comfortable with that too.

[00:28:57] Crystal Tosh: Mm-hmm , it’s hard. It’s hard to be like. You know, cuz I think we all suffer from people pleasing and we wanna be liked. Right. But we have to realize that just cuz you’re not liked by someone doesn’t mean you’re a bad person.

[00:29:08] Cuz think of all the people who do love you and, and that’s been a growth journey for, for me as well. I think it’s a journey for everybody when you start putting your stuff online. Um, and you just have to realize like an unfollow or an unfriend or whatever, they saved you time. If, if they don’t like what you’re saying, they’re never gonna do business with you anyway.

[00:29:27] Yeah. So just move on and just have your community of raving fans. That’s what I say too. Like I’ve created. The business that I have, um, based on a lot of people who don’t actually do business with me, but they love me and they feel like they know me and they’re connected to me and they recommend me.

[00:29:43] Mm-hmm so, you know, you can’t always look at people as their dollar value because it’s more than that. It’s about creating, you know, raving fans and a community and people who just really believe in you and they support you in other ways. So, um, and I think that’s missed in social media. I’ve had clients I’ll ask ’em, you know, how much time do you spend responding to your comments?

[00:30:05] Oh, none. Uh, well, it’s a conversation. This is how people feel like you care about them too. Like you have, you can’t just be the Bullhorn and that’s always putting content. You also have to interact,

[00:30:16] Jeff Sieh: right? Yeah. So the social part is social media. So we’ve got some people saying like I’m and it’s unknown user.

[00:30:22] So it’s probably, I don’t know why it does it on this certain

[00:30:25] Crystal Tosh: platform. Big crystal fan. Okay. Unknown user.

[00:30:28] Jeff Sieh: So you got an unknown user. They’re just embarrassed to tell

[00:30:31] Crystal Tosh: that unknown

[00:30:32] Grace Duffy: user joins us every week. Unknown users

[00:30:34] Jeff Sieh: are super fan. So, uh, but uh, Toronto says, and I always say her name, right? Uh, she, uh, she goes, I know crystal through mark Shafer.

[00:30:42] And you talked about people knowing from people and she goes, uh, she’s a, she’s awesome. Uh, and I, I always butcher her name. It’s tRNA, sorry. tRNA it’s

[00:30:50] Crystal Tosh: yes, yes. I remember the uprising.

[00:30:53] Jeff Sieh: Yes. Yes. So, um, you had a question Grace that,

[00:30:56] Grace Duffy: um, I did. So bringing it back to this client that spent the hundred K on gurus.

[00:31:02] Yes. And, and, and feeling lost, you know, there’s so many experts out there, right. Experts and then quote, unquote experts and also summits and conferences. And obviously we get a lot of value outta going to conferences. We’ve talked about Lima, we’re going to podcast movement next week. And then of course, you know, there’s courses and all this stuff, but how do you know what you personally need next?

[00:31:23] Right. Because it’s really easy to just, maybe I’m just talking about myself where you’re just like, oh, I really need this. And then you go off and find that thing. And then, but then that thing doesn’t solve it. And then that thing, so I can see where this client got to, where they are. having spent this much, but like, what do you know, what you need right

[00:31:40] Crystal Tosh: now?

[00:31:41] I think it’s about really, kind of getting quiet and trusting yourself and really asking yourself, what is my block instead of the shiny objects? because we’re all great marketers online. there’s some really great content out there that will convince you that whatever that person’s selling is your next shiny solution.

[00:32:01] But I think you’ve gotta discern and learn to trust yourself. I think that personally I have bought things that deep down I knew I probably didn’t need, or they weren’t gonna solve my problem. but it seemed shiny and pretty and exciting. And then you get halfway through the course or the program, and you’re like, wow, it’s the same thing I bought three other times.

[00:32:24] and so really encouraging people, to just connect back and then ask yourself. what am I willing to do? And what, step do I need to take? do I really need one more course on social media marketing or if I’ve probably gotten there and maybe I just need to be more open and vulnerable or, whatever.

[00:32:43] I think a lot of this stuff is such like self discovery work. that is so much different than a tactic. Like we can all learn a bazillion tactics, right. But, if you’re not confident in who you are, and you’re not willing to show up as you are, it doesn’t matter how many tactics you learn. there’s gonna be something.

[00:33:01] off

[00:33:02] Jeff Sieh: Mm, that’s a mic drop moment right there, folks. So that was good. That’s so tweetable. Uh, but, and I will respond to the comments. Um, but one of the things we talked about on this same note, and I’m a big fan of masterminds, but we did a show earlier, uh, this year where we explored the difference between like coaching counseling and masterminds with my friend, Anthony Whit.

[00:33:22] And I think there’s a lot of value in all of those avenues, but, um, you know, we’ve got, we got phenomenal business coaches from everything for being more confident on camera, which is our friend, Ian Anderson, gray productivity experts. Like my friend, Eric Fisher, um, V is launching a new product that makes paid masterminds, asynchronous and accessible.

[00:33:42] So if you haven’t been on volleyball that cool, stuff’s rolling out. Um, that’s cool. Yeah. So, but without lumping, like everyone into one category or generalizing, right. Um, how do we know who to trust and what to believe?

[00:33:56] Crystal Tosh: That’s really hard, I think in the online space, because you almost have to start having some conversations in DM’s or really, connecting to industry people.

[00:34:05] That’s why I love going to, Lima and different conferences like you guys said, and really have conversations that aren’t just happening in, reading someone’s testimonials. But really, I think talking to people who’ve gone through them at different programs and seeing which one fits for you, because I think the conversation that’s being had behind closed doors is different than the one that’s, public facing.

[00:34:28] and like if someone isn’t aligned to you, if you don’t really love their content, they’re probably not gonna be for you. Their program’s not. So don’t force yourself just because you think they know more because there’s probably someone out there that maybe you just haven’t discovered yet. That is more in alignment with your core values, and things that you believe that can also help you get there.

[00:34:51] But I think it’s just, that good old fashioned research and talking to people to figure out who’s gonna work best for you. And there’s amazing people out there coaching and consulting and teaching. there’s a few bad apples. And once you discover them, you just notice steer clear that’s right.

[00:35:09] Yeah,

[00:35:10] Jeff Sieh: yeah.

[00:35:10] for sure. So, um, you know, one of the things that, uh, I think that, and it also takes. Like the people who I trust and I ask, uh, opinions for, or I join their masterminds. It’s people I’ve known for a long, long time. And I think, right. You know, and, and I see it at conferences too, as people come up and they, they kind of wanna latch on, get all your secrets and be your instant friend.

[00:35:36] And that doesn’t, I mean, I’ll talk to anybody, but I can’t like bear my soul to somebody. I just meant it takes a long. Time. And it’s something that we connect. I mean, there’s secrets that Grace doesn’t even know about me, you know? So I mean, there’s things

[00:35:49] Grace Duffy: I don’t wanna know about Jeff, make that

[00:35:51] very

[00:35:51] Jeff Sieh: clear.

[00:35:51] This is probably as much as she wants to know, to be honest, there’s an important part of

[00:35:55] Grace Duffy: boundaries, boundaries, boundaries,

[00:35:57] Crystal Tosh: boundaries. Yes. That is very true. I think that everyone, no matter if you’re just starting out or if you are, you know, 10 years in learning boundaries is an art mm-hmm , I mean, it takes time to learn how to say no and not just keep pouring into people.

[00:36:12] Like Jeff said, you know, meeting people at conferences. Um, of course you wanna develop these relationships, but you can’t just. Pour everything out, right? Uh, the minute you meet them because you don’t know. And, and it takes time. I mean, I’ve met people at conferences three years ago that now we’ve grown into great friends or we’ve been in masterminds together.

[00:36:32] Right. Um, but it took time. So it it’s those connection calls it’s being on their show, you know, them being on your show. Mm-hmm , you just keep developing the connections with the people you feel drawn to. And then, you know, you discover more about them. And if they’re not who that you thought they were, you just move on.

[00:36:48] Yeah. And it’s

[00:36:49] Jeff Sieh: give and take, I mean, it’s, it’s, you just can’t always take from people and people can see that coming from a mile away. So right. I’m still waiting for my, my birthday present from Grace, but that’s all right. So

[00:37:03] Crystal Tosh: I think we’re almost birthday between not enough.

[00:37:07] Jeff Sieh: I know. I know. So, um, let’s go on our next segment.

[00:37:10] We’re gonna be talking about authenticity. Uh, I can’t even say it authenticity. See, I knew this was gonna be a H a hard show. Um, but we mentioned this at top of the show and, um, you know, you believe that there’s no such thing as like a template or a cookie cutter approach to marketing. So, um, I wanna know the, both from the audience, like, what is, um, what is your biggest pet peeve on social media?

[00:37:32] Like, what is it? Is it inauthentic people? Is it having to respond to your family or crazy? Right.

[00:37:40] Crystal Tosh: What your mom’s saying? You look great today.

[00:37:42] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. Yeah. Hey mom. Thanks. So, but something that, um, that’s your biggest pet peeve on social media? Let us know down below wherever you’re watching, what that is. Um, But, you know, one of the things, you know, they’re not like they used to be on social media.

[00:37:55] So whether we’re talking about paid or organic, uh, this is true across the board. There’s a lot of skepticism. People are clued in what, you know, this webinar at the end, you’re gonna get a pitch. You know, this is a lead magnet for me. I’m gonna, this is why I’m doing it. So it’s harder to convince people to show up, which means it’s also harder to sell.

[00:38:13] But on the other side, you know, brands are looking to provide value, but are burnt out doing things that aren’t working. So, you know, what’s the next step for us to figure out like how to reach the right audience with our message.

[00:38:26] Crystal Tosh: I think just being honest, like people do know now that your challenge is gonna end with a pitch, right?

[00:38:32] So if you’re just kinda honest at the beginning and say, you know, like we’re gonna go through all this amazing content, you’re gonna get X, Y, Z value. But of course, you know, to really have a transformation, I’m gonna make an offer to you at the end. And if it makes sense to you, you know, say yes. And I think that people are just tired of being.

[00:38:50] The pushy, bro. I call it bro. Marketing of just like sell, sell, sell, right. People are burnt out. Like I believe that people are smart humans and that if they feel like they need what I have to offer, I don’t have to convince them because what I’ve learned building businesses, um, is that if you have to pound a, a client to say, yes, it’s gonna unwind later either.

[00:39:12] You’re not gonna like working with them. They’re not gonna like working with you. They’re gonna take their payment off auto pay. Something will happen. But if you get those like hell yeses and excuse me, but, um, if you get those, like, yes, um, I wanna work with you. This makes so much sense. Those relationships pay off in the end.

[00:39:31] They always seem to work out. The client gets an amazing transformation. Um, and you know, you get to go on and have a great relationship even after the, the sale so to speak. Um, but I do think that people are just. Really over the kind of like hiding from you’re trying to sell me it, it just seems to be better.

[00:39:51] I think in my case, and my clients is, if you’re just honest, like I have this thing, it’ll probably help you. Here’s all the value I can give you without you paying anything. But here’s the thing that I have to offer. Right. Um, I also believe personally, I know there’s been this huge, you know, high ticket coaching, high ticket, high ticket.

[00:40:10] Um, I think that there’s room for different things because everybody’s on a journey and some people just aren’t there yet. Um, so you know, there’s two sides to every coin, but I think trying to have something that helps other people in different aspects. I mean, it’s very much why we started a podcast in a club and then I have an agency that does done for you stuff.

[00:40:31] And I’m also a consultant. So no matter kind of where you are on the journey, I have a way to help.

[00:40:37] Jeff Sieh: Hmm. See, I, I, that resonates with me because yeah, some people just can’t afford it. Like, and sometimes you’re they’re limited. Like I live here. You know, I can only make this much money from local clients just because of where I am.

[00:40:51] I can’t afford your gazillion dollar course, but, uh, but having those different tiers I think is really, really important. So

[00:40:57] Crystal Tosh: yeah, exactly. That’s definitely something I learned living in, you know, Western, Kentucky. I CA I moved back here from Seattle. I went to college in Las Vegas, very different economies, very different things that can be offered different.

[00:41:10] Um, but everybody here is pretty much. Making the same amount of money. And even if you open a business, you know, marketing is not the same marketing that I would advise someone in Seattle to use that I would in Western Kentucky. And so I wanna be accessible to those people. And my done for you agency serves a lot of national brands now.

[00:41:28] Um, even though I started in a local market, but my consultancy of being able to go out and sit down with these business owners is more for my local community. And I live in this community. I am invested, I want this community to grow. Um, so to me to just be like, oh, I’m $15,000 to talk to me. That’s not me investing in my local community and I want to help these business owners.

[00:41:51] So I have to be. Awesome. Yeah, that’s cool.

[00:41:55] Grace Duffy: I love that. Well, so much marketing expert content, speaking of like reaching the masses, right. And outside of, I find so much of it as copy paste. Now I’m gonna take this as an example, like, you know, you need, you hear that your company needs a company blog to help with your SEO, but you don’t have time to write.

[00:42:11] Right. You launch one anyway and you fill it up with howtos and step by steps and crowd that you’ve crowdsourced and found online. And may, or maybe you have an AI turning this out, which there’s a lot of wonderful AI tools. I’m not ticking on AI tools. Right. But, you know, but it saves you time. Right. But then you’d rather that you’d rather be putting towards your business.

[00:42:30] You’d rather be putting towards your local community or anything else. Easy. It looks easy to see how someone could fall into this cycle, especially if you’ve got, you’re not the business owner, but you’ve got someone saying like, we need to scale, we needed it. We need to do, right. Yeah. So what is your approach, you know, given your approach to social media, I should say help us break out of this cycle, this, this feeling of like, in that moment of like, oh my, I know I need to do this.

[00:42:55] And these are all, this is what I need to do. Uh, but, and I saw this too, creating content, like, you know, created content for a lot of brands and it’s like, oh, well I just Googled it. And I just researched all this stuff. And then what you end up with is like the same post that someone else

[00:43:09] Crystal Tosh: that everybody else has.

[00:43:10] Mm-hmm yeah. Yeah, I, well, you know, those content calendars and all those things that people buy it’s so copy paste. Yes. So I like to say that, um, I create content prompts, um, for clients that are more about their brand. So they have to kind of think through, they are not copy paste. They have to use the question in the prompt to think through and then add their own story.

[00:43:34] Um, and everybody’s outcome and post is gonna actually be different. Maybe there is a bit of a quote framework, um, to get them thinking through how to share in a different way. I also, um, kind of believe that there’s pillars to social media. There’s like, um, Empowerment education entertainment. And then, you know what I call rans raves or poke the bear posts.

[00:43:57] So whatever makes you different, a lot of people won’t do that. They won’t say like, I don’t agree with, you know, the industry standard and that’s kind of what makes you different if, and I know that people internally have these, you know, I don’t believe X, Y, Z, even though everybody else is doing it. And that’s what I feel like really brings people to you because when you start sharing that people are like, oh, I feel that way too.

[00:44:22] Um, even though it may be what the most people feel is the right way to do the thing. Um, there’s always, obviously always two size to every story and there’s different feelings. Um, you know, I’m a big fan of mark Schaeffer. Mm-hmm , uh, he’s already been brought up on here. He wrote marketing rebellion and, um, that was the book that did it for me.

[00:44:42] Um, that was like something I held in my head about marketing. Before I really knew. And I think it’s just a background in social psychology and understanding people. And when I read marketing rebellion, I was like, yes, the most human company, the most human brand, you being yourself is what really makes marketing click.

[00:45:01] Um, and it gets people to wanna work with you. So I think to be different, you have to stop doing what everybody else is doing and do it in your own way. Put your own, spin on it. Put your own flare, you know, little Bobby FLA there, little bam and just, you know, get something that’s you

[00:45:20] Jeff Sieh: you’re you’re, you’re an in for the next show.

[00:45:21] Cuz you mentioned Bobby FLA and, and mark Schaffer. So I mean, so we’ve had mark. Yeah. We’ve had mark on a couple times. Uh, he’s amazing. Uh, he is one of those people who is very authentic when it comes to his, his social media

[00:45:34] Grace Duffy: and. Mark food on your bingo card. People. Yeah. Food drinking, food and mark Sieh and Google card.

[00:45:41] We’ve reached the food part of the portion of the show we’ve circled. That’s

[00:45:44] Jeff Sieh: right. Yeah. Bingo. Uh, so, uh, Gary says I’ve met some great people through social media. That is very, very true. Um, uh, I met people like Gary he’s amazing. And, uh, tRNA says, yes, love that approach. Uh, adding different services for all prices too.

[00:45:59] And then we have, Sean says, uh, I love you. Didn’t mention us crystal, but, uh, darn he’s just,

[00:46:06] Crystal Tosh: we’ll try next time. Now. I know it’s like Sean

[00:46:09] Grace Duffy: support at Restream is actually bringing this to the world, so I love you too, Sean.

[00:46:15] Jeff Sieh: So, uh, but something else we love and I gotta give another shout out to our friends over at Ecamm.

[00:46:20] You know, we’re talking about being authentic and, and Grace and I love live video. We have for a long time. And one of the things that allows us to go out to people in this way is Ecamm lets us do a podcast. Let’s just go out and, and share stuff with the world and you know, just a great program. And so if you wanna take a step and maybe do your own show, or even up up your presentations or whatever, you need to check out, Ecamm you can find out more about them at slash Ecamm.

[00:46:48] So our final segment is we’re gonna, we’ve been talking about being authentic, but yeah, um, Grace and my kids do this. And so I want Grace to talk about this. Um, This new app that all the kids are using

[00:47:02] Grace Duffy: so well, we are a new show. So we thought we’d bring you just a little bit of use. That’d be good. Yeah, we do this every once in a while.

[00:47:07] Right? So there’s this, there’s this new app outside, out, out there, billing itself as the anti TikTok, anti Instagram. And it’s called be real, be real and alert. An alert goes off, uh, once a day, giving you a two minute window to post, whatever it is that you’re doing in that moment. And I, I believe it’s random.

[00:47:27] It’s just a random. And it’s if used as design, you’re only forced, you’re forced to post what you’re doing at that moment when it goes off. And then you only have to look at it once a day because people are only posting once a day. Uh, and it’s more authentic supposedly than other platforms where you can carefully stage your photos and you’re add those flattering filters.

[00:47:46] It’s just what you’re doing. And everyone posts simultaneously. So there’s that, not that pressure to constantly scroll or constantly check. Well, maybe you’re still scrolling, but you’re not constantly checking. Right. So I first heard about this in January and it quickly became another way to post content.

[00:47:59] People were taking that, that whatever you’re doing there and posting it everywhere else, which defeats the purpose, I think. Right. But, and so Mashable wrote this article on it where they said, be real, has proven that there’s no authenticity on social media. Right. Which I thought was hilarious. And we bring this up because, uh, one, again, we’re a new show.

[00:48:19] We need to bring you some news. And then also AUD authenticity, audacity authenticity. I mean, it’s the same, , it’s the same thing is the same is every brand super prepared. That is something that you believe in. And over the past few years, we’ve seen a shift to less, less being, you know, the highlights of our lives and more the be real being real.

[00:48:42] And, you know, I think that’s thanks to mobile video and also being trapped in our homes for some period of time, depending on where you were in the country. I must say, and be real was a response to this, obviously. So talk to us about what it means to be authentic online in 2022. Is it just looking or not looking a certain way?

[00:49:01] Is it just removing filters and, and just posting one once a day? Like what, tell us, what does it mean to be on authentic on social media?

[00:49:10] Crystal Tosh: Well, I mean, again, don’t trauma bond and don’t, you know, you don’t have to overshare and, and say everything, but I do think people are looking for vulnerability. Um, and to be seen, you know, as humans, we all wanna be seen, we all wanna be heard.

[00:49:24] We all wanna feel connected. Um, and you can’t connect to the perfect Instagram picture with the coordinated, you know, I remember being a twin mom, I had three kids, three and under, and then an older daughter too. So that was four kids. And I would get on the Instagram and it was so curated and it was such BS.

[00:49:42] And I was like, what the heck? I cannot compete. Like it made me hate my life, really? Cuz I thought, man, I’m failing. I can’t. I’m not matching my three girls, you know, with a coordinated little boy outfit. And we, we looked disheveled when we got a target. Like we’re just happy to be there. And, um, so all this pressure was really hard for me.

[00:50:02] And if I had just found some real connections online or like a mom kind of, that’s why I showed up as I did to say like, yeah, some days we have it together and some days we, we look like we’re homeless, it’s just what we do. We’re we’re real. Um, and it really that’s how it grew. That’s how my online following grew.

[00:50:20] And so I know it works. People want to know that their life is okay. Um, and not just have the highlight real and, you know, so there’s ways to share and, and, but not make it, you know, over the top where you’re just kind of. Talking about all the things that are wrong. Mm-hmm but I think it’s more like saying, Hey, I’m here too.

[00:50:40] I mean, I suffer from ADHD. And so being open and honest about that has really opened a lot of doors for me online as an entrepreneur and being like, kind of poking fun at myself, cuz I have a hard time keeping on track or mm-hmm or I lose things and you know, just being really honest, like, look I’m successful.

[00:50:58] Um, but I’m also struggling with X, Y, Z. And so that means that if I can be successful, so can you with whatever you’re battling and I think that’s what really people want to hear is that, you know, they can too that whatever they’re facing, isn’t just gonna be a roadblock completely for them because when you set, you know, people that follow all of us and I remember being.

[00:51:19] I put all these people on a pedestal and I thought they never had a problem in their life. And then the ones I really connected to were the ones that started saying, yeah, but I also have this going on or that going on. So I think filters are dying too. I know you brought that up. I’m here today, fresh faced without makeup.

[00:51:36] Um, you know, I think it’s just about being comfortable in your own skin and, and, you know, realizing that when you turn your phone on to take a selfie half the time you have a double chin, so it’s okay. So does everybody else, we all have to hold the phone up here to get the perfect angle and you know, nobody looks like that.

[00:51:54] I think my biggest thing that I’m loving right now is there’s some, you know, fitness people and, and model types on Instagram showing how. Contorted, you have to pose yourself to get those perfect Instagram pictures. Mm-hmm and what it actually looks like when you’re just like a normal person taking a picture.

[00:52:11] No wonder you don’t like the picture of yourself because the model has to be like turned and this hand has to be here and their head has to be turned this way, you know? So it’s, it’s just all fake and people are over it. I really feel

[00:52:24] Jeff Sieh: like, so the grow a beard and you don’t have problem with that double chin thing.

[00:52:28] That’s the secret sauce. That’s why I did it now. If I, I just, I’m trying to get it to cover my whole body.

[00:52:34] Grace Duffy: I hold, I hold the phone down below because I like to look taller. Oh,

[00:52:38] Crystal Tosh: see, we’ve all got our

[00:52:40] Grace Duffy: little, we all have things. Right. So

[00:52:42] Jeff Sieh: anyway, so I wanted to, to, you said something there and I think it was almost the secret sauce about being authentic is.

[00:52:49] You know, you’re showing that you have issues, but then you have a solution. So you’re showing you have a problem. Like, you know, I like struggle with a ADHD, but I have done this and you can too. So I think you getting both, you’re being authentic and transparent saying, Hey, this is what I struggle with, but I found this hack that does this.

[00:53:08] Yep. And so I think that’s, uh, you know, I think that’s really super important. My kids are, are doing this be real. They would, before matchable even knew about it, they were all on it. And, uh, they, they love doing it and they have, um, it shows the, both the, the front facing and the rear camera at the same time, I believe.

[00:53:23] Um, mm-hmm I didn’t, I don’t do it because it’d be just me sitting at my computer all day.

[00:53:26] Crystal Tosh: So yeah. I’m not exciting for be real. It’s like cow,

[00:53:31] Grace Duffy: you you’re your, your that’s exciting. Maybe we’d go be real with the

[00:53:35] Jeff Sieh: cows. There’s a lady I follow on TikTok who is it’s she’s hilarious. But she has, it’s called like some almost farm or something, but she has this ostrich that tries to attack her every day.

[00:53:45] I’ve seen that one. She’s hilarious. It’s yeah, you should do that. I’ll tell you, get a, get a, a killer ostrich and you’ll be famous. Um, well, like I said,

[00:53:53] Crystal Tosh: my, my horses, uh, are TikTok famous cause we rescue horses. So my husband and my, um, my horses, they do really well on TikTok. Sometimes you just gotta see what you’re working with.

[00:54:03] You know, a guy in a cowboy hat with a horse does really well,

[00:54:07] Jeff Sieh: so well, and your husband does, and this is what you said at the lineman is like, he looks like a Viking warrior. He does he, does. I look like somebody you need to drop change in, in front of their, uh, that’s fine. Anyway, so says, uh, Instagram is already a copy and be real.

[00:54:23] Yeah. We saw that coming. Anything that’s successful. Yeah, they will copy. So, um, yes,

[00:54:28] Crystal Tosh: Instagram doesn’t have an original thought

[00:54:30] Jeff Sieh: yeah. Right. Um, so last question is, um, and we’ve talked about this a little bit, but sometimes, uh, authenticity gets confused with attention sinking. We, I learned a new word trauma bonding today, uh, but it distracts from, you know, the message a lot of times.

[00:54:45] So we’ve got a lot of people who are bearing their souls and social media. Um, it takes a lot of vulnerability and, and a lot of people aren’t comfortable with that. So, um, you know, that, that is something we’ve talked about too. So what is the right balance? We’ve hinted on it. We’ve talked about it a little bit, but what’s the right balance between sharing and oversharing as a brand or someone who’s representing a brand because you know, that’s the first thing people check is your social media.

[00:55:09] When you go do a job, you know, they’re gonna see that, okay, this person overshare quite a bit, do we wanna hire them? Um, so do you think, you know, what are your thoughts on this? Like, where’s the balance of like, do I share that, you know, with my audience, will it come back to bite me? What, what are your thoughts on, I guess what’s your filter or your, your line that you don’t go.

[00:55:31] Crystal Tosh: so I always say this, you share from the solution or, or the transformation, but not the wound. So if you haven’t healed from whatever it is, you know, you probably shouldn’t be sharing about it cuz you’re still working through it. But if you’ve gotten to the other side, like me battling ADHD, um, being a mom, who’s raising twins, um, I’ve went through a bitter divorce, um, sort of those things, but I’ve come out the other side and I can offer a solution or a hack or some help or inspiration.

[00:56:00] I feel like that’s okay to share. But while you’re in the middle of whatever it is, maybe if you’re going through a bitter divorce, it might not be the best thing to share every little detail of what’s going on because that’s not gonna help anybody. And I always try to look at it as like, how am I helping someone else?

[00:56:15] Or how can this impact someone else in a positive way? Because I don’t want people to follow me or be bonded to me or whatever, because they feel sorry for me or they think, oh, that poor girl. Um, so you’ve just really, I think, you know, I just think it goes back to that. If you’ve, if you’ve come out the other side and you can offer some value, then it’s okay to share, but you just don’t share from the wound.

[00:56:40] So if it’s not healed, don’t.

[00:56:42] Grace Duffy: That’s good advice. I have sense that, like you, you mentioned a bitter divorce that you tend to, you know, when you’re posting about the bitterness, right. Or when you’re in the middle of the bitterness, it tends to attract other people. And then now you’ve gotta, you know, a bunch of bitter people

[00:56:56] Jeff Sieh: together.

[00:56:56] Grace Duffy: Yeah. Yeah. I was gonna, I didn’t put it that way. Thank you, Jeff. Yes, but that’s exactly what I was trying to say.

[00:57:02] Jeff Sieh: My sentences and each Texas, we, we call it like two ticks sucking on each other. They just get on their mm-hmm and it’s like, you’re all they

[00:57:08] Crystal Tosh: just, yeah. Yeah. They’re just like sharing all this, you know, oversharing almost.

[00:57:14] And, and we’ve all been through it. Right? Like we really dug into my story. I have a pretty unique story. I’ve faced a lot of things, but I. Weave that through the lessons I learned through that journey and how can it help someone else and, you know, sharing the, not the good parts, but the hacks or the things that help me survive through some of those yeah.

[00:57:35] Things is why peoples end up in my DMS and they remember something I’ve shared before and they’re like, right, I’m here now. What is the, the advice you would give me or, or whatever. And you know, those people just remember maybe something that I faced with the divorce or something that I faced with starting this business or during the pandemic or whatever it is.

[00:57:56] But yeah, definitely. You don’t wanna just create people who are like, oh yeah, me too. Oh my ex-husband that’s not solving anything.

[00:58:05] Grace Duffy: well, I mean, do seek the help that you need, but like, I have friends that I will like literally just text teenagers and they write back. I know. Right. That’s all I need. Yeah.

[00:58:15] That’s all

[00:58:15] Crystal Tosh: I need. I see you. I see you. I

[00:58:17] Grace Duffy: know, I see what’s happening. I see you down the street fighting

[00:58:21] Crystal Tosh: with your kid, right? If you hear me screaming at my children in the house, just mind your business. I

[00:58:26] Grace Duffy: have a friend in the neighborhood where I’m just like, if I’m on the HOA board, I need you to defend my honor.

[00:58:31] This is what happened, right?

[00:58:35] Jeff Sieh: Yeah.

[00:58:36] Crystal Tosh: Yeah. Having an advocate and feeling like you have people who see, you hear you get you and that’s totally fine. But I think where it goes really awry is especially in like Facebook groups. I mean, have you ever seen some of the stuff that starts going on and it’s just, uh, it gets a little outta hand and it’s like, what is it really doing?

[00:58:55] You’re just it’s yeah, it’s a event Fest and it’s not really solving

[00:58:58] Jeff Sieh: anything. So I’m a big Disney fan. And so I’m in some of those things and you want to set the internet on fire, change something at Disney, like raise a price or take something off a menu. Oh my gosh. It’s just bizarre. And so, yeah. Um, anyway, but, uh, we are out of time.

[00:59:15] We are, we are full up at the hour and crystal, this has been amazing. We gotta have you on again, because this was a lot of value information. But before we go, where can people find out all about crystal Tosh and your services?

[00:59:29] Crystal Tosh: Oh, my gosh. Okay. So don’t find me on Twitter. I’ll make a joke. I think I’m up to 18 followers.

[00:59:34] So I’m usually a Facebook girl. You can find me crystal Tosh. Um, my rockstar that’s for my agency, but if you really wanna connect more, you know, um, pass the BS is our podcast. Um, but yeah, just add me on Facebook, Instagram. I’m no BS crystal, so you can find me there. Um, lots of truth talk and, um, pictures of cows and horses tend to be on my Instagram, so, and cute husband.

[01:00:01] So, um, TikTok I’m ever after acres, Kentucky, uh, that’s the name of our nonprofit and my horses are on there and it’s mostly animals. So I’m all the places, uh, just feel free to find me. And you can always listen online to pass the BS. Um, we’re on apple and Spotify and all the things, and apparently we should be doing a live show while also podcasting.

[01:00:24] Jeff Sieh: You should be. We will talk about that later, but we could talk how many horses. How many horses do you have rescued? Uh,

[01:00:30] Crystal Tosh: four. Very cool. Yeah. We’ve got a big Amish draft horse. Who’s like, looks like a big unicorn, you know, he’s giant. He’s like 19 hands. Yeah. Wow. And so we, we rescue those guys. They go to slaughter people don’t realize that.

[01:00:45] So it’s kind of sad when people don’t want ’em they end up going to Mexico or Canada. So we try to raise money and save ’em and that’s awesome. Do a little part. I mean, there’s obviously thousands that

[01:00:56] Jeff Sieh: need homes, but every, every horse saved helps. So thank you for doing that. Grace Duffy, the amazing Grace, where can we find out more about you and where you’re at?

[01:01:06] Grace Duffy: You can find me here every week, Friday morning at 10:00 AM, 11, uh, 11:00 AM Eastern right here on the show. They’re also podcasts. Uh, I am at Bali the rest of the time. So you can find us, do we have our,

[01:01:20] Jeff Sieh: uh, we always have it. Look at that. Boom

[01:01:24] Grace Duffy: slash chat. Join our VO group.

[01:01:28] That’s where you can talk to me. And Jeff, you can comment, you know, talk to us about this show. We used to do like the pre-show thing, but we should get back to, we got lazy.

[01:01:36] Jeff Sieh: We got lazy. Yeah. It’s it’s my fault.

[01:01:39] Grace Duffy: Oh, and you can find us at podcast movement next week. And I wanna get this out the way. I’m short.

[01:01:45] Okay. Like, let’s just get, let’s just get it out there right now and I’m gonna digest that information. Okay. So when you see me, we can

[01:01:53] Jeff Sieh: move on. That’s right. You’re so short. I’m I’m always shocked. I know her and I’m shocked every time I see her. Um, anyway, but so next week’s gonna be a special show. We’re gonna start at the same time.

[01:02:03] It’s probably gonna go longer, but we’re gonna have some amazing guests we’re gonna have, uh, Montello for sure. Um, Colin gray is an incredible podcaster. Eric Fisher, a bunch of other people. At the conference. I think we’re getting somebody from the script to actually come and talk with us. So it’s gonna be a special show.

[01:02:18] So make sure you guys put that on your calendar. I’ll probably schedule that today so we can get that out as soon as possible. Yeah. But, um, thank you guys so much for watching. Appreciate, uh, Trina and Sean and Gary, as always Dave, all the people who’ve been watching us on all the different platforms. We could not do this show without you.

[01:02:35] Thank you so much for, uh, watching today. Uh, make sure that we are a podcast. Make sure you give us a rating review and subscribe to us on all the FA your favorite podcast players. And with that, we’ll see you guys next time. Bye everybody.

[01:02:47] Grace Duffy: Hi, bye.

[01:02:49] Crystal Tosh: Hey everyone. And welcome to the flow by Ecamm the show where we dive into the workflows.

[01:02:53] You need to launch produce and promote your video podcast. I’m Katie

[01:02:57] Grace Duffy: Fox and I’m

[01:02:58] Crystal Tosh: doc Brockton, community manager here at Ecamm

[01:03:00] Grace Duffy: and we’re here to help you find your

[01:03:01] Crystal Tosh: flow. Guys. This is gonna be a cool show that we’re putting together to help you launch your podcast. If where it’s like editing really freak you out, you’re in the right place.

[01:03:11] Cuz we’re gonna talk about how it could be much, much easier than what you have likely in your head. We want to give you an opportunity to. With the flow. You see what I did there? Yeah. With the

[01:03:21] Grace Duffy: flow.

[01:03:24] Crystal Tosh: I think this is gonna be fun. We do a lot of questions from the community about launching podcasts or running podcasts with Ecamm and thought it’d be a great idea to give you the workflow, like how to do your podcast and ask Katie to come along.

[01:03:36] First of all, make sure you lock this down. Make sure you put this in your podcast. Subscribe so you can get to us as we put these out and you will catch us Tuesdays at 12:00 PM Eastern on YouTube, and obviously wherever your favorite podcast, including us are listened to come and visit us for the flow.

[01:03:53] Thank you, Katie. Thank you, doc. And we’ll be in your ears soon.

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