Unlock the Secrets of Instagram Success with Lisa DiNotto Glassner

Looking to grow your Instagram presence and build a loyal following? Then don’t miss this episode of the Social Media News Live podcast with Lisa DeNotto Glassner! In this episode, Lisa shares her expertise on how to create a successful Instagram strategy and make the most of your analytics to drive engagement and growth. From understanding your niche to creating a content schedule and leveraging trends, Lisa provides practical tips for maximizing your impact on the platform. Whether you’re an experienced Instagram user or just starting out, this episode is a must-watch for anyone looking to build a strong, engaged community on the platform. So tune in now and learn how to take your Instagram game to the next level!



[00:00:00] Jeff Sieh: Hello folks. Welcome to Social. Media. News. Live. I’m Jeff Sieh and you’re not.

[00:00:03] Grace Duffy: And I’m Grace Duffy, and this is the show that keeps you up to date on what’s happening in the world of social media. And today we have a treat for you. We have our friend Lisa Donato Glassner, to, we’ve invited her to come back on the show to talk about what’s new with Instagram in 2023.

[00:00:20] So we have the Meadow, c e o Mark Zuckerberg, weighing in on his impressions on what the priority is. We’ve got Adam Mazari, head of Instagram, weighing in on his perspective. So we’re gonna talk about those news updates today about what, what they’re looking as as a priority. We’ve also invited Lisa here today to talk about creating Instagram content that’s irresistible and relatable given these changes.

[00:00:44] And then we’re also gonna talk about what inspires and creates community connection on Instagram. And we’re gonna have some other news kicking it off. There were some updates about, yeah, shopping, live shopping, all that. So we are, we are so excited. Have Lisa on to talk about

[00:00:58] Jeff Sieh: this. Yeah. So if you [00:01:00] don’t know who Lisa DiNotto Glassner is, you really should.

[00:01:02] I, I love hanging out with her in real life. And also, this is, I think her second time she’s been on the show, she’s gonna drop a ton of great information for you guys. But she graduated from Columbia University in 1999 and Harvard Law in 2004, before moving on to a big law career in mergers and acquisitions on Wall Street, where she lived an incredibly successful life.

[00:01:24] On paper that felt pretty empty in reality. So 12 years ago, a marriage, two babies, several moves, and approximately 36,000 hours of work. Later she said Enough was enough and escaped with only. The vague hope of reconnecting with whatever it was that she was really passionate about. But since then, she’s ro relocated to Walt Disney World and spent the year since running countless miles, teaching herself photography and videography, mothering her two boys, creating core memory candles, and documenting it all on her site, the castle run.com and her Instagram, the castle [00:02:00] runner where she hopes that you too might be inspired to create your own little pocket of joy in the world.

[00:02:05] Lisa, thank you so much for being back on the show. I’m so glad that you’re here.

[00:02:09] Lisa DeNotto Glassner: Thank you so much for having me. I’m gonna have you perform my bio before I do off .

[00:02:14] Jeff Sieh: Oh, well thank you so

[00:02:15] Grace Duffy: much. We hear that quite often. Jeff does a great

[00:02:18] Jeff Sieh: job. I don’t know, I think I sound like Kermit, but we’ll just go with what you said.

[00:02:21] So, before we get started, I wanna do a big shout out to some of our folks who are watching. We did a big shout out to Michael earlier. But Tracy Atkinson is here watching, she says pancakes, so where? Oh, maple syrup. So that would be, Vermont, Vermont. I I bet that, I bet you’re right. So, and then Gary Stockton, our friend is watching over on YouTube.

[00:02:40] He says, good morning, you beautiful people from Huntington Beach. I’m assuming he is talking about Lisa and Grace. And then we have Judith saying, Hey, Judith here from London, Ontario, where it, when someone is going to let social media owners that really get miffed at them changing it all the time.

[00:02:57] Yeah. We’re gonna talk about the changes on Instagram [00:03:00] and Oh, Tracy says hire So Canada. Yeah. . That’s good. Yeah. So Grace, get it. I’m caught Ontario with the Maple. Yeah. And Lori says, good morning. Good morning to you, Lori, as well. So, I wanna do a big shout out before we get started to the sponsors of the show, they’re the amazing folks over at Ecamm.

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[00:03:41] And so I love Ecamm. I really appreciate them for sponsoring the show. Once again, you can find out more about them at socialmedianewslive.com/ecamm slash Ecamm. Alright, so I pulled an audible this morning. So we’re gonna jump down to what we actually had the third section. But I wanna talk about this because Lisa actually.[00:04:00]

[00:04:00] We mentioned core memory candles in her bio and they’re wonderful by the way. I’ve gotta, yeah, I think I have four or five of them. And I was gonna bring one in, I forgot about it cuz my wife steals ’em all the time and I can’t ever find out where she puts ’em. But they’re amazing. She’s got her own shop and she uses Instagram to kind of help funnel people into core memory candles.

[00:04:16] So I wanted to talk about this because we’re all trying to make money in this world. We oughta all gotta survive. And I am really fascinated how Lisa has done this. So, Grace, you wanna take the first question as I scroll to it because , I, I pulled this audible.

[00:04:32] Lisa DeNotto Glassner: because you did pull this audible, but I

[00:04:34] Grace Duffy: did, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll start with the part that I’d prepared and, okay.

[00:04:37] So earlier this year we’d learned that Instagram was removing the shops tab and removing reels from the center spot and, and a design overhaul. And this was last month. So, and we’re gonna talk more about reels, but the section was more about shopping. And so this update has plenty of retailers, influencers, pretty flustered.

[00:04:56] 2020 and then onward. Instagram has been [00:05:00] really focused on shopping and live shopping on their platform. And so shopping is a big part of it. The ability to see something on Instagram and to be able to buy it on the spot with very little friction was a big thing that they were, that Instagram was pushing and now they are scaling back.

[00:05:16] And so, you know, ultimately this is basically an in-app redesign. It should, it’s supposed to offer a simpler experience, streamlining more of that Instagram experience, which we will get into the reasons why about that later. And so you still be able to set up and run your shop on Instagram. And so they’re saying continue to invest in it, but I don’t know.

[00:05:37] So Lisa, you are someone that has a product, beautiful products, and you’re selling them using Instagram. So we wanna know what you think about this update and how you think it will be affecting people who have built shops, livelihoods, retail outlets, everything on

[00:05:55] Jeff Sieh: Oh. , you froze a little bit. What was the last part?

[00:05:59] Yeah, Lisa, what was the [00:06:00] last question? You, what was, just kind of re rephrase your question one

[00:06:02] Grace Duffy: more time. Oh, I’m so sorry. I was saying that I wanted to get Lisa’s impression on this update as someone who has a shop and sells things on Instagram. Gotcha. Yeah.

[00:06:16] Lisa DeNotto Glassner: Sorry, . No, you’re great. Thank you for that.

[00:06:19] , I would be I would be lying if I said that I was phased at all. , by this change. I, I don’t sell live on Instagram. I don’t have a shop on Instagram. In fact, I think it’s super important that your shop not be on someone else’s platform or some social media you know, platform that can change their algorithm and, and change, you know, what, what traffic is being driven to you at any given time.

[00:06:45] You know, I, I have two Instagram accounts. I have the Castle Runner, which is my personal account, which are where I should trace my life and share my backstory and my Disney love and running and all that good stuff. And then I have core memory candles, which is. [00:07:00] The name of my company if you’re not familiar with it, core memory is focused on bringing the sense of your vacation home.

[00:07:06] And so if you love certain senses at Walt Disney World, we’ve replicated them in these products that you can then bring into your home. And that’s, that is what my shop is. That being said, I almost only own core memory candles as a handle because I had to own it so nobody else could. The vast, vast majority, to say the least of my marketing, of my engagement of my strategy on Instagram exists on the Castle Runner.

[00:07:31] And the reason for that is that nobody is going to Instagram to shop. If you think people are going Instagram to shop, you are vastly misled. So do what you should be doing from the get go. Create your platform, create your shop on your own ground, right? Which is what we always learn all the time, right?

[00:07:46] Do your, do your thing on your own. Mm-hmm. on your. Turf. Right. And then use Instagram to bring people in to show people how the sausage is made to engage people in your process. To create a little bit of fomo when you’ve [00:08:00] got a big pile of boxes going out and you can show that You can show that out front.

[00:08:05] So bringing people into your process, bringing people into engagement with what your day-to-day life is, showing them what the heart is behind your product is really what Instagram is there for. For me, if you wanna use wonderful tools like links and stories, which we used to have to earn at 10,000, now everybody has access to links and stories and things like that.

[00:08:25] There are wonderful, wonderful tools that you can use on Instagram to direct people to your own turf to make sales. I would suggest simplifying that as much as possible if somebody shares a review of a particular product or service that you offer When you share that out, because you should always share that out, right?

[00:08:41] Make sure that you link to that product. Don’t link to your website as a whole, even though that’s quicker. Link to the specific product so that if I have a wonderful rave review of Castro, which is my Pirates of the Caribbean inspired candle, and I link that in my stories, or I share that on my stories, the link that I’m going to share is going to be.[00:09:00]

[00:09:00] For the custody of the Moro scent product. It’s not going to be just for warm memory as a whole because you wanna simplify things for people as much as possible. But all of that being said, I don’t think that Instagram should be used widely as a direct selling platform. I think that’s misguided in the long term.

[00:09:14] I think you want people on your own turf and you can use Instagram just like you always have in order to bring people in behind the scenes and lead people to your.

[00:09:23] Jeff Sieh: Gotcha. I love that. So one of the questions, well first of all, I want you to tell people, like when you talk about Corps member candles, some of the scents that you have, because you know, some, some of the scents, like you don’t want to have the scent of the monorail after a hot Florida thing in you’re crammed in there, leaving the park.

[00:09:40] That is not a scent that you should replicate. Maybe some people would like that, but not me. So tell some of the scents that you’re, I mean, you mentioned the, the kind of the Pirates of the Caribbean themed one. I think I have the Haunted Mansion one, and maybe there’s a snicker doodle kind of one, like a CHROs I think it is that you have.

[00:09:55] So just really quick, just run down a little bit of some of your favorite scents. Cause I think they’re really, really cool. [00:10:00]

[00:10:00] Lisa DeNotto Glassner: So I have 35 different scents. Thank you for asking. I have 35 different scs. They’re all inspired by different things at Disney World, be it attractions or resorts or favorite snacks.

[00:10:10] So some of the most popular ones that I have are of course, Castillo De Morro, which I mentioned, which is Pirates of the Caribbean. Everybody always says Pirate Waters their number one Disney love, right? So creating a version of that that you would wanna smell in your own home is a little bit of a trick

[00:10:23] That’s obviously worth mentioning. Also up there, there’s an my, one of my biggest sellers is a candles called Ocean Flight, which is that beautiful smell is, or flying over Fiji on Sorin. They also use it on flight of passage at the Ocean Sense. And some of the resorts like the Contemporary and Beach and Yacht Club.

[00:10:42] There’s a Riviera scent, which is the gorgeous smell of the Riviera lobby. If you’re a fan of foods. We’ve got everything from warm pretzel dough to Joel Whip, which is my pineapple swirl scent. Oh, yeah. So like you mentioned haunted Mansion. It, it goes on and on, but like, if you’ve gotta love at Disney, we can bring it home for you.

[00:10:59] Jeff Sieh: Yeah, it [00:11:00] is very, very cool. I, I love everything about that. And so, Chandler says love that scent. I hope he’s not talking about my monorail scent because, you know, yeah, Chris says hot monorail scent coming soon. So, we’ll send that one special to you, Chris watching over on LinkedIn.

[00:11:15] Appreciate you, buddy. One of the things I wanna talk about before we kind of move on and one of the things that, you know, we mentioned a little bit is like live shopping, which they were doing on Instagram Lives is gone. They have taken that away probably because of the reasons that you mentioned, Lisa, that you know, people really don’t go to Instagram to shop no matter how much meta wants them to.

[00:11:35] So, talk about your funnel, like how. , you know, peop How do people find out about core memory candles? I mean, is it just very organic? You’re like, Hey, I got a new scent, or, Hey, it’s Valentine’s Day. I mean, like what, how did, what’s the funnel to get them in? I know it’s, that’s marketing speak and everyone goes, Ooh, marketing funnel.

[00:11:53] But like for you, it’s very organic. You’re like, I have this, and you know, and you’re a very good photographer, so you, it’s really staged [00:12:00] really nicely. So people who are struggling with, like using Instagram to actually help sell, what are some of the tips that you give them?

[00:12:09] Lisa DeNotto Glassner: So I, I think that what we mentioned before, just being very specific in how you’re directing people is very important because you wanna value someone’s time as much as you value your own.

[00:12:19] And if you’re expecting them to buy off of your stories, then don’t create a, a, a maze for them to right, to work their way through in order to find your product. All that being said, like when you talk about funnels and, you know, other techniques, it, it almost seems a little ugly and too little literal for me because I really truly do use Instagram the way that I was just saying like the core Memory Candles platform exists.

[00:12:42] But for me it’s more sharing the love for this thing that we all have of, of Disney and building the community behind that and figuring out what they need and then figuring a way to serve that to them. And so, inspiring shopping to me is more just along the lines of sharing my [00:13:00] love for this thing that I sell a version of.

[00:13:02] Jeff Sieh: And do you have a, do you have like a. I guess, you know, and every wants a formula. Like I only do one shopping post a week. Or do you just like, Hey, I’m getting all these order outs, I’m taking a kind of behind the scenes shot of everything that’s going on in my life. Here’s all the orders we’re putting out for Christmas, or whatever.

[00:13:22] Or like, is it, do you even have a plan or is it just like, I’m here, you know, I’m doing research on this scent be for this new candle that I’m coming out. How, how, how do you like plan for it? I guess? I think I, you know what I’m saying?

[00:13:35] Lisa DeNotto Glassner: So I think like, as you’re communicating on Instagram, and it’s not like I have a specific plan or a specific fraction or a specific way that I set my, my timeline out, you know, for the month ahead.

[00:13:46] So much as I’m just keeping in mind at all times that you’re serving your community and you’re creating value for them. And so you should never be walk like the, the first thing that you show in a post, that your goal is to sell, should never be your [00:14:00] product. because you wanna hook people first into like the, the lifestyle draw into you, into, you know, the, the, the, the problem that you’re going to solve for them, right?

[00:14:11] Right. So if I’m scrolling Instagram and the first thing that I see in like an ad post or a reel or anything else is like a candle in your face. I’m scrolling on, right? I’m scrolling on a real, real quick, right? And everybody else is too, right? So you wanna hook people in first, show them something interesting, something entertaining, something, you know, show me the Haunted Mansion before you sell me a haunted Mansion candle, because that’s what I want.

[00:14:35] I miss the haunted mansion. That’s what I wanna see. So show me the haunted mansion. Then show me your picture of your happy haunt candle that you can solve my problem with. You know, and dms, we’re gonna say this so many times, so many times during the course of this conversation because it has become so important on Instagram.

[00:14:52] Dms, dms, dms, dms, dms. Emphasize your availability, communicate with people. You are gonna have so much more turnover from a [00:15:00] one-on-one interaction with a human being than you are from selling yourself in a reel. So that call to action, whether it’s to click through to your link or to reach out to you directly if you have more questions.

[00:15:11] I am so meticulous about making sure that at all times I have a fully developed list of what all of my cents are and what they’re targeted to and what a great gift is for someone. And I can serve that up to you at any given time, or I’m happy to have a one-on-one conversation with you. But I think like dms are such an overlooked part of Instagram because they happen behind the scenes, but they are really the building blocks for the relationships that teaches Instagram who you’re close to and who.

[00:15:44] Jeff Sieh: Gotcha. So one of the things, one of the reasons I love when I, when I, you know, when you’re teaching, when I’m seeing you at a conference or just watching you or we’re having this conversation, is you’re very organic and you’re also very mm-hmm. , the, the way you, it’s, [00:16:00] it’s not a hard sell sell, which I love, and it’s all about the relationship, and you’re talking about dms bringing, you know, bringing people in that way.

[00:16:07] And, you know, we try to do that on the show. We try to bring in, like, Michael said to Ocean Flight is great because he’s, he loves that candle and he loves your product. So I, I mean, I, I love that interactivity and I, the way you do that with the dms I think is kind of similar. One of the questions I, when you’re talking about this, How far ahead on your Instagram are you planning?

[00:16:27] Like do you have the month laid out for all your posts and like when you’re, you know, all the stuff you’re gonna do on there? Like, you seem like a planner to me. I mean, especially from your background, , I just wanna know, like, do you have a content calendar for the year or like, how far ahead

[00:16:41] Lisa DeNotto Glassner: are you thinking?

[00:16:43] So I have a skeletal content calendar for the year that I sort of try to plan out more specifically with an upcoming month. So I go into the year knowing like, these are my yearly sales, this is what I wanna be promoting, this is when this specific race is happening. So maybe [00:17:00] this specific scent, maybe my showered scent, which is very fresh and wakes you up, is gonna be more popular during dopey weekend.

[00:17:06] And maybe, you know, obviously, you know, very Marion Winter Lodge are gonna be my biggest sellers during the Christmas season. And so I kind of know like what my seasonal schedule is and what my sales are going to be. Mm-hmm. , and sort of from a shop perspec, I, I look at it from a shop perspective. So I think about sort of like what my flow is for the year, what my cycle is for the year, like what the, you know, when Valentine’s Day is, when Christmas is, when the 4th of July is when the anniversary of reopen opening the shop is.

[00:17:33] And I, and I. When I kind of play out based around that. Mm-hmm. , and for me it’s almost more the opposite. So if I know I’m going into, for example, the holiday season where I’m gonna be obnoxiously posting all of the time because I’ve gotta communicate my sales and everything else. I know during that time that I need to be serving up that much more non-selling content because you need to be offering so, so much [00:18:00] more value in exchange for what you’re asking for in return.

[00:18:03] And so I can look at my social schedule and see that I’m gonna be needing to sell so much more during these three months. And so what that signals to me is that I need to be creating more unrelated content to selling during those months. Mm-hmm. so that I can continue to deliver value to people as I’m amping up needing to talk more about what I do for a.

[00:18:26] Jeff Sieh: Gotcha. Can you have, can you explain real quick what dopey for people who don’t know what Dopey Week weekend is, that sounds like they’re just letting people like me into the park. But what is actually Dopey weekend?

[00:18:37] Lisa DeNotto Glassner: I’m sorry, I make these references. So Dopey Weekend, somewhat off the subject of Instagram, although I cover it heavily, is the craziest race weekend at Disney.

[00:18:47] Okay. So there’s four different race weekends at Disney and usually there are 5k, a 10 k and a half marathon over the course of three days. Don’t be weekend called Dopey because you’ve gotta be nuts to do it, which we all are. Is the same exact [00:19:00] schedule except at the very end they had a full marathon.

[00:19:03] So you’re doing 5K Thursday, 10 k, Friday half marathon, Saturday, full marathon Sunday. Oh

[00:19:09] Jeff Sieh: my gosh. That, that does

[00:19:11] Lisa DeNotto Glassner: not sound fun

[00:19:11] Grace Duffy: to me. That is very,

[00:19:13] Lisa DeNotto Glassner: that’s coming like I’m thinking. All right, so what kind of smells are gonna be appealing to people? Probably not sugar churro, right? ? Well, maybe that, maybe that is perfect for somebody during do weekend.

[00:19:24] Probably as I watch

[00:19:25] Jeff Sieh: people go by is what it would be like as I’m meaning my churro watching people go by. That would be for me, . Perfect. So Chris Chris has a question, I think Grace you wanted to ask, right?

[00:19:34] Grace Duffy: Yes, absolutely. So, Lisa said something really brilliant about show sharing your availability and then being very responsive on dms and that, I think that got us all going.

[00:19:46] And so Christo and our friend here has a question. He says, what is your Instagram biolink strategy, specifically getting people off the rented land? Is it just a basic site or specific options like a link tree? So share [00:20:00] with us how you share like your availability and also get these links out there so that you are directing people from Instagram to your place without making it that like maze you’re talking about.

[00:20:14] Lisa DeNotto Glassner: Yeah, so that was more geared towards stories when you’re sending out specific links. Mm. So I, I personally have a Link Tree, whatever works for you. I haven’t, I haven’t really looked into my options in a while. I still have Link Tree. But you know, that’s where you can kind of set up, if you look at my bio, my link tree, they’ll be like the general blog post a specific site to one about me, like kind of the, the list of where you want people to go.

[00:20:37] If you only want people to go to one place, all the better. Use that as your link in your bio. But what I would emphasize more as far as a bio is concerned, and I I think we should probably take a step back here, you know, and understand that the Instagram algorithm works first at an account level and then it works at a post level.

[00:20:56] And so when I’m talking about your bio, I want to be [00:21:00] talking less about your link and more about your SEO strategy, like you should. And, and this is something that we should talk about more as we go, but as Instagram’s AI algorithm gets stronger, , we should be using it. . Mm-hmm. . It’s getting really good at learning who we are and who we should be serving up our content to.

[00:21:19] And so the degree to which you can niche down and then just pack everything that you do with niche related verbiage, whether it’s your bio, your, your name, the description of what you are after, your name, your captions, the popup text, and your reels. That should all be like really, really, really heavy with niche related verbiage.

[00:21:41] Mm-hmm. You know, and that is what will draw the people in. You know, you can reference the link in your bio as much as you want. Right. And if you can get people to take the several steps to, to go there, that’s lovely. But I think it’s a lot more important to think about the links that you’re serving up to today and your stories, which are gonna be more [00:22:00] specific in taking people exactly where you wanna go.

[00:22:02] Hmm.

[00:22:03] Jeff Sieh: That is great advice and yeah, let’s let’s keep that conversation going cause I think that’s really interesting. We have some more questions. Amber says. , do you ever clean up your profile or your, you know, or archive content? If so, how do you choose what to archive? No. , you just, it’s always there.

[00:22:20] Lisa DeNotto Glassner: You just leave. It don’t, I mean, I, I think that as, as you develop as a creator, I think it probably makes sense to look back at your older content just with an eye toward like what people that are finding you today are gonna be binging. Mm-hmm. . I don’t think anybody’s scrolling six years back in your bio to see the picture that you took of your cat before

[00:22:43] You had a major Instagram following, but maybe that is a little weird to still have there. So kind of, I mean, I think it’s worth kind of occasionally scrolling back in your archives and thinking like, okay, is this content that I served up when I had a following of 15 people that was mostly my family.

[00:22:58] The same thing that I want [00:23:00] people to be seeing now that I have 50,000 followers, most of whom I don’t know. So I would, I would like from a personal safety and oversharing perspective, , right. Perhaps rethink you know, what you wanna archive and what you wanna put away. But otherwise, you know, it’s, it’s your journey.

[00:23:17] It’s your path. I think people, you know, have a right to see it and you know, look at how much of a, okay, so we’re both very good friends with our friend Lou. Right? How much of a riot would there be if he took down that first awful six minute podcast? , right. Right. Cause it’s like, it’s his origin story and we all wanna see that.

[00:23:35] And I think like we should all give ourselves the same Grace and realize that as people are finding us, they do wanna look back and kind of see who we are and what we came from. And unless you, from a personal perspective, feel like you don’t wanna be oversharing to this new, large community right.

[00:23:50] That’s consuming you. I don’t think that there’s a need to, to pair.

[00:23:55] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. Thanks for the the question, Amber. That’s, that’s awesome. And we have one from Gary. You wanna take that one?

[00:23:59] Grace Duffy: Grace? Yep. [00:24:00] It’s, it, it’s great. We’re, I was just getting into a conversation with my friend Kelly, our friend Kelly Mariella about content and dry, how, like good content, no matter what your strategy is, just, it always starts with good content.

[00:24:10] But he has a question about does content dry follower account or engagement with the

[00:24:16] Lisa DeNotto Glassner: community? That’s a really great question. And I could write a book, , I hope we do one day. So you need to, we’re we’re jumping around. We’re jumping around a lot, obviously, which is phenomenal. But I, I think that the type of content that you’re choosing to serve up should, first, first of all, let’s take a step back before we answer that question, right.

[00:24:35] You need to know what your. . Right? Right. Are you on Instagram to maximize your follower count For some reason, that’s not just the numbers, because you should not be on Instagram just for dopamine hits of your follower count. But are you in there just for growth? Are you in there for engagement? Are you in there to sell a product?

[00:24:52] Are you in there to make money directly on the platform? You know, figure out what your real goal is and if your goal [00:25:00] is growth, then you can put your energy into that. Mm-hmm. . And it, it really, it’s this sort of content that you’re choosing to serve up. If you’re serving up reels, which is what we’ll talk about a lot, I’m sure.

[00:25:11] But if you’re serving up reels, then you’re going to, your content is going to lead more to growth than if you’re serving up certain types of photography, for example. Mm-hmm. , you know, it, the, the reels are extremely powerful because they are made to potentially cause small creators to go viral. Right.

[00:25:36] because they’re trying to mimic that dopamine hit an excitement of TikTok where the small, the, the fun of TikTok TikTok is a creator to a certain extent, right? Is that you just never know, right? Yeah. The smallest creator in the world, if you’re pumping out a certain number of TikTok every day, you’re eventually gonna go viral.

[00:25:54] Like something is gonna go viral. Mm-hmm. , whether or not that has value is something that we can discuss very, very separately, [00:26:00] but understand that they are trying to mimic that excitement in reels and they’re trying to push out small niche creators. And so if you’re focusing your energy on things like reels, you are going to have growth more so than if you’re focusing your energy elsewhere.

[00:26:18] Jeff Sieh: So, like I know Gary cuz his goal and he’s talking for his business is reaching more business owners, help them with crud ed education cuz that’s what his, his business does. So would you say like, for that, because you can. Go on Instagram and say, Hey, let’s check your credit, credit score. I mean, that’s like an ad.

[00:26:33] You wouldn’t wanna do that. I would think for Gary, it’d be more like getting them to education, like help them like, okay, here’s some small business tips, maybe, I don’t know. Something like that. So you’re, you’re driving engagement and trying to build that community instead of just hard selling. Am I, am I thinking of what you’re thinking, Lisa?

[00:26:49] Yeah,

[00:26:49] Lisa DeNotto Glassner: no, absolutely. I think you know, if, if, if you’re, if you’re a business owner, like in that situation, I think I, I’ll go back to [00:27:00] your bio first. Mm-hmm. , your bi, starting with your bio and then down the flow to every piece of content that you create, you should be niched down as and nicheing down I think is increasingly important on Instagram because Instagram, as the number of people on the platform is growing and the AI is developing on the platform, it’s becoming more and more important for Instagram to very easily understand who you are, what you’re doing, and who your audience should be.

[00:27:25] right? So starting with your bio and then going on from there, you should be packing your verbiage mm-hmm. with who you are, what you’re doing. Talk to your audience, tell them what problem that of that they have that you can solve. Mm-hmm. . And then use your, your content to build up that trust and that authority in order to have you be the person that they come to when they do have a question.

[00:27:51] Hmm. So, you know, deliver value. Like you, you should not be selling your product in your reels. You should be coming up with a number of [00:28:00] topics that you can educate people on. And then at the very end of that piece of content, or in the middle or wherever you think it naturally fits in, tell them to follow you for more.

[00:28:10] Tell them that you deliver this sort of content twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12 o’clock. And then if somebody loves that kind of content, they’re gonna follow you and stick around. . So deliver value, and then in the context of that reel, or whatever it is that you’re doing, tell them that you deliver this value regularly.

[00:28:28] Then encourage the dm, and then you have an one-on-one conversation with somebody who already knows that you’re an authority on the subject. And when they have an they’re going to come to you.

[00:28:37] Jeff Sieh: Hmm. Awesome. So I wanna so Gary says great advice, particularly the bio description. So thanks Gary for asking that question.

[00:28:47] And then speaking of fans your fans seem to be here. So Chandler says, where do I buy your book, Lisa? I’ll be first in line . So, you gotta, now you gotta book to write on top of every everything else. By the [00:29:00] way one of the things before we move on, I wanted to talk about, cause we talked about DMS at the start of this section and something that just rolled out and like I told Lisa, like in the green room, like, Hey, this is something, what do you know about it?

[00:29:10] She’s like, oh, I don’t know, because it’s so new, right? So it’s actually. The what has just came out is like, and I actually went, I went into Instagram. I up dated my app and I got a popup wanting to know if I wanted to be on the wait list. So if you’re wanting to get this feature, make sure you go and update Instagram if you haven’t done that and check it out.

[00:29:29] It actually showed up in my messages where it popped up. So what it is, is they’re rolling out a new broadcast chat feature for Instagram called Channels. Zuckerberg says that the new offering is designed to enable creators to share all sorts of public messages to directly engage with their fan following.

[00:29:45] So I don’t know how that works with the algorithm, but if it’s like, Hey, I got a new live show coming out, you know, come in and join here, that would be very, very cool. So, it actually was built for Zuck to actually talk to, you know, get through things, get through and talk to the people he wanted [00:30:00] to. So it’s a test right now with his top creators that are based in the us but it’s gonna expand the launch in the next few months.

[00:30:07] So this just like came out this morning, so make sure you guys check that out on your Instagram, but I think it’s another. Maybe it’s more of a wide kind of DM thing where you can engage people. I don’t know, but it seems kind of cool. So, check that out if you

[00:30:21] Lisa DeNotto Glassner: haven’t. Yeah, I don’t have it yet. I’ve, I’ve, I’ve heard that it’s rolling out, and I think it’s exciting because anytime that Instagram, first of all, be an early adapter to adopter, to like anything that they put out because Instagram’s excited about their new tools and when you jump on them first, they will push you out.

[00:30:37] Mm-hmm. . So whether it’s the little notes now in the circles above the messages or whatever, whatever it is that they’re rolling out, they’re excited about it. And if you’re using it, that’s great. So be an early adopter. But also like, there’s no relationship status on Instagram, right? There’s no friend list.

[00:30:55] Mm-hmm. like they have on Facebook, there’s, you know, there’s mutual follows and that kind of thing, [00:31:00] but Instagram needs signals to know that you’re close enough to somebody for them to be serving. your content to them. Mm-hmm. . That’s why dms are so insanely powerful. If you’re DMing, go into your own mess, mess your own stories, like your own, go into your Instagram, like look at your stories list or like look at those notes bubbles, those new notes bubbles.

[00:31:21] Who are you seeing first? Hmm. You’re seeing the people you interact with. Yeah. If you follow somebody who doesn’t follow you back, that’s to some extent a signal to Instagram that you’re very interested in them. Look at the ways, look at who’s showing up in your feed at the top of your feed, and then see to the extent to which you can reverse engineer that.

[00:31:42] Right? So in order for it to be putting you at the top of other people’s feeds and dm, I mean, dms all day long are the, they are the most intimate version right of communication to say the least on Instagram. And that’s why they’re such silently powerful things because you can’t see them. [00:32:00] But they are the most intimate and powerful version of.

[00:32:03] communication of, of an exchange that you can have on Instagram. And so that’s the best sign that Instagram has, that you’re close to somebody. If you’re DMing somebody regularly, they’re gonna be serving up your content. Mm-hmm. . And so this new tool, this new channels tool, which seems to be a way to sort of foster a conversation amongst a larger group of people, just seems to me sort of like a.

[00:32:23] it’s not the intimacy of a dm, right? Right. But it gives you like the people power of a dm. And so you’re kind of, you’re, it’s giving you the, the ability to like have this powerful version of communication with a larger group of people and maybe even foster communication between them. We’ll have to see how it works, right?

[00:32:38] Yeah.

[00:32:38] Jeff Sieh: I, I, I kind of wonder if it’s gonna be like an announcement channel, like, you know, I don’t know, like maybe you can cut through a little bit of the algorithm. I don’t know, but I’m cool, you know, so Jim just said he got he goes, he just got his as well. He’s, he just requested early access. So once again, make sure you check your Instagram, update the app, and like mine had a, a popup on there.

[00:32:58] And then Pat Mills, my friend Pat Mills says, [00:33:00] finally made it on here so late. You’re never late. You’re never late to the party. Pat, you bring the party with you. So thank you so much for coming today. By the way, speaking of parties, don’t forget my friends over at Ecamm. You can find out more about them at Social Media News Live dot.

[00:33:15] Slash Ecamm this, they make the party happen here every Friday. We really appreciate them for sponsoring the show and it’s a great product. Awesome. You have isolated video tracks, isolated audio tracks version four just rolled out, so make sure to check them out at socialmedianewslive.com/ecamm slash Ecamm.

[00:33:30] All right, Grace, now we’re going to back on track after I did all this stuff. Now we’re talking about recommended content. So I

[00:33:39] Grace Duffy: would just like the audience to know that the last 15 minutes has just been Jeff just going off, like I didn’t even know this was

[00:33:45] Jeff Sieh: happening. That’s the way the cookie crumbles here at Social media.

[00:33:49] I like. Once again, it’s free consulting for me. And then all your questions are have been awesome. So, yeah, let’s rule this out before we go into this AI recommended content, cuz it [00:34:00] kind of sorta kind of goes into it. Chandler asks, is there value in posting to multiple platforms? Like how do you manage GM and Facebook Messenger emails, et cetera?

[00:34:11] Because yeah, there’s stuff happening all over. Like I talked with Lisa a lot of time on Messenger. I’ve also done it, talked to her on, on, you know, on Instagram dm. So what’s the best, how do you manage all this stuff, Lisa? Because I know you’re on Instagram a lot, you’re in other places as well. Like, is there a tool that you use?

[00:34:26] How do you manage it all?

[00:34:29] Lisa DeNotto Glassner: I mean, I think like find the platform where your community is and lean into that and then to the extent that you can be elsewhere. Like if I’m not active on TikTok, but if I have a great reel, I try to share it there and it might not get the attention it. For me on TikTok that I would love to give it, but at least I’m pushing the content out and I’m have a historical presence there for if I ever blow up on TikTok , right.

[00:34:57] In case. But no, I mean, I, I, [00:35:00] I think just, you know, kind of lean into where your audience is, is, is the main, the main goal. And then to the extent that like, you can’t be everywhere because you can’t be honest with your community like you see people say all the time, and I’m always impressed by it, and I try to do it myself, you know, when I need to is just say to people like, I’m not great at keeping up with blank.

[00:35:21] Please reach out to me via email, or please reach out to me in my Instagram dms or commenting on this post is a really great way to reach me because I’m gonna be following up on this throughout the course of the day. So like, tell people like, You’re human, right? Like you can’t be everywhere at once. And if there is one place where you really try to focus your communications and make sure that you’re very meticulous about getting back to people, tell people, be like, I might not be able to get back to this, but I will absolutely message you back if you DM me and it might take me until tomorrow cuz I’m busy.

[00:35:53] Just be honest about your schedule and where you want people to reach out to you. Yeah, [00:36:00] work. Do the best you can with the 24 hours that you have.

[00:36:02] Jeff Sieh: Like, like our friend Gary Stockton knows that I’m horrible with dms. He dms me over on, he’s over on Instagram all the time and he’ll DM Emmy and I’m like, oh my gosh, that was so long ago.

[00:36:10] I’m sorry Gary. You know, cuz I, I don’t check that as much as I need to. But Pat, she says she prefers DM on Instagram for business. It seems to be people who really care about what you’re posting Facebook, never know who might message you and what will be about that is true Pat. You gotta watch those messages.

[00:36:25] But yeah, so I like what Lisa was saying, the platform you prefer drive the people there and talk about it there. So. Alright, Grace, sorry once again. I’ll let you go because I

[00:36:35] Grace Duffy: went off. No worries. This is, this is all very helpful information. I’m riveted and Lisa’s been handling all of your audibles quite beautifully.

[00:36:42] By the way. I have to compliment on like, cause like I, I send, I send our guest questions and like she was so diligent about preparing for it and I just said, yeah, we just kind of go off the rails and here we are. Off

[00:36:53] Jeff Sieh: the rails. Yes, off the rails. That’s would be the name of our show Off the rails. All right, so

[00:36:56] Grace Duffy: Grace off the rails.

[00:36:57] Go ahead Instagram. Okay, so in [00:37:00] its four Q earnings call meta ceo mark Zuckerberg described that the company’s plans and priorities in the near future, meaning 2023, and he said that it was called the Year of Efficiency, which unfortunately also meant downsizing their organization. But quite a bit.

[00:37:16] But it also applies to the content that is looking to promote on the platforms. And not surprisingly meta Chief executive called out Instagram reels and the company’s algorithmic recommendation engine as two major areas of focus in this coming months, which is not surprising since those are two things that type of content.

[00:37:37] And then also the a. algorithmic recommendations are the big things that have really fueled the fire over at TikTok. So not surprising that they are saying that they’re going to be focusing on short form video reels, and they’re seeing Tim, that it, it is growing quickly. And again, like Lisa suggested that anytime that Instagram says we’re gonna do this, like hop on [00:38:00] it, that’s what their priority is.

[00:38:01] That’s what they’re going to do. And you mentioned earlier in the show about like, if you really wanna go viral, you really want that content to just fly and create, like fi get, get in front of eyeballs to create these reels. So talk to us about creating reels that create thus kind of excitement and engagement and reach.

[00:38:17] Like what is the formula?

[00:38:22] Lisa DeNotto Glassner: Whew. . ,

[00:38:24] Jeff Sieh: that was a lot. So that, yeah. So just take it away, Lisa, cuz that, I mean, that’s a big question. Yeah, that

[00:38:30] Lisa DeNotto Glassner: is a big question. Grace, you were supposed to keep us on the rails? No.

[00:38:36] Grace Duffy: Oh, I love Chris’s thinking. We’re off the monorails. Yeah, we’re off the monorails. .

[00:38:43] Lisa DeNotto Glassner: So, I mean, for, for starters, I mean, I’ll, I’ll just, you know, be a broken record and, and sort of a cliche and just say like, don’t chase the algorithm anymore than you need to, like the algorithm functions for your purposes, like on a [00:39:00] larger scale.

[00:39:00] And you should be sort of looking at what’s trending in your content and focusing on your analytics and seeing what’s successful. But like if you post a single reel and it doesn’t go viral or take off or any kind of content on any platform that shouldn’t be like, oh my God, I need to like pair back and delete it and rethink my entire strategy.

[00:39:20] No, like pick your, your approach and then lean into it as best you can, and then evaluate how that’s working for you over time. So my starting thing is like, don’t chase algorithms and don’t feel the need to like reinvent yourself. , you know, every time something doesn’t get received the way that you hoped that it would be received.

[00:39:42] You know, that being said, I think if you’re trying to create reels that generate that reach and that generate engagement, again, like go into it with that SEO mindset you wanna be telling Instagram who you are and what you’re serving up so that they know very [00:40:00] easily. It’s, it’s all AI driven, right?

[00:40:01] You’re not, there’s not like a person here who’s like evaluating who you are. There’s just like a computer that’s scanning, right? What you’re inputting and the quality of it and the topic of it and deciding who to push it out to. And so, I could go a little, I could go very long. This, oops. . I’m trying to decide how much to get into.

[00:40:21] I know it’s a lot. It’s a lot. No, I mean, I think , you know, as far as the algorithm is concerned you know, it’s an ever-changing thing. It changes every day. It is ai, it is generated by a computer. If you’re chasing it, you are chasing a computer that will never stop changing . So it’s not a great thing to chase.

[00:40:39] You know, Instagram has been straightforward twice that, two times in openly saying what they’re doing with the algorithm. They have told us that they are prioritizing original content mm-hmm. . So you shouldn’t just be resharing other people’s stuff. And you most certainly should not be sharing stuff with a TikTok logo in the corner.

[00:40:58] And they’re prioritizing quality, [00:41:00] which means that you should be thinking about if your content is pixelated, is it blurry? Does it fill the entire screen? Is it well lit? You wanna kind of balance that with authenticity, and I know that’s a separate conversation that you wanna, that we wanna have.

[00:41:14] So don’t con don’t confuse quality with the need to be overly filtered, overly edited, overly produced a little shaky. Cam isn’t the worst thing in the world. You know, so you can, you can think about how you can be authentic and not overly filtered and produced, but still have a quality video that Instagram’s AI isn’t gonna see as being pixelated or poorly lit, right?

[00:41:38] Or poorly put together or overly long. You don’t want things to be overly long. You want somebody to watch the entire thing. So think about how you can pair back your message and then look back at your analytics to see how people are watching it and how it’s being consumed. So if you go 45 seconds, how does that compare to something where you go 15 seconds or longer or shorter?

[00:41:57] Jeff Sieh: Yeah, I think, I [00:42:00] think that’s a great, cuz yeah, that could be a whole other show of like, how does the algorithm work and all that and the AI stuff. But I think what you, what you keep preaching is like, you know, be authentic and also, you know, you know, go to your strengths and keep, you know, putting content out and, and if something doesn’t work one time, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t, won’t work all the time.

[00:42:21] Like if you haven’t tried, that’s the thing is like, I wanted to make sure that you know, people don’t freak out and say, well I don’t really like creating reels, but that’s what I have to do if I wanna succeed on Instagram. Yeah. Like, you don’t have to do that. You could just, if you like to take photos and you’re really good at photos and people are engaging with your photos, that’s okay to do.

[00:42:39] Right.

[00:42:40] Lisa DeNotto Glassner: And remember too that like your community should be coming to you for what you naturally enjoy doing and what you do best. Mm-hmm. . Yeah. And so if you’re a photographer who takes gorgeous photography, , just be a little patient and let your people come to you. It doesn’t have to come to you via a viral reel.

[00:42:57] Right? In fact, like what? Like the quality of the [00:43:00] followers that you’re getting out of a reel that’s gone viral is probably not. the greatest, right? They’re not people that know you well, they’re not people that are necessarily interested in what you’re interested in. It’s just that this one reel that you put out happened to get a lot of traction, and those people are probably gonna fall off over time.

[00:43:15] So while reels are great for growth, and if you’re great at reels, or if you enjoy reels, a thousand percent, lean into them like they’re phenomenal, but, and, and give them a try. There’s different ways to do reels that you might be more or less comfortable with. You don’t need to be on camera mm-hmm. , in a reel.

[00:43:31] You don’t Yeah. There’s a, there’s no rules to like what does or doesn’t. In your specific reels, but if you don’t wanna do reels at all, just maybe be a little more patient on the platform and know that what you are organically growing with content that’s true to you. And is the content that you wanna be producing, the community that you’re growing, even if it’s growing slowly, is a real community.

[00:43:51] Right? And a community of 10 people that love what you’re doing and are interacting with you, and are buying from you and are wanting [00:44:00] to know your day and, and that are, you know, your true fans, your true community is so much better than a hundred thousand people who followed you because you had a viral TikTok that could care less about what you’re doing.

[00:44:10] Jeff Sieh: Right. That’s a great point. And Chris says it all comes back to adding value to the people you are serving. Great conversation. Thank you, Chris. Absolutely. And pat goes, right Lisa, I’m a rebel for social media. I run several accounts for small companies, but I post what our followers want to see, not what IG is telling me.

[00:44:30] Post it and they will watch. That is what I say. That’s right Pat. Though, thank you for that comment. Perfect. But one of the things, so jumping right into that is pat says this too. It seems like IG is pushing photos once again. Still shot. Photos are moving well right now. Aha. Pat, you, you hit on, on the nail on the head because there’s some news, this is reported by the Verge.

[00:44:51] Zuckerberg is saying Instagram reels will be area focused. Adam Moari, the head of Instagram is out here saying the platform put a lopsided emphasis on [00:45:00] videos and reels last year. And traditional photo posts were worse off before because of that. So he also said, we are, were over focused on video in 2022 and pushed ranking too far and basically showed too many videos and not enough photos.

[00:45:13] And he says that since then Instagram has worked behind the scenes to restore and a more even balance and internal metrics show that it’s working. So Pat, I think that’s what you’re seeing. And Lisa, because you’re a photographer, And, you know, you use it for your business and your brand, are you gonna change your strategy anymore because of like, it’s gonna kind of even out more, it’s not as much reels and video, or are you just gonna keep doing what you’re doing and not really change your strategy?

[00:45:43] Lisa DeNotto Glassner: So I think that gimme a second.

[00:45:53] So, you know, I, I think Miss and and Zuck are, are, are talking about two sides of the [00:46:00] same coin, right? Mm-hmm. , I mean, miss is apologizing to his community of largely photographed loving people because that’s what Instagram initially was and kind of pairing back on his, you know, we’re no longer a square photograph sharing platform.

[00:46:13] Right. Right, right, right. You know, well, z being a little more honest, I mean, They’re not, I, I, you know, I think the extent to which they were manipulating the AI to favor reels, they seem to be scaling back on. I know I personally am seeing more engagement and more reach in my picture posts than I was, you know, this time last year, which is wonderful to see.

[00:46:34] Mm-hmm. , all of that being said, you know, I think Zuck is, you know, very honest and saying like, you know, AI is favoring reels because people like reels, , mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. , you people like video. And so, you know, I I, I think that, you know, the honesty of Zucks paired with, you know, Adam Sary saying, you know, we’re not trying to manipulate the platform as much as we were anymore.

[00:46:55] You know, again, just figure out what works for you. If you’re comfortable exploring [00:47:00] reels, absolutely do it. Video is, there’s a reason video works, so watching somebody on video or watching a video is a more intimate experience. It’s more connective experience than maybe looking at a, a photo or listening to a voice.

[00:47:13] And so that’s wonderful if you can do that. And I think it’s where things are sort of going in the world, and I think learning that is a useful tool. You know, but that being said, I think it all goes back to what we’ve been talking about, which is that if you have niched down appropriate, for your community to be able to find you on Instagram, because that’s very, very important.

[00:47:33] And if anything is changing about my strategy, it’s that I am consciously nicheing down more as the AI tool is needing more and more to understand who we are. But all of that being said, like staying true to yourself and producing the kind of content that you want to be producing is ultimately gonna draw the community that you wanna draw.

[00:47:51] And so I think patience is a virtue.

[00:47:54] Jeff Sieh: Gotcha. So one of the things that, and I have learned so much [00:48:00] from, I, I’ve, I tend to at least two of your sessions before when you’re teaching about Instagram at Momentum and and it’s just, it’s been great. What would, what’s some advice for somebody who struggles with taking good photos on Instagram?

[00:48:13] What’s like the, what’s the super hack that you can give them, like to make their photos be just a little bit better?

[00:48:20] Lisa DeNotto Glassner: Oh, we’ve really gone off the rails.

[00:48:22] Jeff Sieh: No, that’s in, that’s in the notes. I just rephrased it a little bit. So. I

[00:48:27] Lisa DeNotto Glassner: mean, you know, I, I think you know, Instagram likes when you use their tools, so if you’re super new and you literally just wanna do your, your stories, for example, like in app, Instagram really enjoys when you’re working in app.

[00:48:40] So if you can take an edit in app they, they adore that. But just what is your community wanna see? And then do the best that you can with it, whether it’s, you know, a picture of, you know, how the sausage is, is made behind your candle shop, or you know that you’re enjoying a moment you know, it in the [00:49:00] parks or, or whatever it is that you’re mm-hmm.

[00:49:02] your theme is, or your niches of your Instagram account. I mean, I. It’s an entirely different topic to talk about. Right. I just

[00:49:13] Jeff Sieh: be because it’s, I mean, you’re so good. And, and we were talking about, like, they were kind of moving a little bit back to kind of an even thing with photos and a lot of people that scared him, just like it scares, you know, some people are scared of video, some people like, I can’t shoot a photo to save my life.

[00:49:27] So that, that’s, those are great hacks. So, I

[00:49:30] Lisa DeNotto Glassner: mean, I think just do it. Just do it. Tell, I mean, and, and that’s it. Just like, say to yourself like, all right, I am, I am invested in Instagram. I think there’s a potential for value here. Create yourself, you know, a, a schedule, whether it’s, you know, that you can create content, you know, five days a week on weekdays for the next month or two days a week, or seven days a week, whatever it is that you can commit to mm-hmm.

[00:49:54] And then just sit down and start doing it each day. And then lean really hard into your analytics. So [00:50:00] if you’re not great at taking pictures, but your community connects with the pictures that you’re taking, it doesn’t matter. . So look at the pictures that you’re sharing. Do a variety of content. Think like, all right, my niche is Disney World and run Disney.

[00:50:12] And so maybe I wanna focus a little bit on running content, and I wanna focus on attractions at Disney World. And I wanna focus on tips for somebody who’s going to schedule for, you know, gonna be registering for a race. And think about like, the sort of different pockets of your niche and how you can sort of schedule content over the course of the next month.

[00:50:28] So, address those different pockets in different ways. And then go back after the end of the month or real time and look at your analytics and, you know, filter for whatever your goal is. If your goal is engagement, filter for engagement. If your goal is growth, look at your reach and how many followers that you’re getting out of different posts that you’re doing.

[00:50:46] And then lean into the types of things that seem to be working for you. And then whether you’re a photographer or not, stops mattering. Mm-hmm. because you know you’re delivering the value that your people.

[00:50:56] Jeff Sieh: So real quick our friend Amy Keys says, my [00:51:00] favorite Lisa tip is clean your phone camera lens in your shirt, , where you take a photo that is more important than you, you realize That is very good.

[00:51:06] Thanks Amy, for bringing that

[00:51:08] Grace Duffy: up. Unless you like having that filtered Yeah. That on your face,

[00:51:11] Lisa DeNotto Glassner: Vaseline.

[00:51:14] Grace Duffy: Yeah. Sometimes, sometimes you might need, sometimes that might need that extra filter. Okay. That’s

[00:51:18] Lisa DeNotto Glassner: not what we’re talking about when we say authenticity versus .

[00:51:21] Grace Duffy: That’s right. So we just got a few more minutes

[00:51:24] Lisa DeNotto Glassner: left.

[00:51:24] Okay. You don’t wanna look like you’re covered in Vaseline.

[00:51:26] Grace Duffy: That’s Oh, I know, right? Or you don’t wanna look. Yeah. We’ll get into all whole other,

[00:51:32] Lisa DeNotto Glassner: you’re allowed like you’re covered.

[00:51:34] Grace Duffy: That’s a whole other show. We could go into a whole other show about like photography on Instagram. Okay. So we have a few minutes left and I wanted to ask this, jump ahead to the Instagram trends.

[00:51:43] So there was an Instagram trends report that was published on December, and you know, TikTok ins Pinterest YouTube does this every year where they will come up with their trends and hop on them. And I wanna know, like you and every platform has, it’s like trends, whether it’s [00:52:00] trending news or trending whatever.

[00:52:01] And I wanna know how much you are thinking about this, integrating this integrating these kind of trends and hopping on them. When you’re thinking about creating your own content for your own social media sites and Instagram especially, but all of them, like how much are you integrating this like trend data or following the trends, or how important is that to be in on

[00:52:22] Lisa DeNotto Glassner: these things?

[00:52:23] So I’ll start by saying that scrolling TikTok for two hours is not research . Right? Right. Much as we all tell ourselves like, oh, I’m finding viral content. No, it’s not . So I mean, consume them. I mean that, that truly is my, I mean, consume them, but with an eye toward what you’re doing. So like, if I am what I am on Instagram and then I’m consuming TikTok or reels and I’m seeing, you know, viral lip syncing to this comedian sketch, like that’s probably not for me.

[00:52:58] I can enjoy that, but it’s [00:53:00] not a trend I should jump on because what’s the ultimate goal? Like even if that post goes viral, what kind of community am I getting out of that? These aren’t people that are following me, that are gonna stick around, that have any interests in what I’m actually doing. So like, as tempting as it is to like jump on these viral TikTok and real trends that you’re seeing, like, think about.

[00:53:20] The audience that you’re going to be drawing based on them and whether or not that’s of actual value to you. You know, that being said, I think you’re, there can be fun ways to work things in. So if I am, you know, spending a little bit of time on reels or TikTok each day, and I notice that there’s like a particular audio that actually does mesh well with something that I’m doing, you know, there’s the, can we skip to the good part?

[00:53:43] Mm-hmm. , real in TikTok, which is perfect for a race. Like, show yourself training for a race and then skip to the good part of the finish line of dopey. Like, that’s awesome. So I think as you’re consuming these like viral trends, maybe in the back of your mind, think about how they might be relevant to the content that you’re creating and [00:54:00] then maybe use that appropriately when the time comes.

[00:54:03] But don’t like drop everything that you’re doing to recreate some reel that’s gone viral, that’s gonna grow you a potential community that has nothing to do with what you’re selling. .

[00:54:12] Jeff Sieh: That’s great advice. So we have one last question I wanna pull from our audience because I think it, it’s a great one.

[00:54:19] And this is, goes back to like engagement and community. Lori says, do you respond to each comment or do you just like it And I know you have a really active Instagram feed. So I think this is a really great question. I mean,

[00:54:32] Lisa DeNotto Glassner: I just try to be a human about it and think about how much time the other person put into.

[00:54:37] They wrote. So, you know, if somebody is, you know, just drops an emoji in my comments, I might just like it if somebody writes three paragraphs about how what I wrote reminded them of when their daughter did the college program and their time together and whatever, like, I am gonna sit down and spend time on that because that person poured their heart out to me.[00:55:00]

[00:55:00] So I, I, I think we’re all just human. And if somebody is just dropping an emoji in your comment, then they’re not doing that. They probably don’t even remember an hour later that they did it. Right. And so if they see your little, like, then they’re like, oh, she liked my heart. That’s great, . But if somebody, you know, writes you three paragraphs about something incredibly important in their lives and how you’ve touched them, then no, it’s not right to like it.

[00:55:20] I don’t need to tell you that. Like you don’t need an Instagram expert to tell you that when somebody forced their heart out to you, dropping a heart isn’t the right thing. We’re all just people. And if somebody gives you time, then you wanna give them time back. And that’s all.

[00:55:35] Jeff Sieh: See, that’s why I like Lisa.

[00:55:37] She’s just full of practical advice. So I know you guys really enjoyed it. Lots of great questions. Thank you guys so much for asking them. But I wanna give Lisa enough time to talk about her candles and her stuff she’s doing and where to find her, all that stuff because she is, I’m telling you, worth to follow.

[00:55:54] And if you ever get a chance to get you know, down to momentum where I will be this year, and I [00:56:00] think Lisa will be there as well. But you need to check that out because her training live, I mean, this is great, but live is even better. So make sure you guys follow her everywhere. So Lisa, the floor is yours.

[00:56:10] Lisa DeNotto Glassner: thank you so much. This was so much fun. Yeah, you can find me first and foremost over at my blog, the castle run.com. My candle shop is al also there, but you can find it@corememorycandles.com as well. And on Instagram as the castle runner and across social channels. On, on that as, as that name on the blog we sort of talk about what Jeff referred to, which is me rewriting my life from this, you know, miserable Harvard lawyer to living a mile from Disney World and sort of charting that path.

[00:56:40] And the candle shop I’m so, so proud of. It’s it with an eye toward bringing your vacation home in a, in a low-key, subtle way. So beautiful candles, and it can be your secret that your house smells like the cont.

[00:56:52] Jeff Sieh: Mm. That’s very cool. . So once again, thank you guys so much for being here. I do like Lori I mean, Tracy’s comments.

[00:56:59] She goes, [00:57:00] no one does being human the way Lisa does. So, Aw, that is very, very cool. Thank you, Tracy for that comment. Grace stuffy, thank you so much for doing this work. Can people find out more about you? You can find

[00:57:11] Grace Duffy: out. Name me here. We have another show coming next week. That’s right. February 24th at 11:00 AM Eastern, 10:00 AM Central.

[00:57:17] And you can find us on the Facebook, the LinkedIn, the.

[00:57:20] Jeff Sieh: That’s right everywhere. And, and with that, we thank all of you. Thank you, Amber, Lori, Gary, Tracy, pat, everybody who left comments, watch this show and even watching in the future. We appreciate you, appreciate our sponsors, Ecamm M you can find out more about them at socialmedianewslive.com/ecamm slash Ecamm.

[00:57:35] We’ll see you guys next week. Bye everybody. Hi

[00:57:38] Grace Duffy: everyone.[00:58:00]

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