On this week’s Social Media News Live, Jeff Sieh and Erik Fisher talk with MayKing Tsang about Twitter Spaces. We’ll also explore possible new revenue models and how to banter like a brand on Twitter.


[00:00:00] Jeff Sieh: [00:00:00]Welcome to social media news live. I’m Jeff Sieh. And you’re not, and this is the show where we keep you up to date on what’s happening in the world of social media.

[00:00:10] Now I want to quickly introduce my amazing, incredible, co-host today. The incredible Mr. Fisher don’t make him angry, whatever you do, you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry, but yeah. Anyway, he is ,  the amazing guy who does that beyond the to-do list podcasts. He’s a producer and host, it’s been going along on long for about eight years, and he talks with experts on how to implement ,  productivity and strategies and people’s professional and personal lives.

[00:00:36] He’s also the director of the social media education for a Gora pulse, where he heads up the social media manager school. Eric, talk a little bit about that. Yeah, 

[00:00:45] Erik Fisher: [00:00:45] so we,  have some great webinars coming up all month long, check demos out at social media manager, school.com. Also don’t make the mistake of missing out on the Instagram,  edition of the social pulse summit that Agorapulse just did.

[00:01:02] You can find that@summitdotagorapulse.com, it just happened live, but all the replays are still there. So 

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[00:01:44] Cause she’s amazing. We are joined today by making and we’re going to talk about. Twitter spaces. We’re also going to be exploring possible new revenue models and how to banter like a brand on Twitter. But if you don’t know who making is, she is the founder of making tea and is a teen note speaker.  She’s a social media correspondent professional live Twitter and FOMO creator for conferences, workshops, and festivals.

[00:02:11] And she may be it bridges the gap between. Social media plus PR for your next conference, your challenge, your product or service launch. She is alive Twitter available for hire and may. I’m so excited. You’re here today. I really am. 

[00:02:25] MayKing: [00:02:25] And that’d be even more exciting when you get rid of the bloody name.

[00:02:28] Right. 

[00:02:29] Jeff Sieh: [00:02:29] Making, making. So, making, she’s always giving me a hard time about this ever since I’ve met her, but making, I will do it before we get in the show. Can you tell us what a live, what is a live tweeter for hire? Tell exactly what you do at events and conferences, because I really want to know and people don’t know.

[00:02:46] MayKing: [00:02:46] Yeah. So I listened to a conference and I recorded I report it live. So, webinars that run, I can do on average 50 tweets an hour I’ve done day conferences where in person, when we were allowed to go out and play and I average about 1200 a tweet. So it it helps to give publicity for my clients.

[00:03:13] It helps to get the conversations going and gets really people yeah. Create that FOMO for clients. Yeah. So not just on WhatsApp. I also do it on Instagram and I go on Facebook live as well. And what my magic for my clients to create that last credit content for them lurkers, with the intention that there’s like things, Oh my God, I’m missing out.

[00:03:37] I’ve got a book. Come on. I’ve got to find a ticket. I’ve got to find a book by the service. 

[00:03:43] Jeff Sieh: [00:03:43] Awesome. Awesome. So I’ve got to bring up my friend,  Ian Anderson, gray, who we hung out with.  And he goes, I think MayKing is,  part machine the way she tweets. So she may be a cyborg. But we’ll just, we’ll let that go for now.

[00:03:59]Uh, but yeah, but w what I want to know may is,  how, are you doing since these large scale in person events aren’t really happening? What are you doing? Because that’s, your big business. So how are you doing a lot of virtual events? What are you doing? To fill that gap.

[00:04:14] MayKing: [00:04:14] I’m doing a little bit of virtual events. I read talks about the fabulous, their social poll summit. I tweeted and I created LinkedIn posts for the LinkedIn edition of the social post summit on the Gora polls. And engaged with with people. I’ve also been doing a lot of interviews with business owners as well.

[00:04:35] And because I’ve got a bit of a following across all the socials and the videos are given to my clients so that they can put it on their website, put on their platforms. But I also put it onto my social media platforms as well. Just to give them a little bit more publicity. So I interviewed business owners doing a virtual conferences, listening to a lot of digital challenges as well.

[00:04:58] So we want to get people into the challenge. So I’ve been helping to crack FOMO for that. The interviews been repurposed into Facebook ads or Instagram ads. And then I’ve asked. So then cheering, cheering, where we pump holes in general, the digital challenge and just getting people motivated and excited about the challenge.

[00:05:20] So that, and then if they see a lot of value in the challenge and hopefully they’ll buy, so I’ve been hired to be the chief pompom shaker, where the Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups don’t get challenged as well. So that’s, what’s been keeping me busy. 

[00:05:35] Jeff Sieh: [00:05:35] Awesome man. That’s great. So I wanna bring up some more comments.

[00:05:37] Grace, our friend Grace says,  , she is,  MayKing is the reigning social media marketing world tweeting champion. How many years is it that you’ve done that? It’s been like, I don’t know, for as long as I can remember. 

[00:05:50] MayKing: [00:05:50] Yeah. So, since 2018, so I think the first year that was my first experience of social media marketing world.

[00:05:58] And I was third and I’m very competitive. So I came back, I thought I got to, I’ve got to be number one. And so I wasn’t in the woman 2019. Until I was 20 and that was my last day in such a gig before I locked down, I was hired by someone to tweet on their behalf as well. And I managed to get my client on the leader board as well as myself.

[00:06:21] So yeah, very cool. 

[00:06:22] Jeff Sieh: [00:06:22] You also, so you’re the, nickname that grace has given you is very, true. She making is the queen of Twitter. So yeah, no stuffing. So Eric. Why don’t you break us down this first piece of news, we’re going to be talking on this first segment about this. Everyone’s talking about,  audio, the new audio kind of social stuff, and Twitter spaces is coming right behind clubhouse.

[00:06:45] So break down the news on Twitter spaces because,  it’s all a Twitter. Everywhere on Twitter. Yeah. 

[00:06:52] Erik Fisher: [00:06:52] Yeah. So the news here is, and what’s, interesting to me is clubhouse has been around for almost a year, but really in limited capacity until the hype started to surround it back in late last year.

[00:07:06] But what’s funny is I had heard of Twitter spaces coming for a while, even before I’d ever heard of clubhouse. And so now Twitter spaces is starting to actually make it’s. It’s almost like it’s a sh I know Twitter is all about birds and tweeting, but to me, Twitter spaces, it’s like the shark fin, starting to finally come out of the water and.

[00:07:27] Clubhouse is dominating that social audio space, but even and again, even Facebook who copies everything, they can get their hands on or see is trying to make a clubhouse copycat. I Twitter was working on one for months now and we are starting to see it now in a limited beta they’re showing a number of advantages and things that they’re perfecting the clubhouse users have had issues with.

[00:07:55] With Twitter spaces in limited beta, it’s expanding to more users recently, even yesterday, last night I, saw that I don’t know that this is official, but I saw it on Twitter from somebody on Android saying they had it on Android. There you go. But my, question making is have you, I know you’re a clubhouse user.

[00:08:16] Have you had a chance to check out Twitter spaces? And if so, talk to us a bit about how it is what it is and how it works. 

[00:08:25] MayKing: [00:08:25] Yeah. I, love to see the spaces. Oh my goodness. I love it. It’s like her, it said I have been using clubhouse for awhile. And when a new platform comes on a longer time to ignore it, cause I tend to, I’m not a follower.

[00:08:41] But one of my friends asked me to go on in and said, you should really look at it. So I did have a look at pass, made the classic mistake of leaving my mind finder. And a whole world was left was was an understanding about what I was having for lunch with my partner that day which was hilarious.

[00:09:00] But with Switzer spaces it is so much easier to use. So much easier. There’s a lot more artist functionality. I think, and also what I’ve experienced in clubhouse, which a few people won’t get back is that there’s a lot of Willy waving and Pierre coffin going around a lot of egos. And a lot of them, there are some, unfortunately you’ll get them everywhere with new platforms, a lot of spammers and marketers and are claiming to be accesses.

[00:09:32] They, you should come to me and We can help you get that six and seven figure business and all that stuff all that rubbish stuff. What I’ve found into two spaces is that there’s really a lot of meaningful, great conversations that is happening. And what I saw from a tweet was that clubhouse is more of a.

[00:09:54] Platform enabling you to get onto the virtual stage and talk. Whereas Twitter spaces is more of a round table. There’s a lot of intimacy and a lot of great conversations that are have, you’ve got the opportunity to speak or listen, what’d you have on clubhouse. But the audio is way better.

[00:10:13] It’s much better on spaces than than clubhouse. And what I love about to say is that I could actually tweet whilst I’m on spaces. When I’m on clubhouse, I sometimes will tweet from my computer because I’ve forgot to hit the mute button. People say, making sure we can hang in sweets. And I don’t have that problem on sorts of spaces.

[00:10:38] So I just feel that there’s definitely a community. And you can express yourself in a few ways in emojis and the way the Logies on a car pass. Sorry, on switch spaces on car pass. If you don’t know the jargon, there’s a few things that happen, which you might be thinking or. That’s a bit weird all than there’s limited functionality, but with with, spices, it’s just a lot easier to use.

[00:11:04] I haven’t experienced the peacocking Willy waving yet because people are genuinely wanting to help each other. So I love to assist bases. I absolutely love it. 

[00:11:14] Jeff Sieh: [00:11:14] Now we need a t-shirt that says no peacocking or Willy waving. So that’s, you’re going to have to add those to the cart. Some people are, could chime in, in using both clubhouse and spaces.

[00:11:27] Love spaces, simplicity. Yeah. And then grace said, and this is a great question. Where would you find spaces in Twitter? She saw Matt Nevara went live on spaces last week. How would you join in? So where would you find it? If you’re wanting to know if you have the functionality. Or want to join one?

[00:11:45] Where do you look for it on Twitter? Is it is it, can you do it on desktop mobile? Break it down a little bit. That way. 

[00:11:52] MayKing: [00:11:52] I believe it’s mobile only, and it’s where you can see your fleet. So I remember the the stories that. Kind of flood donate on Instagram and Twitter just hasn’t had the same impact, but when you see the stories of the top, people who are in purple, it means that they’ve got a space that they’re currently live on on spaces.

[00:12:16] So definitely check it out there. You can check out to see whether you’ve got spaces. It is in beta mode, as Eric said. So when you compose a tweet you can have a lot to say that if you’ve got access to it, I know he’s limited at the moment, but the re rolling out to a lot more people and what all they are, what people have also done as well with the people who are in beats mode, they’ve actually put a purple.as part of their Switzer name at the start, just to show you that they are.

[00:12:46] They are beta testing, two spaces. So follow those guys and they’ll let you know when they are. They are alive as well. So fleets check out the people with the purple dots. 

[00:12:58] Jeff Sieh: [00:12:58] Awesome. Awesome. Very, cool.   I guess one of the major advantages, and I’ve seen a lot of comments over here,  that is that Twitter space that’s gonna, you don’t have to start over with a new community.

[00:13:11] Like you’ve had to do with clubhouse is that you can actually most people aren’t a lot of us anyway, have a community that we’ve already built up on Twitter.  And everybody’s familiar with Twitter. Will Twitter spaces give what they’re calling social audio. Mainstream appeal. We’ve got the FOMO going on, which is your thing on clubhouse, but do you think it’s going to give it,  mainstream appeal like, Oh, Twitter’s doing it.

[00:13:37] I’m going to jump in now. 

[00:13:40] MayKing: [00:13:40] Yeah. Audio has definitely been absolutely huge. A lot of us have got the Alexa role, Google home. So it’s going nowhere all year. And I think it’s when the pandemic hits people went to zoom, but there are also a lot of people who did w worried about video and.

[00:14:01] They haven’t washed their hair or they’re still in their PJ’s and all the rest of it. Having Twitter spaces, there’s just it’s very it’s it’s just a nice way of reconnecting with the community. So without the pressure of going on a video and like you say you, you don’t have to been invited, you can listen in your clubhouse, you have to wait until you’re invited to get onto club pass.

[00:14:25] And so it has generated that FOMO. But as I say, you’re a lot of business owners do tend to use Twitter for the business aspects, as well as the social aspects. So you’ve already developed community you’ve already, or people who are following you. And so you can let them know when you’re going live or when you’re tuning in and really.

[00:14:45] Whole teacher there. And because it’s still in beats mode at the moment, there is this massive support. I’ve I’ve only been at, in a very short time and I’ve already seen people supporting each other when they’re going live. And it’s very easy to report any issues you may have had, but yeah.

[00:15:03] From what I’ve seen in so far, I haven’t had any issues with them all do it’s whole. And that absolutely say you can also create a transcript as well wide, which is pretty awesome. So that’s something that you don’t get in clubhouse either. 

[00:15:17] Jeff Sieh: [00:15:17] Yeah, I think that’s a big deal. This, and I can’t wait to pick you.

[00:15:21] I know you probably already thought about this, but how would you incorporate spaces into  a live event? So how would you know, I know you’re already your brains already thinking, this is what I do. How can I use Twitter? What, are you, thinking about doing for Twitter spaces when you do a live event and doing your FOMO,  tweeting.

[00:15:40] MayKing: [00:15:40] I’m yeah I’m, doing already. So as I’m listening to conversations and listening to the people who are in the spaces, I’ll be tweeting about it. At the moment with the clubhouse, I listen to the people, then there’s a few steps where I need to find out who they are, if they’re actually answering them.

[00:15:59] It’s hard tack them or Instagram, but on Switzerland, we already know that they’re on Swiss cause. So, I know that when we’ve had some great conversations, I’ll be able to share that those conversations tack those people in if they’ve on the grapevine I heard that, so we will be able to name our.

[00:16:20] Spaces and give up a topic there’s business owners who want to be known for a particular thing. So obviously I want to be known as the famous creator. So I will be launching room as spaces where people can learn about how to create FOMO. There’ll be other people who are experts in leadership or experts in sales or marketing.

[00:16:42] And so they’ll be able to create that with the spaces, with that title at the top, and then people will be able to search on those and get involved in those communities. And there’s definitely a lot of scope for repurposing what you’ve listened. As I said you’ve got your transcript.

[00:16:59] You can create that into a blog post. You can tag people and sweet and really engaging and get a credit again. Creating content for the lurkers is one of my favorite bonuses. 

[00:17:11] Erik Fisher: [00:17:11] Awesome. That’s cool. One of the speaking of business use one of the articles I was looking at was calling clubhouse and spaces, one part podcast, one part industry convention, one part conference call, and it’s time consuming because it’s happening in real time, But what do you see as the op the opportunity here for brands and businesses to incorporate. Twitter spaces into their marketing and their compute community building strategy. 

[00:17:44] MayKing: [00:17:44] Oh, th there’s a lot of scope for it. With, social media, a lot of businesses, they tend to post something maybe they’ll post in LinkedIn posts before an event.

[00:17:57] And then during the event has happened, they may put out a tweet and then after the event, we’ll say, Oh, we’ve just finished up and. We really want to get a real sense of who what that event is, what it’s all about. And so I think that’s what spaces is. This is the perfect opportunity for people to see the real, the role the right now.

[00:18:22] We, talk in the social media space about re-purposing content. If you’ve got a program that you’re going to launch like this show, for example you have got this a live video show is gonna be tends to have podcasts. It’s probably going to be a blog post as well.

[00:18:38] So it’s a space. You’ve got the opportunity to do all of that as well. We often hear at conferences or from speakers and they’ve got these incredible pieces of information and we can showcase that by sharing it with the community. So there’s a lot of scope. And as I say, You’ve got just like when you’re marketing any event, you’ve got the pre-phone Merck, the life FOMO on the post FOMO and people forgets about that.

[00:19:09] And twist spaces is the perfect opportunity to create that live foamer. We can’t hide behind our logos anymore. We need to showcase who we are as people so that people can get to know and trust us. And you can’t hide. From that in old da if the thing is live with your tweets, he live and Sharon clip hits I’ll show the transmit.

[00:19:31] I’m really excited to balance 

[00:19:32] Jeff Sieh: [00:19:32] it. Awesome. So I want to bring up some comments before we,  we come onto the next section, but we’re wrapping up.  There’s a, there’s some great, what’s the difference between, and it was a great question here. Oh, it’s from ice senior. He goes what’s. What about Twitter voice?

[00:19:47]What is. What is the difference between spaces and Twitter voice? Cause that may be confusing to some people. 

[00:19:53] MayKing: [00:19:53] Yeah. Great question. You can create a tweet in the with with your voice and it’s like an audiogram, whereas Twitter spaces. Yep. So when you’re doing that suite with all the way, the  is it’s once a week, that goes out, whereas in spaces, it’s actually as if you’re in a in a meeting room with people.

[00:20:18] And so you’re you’re actually engaging in talking to more than one person. So with Switzer voice, it’s just. You posting out and all audio piece, but what sorts of spaces, you’re actually having a great conversation with people it’s seen as a space, a safe space and and people can tune in and listen.

[00:20:43] And then for those people who wants to get the maximum out of the events, then they would tweet those golden nuggets out as if they’re attending a conference. So that’s a different students too. 

[00:20:54] Jeff Sieh: [00:20:54] Awesome. So I want to just clarify some things about what we found out so far with it’s rolling out.

[00:21:00] I think they added like 3000 more people to this beta test. Cause it’s still in beta and you can have 10 people talking in the room. I think that’s the max you can have right now. And, like MayKing had said earlier, you can join in one. Anybody can join in one. Now you don’t have to be a part of the beta.

[00:21:15] And you can see those, they’ll have that little purple circle thing.  So you can join in there and have a discussion.  I don’t know.  I think only Madeline’s skull are, is one of the people I know who has. Spaces right now. Eric’s been on an  

[00:21:29] Erik Fisher: [00:21:29] another one. And so you want to follow those people that have it, and you want to follow them.

[00:21:35] You want to check them out on mobile because then you’ll see that they’re live. And here’s the thing. Typically, these people will be tweeting out. I’m going live on Twitter spaces at such and such a time. And then you make note of that and then go back to the mobile app at that time. And then you will see.

[00:21:50] What is an oval or a a linking of multiple fleets up in the fleet area on the, mobile device. 

[00:22:00] Jeff Sieh: [00:22:00] So here’s the couple of and also it to see if you have it or not to create, if you have it, you can create it by going into your fleets, which is still a horrible name. It sounds like the medicine you take when you have to go.

[00:22:12] And then, and so you, swipe over on your fleets over all the way. It’s true. It is. It just sounds bad. Come on on Twitter. So you swipe over and you get that and you see it over there on the, on, on that clicking on your profile. Or if you do a long press, and this is only on mobile and it’s only for iOS right now.

[00:22:30] And so you can have to hit the long press. And that way you can create a,  a start doing one of these Twitter spaces, the other thing, and you hit on it. And I want to talk about it a little bit. Yeah. Is that,  it’s going, gonna allow a transcript. And also it sounds like it, they also may allow.

[00:22:47] Downloads of like maybe the conversation,  cause it’s built on the back of Periscope, which they’re sunsetting, but they have all that technology. And so they built it on the back of Periscope. I think that’s going to be a game changer compared to clubhouse. I want to get Eric’s take on that and then go back to you.

[00:23:04] May. So Eric, what do you think about that? Cause that’s a big thing. I know it’s,  these conversations that go away and that’s what people, some people really like. But as a FOMO creator, and as somebody who creates content, I want to repurpose it for a blog post or something. So what are your thoughts, Eric?

[00:23:19] Erik Fisher: [00:23:19] Look, the thing is this we’ve all learned from this past year or so that you can’t consume everything. Whether that’s TV shows or live videos or podcasts, et cetera, I can show. We can try and we definitely can. We definitely try. However, my take is, what does it hurt you to have it that if I missed out an hour ago, I can jump in and start from the beginning w it doesn’t hurt you at all to have that possibility available.

[00:23:53] Cause how many live videos are we really going back and watching the whole thing of this 

[00:23:57] Jeff Sieh: [00:23:57] one? Oh, for sure. This one, I want, so we have to do it. Yeah, over and over. I watched this one replay it. So what are your thoughts? What are your thoughts on this? Is that something that you would want and use?

[00:24:08] That’s one of the things I do not like about clubhouse, but I’d love your thoughts. 

[00:24:13] MayKing: [00:24:13] No I, love it as I say that. Do you have some people like reading some people like audio, some people like video and we all talk about him and seeing Periscope sunsetted as you quite rightly said.

[00:24:27] And so when we need to help our. Prospects and our lurkers and give them the information that they need in the, medium that they want it in the way that they want it. Like you say, as much as we love a TV or the online streaming platforms, we’re also competing with all of those as well.

[00:24:48] So let’s create these little bite-size chunks. And give it and drip feed them to our prospects by email or via various means bite-size form and podcaster form and what have you. As I say, the audio is not going to go away. It’s a very convenient way of listening. I know a lot, of marketers are Felix, very involved.

[00:25:13] You really need to. You present. But it’s a great way we can listen to it whilst we cook it. And last week dancing was like, Oh, we are allowed to go out and play when we’re driving. And when we’re allowed to go on public transport again, later on in the year, Yeah.

[00:25:28] Jeff Sieh: [00:25:28] And I think that’s a great idea for me to only dance when it’s audio only.. So nobody can see me that way. Great. But I think I’m also doing like live chats doing live almost like tweet chats, but it’ll be an audio version of that would be amazing. But even thinking,  like if, Uh, just like, it used to be the second screen.

[00:25:45] They called Twitter. Like you could sit down and be watching the premier or the newest episode. That’s dropped ofWandaVision and be able to talk to people. Oh, did you see that? You don’t have it live there and there’s so many opportunities I think. And it’s. And it’s second nature for most people. It’s not invited it won’t when it rolls out, it won’t be just invite only.

[00:26:03] It will be a part of the feature. So anyway, very exciting stuff. So I’m excited. One of the things,  my pals, Shannon Hernandez says, and I think this is a great point. He goes, I love the latest announcements of supporter program, where users can monetize their profiles. I think pairing the two will add great opportunity for those who want to build community.

[00:26:20] That’s a great point. We’re going to talk about some of those. Features here later on in the show. But,  right now I wanted to bring up the next section where we’ll be talking about that.  Twitter is auto testing, direct messages. So after introducing audio tweets last year, that MayKing broke down a little bit ago for us.

[00:26:38] And now spaces. Twitter is continuing down this audio path with the ability to record and sinned audio DMS. So they’re testing audio DMS in three regions right now, India. Japan and Brazil and plans to roll out in phases. So what they’ve said, it’s really on brand for Twitter. And this is really, it’s really funny that instead of using 104, the characters users share 140 seconds of audio.

[00:27:05] So how cute is that Twitter? That’s very cute. So this feature really isn’t new to the market. Most other messaging apps,  allow users to send each other audio messages, LinkedIn. Wow. Linked in messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp. So. Once this rolls out MayKing,  what are some interesting, fun and things that we can do with audio DMs?

[00:27:25] What is your mind going on?  What would you do with them with, as a FOMO creator? 

[00:27:32] MayKing: [00:27:32] Do you want to six or seven figures into your business then?  

[00:27:39] Jeff Sieh: [00:27:39] exactly sound like clubhouse right there. Yeah. 

[00:27:45] MayKing: [00:27:45] I I did videos a while too. But it really helps me to connect with people that I’ve been talking to publicly.

[00:27:56] And then I I take them to the DMS, but yeah I’ve been using voice DNS on Instagram, on LinkedIn and this so effective. Really connecting with people. People love my laugh, so it’s a great way of breaking the ice and introducing myself to others. And if people flag my laughing like the way that I talk and like the words that I speak then all the better.

[00:28:22] But I, think it’s, I feel sometimes it’s Yeah, it is a little bit behind doing some stuff and I just wish it would be out in the hall because I really do. So I guess the DNS is a great place to connect even further. And you bought you’ve got 10,000 pounds to play with all the DMS, but all I will be just one step further than did the 10,000 characters.

[00:28:49] So cool. 

[00:28:51] Erik Fisher: [00:28:51] Yeah, they listed off a bunch of the different Jeff did here the different platforms that have audio messages, LinkedIn messenger, Instagram. We were just talking a bunch of Instagram stuff earlier this week at the social pulse summit from Agorapulse. And that was one of the tips that I was giving was Hey, you can people talk about w like we were just talking about with clubhouse people talk about the intimacy of.

[00:29:15] Audio and why not take advantage of that in the DMS? When somebody is messaging you to go back and forth with them, have you seen any examples of brands doing creative things with audio messages? 

[00:29:31] MayKing: [00:29:31] I haven’t no. And I use them, but I I haven’t seen that many people, any brands. So I for now I have to.

[00:29:42] I dunno. Have you seen any Eric? Sorry, 

[00:29:46] Erik Fisher: [00:29:46] but I think it was one of those things for a time there. Anytime anybody sent me a private message on Instagram specifically, I was for a week or two there, I was trying to reply by holding that microphone button and recording them. Hey, thanks for reaching out and, like giving them more personal of a message than just some text 

[00:30:08] Jeff Sieh: [00:30:08] Yeah Who would love to get. An audio message from you, my friends over at ECAMM. See how it’s, how I segue to that just perfectly. So if you guys want to know how we’re doing this awesome show here with these cool overlays, it’s awesome graphics. And it’s a great tool for podcasters. This is a podcast.

[00:30:24] So actually when I am done with this, it automatically downloads to my computer and it separates the track of everybody here. On the show it’s with their pro version. It’s amazing. So if you’d like to find out more about my wonderful friends over at e-com go to socialmedianewslive.com/ecamm socialmedianewslive.com/ecamm that’s E C A M M.

[00:30:45] And I’m a little jealous about this next segment that Eric gets to do, because it’s the fun one. And it, if you haven’t seen some of this but Eric just, break it down a little bit about this this brand. Yeah. 

[00:30:57] Erik Fisher: [00:30:57] Yeah as this was, happening, I was just like, why are people posting about something called Weetabix?

[00:31:10] It basically turned into a meltdown. And so basically it’s so for us, for those of us that didn’t know what Weetabix was, this was first off a great immersion into what what that is. It’s basically it’s. Classic wheat biscuits. And then they, we, the Weetabix people posted an image of their wheat biscuit covered in Heinz baked beans.

[00:31:38] And so there were many different reactions, some of which, for example, like Yorkshire, He, they, they said that, that, X unexpected combination was the equivalency of a murder, which I think probably some of the visual was there with the baked beans I don’t know. Off com said the image was deeply offensive.

[00:32:01] And then that same week Marmite tried to do brand tutor, which I do not approve of that combination of brand and banter becoming. And so they were trying to talk. They were, prior to trying to Marmite was trying to Promote chili infused dynamite spread, which I still am confused as to what that is, 

[00:32:28] Jeff Sieh: [00:32:28] but 

[00:32:29] Erik Fisher: [00:32:29] it just, all of these things, like I get it, we’re all trying to one up Wendy’s now, right?

[00:32:35] Wendy’s had it’s cheeky, there’s still stuff, snarky, whatever. And I’m like, yeah, I don’t care about Wendy’s Twitter account. I just want the food. I, again I’m, an old man apparently, but get off my 

[00:32:51] Jeff Sieh: [00:32:51] lawn. I don’t know. 

[00:32:53] Erik Fisher: [00:32:53] This is, crazy, but anyway so my, I guess my question is.

[00:32:59] Does this build any value? Does this quote, brand tutor ever build like long lasting brand value? Like in other words, us social media, marketers, and or consumers at large, do they look at the Twitter account of Wendy’s or Weetabix or those jumping in on Weetabix, you are insane and then want to buy that product making what’s your take on this?

[00:33:26] MayKing: [00:33:26] Yeah. I also look at the name. In fact, you mentioned Matt Nevara. He actually tweeted commented on how amazing the the the brands were that took part. I love it. And I’ll social media. Marketers can learn. From the big brands and getting involved in not trending hashtag, but do it well. In fact, I taught, I was teaching some lecture based businesses.

[00:33:52] That’s in the North of England about some of the smaller companies that didn’t do so well, they got cold and they. Do they use, but then they try to promote themselves and plug themselves. That’s not how you do it. You play the game because you want to get more people to see your tweet, but get involved in the Hema.

[00:34:11] So it definitely works. We know that as a brand, as a business owner, People need to see us between seven and 30 times before they may even come and follow us or engage with us. Make it, and you make it a good wall a good impression. And so get involved in those hashtags and and learn from the big brands.

[00:34:33] Definitely. There was some like that. There was some of my great friends who did it really well. Like you should see. And then there was some brands who didn’t do so well, but small businesses also got involved. And so sometimes not. Provide some themselves, you can definitely get a bit more visibility into your business.

[00:34:50] Jeff Sieh: [00:34:50] Yeah. So this is from our friend, Carrie Ray. She goes, you crazy kids chases with a broom, get off our, when we were sitting there, we’re just grumpy Carrie. That’s what it is. But say that you were like you’re a smaller or relatively unknown brand does it just look like you’re.

[00:35:10] Jumping on the brand wagon for a few lights for people who are already that was, for my friend Grace Duffy is that’s her pun. But if you just have if you’re just, it doesn’t feel it, how can you use a viral opportunity to generally grow your following, expand your reach.

[00:35:28] Can smaller companies actually do that? 

[00:35:32] MayKing: [00:35:32] Absolutely without a doubt, we know that we need to get people to understand who we are as a business. And we’re all brands we are all brands and just like any other brand we need to gain that trust Mark community. People need to get to know who we are as a person.

[00:35:49] So yes, definitely. Jets, a bit of humor the right humor. The right personality is how to your brand most definitely. Teaching this again, to some other businesses getting involved in the right hashtags is, really, it’s really important. I remember seeing international men’s day and I was going to jump on that and say, isn’t it every day, national lens day.

[00:36:15] But then when I realized that it was actually a hashtag awareness about male suicide and mental health, then that probably wouldn’t have been good for my brand. And again with all lives matter, I thought all lives do matter, but again, you read this and you realize no, I’m not positive.

[00:36:36] All right. So getting involved, with the right hashtags, learning from the big brands. Is just one aspect of how you can get people to know who you are. And as a as a personality, as a brand, you’ve got to do lots of other stuff on social media. But your brand is everything.

[00:36:57] Absolutely everything starts with your brand. And I actually mentioned that to my talk at the social summit. You need, to get people to know who you are as a person, as a business, and and that doesn’t come from. This is how you can get to six as seven figures in your business guys.

[00:37:19] Erik Fisher: [00:37:19] It sounds like you’re talking about the voice of the brand and especially on Twitter, we’ve got a limited amount of characters. And so when these brands are trying to pull off humor, it can potentially people might not get the joke. In other words, do you have any approaches or do you have any insight to approaching humor on Twitter?

[00:37:43] MayKing: [00:37:43] That’s a great question. Gifts are amazing gifts. Jeff’s the right wave Jeff’s right. But they’re a great way of injecting a little bit of humor and some of us who are brave enough to do so can create our own gifts, but that’s a great way of A business around just to get started and, listen out for those opportunities to to inject a bit of herself into France.

[00:38:13] Definitely. When you get involved in  a tweet sharing a tweet that you’ve learned is. Again, a good way to get started, but then we also need to distinguish, ourselves from everybody else. So if there was a suite that had 20 likes or 20 retweets 20 shares, then how you going to be different from everyone else?

[00:38:38] Your boss is lost in those likes and retweets. So by commenting on it quite tweet and using the 280 characters too express a, an opinion that same way then your brand guidelines. That’s how you can start to to stand out from everyone else. 

[00:38:57] Jeff Sieh: [00:38:57] So an interesting thing I produce guy Kawasaki’s remarkable people podcast, and they had a couple of weeks ago, they had Jennifer acre and Naomi bagla donuts.

[00:39:07] Then they wrote a book called humor seriously, and how humor works with brands. It’s an excellent book. I highly recommend it, but one of the things they mentioned in there was to always punch up. You never punched down. So if you’re. Like the CEO of a company, you never make fun of the intern.

[00:39:24] Who’s bringing in donuts. You always either make fun of yourself or you, you don’t punch down. So I think that’s important even on Twitter. It’s you don’t make fun of people down below us. You’d make fun of things that you see. Or even if you’re a. A smaller brand may be a bigger brand like Coke or something, but that’s really important is not, being mean, I think, with your humor and punching down.

[00:39:46] So I thought that was a great takeaway that I got from that book and from that podcast. I thought that was really cool. 

[00:39:54] Erik Fisher: [00:39:54] When brands, are using gifts it’s now from this point forward known as briefs.

[00:40:02] Jeff Sieh: [00:40:02] Oh, my goodness

[00:40:07] is brif, a brif and brief. Yeah. All right. So this next piece of news is,  Twitter has announced a pair of some big features later earlier this week. And it’s the ability and Shannon touched about this earlier,  in the comments he goes,  the ability for users to , charge their followers.

[00:40:27] For access to additional content and the ability maybe to create and join groups based on specific interests. So this is going to be this payment feature is called super follows. So it sounds like a super hero that nobody really likes will allow Twitter users to charge followers and give them access to extra content.

[00:40:48] So this could be bonus tweets, access to the community, a community group subscription to a newsletter or a badge indicating your support.  In a mock-up screenshot, Twitter showed an example where a user charges four 99 per month to receive a series of perk. And so Twitter sees it as a way to let.  Creators and publishers get paid directly by their fans.

[00:41:09] So making, do you think Twitter users will really pay to see some people’s exclusive tweets? 

[00:41:17] MayKing: [00:41:17] That’s a great question. If you’d like to pay me

[00:41:26] I don’t know. We could test it calmly. To be honest, a lot of my content is free. If you want to know a bit more than you you send me a DM and we arrange a chance. That’s the way that it normally works. I don’t know. We’ll see what happens. I’m not sure. 

[00:41:46] Jeff Sieh: [00:41:46] Yeah. I can see stars doing it, but I don’t know about if people would pay to see my exclusive.

[00:41:50] Briefs, what is it? No, that’s not. 

[00:41:53] Erik Fisher: [00:41:53] Nobody wants to pay to see 

[00:41:55] Jeff Sieh: [00:41:55] my briefs. Go ahead. What was your question? 

[00:42:01] Erik Fisher: [00:42:01] I guess that, that to, come at it from a different angle yeah. We’ve got so many different celebrities and if they were to pay gate some of their tweets that might be interesting.

[00:42:14] Quota was talking about that the subscription model built around. Celebrities. And some of these people are definitely, I, there are definitely people out there who would pay for exclusive access to their celebrity of choice. But my question really is who out there would you be willing to pay, to see every tweet?

[00:42:36] And I don’t know if I have an immediate answer to that, do either of you. 

[00:42:42] Jeff Sieh: [00:42:42] I could see it. It was a special channel that somebody, so I, cause I think about cameos, like the guy from the office made I’ll give a bunch of money. I think it was Kevin from the office on cameo, sending out special messages to people for their birthdays or whatever, made a bunch of money.

[00:42:58] So I think there’s something there now. I would maybe. I would maybe pay to follow if I could see all of Jim Gaffigan’s tweets or like Brian Regan or somebody who like funny, that would be worth it. And I would support them like a Patriot. I support like, Luria Petrucci channel her YouTube, because I like her and the stuff she puts out and I want to be a supporter because she provides me great content.

[00:43:24] So I think there might be something there. It just depends. I think that the celebrities, for sure, they’re going to have people they’ll throw money at them, but. Maybe 

[00:43:32] MayKing: [00:43:32] there’s an opportunity for charities as well or causes I think that would be amazing. I know an incredible lady. She has a Twitter talk every week called abuse talk and she came out to the.

[00:43:49] Abusive relationship and every week she has a Twitter chat to Sue and she’s got an incredible support network to help people who are going through a domestic violence or coming out of it. Yeah. It’ll be great opportunity for them, for us to be able to do a quick donation.

[00:44:06] I think that for particular causes, I think there’s definitely opportunities to, that. I would love to see that actually, rather than pay to celebrity who’s already. 

[00:44:20] Erik Fisher: [00:44:20] Maybe brands could do it in a golden ticket, a way as to in order to get the golden ticket, you’ve got to buy the Wonka chocolate bar.

[00:44:28] In order to get the chocolate bar, you’ve got to pay for our super, you gotta be a super follower and only then can you get a code to then possibly enter? Although there’s probably some, legal ease right there. That’s troubling for some lawyers, but. Yeah. Going that direction of exclusive opportunity options or possibilities to only the super followers to suddenly get you almost like a tire tier of a Patriot, maybe.

[00:44:52] I don’t know. 

[00:44:53] Jeff Sieh: [00:44:53] Yeah, I think so. The thing is,  Twitter said, they’re going to take a cut.  And they’ve been hinting at this subscription feature is going to be this new source of revenue but they didn’t say what that fee is going to be.  But here’s the other cool thing.

[00:45:08] They have also announced a new feature called communities, which appears to be something like Facebook groups, so people can create and join groups around specific interests. Like cats. Or plants or Eric’s briefs whatever, Twitter suggests, allowing them to see more tweets focused on those topics.

[00:45:26] So what about that MayKing, do you think that would be more successful on Twitter? Facebook has done really well with groups so other platforms have struggled with doing these community features around interests. 

[00:45:40] MayKing: [00:45:40] Yeah, I’m fairly excited about this. Facebook. Yeah. I created the Facebook group in 2010 and it grew and, it was fantastic.

[00:45:51] But it’s in Facebook. I love Twitter. Potentially Ashley How many tweets are index. We’re not sure. Some people say it’s up to 5% if you want to go down the SEO route, then potentially more of your content can get onto a page on a Google.

[00:46:15] That’s partly the reason why I love Switzer because of some of my content is index. If people were to Google, then. Yeah, that’s a great insight into the, tweets that I do. And so building communities on that where we can really help and share and collaborate, I think is really, powerful.

[00:46:34] Yeah. Communities are so important. I I’m looking forward to LinkedIn rebuilding the LinkedIn communities cause they got spammy for a while. Didn’t they? But I’m looking forward to, as communities, I think he’ll be 

[00:46:47] Jeff Sieh: [00:46:47] great. Yeah. And just to wrap this section up there’s no details.

[00:46:51] Okay. On, like when these are going to launch,  that was all featured in a what’s new portion of a presentation for,  an analysts and investors. So this is just what’s on the radar, but I think it could probably happen sooner than later because it’s so popular and so many people want it. 

[00:47:06] All right, Eric, take it away with this last,  news section wrap up. 

[00:47:12] Erik Fisher: [00:47:12] So let’s do this a little quickly here. Some other smaller updates. So Twitter is exploring new revenue models when it comes to tipping used letter subscriptions and other options. So one of the ideas here is that there’s a lot of stuff being considered.

[00:47:28] One of the ideas is newsletter subscriptions. Through Twitter and they had just bought a, I forget what the name of it is, but I think it’s review. Yes. They had bought a platform newsletter platform called review. And so then we’re starting to be speculation. Twitter is quietly adding this newsletter link to its web app.

[00:47:49] And so some Twitter users are starting to see this and say Hey, I can set up a free review newsletter to reach my Twitter audience. And it’s integrated and all that kind of cool stuff. I have, any of you have either of you seen this yet? I haven’t, but if have you seen this and if so would this prompt you to sign up for somebody’s newsletter, if you saw it integrated into their tweets?

[00:48:14] Almost like Twitter card ask, 

[00:48:18] MayKing: [00:48:18] I got excited. I get excited by a lot of downtime and yeah, I got excited and I saw it there. The opportunities are amazing. I know in social media we’re supposed to have our own email list and we’re supposed to have our own website and all that kind of stuff box all the social media.

[00:48:40] Well, social media platforms are competing with one another and they wanted to stay on there for as long as possible. So if we can make it easier for us, for the followers to consume more of our content via our newsletter, then why not bring on the, these, I said, bring home their communities and they’ll bring all the revenue models and the DNS ships.

[00:48:58] I, yeah, I think it’s a great opportunity. Definitely. 

[00:49:01] Jeff Sieh: [00:49:01] Yeah. So I think,  one of the things,  I was I’m like do we really need a newsletter? Do you think this  MayKing is something that like, if somebody doesn’t have a newsletter, they should try on Twitter or do you think like we’ve got too many newsletters already?

[00:49:16] We don’t need another one. 

[00:49:19] MayKing: [00:49:19] Yeah. Like I said people do say that your email list is everything. And I do understand that, but like I say if, Twitter I don’t have a newsletter news lab. Yes. I love Twitter, so I’m going to give it a go and then see what happens. It’ll be interesting.

[00:49:40] I think most people tend to want to build their email lists and communicate from them because if you know the classic thing that people say is what if all the social media platforms were to go tomorrow? Would you still be in business? And so there’s that level of people will want to protect themselves in that way.

[00:50:02] Are they really going to disappear? I don’t think so. Not if they keep reinventing themselves. 

[00:50:07]Uh,Jeff Sieh: [00:50:07] before we wrap up, I want to Haley says, ah, I have the newsletter feature, but I’m not seeing anyone using it yet. And I have not either. So I’m interesting Haley what’s your, take is on that when you maybe give us a test and let us know what you think.

[00:50:20] But as we wrap up, I wanted to pull up this comment from our friend, Judy Fox. She goes great to get advice about Twitter from the one and only. MayKing she’s always on the top leaderboard for every tweet that contest. I see love all the Twitter excited. And then Rob, our friend, Rob is here and he goes, Hey, what’s up crew making good to see you on the show.

[00:50:42] And Rob’s going to be on our show next week, but may I want to give everybody a chance to find out where they can find out more about you, your services, all the film, most stuff you’re doing. The tweet chats. What’s the best spot for them to find you at. 

[00:50:55] MayKing: [00:50:55] Why on Twitter. If I come and find me on I’m making tea, I will be doing a spot of the old school spaces at some point,  I will be launching a website, I’ll know sometime in the future.

[00:51:10] But Twitter is where you’ll find me. I’m also on LinkedIn as well. You can find me there. I’m making signed. 

[00:51:16] Jeff Sieh: [00:51:16] Awesome. Awesome. And Eric, where can people find out about the great Eric Fisher and you’re on the to-do list? Podcasts. 

[00:51:23] Erik Fisher: [00:51:23] Yeah. It’s that simple go to beyond the to-do list.com or hit me up on Twitter, Eric with a K the letter J F 

[00:51:30] Jeff Sieh: [00:51:30] I S H E R.

[00:51:32] Yeah. So, thankful for you guys being here with me today. Thanks Eric for showing up and don’t forget our sponsors, the amazing e-comm. You can find out more about them at social media news, live.com forward slash e-comm. Thank you guys so much for helping sponsor the show and the show is going to be,  next week at.

[00:51:51] Thursday. So it’s not on Friday. We had to move up day. I’m getting my second shot. I got in line and I’m going to get it on Friday, right in the middle of the show. So I will be, so we’re going to move the show to Thursday, March the fourth at 10:00 AM, central 11:00 PM. Eastern as always, you can find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube.

[00:52:07] Thank you so much to May MayKing thank you so much for being here today. Thank you, Eric. And thank you. All of, you guys in the comments and for sharing this out and calling people in, we appreciate you and we will see you guys next time. Bye everybody.


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