Not sure how to plan content around your brand this year? Overwhelmed by. ALL. OF. THE. OPTIONS. and not sure where to put your time and resources? 

For this week’s Social Media News Live, video creator and award-winning social media consultant Desiree Martinez joins Jeff and Grace. They cover strategies for simplifying and streamlining your content plans for 2022 and the latest video marketing updates.


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[00:00:00] Jeff Sieh: Welcome to Social Media News Live I’m Jeff Sieh and you’re not.

[00:00:03] Grace Duffy: And I’m Grace Duffy. And this is the show that keeps you up to date on what’s happening in the world of social media.

[00:00:09] Jeff Sieh: Today. We are joined by Desiree Martinez and we’re talking all about content marketing, We’re covering strategies for simplifying and streamlining your content plans for 2022 and sharing tools for generating ideas, for creating the most engaging content for particular audiences.

[00:00:26] We’re also going to be talking about video marketing updates. Desiree is an expert video creator and YouTube. We’re so excited to have her insights on what you need to know to drive your video marketing initiatives forward in 2022 does raise thank you so much for being on the show today. Excited to have you here,

[00:00:45] Desiree Martinez: excited to be here and to talk about all of the things that we nerd out about.

[00:00:49] That’s right. We

[00:00:50] Jeff Sieh: do nerd out about this stuff. If you don’t know who Desiree Martinez is, you really should. She is an energetic video creator YouTuber, and award-winning social media consultant. And she’s also a really good speaker. She speaks about all things, video and content marketing. She is well-known for her step-by-step plans to help companies brands and sold runners take actionable steps towards successful content marketing that grows businesses.

[00:01:16] Her credentials include being a social media examiner contributor. She’s a founder of Social Media day, Phoenix, which has been officially proclaimed a day in the state of Arizona. How cool is that? She’s formerly a social media producer for CBS five in Phoenix and she’s hostess of the women of YouTube podcast.

[00:01:33] She is also author of the book start, suck, get better, which I think it’s a great title. And if you want to get that book, it is right down below on the Amazon carousel if you’re ever watching on Amazon. So make sure to check that out. Desiree, thank you so much. Welcome to the.

[00:01:48] Desiree Martinez: I love that I get to be here.

[00:01:50] I love that you’re doing this on Amazon too is my first Amazon live stream. So

[00:01:55] Jeff Sieh: go, how cool is that? Yeah. Check out a book right down below. You can see I’m going to highlight it right now.

[00:02:00] Grace Duffy: Hopefully not your last Amazon crater vocally. We get you hooked into it because it’s been amazing. Jeff sets it up and it’s just boom, we just go there.

[00:02:10] And it’s been really wonderful.

[00:02:12] Desiree Martinez: Yeah. Yeah. I never, I, as someone who works more with like small businesses and stuff where they’re. Barely hanging on to the life of their like Facebook pages and stuff. Like Amazon lives has been something that’s on my radar, but I do know that it’s on my agenda to check out and practice and in use in this year.

[00:02:31] So we’ve got your book highlighted down below over on Amazon. So you guys can check that out and purchase that. That would be very cool. It helps her out and this channel and by the way, something else that helps us out is if you would check out our sponsors by Ecamm and you can find out more about them by going to Social Media News, Live dot com.

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[00:03:36] So make sure to go check that out. Alright, Grace, this first segment, I know you’re excited about this one and you’re excited talking to Desiree. So take it away.

[00:03:46] Grace Duffy: I am because I am the video content manager over at restream. So content planning in 2022 is like my whole life. So I am so excited. This is selfishly having of on for my own needs.

[00:04:00] Desiree Martinez: So it sounds like you’re here to get the ideas.

[00:04:03] Grace Duffy: I am here to get the ideas and you are here to give the ideas, which I’m even excited about. No kind of marketing encompasses like a lot. There’s so many types of content that you can create and place and share and posts and follow for more. And many people tend to be perplexed about.

[00:04:20] We can do with content this year. We’ve got so many experts saying, you gotta do this, you gotta do that. And it’s really hard to know where to put your time and efforts, especially when you are a small business you’re mentioning that your clients tend to be so talk to us about ways to simplify and streamline our content plans for this year, so that you don’t get overwhelmed or worst case do nothing.

[00:04:45] You know, give us some practical, doable, viable strategies and how what actions do we need to take?

Practical Content Marketing Strategies

[00:04:52] Desiree Martinez: I think the first thing that you’re gonna want to do is remember, you don’t have to be everywhere. I think that’s a common misconception now, do I think you could have a really aggressive and quality repurposing strategy?

[00:05:03] Absolutely. It’d be so easy for you guys to just take your content and put it somewhere else. But if that’s more time for you, don’t do it. That’s why you want to. One or two platforms that you can just absolutely crush it on and that, your audience is they’re spending time with you and will engage with you.

[00:05:20] If you’re trying to be in all these different places and do all these different things, because some guru told you to do it, you’re just going to be stuck, spinning your wheels. So pick a platform that you know is working for you and is digging into what it takes to be successful. There I’m a social media marketer.

[00:05:33] I’ve had my agency since 2015, and I’ve been doing this for over 12 years. And my main platform that I have chosen to give all of my time attention to is YouTube and my Facebook page. I don’t post on it. I don’t care about my Facebook page because my, because of what I do because of where my audience is and where they come from, I know that my Facebook page isn’t the place for them.

[00:05:55] And I just, I don’t really spend my time doing it. Do I own it? And have the username claimed all that kind of stuff. Yes. But beyond that I’m not interested in doing anything more than that because I know it’s not working because I have the data to show it. And so I know that I am able to get. More views more leads based on a search based strategy with YouTube.

[00:06:12] And you have to ask yourself, what is that version of that for my business, what is best for my industry? Where did my audience spend time? What is the demographics of my target demographic and where are they spending their time? And then once you know that you can dig into that social network, much better,

[00:06:29] Jeff Sieh: great advice.

[00:06:30] So one of this piece of advice that we hear a lot is, diversify your content strategy to see what strategies have the most impact on your brand. So that’s really great advice until you consider how many different types of content there are. And it sounds like you’re supposed to do everything and see what works, throw everything up, throw it to the wall and see what sticks, but how do we know what works?

[00:06:54] Because content marketing Institute, they had this article that grace found how to set up a content scoring process for better decisions. And it was really cool. I had this grid and had this like balanced and actionable way to know, how your content was doing, what it’s supposed to do. Let us talk to us about your process, to know whether your con your client’s content is doing what it’s supposed to do.

[00:07:15] Otherwise, we’re just sitting there spinning our wheels. And, if we have clients that’s not going to last very long, because it’s not giving them results. So how do you really measure what you’re doing? And if it’s really working

How Do You Measure Your Content to Find Out What’s Working?

[00:07:27] Desiree Martinez: well, that’s an, you have to sit with the content calender that you created.

[00:07:30] So if we’re going to talk about like really how we start, like our 0 0, 0, You want to create your content calendar and your content calendar. Isn’t just about knowing what to post, when it’s about knowing what are my objectives, what am I trying to do? What is my content meant to accomplish?

[00:07:48] What are, how am I capturing leads? Like, how am I tracking my sales? What is it that worked last year? What is it that kind of what are the things that never change like holidays and times of year, everyone’s business is so different. So you really need to analyze it from your perspective as an individual business, or if you are an agency or you have clients, you have to really analyze it from that business’s perspective and know, okay, what is the rhythm of this business?

[00:08:14] How does this. Work. When do things happen in this business? Whether the important times of year, what are the reminders that we need to do? Who are these people? Like how a dentist markets, their businesses different than literally the restaurant that’s next door to it. That’s going to be totally different than a national brand versus an Ecammmerce business or someone who does digital products.

[00:08:35] Like it’s, they’re all different. And people come to them in different ways and they, I would think what have the date. To help them on that journey so that they can get to what they want and they would be able to analyze that and know what’s going on. So when you sit with that and you have to ask yourself the question once I know that it’s like, what are my goals and objectives?

[00:08:55] Social media strategy is not just I post and I get sales. That’s not the only measurement of success. That’s often not the only thing that matters when we’re talking about social media. The biggest thing about social media that makes us different than everything else is that it’s a very much a multipurpose form of marketing.

[00:09:14] Not only are you trying to obviously get sales, which is, I think every business’s bottom line, but it’s also about how do I get people into my lead funnel? How do I get engagement? How do I say top of mind? What is my advertising strategy? And is that something I need to do? What is my objective with social media?

[00:09:30] Unlike things like an SEO strategy, or if you’re trying to do email marketing, or if you have an Ecammmerce website or a website that is focused on. This is different. And I think that is the thing that’s important to remember when we’re, when you’re doing that. So the measurement for success is based off of the goals that you’ve set within it.

[00:09:52] And I think that is what you have to pay attention to and everyone’s goals overall are going to be different. So

[00:10:00] Jeff Sieh: real quick, a follow up question on this. How often do you go back? Let’s say you’re setting up a, some strategy for a client. How often do you go back and review it? Is it weekly?

[00:10:10] Is it monthly? Is it, how often should we be diving into the analyst analytics? Because sometimes you can spend all your time at analytics and never actually move forward, putting out.

How Often Do You Go Back And Find What’s Working?

[00:10:21] Desiree Martinez: I think you want to look at it like on a month to month basis. I think you can get a really good idea of like how things are working for your business on a monthly basis, because it gives time for you to see what’s going on.

[00:10:31] Like we say this in the YouTube space, just like you don’t want to be obsessing about your analytics on a daily basis because it can get excruciatingly frustrating, especially if you’re watching it like a stock ticker, but it’s the same thing with when it comes to your Social, you’re going to have monthly basis.

[00:10:46] You can get an idea, okay, I have enough data. I have 30 days of data where I can see, what am I posting? How is it working? What is my audience spending time on social media? Cause we can get that data from our backend analytics, whatever platform, even with just Facebook or Instagram natively, or even if you’re using a third party, social media management tool, like Sendible or.

[00:11:08] The all reporting and not only do they tell us what content is doing well, they tell us about our audience. What are they spending time online? What is the content they’re interested in? What are other kinds of pages and that they’re interacting with, what did best, what didn’t do best.

[00:11:22] And you can really play with it and see that, what is it that is working? If I’m going to be testing a text and image and a video, which is going to perform better and then, okay, what is the time of day am I testing? So it’s like really giving you a good base to study this from on a monthly basis to see what’s working.

[00:11:39] And then you also want to be able to analyze when you’re creating your content for your upcoming. You want to be able to review what happened the previous year and the reason that is important. And this is mainly from like a sales perspective, not so much a content perspective, because as we know in Social Media, what was working a year ago does not work today.

[00:11:59] The fact that like reels and TikTok and short form content has taken over our lives and are creating and consuming like that, wasn’t the case necessarily as much last year. And so it’s okay, but, but I do know that. There are rhythms in every business that don’t change like holidays or seasonal events that like, what was it about, February the 17th that resulted in such low sales?

[00:12:26] What is it about February the 21st that we’re holding to tie sales and evaluate like what was going on? Not only on social media, but off of social media, like what was happening in the world? What was happening in your community? Was it a holiday? It was there something that happened? Was there some big promotion or push for something specific culturally and having that ideas that you can apply what you’re going to do next month.

[00:12:50] So as we study our previous month and we’ve studied the previous year, it allows for us to know going forward what to change and what to pay attention to. It’s

[00:12:58] Jeff Sieh: awesome.

[00:13:00] Grace Duffy: I like your note about the, that paying attention to the seasonality of things because different industries do have different seasonal.

[00:13:07] Desiree Martinez: They do, like right now is a huge time for like social media agencies for how tos education business grow. Like that kinds of that is a huge, this is a huge time of year for us, what, what industry is not doing well at this time of year tech? Why? Because they sold all of their tech at the center to the holidays.

[00:13:26] Same for gaming. Gaming is not hopping right now because everyone’s sold their games and spent so much time bingeing. All of these play with me is through the holidays. And now we’re just back to reality at the start of the year. And so you have to really understand what is going on industry by industry.

[00:13:43] You cannot, there’s never, there’s not a single business. You never should have blanket information that you’re using as like a best time to post. So the kind of content that you should do, any of that, it’s all a really bad idea.

[00:13:57] Jeff Sieh: So Sabrina goes does Desiree is preaching my social love language.

[00:14:03] Thanks for that Sabrina. Yeah. So you’re hitting on all the marks here, so that’s really great. But yeah, I see what you were saying. Cause I know you’ve seen these two and a grace and I have talked about them before is everybody’s Republican’s these reports of what you should do. And it’s so many times they’re not even getting the right data from the right places like that.

[00:14:22] Won’t matter to your business. They’re just, they’re actually going in and getting stats from other marketers. You’re not marketing to other marketers. You want to market to your end customer. And so it’s, it gets a little anyway, I’ll get off my high horse. Great. She had some work-wise.

[00:14:36] Desiree Martinez: Yeah, I think that everyone wants an easy button for everything in business and it doesn’t work that way.

[00:14:43] Like you can’t, there’s not an easy way to market what works for some people, even in the same industry as. Mine not work for you because maybe they were first. Maybe there was some fluke thing. Maybe they did something completely crazy. Maybe even if you’re in the same business, same industry, your demo might be different.

[00:15:03] So you can’t, I think that this is where you have what you’re doing that works. And you have to have a budget, whether it’s a time budget or a financial budget for testing. But I don’t think that you just focus on one or the other.

[00:15:18] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. Good point.

[00:15:20] Grace Duffy: So another issue that comes up a lot, when you’re talking about content marketing is coming up with ideas.

[00:15:25] Now I have been in this industry for a very long time and I’ve known idea people and I’ve known the, to do people. And sometimes you’ve got people that can do both. But a lot of times it’s just you know, it doesn’t, it goes both ways. So you can either come up with so many ideas. You don’t have time or resources to execute on them, or you have this fear of running out of ideas.

[00:15:46] Like crazy enough. I know people that don’t want to start a show like we’re doing, because they’re like I’ve got five shows in me and I’m like, then do those five shows. And then those five shows and so forth. So what planning tools or strategy tools do you recommend or have, or has something that you’ve created to help marketers generate those ideas for creating like the most engaging types of content for their audiences, for their businesses?

How Do You Generate Ideas for Content Marketing?

[00:16:10] Desiree Martinez: This is a very unfair advantage. I’m a creative at heart. And so I literally, like my formal education is actually in multimedia art. So videography animation, making things out of clay and art and drawing. So people that were with me have a very unfair advantage. Cause I just throw up ideas on them on a regular constant basis.

[00:16:33] But I think like for normal people that aren’t weirdos like me, the best way to figure out what to create is to consume. And it’s not consuming for comparison sake. It’s not consuming even your own industry. It’s you should be spending time on Instagram rails on Instagram, in general, on Pinterest, on Tik TOK in Facebook, and you should be figuring out okay.

[00:16:59] What are content pieces that I like, and also okay, as I’m scrolling through these things, what are the things that people are really engaging with a lot? And so things that we want to know if something is engaging, is Jaime port commenting, how many people are emojis or liking or hearting, and how many people are sharing a piece of content.

[00:17:17] And you can know that because literally, almost everything gives you that information. I don’t think the single, I know that Instagram has like hidden likes for some people, but that hasn’t even gone through for everybody either. So you can get idea, what is it that’s cool. And what is.

[00:17:32] Then you also can see like what’s trending and trending is the biggest way to stay relevant. Nowadays, there are so many different like audio clips that are really popular. And this is like the main thing that’s trending honestly, are the short form audio clips that you can use to capitalize on with your brand.

[00:17:51] So for example, and we’re even coming out of this trend, but the in convo soundtrack has been massive. And so everywhere you go on like TikTok, it’s you know, we don’t talk about Bruno, right? Everywhere you go. And then people who are analyzing and they’re talking about it, or the surface pressure song, which is like the Anthem for oldest children everywhere and overachievers.

[00:18:12] Like it was just one of those things. They can still everyone’s using these. As a part of what they’re doing and it’s not using the audio clip and like seeing to it or dancing to it, or even reacting to it’s using the audio and applying like the base principle of that content piece and changing it and adapting it for your business.

[00:18:31] So if I was to talk about like SERP, so as a video creator, and I know that my objective in 2022 is to teach people about video and make it easy for them as small businesses service-based providers. So if I want to talk about this using the surface pressure song, I would have the song playing and I probably would have something on the screen.

[00:18:50] That’s like a text. Like my face would be nervous. I’d be like going back and forth like really frustrated. And it would be like, my captions would be like me feeling too much pressure to hit record, and it’s like, it’s how can you reply that? And then you know, see the captions for hiding it over this, it’s kind that idea.

[00:19:07] Like how can they use a trend to tie it in to. My messaging and my overall objective with my content. And so that is I think the best thing that we can do for creativity right now. Study, what’s working track what’s trending and then try and apply those principles to your own content, to see what is working or not.

[00:19:28] It’s finding that also that really fine line of copying versus being inspired by

[00:19:35] Jeff Sieh: that’s real. So I just finished the book getting ideas to happen or something, but it’s a guy who did be hands. And he talked about how important it is to like you were saying to consume content, but then also taking that and using that to, you know what you’re saying?

[00:19:49] Not copy, but. The inspired Eric Fisher a couple of weeks ago, when we had him on talking about productivity tips, he said letting your brain breathe and importance of that. So if you haven’t watched that episode, make sure you guys go back and watch or listen to that because it was really good with productivity for this new year.

[00:20:05] So I thought that those, what you just said, a Desiree is really important is getting those setting aside time during your day to actually go and research what you’re creating content for, like the pork, if your name Bruno, man, your life is awful right now because you’re not supposed to talk to you and no one will come up to you because your

[00:20:23] Desiree Martinez: name is, I was like,

[00:20:27] Grace Duffy: okay, we have to take a moment.

[00:20:29] And someone at Disney doesn’t like. ’cause like their last movie was like

[00:20:35] Jeff Sieh: this Alessio bro. And then this whole song and it’s like the number one charts right now. Like it hit like the top charts.

[00:20:42] Desiree Martinez: Yeah. Crazy. Yeah. The bill it’s a, the sound, the combo soundcheck is number one on billboard. Hot 100.

[00:20:48] And I think that surface pressure is like number five. And that we don’t talk about Bruno is like in the top three. It’s very fascinating. Cause it’s, it’s a quote unquote movie for kids, but it’s just these catchy Dennis Lin, Manuel, like you just know,

[00:21:03] Jeff Sieh: and it didn’t really take off when it first was in theaters, then it went to Disney plus.

[00:21:07] And the interesting thing is the movie is myth, but the, but TikTok has taken that and it became a thing. And that’s why. It’s top, parts of the charts. So I want to bring up some comments. Like Gary says, focusing on SEO with our content has been getting us the results of spending more time on articles going long.

[00:21:31] So he’s been doing research and finding out like, this is what’s working for his industry and making longer articles. So that’s, doing research is super important and then. Let’s see here Sabrina says she really liked your quote. The best way to create is to consume. So the important thing is Sabrina, and this is not spending all day going to the down the TikTok rabbit hole, which those algorithm people

[00:21:55] Desiree Martinez: there are.

[00:21:59] Yes.

[00:21:59] Jeff Sieh: All right, so let’s move on to video content marketing, which is one of my favorite things. I know Desiree is one of her favorite things too. So Grace take this section way.

[00:22:10] Grace Duffy: Yeah. Beautiful segue into this. Talking about video marketing. Cause those right, if you haven’t noticed is a video expert, video creator and an expert video marketer.

[00:22:20] And so we’re excited to get her insights on what do we need to know? As we’re planning video content is going forward into this year. What are some of the key strategies and trends? We talked, we touched on like the TikTok trends of those viral music, but what other things should business know when it comes to creating compelling video audio and these multimedia experiences?

[00:22:43] Because that’s what it is creating these experiences.

How Can Businesses Create Compelling Experiences?

[00:22:47] Desiree Martinez: First things first. You’re not going to be any good at this. You’re not one of my favorite phrases, which is why it’s the title of my book. You have to start, you have to suck and then you have to get better. Let me tell you guys about my first video.

[00:23:03] When I decided I’m going to be a YouTuber. We lived in South Korea. I got on YouTube because I needed a way to get leads to my agency for my agency, puts military spouses work as social media managers. And we got orders as a military family to move to Korea and would have been around like the two year mark of my agency.

[00:23:22] Like I got to have a way to get leads and I keep putting these military spouses where I’m like, YouTube is going to be my answer. And so my first video I got on and I was giving content to. For the month of August, here is some kinds of ideas to help you on what to post this month. And I are current houses.

[00:23:37] So first of all, Korea is a peninsula that’s incredibly human and incredibly hot. And the housing by default does not have there’s no central air conditioning rules are individually cooled as needed. And so I’m in this bedroom and I made like my office and I am sweating profusely. And it is like really gross.

[00:23:56] I put on way too much makeup, it’s like way too dark. So it’s also running, I’m getting more and more shiny as this video goes on. And I have like on a tank top and you can see my bra because nothing is more professional than that in this world. And then on top of it, I am using a laptop and a web camera, which I don’t.

[00:24:15] Yeah, the fact this web camera I’m using for our talk is the exact same web camera I use. And I had it on my computer though, like Mount it and I’m a hand talker, and if you’re watching this, you can see this and I’m like, hit my desk and like it’s shaking the camera. So it is a hot mess. All right.

[00:24:31] And I just did not have that in me. Like the information was solid. It just, the delivery wasn’t as good as it could have been. And definitely the presentation was as good. It’s a little bit echo-y and my background is all weird. Like it’s a whole thing, but I didn’t, I started and I sucked real bad and, but I kept showing up and I kept sucking.

[00:24:49] And once I hit like probably the 75 to a hundred video mark, I hit a stride like, okay, this is a quality I can maintain that it’s not complicated, but also doesn’t make me look like a complete newb in this. But as I was doing it, I got a following. It was slow and super steady. And it was exhausting at times because I’m seeing like channels.

[00:25:13] At the time like social media examiner was like doing like the journey. I was watching all these YouTubers who were growing like nickname in and you know, that IQ channel, the two buddy channel that all these people that were crushing it. And I’m like, why is this? But it’s just you know, I had a really ask up a lot of questions.

[00:25:28] Like it’s okay, first of all is okay. My quality is good. And I’m solving problems for people too. It’s is going to take time because I’m a resource channel or people are coming to me for individual problems to solve. And I don’t have a massive audience existing to draw from. I am using my YouTube channel to build an audience and to build an email list.

[00:25:50] Now, social media examiner had hundreds of thousands of people on emails that they could send the journey to every week. Like I did not have that. And so just one of those things, it’s like it’s with mess of things. So you have to go into. Raw and new and suck tastic so that you can get better.

[00:26:08] That’s the only way that you can get. And I always want to remind people, this is so hard for us as professionals, once you to remember what it was like at your first job, even your first job, like in your perf your chosen profession, like how good were you at it? Like, how did you know what you were doing?

[00:26:25] Were you scared out of your mind? Were you overly confident? And then got like, knocked down a few pegs real, real fast. And did you maybe get put on probation for some reason because you just weren’t doing something right. Or you’re pissing people off. I’m totally speaking from experiences with these examples.

[00:26:39] And so it’s just one of those things that’s you’re supposed to suck at something you do for the first time. And you’re going to get better. And the only way to get better is to start and to learn and to improve. So like when we’re talking about video, whether it is these simple little quick, 15 minute TikTok videos, or if we’re trying to do like a long form search base SEO, strategy-based video content for YouTube, which is what I’m gonna encourage you to do.

[00:27:01] And our talk, you’re going to have those rough videos to get you started.

[00:27:06] Jeff Sieh: Totally been there. Totally have done that. I have a story where I finally cashed in all my chips and I had guy Kawasaki on who was like the big deal for me, worked for apple and I’m getting ready to go live.

[00:27:17] And I hit my cup of water. It was actually a water bottle and the whole water thing fell out and went right in my lap and we’re live. And I’m like had a wet Christ the entire time with my guy Kawasaki interview. And it shows on my face. So I’ve been there at eight and it sucks. And it’s horrible, but you right.

[00:27:34] You have to embrace the suck and move through it and go to that. So on one of the things I want to talk about really quickly, I’m going to throw a little audible in there is why did you go all in on YouTube and not Facebook? We before we got started online, we talked about why you like, now you’re gonna mess with YouTube.

[00:27:53] Not going to mess with Facebook. Why did you go there?

Why Did You Focus on YouTube?

[00:27:58] Desiree Martinez: Facebook at its core. Like I got on Facebook when you could only get it with a college email. I remember I got on because I was fortunate to do a study abroad program in Rome. And my roommates were all from the east coast and I was from the west coast and they were like, you have to get on Facebook.

[00:28:14] My space is so lame. And I was like, okay, let me check this out. So my entire first month of posting on Facebook was like my adventures around Rome, the places that I had been while it was there, Italy won the world cup. So we were drunk for three days and it was just like, this is what I was doing on it.

[00:28:30] And I was connecting with my friends. A lot of me have places to connect with my friends, from my program. And then like later, my friends from college shortly after that, like my family got on board. And then my friends from high school started like showing up. And when I started networking and like when, and how I got into social media marketing, it was like teaching adults.

[00:28:49] I’m air quoting your adult. What Facebook was and how they could use it for their businesses. And I was like 23, when that all happened, 24. And someone said, Israel, you should use for a business. And I’m like, no, one’s going to pay me to be on Facebook. And, I eat my words every day, but now, what is it, 15 years since I have been on this platform.

[00:29:11] That’s what it still is all about. It’s about connecting with your friends and your family and sharing your journeys. And I think that we went through this really aggressive period. I think probably from 2010 to 2017, where it was very much let’s just get our brands in front of people. And that’s why people started not liking the platform as much.

[00:29:33] And Facebook sort of making all these changes to make it harder for pages to have a presence. And they’re like, you know what? Our users care more about our people and for their individual relationships, advertising wallets, a foundation of how we make money. People need to pay to be in front of these people.

[00:29:48] And it slowly started to have this transition and they’ve tried to adopt and take different things. Like they acquired Instagram, they’ve acquired WhatsApp. Now they’re doing this whole thing with Metta. Now they’re doing all this stuff with Oculus references this future, and there’s going to be a lot of things we still have to pay attention to.

[00:30:02] And if I was to do anything from a business perspective with Facebook, I think that has incredible value. I think it’s Facebook groups. However, like we’ve been talking about that’s what works for my business, my industry, my people who are on Facebook. Are there to hang out and connect in the groups and do these very specific themes because of how I get my leads for my business, because of how I know things work because of my literal five years of, or my six years of having my agency and my four years of being uneasy.

[00:30:37] I know where my leads come from and I’ve done the time. I’ve tried going all in on Facebook. I’ve had a live show, I’ve done all of the things. And my conclusion within that is people are not interested in learning about social media from me on Facebook. They want to do it on YouTube because YouTube is where they can search for their problems.

[00:30:56] And I can show up as a solution. Facebook is where like we build relationships and continue to have engagement. And I would rather do that from my personal profile than my business.

[00:31:07] Jeff Sieh: Yeah, I think that’s super smart. And one of the reasons we go live everywhere with tools like Ecamm and restream is it allows us to go there because to me it’s not just giving information.

[00:31:16] I also love to build community. Like I love seeing Sabrina in here every week and Gary and Robert leaves here, and Dustin always shows up, even if he just waved his hand. So I love that about. Kind of getting the mix of all that stuff. So that being said, I want to talk a little bit more and we’ve teased at the beginning of the show.

[00:31:35] I want to talk about live shopping because I really like it. And I think it’s not just over on Amazon live, which we are over there. And by the way, you can get desert race book right underneath here, if you want to. But it’s been a big topic. If you look at all the, the predictions everybody’s talking about live shopping, not just on Amazon, but also, Instagram’s planning on doing something, uh, Facebook for sure.

[00:31:57] All this stuff. So according to business, insider YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, they’ve all recently launched this a bunch of social Ecammmerce tools. So this is great for influencers. It’s more revenue opportunities, it’s ways to connect with fans. So I would love for you to talk to us about how live shopping fits into a video marketing strategy that, like anyone can implement, if they’re an influencer or not, what do retailers store owner or store owners or sole burners.

[00:32:25] To implement live video, shopping in their strategy.

How can Business Create A Live Shopping Strategy?

[00:32:29] Desiree Martinez: For me, when I think of shopping and these people that I works best for is it’s people that have a product of some kind even me as a service-based business, the only product physical, tangible product I have is my book. And I, you can, I think have some different shopping, if I have digital tools that I’m selling or if I want to find a way to sell my package, Or like my YouTube mastermind that I’m watching, like if I wanted to have this shopping experience, but I really think that the best place, like the best way to do star shopping to start with shopping is to use the native tools.

[00:33:00] Every single platform has a native way to shop. We’ve got it with Instagram. We have with TikTok, we have with Facebook, you can set up your store no matter what kind of product or service you sell and allow us to be able to learn about it, click on it and potentially buy it right then and there. And so when it comes to the live shopping aspect of it, it’s really just an extension of that.

[00:33:19] I don’t think that you should do live shopping without setting up a store. That’s going to, that’s designed for you to sell. So like with my Amazon shopping, I have a lot of I grouped together products to help you with stuff like, like a basic live-streaming basic recording, set every books.

[00:33:36] I think that every video creator needs to read, I have those on there, but I’m also in the video influencer program as well. And I’m just creating videos, reviewing everything I own in my home, which I’m pretty sure is 80% bought off of Amazon and, or can’t be found on Amazon because it’s just a way for me to ever have new into my business.

[00:33:55] And for example, like this makeup kit, like I wore this, I shout out today, they got to watch me put it on because I did it right before last year I did a whole product review about this because it’s something that I use. It’s nothing to do with what I do, but it’s a way for me to add more value to that product.

[00:34:10] And so that’s the other part of it. If you have a. Getting into the hands of people that have an audience, people do buy and shop from so that you can get it. I talk with this with YouTube. When I educate people, like when it comes to YouTube from a product-based perspective, like a Spanx is the example that I’d love to use Spanx as a terrible YouTube channel hearable.

[00:34:30] It’s basically just a dumping ground for like their media spots. Don’t even have a cover at the top, nothing, but everyone knows a Spanx is I. And when you go search Spanx on YouTube, they have thousands. If not hundreds of thousands of people talking about it and they’re building because their audience trusts them because they’re going to be the people that they go to for body, from shape where this is the person I trust for shape.

[00:34:55] Whereas I might not trust, this gamer over here, it talks about shaper, but I’m a trust this person who has a body type, like mine, that I’ve been following for a while, I’m gonna buy what she says is good. And that’s how like influencer marketing works. So that’s, I think how streaming.

[00:35:10] I live shopping will work also as well within that. So set up your shops first and foremost on all the platforms that you want, that people are on, that you are on, people are on, so they can buy from you very easily and tag very easily and just hit by very easy, especially with Instagram and then, figure out like, Hey, how do I, how can I get my product in front of people who already have an audience that will buy this product from it, or the service from it, and then ask yourself is doing it myself necessary.

[00:35:38] And if it is

[00:35:39] Jeff Sieh: then do it so real quickly, I want to talk about, because I know a lot of Merck is huge on YouTube. Like when we talk merger, like people are selling t-shirts and gamers and all that stuff. So how big do you need to be before you start offering Merch to your audience? Or should you not even worry about it until you get to a certain level?

[00:35:57] What are your thoughts on like Merch? Cause it seems like everybody asked to sell merch on YouTube

When Should You Consider Selling Merch on YouTube?

[00:36:03] Desiree Martinez: I think it just depends again on your audience. Again, I have a, how to channel that is very focused on like how to solve people’s problems. So like on YouTube we have a reach graph and it shows us our audience and it tells us basically, how many new viewers are we getting and how many repeat viewers are we getting?

[00:36:25] I think if your lines are touching each other, like they’re close together, you should open up a merge store. If yours are far apart, like where you have in my case, I have a lot of new viewers and I have a very low number of return viewers. I do not have a merge shop because my audience knows my channel is exists to be a resource, but community is you know, I’m gone to the snow dogs or, someone like disk, a Stansberry who has built this really threatening community around being.

[00:36:56] Uh, getting a very women base and helping them create money for their life, no matter where they are, um, Amy Schmittauer Landino, like she has her products and everything that she’s listed on there, there are certain, I think, milestones that you get to usually with people over a hundred thousand subscribers and they have certain numbers that they’re hitting, they can have success with those sorts of things.

[00:37:18] It depends on, I think, how personal relationship you are that you have with your audience. It allows for them to understand inside jokes and things like that. Like swoop did a really funny thing where she was like, she had gotten the video D monetized because of how she was talking about YouTube or something like that.

[00:37:32] And so rather than saying YouTube, she would say the duck. And then like, whenever she wanted to swear, she would say the pear. And so she creates his whole life. This line of like duck and pear was like duck, the pear. And it was very funny and it was just this whole, like it’s inside joke for her community.

[00:37:47] So it really depends on the kind of channel you are, the kind of brand you are. That’s creating stuff. I have. That Merck sells best and people have a personal relationship with the creator. And that usually tends to be based on the kind of content they have. So for people who make a vlog channel, who are entertaining, bringing people into their life, they’ve built this personal connection.

[00:38:11] So they more likely to buy from.

[00:38:13] Jeff Sieh: That’s a great point. In fact so Gary has this great point that I want to bring up. Gary is one of our community members. He’s here almost every week. He goes, I was talking to a business owner who runs a hair products brand yesterday. She has grown a 725,000 follower, Instagram channel through community content.

[00:38:32] So I’m all about community. I hope that the people who are in the community realize that I love seeing our fans and our friends here. They’re amazing. One of the things I’ve talked about him a lot is Lumon jello. He does the Disney. And he’s got t-shirts and stuff and they do, they rally around him.

[00:38:51] He raises money for Make-A-Wish he’s I think he’s raised $250,000 for his Make-A-Wish, team. And so it’s just a matter of,

[00:38:59] Desiree Martinez: my, I have my favorite product. Okay. I, okay.

[00:39:02] Grace Duffy: Okay. Yes, I’m ready.

Favorite Creator Product on YouTube

[00:39:03] Desiree Martinez: Ready? Okay. So it’s my favorite creator product lad, baby. I have been following lab babies since he went viral from creating this baby product.

[00:39:13] It was like his wife won the, this the joke with how he got viral. This is why I kept asking him to go buy these things that he didn’t want to pay that much money for. He was like, I could make this cheaper. Cause they knew they were in the budget phase of their life. So I’ve been following him for years.

[00:39:33] From his father, he’s a UK creator. He talks. So he’s upset. Like his whole brand is like sausage rolls and he’s got two kids and his whole wife gets into it. It’s this whole fun thing. My favorite product of theirs every year for. They do a Christmas song and it started off as this joke, not a joke.

[00:39:52] It was a well-intended thing. So in the UK, they have a thing called the Christmas number one, new Christmas songs come out every year. And then they like you, they fight for the number one spot. And this nobody content influencer creator decided to create a Christmas song about sausage rolls and sell it for Christmas.

[00:40:14] And all of the proceeds went to the food banks in the UK to help families in need because they had this act one in four kids in the UK doesn’t get enough to eat and they rely on these food banks to get it, but they struggle with money and funding. And so they sold this song like on iTunes and all the proceeds, all the profits went to the charity and because it’s for a good cause and because it’s hilarious.

[00:40:41] He got the number one Christmas song over like famous people. So he just broke a record, bring the first art artist I’m recording to hit the number one, four years in a row. He makes a new song every year about Christmas and sausage rolls and does it. And this year he got ed Sheraton and Elton John to partner with him on it and all the money to pay down all the money that goes to that same food bank every year.

[00:41:10] It is my favorite creator product ever because it’s the underdog story. It’s for a good cause. And it’s so ridiculously on brand and it’s on tangible and all that kinds of, I love it. It’s like it’s hands down my favorite creator product. And that’s the kind of stuff I think that we as content creators.

[00:41:31] Are able to do, because we have these awesome communities that we build, that we can do things within cell to and grow. That’s why community is so important and community doesn’t have to be a Facebook group who doesn’t have to be a pain. My community is in my email. I have email lists of almost 15,000 people that I email and our last email that we sent got over 50% open rate.

[00:41:53] So that’s how I know I’m giving great value to my audience because they know what to expect from me. And they know I’m going to help them. And they’re helping me earn money in an unconventional way. I didn’t even realize it just by watching my videos. They helped me make money because of AdSense, by me being able to promote my book to my list and they buy my book helps you make money.

[00:42:17] And then like when I launched things or like I do a live stream or I’m speaking somewhere, especially virtually, or like when I launch a product, like I am launching a YouTube masterclass. Or I’m a mastermind. I know that people from my list will join it and click on it and check it out because they know who I am and where they came from and how they’ve connected with me.

[00:42:37] Grace Duffy: Absolutely. I love that story for two reasons. One, it’s an awesome story. And two, I think it is a message out there for all the people that say I can’t make money on the thing that I love. I love to do this thing, but I can’t make money off of it. You will find a way. And I love that this is involves Christmas sausage rolls, which are my two favorite things as well.

[00:42:58] So

[00:43:00] Desiree Martinez: I’ve never heard of a sausage. I never heard of socialist real till I,

[00:43:06] I think it’s a British thing more than like a thing that we know commonly in the states. I’ve never seen one I’ve looked for them, but

[00:43:15] Jeff Sieh: we have kolaches which had sausage in a roll. So I don’t know. Maybe we just call them

[00:43:20] Desiree Martinez: Up north in Michigan. We have kolaches too, but it’s. A sweet treat it’s I got nuts and stuffing in sprinkled in brown sugar and powdered sugar.

[00:43:31] Jeff Sieh: You learned something new every everyday. That’s why we love our community here. And so I love stories about community. I love the, that story that you share with us. That’s right. Cause that’s just, I love that the underdog story and the creators can really make difference a difference with their community.

[00:43:47] Speaking of community, I have to, I mentioned the great community over at Ecamm who sponsors this show who makes it happen, that we are able to spend this time with all you great folks here in the comments, you can find out more about them at

[00:44:04] Of course. I see. You can make sure you check out their training. They do a great job with community with doc rock over there and Katie and all the other, the two owners. They’re amazing. So make sure you guys go check that out as well. Our last section, we’re going to be talking about leveraging video content offline.

[00:44:21] And this was interesting. And we wanted to bring this up because last week, TikTok announced a partnership with this company called atmosphere, which streams, curated video content in commercial spaces, like waiting rooms, gyms, and restaurants, all places that we want to go back to really quickly.

[00:44:39] But together, these companies developed a dedicated, a TikTok channel that tries to capture the best of the app viewing experience while catering to the out of the home format. So what they’re talking about is by partnering with the atmosphere they’re excited to make this experience by bringing people together with joy and creativity and all this stuff, which is really interesting.

[00:45:00] And this is from a TikTok Dan page. You know, what does it take to transform social media content and. Something that can exist and make actually sense and make you some money outs offline. I know Lou does a thing with, he has his momentum group, which is an event. Uh, in-person things that people can go to and even TV.

[00:45:24] Now I’m wondering do those creators get paid that are making stuff for this offline stuff. So talk to us a little bit about how small businesses can connect its brand social content to shared offline experiences. Do you have any examples or anything that you’ve seen? Somebody you’ve seen big success successful at this.

Creating Video Content To Be Used Offline

[00:45:43] Desiree Martinez: There is a lot of different ways to do this, but honestly, there’s not a lot. I think let’s just say that there are not a lot of ways to do this. I think, unless you get really creative, the best way to take something from the digital, the digital world and do the real world is usually through an event of some kind.

[00:46:01] So whether that is a for example, There are leaves is, was one it’s like the old G YouTube educator. And he is, and he has got this point in his branding where he works on. He’s like a, an investor in the chosen series, which is another offline kind of way that he’s done. It. He’s been able to work with advertising companies like the Harmon brothers for years, the harm brothers have made like the Squatty potty, the purple mattress, like all of the really hilarious viral ads that we see started from them.

[00:46:29] And now he is like the exclusive, like YouTube advisor for Mr. Beast. It’s one of those things, like what he’s been able to do is imitate him. But what his big thing is like how, and this started like seven, eight years ago is he created vid summit. That summit is a video marketing. Conference just for YouTube wares and content creators, they can go, they can network, they can connect with brands and they can learn from their fellow creators about how they’re growing their business and making money.

[00:46:54] And I think that’s like how you can like have that kind of a shift. What’s also great about growth and money is like when you are using social media and you’re getting more money and you’re getting more influenced and you’re getting more reach, it’s going to give you other opportunities. So for another example is Dr.

[00:47:08] Mike, Dr. Mike is a YouTuber and now took talker who has over five minutes of scrapers on YouTube. And he is literally an ER doctor, like he’s a literal ER doctor. And he just announced that he’s going to be doing a nationwide tour, where he gets to go and meet people and asks people’s medical questions and meet with his fans, his audience, he’s taking his digital world and going in person.

[00:47:31] And so it’s like these kinds of things. We can take your brand and precisely because we’re building these strong. Digital communities and build these strong digital relationships. Like, why don’t you think about this? How many people do you know that you’ve never met in person? Like I know Jeff, I’ve never one time I met him at social media marketing world, but beyond that I’ve never really spent time with them, but we spend time every week together on social media together, commenting, interacting in these same communities.

[00:48:00] And we know who the other one is. I hadn’t met. You know, the majority of the people that we know in our social media marketing space and person until like we have these like annual events, like social media marketing world or vid summit or things like that. And so being able to take things in person is like a huge accomplishment.

[00:48:20] I think being able to take your brand and make it into tangible products is also really helpful. So again, having research, having. Having like a kid or something to you, again, Amy Landino she’s done that. She has, she started her with her book vlog, like a boss, which is how I got into YouTube.

[00:48:35] And now she’s evolved and she has, good morning, good life, which is her book or manual to help you start your day for success. And let it go on your terms that she’s created a planner from it, and, and this is like those kinds of things that you can do to take things into a real-world situation.

[00:48:51] So I think the best way is to take a digital something or other is make it in-person events and things. And I guess you even argue retail stores and restaurants like, Hey, look at how amazing this food Bluffs come eat it with us. Or, Hey, look at this product. You want one come into the store and buy one.

[00:49:07] And then also as digital creators, creating something tangible for people to consume.

[00:49:13] Jeff Sieh: So one of the things I’d say that you don’t have to have a million YouTube followers to create a, an event or a mastermind. I know a lot of people were making tons of money who are really good at their job. Who have created a mastermind and are killing it there and using the and developing their community that way.

[00:49:31] So don’t think oh, I’ve got to wait until I get a million YouTube subscribers or a hundred thousand or whatever. If you have a a message and you are excellent at what you do, you can take this and make an offline a event.

[00:49:44] Desiree Martinez: Yeah. For me, when I think about it, like even my stuff, I use YouTube as a way to get leads to my business, to my agency.

[00:49:54] So that’s another way I’m granted, I’m taking things from a public digital space into a virtual, like a one-on-one digital space, like the email and all that kind of stuff. But it just one of those things that, that you’re able to do so much, and I’ve been doing this since I’ve had less than a thousand subscribers on my YouTube channel, because I showed up, I gave value and I was myself.

[00:50:13] And that’s how I like build a foundation of what I’m doing with everything that comes to content. I show up, I get value when I’m be myself, I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. I talk too fast for most people. And I, people, I tell them all the time let me talk to you fast. I’m sorry, you can get slowed down in the video or you listened too slow.

[00:50:28] Those are like your only options with me because they’ve got a lot to say in a very short amount of time. And I haven’t even

[00:50:34] Jeff Sieh: so I was, I was just asking you really quickly because we have just a few minutes left. I wanted to have some time for you to tell everybody where to find you, but what’s the best advice you could give somebody who wants to nurture a community and not in a skeevy way.

[00:50:48] I want to get all these people to sign up to Amway or whatever. Sorry, if you’re an amateur, you didn’t mean it like that, but those pyramid schemes, you don’t, you’re not trying to capitalize evenly on your friends and people who sign up underneath you. Really foster and nurture community.

[00:51:02] What are some advice you have.

Best Advice on How to Nurture an Online Community

[00:51:05] Desiree Martinez: Show up, give value, be yourself. That’s really the best thing that you can do. You have to be consistent. You have to show up, you have to be there. You have to answer questions. You have to give in order to get like way back in the day, like 2013, Gary V Avro, his book jab, jab, jab, right hook.

[00:51:21] And that’s what it was. I was like, I’m going to give, I’m going to give, I’m going to punch him a question. Then I’m going to come in and swing. And that’s what? My ask. I do my ass. So I give value to my audience every week with two to three videos a week. And I show up every week in their email with value where I’m not only sharing with them, the videos they’ve have.

[00:51:37] I have like events that they can check out. I often in social media news and trends that they can find a way to capitalize off of this. I’m just trying to make their life easier. That way, when I asked for something, not only are they opening the email, but they know that whatever I’m going to give them is going to support that as well.

[00:51:52] So that’s the best thing I think that anyone can do when they’re trying to nurture and build the company.

[00:51:56] Jeff Sieh: So for our community, they asked that I am going to give is that you guys would all go follow a Desiree at all-in-one social, get her book. You can see that on Amazon. You can go and check that out there, but I would, that would be a great thing that you could do to help me out to help her out.

[00:52:15] So you guys would do that. I would be appreciated follow her everywhere. What else do you have cooking? You mentioned this, um, YouTube course. You got coming in. What’s some other things that you got coming up, or where would you like people to find out and follow you and download all the things?

Final Thoughts

[00:52:30] Desiree Martinez: So I, you can find me and when I’m doing this for me is just go to my YouTube channel. You can find it on YouTube at only one social media. Like I try to keep it all within that house. I’m trying to offer you need a video. If you want to know how something is made, please comment and tell me so I can get that done for you.

[00:52:44] And then you know, it was P get on the email list and I offer. Freebies and every single video to help you on your social media, whether it’s content planning list of videos that you should make, straight a live streaming overlays, I’m just trying to make your life as easy as possible. And then we can take connected through the email.

[00:53:01] And then I can tell you when I’m doing things like free speaking events or joining by YouTube, a mastermind that I’d be launching in February.

[00:53:10] Jeff Sieh: And, uh, one of the things I love our community, I want to have Gary I’d love our community so much. Gary says he loves sausage rolls. Yes, it’s British eat with HP sauce.

[00:53:20] I don’t know what HP sauce. I’m a little scared to ask Gary. I would love to know what that is. And he also said lots of gyms today, guys. Thank you. And also shallow production says great show today, guys, appreciate you being here as well, Grace, as always just amazing job producing the show, where can people find the amazing.

[00:53:41] Grace Duffy: I am here every week with Jeff appropriately providing value and good content. And I love bringing the show to you every single week. I’m also over at restream I’m their video content manager, and we are deep in our content plan. So we have a lot of things coming up over the next year. So I’m very excited about that.

[00:53:59] But please come back and join us again here. Next week, I will be here. Jeff will be here. I don’t know who else is going to be here. Hopefully

[00:54:05] Jeff Sieh: all of you have some good people coming and yes. Thank you. We’re also a podcast we’d love for you guys to whatever podcast player you’re listening to. Spotify apple, uh, Google, wherever we’d love for you guys to leave us a rating review that really helps us out.

[00:54:19] And with that

[00:54:21] Desiree Martinez: last comment, are you on Amazon? Are you on the Amazon’s podcast? If you’re live on Amazon? I

[00:54:25] Jeff Sieh: am. I actually, you can actually subscribe to Amazon play over on Amazon line, but it’s just by clicking down below. Thank you for reminding me that. That’s great. That’s awesome. Sabrina says Desiree is totally off the hook.

[00:54:37] She’s a, she’s an instant fan for sure. Thanks Sabrina. You are amazing Sabrina. And with that, we’ll let you guys go have a great weekend. Thank you so much. Love all of you. Talk to you later. Bye now.

[00:54:49] Grace Duffy: Bye everyone. Peace.

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