This week’s episode of Social Media News Live is a bit of a mailbag episode! Jeff Sieh, Grace Duffy, and Erik Fisher team up to talk about the latest trend and news on social audio, social shopping, and live video. We’ll be covering what’s new with Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, Clubhouse, and more!


[00:00:00] Jeff Sieh: Welcome to Social Media News Live! I’m Jeff Sieh and you’re not…

[00:00:04] Grace Duffy: and I’m Grace Duffy.

[00:00:05] And this is the show that keeps you up to date on the world of social media. And today we’re joined by our friend, Eric, John Fisher. Eric, how are you today?

[00:00:17] Erik Fisher: Hi, I’m great. And don’t call me Shirley. That’s right. You’re using my middle name. That’s

[00:00:22] Jeff Sieh: unnerving to me. Nobody knows. It’s like you’re in trouble.

[00:00:24] Like your mom is talking to or something. Yeah, I am your mom. I’m your

[00:00:27] Grace Duffy: mom. I’m the show, mom. There you go.

[00:00:29] Jeff Sieh: Yeah, we could go so far with that anyway. If you don’t know who Eric Fisher is, he is the producer and host of the long running, beyond the to-do list podcast for over eight years. And he’s been talking with experts on how to implement productivity strategies in their personal and professional lives.

[00:00:45] It’s amazing podcast, tons of great people there. So if you haven’t gone and listened to it, make sure you go to beyond the to-do and check that out.

[00:00:56] Grace Duffy: Yeah. So today, like Jeff was saying at the top of the show, today’s a little bit of a mailbag episode. We get a ton of just random social media marketing news that we just wanted to jump in.

[00:01:06] And what better way to talk about an hour with our friend Eric here, who also keeps up in the world of social media. As you saw this week, many of our friends were at various conferences. So we had podcast movement last week. And then I think social media week Lima just wrapped up. That was with the now marketing group, with our friend Jessica Phillips running that.

[00:01:28] And we at reshape were headed to fin con and video marketing world and vid summit. What events are you guys headed to this

[00:01:34] Jeff Sieh: fall? I’m going to have my own event in my backyard. Barbecue is what I’m going to have for this a little bit. No, but so we’re doing this weekend? No. So Eric, what about you?

[00:01:42] Are you, what are your plans? I know you did some virtual ones. I know you went to podcasts. Yeah.

[00:01:47] Erik Fisher: Yeah, I did. I did podcast movement virtually and I wanted to go to Lima. It was close. I couldn’t make that work because first few days of school for my kids and, oh boy, was it a good thing? I was here because we’re broken and messed up and all over the place.

[00:02:01] So I became super dad and super husband. Apparently. That’s good. But yeah, I’m look looking at what else I want to do in the fall. And I’m like, yeah, I don’t know. What’s safe to do right now, but virtual still got some great options this fall that I’m really looking forward to. So yeah.

[00:02:18] Jeff Sieh: So Jamie samples, Hey Jamie, thank you for stopping by.

[00:02:21] She says social media week, Lima 21 was awesome. So yeah, that’s gonna be that’s I’m glad it’s done well, it’s FOMO every year. I got to get there sometimes. So have you been Grace? Did you go.

[00:02:34] Grace Duffy: I haven’t because again, my kids went, one of my kids went back to school this week and I’m like, Eric, I was really glad it’s here because it’s been with everything changing.

[00:02:43] And I was just like, I’m glad I was here. But man, Lou seeing all the tweets and the posts and my friends being on stage, it’s oh, I want to go back to that. So bad. But there’s an alternative. Isn’t there. Death.

[00:02:54] Jeff Sieh: There is virtual conferences, folks. It’s all the rage, by the way, we’re having amazing one coming up on September 13th through 16th, you can sign up.

[00:03:02] Now it’s from the people who help sponsor this awesome show. Ecamm, they have the Leap Into Live Streaming Bootcamp. Look at all these well, there’s two bearded people on, it’s good. If you see two periods of people who are going to speak of Pat Flynn, who copied me and had to grow a beard.

[00:03:15] But it’s amazing. This is going to be so much fun. I’m going to be talking all about how to use a live video to increase your podcast. Reach. Pat has been killing it. He did like a whole year of live. Every day all Leslie, our friend, Leslie’s going to be there. Stephanie Lou, tons of other people it’s free, but you want to sign up to make sure you get all the good stuff that’s going on right now.

[00:03:36] So make sure you guys go to Leap Into Live dot com. That’s Leap Into Live dot com and check that out by our friends over at Ecamm. It’s going to be a ton of fun. I can’t wait for it. Join us and tell him that Jeff sent you, would you that other bearded guy? Yeah, going to be excited. So

[00:03:52] Grace Duffy: I’m really excited to see, I saw Zaley bark Barclay down in the lineup.

[00:03:57] She just wrapped up thinking color, which was virtual. It was a few weeks ago. I did a session there on using live video to help grow your business. But it was phenomenal. In fact, I was going back to the organizers and said, I can’t believe you’re making me follow all of this awesome. This they’re like no, you’re great.

[00:04:15] You’re wonderful. I was like, oh no, but if you get a chance to see XayLi Barclay and the whole crew and our friend, Stephanie Liu was there too. I’m excited

[00:04:23] Jeff Sieh: about that.

[00:04:23] And I met she’s a XayLi’s from Dallas. Yup. Video marketing world a couple years ago. She is amazing. Very cool. So I’m looking forward to her session as well.

[00:04:32] So with that, make sure you guys go once again to Leap Into Live dot com. Check that out for my friends over at Ecamm. So let’s jump into some of the news, cause we got a ton of stuff to cover. So Grace,

[00:04:42] let’s talk about this first one, this LinkedIn adding a native video option, which I’m all for videos.

LinkedIn Adds Native Video Meeting Option

[00:04:48] Jeff Sieh: So I’m excited about this.

[00:04:50] Grace Duffy: I’m super excited about this as well. So they’re adding in the past, they’ve had third-party support for video conferencing. Like they’ve had partnerships with other platforms and so this past week or two, they rolled out their own native chat feature messaging feature, video chat, messaging feature in their messaging.

[00:05:10] tool there that they have in there. And so it was very quietly rolled out. if you don’t know, if you have it, go check on your messaging app, you should still be able to see, there’s an option to create a video meeting within a chat window. They also have the option to pick any of their other video providers, if you want to.

[00:05:28] They said that, the reason behind rolling this out is to drive productivity, drive conversations. As we know, most people are relying now on video to talk to each other, to become a more natural, where people probably were a little scared of it this past year.

[00:05:47] Jeff Sieh: Okay. I thought that was just me. Nope. I’m glad. It’s so grace, grace fresh. She was not in the middle of a weird face. But she’s, she’ll come back, but I will

[00:05:56] Erik Fisher: ask you, as she was saying, luckily through the, through this past year we’ve been using so many video conferencing tools, all, zoom in there.

[00:06:05] She has so many, but we’ve also been so used to video conferencing and bandwidth and camera and.

[00:06:12] Jeff Sieh: Itch issues like this. And grace usually blames her kids being on Netflix, but they’re in school. So she can’t do that anymore. So I don’t know why

[00:06:18] Grace Duffy: one of them is still home. I’ll be on Netflix. Here’s my video.

[00:06:24] Okay.

[00:06:26] Jeff Sieh: Walkie, but we’ll let you clear up for awhile. I want to do it a shout out to real quick. Let’s see from Tracy, she watches this over on guy Kawasaki. When we do a live show over there, she has joined us from LinkedIn going, oh, Jeff Mahalo. And so she asked also, who is this lovely lady? This is Mike co-producer and host Grace.

[00:06:43] Duffy. She’s amazing from Restream. So that’s who she is. Tracy, you want to follow her everywhere because she’s also awesome. Just like Eric, but grace is awesome. Yes she is. Let’s talk about, we were talking about this these these new video things over on LinkedIn. So I don’t know where you cut off at grace, but.

[00:07:01] Erik Fisher: I think Grace, what you were saying was this li through the pandemic video conferencing tools have become very prevalent. And so I think that’s somewhere where your thought was, and then you froze. So I’m

[00:07:13] Grace Duffy: sorry. Yeah. So I think it just, yeah, I think people are used to being on video now.

[00:07:20] And so this is a natural extension of their, of LinkedIn’s chat feature. But the one thing that in their quote about it was that they want to roll this out to keep people safe. So I think there’s also an added measure of security there where you can have these one-on-one private conversations within LinkedIn without having to leave the app where you’re probably already talking to people or the platform while you’re already talking to people anyway.

[00:07:47] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. I like this idea. So I like one I’ve loved LinkedIn. Luckily we were able to get in for this show. We have a lot of people watching Tracy over on LinkedIn was saying hello to us. I love being able to go live on LinkedIn. I love video on LinkedIn. I love, especially for, we talked about a couple of weeks ago, the great recession was happening.

[00:08:07] Everyone’s, trying to update their job, get a new one. Being able to do this, I think being able to connect with people directly over on LinkedIn, like there’s so many things I can’t wait to people like Vivica Von Rosen over there, get strategic about that. So how could you be strategic with connecting with people with video right now?

[00:08:24] It looks like it’s just, one-to-one if I needed to talk to Grayson Hey, I hear you have a job opening, I will, I won’t shave my beard, but I would like to apply. So just to see what they would say about that, so I think that kind of stuff is really cool. What are your thoughts?

[00:08:36] Erik Fisher: Yeah. I, at first I was like, do we really need this? But as I’ve thought more about it, I’m thinking they’re saying safety. And I think there’s a certain, no amount of potential increased safety by being able to do video calls with people that you’re already connected to. In other words, you already have netted them or at least I hope you did, because I also remember that a lot of people just accept.

[00:09:01] Connection request on LinkedIn instead of real connections with people they actually know or have, or even passively have somewhat known equate, actual acquaintances. I try to keep it strict on LinkedIn for myself in terms of connections, actual acquaintances that I’ve had conversations with or people that I know really well lower than that, it’s Hey, I just found out who you were and and so a video message from them maybe not right, because think about it, zooms become, so I throw the word zoom out there, but cause that’s the word we use, it’s the Xerox of live video or at least live video meetings, right?

[00:09:36] Zoom has become, zoom fatigue is the term. It’s not Skype fatigue. It’s not slack video message fatigue. It’s but I do think that yeah, being able to, if you’re a robust LinkedIn user, which some people are being able to jump on a video call and stuff, just an audio call. In the safe, secure setting of LinkedIn proper actually has a lot of appeal to it.

[00:10:00] Jeff Sieh: I think I agree. So Martin says this, he goes, LinkedIn live generates significant rewards for my brand and my business. He’s watching over from LinkedIn. Cause we’re going over there on LinkedIn live. But Martin, I would love to know what you think about this, or will you be using this video meeting tool over on LinkedIn and on the topic of live video, we have another.

[00:10:24] A little addition to our news is LinkedIn expands these video creator tools with this jump rope acquisition. So LinkedIn has acquired how to video app jump rope as part of its focus on expanding video tools on his platform. And so in this press release, the purpose is to pur develop new on-platform creator tools for users to share professional skills on LinkedIn learning, which is pretty cool.

LinkedIn Expands Video Creator Tools With Jumprope Acquisition

[00:10:48] Jeff Sieh: The app, which describes itself as the best place for anyone to create a house. And export it to every social platform. So I’m really interested on how that’s actually gonna work, but it’s supposed to enable users to create step-by-step tutorials using video and still images with preset formats and overlays with this acquisition that has been signed.

[00:11:07] The jump rope team will now be working exclusively on LinkedIn tools, intending to build upon its creator product. So a jump rope in a press release that I read this morning is going to sunset its platform and apps on August 20th, 2021. So about a month away. So I think this is pretty cool. I’m really interested to say It reminds me a little bit.

[00:11:28] Do you guys remember when everyone was using the SlideShare for awhile, where you were making presentations, you were uploading the SlideShare, but LinkedIn was able to use them. And people were getting a lot of traffic from this. If I can create like how to like live video 1 0 1 course on this platform and then share it over to Facebook and there, so the couple of questions, like how easy is it going to be to share across different platforms?

[00:11:49] And I am, no people are going to ask, how can I monetize this? So what are you guys’ thoughts on this?

[00:11:56] Grace Duffy: I like that it’s exclusive and we haven’t seen it rollout because jump rope is still, I think they’re not closing down until the 20th. This was just announced this last week. So I don’t exactly know how it’s going to be facilitated, but I love the idea that anyone can create these tutorials and the how tos, which of course is the best performing type of videos, at least that I’ve seen when it comes to business content.

[00:12:20] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. Eric, did you use Jumprope?

[00:12:22] Erik Fisher: I didn’t at all. I was unaware of what jump rope was, but I took a look at what their existing tool set skillset, options were. And it’s pretty impressive. What they’ve gotten, how they do it, I’ve got to say, it’s almost a lot of people are familiar with Canva and the templatization of Canva making it super easy to use.

[00:12:42] It feels a lot like that, but with not just still images, but like video and being able to plug and play just different things. It feels like a really cool tool in and of itself. And so then. LinkedIn acquiring them and inserting them into the LinkedIn creative toolkit makes me a lot more excited about creating things on LinkedIn.

[00:13:04] Jeff Sieh: I I, for awhile it was like, LinkedIn was the nerdy place and they were like way behind everybody else. And then they added stories and everybody was like, LinkedIn stories. Why would I, but they’re like, I tell you with video stuff, lease for us. And I can say that for even like guys Kawasaki show.

[00:13:20] He’s huge anyway, but the amount of views that we get, and even when we repurposed some of these clips over on LinkedIn, the amount of youth we’re getting from over there. So I love that. I think LinkedIn is a player. It really is in these platforms now for connecting with people. Like Martin was saying earlier that, he gets so much engagement from his LinkedIn lives and so much business.

[00:13:42] I just think it’s the stuff they’re doing with these last two news items. It’s going to be really cool. And I can’t wait to see what’s coming up next. So any final thoughts about LinkedIn?

[00:13:51] Grace Duffy: Danny made a really good point here. She says that. She says that I hope smaller creators can go live soon. And that just reminded me.

[00:13:59] Not everyone has LinkedIn live yet. It’s still something that’s rolling out. And I think it is getting out there more, but it’s not available to everyone. So I think this is a way to bypass that and go live and utilize video. And even that video chat feature is another good way to bypass that gate of not having LinkedIn live necessarily.

[00:14:17] Jeff Sieh: And I would say, Danny, if you haven’t reapplied to get LinkedIn live in a while, you need to, because I’ve heard a lot of people who hadn’t been able to get onto it have recently been able to get access to it. So I think they’re maybe loosening the gates a little bit to let people again. It’s very exciting.

[00:14:32] I love this new LinkedIn news. It’s just because of the connections that you make, especially if you’re doing business stuff, it’s just seems it’s not fluff. I It’s if people are looking at your content, they’re wanting your content and they’re wanting to know how they can apply it to their business for the most part.

[00:14:45] So I’m really excited for everything over there.

[00:14:49] Erik Fisher: I want to throw this in there real quick, something I’m noticing. W we’ve, all three of us have been doing social media for a very long time. I would say that one of the places that if your not really digging in with a real strategy, LinkedIn is like, if you’re starting from scratch, I would do Twitter and LinkedIn and probably YouTube right along with my podcast.

[00:15:10] That’s new to me to say LinkedIn would be part of my like definitive strategy.

[00:15:15] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. Just the connections and the comments that I’m getting over there are amazing. Oh Alyssa, so people were asking, how do we apply and Alisa she’s awesome. Thank you, Alisa. She put the link in there too.

[00:15:25] If you guys go to that link, I know it’s hard to see, but just, if you’re listening to the podcast, if you Google, how to apply to LinkedIn live, you’ll get this address. And you can go there and apply. It does take them a little bit. And I was rejected a lot before I finally got on. So keep it up because I think they really are letting you get rejected a lot.

[00:15:43] I do. I’m surprised I ever got married. I really, mostly by me, mostly me, but how did Eric, who took my call or not? Exactly.

[00:15:51] Erik Fisher: If you can apply to be my friend again, if you’d like,

[00:15:56] Jeff Sieh: so our next piece of news is this, you mentioned Twitter. This is all for you, Eric Twitter spaces. Co-hosting yeah, this is cool.

Twitter Spaces New Co-Hosting Option

[00:16:05] Erik Fisher: Yeah this is great. So I have said before that, no matter if you’re doing a live video or audio or whatever presentation stuff goes wrong, like for example, earlier, we had a quick little glitch with Grace’s video and bandwidth and whatever. And so it was a really cool thing that I was also here along with Jeff any kind of live video presentation or live audio in this instance with Twitter spaces, you’ve got to have either a cohost or a secondary producer or something.

[00:16:37] It’s just the benefits outweigh. Having to re you know like Grace Duffy said, she’s the show mom. That’s because she’s so awesome at producing the show. So being able to have somebody there to be able to bring people up onto the stage, or to be looking and have authority to actually make changes in the live broadcast, whether it’s audio or video or whatever, but being able to have somebody co-host and give them admin privileges is just at this point, it’s a no brainer for every single live video tool that’s out there or social audio tool.

[00:17:17] That’s out there. Get used to it, add this feature. If you haven’t already, we need to have some more than just the person that’s on camera have the admin privileges, because it’s just a necessity for the sake of backup and run of show and all those good things that make live video and audio.

[00:17:36] amazing

[00:17:37] Jeff Sieh: Yeah, exactly.

[00:17:38] So our friend, Dustin stout is in the author and the audience and he goes spaces. What do you think about this, Dustin? You think this is a good thing? I, like you said, Eric being able to have this, I that’s one of the reasons I do, I like to do shows where I have a a host or a co-host with me that I can switch between, get a drink of water.

[00:17:55] I always try to get Grace when she’s drinking or something happens. Cause I can see your camera. But being able to, yeah. People to move things around and change screens, I think helps people keep people engaged with more faces on there. But I love this idea. I think when we’re going to talk about Clubhouse in a little bit later, but I am just all for the more you can do.

[00:18:12] There’s all sorts of cool stuff that they’re they’re rolling out too. I’m excited about all this stuff, Grace.

[00:18:18] Grace Duffy: So I think we should also mention that they limited this to two co-hosts, so you can have two co-hosts, so you can have the host two co-hosts and then also 10 speakers So they’re widening that table of people who can speak within spaces, and then you can also promote people and, take people off the stage on, on, off. So I like that. I like that functionality.

[00:18:39] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. And the other thing about this is a couple of things that they were able to do with this.

[00:18:44] One of the things that they were doing inside of spaces, they have that new spaces bar that I think Eric mentioned which is weird, they took away fleet. And they added this. So I put in the note

[00:18:59] Erik Fisher: It’s this space bar, come on. It’s obvious.

[00:19:02] Jeff Sieh: Yes. The space bar. When I heard of it, I thought of, star wars, the Mos Eisley’s Cantina. Like you go to this space bar and have all your space friends. See that’s how much of a nerd I am. So bring up some comments. Dustin says, love spaces, love the progress we’re making. Yeah, I like this too. They’re rolling out stuff quite a bit, especially with the co-hosting. He laughed at the spaces bar and Gary really enjoyed space as well.

[00:19:30] He, okay, here we go. Much more so than Clubhouse. So Gary, let us know down below why you like spaces better than Clubhouse. I’m really interested into why, because there is a little bit of, Some people are still into, I know Dustin loves spaces way better than Clubhouse, but I would love to know you guys’ thoughts on why spaces is better.

[00:19:52] So the other thing that they were able to do is they also in this new release they added hand raised emojis to signal questions in spaces. So this is available to speakers hosts And these co-hosts now, which enables speakers to signal that they have something to add to the discussion without interrupting the chat.

[00:20:11] So speakers can switch on the raised hand, which will appear at the top, right of their profile bubble in the space. And unlike these other reaction, emojis, the raised hands will not disappear and remain present until either the user chooses to switch it off or they unmute it ready to speak. So that is cool because you could have, you could go through, like you said, okay, I’m going to answer everybody’s question.

[00:20:34] Just one question and you could go through the list and you could see who you’ve seen toggled that have spoken go through the entire people who want to speak. I think that’s really. cool So that’s awesome. The last part of the spaces news yeah. Is they have added a voice transformer tool. And the idea is that by providing more options to control how you sound, it could make people feel more comfortable, engaging with spaces while other also providing a fun, engaging option to play with in the new tool.

[00:21:02] So the only reason I see this, it’s if you’re a journalist and you’re having like deep throat come on and you’re like, spill the gut, you want to disguise somebody’s voice. Otherwise it’s going to be all these junior high boys sounding like Optimus prime is what it’s going to be. W what are your thoughts on this, Eric?

[00:21:17] Erik Fisher: Yeah, when they say voice changer tool, and then just like to make you feel more comfortable, I’m like, so making me sound silly or weird, it’s supposed to make me feel more comfortable. I thought it was going to maybe give my voice more of an MPR. I feel like more of based, increase the bass boost or something, to give more presence and have it feel less conspicuous or something, or, less wispy like this or something. I don’t know. So yeah. Yeah. I can change my voice without

[00:21:46] Jeff Sieh: an app,

[00:21:46] Grace Duffy: you are a multi-use.

[00:21:48] Erik Fisher: I can even do my Kermit the frog impression.

[00:21:52] Oh gosh, we jumped the frog.

[00:21:54] Jeff Sieh: We jumped the frog. So Gary says he really enjoyed, oh, he already said much more than the Clubhouse. I don’t know what Dustin’s saying. That nest is still my favorite feature. Do you know what the nest. I don’t know what that means.

[00:22:06] No. And Elisa says this. She goes, and she’s watching over at YouTube. She goes Clubhouse is just another place you have to log in and check. It’s a pain. And we’re going to talk about some Clubhouse news at the end, but I haven’t been on Clubhouse since they have done even the new messaging thing.

[00:22:20] So I haven’t been on there. Danny says, I like Twitter spaces better because I’m allowed to use it now. Now Clubhouse now has a Android there too, but they did shoot themselves in the foot for a long time. Not having that. Sabrina says, Hey Sabrina, I love Twitter spaces. I am over Clubhouse. So she’s over it.

[00:22:39] Okay.

[00:22:42] Erik Fisher: Pull up Jim’s comment. Okay. Dustin. Also they both the nest is apparently see, I didn’t know it was referred to as this, not that one. Oh, sorry. They’re talking about the nest, not

[00:22:56] Jeff Sieh: It’s the tweet at the top of the space,

[00:22:58] Erik Fisher: it’s where you pin tweets and you can have tweets. And that’s another reason why I like Twitter spaces so much better than Clubhouse is because you can pin specific pieces of content to actually interact with there in the instance verse or in the room, I should say, versus the Clubhouse where it’s just yeah, you’re lost.

[00:23:18] Grace Duffy: You can come in and have a context for what you’re saying. So I think that’s awesome.

[00:23:22] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. Ever since she had spaces to speak as a great to have audio on Twitter, she likes it. That’s. It goes, the voice changer is dumb. So we should multicast to Twitter space. See what happens, a lot of podcasts.

[00:23:33] That was a big thing. When it first started with Clubhouse, that could be a cool thing. We are actually going this. Joe goes out to. Twitter video. I don’t want to, they call it now. Cause Periscope’s gone. It still goes out.

[00:23:44] Grace Duffy: It’s called Twitter, Twitter live, but they haven’t changed Twitter lab. I’m sorry.

[00:23:49] Yeah. And so yeah, because they, and they still haven’t changed the Periscope branding. So if you were to go into Restream, you still have to link to Periscope and it confuses everyone because they’re like, there’s no periscope go, but I’m like just,connect, its fine.

[00:24:01] So this

[00:24:01] Jeff Sieh: is a great question. Do you space to stay around after you finished the broadcast?

[00:24:05] No. No they are. But I have heard that they’re figuring out a way maybe to download even maybe a transcript and recording. So I think that’s going to come because it’s built on Periscope’s platform and Periscope saved video. And so it’s not hard to turn. Eventually they were able to save video on their Eagle, watch a replay on Paris.

[00:24:24] So it’s built in I think it’s eventually going to happen. So Gary says Madalyn, Sklar does all things, audio spaces on Wednesday, 12:00 PM. And I always like to attend that one. Oh, that’s pretty cool. Yeah.

[00:24:35] Grace Duffy: Who, if you guys know Matt Navarra, he is a social media reporter insider. He used to write for the verge he’s on his own.

[00:24:43] Now he holds a Twitter space conversation weekly as well. And if talking about the world, like his idea of the trends and everything. That’s another one that is really cool to tune into.

[00:24:53] Erik Fisher: I’m gonna have to jump into more Twitter spaces and, or start my own.

[00:24:59] Jeff Sieh: You should do it when your podcast launches, like talk about that guest.

[00:25:02] That’s what we do with guys, live show and people really like to talk about that. So that’d be. So I tuned into that even.

[00:25:08] Erik Fisher: Have you talked at all about last week? There’s what’s his name? Mark Cuban. And the fireside thing. There’s another, yeah. Okay. That’s another one. That’s coming.

[00:25:18] You have to have a beta release or link or whatever. And it from what I know, based on our great friends over at Libsyn, hello, to LC that basically Libsyn’s already going to have a connection point with this fireside tool, which is a lot like Twitter spaces where you go in and you have conversations.

[00:25:38] And yet fireside is going to LA is going to be able to record that conversation and shoot it over as an episode on Libsyn as an, as like a podcast episode. So look for that. Keep your ear to the ground for that, in terms of people where this melding of podcasts, the Venn diagram of contract podcasting and So social audio.

[00:25:59] Yeah.

[00:26:01] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. It be, yeah. Interesting to have that. When Cuban I’m excited cause he’s all for it and he’s putting a lot of resources in it. So it’ll be interesting to see what will happen with that. Our next piece of news, remember we talked, we’ve been talking about Clubhouse and most people, according to our, unscientific poll don’t really use it anymore that much.

[00:26:16] Now our friend Ramon Ray we’ve had on before he has a month like a weekly one where he does like breakfast with something entrepreneurs and it does really well. He’s getting a lot of stuff out of it. So I’m like, man, I’ve built my business on Google plus I know Dustin did too. I’m like, if you can get engagement and even if the platform goes away, it doesn’t make those relationships any less valid.

[00:26:36] So I’m not poo-pooing it. If it works for you. That’s cool.

[00:26:40] But Clubhouse has reached 660,000 daily rooms. Grace.

Clubhouse Reaches 600k Daily Active Rooms, Improves User Experience

[00:26:47] Grace Duffy: Yes, the news is that they did have a little bit of a slump when Twitter spaces rolled out this last, I believe it was March or between March and may. And so Clubhouse became focusing on all of its efforts to expand its viewership and user participation.

[00:27:04] So the weekly town hall this past week, the Clubhouse had a Clubhouse revealed that it’s now facilitating. Over 600,000 rooms daily within the app with a significant increase from just 300,000 in may. So doubling the rooms per day. And so much of this growth is actually outside of the U S it is in India where many of those 300,000 rooms that they added on are being created within the last few months.

[00:27:33] And they’ve also started fueling growth in India as well with some India, specific creator funding. They also rolled out to Android very quietly. I think people, or like at the time, people were like, yeah, it’s an Android. And other people were like, I don’t care. So a lot of them, the a lot of that growth is being fueled by them, expanding.

[00:27:52] Jeff Sieh: An interesting thing. You mentioned India. So I like they’re also really getting a lot of pod. A lot of new podcast growth over there. I’ve been seeing a lot of Spotify users. A lot of people who listen to this podcast are from India. I’m seeing big growth there. It’s really interesting that a lot of people are saying that is the next big market.

[00:28:10] I even was listening to Lumon jellos podcast this morning and he had a former Disney executive that one of the questions was like, if you could do anything, where would you put another Disney park? Where do you think it would go? And India is on the short list because they, the users are there. Things are starting to happen.

[00:28:26] So I just have a feeling we’re going to see more and more of that, but it’s interesting that the growth is coming. A lot of that is from India and also part of that platform. And expansion into and improve user experience. Clubhouses announced it’s reducing the number of notifications sent out to the users down to one third of the current volume.

[00:28:45] The first thing I did with Clubhouse is turn off those notifications cause they were bonkers. You would lose your day. If you left those on and some other new improvements to its back channel, they’re doing some improvements to their back channels, messaging service that they rolled out, I think a month or so ago, and includes the possibility to sideswipe to start a chat thread with a room speaker, just cool.

[00:29:07] And since the launch of back channels in the middle of last month, 1.2 million unique users have sent 100 million messages. And so they’re also adding a new archive option, which is cool. And they’ve made changes to club management. So club followers will be removed as an option with only new clubs, only able to have members.

[00:29:29] They’re also introducing a new leader’s role to help maximize club engagement. These new roles and labels will favor better management of the communities within the app. I’m all for, I think one of the things is what’s going to happen is Twitter space is going to look at some of this stuff and see what’s working and they’re going to implement it really fast.

[00:29:47] And so I think competition is a good thing. No matter which way you look at it. Yeah. So we

[00:29:53] Erik Fisher: haven’t seen a lot recently in terms of Facebook’s version of social audio, but I believe that there’s inklings or better yet rumblings happening sooner rather than later. But yeah, like you said, Jeff, all this stuff is the stuff that’s unique to Clubhouse and it’s what happens when that stops being unique?

[00:30:14] I know we’ve got our gung-ho Clubhouse SIRS, but

[00:30:16] Jeff Sieh: I’m not to, at least it goes in there and does some Pinterest stuff. I know, cause I’ve joined her in a couple of. And she’s clicked on this in fewer notifications options. She did it this morning, but she said they really needed that chat option.

[00:30:26] So I think that’s really cool because that was one of the things we talked about. It’s like when we were there, we were always, it was like, if you were a speaker, it was one to many, but when you were a listener, you couldn’t do anything. And that was the appeal for Twitter spaces is you could tweet, you could direct message insight, when that was going on.

[00:30:43] And so it was a little easier. So I agree with that. Yeah.

[00:30:47] Grace Duffy: I think the hardest question, because social audio of course took off over this last year. It was like, what is the future? And I think me personally, I think that it’s going to come down to finding a day-to-day use case. So virtual events, news discussions, we just talked about podcasting using as an extension of your other social media efforts as a way to connect with your community, watching TV real-time, which is by the way, that’s how I used to use Twitter.

[00:31:10] Like maybe a decade ago was we would all watch. I dunno, madman would come out on Sunday night and you just tweet. And that doesn’t happen anymore because everything is on demand. Or you’re binge watching something you’re not necessarily. I think live sports is probably the only space or concerts, are the only times that I would see that happening. And so I think there’s some value in that. I think marketers and businesses are still finding their way with how to use it. I’m not exactly sure how, or they’re not exactly sure how social audio could be leveraged. And I think it really comes down to the fact that you can’t save and reuse the content, because I know I, as someone who works for brand is constantly like, okay, here’s something that we’re going to do.

[00:31:47] How can we reuse it 20 times? Or reuse it in 20 different ways.

[00:31:51] Jeff Sieh: I think they’ve got to, they have to start. I get the, then it goes away. And the live thing is cool. I We’re doing a live show. I’m like, Gary, we got, he pulled up his comment, Eric. So yeah. It’s, we can do cool things like that.

[00:32:04] And that’s only available to people who are alive. They can see it when they watch the replay, but it’s a different experience. I think they need to open that up for social audio. I think Twitter spaces will probably be the first one Clubhouse needs to do that. I think to stay relevant because.

[00:32:19] Yeah. It’s just like YouTube. When you go live on YouTube, it’s really cool to be there. You can interact, you can do super chats and they can answer your questions, but there’s still value that I can go back and watch alive that Nick Niman did when he was talking about how to be, start when you do a new YouTube.

[00:32:33] And so I think that, you can have best of both worlds. I think they’re limiting themselves by not having them so many people.

[00:32:38] Erik Fisher: Think about this when it comes to webinars or live video sessions, how many times the opening kind of salvo of questions are, is this being recorded? Can I watch this later?

[00:32:52] Like most people. Are not available when you’re doing your thing. Like most people are not watching this live. I contend probably a lot more people are watching this and, or listening to this after the fact, because we’re all busy, but we, and we’re all used to TiVo. We know something’s happening.

[00:33:10] We know we want to watch it or experience it, but we also know I’ll do that on my own time when I can fit it in.

[00:33:16] Jeff Sieh: The things you really love and that, and we love every single one of you who are watching live right now, like Sabrina as a, so I so much value to go back and watch it session.

[00:33:25] Very true. And Dustin says he’s watching this live just to be sure. Yeah. But they’re live. They’re like, I go, I watched Lou’s show on Wednesday lumen. Just cause it makes me happy and I enjoy it. And I like to interact with the people there watching lines. And there’s something about when Lou brings my comment up on the screen.

[00:33:44] I’m like, Lou, he likes me, and it’s the same thing. When you go live, you see your face on there. So it’s very cool. I think there’s a place for both. And I think the apps that don’t do that are really missing out. So I’m off my soap box, but anyway, I think you guys know how.

[00:33:59] Erik Fisher: I don’t know,

[00:34:00] Grace Duffy: being on a live show in all with us.

[00:34:02] Yeah.

[00:34:02] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. So let’s see our next, oh, by the way, this show, we want to make sure you guys know about Leap Into Live dot com, this amazing conference that we’re doing, that I will be speaking out, but also other, little people like Leslie, Samuel, Stephanie Lu pat Flynn, I guess he’s going to be there too.

[00:34:17] So yeah, it’s gonna be amazing. You guys need to go check that out, go to Leap Into Live dot com. Thank you so much for our friends over at e-com for sponsoring this show. And also by the way, I have a couple of spots left opened. You guys, if you want to talk about live video or about podcasting or about, like Eric just wants to talk about Batman, I’ll do all that stuff, but I have a couple of spots open for some consulting.

[00:34:40] You can go find out more about forward slash Jeff Sieh Ford slash S M N L social media news life. So Jeff Sieh that’s J E F S I E H I before E especially in. Slash S M N L. So there you go. In my book, all the slots know it’s it’s Marvel better than DC, and we all know the answer to that.

[00:35:02] It’s Marvel. But anyway it’s that, so our next piece of news is partner. This is all about Alisa. If she’s watching this creator partnership on Pinterest, so Grace, I know you’re going to talk about this and then I’m going to chime in. What say

[00:35:17] Grace Duffy: I’m just introducing the topic here. This is all you Jeff, because you are our Pinterest expert at the end of July, Pinterest launched the new way for creators to build their business and earn money on Pinterest.

Brand and Creators Partnerships on Pinterest

[00:35:28] Grace Duffy: And they were the ability to make their pins shoppable to ability to earn affiliate links or commissions through affiliate links that you post on. Pinterest. And then also the ability to partner with brands on sponsors, content sponsored content more easily. And I was hoping that you’d be able to walk us through each of these Jeff and explained what they are and what they mean for craters.

[00:35:51] Jeff Sieh: Yeah, I will do my best. Alisa Meredith is in the audience. She is she’s who I always talked to about this, but I do play around with Pinterest a little bit. This is the thing with the idea pins really popular on Pinterest. Pinterest is really pushing them really hard. They’re their own stories kind of thing.

[00:36:05] If you think of a story that doesn’t go away and that you can, like you even get a week to change it, if you want to change some stuff on a story, same thing has panels that go across the big thing that we always had issues about with ideas. Is there is no link back to if you’re trying to drive traffic to a blog post or some something else.

[00:36:24] And so it was just, it only went back to your profile. Now they have this idea pin product tagging and creators can tag their idea pins with any of the millions of product pins on Pinterest. So if you haven’t been to Pinterest in a while at Pinterest is like a massive catalog with hundreds of millions of product bins uploaded by retailers.

[00:36:41] It goes through, they have partnerships with Spotify and other partners and it’s saved by pinners. Now creators can tap into that catalog and harness that. By tagging specific products on their own idea pins. They’re also building brand partnerships, they’re beta testing, new paid partnerships, a new paid part of partnership tool that allows creators to disclose their paid partnerships.

[00:37:00] And these creators who make branded content will be able to add the brands directly to their idea pins once the brand approves the tag. And the idea to plan woke include this little paid partnership label. So it’s going to make it easier for creators to disclose partnerships with brands and use their expertise to connect with pinners authentically.

[00:37:19] So one of the cool things is now you can do affiliate thing. So I could actually, let’s say I did something with I, I was able to tag like my stream deck that I use and I can earn commissions on that. I could use my affiliate code if I could find that, or a partner would partner with that for that.

[00:37:35] So it’s really interesting. Alyssa, like I said, she is the genius about all of this stuff, but it’s exciting that we’re getting able to do something else with idea pins. And I think they’re going to open it up hopefully a little bit more. I’ve got my fingers crossed. We never know what Pinterest is going to do, but the other thing is we, we talk about this branded content in like the, having a paid sponsorship tag, we’ve talked about it on you on like Facebook has to do it before, but it’s really important for the F the FTC to disclose this stuff, because you can get in deep trouble if you don’t do this.

[00:38:07] So it’s a good thing. It’s boring, but it’s still something you need to do. If you have a paid partnership with them. So

[00:38:16] Grace Duffy: at least I mentioned that there’s three different affiliate programs that you can tag to at least. Can you drop what those are? Because I know that different companies have affiliate programs individually, but they’re all go through a marketplace and I’m curious which ones those

[00:38:30] Jeff Sieh: are.

[00:38:31] Yeah. And if you want to connect with Lisa, because she’s got courses and all sorts of cool stuff, and she does a lot of consulting, you can find her at Alisa Meredith dot com. That’s a L I S a So check her out. So that’s the Pinterest news. Anything that gives, us being able to sell our own stuff on Pinterest or have links in idea pins, I think is a good.

[00:38:54] Grace Duffy: It’s a good passive income, right? Because the longevity on Pinterest as well is I still referring to pins that I pin five years ago. I’m still going back to them all the time and

[00:39:04] Jeff Sieh: we still get traffic. I still get traffic from a lot of stuff that I pinned a long time ago too. And that’s the whole thing is a lot of marketers use.

[00:39:10] It is because of the long-term traffic idea. Pins are great. Cause they’re really like I take clips of the show. I pin make the idea pins out. And I’m getting like 10,000 views on some of these pins. So they’re really pushing idea pen. So it’s when Pinterest it’s like highlight and stuff. It’s a good idea to do what they want.

[00:39:27] It’s like any other platform. But being able to have the shopping thing, these shoppable tags now that we can have in these idea pins. It’s pretty cool. So go ahead. Next piece of news. Eric. Yeah. So speaking of shopping and

[00:39:40] Erik Fisher: speaking of visuals Instagram is testing this new shop tab ads and they’re expanding their Ecammerce potential.

[00:39:47] So basically they started testing ads in the shop tab on August 9th from a select number of us brands. Luggage retailer away is really cool. Pet brand Booo, which I’ve never heard of Claire paint and Donny Davey. Yes. It’s how you pronounce it. It’s D E U X it’s. Anyway, it’s a French

[00:40:08] Grace Duffy: word.

[00:40:09] I think Eric just challenges to a duel. Jeff.

[00:40:13] Jeff Sieh: Oh, of pronouncing words. I would lean on the gauntlet that I can not ever pronounce people’s names. I am wearable and they made fun of me. Yes. So what’s cool.

[00:40:21] Erik Fisher: Is. You go to the tiles in the ads will appear as tiles in the app. And so if you’ve not gone to the shopping tab, it’s actually pretty cool.

[00:40:29] If you tap on that little shopping bag icon at the bottom of Instagram in fact, I’m going to pick my phone up and look at it. You see all these different squares there they’re tiles. That’s what they call them. And for example, I see Zach king here wearing a t-shirt and if I tap on it, it’s him smiling.

[00:40:43] And it’s, him and his wife modeling this t-shirt and I’m like, that’s super cool. And then they’re going to have different spots for ads in here, posts from creators, you follow et cetera. But to be able to have ads in a place where people are already, literally shopping is dangerous for me, because like I’ve said before, Instagram is the place where I will have the impulse buy happen way more.

[00:41:07] It’s because I’m visually stimulated by products in Instagram,

[00:41:12] Jeff Sieh: I don’t know. I haven’t, I got to wear so many apps. I get so many apps or like video editing tools and stuff from other, they know me so well. And I’m like, Ooh, Like the fact that it happened, that does, that’s the thing it’s like, it shows you like, this is when you use this is what happens.

[00:41:26] And you’re like, oh, I must have that. And I usually do. Yeah.

[00:41:28] Erik Fisher: So by having the shopping tab, one that really allows you to just start to dig in on people, promoting their products with great visuals to begin with. Then if you’re promoting a product in there through an ad, like it’s prime real estate.

[00:41:44] So this is really good.

[00:41:46] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. Justin goes visual marketing for the win. Yes, exactly. So a couple of things, Lisa did drop in the different three types in the chat. So at ShopStyle collective reversion and rec , I can’t ever say that. See, I’m great at coaching. Yeah. And Sabrina saying exactly. I still get Pinterest traffic from things about seven years old.

[00:42:07] That’s why we love Pinterest. And Jim who’s amazing says this is what I’m my favorite shows. So it’s just so cool. She is one of our favorites as well. Let’s see. Oh, and Elisa dropped in a pen to see how it works. She shows an example of how that tagging works for 90 again, in the comments on LinkedIn.

[00:42:25] So go over to LinkedIn. If you want to check out her her Lincoln sh the example of a. Hey idea pin with that shoppable tag in it. So there’s some other stuff about, we’re talking about shopping and Danny goes such an interesting trend with all these sites now paying people for their content. Is there a graph anywhere where they compare the different paid partnership deals between the different social media platforms?

[00:42:46] I don’t know of one, Dustin, that sounds like something that you should do. Could you do all those really cool infographics? I would say that’s a Dustin stout, a homework assignment right there for him to do yes, that’s a great point, but there, everyone seems to be coming out with shopping, especially with all the Ecammerce rage that happened during the lockdown.

[00:43:04] So I see this continuing for a long time. In fact some more stuff like TikTok this month announced a partnership with public S which could bring a potentially many of the agencies blue-chip marketers on the planet. And, snap is also deepening its Ecammerce investment through a frequent, a recent acquisition of fit analytics and apparel and footwear fair sizing tech company.

[00:43:28] So this photo sharing app looks to learn lean into its AR capabilities to drive as a Ecammerce business. So like you can take a picture of your foot and get the right shoe. I It’s amazing the stuff they can do now with AR so very cool. And right on the back of that, there’s more TikTok stuff.

[00:43:45] TikTok has been testing a new stories feature that goes away just like everything else after 24 hours. And no, we did not need another stories platform.

[00:43:56] Grace Duffy: Come on, like it news that no one asked for,

[00:44:00] Erik Fisher: I know title, but didn’t TikTok already feel like they had the vertical video thing. Nailed. Why do you need to add stories?

[00:44:11] Grace Duffy: I think it’s there. I think it’s one of those things where Instagram is trying to go after them. So then they’re trying to do that, but I don’t know. This is still something that they are testing with a very limited number of users outside of the U S so none of us have access to it. I don’t even know what this would look like, but I did spend a lot of time researching TikTok this week and did not, didn’t see a need for it.

[00:44:32] Jeff Sieh: So I’m scared that they’re going to make tea. Cause my daughter actually goes, ah, I heard her screaming the other day and she was like what’s wrong. She goes, there’s too many ads on TikTok. So she’s she’s a heavy TikTok user and I’m scared. It’s going to get bloated. I feel Instagram is really bloated.

[00:44:48] There’s so many things like, you almost need a manual. If I ever tried to show my mom something on Instagram, I’m like, okay, mom, okay, you have to do this and go up here and go swipe. And this is the, it’s, I think it’s getting really bloated. I, and I think this is just me.

[00:45:01] Tell me if I’m wrong. That we’re going to start having TikTok is where you’re going to go for entertainment. That’s where people go right now for entertainment. YouTube is going to be like, how do I replace the seal on my toilet? And and there’s, but then there’s going to be those video bloggers that have been there for a long time that stuff’s going to be there, but for that quick entertainment, and then it turns into two hours down the TikTok rabbit hole.

[00:45:21] That’s good. That’s where people are going to go is TikTok, no matter what, unless they blow it some way. I just think that tick docks is going to be where people go for that quick content. What do you think, Eric?

[00:45:32] Erik Fisher: I one, I’m not a TikTok user, but I see the appeal because I’ve seen some very interesting things in Instagram, on reels that I know is, it’s competitor and I’m like, I get hooked on it.

[00:45:44] And then I swipe for the next one. I just wait for the next one. And then eventually I’m like, I just spent won’t tell you how long, but you can see what I’m saying is like for the entertainment. Yeah.

[00:45:53] Grace Duffy: But did you get the guy that warns you that it’s time to go get water and go eat something and walk away from your phone?

[00:45:59] Because you’ve been on it too long.

[00:46:01] Erik Fisher: Oh

[00:46:01] Grace Duffy: yeah. Yeah. After you’ve been scrolling for a long time, this guy pops up and says, don’t you want some water? You can take a break now.

[00:46:10] Erik Fisher: How do you not know that I’ve been like hydrated this whole time? Because

[00:46:16] Grace Duffy: I could have been hydrating. Jeff, do you remember when we peg on peg Fitzpatrick on the brilliant peg and she was talking about what is the number one piece of content?

[00:46:25] Instagram. Do you

[00:46:26] Jeff Sieh: remember? I remember, but I don’t remember what it was, but it was this stories. Oh yeah. Everyone’s going to stories, right?

[00:46:32] Grace Duffy: What is the first thing you do when you get on Instagram? You’re just, you’re on stories, and sometimes they forget there’s a rest of that. So I think that, TikTok knows this too.

[00:46:39] I think they’re trying to take advantage of that, that, that pattern, that habit as well.

[00:46:44] Erik Fisher: Okay. Okay. So let me spin this. I wasn’t necessarily, poo-pooing the idea of stories on TikTok. Let me think about this from a TikTok creator standpoint, if I am a popular if I may mildly or moderately popular creator on TikTok, then probably what I’m not going to do is create a TikTok video saying, Hey, everybody, welcome to TikTok.

[00:47:04] And I’m and and introduce myself and have that. But instead, being able to do conversation and more behind the scenes type stuff, that’s not the polished TikTok. Videos, proper being able to have a place. It’s like what we were saying about Clubhouse earlier, where I’m in the room and, and I’ll say this TikTok way more entertaining than Clubhouse, but but you’re a fun if you’re on Clubhouse and you can’t come converse with anybody and there’s no social aspect, but this adds one in a way that creators and consumers can communicate.

[00:47:37] Maybe

[00:47:37] Jeff Sieh: that’s not a bad idea. So I want to bring up some comments because people are going, this is, I think this is Jen Cole stories on TikTok wild. So yeah more stories, content Sabrina. I know all caps by the way, says there are too many ads on Instagram, but I buy from the ad. So maybe I’m causing the problem.

[00:47:56] So this is the problem part of the problem. And this is the I important point to spread too thin with all these social networks. I can’t also do TikTok. And I think a lot of times we, and I’m taking off my marketer hat, and I’m going as a, like a small business user. One of the things that people there are, and I just, we interviewed John Janet’s over from duct tape marketing from on tailwind channel yesterday.

[00:48:20] And one of the things he talks about is the first thing you need to do is have a strategy before you have any tactics. And a lot of times the small business owners and marketers, we jumped to the tactics really quick. We like, oh, we gotta be on TikTok because this person said we need to be on TikTok and everyone’s on it.

[00:48:35] But really doesn’t matter. We had Jen Herman on a couple of weeks ago and she was like, she’s always telling people that like small businesses say, I want to get to the 10,000 swipe up feature. And she’s okay, if you get all these people, are you going to be able to handle it? And they’re like, no, we can only handle five new clients.

[00:48:50] And she’s then what does it matter? And so I think that whole thing, like John was saying yesterday is the strategy. The strategy has got to come first and don’t freak out. And I, one of the reasons I love this job and living his life because I am total squirrel and I get to play with all this stuff, but that’s my job.

[00:49:05] And I’m a weird. But for the Mo the most people, they don’t need that they need to have here’s the strategy. We’re going to do YouTube. And we’re going to do live on this one day of the week. And that’s all we’re doing, and we’re going to be really good at it. Like Roger, that’s what Roger Wakefield did.

[00:49:19] When he first started, he killed YouTube and he is gone bonkers on there, a plumber from Dallas and his stuff is amazing. We’ve had him on to go back and watch it episode or listen to it if you haven’t yet. But he started with one thing and then he went on to others. So I just, I get that spread too thin thing.

[00:49:34] Sorry.

[00:49:35] Erik Fisher: Even, and even you brought up Jen Herman, she even goes with a, on Instagram. She posts fairly rarely because she goes for quality over quantity.

[00:49:44] Jeff Sieh: So yeah, here it goes. Yes, totally plumber. Roger. And he’s killing it right now and Wakefield, cause he’s doing kind of the micro thing where he’s really wanting to help the trailer.

[00:49:52] The tradesman and he’s killing it on there with his LinkedIn lives that he’s doing so, but he established that base first on YouTube, and then he went from there. So anyway, cool stuff happening, lot of lot of crazy news this week. Thank you guys so much for coming to the end of our time.

[00:50:08] And I want to make sure that our pal, Eric has plenty of time to talk about his cool stuff, his podcast, and all the different places that you were at. So talk about that. Yeah, so

[00:50:18] Erik Fisher: I, a thrill for me was I just released an episode with Jeff Brown of the read to lead podcast on my podcast, beyond the to-do list.

[00:50:25] And you’d think what’s a guy who’s talking about reading, coming on a productivity show for how many of us want to read more? Even if, either we don’t, we already are readers and we want to read more or get more out of our reading. Or read more faster or we’ve been told, and we know we should read more, but we hardly read ever.

[00:50:44] We talk about those things. We talk about how to one, improve your reading speed, improve your reading, comprehension, how to, tips and tricks and hacks as to how to get more reading done and how to read more and get more out of it. And why reading and feeding your mind is just one of the biggest game changers for you, especially in this creator economy.

[00:51:08] And especially when a lot of us suffer from imposter C. You can take take agency of your own education and start reading. So it’s a great conversation. You got to go check that one out. That’s one of the latest ones. That’s actually this week’s episode. And I always love getting into a podcast conversation with another long-term podcaster because they know what they’re doing.

[00:51:26] It’s, it comes across so much better for everybody listening. So I was thrilled to do that. And Jeff was thrilled to be on. He was like, it’s a bucket list for me to be on your show. And I’m like, yeah, that’s the

[00:51:36] Jeff Sieh: first time he’s I thought he’d been on before it is, but

[00:51:39] Erik Fisher: again it’s because it was the first time there.

[00:51:42] I was like, I always wanted to have a mom, but it was always just we got to figure out an angle. And then it’s like, when the book came out, which is about a book is about to come out in a matter of. Two weeks. We can have two weeks, something like that. You can pre-order and get tons of bonuses and even a course for free and everything.

[00:51:56] Anyways, all the details are in that latest episode with Jeff Brown over at, beyond the to-do great guy, and it looks

[00:52:03] Jeff Sieh: amazing if you haven’t gone over to beyond the two lists, go do that now. And also on apple, give him a rating and review, give us a rating and review too. We love that over there as well, but give him a rating review that helps broadcasters out.

[00:52:15] Grace, where can people find out more? You

[00:52:17] Grace Duffy: can find me over at Restream. I manage our whole, we have a whole lineup of live video hosts and industry pros. We have a show probably on every single day of the week on how to get into live video. So I’d love for you to check out Restream YouTube channel.

[00:52:35] You can just search Restream IO on YouTube. We also have a fantastic Facebook community re just search Restream community on Facebook. That’s a great place to, if you’re looking to get started in live, or you’ve been doing it for a while and looking to level up, and that’s where I am

[00:52:50] Jeff Sieh: awesome. By the way, at Jackie said, she’s wanted to bring up this company.

[00:52:54] She says, she’s getting a lot of ads on TikTok. I see the same content on reels. I don’t have any issue with it. I get more interaction on my Facebook page and stories. So that’s we were just saying. Where it’s working for you and you have to figure that out for yourself. By the way, I, once again, I love you guys too.

[00:53:10] If you want to talk more about podcasting, how we do this live video anything that you know, Pinterest, any of that stuff that you guys need help with, feel free to get a hold of forward slash Jeff Sieh Ford slash S M and L. And appreciate the guys over at the Ecamm for sponsoring the show.

[00:53:29] You can watch it, go register for it at Leap Into Live dot com. That’s Leap Into Live dot com. That’s coming up next month. Make sure you go register now because those virtual seats are getting full. So just make sure you guys do that. And with that, we’ll see you guys next time. Bye everybody.

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