Ever since one of Molly Mahoney’s Reels hit 30+ million views and generated $160K in revenue on Facebook, people have been reaching out to her to find out HOW!! That’s right. Reels are for REAL!

On this week’s Social Media News Live, Molly joins Jeff and Grace to talk about monetizing your video views with the Facebook Reels Bonus Program.

We’ll also chat about the future of short-form storytelling and how you can do it too! 


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[00:00:00] Jeff Sieh: Hello folks. Welcome to Social Media News Live I’m Jeff Sieh and you’re not.

[00:00:05] Grace Duffy: And I’m Grace Duffy. And this is the show that keeps you up to date on the world of social media. But before we get started on today’s topic with our guests, Molly Mahoney, I do want to acknowledge our how the invasion Ukraine has affected many of us as all of or many of, as those of you that have been following the show.

[00:00:24] I work for restream, which connects our show to all the places and allows you to join us here today. What you may not have known prior to this invasion was that you our company was actually founded in the Ukraine and a third of our Ukraine, sorry. And a third of our staff was based in Kiev. Our company has been working to.

[00:00:47] And get all of our team members to safety. And I think most of them are, but over the past few weeks, that has been our main focus is supporting our team. And of course we’re not the only ones that have been surprising to me. Number of well-known tech companies that have also have team members there that are based there.

[00:01:04] Grammarly get lab were founded there apple, Uber, Lyft, Microsoft, and many more. There’s actually a bunch of tech startups there. So a lot of company. I’ve stepped up to help like Airbnb and Verizon. Our company has been linking to two places where you can provide support. As many of you have asked, one of them is the red cross Ukraine.

[00:01:28] And then also there’s a list of resources on the restream blogs. So if you, on our podcast, listeners, if you just look up restraint blog, it’s the first post that’s in there. More than ever, I just wanted to thank all of you for your support. And, in a time where I personally feel like there’s not much I could do, this is the little way that you can contribute.

[00:01:47] So I wanted to bring attention to that before we launched into our show. And I think Molly had a few Team members there as well.

[00:01:55] Molly Mahoney: You’re saying that we do so through, I, I worked with BLI for a really long time. And so the team, their team is also in Ukraine as well. And when I stopped working on their team, I actually have a team member from there who now I work with personally.

[00:02:10] So I’m on, we have our own calls once a week and people that are just my really good friends also now, as I’m sure, same thing with you, Grace. It’s when we work with team members like this, even though we don’t always get to see each other in person and, give real hugs, like these are members, I feel like I’m members of my family.

[00:02:25] So the whole thing has just been so crazy to be so far away and not feel like we can be there in person. So I’m so glad that you’re sharing links to be able to help. And I know we’ve sent I’m like trying to send as much money as I can, but then you’re like, where does the money even go? I don’t know.

[00:02:39] It’s awesome to have places where, you can do. Support in addition to, prayers and energy and Goodwill, I know they need actual physical help as well. So I just think it’s awesome that you’re doing this.

[00:02:52] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. And I just want to do a shout out to our community as well. Thank you guys.

[00:02:55] Cause I know you guys have been talking we mentioned before in, in volley and some other people had reached out to me like Sabrina who has been giving to a different organization. So our community is amazing. You guys are awesome. So just want to echo what grace and Molly have said. Just continue to pray for your cane.

[00:03:10] And if you can send make sure you’re sending it to a reputable organ organization, like the redCross@iricrc.org. And you can go and search for Ukraine inside of there and just give what you can, because it does make a difference because people are really hurting and we’ve seen that through social media.

[00:03:27] So anyway, I just wanted to start the show with that, not to bring it down, but I think it’s important that we all talk about that because it is something real. We can make a difference together. So appreciate all of you and everybody in the organization in the community. Gary says he feels so useless in this mess and Ukraine we’ve been raising money in a hundred percent match rate at Experian.

[00:03:47] That’s awesome. Gary, thank you for it’s great to hear companies that do that. So appreciate that, Gary.

[00:03:54] Grace Duffy: Go ahead. Go ahead.

[00:03:56] Molly Mahoney: I just want to be a little thing on that too, is sometimes for me. And I know you mentioned this a little bit at the beginning of the show, but sometimes for me in situations like this, I get to that place where I’m like, what, what can I do?

[00:04:06] And I realized back when the shootings happened in San Bernardino, this was several years ago. I don’t know if you remember that, but it was a big deal in our community. And I had this moment where I realized what I’m actually really good at is helping people to be happy, helping people to spread joy.

[00:04:22] And I used to feel guilty being joyful at a time like this, where it’s like, there’s gotta be something tangible that I can do. And what I personally realized is something that’s tangible that I can do is to double down on my spreading of positivity as well while recognizing the fact that there’s something like this happening.

[00:04:40] So it’s a fine balance. And I think that if we can also. Infuse as much, joy and gratitude into everything that we’re doing as well. That can be a way to support in addition to

[00:04:55] Jeff Sieh: this. Yeah, totally agree. And so Gary has a great point too, before we move on, because. This will be a good segue. He goes, if it was not for short form storytelling, Ukraine would not have been able to drive such an impact on social.

[00:05:07] Very true. So true. That is so true. Like I’ve been following it is weird to follow a war on social media because you’ve got like this like heart wrenching, promotion heartbreak, and it just, it’s such a strange balance. And there is a lot of other things going on in the world, joy, positivity, birth celebrations, graduations, everything.

[00:05:28] Grace Duffy: And it’s all part of it. But I did learn how to drive a Russian tank on TikTok the other night. So not

[00:05:35] Molly Mahoney: to

[00:05:36] Jeff Sieh: run into that.

[00:05:37] Molly Mahoney: That’s a case ever rushed

[00:05:38] Grace Duffy: into that. And I am ready to advise them on any strategy they need, because I did learn something

[00:05:45] Jeff Sieh: I would pay serious money to watch you drive a tank.

[00:05:49] Grace, I really

[00:05:50] Molly Mahoney: wouldn’t know much about food as well. And like people cooking and that they’re doing to support that way. So there’s been a, there’s been a lot the short telling short story. Telling whatever short, I can’t even think short form

[00:06:03] Jeff Sieh: storytelling. That’s all right. So we’re going to jump right into that.

[00:06:07] So this is amazing. And I have been falling. I said I watched Molly and her journey on social so much and ever since one of Molly’s reels hit 30 plus million views and it generated 160 K in revenue. So under $60,000 in revenue folks on Facebook, people have been reaching out to her to find out how she did it.

[00:06:27] So that’s true. Folks reels are for real. So today we got Molly here

[00:06:33] Molly Mahoney: by the domain. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:06:37] Jeff Sieh: Somebody snagged that already. So we got Molly here and we’re going to ask ourselves, what made this particular real social success successful. We’re also going to talk about the future of short form storytelling because it’s everywhere and how you can improve your take on vertical videos.

[00:06:51] So Molly, thank you so much for joining us. Thank you for your words at the beginning, but we are so excited to have you with us.

[00:06:58] Molly Mahoney: I’m so grateful. It’s going to be so fun. I’ve had, I love talking about this story. So I am just, I’m really stoked to dive in and answer questions and get into the nitty gritty.

[00:07:07] Yeah. So if

[00:07:08] Jeff Sieh: you don’t know Molly, you really should go follow her everywhere across all the socials. You might know her as the prepared performer. She’s a social media growth strategist who specializes in creating authentic video content and organic social media, marketing, and automation. Now she’s a sought after speaker and EMC, a coach and a live video trainer.

[00:07:28] So once she’s she does everything online. She’s just amazing.

[00:07:33] Grace Duffy: Molly. Thank you for joining us on this show today. So we wanted to dive into this Facebook reels. So this week met a actually it was a topic in the news this week, cause Metta actually expanded reels to over 150 countries. And then also rolled out several new features to compete with TikTok, including editing features and this new monetization opportunity that we definitely want to highlight on today’s show.

[00:07:57] So of course we know Metta launched Instagram rules in 2020 and the height of the TikTok expansion. The season of the TikTok expansion and then Facebook real followed a year later in September in the U S Canada, Mexico and India. And this week it expands to even more. So the massive reach of Facebook and Instagram has allowed Metta to capture the attention of considerably more people using reels.

[00:08:24] Then TikTok cam, supposedly, that’s what they’re saying. And you today have brought the receipts for that Molly’s a month ago, you did share that it was opposed from January 22nd. You’re talking about opposed from a real from January 7th. And you said that it had made at that point $168 of real dollars because the reel was posted then, and then randomly took off.

[00:08:48] And it has since then, it has since grown to 30 million views on Facebook and brought in 160,000.

Molly Mahoney’s Viral Facebook Reel

[00:08:58] Molly Mahoney: A hundred, 160 K part, which cause I just want to make sure it’s clear 30,000 of that was paid directly from Facebook and they’ve already paid us 20,000 of it. And then the other 10 is set to come to us next month.

[00:09:11] And then the other 130,000 is what I did with that video in order to generate more sales. So the 130,000 came from products that we sold, which I think is really important to talk about because sometimes people hit of, a viral video like this. And I know many people, which I’m sure you do too, who have quote, unquote, gone viral and then made no money off of it.

[00:09:34] And I want to be clear that part of this is like amazing, cause it came from Facebook. But part of this is how you use that viral content to have conversations that turn into conversions. It’s awesome. So what do you

[00:09:48] Grace Duffy: think it was about these reels that made them? Because you also said that you multiple other past reels have also taken off.

[00:09:54] So why do you think it was about these particular reels that made them so successful? And

[00:10:01] Molly Mahoney: yeah first I want to be very clear that I have avoided the short form content. I was going to say avoided it like the plague, but I don’t know if that’s a phrase that we should use anymore, but I’ve avoided it.

[00:10:14] And up until recently, I finally, I want to shout out like Rachel Peterson, who’s been on me forever to get into it. Nico Stewart, another really good friend and a client who has seen massive success with short form content. And even though I knew the potential was there, it’s just not something that brought me joy.

[00:10:31] I was stressed out about it. I, and it may seem super surprising because I am doing so much video wise, but I would rather talk for three hours and then I would talk for 14 seconds. So it really has been a struggle. So what actually got me to do wait, is this bonus program. So in October of last year, they invite that.

[00:10:52] So if you’re listening to this in the future in October of 2021, they said, Hey, we’ll pay you $500. If you post short form content on your business page. And I was like, Hey, we’ll pay you $35,000 if you post short form content. And at that point, I thought maybe, but I think I posted maybe one reel and it had 77 views and it was not, it did not go anywhere.

[00:11:18] Then over the holidays, I allowed myself a little more time to play with it. So I posted one video, which I’m sure you’ve heard this sound. It was the sound. What’s something you’d get a lot of hate for if you set it out loud, which is like a trending. And so it was me not talking, just sitting in front of the camera like this.

[00:11:37] And then I made a face and I pan the camera to the side and I showed my Christmas tree. This was actually on a, it was about a week before Christmas. And I, the text said this has been, this tree has been up for over a year. So when 2020 hit, I was like, you know what, we need more joy. We’re not taking this tree down.

[00:11:58] So our Christmas tree is still up right now. It’s an aluminum tree. It’s very cute. And really, this is something that Nika talks about a lot, which is that if you have shame around something or it makes you a little bit embarrassed, that’s a good sign that other people will relate to it. And they’ll feel liberated that you shared this thing that you’re embarrassed about because it liberates something in them.

[00:12:19] So that video on Christmas took off and it hit 20,000 views. Now, to me, that was a huge big deal because remember I only had 77 views the month before, right? So that one video hit 20,000 views. And the biggest nugget for me is that Facebook then sent us $164 because of that video that hit the 20,000 views.

[00:12:40] So from that moment on, I was like, okay, I need to actually pay attention to this. And I went in and I started studying what was working on Facebook reals, which is a little different than what was working on Instagram reels or on TikTok. And I don’t know if you’ve noticed this or even on YouTube shorts.

[00:12:56] The videos that are working well on Facebook are a little more click baity and weird. I don’t see in my newsfeed, like on TikTok. I pretty much have things that come through that are very like social media focused or mom focused. They’re really in line with the kind of videos that I would actually watch, or even, learning how to do things or, that kind of stuff on Facebook though.

[00:13:21] Sometimes I’ll get like makeup, her hair tutorials. But most of the time it’s like weird ASM Mar it is like some image that you’re like, oh my God, I have to click on this. Cause I have to know what that weird thing is.

[00:13:34] Jeff Sieh: So I’ve noticed so real quick, I have the real bonus program too, and I did the same thing.

[00:13:40] I just posted. It was my dad playing with my border Collie, throwing a ball and going around the legs. And I said, Hey, an old dog teaching a new dog, new tricks or something like that. And I got her. From doing that. So I’m like, okay,

[00:13:53] Molly Mahoney: I love that because it’s, that is like purpose and joy based. That’s like something that’s creepy but

[00:14:01] Jeff Sieh: the thing is it’s like they don’t have an algorithm is what I TikTok really gives you, the things that you have found funny before, it’s going to give you more funny like that. Or my daughter’s always sending me like funny, cute dog things.

[00:14:15] And so I get a lot of those because. But it doesn’t seem to be that way on Facebook. It just seems like they’re just throwing whatever they can get at you.

[00:14:25] Molly Mahoney: It really feels like they’re testing everything and if it starts to pick up, then it will go more in that direction. But it’s agreed.

[00:14:33] The only thing that I have noticed that I see maybe a little bit more ever like hair and makeup tutorials, but other than that it’s really weird stuff. And I don’t see a lot of value-based content coming through there, like on my feed. And that could be partially because people aren’t putting that kind of content out on Facebook reels, but I don’t really know.

[00:14:51] So in doing that study and I really love to jump in and be an early adopter. And I think maybe that’s partially why I haven’t done this with TikTok because when I finally was like, okay, I should do this. I wasn’t an early adopter anymore. So it was oh no, I’m going to be doing what everybody else is doing.

[00:15:11] But with this one, because I knew not everybody knew about it, I messaged Owen, his math video and video. And I was like, oh my gosh, do you know, check this out? And he was like, what? I didn’t even know. You could put reels on Facebook. So a lot of people don’t even know it exists, which means it’s a huge opportunity still for you.

[00:15:28] Yeah. Yeah. Huge.

[00:15:32] Jeff Sieh: You’re still

[00:15:32] Grace Duffy: fairly new. It’s still fairly new. Cause it did roll out September, like last fall. So I understand that like people haven’t, and then I’ve been finding that my Facebook real is tend to be very repetitive. Like I will see, you go into Instagram and you’ll see a different set of content.

[00:15:46] Like every second, right. TikTok is every second. There’s something different. But on Facebook I see the same reels, all day long and they’re still there and it doesn’t move. So I was just wondering,

[00:15:57] Molly Mahoney: what is that? If I try to swipe through that little real shelf that you have, there’s only five, and then you have to click into it in order to see it differently.

[00:16:06] So it’s still really glitchy as well. Not, and not necessarily glitchy, but it’s just, it’s not there intuitive, which is a huge bonus point for you if you’re watching this, because it means if you’re willing to play and not worry to be worried about it and not be like, oh, why isn’t this working the way that I think.

[00:16:25] You’ll probably make more money. So one thing, one thing I

[00:16:30] Grace Duffy: will say is that a lot of the, a lot of the pro reels I’m seeing are coming from personal pages, their personal friends posting their own personal stuff. And a lot of it is rehashed from their Instagram reels or their take talks that they’ve done.

[00:16:42] So you, do you think that this stuff will go viral? Do you think these are the stuff? This real is the topic we’re talking about? You think a business based real has the opportunity to go viral much like yours did, because you did mention that yours are on your personal page as well, or from

[00:16:58] Molly Mahoney: your personal profile?

[00:16:59] No. So I emailed you about this morning. They weren’t on my personal profile. They were on my business page. Yeah. There are two ways that you can do it though. So this video was more personal because it wasn’t a business focused. Piece of content, but it was on my business page and I was playing with both because I didn’t know which one was going to work best.

[00:17:20] Here’s the thing about the personal profile versus business page, wherever you get invited to this bonus program through, from what I’ve seen, that’s where you need to focus on. So I was just randomly invited on my business page. My friend, Carla knew who is amazing and her personal profile is my favorite thing to follow because it’s so funny.

[00:17:41] She got invited on her personal profile and she turned on that professional version of her personal profile, which is a little different. So there’s some things that happen when you turn on that perf. Personal profile professional version. You’re not able to join business groups that only allow personal profiles.

[00:18:00] It looks like you’re a business page, so they won’t let you join Facebook groups. Like any Facebook groups that I’ve blocked, business pages, you can’t join. If you have that personal profile, that’s turned into a professional profile. So if you want to get paid from it, what we suggest is there’s actually a link and I can share it.

[00:18:17] I should have sent this to you ahead of time. Do you have that link, Jeff? I don’t. I don’t know if you know what I’m talking about. Let me see the bonuses linked. Oh no. So this will actually work perfectly go here. So thank you. So this is a video that I did more about how to actually get started with the program.

[00:18:32] You can apply as a business page. You can apply for this level of monetization. I have one client who has about 500 likes on her business page. She’s a nurse practitioner. She has her own medical, like brick and mortar, and they applied for this and they’ve already made close to $200. And all she’s doing is exactly what Grace just said is she’s taking her Instagram reels or her TikTok videos that she’s downloaded and reposting them on Facebook.

[00:18:59] And she has a lot of them. So she’s doing one a day and we’ve had a couple that have hit over 10,000 followers and they’re very specific to her niche. So even just the fact that she’s been able to hit over 10,000, not followers. I’m sorry, 10,000. Yeah. Yeah. So she’s been able to hit over 10,000 views and like another client of ours just had one that hit over 10,000 views and had 600 likes.

[00:19:25] And it was very specific to her niche. She’s a relationship coach. So I was like, this is 600 people that you can now follow up. Most people aren’t taking that next step and that’s why they’re not actually monetizing this. So I want

[00:19:39] Jeff Sieh: to, just for people who are listening to the podcast, this link that Molly is talking about is molly.live forge slash Y T F B reals.

[00:19:49] So molly.live Ford slash Y T F B reels. Make sure you guys go check that out. Cause it’s a really good video. She does a great job breaking it down. Okay. So I’ve got some questions and I got some questions from, for some people. One of the things is when it’s not easy, even if you get it the way I didn’t get any notification, I just happened to go to my creator studio and there is a bonus section I clicked on that.

[00:20:11] It says, Hey, you can do reels. And I’m like, and it was on my professional Jeff Sieh page. It wasn’t like this page or another one. And that was the only way I found out about it. And then the struggle was like, okay, how do I post. To this. And I had to do it on my phone.

[00:20:29] Cause I don’t think you can do it from the desktop Molly or am I right?

[00:20:32] Molly Mahoney: You have to do it on your phone. And the other thing that’s a little tricky about it right now is unless someone has figured this out, which I have tried everything to figure this out. You can’t get a specific thumbnail, which is such a bummer because one of the things that I realized with this reel that took off, one of the things that we did very strategically is we created a weird thumbnail that makes you go, oh my gosh, I have to find out what this thing is.

[00:20:58] And we used what we call a.dot, dot title. So it’s a title that’s I did this. And then dot. You’ll never believe what happened when not, but if you put that as just the first image and you try I used to try to hit the timing of it, like create, and then hoping that first image would stay there.

[00:21:17] It doesn’t always. What I ended up doing for that one is I made that piece of text, the text on the whole entire video. So I made sure that that.dot dot thumbnail went through, but that’s not the best way to create a video. Because you don’t want the same piece of texts necessarily going on the whole video, unless is that what you did on your dog?

[00:21:36] One,

[00:21:37] Jeff Sieh: no, I just pretty much uploaded it really quick. And then just I wanted to see if it would work. Cause it was a struggle even to get it like from I couldn’t even find on my page to try to find where you can upload reels on your phone is a mess. I had to go down and scroll because it was, it’s just, you have to dig for it.

[00:21:54] They do not make it easy and tamales. That’s a great free if you’re trying to make money right now, because I think people get frustrated. Like I’m not even gonna post a real today. By the way, before we get too much into the weeds Molly’s going to be at social media marketing world coming up.

[00:22:10] But I also wanted to talk about that Ecamm, who has sponsored this show is amazing. And you can find out more at Social Media News, Live dot com forward slash E cam, but they’re doing a meetup while they’re there. So you can actually go. And if you go to Ecamm.tv/smm22/meetup, they have a way you can do it.

[00:22:29] They’re just trying to get it’s all free, but they’re trying to get, food and drink and figure it out. They’ve got a lounge. You’re going to be building a studio there, all this cool stuff that’s going to be going on during social media marketing world. So go see Molly talk because she’s amazing speaker and then go to the booth because they’re doing some amazing stuff over there as well.

[00:22:46] So thanks to Ecamm for sponsoring the show. And I want to put that little plug in. It’s coming up quick. Like you’re going to be excited that you’re not, it’s what a week it’s

[00:22:55] Molly Mahoney: weak it, ain’t coming up quick. And I’m so excited that you told me about this. I am going to repeat for it right now. And I’m actually doing something super bananas, which is we are sponsoring as well.

[00:23:07] And I had this idea and now I’m like, what were we thinking? Cause it’s so much work. Like just, if you have ever seen anyone through an event like this, holy. God bless my team because even just getting things into the building, but we are setting up a full gifting suite where we’re going to have a little, we have a live wall it’s actual, real plants that we’re bringing in with disco balls.

[00:23:30] It’s like a whole amazing thing. And we’re setting up a gifting suite where we’ll teach you how to make gifts, that can go viral. And we got all kinds of juice happening at our booth. So that’d be so fun if he came and saw

[00:23:41] Jeff Sieh: us there too. So how can they find out about it? Like it, just to show up there and find you will be

[00:23:45] In

[00:23:46] Molly Mahoney: the vendor area there.

[00:23:47] So we’re not doing a separate meetup or anything like that. Cause we’re just going to be in this one spot the whole entire time. So you’ll be able to. Which is awesome. Very cool.

[00:23:55] Jeff Sieh: So back to our S sorry about the little commercial there, but we wanted, we forgot it. We’re going crazy. This is we’re calling all sorts of audibles here today because so many great questions, crystal Brook, Christopher Volkmann says this.

[00:24:08] He’s. I’m glad to see you. Christopher. Haven’t seen you for awhile. He goes, my wife makes significant cash with reposting, her Mexican food blog reels. How cool.

[00:24:18] Molly Mahoney: Okay. I can’t believe we haven’t talked about this, Mr. I, this and that. Mr. Is to Christopher. So the this like the food stuff works so well.

[00:24:28] So I don’t know if Damon oats, but he is doing 15 K a month on this, on the rag. And he, one of the videos that takes off every time he posts it is this video of ricotta in a little ramekin and it’s like a meat sauce. And it’s like a the T it’s a tip about how to avoid the clumps of ricotta and your meat sauce, which I actually love, like the clumps.

[00:24:55] I’m like, yeah, that was a good bite. But the he has the little ramekin and he squeezes it out and then the rabbit can falls, which goes back to this kind of ASM Mar type quality. It’s that the stuff that’s satisfying, as they say, you watch it and you have to wait to see the ricotta come out.

[00:25:12] Like you just have to watch it. And he keeps reposting that same video and it. It gets great reach every time he posted it.

[00:25:18] Grace Duffy: So Christopher just pointed out that Damian was a Pinterest client of their digital agency. So he knows him very well. So world mining, Christopher also mentioned that they make I want to get the number.

[00:25:30] But it was like, she makes 150 to 200 per reel. Let me, oh, per post. He says, yes, by the way, she posted real

[00:25:38] Jeff Sieh: his wife, I’ve been falling Christopher and his wife and I always have to do this. And Dustin’s in the house Google plus days back in, I remember Christopher and his wife and go, I remember when they got married and it was on Google plus and she does amazing stuff on the Insta.

[00:25:54] One of the questions, this is from Lynn and he goes, would she goes, I would love to try Facebook reels. I’ve done real sparsely on the Insta. So let’s talk Molly about some of the requirements like for me, cause I’m on the reels program. I know my friend peg Fitzpatrick was on the Insta reels program.

[00:26:13] I cannot post my real. To Instagram. If I’m trying to do for this bonus program, it’s exclusively for Facebook is what mindsets. Yeah.

[00:26:23] Molly Mahoney: That is, I would love you to pull up if you have that actual, like legal language that they share there, because we’ve done, we’ve dug into that sentence a lot, what the sentence actually says.

[00:26:33] And I think I’m pulling this from memory. It says that the views will not count. If the video has been posted simultaneously to Instagram and Facebook at the same time, we don’t believe that it says that you can’t repost a video that has been shared on Instagram and the natively update it, upload it on Facebook.

[00:26:57] Jeff Sieh: But if you’re waking 30 K you just start, I’m like, come on. Let’s not mess. I wouldn’t repost that would you.

[00:27:03] Molly Mahoney: I’m like, I’ll be like, whoa, let’s be very clear. I posted that video. So when I decided what video I was going to post, I posted it on Instagram. Three months before the video was from may of last year, I went through my old videos that were on Instagram, and I was like, which of these is weird, which of these, that click baity thumbnail.

[00:27:24] And could I add some sort of dot.dot title? So I had already posted this video on Instagram before, and they have already sent me $20,000. So I don’t think it’s a problem. It may be in the future, but I really don’t. I really don’t what I think it means is that when you’re on Instagram and you click that share to Facebook, there’s a little toggle, you can make it.

[00:27:45] And sometimes when you’re looking at your phone and you see a real come through on Facebook, sometimes if you click on it, it actually takes you to Instagram. You know what I’m talking about? Yeah. I know what you mean. I think

[00:27:57] Jeff Sieh: I was just scared. Cause if I was going to make money, I wasn’t going to Jack with nothing.

[00:28:00] You know what I mean? I’m like, I was like, but that’s, I understand if you have a catalog of it and you’re doing it, but yeah, I think you’re right. If you hit that post to Instagram at the same time, that would probably disqualify you. Okay. Some more questions. We’ve got all sorts of cool things rolling in Ian.

[00:28:15] And I want to just make sure this is clear. For everybody he goes, I don’t have Facebook reels on my page. Is it still rolling out one year from the UK, Ian. They always get everything last. Probably. I know it’s sad, but. Okay, give us, where does that link that you said talk about where you can go apply.

[00:28:33] Molly Mahoney: That’s the, what this one talks about, where you can go apply for the actual bonus program. When it comes to getting access to the reels, like to actually be able to post them. There’s two things that we’ve seen that have worked. If you have them on your personal profile and then start posting them there, because we’re thinking that tells the algorithm, oh, Anne’s posting these short form reels.

[00:28:57] Also, I haven’t talked to her about it in a couple of days, but the last time I checked, Rachel Peterson said that she still didn’t have access to this on her Facebook business page, which I think is the most ironic thing ever, because she has so much short form content. But I just want to show you where it shows up because most people.

[00:29:14] I’ve talked to a lot of people who go, oh my gosh, you’re right. I did have it. So there’s two ways that you can kickstart it so that you can start to get access to it. And Ian, we have a a client who’s in Germany and she just got it last week. So like Grace said at the beginning, it is rolling out.

[00:29:30] So I’m just going to hold up my phone to the screen or to the camera and show you. It’s just a janky way to do this, but, okay. So on your business page, if you look where it says, create there’s my face, just like Ian’s, that’s Ian’s face where it says create a post underneath it. It’s on mine. It says photo add to story or real.

[00:29:49] Now Lisa monk who lives in Australia, she used to not have this, but we’ve been really like trying to figure out a way to get it. And then all of a sudden it didn’t say real. It said short video, but it was really. So that’s one way to get it on your business page. If you have the new version of the business page, it may show up in a different way for you and you may not see it there.

[00:30:11] So what I have noticed, and I actually did this on someone’s phone, who had the new version of the business page. What I was able to do with her is a little tricky and I would love to show it to you. Is that okay?

[00:30:26] Jeff Sieh: On

[00:30:26] Molly Mahoney: the podcast? Oh yeah. Thank you for reminding me about that. So on the podcast, if you’re listening to this, what I’m doing right now is I’m going to my personal profile and I’m just going to scroll through my newsfeed until I find a real, so the first one that comes up is exactly like I was just talking about, it’s a weird image.

[00:30:43] What is this? It’s like a paint kit or something, but it may be it’s for your nails. I don’t know. So if I click on. When I started seeing me okay. When I click on it, it’s definitely a weird crafting real. If I look in the top right-hand corner right next to my profile picture, it says create. And in the beginning I didn’t have access to, I couldn’t find anywhere to actually make real as myself.

[00:31:08] That was the first real that I ever made on my personal profile was by clicking that create button. And then it brings you into this area where you’re making reels. That’s similar to Instagram. If you have the new version of the Facebook pages, that has been a way that you can actually create reels on your business page.

[00:31:27] If you don’t have the new version of Facebook pages, that’s the way you can do them on your personal profile. And then, like I said, I’m thinking that if you just start posting a lot on your personal profile, there’s a good chance that potentially, it’ll unlock on your business page too. Or maybe you’ll get invited to the bonus program on your personal.

[00:31:46] Yeah,

[00:31:47] Jeff Sieh: I think to be honest, I think the reason that I got invited was because I do so much live video and go out. So they thought, I don’t know, who knows

[00:31:55] Molly Mahoney: and is probably doing a lot of live video too, but he’s in the UK,

[00:31:58] Jeff Sieh: so yeah. He’s yeah, I know. So just, I wanna add some more muddy the waters even more, because I think people get confused because there’s a bonus program.

[00:32:09] Like I said, peg Fitzpatrick just got the Instagram one. She could just post to that. Some people just get the Facebook, bonus program and some people get like both. So I think, there’s different flavors that you have to read in when you go in there to just see, because I don’t have the Instagram one,

[00:32:27] I

[00:32:27] Molly Mahoney: just have Facebook, but what’s weird is that I did have an Instagram bonus program back in July of 2021 when they were really trying to get us to go live and use those Instagram badges, which is the worst word for that feature because.

[00:32:44] There are so many other badges across social media that it’s extremely confusing, but Instagram badges are similar to Facebook stars where it’s like, they’re giving a little tip for like they’re giving you money. And when they wanted people to start using that feature, I got a notification on Instagram that, excuse me, that said, if you go live using the badges feature by this specific date, we’ll pay you a hundred dollars.

[00:33:08] So I had a couple of little, they were like challenges and that’s really what’s happening with the bonuses on Facebook for reals right now is that they’re saying Hey, if you do this by this date, we’ll pay you money. So you’re totally right. That you just have to keep an eye on where you’re getting this random opportunity.

[00:33:25] It’s cool. It’s just weird that it’s not very

[00:33:27] Jeff Sieh: right. And so for me, I got four. I was like last month and you have a certain amount of time, like it says, for me, it’s this bonus program is unlocked for 30 days and you have, you can, you’re up to for mine is like you up to $35,000. I can earn on this.

[00:33:44] And then I did that one I’m like was like, and then it got re up for the next month. It came just automatically. I didn’t have to do anything.

[00:33:51] Molly Mahoney: So that totally shocked me this last time that it happened because we were watching how much money we were bringing in. Like I was, it was a very, probably not very healthy time for me because my adrenaline was through the roof and I just kept refreshing the back office of my creator studio.

[00:34:07] But that night I was like, okay, we’re at 26,000. I wonder what’s going to happen tomorrow. And I thought okay, we did it at 26,000. That’s pretty awesome. And I went to bed and I woke up the next morning and we had already made another thousand dollars on the next round of it.

[00:34:21] Jeff Sieh: Wow. A couple of questions on this is that you mentioned that it drifted through to the next like month challenge.

[00:34:31] Did you do anything to optimize your chances for that? Because mine, mine went for a month and then died out. Did you re upped it?

[00:34:39] Molly Mahoney: Mine has died out now for the first few days of that challenge, it was adding about a thousand dollars a day, and then it stopped around 4,000. So only like the first four days of this new one has it been working, but the, and the video now is at 39.3 million.

[00:34:56] Once it hit like 30, 30 million, it started slowing down a little bit, but someone reminded me that is more than all the people in the state of California. I cannot believe that the entire state of California potentially saw this video. I think it is so bananas. And because the video is not specifically business-based, I actually have kept it hidden.

[00:35:17] I haven’t shown it very often. I always show it at the very end of my training videos about it, because. It’s not something that I’m like, oh, go watch this value based video, which is what I usually create. So I didn’t do much to really keep putting it out there. Sometimes I’ll go back in and like comment, reply to the comments or delete the con there’s some really crazy comments.

[00:35:37] So I’ll delete the really bad ones. But but I haven’t really done much to send it to my email list. Maybe I will, again this this month just to kickstart it one more time. I think I have 11 days left and I have $4,000 so far this round.

[00:35:53] Jeff Sieh: Interesting because I haven’t done anything and I’m like, can I do something to bring it up?

[00:35:56] So I’m gonna have to play with it and you can

[00:35:58] Molly Mahoney: repost it. That’s I tried reposting it once the thing that’s a little weird about it, and you’ve really got to check your ego is this video did not take off for about two weeks. So it had hardly any reach at all. And then in two weeks, all of a sudden I was actually teaching my clients how to do this.

[00:36:16] And I logged into my CR my post. Stats my insights on my posts. And I was like, what? Wait, what is happening? And it had hit 500,000 views and I didn’t even know. So it was a total shock to me. So I do try to go back and look at my stats. I, they’re hard to find. I can tell you how to find them also, but I do go back and look at them.

[00:36:37] And then also that’s when I went and looked at the creator studio and I was like, oh my gosh, they’re going to pay me a thousand dollars. I freaked out and then it just kept going up and up. So it takes time. So if you repost it or you post something that makes you a little oh, I don’t know if this is going to work.

[00:36:51] Just leave it there because it takes time for it to take off.

[00:36:55] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. So more questions. We’ve got some great ones. Thank you guys for commenting. And you guys are very excited about this. Becky says, and you don’t have to do anything special or have an offer to make money for the Facebook reels.

How To Make Money with Facebook Reels

[00:37:10] Molly Mahoney: Oh, yeah. Becky. So good to see you. I love you. So yeah, the only thing you have to do in order to make money from Facebook is you have to either be invited to the bonus program or apply to the bonus program. And if you go to that video that Jeff was showing earlier, which is Mo or the link, which is molly.live/ytfbreels So that’s YouTube is where the video is. Facebook is what it’s about. And then reels is what it’s about, why ytfbreels It walks you through how to apply. And two little tips on how to apply, do it as soon as possible start posting reels as soon as possible. And then a third tip actually is make sure that you have your monetization payout settings completed because we have another client who just got approved, but she didn’t have her payout settings completed.

[00:37:58] So it’s like it wasn’t connecting the dots that she actually could get the money. So you’ve got to make sure you follow the process all the way through. And then if you’re someone like Becky. Who is teaching people how to build community on Facebook and how to get more reach. If you have a video that does well, like this, go do a training or a masterclass about how this happened and then offer the opportunity to work with you.

[00:38:24] Because once you figured this out, it provides social proof. And what we did is this is cool that this happened on Facebook and I’m super grateful for this money. And we’re donating, a huge portion of it to a children’s theater that I grew up at. And then also to a client who helps to restore homes that have been damaged by fire or natural, disasters.

[00:38:43] So we’re doing something to make a bigger impact with this also. And the foundations of what I actually did in this video, go back to everything that I’m already teaching about social media, which has show up as a human being post things that are polarizing or starting conversations and just stay consistent and ahead of the trends.

[00:39:02] And so if you can tie your reach to something that you’re already teaching, that’s where you can make more on it by putting an offer out there as well.

[00:39:11] Jeff Sieh: Cool.

[00:39:11] Grace Duffy: More. Yeah. Ian has this question. He says that he, on his page, you do approve, you need to be approved for monetization. So that’s a question. Alfa Jane also asked about that, but he says that you can apply for challenges, earnings performance, or all of the above.

Where Do You Apply For Facebook’s Bonus Program?

[00:39:25] Grace Duffy: And he’s asking which bonus programs should he apply for.

[00:39:28] Molly Mahoney: Okay. Can I apply for everything, but can I show my screen what it looks like? Great. We’ll see, because I have gone into other clients’ pages to look at this also. And it’s a little, it’s a little funky sometimes. So I know for different people, it looks different.

[00:39:46] How do I, oh, share screen here. Okay.

[00:39:48] Jeff Sieh: Give me a second. I’ll have to pull it up. My

[00:39:52] Molly Mahoney: Chrome tab, create

[00:39:54] Jeff Sieh: you guys are asking some great questions today, by the way. Thank you. I love it. Here we go. Let me go here. Let’s see if I can do it and let me add you to it. And it’s not letting me, let me see here. There it is.

[00:40:11] I can’t hear you, Molly.

[00:40:16] Can’t hear you,

[00:40:21] Grace Duffy: Molly. Can you hear us?

[00:40:24] Jeff Sieh: She went away. She’s in the green room, so she’s in the green room. Let me go back. It’s because you have your screen and you can hear you okay, perfect.

[00:40:37] Grace Duffy: What you’re showing here. So what you’re showing here is your creator studio within your business page, or what are we missing?

[00:40:43] My

[00:40:43] Molly Mahoney: creator studio just for my business page. So if you wanna, if you manage more than one business page, sometimes you accidentally have other business pages selected. So make sure you only have the business page that you want selected up here. And what you’ll see in the beginning is whether you have monetization violations.

[00:40:59] So I do have one page that I’ll never be able to get access to this with, which is an Ian knows this. I host a Broadway themed open mic night once a month during normal times. And we post a lot of videos there of us singing Broadway songs, and it has been flagged for music rights. So I could go in and say, Hey, I pay BMI and ASCAP.

[00:41:20] I actually have the rights to use these songs, but I’m not going to deal with that. So that page I can ever do it on. But I that’s fine. If you have Pope posted a bunch of songs or like copyright infringement stuff on your page, you will not be able to get access to this. So you may need to try it on a brand new page.

[00:41:36] First thing, I have subscriptions on my page and I don’t ever do anything with my subscribers. So eight subscribers who I love so much. Thank you. We need to do something for you. Okay. Then if you move down here on the left-hand side, you should see bonuses, stars, all these different things, right? So I’m going to go down here.

[00:41:55] If you don’t see bonuses right here, it could be because you don’t have it. And that means that you need to go to the link that I give out in that YouTube video and actually apply. So if you to apply, let me just show you what that looks like really quickly. I’m going to bring that in here and yours may look a little different than this.

[00:42:15] So if you go to this home section if you click this view page eligibility, it shows you all the different things that you may have access to. So I just got an invitation to stars, but when I clicked over here, it wasn’t there. So this other monetization tool down at the bottom, like it says invite only which I was sent an invite.

[00:42:34] And then I came here and it’s invite only okay, but you should be able to see like criteria not met for different things here. And if you don’t see the bonuses one on there, the bonuses is a separate little category like this, like paid events, subscriptions, all those things are separate little categories.

[00:42:53] This is where you have to go. And it’s facebook.com/creator/program/bonuses, which is long. So if you’re listening to this, just know. You should go find the video that Jeff and Grace are putting out also, because you’ll be able to see what this actually looks like on on the video, this bonuses page, you can go to apply.

[00:43:15] If you just Google Facebook bonuses, you’ll probably be able to find it as well on here. I used to think, oh, this just has this information. I never scrolled below the fold. If you scroll down, Damon was like, yeah, scroll down. If you scroll down, you’ll see all of the pages that you potentially have access to.

[00:43:34] And then it’ll show you, I manage way too many pages. It’ll show you at the bottom, which pages are approved and which pages don’t have access for some reason. And you’ll never they’re are not eligible. So that’s where you would go and apply for it.

[00:43:51] Grace Duffy: Gary comments, Facebook shirt does make it easy.

[00:43:54] Doesn’t it? Yes, they absolutely. Absolutely. They want to help their creators. So

[00:44:01] Jeff Sieh: yeah, they do.

How Does Facebook Pay Its Creators?

[00:44:03] Molly Mahoney: Bananas. And then one of, one of the thing, actually, one of the things I’d love to share what we’re right here, that was really confusing for me. So I thought I would get this $26,000 in one lump sum after February 11th, what they say is that they pay 30 days after it closes.

[00:44:19] I thought that meant 30 days after this closes like February 11th. So I thought I was going to get paid on March 11th. I actually got paid $20,000 on February 20th because the payment period closes at the end of the month. So the payment period closed on February 1st. I had already done $20,000 by February 1st.

[00:44:42] Those next 11 days is where I brought in the extra six or 7,000. So on March 20th or so, I’ll get that next $10,000, which is a little confusing. Cause it felt like, oh, they said I was going to get 26,000 and then they only sent me 20.

[00:44:57] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. Only 20. But but to your point real quick, before we go into the next section, I want to talk about this because this is fascinating to a lot of people that was just the tip of the iceberg, because this led to other sales and you got to understand if you haven’t seen the video.

[00:45:16] And we’ll maybe we’ll drop the link in later because Bali was even embarrassed to send it to me, like I said,

[00:45:24] but because it’s not business stuff, but you made money on business stuff from it. So talk about that a little bit.

How To Make Extra Money Off Of The Facebook Bonus Program

[00:45:32] Molly Mahoney: So as I already had, we do a webinar masterclass thing once a month, where we offer the opportunity to join us in our program called show up with video. And I already had a masterclass planned.

[00:45:45] And because this happened, I actually changed the title of my masterclass to. Instead of it was called like a multi-channel video masterclass or something. I changed it to a viral video masterclass and I said, let me show you how I did this. Now in that masterclass, I still taught my basic principles for video marketing.

[00:46:06] And then I just added in a couple of slides sharing information about this specific video that went viral. The other thing is by the amazing grace of the universe, this started to take off while I was doing a five day challenge. So it was so cool because as the numbers were going up every day, I’d come back for this kickstart that we were doing.

[00:46:25] And I was like, oh my gosh, the numbers are higher. So I was able to celebrate it out loud with our community and then have people who are asking like, I want to know how to do this too. Then I could make an offer to them to join us in our coaching program. Now, even if you’re not a video coach, you can use kind of the six degrees of Kevin bacon strategy here, which is.

[00:46:47] You can use it to teach something about abundance. You can use it to teach something about consistency. You can use it to teach something about showing up authentically, right? Whether you are a marketing coach or you are a life coach, or you want. Selling leggings. I don’t care. There’s ways that you can use this social proof to build excitement, to bring people in and then sell more of your products or services.

[00:47:12] And

[00:47:12] Jeff Sieh: I did not know that you knew that I was selling legging. So that’s really, that’s very certain because yes. So a couple of questions we have because we’re almost out of time and this has gone by so fast. We’re going to have you on again. Cause we just didn’t even hardly touch on short form storytelling because there’s just so fascinating.

[00:47:31] And but there’s a whole thing that I wanted to go on, but this is everybody’s asking these great questions that I think is so important. So a beauty be which to love that name over on YouTube says, can you do a remix real and still count? And the another question she has is, does sound have to be original too.

[00:47:51] And I think this is really important that people know about this because super

[00:47:55] Molly Mahoney: great questions.

Can You Remix Videos From Another Platform?

[00:47:56] Molly Mahoney: So there’s one woman that I’ve seen, who’s doing loads of remix reels, but she’s creating them on. They’re like TikTok, remixes, whatever they call them over there or Instagram. And then she’s just downloading them and reposting them.

[00:48:07] And it looks like she’s getting views for those, which this was actually shocking to me. Because a lot of hers are just her looking at someone else’s content. And I think that’s probably not right, because it’s meant that you can’t make money off of a reel that someone else has claimed as their own content.

[00:48:25] So that one I’m like, I can’t believe that. She’s doing it a lot, so it must be working for her, but that I would just be a little careful of. And then the other thing is with the sound, here’s what you need to do. So if you do a video on Instagram that has like a a song or something on it, when you download it, it doesn’t have the sound on it.

[00:48:45] If you download it on TikTok, you can get the sound. But if you upload the sound from TikTok onto Facebook, you will get flagged, right? So when you have to do that, You want to upload it without the music and then go into the Facebook sound library and pull the sound in again from there. So actually on the video that I did, we, there is music in the background.

[00:49:07] It is that, oh no. Oh no. Oh no. It was playing faintly in the background. And the other one that I had that took off was actually a trending sound. So it wasn’t original sound. It was that what’s something you’d get a lot of hate for, if you said it out loud, it wasn’t me talking. So both of them had other sound in them.

[00:49:26] The one, those two that took off in a really big way. And in some of the other ones that we’ve done have had that have done well several thousand have had more trending sounds on them and they’ve been okay.

[00:49:36] Jeff Sieh: So a couple more questions. Let’s see here. James says Molly, for those who are just wanting to get started, who are used to just posting value-based content, do you suggest doing more personal, silly stuff that has a better chance of catching fire?

[00:49:51] What are your thoughts?

What Type Of Content Works For Facebook Reels?

[00:49:52] Molly Mahoney: Yeah, I would mix it up. So that’s the thing is just like test different stuff. So the only way that you’ll figure out what’s working is if you just try a bunch of different stuff, right? There’s some people who I know are really specific, only putting out value based. And if that stuff works for you and you can, I mean that you have so much value to share, obviously James, but then let’s say every once in a while you put in one of those videos from you where were you Africa or somewhere like that was so amazing.

[00:50:16] I’m sure that you have so many little stories, little moments that cause an emotion. And to me that’s really the most important thing to take away from all of this is we want to be creating content that makes people go oh, or Ooh, or, and if you can create content that has that kind of emotion, it’s going to have the potential for the wider impact.

[00:50:40] And then you may not get as much reach on the value-based stuff, but the people who see the value based stuff will be more in your ideal client bracket. So I would do a mix.

What Are The Specifications for Facebook Reels?

[00:50:52] Jeff Sieh: Brian, our friend, Brian, who gave us some great questions over on Vala, he goes, is there a time limit to a real,

[00:50:58] Molly Mahoney: oh yes. 60 seconds.

[00:51:00] And that’s another thing that is tricky. Almost every time that I go to create one, I accidentally forget to change that time because it starts at 15 seconds and you may not see it. It’s a little tiny 15. You have to go to make it, you click it three times to get it to be 60 seconds.

[00:51:15] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. So they just applied up dated that kind of recently it used to be a smaller wasn’t it, 15 times.

[00:51:22] Molly Mahoney: Yeah. And he couldn’t figure out like it was hard to figure out how to change that, but it should be good for everybody to be able to make it 60

[00:51:30] Jeff Sieh: now. So Ian goes I’ve done some silly song videos on Instagram reels and I create them on my computer and then upload them to Instagram. Would that work with Facebook reels or do I have to create on mobile?

[00:51:41] I would have

[00:51:42] Molly Mahoney: to download it to your phone to be able to upload it to, yeah.

[00:51:47] Jeff Sieh: And by the way, I have to say this because. It’s really cool that on Ecamm allows you to actually film stuff and I’ve done this. I’ve been also experimenting with idea pins over on Pinterest because it’s the same kind of format is I can actually use Ecamm to film them in the vertical video style, edit them up and then get them to my phone and upload them as real.

[00:52:08] So that’s also an option. So if you want to find out about Ecamm make sure you go to socialmedianewslive.com/ecamm. But yeah, Ian, I have a feeling. He takes, popular songs and then he thinks to themselves, would he get flack for that or would that cause it’s a cover,

[00:52:25] Molly Mahoney: it’s a parody.

[00:52:26] And I think there’s actually a law that it makes it. Okay. So often that allows you to record in that vertical format. And another thing that you can do, which I there’s just so many opportunities here and I am not taking advantage of this as much as I could be. But another thing that we’ve gone in and done is taken a lot of our longer form videos and just made a bunch of one minute sections of it, which we’re going to start just releasing those.

[00:52:50] Also, I did that when I was supporting Les brown and I took a bunch of his old videos and made them into reels and they went, so it was like so awesome. How we just use his old content and then put it into the reels format and it takes off.

[00:53:06] Jeff Sieh: And Molly, I’m telling you that you all should take some of this stuff and put it over.

[00:53:10] Pinterest idea pins,

[00:53:11] Molly Mahoney: because explain that cause I’ve been wanting to look into it and I haven’t done that yet. So what’s the difference

[00:53:18] Jeff Sieh: idea. Penn is like a story based on on Pinterest, but the cool thing is you can have multiple frames. You don’t ha they, you can have multiple it’s almost like stories like Instagram stories, but you can go edit them if you want, but they live on there and they linked to your profile.

[00:53:33] They’re a great rate of a greater profile. No, they last forever and they’re tied to your account. Just ping me later. And we’ll talk. So that is a whole other show, a whole other show. And Christopher, I know does a lot of stuff on Pinterest too. So that will be, it would be interesting for a show like that.

[00:53:52] All right. We are, at the end of our time, this has been a fire hose of information. We need to have Molly, like on a S like a semi-permanent basis to come on the show because she’s always so amazing. So Molly, before we go where can people find out more about you? Where do you want to send them all the things Molly.

[00:54:10] Molly Mahoney: Yes. All right. So if you just go to molly.live, you’ll be able to get our website and find all of our places. We are on social as the prepared performer, most places. And if you’re actually watching this live, I am doing a little birthday party celebration next week, which I would love to have you join me for that.

[00:54:26] If you want to, you can go to molly.live/uh, you know what I just realized. I’m not going to give you that line because I’ll tell you why later, but I just realized that whatever you just PM me on my personal profile on Facebook and I’ll get you access to it. It’s my birthday is March 9th. We’re doing it on March 9th.

[00:54:42] And we’re going to talk more about how to actually make sales based on what you’re doing with your reach. So it’s how experts just like you can that an extra a hundred K to your revenue. It rhymes.

[00:54:53] Jeff Sieh: Awesome. Thank you guys. So yeah, Sabrina goes, thank you. Great show went so fast. No kidding. This one was a fast one, Sabrina but all of our shows were amazing, especially because of all you in the comments, asking your great questions.

[00:55:05] We have an amazing community. Duffy. Where can people find out about the racing Grace

[00:55:11] Grace Duffy: and find out about me here every week, which Jeff and I have to tell you every time we do a show, I’m just like, okay, I want to get off the show. I want to implement everything. Like I want the ideas are going, so please join us again.

[00:55:25] We’ll be here next week. I think we’ve been trying to line up, like we’ve lined up some really great guests. So definitely join us here week after week.

[00:55:34] Jeff Sieh: And don’t forget that you can join us over on volume by going to Social Media News, Live dot com forward slash chat. It’s amazing. We’re having some great conversations over there.

[00:55:42] It’s a super cool platform. So if you haven’t checked it out yet, make sure you guys go check that out at Social Media News, Live dot com forward slash chat. And as always, we, you can find us on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, all, and we’re also a podcast. So make sure you guys give us a rating review on your favorite podcast player.

[00:55:59] Grace, when is our next. It

[00:56:02] Grace Duffy: is next week, Friday March 11th, 11:00 AM. Eastern 10:00 AM central. So please join us then.

[00:56:10] Jeff Sieh: And we will see you guys all next time. Thank you guys so much for watching. Thank you, Lynne. Thank you. Macy, Christopher, James Sabrina, everybody who showed up today. We really appreciate all you and we will see you guys next time.

[00:56:22] Bye everybody.

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