This week’s episode of Social Media News Live is a must-listen for anyone looking to maximize their brand’s potential and make the most of their work. Our guest, Monte Weaver, is a content creator with a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to securing successful brand deals and sponsorships.

Are you an influencer or content creator looking to take your brand deals to the next level? Look no further than this episode of the Social Media News Live podcast. In this episode, branding expert and influencer coach Monte Weaver provides expert tips and insights on how to secure profitable brand deals and develop a strong brand identity that resonates with your audience.

Monte starts by emphasizing the importance of building a strong personal brand and developing a genuine connection with your audience. He suggests that influencers and content creators ask themselves questions like “What am I good at?” and “What do people come to me for?” to help identify their unique strengths and value propositions. He also provides insights on how to leverage social media platforms to increase your visibility and attract potential partners.

One of the key takeaways from the podcast is the importance of being authentic and building real relationships with brand partners. Monte provides insights on how to approach and negotiate brand deals, emphasizing the importance of being clear about your rates and what you can offer, while also highlighting your unique value proposition and the benefits you can bring to the brand. He also provides real-world examples and case studies to illustrate his points and help you negotiate the best deal possible.

When it comes to developing a strong brand identity, Monte suggests that influencers and content creators focus on their unique strengths and value propositions, while also staying true to themselves and their values. He provides tips and insights on how to develop a brand identity that resonates with your audience and positions you as an attractive partner for brands.

If you’re an influencer or content creator looking to take your brand deals to the next level, this episode of Social Media News Live is a must-listen. With expert tips and insights from Monte Weaver, you’ll learn how to develop a strong personal brand, negotiate with brands, and develop a brand identity that resonates with your audience. So why wait? Listen to the podcast today and start building your brand! Don’t forget to share it with your network if you find it helpful!


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[00:00:00] Grace Duffy: Have we gone live?

[00:00:01] Jeff Sieh: Yes. Hello folks. Welcome to another edition of Social Media. News Live. So excited that you guys are here with us today. If you are just joining us for first time, welcome we promise that Grace won’t bite. She’s very gentle. So just, you know, so, but anyway, if you’re watching this show and if you have questions, we were talking about brand deals.

[00:00:21] Which I’m so excited about because I have been stalking Monty for a long time. I’m in his groups. I have learned so much from him, and I know you guys are too. So if you have any questions, make sure you at mention them down below. And also calling your friends who’re like, you know what? He’s kind of doing some stuff on YouTube.

[00:00:40] He’s really interested in brand deals. This would be the perfect show. For him or her to watch, just at mentioned ’em down below. Wherever you’re watching from, call them into the conversation. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions. We’ve got our friends already showing up. We have our friend, the life of Brian Brian Ferrell.

[00:00:57] How are you doing, Brian? I’m so glad you’re here. He’s here. He’s a faithful watcher. Brian, this is gonna be a good show for you. I mean, I know you do a lot of photography stuff, but we’re gonna be talking about brand deals today. I think you’re gonna find it really, really interest. It’s our friend

[00:01:09] Monte Weaver: Jim

[00:01:10] Grace Duffy: Fuse.

[00:01:10] Monty says hello, Monty, Jeff and the Amazing Grace. That’s right. The

[00:01:13] Jeff Sieh: amazing Grace. That’s right. So, yes. Jim, thank you so much. I think you introduced me to Monty maybe like last year at Pod Fest or before that. I can’t remember. Anyway, I’m so, I’m so glad you’re here, Jim. Thank you for your support.

[00:01:28] And Fanny is saying over on LinkedIn. Hi, Grace tuning in from slowly melting Tfw area.

[00:01:33] Grace Duffy: Oh yeah. I was just telling Jeff how it, like, I, I had to take my daughter to school this morning and I was like so stressed out about the ice. We’re not, yes. We’re ill prepared here, so. Yes. But I’m here on the show. I’m pumped.

[00:01:45] I’m ready to go. Got my coffee. I got Mattia. Got Jeff. We’re ready to go. And

[00:01:49] Jeff Sieh: my friend Connor Brown, who I was able to hang out with last week at Hey, they’re party people. Looking forward to this convo. Hey, Connor is big on TikTok, so this is really good stuff for him as well. So, I know Monty’s got a hard stop, so I’m gonna start it.

[00:02:02] Let’s go ahead and get started with the show. I’m gonna go ahead and hit go on the podcast player and we’ll get started. All right. Hello folks. Welcome to Social. Media. News. Live. I’m Jeff C and you’re

[00:02:13] Grace Duffy: not. And I’m Grace Duffy. And this is the show that keeps you. Social media. And today we’ve invited the amazing Monty Weaver to talk about securing profitable influencer and brand deals.

[00:02:28] We’ve made it our mission on this show this year to help creators succeed. And one of the ways to succeed is to make an income from your content. So last week of course, we had Maria talking about how to grow your business and your revenue. Amazing. Anna and Fagens discussing, designing and branding your own live show.

[00:02:47] We at Katie Fox talking about the creator economy, and so we are capping it off today with this conversation with Monty talking about how to monetize your work with brand deals and profitable sponsorships that work for both you as a creator and you as a brand, depending on who is catching. That’s right.

[00:03:06] Monty, we’re so excited to have you

[00:03:07] Monte Weaver: here today. I’m glad to be here. Thank you guys. I’ve watched the show before, so to be a guest on the show, I’m excited. Oh man,

[00:03:16] Jeff Sieh: you have no idea. I’m excited to have you on because like I said I have been inside of your Facebook groups. I’ve really benefited from your wisdom on all things brand deals and Amazon Live and Amazon you know, the influencer program.

[00:03:29] So I can’t wait. If you guys don’t know money, I, I want to introduce you because he’s amazing. He’s an Amazon Live creator. Influencer YouTube content creator and consultant, coach and speaker, and he’s a leader in teaching people how to get brand deals and sponsorships. He’s active on Clubhouse and you can also find him on Amazon, YouTube and Instagram through his YouTube channel.

[00:03:49] Over 25,000 subscribers learn the technical aspects of video and live Streaming to grow their. And monetize with the power of video. And in 2020, Monty was introduced to a little thing called Amazon Live, a platform that allows creators the opportunity to monetize on one of the most popular shopping platforms in the world.

[00:04:09] And his online community, which I am a member of now, hosts over 2000 Amazon live creators and influencers. And this group has opened the doors for members looking to partner with brands and companies on collaborations and sponsorships. even with a small audience. So Monty, me Monty’s mission is to be the support bridge for the non-techies of the world and navigate the hurdles of digital technology and social media.

[00:04:32] He knows the tremendous value of these elements in today’s world and the challenges that come with them, especially for new entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations that are learning these areas. So by simplify, simplifying, and speaking the non-techy, Man is connected with audience around the world to help them accel accelerate faster than they ever imagined.

[00:04:51] He is amazing. Monty, welcome

[00:04:53] Monte Weaver: to the show. I’m taking you with me every year.

[00:04:58] Jeff Sieh: Oh, I just, I’m so excited you unplugged my headphones. So just, I

[00:05:01] Grace Duffy: love it when people say that because we put in a lot of work into like, researching our guests and researching their work and what they’ve talked about before.

[00:05:09] So, hi folks.

[00:05:09] Jeff Sieh: Right here. So, What’s this guy? That’s what happens when you run over your, there we go. The headphone cable. See, I get so excited now I can hear everybody. So yeah. So, Noah says Monty is the best. He helps people and is very humble. He’s watching over on YouTube. I agree. He is an amazing amazing person.

[00:05:29] And Fanny says, looking forward to learning more about. This topic of brand deal so well, you’ve come to the right place, Fannie.

[00:05:35] Grace Duffy: That’s right. We

[00:05:36] Jeff Sieh: are excited and I wanna do big, A big shout out, which has helped me so much throughout the years is our friends over at Ecamm, they are the sponsors of the show.

[00:05:44] You can find out more about them at For slash Ecamm now, 4.0 came out like last week. And so multi, you can multi Restream now to 10 platforms. They have a new camera switcher you can edit into script after you’re done. And my thing that I was, I was bragging about to Mon and Grace before the show.

[00:06:03] Now you can have isolated video tracks for Max Silicone. So like when I’m done with this, I’ll have a clean feed of all my guests, Grace myself, and I can repurpose it in any way I want. Super, super powerful. Thank you for Ecamm for sponsoring the show. Social Media. News Live. Do. Slash Ecamm. All right, we gotta get going because I know I’m gonna talk too much.

[00:06:20] Monte Weaver: So

[00:06:21] Grace Duffy: I know we’re gonna kick this off with a blueprint for Brand Deals Success Blueprint. So take us away, Grace. Now, in the world of influencers, bloggers, live streamers, almost anyone with an audience, brand deals tend to be seen as the pinnacle of success and making it, and this has been the case ever since.

[00:06:38] I guess social media began, I was inking. Blogger campaigns back in the day long, long time ago. And I know there are certainly a lot of folks in that industry that have made it big and we all know that there are significant brand deals for celebrities. We see that all the time we hear, but we keep hearing that you don’t need a huge audience.

[00:06:57] Example, rise of the micro influencer. We’ve talked about that quite a bit in the past, and you don’t necessarily need this giant, massive celebrity audience to be success, but you do need an audience. So let, I wanted to kick this show off first, Monty, with what do we need to establish or to establish our credibility as an influencer or creator before we start hunting for those brand deals.

[00:07:20] Like what do we need to kinda like lay down before we can be putting ourselves out there and being taken

[00:07:24] seriously?

[00:07:26] Monte Weaver: Yeah. One of the things that when I first got started in this space is I was just showing up and just showing up consistently on a regular basis and sharing my knowledge, my insight around technology and live Streaming.

[00:07:39] And so it kind of opened up the doors to what I eventually found out was brand deals and influencer marketing. But if you can begin to show. , wherever that is in this digital space on a regular and consistent basis. It definitely helps set the foundation because ultimately when we want to partner with brands and companies, they’re going to look at our digital presence.

[00:08:03] What have we been doing in the past? Are we someone that’s just brand new and we’re just trying to figure it out? Or have we actually been doing something for a little bit of time? Six months, a year, two years, we’ve actually been showing up on platforms and providing value. And that value ultimately starts to bring us an audience of people that are tuning in to watch us on YouTube live and Facebook and every other platform that we want to be on.

[00:08:29] So that’s really the foundation of getting started. It’s just to show up and show up consistently on your platform. . Mm.

[00:08:37] Jeff Sieh: So we got our, our pal, Dustin Stout here. Saying showing up is half the battle. True. That’s a great, that’s true. GI Joe, I, he’s call back to GI Joe. So Monty, I wanted to ask you we kind of teased to this, the top of the show.

[00:08:51] What kind of following, you know, do you, you want to have when you’re, you’re first starting with like your brand deals? Like what do you have to have like 10,000 followers? Is there like a hard number before you even start thinking about a brand?

[00:09:06] Monte Weaver: No, I, I will give you the lowest number that I have personally seen, and it has been four followers, four , and I was like, how did we manage to pull this off?

[00:09:18] And it was really around. how that person shows up. The, the, they show up in a space all the time. This is what they do. So if you looked at their regular resume, not their, what I refer to as a digital resume, but just a regular resume of what they do, they have credibility in their space already. And so when they show up on a social platform or when they speak to an audience of people that they haven’t curated on their own, they are actually bringing value to that audience.

[00:09:49] Okay with, without having the, the, the. Type of person that can come to the table with four subscribers. I found that like the 2000, 1000, 2000 area is like that really good beginner point because it shows that you have gotten people to actually come and follow you and to subscribe to you, but more importantly, it’s just getting them to engage with you.

[00:10:13] They’re, they’re actually responding to the videos you’re putting up. They’re, they’re leaving things in the comments sections. They’re asking questions, they’re sharing it out. They’re, they’re tagging you that, I think that is a really good foundational number to just know that, okay, if I can just build an, a core group of people that are just gonna show up, they might not show up every single day or every single post, but they are engaged in the content that you’re putting out there.

[00:10:39] I think that’s a really good number if someone just wanted to use numbers. But at the end of the day, it’s really the, the, the content that’s really going to help to secure those brand deals.

[00:10:50] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. And I know it’s the smaller influencers like you mentioned the thousand, 2000, I don’t know if they’re, I get confused that’s micro or nano or you know, whoever, small followings.

[00:11:01] But a lot of times brands like that because of the algorithms, the way they work like on Instagram or something like that, there’s actually more engagement with those small followers. And so I think brands are slowly seeing that. Yeah, that’s a good investment and you can move the needle with some of these smaller

[00:11:15] Monte Weaver: follow.

[00:11:16] Yeah. Yeah. If you have 10 people that all have a thousand followers, that’s 10,000 people. Really . So rather than going up to the one person with 10,000, let me go after a bunch of different micro nano influencers that have a thousand strong, faithful, committed people that are, you know, they’re listening, they’re, they’re paying attention to what that person has to say, and brands are starting to really take notes that that’s probably a better way for them to allocate that marketing.

[00:11:44] Hmm.

[00:11:45] Grace Duffy: So, Monty, I have a quick question for you. I, cuz I’ve been on the brand side of this as far as like deals and I’ve also been on the creator side of this as far as deals. And I wanna make a comment about like your reputation, cuz a lot of us are building our personal brands, our personalities.

[00:11:59] We’re very public, we’re on the social media sites and sometimes some you have a, you know, kind of mouth off or whatever, and we just have this like, you know, it’s, it’s really a small industry when it comes down to it, right? Like your reputation. A lot. And not to say that you should compromise yourself or your beliefs or anything.

[00:12:16] So what advice do you have as far as like maintaining that personal brand online? If you’re looking for brand deals or maintaining a positive reputation when you’re looking for these brand

[00:12:29] Monte Weaver: deals. Yeah, I think that’s something that’s not discussed enough. But cleaning up your social media is a good thing.

[00:12:37] Just going back, I know you got your opinions and your thoughts on everything in the world. But if you wanna work with a brand that may not align themselves with the same thoughts that you have, or opinions that you have, it’s gonna be really difficult to find a compromise on that. So removing things that could potentially cause that deal to not go through to, could potentially cause someone to not even respond to your email because they go to your social media and they see that, you know, you’re, you’re, you’re kind of all over the place.

[00:13:12] You, you go there for a brand deal about a certain product or service, but you’re all the way over in right field talking about all your opinions, on everything that’s going on in the world, and you spend more time doing that versus actually giving value to your audience. So I, I’m, I’m so glad you asked that.

[00:13:29] I think people overlook that, and that’s one of the reasons that I’m. Aware of what I put on my social. Mm-hmm. like my opinions or my opinions, and I’ll, I’ll keep them to myself and I’ll share them personally, but on social media is not the place if you’re really looking to collaborate with some of these bigger established brands, because they’re really aware of what’s going on now.

[00:13:51] It’s no secret of all the things that you know happened in 2020 and 2021. Like brands are aware of what’s going on, so they’re not gonna align themselves with. , you know, could look bad for the company.

[00:14:05] Jeff Sieh: Yeah, it’s funny cuz I, I’m trying to get that I have younger kids and I’m trying to get that across to them.

[00:14:09] Like, listen, this stuff sticks around. You know, having some digital courage doesn’t always, you know, may hurt you in the long run. Our friend Holly Homer Grace used to say, I am toast when it comes to the internet. Like I am as exciting as toast or controversial as toast as the way she wants to

[00:14:25] And I was like that like, just be toast. So,

[00:14:28] Grace Duffy: Beto. Just Beto. Well, I was even, I was even gonna say how you how you handle yourself when you’re negotiating because like I, it’s a small industry and we all talk to each other, right? It’s all I gotta say for you, people wanting brand deals, .

[00:14:41] Jeff Sieh: Right? So on that, on that note, mon, and once again, everybody watches the show knows that I use this for free consulting.

[00:14:48] How, when, when it comes to brand deals, like who do you want to work with? Like how do you, you know, you know, when you’re looking at what, who you wanna partner with, who do you, how do you determine who you want to, you know, work with as a creator or influencer?

[00:15:03] Monte Weaver: Yeah, so at this stage of where I’m at, it’s like the big tech brands.

[00:15:08] Mm-hmm. , like the big tech brands. If you asked me two years ago, I would’ve told you like, I don’t care, like any anybody. I work with anybody because is this even possible that somebody would want to work with me? And I think. When, when, when a lot of us are learning about this space or trying to get into this space, we accept deals from any and everybody that may even not align directly with what you want to do, but it is important to really understand, okay, Hey.

[00:15:39] right now, 2023. I have value as someone that puts up content on social media as someone that shares the things that I love. I’m, I’m in the tech space, so mm-hmm. , if I talk about microphones and cameras and computers and lights, chances are people are going to relate to that. If I start talking about kitchen appliances, because the top kitchen.

[00:16:02] Look, I don’t even know who makes refrigerators air fryers now as a light, but if they saw that I have an audience of people and they want me to promote their product, It’s not going to be a good fit for me. I’m, I’m going struggle. Even trying to talk about it can be the best air fryer in the world, but at one, it doesn’t align with my audience.

[00:16:20] It doesn’t align with that consistent message I’ve built over time. It’s just so far outta my wheelhouse. So it doesn’t make sense to, to work with those types of brands just because I have an audience. That’s where the value exchange just doesn’t make sense. But the companies that do align with me, the, the brands I’ve already made purchases from, I, I think about all the, the tech stuff that I own.

[00:16:43] Mm-hmm. and those companies. Okay, I bought this brand, I bought that brand. Well, wouldn’t it just make sense for me to say, Hey, brand, I love your stuff. I use it all the. Let’s do some type of collaboration together. And those are the easiest. Those Right. Just make more sense overall.

[00:17:00] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. In fact, that’s how with Ecamm m that we were able to, like I was using them way before I even started this show, and I was a fan of them, so I reached out and, you know, it, it worked out and it’s been a match made in heaven.

[00:17:12] But one of the things that I think is really important is that you were very deliberate. Like even building your YouTube channel and the content you were. And that led to those brand deals with those big tech companies because you saw, and you were very deliberate in the content you’re putting out.

[00:17:26] So I think that’s key. One of the things I wanted to ask, so let’s say there’s a new creator, they’re starting to get traffic, they’ve got these people reaching out to them, these brands reaching out to them. What kind of research should you do before approach, you know, Making a deal with a brand or even going and approaching a brand.

[00:17:43] Are there like some resources, like is there like a website where you can, like a glass door for brands or whatever where you can figure out if they’re good or not? I mean, or how they

[00:17:51] Monte Weaver: work with creators? Yeah, so if there is, I haven’t used it yet because the way I’ve like. So my background has been tech all the way through as long as I can remember.

[00:18:03] So I’m used to going in and like manually checking things and making sure things work. So I say that to say I’ll go directly to the brand social medias that I’m interested in. So mm-hmm. , I’ll go to their Instagram, I’ll go to their YouTube channels. I’ll, I’ll, I’ll seek out what they’re doing there because the value that I personally add to them is giving them.

[00:18:27] That’s on social media. Mm-hmm. . So if they’re not active, it’s a really good opportunity for me to say, Hey, I’m o I’m on this platform. You’re not on this platform. Let me help you gain some traction over here. Let me create some content over here for you. And that has worked really well for me. I love going into the comments and seeing, hey, What questions are customers asking the brand that maybe they’re not responding back to?

[00:18:51] Do they have any community groups where I can be a part of and provide value in those groups? And you do this stuff without asking them upfront. You just go ahead and just be involved and show them that you’re there. Because one thing I share with people is if someone makes a post, especially like a Facebook post and nobody.

[00:19:10] The person that posted that knows, nobody responds , but as soon as they get that first response, they’re like, oh my gosh. Somebody responded. What did they say? Right, right. And typically, I like to be like the only person that responds to this post. And so I get their attention, they see who I am, and then people get nosy, right?

[00:19:26] So they start clicking, let me go to that social profile. Let me see what he’s doing on Facebook. Let me see what he’s doing on Instagram. And so that’s how I build a lot of relationships when I’ve been doing my brain.

[00:19:38] Jeff Sieh: That’s genius. That’s a, that is a hack right there for everybody and do it in a way that’s not spammy.

[00:19:42] Like I see people in there trying to be really, you know, Hey, I can do this for you, for this amount of money. You’re trying to build a relationship and, and nobody has built a relationship. When somebody comes and starts pitching to them, the first thing they say. So I think that point was really

[00:19:54] Monte Weaver: good show value.

[00:19:55] Like, it’s literally like, I’ll answer questions for people, but if when the brand sees that you’re answering the question, you’re answering it correctly, they just pay more attention to you. Like, oh, thank you, you just saved us time. You, you helped us retain a customer that might have been upset cuz they’re not getting a solution.

[00:20:13] So, There’s some value that comes along with that. You know, it’s a, you play a long game with it, but sometime you play a really short game. I’ve literally got responses in 24 hours. Say, Hey, we saw that you watched our YouTube video. We’re interested to see what you could do when it comes to this particular thing.

[00:20:29] So it’s, it’s worked really, really well for me. Very, very cool.

[00:20:33] Grace Duffy: Okay, Monty, so beyond doing this, a great show or great thing for your group, week after week, producing this great review, answering those questions like you just suggested and being an excellent affiliate. These are just some things to get brands attention, but what else can you do to attract a brand’s attention to get them to actively invest in us, right?

[00:20:54] Is it enough to just do your thing and hope that somebody notices like you’re answering those questions and you’re hoping that they notice, or are you doing something more p. Kind of to curry that along.

[00:21:04] Monte Weaver: Yeah. Yeah. So there are a lot of like, Events, we were talking about this before the show. There are a lot of physical in-person events starting to pick back up now.

[00:21:14] And so when you go to these events, building a relationship with these marketing coordinators, the the people that are behind the booth, letting them know what you do and, and. Either letting them know that, Hey, I’m using your product, I’m using your service, but I also create content around it. Like, what can we do?

[00:21:32] Do you have another event maybe I can volunteer and be a part of? I, I literally watched a person in my community, she volunteered at one of the events. And I, I couldn’t find her. She was like, Hey, I wanna meet you. You’re here. So I’m looking for her and I, and I saw her and I went back upstairs. I came back down.

[00:21:49] She’s behind the booth working the booth with the brand and helping them get customers. And I’m just like, who does that? , and of course they end up doing a brand deal collab, but it’s these going over and above little things because she could have been doing anything else but to get behind the booth and say, Hey, I wanna help bring customers over here because of her personality type.

[00:22:14] I already know your product. I already know your service. And she had a lot of people over there that I don’t think they would’ve curated by themselves. So along with just, you know, giving, giving that support back to the brand. Current customer base. You know, going over and beyond on little things, just like going to an event, saying hi, shaking hands, building that relationship is really key.

[00:22:35] This is a whole relationship business. And, and you wanna do something that just stands out a little bit more. Mm, great advice.

[00:22:43] Grace Duffy: That’s great advice. And also a little bit of a promo to get out there and do these in-person events. I know that’s hard for some people and they’re like, oh, why should we be doing this?

[00:22:51] But here’s a reason you that face-to-face time can’t replace it.

[00:22:56] Jeff Sieh: So, what else can we do? Like, you know, you know, to get these brands interested in us. You mentioned some things going in there and you know, con is there anything you do to continue the relationship? So let’s say you get a brand deal, right?

[00:23:12] After it’s over, do you just go, all right, see you later. I mean, what are the steps you take to like continue the relationship? Because it, the more we dive into this, we’re hearing that word relationship and, you know, providing value and all of that. So I would love to know the things that you do to continue that relationship after even that first brand deal is finished.

[00:23:30] Monte Weaver: Yeah, so here, here’s my notepad of stuff, , seasonal things that happen. I’m, I’m always paying attention to that. So if a particular brand I work with, maybe I work with in the, in the spring of the year and we haven’t done anything throughout the year, I’ll reach back out and say, Hey, last spring we did this.

[00:23:46] This is how it worked, how it performed. I love to work with brands over longer periods of time. It keeps that relationships. Four month, six month, a year at a time, and where you’re constantly talking to them you’re involved coming with ideas for them. I, I kind of. Playing that consultant space sometimes for them too with a platform like Amazon Live or some brands have no idea what it’s all about.

[00:24:12] Literally, Hey, hey, your product is on Amazon. Like, we need to boost some sales through this particular avenue. How do we do that? Okay, well let’s have that conversation. Let’s talk about it a little bit more. I. Feature products in my content. So Instagram or YouTube, I’ll just grab something and I’ll feature it, and then I’ll send the email to the brand and say, Hey, just wanted to let you know what I had going on.

[00:24:39] That’s how I’ve kept one brand. We’re constantly doing stuff for the last two years. It’s, Hey, I just. Created this video, not asking for anything. Don’t need promotion of it. Just wanna let you know I created content and I featured it, and here’s some results of it. So those things go people, it’s a business.

[00:24:58] Mm-hmm. , they like sales, they like viewerships. So if you’re helping a business generate sales, ultimately they’re going, they’re going. Take note of what you’re doing and pay attention to that and see what they can do to get behind you and right, and promote you. I’ve had brands say, Hey, we were sharing it within our internal team.

[00:25:14] They love what you’re doing. Keep it up. So it just lets me know, okay, there is value here. And so when I reach out for something it’s a lot easier to get them to respond. And I think. A lot of people take that for granted. If you can just get a company to respond to you and just say, Hey, yeah, we’re we, we’re just not gonna cast you aside and go work with someone else.

[00:25:34] Because they can. There’s, there’s thousands of creators they can go work with, but why do they continue want to come back and work with you? Cause I just say, Hey, I’m just still doing this. I still know you’re there. I’m talking about your product, talking about your service. Because a lot of the brands that I, I work with and deal with, I’m already a customer of.

[00:25:50] So it’s so easy for me to do it. It’s not something I’m literally thinking. Oh, I’d use this. Let me just send ’em an email real quick because I’m using it today. Like, I use this every single day. Every single day. . That’s awesome.

[00:26:02] Jeff Sieh: Yeah, that’s a great place, I think for Star. And so, one of the things that I’d love to get your, your take on because from our audience, they’ve actually asked for this.

[00:26:11] You know, they wanna do a show on. Media kits. So we’re in a couple weeks, we’re gonna do a whole show on media kits, but we’d love to get your take on it. So for folks who don’t have a media kit, like what should you include in terms of like, stats, demographics, details in your media kit? And I know a lot of people are like scared to do them because they don’t think they have enough numbers to show.

[00:26:32] Like they only have like, maybe, you know, 300 followers on LinkedIn or, or wherever. And they’re like, man, when I put a media shit together, it just shows that I don’t have very many people. So what do you tell those people and what should they. .

[00:26:44] Monte Weaver: Wow. Yeah. I’m gonna tune into your show. One . Cause I’m still working on my media kit, right?

[00:26:49] So I don’t have a legit media kit. I’m working on it. Mm-hmm. . So what I would get a lot of responses from brands that just showed my credibility in the marketplace. So using some of the strategies I said, I said, and every so often the one would say, Hey, do you have a media kit? And I. I think he put something together real quick on what I have done in the past.

[00:27:14] But the key things that I’ve found that they really want on my media kit is where I show up online. So I’ll make sure that put my social platforms that I actually use. If I don’t use it that often, I just leave it off. I’ll put on their other brands that I’ve worked with. So that’s really a, a really good thing to have on there so that they can see that.

[00:27:36] You, you know, you, you’ve done this before. You understand the ropes. Now if you haven’t done it before, you wanna think about affiliate companies that you might have worked with in the past. I do put things about my audience on there. So I go into the platform, especially more so YouTube that shows the demographics.

[00:27:54] I do consider my psychographics, like what is my audience actually like? What do they actually do? Are. Are they techies like me? Are they videographers, photographers? Mm-hmm. , like who are these people really? And I like to put a line item in there or a little blurb paragraph of who the people actually are.

[00:28:13] And then obviously I put my analytics, some of the subscriber accounts and view numbers and. , things of that nature. But I really try to highlight what I can do for a brand like I Live Restream and a lot of people that don’t live Restream they’re missing out because live Streaming is a thing that a lot of the brands and companies just don’t want to do.

[00:28:34] They don’t know how to do it. They don’t have the capacity to do it. They don’t know how the know how of what’s going on in this live Streaming world. Photography, like I’ve been trying to take more good pictures, so I’ll add on some like better pictures on my media kit now. Mm-hmm. , I’ve kind of replaced some of the old ones that were just screen grabs, like I’ve actually taken pictures that are high res pictures and included that on the media kit.

[00:28:58] Any speaking engagements cuz. . I’ve actually done that a couple times, which is kind of crazy. . All because of working with brands. So I get invited to talk about working with brands. So now I’m a speaker, so I’ve added that line item on there. If you’ve written a book, like mm-hmm. , these words that may just sound simple or normal, they’re a big deal.

[00:29:17] I know they are for me as I’m growing, like speaker is a big deal. Like someone that says author, that’s a big deal. So I think the brands do pay attention to that. Along. You know, some of the, the few metrics and subscriber metrics.

[00:29:31] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. So I wanna bring up some comments real quick from our group before we head onto the next section.

[00:29:36] But Eileen says, hi friends. And so, Eileen, I’m, she’s active in your group as well, so I’m glad to see her here. Friend Ross Bra says, Hey gang, I was able to hang out him with podcast. And Nikki O’Connor says Thank you two for bringing so much awesome content to us. Aw. I’m sure she’s talking about Grace and Monty there.

[00:29:55] And then also we’ve got our pal, Chris Dongo, he that you are the brand deal goat, which is awesome. It’s true, and I agree, and this is really interesting too, from our pal, Dustin Stout, who I’ve known for ages. He goes, confession, I’ve made tens of thousands from brand deals and never had a media kit either.

[00:30:12] Lol. And he said he’s always just had a single page on his. That shares his info about his stats, analytics, and demographics. So there, there is. So to be honest, this, this thing we’re doing in a couple weeks, I’m excited about it too, cuz I have done many late nights in Canva throwing together a media kit for a brand who wanted something to do.

[00:30:32] You’re like, okay, what I gotta do. So, yeah, this, this will be a good kind of a thing for all of us. So,

[00:30:38] Grace Duffy: but having a page on your site’s good too. Yes. I mean, it doesn’t have to be a PDF or anything. Having a page where people can find you is great.

[00:30:46] Jeff Sieh: Yes. All right, so let’s take off for this. This is a good one too.

[00:30:49] We’re refining your pitch. So Grace, I know you had some questions on this,

[00:30:51] Grace Duffy: so Yes. Okay. Being on the show and also the various jobs I’ve had, I get a lot of pitches via email and LinkedIn, and they always end up in spam, not because I’m spamming them, because they just. Do. So I want to know what is the best way to reach out to potential partners, whether you’re a brand or creator, cuz you don’t wanna end up in that spam box.

[00:31:10] And there is some value in there when I go out and I clear it up and I’ll be like, oh, I’m so sad I missed this thing. Right? You don’t wanna be missed. How can you not be missed? .

[00:31:19] Monte Weaver: Yeah, I, I like to see if I can find a person, the direct person. I don’t want to go to,

[00:31:28] I’m trying to find the person that is either responsible or has some type of. Knowledge of who I can go and talk to that works with brands or works with influencers and content creators. So that’s, that’s my first thing. I, I’d like to do video in my emails or, you know, some type of video where they can go and reference versus just a paragraph, Hey, my name is Monty.

[00:31:56] I do this, this, this. Like, I want you to go see what I’ve done. Because that’s the biggest way for me to show my no. of the, the, the specific tool or thing that I’m trying to get a brand deal for. So I really like just leveraging video if all possible. And then again, like I mentioned earlier, I’ll just go to their social media, nobody else’s commenting.

[00:32:19] I go leave comments on it, they see it and then they reach out. I’ve been you doing a lot more like attraction marketing, which has been. Good for me. But the only way I can do that is by having a lot of content out there. So if I seldom to go reference something and they go see it like real quick, either they know they wanna work with me or reach out to me or something like that.

[00:32:41] And when they reach out, like I think that’s a big deal too because that means they’re really interested in it. So yeah, don’t go into the spam folder cuz if you go into the spam folder, you’ll never get. . Yeah,

[00:32:53] Jeff Sieh: so I, I wanna talk real quick, you know, on this pitch, and I’m gonna use a real life example cuz I, I did this recently for a brand, so I do a lot of woodworking stuff.

[00:33:02] I love, I nerd out about all that stuff. I’ve done some live streams about that and there was this really nice like laser engraver. , like, I really want it, you know, I wanted it. So, I reached out to a brand and said, Hey look, I do these live Streaming shows, talk about wood carving. I, I sell on Amazon Live of, you know, and I, I’m on Pinterest and all these other places.

[00:33:23] I would love to talk to you about doing some sort of brand deal. So, Was that right? What do I need to do different? How should I be not, I don’t wanna be spammy, I don’t wanna be cheesy or lame, but I don’t wanna be, I don’t, I wanna be strong enough, but not too strong. So what kind of wording do you use when you like reach out to these brands when, when you’re kind, it’s almost a cold call because they don’t, they didn’t ask me for anything.

[00:33:46] It was me like, Hey, I, I love your stuff. I want to use

[00:33:48] Monte Weaver: it kind of a thing. Yeah. I am very, very simple in my emails, they might be a two liner. So in addition to like a link to a video, Hey, my name is Monty Weaver. I’m on YouTube, I’m on Amazon. I’m a customer of your products. Recently I started using an item or I’m interested in featuring this to my audience.

[00:34:09] And that’s it. Like, I’ll leave it just like that. I’ll leave. I won’t even give them. a question to respond or say, Hey reach out if you’re interested. I’ll kind of just make it a statement that I’m sending to, and it’s two liners and it works. I gotta give about 50, 50, 70, 70 30 sometimes depending on the brand.

[00:34:30] But it’s really quick, really simple. And if it’s with the brand that I’ve already with the brand that I’ve already been a customer before mm-hmm. , typically it works a lot better than a brand that I’ve never worked with. , or if it’s a niche specific thing like yours, there’s not a lot of people reaching out anyway, so, right, right.

[00:34:48] They can just see. What I’ve already done or highlighted them before in the past. They just, they eat that all up. They

[00:34:55] Jeff Sieh: eat it up. Okay, good. Well, I’m glad I did. It’s somewhat right, so, cuz if you’re watching, I, I’m still there. I’d really like that laser , by the way. So

[00:35:05] Grace Duffy: do you wanna shout out a specific person?

[00:35:06] No, I don’t. I don’t wanna do that. No. Okay. Okay. But yeah. But this is like a good segue. Having to pitch yourself, right? So if you’ve ever had to write those emails, dms, like, like Jeff was just talking about, you never know what to say. It’s cheesy, whatever. So do you have a template or a draft that you use when you put it out there?

[00:35:22] Or, or like, how do you, what do you say? Like, sometimes I get caught up in, in like, what do you say? Right? Like, how do you position yourself? You don’t wanna come off as too cheesy or too bla or, but, or too sales. .

[00:35:36] Monte Weaver: Mm-hmm. . Yeah. I have a template and like I said, it’s so simple that like when I send it, I’m, I’m like, they’re not gonna read this , but if you send it to the person, they read it.

[00:35:45] So it it, that’s it. It’s just amazing how that just works. But if you put something in the header that really gets their attention that they’re not familiar with or just says what you’ve done for them in the past. Prime example. Let me see. So there’s a company, I have their equipment over here, and I said I’m having a conference that I’m looking for equipment to use.

[00:36:10] I think your 4K switcher would be awesome. Like that was it? Mm-hmm. , and then they responded back to me, but I also left a comment on their YouTube channel in conjunction with it. So you couldn’t help but see that I’m reaching out for you. But going back to what you said at the beginning, . I, I really believe when they go and they looked at my social and they saw what I’ve already done in the past, and there’s not a whole bunch of stuff going on there to distract them, it’s easier for them to just reach back out and say, Hey, let’s have a conversation.

[00:36:42] Mm-hmm. versus mm-hmm. , you know what we, this is the perfect email. That email could be perfect, but if they go to my socials and see that I either have no social proof there or I’m just all over the. , they wouldn’t reach out and so mm-hmm. , I don’t even think it’s the, the, the pitch, the initial pitch. It’s.

[00:36:59] What are you currently doing on your platforms that even makes it attractive for a brand to wanna work with you, regardless of your numbers or subscriber account? Are your pictures just a little bit better? Are you featuring the product in a different and unique way? Are you showing up every single day?

[00:37:17] Highlighting that product or servicing your business. Do you have some type of membership community and you’re already referring it? Are you an affiliate of the company and you are already generating sales? So it’s like, what are these other metrics that they can actually look and see that you’re doing something ahead of time?

[00:37:34] I’m, I’m just all about if I can just bring all this value to the plate. I, I have looked at the emails I have sent Jeff and saw all the misspellings in it and still got , so I know it’s not the email .

[00:37:49] Jeff Sieh: And, and so, Martin says oh yes, the email subject line is the best place of text real estate stand out and get a read.

[00:37:56] So yes, that’s great. Thanks Martin for watching over there on LinkedIn. So yeah. . Cool.

[00:38:02] Grace Duffy: Okay, so you’ve set the pitch misspellings and all, whatever. Just, just put it out there, right? Manifested into the universe, comes back to you, right? How long should you wait before you follow up, and how often should you be following up?

[00:38:16] Because you don’t wanna be like, you know, badgering the people, but at the same time, like sometimes. I know I personally sometimes see a nudge. I’ll see something, I’ll be like, oh, thank you for emailing me again. Thank you for reminding me. But you kind of wanna get on that side of it, not the, oh my gosh, delete

[00:38:33] Right? So how often did we be following up?

[00:38:35] Monte Weaver: If it’s a brand I really, really, really wanna work with, and I think I have the credentials to work with them, I’ll follow up in about a week. Sometimes you get that outta office, and so if I get the outta office, I’ll make sure that I’ll follow. pretty much two times cuz the first one they, they probably won’t read if they’re like me.

[00:38:53] I’m not going back through all these emails and if it doesn’t look like something very important, it’s going into the crash can. So I’ll, I’ll follow up once. After I send that initial one, and then I’ll just reach back out to them, you know, later in the year if I’m working on something again where it comes up.

[00:39:11] But I don’t badger them. I, I, there’s, there’s a lot of competitors in the tech space, so chances are if I’m working with one, I can’t work with the other anyway. And so if I’m sending. Three pitches to three different brands and one responds. That’s the brand I’m gonna be working with for a while. And then eventually they’ll see that I’m working with their competitors and then they’ll be like, Hey, we wanna work with you now too.

[00:39:34] So, that’s, that’s always a fun thing to have to deal with. But I, I follow about one time and then that’s about it. I’ll move on and I’ll come back to them. Gotcha.

[00:39:43] Jeff Sieh: All right. All right, so let’s get back to like the, the brass tack. So like the core issue of hand, and I know we’ve got, we’re we’re pressed on time, so I’m gonna really power through this, but like, let’s talk about the negotiation phase of the brand deal.

[00:39:56] Like, I know people who are first starting out with brand deal number one, they don’t know what to charge. I mean, there’s not really a, a standard that I could find anywhere. Like how much per follower or whatever, like how much do you charge? And like, you know, what do you leverage or offer when you’re negotiating?

[00:40:12] Monte Weaver: Mm-hmm. . Yeah. I, I, I have rates in my head that I’ll use as my baselines. I am willing to move off of my rates depending on the brand. So if it’s a brand new person just starting out, one of the things I just say is, Hey, do your free in-kind relationship. Get build, build up. How? The steps you need to do a brand deal, so company wants to send you something, they want a video in return for it.

[00:40:40] It’s your first time doing it second time. take the deal, especially if it makes sense. They’re asking for a post or a quick video. Just take the deal, build up your resume. So after you’ve done a few free deals on your media kit, you can start to put all these brands that you’ve collaborated with. And then it moves into this thing, this mental for me of, oh, I bring value.

[00:41:04] So when I create this video or I create this, , you are going to get some type of result from this. And so my images are one rate, my videos are a different rate. If they want me to live Restream, it’s a different rate. But what I really like to do is package things together that just make it simple for me as the creator.

[00:41:25] So just like here, and just like you talked about, Ecamm, we are doing a live Restream right now. Mm-hmm. . But after the fact, you can take the ISOs and. Vertical videos. You can create YouTube videos. You can create Instagram reels. You can create a lot of content out of the live Restream. So rather than selling them like a photo for a small rate, let me say you a live Restream.

[00:41:53] Facebook posts, Instagram posts, Pinterest posts. I can do all of that, but I only did one actual thing, which was a live Restream interview, right? And so when I package the deal, it just makes way more sense, and that way I can ask for more because I’m actually going to be delivering them more at the end of the day.

[00:42:12] Grace Duffy: Yeah. So mania. Have you ever had the experience of walking away from a deal that simply didn’t suit you? You don’t have to tell us any names or any brands or anything, but I just wanna know how you came to a decision and you might have handled, because we’re, we’re, we’ve been so focused on like, getting the deal, but sometimes you get into, then you’re like, you know, this really isn’t like, This isn’t really working out for me and my life, or you know, it’s, I feel compromised as a creator.

[00:42:35] Like how, how have you ever handled, have you ever had to have that experience of having to back out and be like, you know, yeah, thank you, but no, thank you.

[00:42:42] Jeff Sieh: See ya .

[00:42:43] Monte Weaver: Yeah. Yeah. I’ve, I’ve had a couple, I’ve had a couple, I’ve had a, I’ve had a product arrive that looked like it was one thing. It said it was one thing.

[00:42:52] And when I got it, I was like, I can’t do this. This isn’t what I thought. It was like, it’s tech, but it’s not for my audience. This is not gonna work. And so we had to come to a compromise like, Hey, I can tell who this product is for, but I can’t promote this product because it is not a good fit for my audience.

[00:43:09] It’s a good fit for a different audience, just not my audience. Yeah. Obviously if the money doesn’t work out, hey, they want certain deliverables at a certain rate and it’s not gonna work that way. That deal is off. If they want certain deliverables that I just don’t do, like I am not a Twitter person, so if you want me to tweet about the product and do the YouTube video, well, I don’t have a Twitter audience.

[00:43:34] Matter of fact, I don’t use Twitter like that, so I can’t do this deal. I’m not gonna go sign up just for it. Mm-hmm. time deliverables. Sometimes people want things in 20 days, 30 days or whatever. If it doesn’t align with my personal schedule, my content schedule, , I can’t move off of that date. So I’ve, I haven’t done deals because they want it by a certain time.

[00:43:58] But yeah, so there’s, there’s always, yeah, there, there’s the good, there’s the bad, there’s the ugly side of the whole thing. Right? But long as you stand your ground on, you know, the things that you believe in as. Your, your space on this digital landscape, you know, your platforms, other opportunities will come, that’s hands down will happen, other opportunities will come.

[00:44:20] And, and saying no to certain deals. Make room for your better deals. And I’ve had some really, really good deals where I literally, like the next week I look and I’m like, oh, all they want is. For like three times that. Oh, okay. Yeah. I’m glad I didn’t take that deal.

[00:44:36] Jeff Sieh: So . Yeah, they work all out again. Well, speaking of compromise and Time to get money on this show, we had to cut it off early.

[00:44:44] So we’re gonna give you plenty of time, money for you to talk about your show. And one of the things that I’m a big fan of and that I go to right after our show is your group that you have about all this kind of stuff, which I find. Very, very helpful. And I would, I highly recommend getting inside of Monty’s group, but I’ll let you talk about all the stuff, all the places you are and where you want people to go, because you do put out some really great content.

[00:45:08] Monte Weaver: Yeah. Yeah. I appreciate it. YouTube, you can find me over there. Just search my name, Monty Weaver on YouTube. is the website. Talk a lot about tech over there on both those two platforms. And then obviously Amazon is. Place I’d really like to be Monty It’ll take you over to Amazon.

[00:45:29] I do live streams over there, shoppable videos over there. And then I have a Facebook community called Amazon Live Creators. 2000 people there, sellers, influencers, content creators, whatever you want to call ’em, but they’re there learning how to monetize on the Amazon platform. So I’ve been doing that since 2020, which has been really incredible.

[00:45:50] And just looking forward to seeing the whole entire growth of this creator economy. . Awesome.

[00:45:57] Grace Duffy: Yes, Jeff and I are both in your group. It is amazing. And if you’re a new to live video or just trying to figure out or want to up your game, follow Monty on Amazon. He has all of his lists there. Just, just go, just, just purchase, purchase, purchase, purchase, purchase.

[00:46:12] Just go just bye-bye. Bye bye. Just don’t even, don’t think

[00:46:16] Jeff Sieh: just buy. Just buy. I go look at his camera stuff and drool all the time. So, Amani, I appreciate you being here. I appreciate all the folks. Dustin, Nicki Martin Jim, all of you folks that I did not mention, thank you so much for watching the show.

[00:46:29] If you have any questions about Amazon or Amazon Live or any of you know, making brand deals, feel free to at mention myself or Mon or any of us down below where you’re watching from. And I know that Monty does a great job and he’ll, he’ll jump in there and answer those questions. Yeah. Thank you guys wouldn’t able to do the show without you.

[00:46:45] Thank you to our sponsor, Ecamm. For letting us do this show every week. You can find out more about them at slash Ecamm. And with that, we’ll see you guys next time. Bye

[00:46:56] Monte Weaver: everybody. Bye everyone.


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