Do you know there are nearly one billion video views every day on Pinterest? Or that Pinterest users are 2.6x more likely to purchase after viewing brand video content on the platform?
Alisa Meredith, Pinterest Product Specialist and Marketing Manager at Tailwind, joins us on this week’s Social Media News Live to talk about Pinterest’s newest marketing tools, video ad placements, and what could be ahead on the product roadmap.


Jeff Sieh: [00:00:00] Welcome to social media news live I’m Jeff Sieh and you’re not, and this is the show where we keep you up to date on what’s happening in the world of social media. On today’s show we have with us Lisa Meredith, and we’re going to be talking about Pinterest’s new marketing tools and products and what could be ahead on the product roadmap.

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[00:00:59] Grace Duffy: [00:00:59] Yeah, absolutely. Jeff, thank you so much. I am gray stuffy and when I am not producing, and co-hosting the show with Jeff, I am the virtual events manager at restream. So in addition to the e-com, we are also going live to multiple online destinations with the power of restream it’s a browser-based live streaming platform that lets you go to up to 30 online destinations.

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[00:01:43] that’s

[00:01:51] Jeff Sieh: [00:01:51] awesome. So I want to introduce our awesome yesterday. We have Alisa Meredith with us. If you don’t know Alyssa, she is a Pinterest product specialist and marketing manager at tailwind. She’s a well-known speaker and expert on Pinterest marketing and Pinterest ads.

[00:02:09] She’s run a digital agency since 2005, which now primarily focuses on Pinterest ads. She’s also my partner in crime on tailwinds marketing unleashed show Elisa. Welcome to the show. Good 

[00:02:23] Alisa Meredith: [00:02:23] morning. And grace. 

[00:02:24] Jeff Sieh: [00:02:24] Yes, this is going to be fun. So it’s fun that I get to interview you today. First of all, for people who do not know what tailwind is, what is it and what do you do there?

[00:02:35] Alisa Meredith: [00:02:35] A tailwind helps you create and schedule content. So I’m on Pinterest and Instagram. And what I do there is help to develop, especially a tail create, which is a product that allows you to create beautiful pin images in no time at all, and then schedule them right out as well as making sure everyone learns about that product.

[00:02:56] So I get to do I get to do all the funds. 

[00:02:58]Jeff Sieh: [00:02:58] Very cool. Very cool. 

[00:03:00] Alisa Meredith: [00:03:00] So tell me, 

[00:03:03] Jeff Sieh: [00:03:03] Oh wow. Who is this? What’s this one’s name? 

[00:03:06] Alisa Meredith: [00:03:06] Snuffy. She’s the tr squirrel chaser. So 

[00:03:09] Jeff Sieh: [00:03:09] we’ll see. That’s right. One time we were doing a show grace in the middle of the show. On you see the window behind Elisa, it was open and that cat just went and jumped in, stuck on it after a squirrel.

[00:03:19] And it was, so my daughter still talks about that to this day. So anyway, in 

[00:03:24] Grace Duffy: [00:03:24] fact, good. That is an important fact. But tell me about this show that you have with Jeff. What kind of things do you cover and where can we find it? 

[00:03:35] Alisa Meredith: [00:03:35] You can find it on Tailwind’s Facebook page and it’s goes live on YouTube and on LinkedIn and on Periscope.

[00:03:42] I had no idea there were 30 different places. You could go live. Grace, you said that. I don’t know. Maybe we should go live in more places, but we’re basically everywhere and it’s every other Thursday at two Eastern. And right now we are mostly talking about Pinterest. Yeah, it’s great fun though, with the audience over there is very engaged and they help each other out in the comments.

[00:04:02] It is the most fun I have. 

[00:04:04] Jeff Sieh: [00:04:04] Yeah. In fact, we have a lot of those people because we are broadcasting onto that channel as well. So hello. Hello. All the faithful tailwind Watchers. We appreciate you guys watching today. So grace, let’s break down this first piece of news that we have for our show today.

[00:04:18]This new tool, these new tools that Pinterest is talking about. 

[00:04:22] Grace Duffy: [00:04:22] Yeah. So Pinterest hosted a marketing and advertising summit last Wednesday, I believe it was August 3rd. So like the rest of us, it was a virtual event and it was the first time Pinterest has ever done this apparently. So they gave attendees an exclusive look at several new ad products and ad tools and marketing products.

[00:04:44] And the first of this is called Pinterest premiere. It’s a new video ad solution that apparently enables advertisers to engage with their audience in scale. Thanks to an exclusive video placement Elisa, tell us where can we spot these placements and what makes these particular ad placements stand out as opposed to all of the other Pinterest ad placements that they currently offer?

[00:05:08] Alisa Meredith: [00:05:08] Yeah. I will have to say that W the information you can find on this in the press releases and such is not very comprehensive. So I fortunately have a Pinterest ad rep and messaged her and said can you tell me more please? So I got the whole rundown for you, grace. I got it.

[00:05:23] Cool. So yeah, it was Pinterest premier. They’re going to be shown in the home feed and it’s an exclusive placement. So that means you’re not going to be competing with other video ads there, which of course means it’s going to cost a lot more. So I don’t have details on the cost, but it is going to be a, it’s going to depend on your package and the target audience.

[00:05:44] So the different packages are based on duration. So you can have a one day, or you could have a two week or a four week engagement. The one day is You’re the only thing they’re going to see basically in the home feed. There’ll be other pins, but you get major exposure on that one day and the two and four week, you got 30% share of that particular category and demographic.

[00:06:05] So the big advantage I see is that when you run a Pinterest ad, it can take a little time to ramp up and really start to work. So I have tried ads for very short term promotions and they just don’t. Work, they have not worked for me, even with there’s an option called accelerated spending that will try to get it out for you more, but it just didn’t work for me.

[00:06:28] So having this kind of dedicated, this is my day, I want everyone to see this video on this one day could be really valuable. It’s not something you can do through the self service dashboard though. It’s going to be fully managed via Pinterest. So you want to plan far ahead and work with a Pinterest ad rep.

[00:06:47] So we do have I do have a link you can use to get your own Pinterest ad rep, and that is a Bitly link. It’s a Bitly link we use in our show last week, Jeff, I think it’s Pinterest ad. Ad expert, Pinterest ad expert should take you to a form where you can you can get on an ad rep assigned to you.

[00:07:05]But what I think is really interesting is what they’re telling us to, to do like how to build the video is telling for what should work in other video ad placements, which is preferred length is 15 seconds. You can go up to 30.

[00:07:26] Yeah.  Video ads. You can go longer, but I think this is really clearly telling us that the short ads are going to work more. If you’re going to spend that much money, you ought to go with these recommendations and probably keep it 15 seconds. 240 PPI resolution under two gigabytes in size.

[00:07:40]You can do square. You can do like the max width with his, which is going to be even more money or you can do the standard. And then the reporting is going to be provided by Pinterest as well. So it’s something you don’t want, you can’t do like on a whim, you’re going to have to plan it out, but it seems like it could be really powerful.

[00:07:59] Jeff Sieh: [00:07:59] Interesting. So the things that I heard you say in that is number one, plan ahead, because you can’t just go and set up an ad by yourself. And two, you have to have a Pinterest ad rep and work with, send them the creative that are gonna help set up the campaign, all that sort of stuff. So that’s really interesting.

[00:08:15] And I want there’s some more news that social media today in its reporting it notes that Pinterest premiere comes with a hefty price tag. You talked about there’s that certain ad that you can do with video ads where it’s the full width, those are pricey. Do you have any idea what these new ad placements will cost?

[00:08:31] And do you think there’ll be worth the cost in your opinion? 

[00:08:36] Alisa Meredith: [00:08:36] I do not know. Even my ad rep doesn’t have, there’s no real answer because it is based on what you choose, whether it’s one day, two week, four week, and what your, excuse me, your target audience is. And I imagine too, that these spots are going to sell out.

[00:08:50] So another reason to plan ahead but do I think it could be worth it? Yeah, I do. Especially if you’re a crate and barrel or something and you have this one day sale, absolutely. I would go for it. If you’re. Me or someone without a massive business, maybe not, but you never know. I suggest getting an ad rep and talking about what your options are.

[00:09:13] They can be really helpful. 

[00:09:15] Jeff Sieh: [00:09:15] And by the way, that that what you mentioned that we’ll put that link down below in the comment section of all the places we’re at, because you can get that a free consult with a ad rep is what is it, a 30 minute call with them. And with that link that you, can you say that link one more time for the podcast?

[00:09:31] It’s 

[00:09:31] Alisa Meredith: [00:09:31] a bit Notley slash Pinterest ad expert. 

[00:09:36] Jeff Sieh: [00:09:36] Okay. Yeah. So Pinterest ad expert bit dot L Y forward slash Pinterest ad expert. And that way you can get, go ahead. 

[00:09:43] Alisa Meredith: [00:09:43] I just want to say as far as video goes entail when we are experimenting a bit more with video and we are finding that they are tremendously impactful, have really high click-through rate.

[00:09:52]And Pinterest is saying in these. Releases about premiere that the video ads have a three X higher view rate than other social platforms. So it really can be very effective, I think, because there’s less video on Pinterest and other places too. It’s probably more effective. And they’re, they influence what people buy, right?

[00:10:11] So people who, yeah, so they actually do things, right? So they’re discovering new ideas, learning new skills or taking action. And that’s something that we learned in a recent data study at tailwind, too, like looking at the pins that went out in January, 2021 that got more than 5,000 saves on the platform.

[00:10:29] In that month alone, we found that 30% of the ones we’ve analyzed so far were video pins. So video pins are doing amazingly well. We noticed a lot of repurposed Tik TOK videos. They’re almost all like how to step-by-step like really. Walking somebody through how to do something. 

[00:10:49] Grace Duffy: [00:10:49] So Alyssa, we have two we have two questions on the comments.

[00:10:53] So one of them is from Lydia Bruno, and she says, going back to the price of these premier ad premier ad placements, will there be an intro price? 

[00:11:03] Alisa Meredith: [00:11:03] I have not seen anything about that. I doubt it because they are so exclusive. It’s probably going to be real pricey. We’re probably talking like.

[00:11:11] Lexus car.

[00:11:17] Grace Duffy: [00:11:17] And then the other one is a Kenneth who is CEO says hello to Jeff, by the way he says he does military veterans and college sports and business. That’s his audience. Is that a fit for Pinterest? He has the impression that Pinterest is about shopping and retail and so I think that’s a general impression that a lot of people have, and we’ll get more into that.

[00:11:38]The changing demographics later, but that’s more of a general question. So what are your thoughts on that Elisa? 

[00:11:44] Alisa Meredith: [00:11:44] So I think anytime you can present your idea, your service or your solution in a way that inspires people and helps them believe that they can have a better life or be a better version of themselves that belongs on Pinterest.

[00:11:59] So yeah, there’s shopping, there’s retail, but there’s a lot of how do I learn how to do this? Or how can I get better at this? Or how can I plan for this? So if, there are very few industries that I think aren’t going to do well on Pinterest. 

[00:12:15] Jeff Sieh: [00:12:15] Yeah, I agree. And also we’re going to talk about the demographics.

[00:12:17] So hang in there Kenneth, because we’re going to talk about that in a little bit later section of the show, but grace, you had another really, before we go to the next section, I want to let you have a chance to tell that that other thing from social media today, that kind of data that they had reported.

[00:12:33] Grace Duffy: [00:12:33] Oh, yeah. So as I was digging through all the research for this for the segment, a social media day reported that video contents Shaw saw a big rise among pinners in 2020, not surprising video in general saw a huge rise in 2020, of course, but they are now facilitating close to 1 billion video views a day.

[00:12:56] And I don’t want to sleep on this 1 billion video views a day within their own research. They said that pinner Pinterest users are 2.6 times more likely to make a purchase after viewing, branded content on the platform, which is again, not surprising because people do tend to go to Pinterest when they’re looking for a specific.

[00:13:16] Solution thing, so there is a strong case that making video investment into Pinterest, this is the best time to do it. And Pinterest is a key platform for focusing your digital marketing efforts. So tell us more about the other opportunities to upload and leverage video on Pinterest. I know that you’ve got lots to say about this because we’re, we got into it in the pre-show.

[00:13:41] Alisa Meredith: [00:13:41] Yeah. Yeah. So you can absolutely create videos that you don’t have to promote and they can do really well. At tailwind, we’re trying that with, which we talked about on the tail end show a few weeks ago, it’s really easy to make videos. They’re very engaging and they’re doing really well, even when they’re not promoted.

[00:14:00]The click-through rate is good and which also can bring your ad costs down. And we are finding, we can get impressions and clicks at a really low cost on those. So we’re using them to promote key features or blog posts. We really want to get people to. And like I said, like those videos that, that we’re seeing get a lot of shares are videos that actually teach something it’s not just like an automated or an element that kind of flies through and catches attention.

[00:14:25] It’s really, there’s some substance there that requires a video. So that’s what we’re finding. 

[00:14:30]Grace Duffy: [00:14:30] Sophia in Switzerland has a question. She says, I live in Switzerland and I’m not sure if it’s a European thing, but the videos don’t click through on the site. But to the profile. So you would go to their Pinterest profile.

[00:14:41]I don’t think this is the case in the U S but is there a reason why this might be happening in, in Europe? 

[00:14:48] Jeff Sieh: [00:14:48] So I th let’s talk about this because I think there’s a confusion of, we’re talking about video promoted pins, and then we’re talking about regular pins and then also stories, which is, those are the kind of three different places video shows up now on Pinterest.

[00:15:02] So can you break those down for us? Elisa? 

[00:15:06] Alisa Meredith: [00:15:06] Yeah. So with video promoted pins, people getting to your site is super easy, right? Cause that’s what, they’re what you’re paying for. With non promoted. What you’re going to see is like I’m looking on mobile and you have to hit the three little dots to the right of the save button in order to get to visit sites.

[00:15:22]That’s a little barrier to people. Clicking on your site. You can include instructions on that in your description. So say click there, or on desktop, it will have your website link above your followers, like your profile information, but it is a little bit harder to spot if you’re new to Pinterest.

[00:15:41] So that’s a, you’re promoted, super easy to get to your site. Organic a little bit harder with story pens, a lot of times, and Pinterest recommends that you have your first frame be a video. So it might look the same on, on your phone or on your desktop. But there’s a video first and there, there isn’t a link there and that one will only go to your profile.

[00:16:02] Jeff Sieh: [00:16:02] Awesome. The second update I want to talk about real quick from Pinterest presents and we have some questions we’ll bring up after this. Pinterest announced that it’s interactive Pinterest trends and conversion insights tool. Now we’ll offer more specific and actionable insights into engagement behaviors across the platform.

[00:16:19] So what is this trends tool and where do, where are the updates to it? Cause we, I know you and I have talked a lot about the trends tool on our show before. So is this trend the trends tool on steroids? What is this that we’re talking about? 

[00:16:33] Alisa Meredith: [00:16:33] So Ray, I do not have the new version. I D I think it’s just coming up soon.

[00:16:38] So right now is we’ll show you for the U S UK and Canada which topics are trending right now in search. It is amazingly powerful. You can get great insights on what you should be posting about, and when you can look at yearly trends It’s just a really great tool, but what it sounds like they’re planning to do is to work in a ways that you can filter by your own audience.

[00:17:03] So we’re going to talk about in a little bit, but the makeup, especially the age of the average Penner is changing, getting much younger. So if you that’s that’s where Pinterest is saying, okay, these things are not trending yet, but they’re going to trend. They have given you an option to be able to filter those by generation.

[00:17:24] So you can do gen Z. You can do millennials, gen X and boomers. So what I hear, what I heard I think is that you’re going to be able to do something similar with trends. So if your audience is 18 to 24, you can look at that gen Z range and see specifically what they are looking for.

[00:17:43] Jeff Sieh: [00:17:43] Awesome. So that is going to be a very cool tool. I think that’s going to be awesome to do we do have some questions that I want to bring up. I know we’ve talked about you and I’ve talked about this before. And I just, Oh, there it is. Theodora says can I upload my Tik TOK videos to Pinterest?

[00:17:56] If yes. How can I please? So we’ve talked about this a lot. There’s a lot of Tik TOK videos on Pinterest. And the interesting thing is we broken in this show before we’ve talked about the news where. Instagram says they’re going to start deemphasizing them. And some of the other networks are saying, Hey, if we see that logo, we’re going to not get push it down the reach.

[00:18:14] Pinterest hasn’t said anything like that. And I think they like having tick-tock videos on there. That’s my personal opinion. But what are your thoughts, Lisa? 

[00:18:21]Alisa Meredith: [00:18:21] I think it’s pretty clear that users like it and that’s typically, what Pinterest is concerned about is making a good experience on the platform.

[00:18:27]So like I said, when we looked at those pins that had 5,000 or more saves in January, 2021, and they were created in January 20, 21, 30% of those were video and a great number of those were actually Tik TOK videos. So yeah, I think they can work. I don’t think like the dance challenge videos are work, but if you have a, how to, we saw a lot of exercise.

[00:18:48] Kind of how tos we saw a lot of craft videos. So if that’s what you’re already creating, absolutely download it or from tick-tock when you create it and then just upload it to Pinterest or schedule it to be a tailwind and it can really work. 

[00:19:01] Jeff Sieh: [00:19:01] Awesome. Awesome. So another question and I don’t, I want to cover this because we get this question all the time and I want to talk about this.

[00:19:08] Cause we mentioned tailwind at the beginning of the show, which is your company you work for. And this is the question. I know a lot of people have this. I heard that Pinterest doesn’t like any more rotation of pins like tailwind does, is that true? Or should we change settings? So tailwinds doesn’t do this.

[00:19:22] So talk about this because number one, I wanted to just and yes, I do their show, but I’m not employed by the company. So like I’m, I was a, what is it? The haircut for a man? I was a member before I was the president. So that’s, they work there. They’re official partners with Pinterest.

[00:19:38] They have, they have to go through all these hoops and jump through all this stuff to be able to be an official partner. And so if it does not work, if it was like hermit heart, her hurting the end users, it would not be a good thing. They went on their partner to do that. So that being said, what is your answer at least to this?

[00:19:54] Because you can select. 

[00:19:56] Alisa Meredith: [00:19:56] Yeah. Thank you, Jeff. And that is absolutely true. But we know things are changing. Talent is a tool. We try to guide you to best practices, but. Ultimately it’s your choice as to how you use it. But we can say that when we looked at the pins that went out via tailwind in January, 2021, that new pin create, or that first time a pin went out received three times as many repins as sending out your pin again.

[00:20:20] So that tells us that there’s a lot more value that very first time that you share a pin. Does that mean that there’s no value that second or third time you share your pin? No. It just means that there’s more of that very first time which is why tail and create is pretty amazing.

[00:20:37] So it’s a way to create really beautiful pins and very little time. And we found that when you share out a pin made with Taylor and create, you can get 373%. Just not around number more saves when you share a talent, great image then if you’re just resharing old images. So I’ve been trying this at tail end and Jeff works with us on our organic Pinterest as well.

[00:21:04] And he’s making some too. And even though we have these amazing designers whose celebrity name is Christine at P at tailwind, the tailwind create pins that we’re sending out are doing so much better than our like beautiful professional branded pins. That it’s embarrassing. And it’s not because it’s not because they’re like objectively better.

[00:21:25] It’s I think it’s because they’re are different. And having that variety out there, it gives you more opportunity to reach a different kind of person. We’re also testing out, putting different headlines on pins for the same article. So one article may have many different topics in it, and it may have something that would appeal to one audience and show up in one search that wouldn’t work for somebody else.

[00:21:47] So trying to get more out of your content and help people find what you have to offer a little bit more is where create really shine, tell and create 

[00:21:55] Jeff Sieh: [00:21:55] shines. Awesome. And by the way, I want to let you guys know that it, there has been no, and Pinterest has even gone out of his way to say that using a third-party tool like tailwind, that’s an official partner has no issue or no it makes no difference and it makes no difference.

[00:22:09] It doesn’t hurt reach. And in fact, if you guys would like to, check out till when you can always go to social media news, forward slash tailwind and check it out. So it’s an amazing tool I’ve been using it for years since I started Pinterest. And I love it. And I see a lot of you in the comments do as well.

[00:22:25] So 

[00:22:26] Grace Duffy: [00:22:26] that’s exciting. So we have a question from Alex about what qualifies as a video, going back to our topic on video, he says, when you only animate the text of a pin, is that considered a video on Pinterest and the Pinterest algorithm? And how do they know the difference between your sanity and the text versus an actual video that you produced and created and edited and put on there as a video?

[00:22:47] Does it make a difference. 

[00:22:49] Alisa Meredith: [00:22:49] Yeah. So a video is a video, right? So if you’re uploading an MP4 or an mov that’s a video file. But I think the more important question is what kind of video files, what kind of videos work? So is it that one where you just have the texts floating in does that work as well as actually taking the time to create something that teaches somebody something?

[00:23:10] No it might get a little bit more attention in the feed because it’s moving, if your video happens to be the one that’s animated at that time, but it’s not going to do as well as something that is actually like the video. Part of it adds value that you couldn’t get from just regular texts, which is not the case with just flying.

[00:23:29] Text 

[00:23:30] Jeff Sieh: [00:23:30] awesome 

[00:23:32] Grace Duffy: [00:23:32] flying toasters. 

[00:23:35] Jeff Sieh: [00:23:35] We’re showing our age. If you remember that screensaver folks. So Irene asked this question, do we need to pin directly to Pinterest, but first before we schedule the Panther tail. And so that’s a good question for somebody who may not be familiar, was it? Nope, absolutely not.

[00:23:48] Very cool. Last question. So Sally, who, I love Sally house, so I gotta bring it up because she’s a friend of ours C says Kent, and she does amazing jewelry. If you want to check out her she’s from the UK. But she asks a question. Can you talk about repinning pins, please? When you create a pin that’s, it’s a fresh pin.

[00:24:04] How long should you leave before pinning to other boards? How many times can an image be pinned? Are we just better just creating new pins? So this has been things I know a lot of people are watching in different Pinterest groups. A lot of stuff has been going on about what’s how much is a repin when it’s a pin, all that stuff.

[00:24:20] So can you answer that really briefly? 

[00:24:22] Alisa Meredith: [00:24:22] Yes, I think so. So she is right about the definition of re-pinning or Pinterest now calls us a save. So a repin is now a save. You can repin but ultimately the last part of that question, are you better off just creating a new image? Yeah. You are like, especially for thinking about pinning to different boards, you could just save that same pin to a different board to give it a little bit more context.

[00:24:47]But you do want to leave some time in between, so I don’t know, maybe a week or two weeks, depending on what you’re pinning in between might be. Okay. So I don’t have any magic numbers for you. This is just what I do. But yes, like you will get some saves on that second or third time that you share to a different board, but you will almost always get more if you create a new image.

[00:25:07] So if you’re saving to your social media board first. And then you’re sharing to your Instagram gram board. Second, you’ll do a lot better if you create a new image that really focuses on the Instagram part of that content and uses that keyword throughout. 

[00:25:23] Jeff Sieh: [00:25:23] Awesome. Awesome. Alrighty so great. You guys are asking some great questions.

[00:25:28] We really appreciate all that you’re doing for us, and we’ll try to get to some more of those later on in the show, but we do have some great we’ve been teasing it. We have some demographic stuff. So grace is going to share that with us. 

[00:25:39] Grace Duffy: [00:25:39] This is an insight directly from the Pinterest news site. And it’s about it’s marketing.

[00:25:44] And again, at this marketing and advertising summit that they did last week, they revealed that usage among gen Z and male pinners has increased by 40% this past year. I can test a test of that personally, my children and my husband both discovered Pinterest this year, even though I’ve been talking about it for years, they absolutely love it.

[00:26:08]It’s been it. That’s how they talk. They’re like, did you see my Pinboard it’s on the Pinboard settle down, right? Insights into the changing demographic of Pinterest and how we might’ve seen the content shifting in order to incorporate more for these more, the bigger audience of this expansive audience.

[00:26:28] Alisa Meredith: [00:26:28] Yes, but first I want to ask you, what are your husband and children saving? 

[00:26:33] Grace Duffy: [00:26:33] Oh, my daughter wants to redo her room because she’s at that age where her room is not cool and anything I suggest is not cool. And so she’s been pinning that, and I don’t know what my husband bins 

[00:26:44] Alisa Meredith: [00:26:44] I’m like, you don’t know some to me for all those years.

[00:26:46] I’m not looking at your pin 

[00:26:47] Grace Duffy: [00:26:47] board. I don’t want to look at your board. And my son is I’m really into like engineering and technology and all sorts of and so he he likes a lot of those hacky videos or whatever hacky pins and stuff. So that’s what they’re pinning.

[00:27:02] Wow. 

[00:27:02] Alisa Meredith: [00:27:02] That’s really cool. Okay. So I, I noticed this several months back when I was creating a webinar for which I needed a screen of audience insights, I wanted to show who’s on Pinterest and the shift in the age groups from, like 30 somethings and up to that, 18 to 24 and 24 to whatever the next one is.

[00:27:24]It was like, it totally flip-flopped. And I thought, I don’t like, can this be right? It just did not seem right to me. So I was really glad to hear Pinterest say that in their event that yeah, gen Z male painters have increased 40% in the last year. That’s like life-changing for a platform to have that happen.

[00:27:45] So what I’ve noticed in looking at. Looking at that Pinterest predicts a page that we talked about and it’s just Pinterest and filtering it by that youngest group. So the gen Z that they have on there looking at what are they looking for? They’re looking for things like digital decor, which is like phone a laptop like skins and wallpapers and all that stuff.

[00:28:10] They’re looking for DIY personalized fashion. They’re looking for like bright vibey colors. I’m noticing like the early nineties fluorescent, I think coming back,

[00:28:20]There’s a lot about like makeup and planning celebrations. So that is what that group is looking for, which is really interesting that you can filter by what people want. 

[00:28:31]Grace Duffy: [00:28:31] And I should also note that my children, after listening to, we talk about social media and social media marketing and all this for so many years, they’ve largely shunned all other social media.

[00:28:40] So they use Pinterest as a way to get ideas and bypass some of the other stuff. So that’s how they’ve been. I think that’s like their thought process behind using it and not listening to me for all those years, but whatever, but 

[00:28:52] Alisa Meredith: [00:28:52] that’s a bonus though. That’s just a bonus grace, but I think the reason a lot of people love Pinterest is because it isn’t very social at this point.

[00:29:01]It’s a place you can just go and be yourself and plan for yourself rather than having to project an image or comparing yourself to someone else. There’s no fighting, no politics, no fake news. There is just, it’s a happy place and I’m glad that more people are finding it.

[00:29:20] Grace Duffy: [00:29:20] Oh, no, I was just going to say I really hope my husband’s pinning stuff for the house Reno I want. So let’s hope he’s pitting that. So 

[00:29:26]Alisa Meredith: [00:29:26] I’m sure that’s it. 

[00:29:27]Jeff Sieh: [00:29:27] So can we talk a little bit about the 40% male cause that’s, I’ve been, so I started manly Pinterest tips way back in the day.

[00:29:33] That’s what I started with. And but they’ve always been saying like, it’s the fastest growing demographic ever since I’ve been on. And so what’s the, cause it’s grows every year, I remember when I would use the stat, like there’s more subscribers to Pinterest than there are GQ and sports illustrated, and all this stuff.

[00:29:47] And now it’s like the 40% of what is it gen Z or is it just, yeah, it just says male pinners is 40%. So it’s like going up every year. So when is it going to stop being so important? Is it because it still has that stigma of being just for the ladies, and, or that kind of thing. And it’s mostly the U S in the European countries.

[00:30:05] There’s not that. Big thing. So why do you think they keep highlighting this stat? 

[00:30:12] Alisa Meredith: [00:30:12] I think it’s partially about the content. Like grace was saying, her son likes to see like hacks, like electronic stuff. And I’m not really sure, like looking at the gender distribution on pinches right now.

[00:30:24] It’s still 70% female. That’s what they’re reporting. So it’s growing, but if you have a platform, that’s that lopsided that I think that they want, they want more people to discover it, right? Yeah. We want more people discover it. There’s a lot there for 

[00:30:40] Jeff Sieh: [00:30:40] everybody. And the thing is there’s tons of, there’s tons of male Pinterest content on there.

[00:30:44]I’ve never had an, a struggle I can’t find what I’m looking for. The men’s fashion 

[00:30:48] Alisa Meredith: [00:30:48] woodworking and there’s a ton on there for 

[00:30:51] Jeff Sieh: [00:30:51] men. Yeah. And the men like shops and the e-commerce side of Pinterest is huge over there, so there’s a huge opportunity for people. Yeah, 

[00:30:59] Alisa Meredith: [00:30:59] I think we know, like generally speaking moms especially have a lot of the buying power, but it doesn’t mean that guys aren’t also shopping.

[00:31:08] Jeff Sieh: [00:31:08] We have to ask first, but we still can. I have the credit card. Yeah. Let’s go for this last update. So this app, the last update Pinterest is rolling out its conversion insights more broadly. So it’s enabling advertisers to view both promoted and organic pin metrics in a single report. So can you tell us what type of data is now available and why does this matter for who cares?

[00:31:31] Why is this important. 

[00:31:33] Alisa Meredith: [00:31:33] Why this matters. I love this. Okay. So Pinterest analytics are incredible. They give you tremendous insight into what is working and why, but if you are advertising on Pinterest, if you had just one report that’s of your content, that would be very hard to deal with because you need to separate it out.

[00:31:53] What am I paying for versus what am I earning? So now you can separate it out. And I love this. I have also changed the way that they’re defining certain metrics so that if you’re advertising and you’re looking at, okay, I’m paying for outbound pin and clicks. Now you go over to your analytics, you’re going to see outbound pin and clicks means the same for organic as it does first for paid.

[00:32:14] And it’s just a really easy way to compare, like w what are my efforts getting me? And it is just is really powerful if you haven’t been in there, take a few minutes and poke around now, by default, you’re going to see the impact of your content by default. So you’re only going to see impressions outbound clicks, pin clicks on content that comes from your site.

[00:32:35] Now that might be pinned by somebody else or saved by somebody else, but it’s only for like your content, which is what matters. So it could be your website, content, your Etsy, your Instagram, your YouTube content, but it’s all yours. You can still see that other stuff. So if I’m pinning some of Jeff’s content, I might want to see, like, how is that going?

[00:32:54]I can see that. But by default, it’s really about you and your content, which is what really matters. 

[00:33:00] Jeff Sieh: [00:33:00] Awesome. Awesome. So I want to bring up some comments from people. Cause we were talking about w were shared with how she was using Pinterest and how her family was. So as our friend Sally says, yes, it’s a place for escapism and planning and dreaming and let’s see.

[00:33:16]Let’s so I am, Jason says I go for hacks outdoor and cars. See, there’s all sorts of men’s stuff on Pinterest guys. My 17 year old, also pins, bedroom, inspiration, fashion, so great shirt. You’re not alone in that. Other kids are not, I know my daughter uses it all the time, too. 

[00:33:34] Grace Duffy: [00:33:34] Yeah. That’s how they, and my son’s also a boy scout.

[00:33:36] And so he he will pin like outdoor stuff, like survival stuff, knives. Yeah. I had to tell him like, please don’t pin knives at school. I don’t need any. There’s 

[00:33:44] Jeff Sieh: [00:33:44] amazing. There’s amazing how to survive the zombie apocalypse account. That’s really good. It has all that stuff. 

[00:33:51] Alisa Meredith: [00:33:51] Yeah. And I have to mention to you the impact of the pandemic on these shifts.

[00:33:56]All of us really are looking to make our home a nicer place to be because we’re here so much, or we might have a little bit extra time, depending on who you are to learn a new hobby or try something that we haven’t had time to do before. So that all of that is bringing interest to a platform that empowers people to do that, which I think is fantastic.

[00:34:17] And I’m glad, like if it’s breaking down some of that stigma, that Pinterest is for women. Awesome. There’s something on there for 

[00:34:24] Jeff Sieh: [00:34:24] everybody. Yeah, totally agree. Grace, let’s talk about this new this new, a little feature that Pinterest is launching 

[00:34:30] Grace Duffy: [00:34:30] well, yeah, it was in early February, actually.

[00:34:32] Pinterest launched this new iOS widget called interests and it highlights new pins that users have chosen. Excuse me, they’ve chosen a certain topic focus. And so it highlights pins within those topics and they include things like beauty, home decor, food men, and women’s fashions and quotes. So I suppose, inspirational quotes as Pinterest.

[00:34:54] Explain this new widget on iOS interest is where pinners can choose their top interests and get fresh content served to them daily right on their home screen. So I am an iOS user. I don’t know, I don’t have access to this. So I was wondering if people are iOS users still super excited about widgets. Is this, are you excited about this Alyssa?

[00:35:17]Alisa Meredith: [00:35:17] I hate the only widgets I have on my phone came on my phone. So it’s not really something on my radar. So when you shared this with me, I was like, Oh yeah, I heard something about that, but I really didn’t pay attention to it. So I went in and installed it and it’s huge. It takes up the space of four.

[00:35:39] Oh, I didn’t know that. Yeah. So I, it, for me, it was based on a board. That was my only option was to base it on one of my boards. So I based it on, I think, like acrylic painting or something. So yeah, it’s pulling up some cool stuff. I’ve, I’m happy to see something pretty on my home screen.

[00:35:56] Grace Duffy: [00:35:56] Yeah, that’s probably going to get me. Yeah. Showcasing you stuff that you’ve already saved and it’s just showing it to you again. Or is it taking inspiration from the things you’ve saved and showing you things that are similar? 

[00:36:08]Alisa Meredith: [00:36:08] Right now, what it’s showing me is what I’ve saved, which I would like to think it would expand out from there and share like more obviously you can scroll down and see more like this underneath it, but I would love to see in my widget more like that, like not something I already saved, but something, and maybe it will after a time, I don’t know.

[00:36:28] Like I said, I’m not really a big widget person, but I’ll leave it there for a while and see what happens. 

[00:36:33] Jeff Sieh: [00:36:33] Yeah. I was gonna, I was gonna talk about this, that one of the things Pinterest notes that more than 2 million pinners have added that widget to their home screen, which has helped to keep Pinterest top of mind increase, return visits to the app.

[00:36:44]Yeah, that makes sense. I think you can get it. One of the questions was like, how can we get like our feet? It’d be cool if like I could somehow push out and on people’s phones, my, on their widget, my content would show up. But I just, don’t one of the things for me. I didn’t install it.

[00:36:59] One, I don’t need to be on Pinterest more, two. I don’t need to be distracted by my phone anymore. Really. And then Lorena says this, she goes Which has exploded as searches on Pinterest, which is probably why they did it, but it was a short-term trend. People don’t care as much anymore. I know that, like they said 2 million pinners did it and they Pinterest was genius because they timed it at the same time.

[00:37:20] This widget of the rollout happened with the new layout on the iPhone. I don’t know if long-term, if it will be a thing or not. So what are your thoughts, Elisa? 

[00:37:28]Alisa Meredith: [00:37:28] I probably. I don’t know if I’ll keep it or not, because it is I can’t change it from just a board. I don’t know. And I don’t, I’m just not a widget person, so I’m probably not the one to 

[00:37:38] Jeff Sieh: [00:37:38] ask.

[00:37:39] Yeah. I just, I can see my kids do it. They could, my daughter would, she has a quote sports and Harry Potter things, and she would love to have that show up on her phone and be different every time. So I can see it for in fact, the demographics we were just talking about. So that would probably play Ryan into that.

[00:37:55] And that’s old fuddy duddies. You’re like, get off my phone, so anyway, but something that is not old and something you guys want to make sure you check out, this show is sponsored by Ecamm and it’s also powered by Restream, What goes better together than peanut butter and jelly, bacon and eggs, her even grace and Jeff on this show.

[00:38:13] It’s Restream and Ecamm. And we’re actually producing the show on Ecamm and streaming it everywhere with Restream. So make sure you check both of them out. You can check out e-comm at  That’s E C A M M. And you can also check out Restream by going to

[00:38:34] That’s what makes this show happen? It’s amazing. They’re both amazing. So make sure you check them out. So grace, something cool that Pinterest did. Let’s talk about, and this is 

[00:38:43] Grace Duffy: [00:38:43] really cool. Absolutely. So on Monday it was international women’s day. So in support of this Pinterest launched a shop that exclusively features, women founded small business and features.

[00:38:56] Hundreds of products, all designed, all made all imagined by women. And in addition to this, they also, for the month of March have created an international women’s day fund, which will match donations from employees to nonprofits, helping women succeed such as the national domestic workers Alliance and then the global fund for women.

[00:39:15] So that is something really cool that I wanted to give Pinterest a shout out about. And also part of this announcement they said in this time of year, Pinterest also announced that in this type of crisis, women are also turning to Pinterest to find inspiration on how to navigate changes. Searches for women supporting women increased by two X searches for small business plan increased by 50 times and searches for starting a new business from home increased four times.

[00:39:41] And then boards created by women for dream jobs have also increased by 10 X as they’re looking to find new jobs, start new businesses, shift careers. Obviously this past year has made all of us have to shift our priorities, shift our ideas, and I think things are opening up as far as possibilities. We also have a ton of friends in this industry who have been developing and promoting this type of content, the content that Helps you grow a business helps you launch something.

[00:40:10] I know our friend, Ian Anderson gray has a whole course on how to be confident on live video. So just, and then we have several other people have created courses, created plans. Is this time the time to promote these type of businesses on Pinterest? Maybe if you have a confidence webinar or a business course does it make sense to be using Pinterest to do this and how do you do that?

[00:40:33] Yeah, 

[00:40:33] Alisa Meredith: [00:40:33] absolutely. A lot of questions. Lots of questions. So yeah. Makes sense. I’m so happy to see this particular report because very often the numbers that you see focus on, like what you think of as core Pinterest topics like fashion and home decor and all kinds of seasonal events, but to see this kind of data is really helpful.

[00:40:55]So yeah, if you are a content creator, a blogger or a course creator, this is your time. And look at those search terms. And choose the ones that you want to go after. That makes sense for your content, but absolutely the need is out there to desire is out there. And when people are really looking for something different, something inspiring that they haven’t seen before.

[00:41:14] So if you’re not doing it do it 

[00:41:17] Jeff Sieh: [00:41:17] awesome. So I wanted to bring up this comment that grace just shot to me in the comments here. She it’s from Sean Brown and it’s applicable to this. He goes, what is the best way for education consultants to connect with the Pinterest community I want to sell, but I don’t want to come off as a salesman.

[00:41:31] And so we just talked about, doing the search and maybe putting your webinar or whatever out there. So how do you do that without being like salesy on Pinterest? 

[00:41:41] Alisa Meredith: [00:41:41] I think it’s fine to be salesy on Pinterest. I There are lots of products that you can buy or save to buy later on Pinterest.

[00:41:50] So I think you might want to just think of it as taking a couple of different approaches, so yeah. Make it, make your product available. When it comes to your content always, and it doesn’t matter what platform you’re on. Always think about the PR your audience and what they need. What problem are you solving for them?

[00:42:06] Where are they going to be after they get your amazing product or service, and really highlight that in your car? And I don’t think, I don’t know, you can be too salesy but people do use Pinterest to buy things. So don’t be too, don’t be shy about that. These 

[00:42:24] Jeff Sieh: [00:42:24] are great points and speaking of selling there’s some new things in there.

[00:42:28] Our next section, we’re going to be talking about shopping on Pinterest. This is what’s to come at the Pinterest partner and advertiser summit event. They mentioned a third priority for 2021, and that was bringing more shopping. To Pinterest. So according to John Kaplan, Pinterest global head of sales, he said, we have a vision for a better, more fun online shopping experience.

[00:42:51] And we’re just getting started this year. We’ll see even a better shopping experience on Pinterest for both merchants. And pinners in 2021, expect Pinterest to introduce new shopping surface areas on his platform and keep investing in catalog management tools, automated bidding, and budgeting solutions.

[00:43:10] And so they’re also supposed to be rolling out better analytics and enhanced conversion analysis dashboard for managed advertisers to get a sense of Pinterest cross-channel impact on conversions. So right now, users can’t really make purchases directly on Pinterest like Facebook is doing, or Facebook and Instagram shops.

[00:43:28] Do you think that shopping directly on Pinterest is something that’s coming later for Pinterest on kinda on the horizon? 


[00:43:35] Alisa Meredith: [00:43:35] I don’t know. All I can say is I, all I can say is what they’ve said, which is what they’re investing in are shopping surface areas, which does not require direct buy.

[00:43:46]It just requires surfacing shoppable products and they’re spending time and money working on catalog management tools, automatic bidding, budgeting solutions, they’re building in the analytics. So it, and for example, the Shopify. Integration. That’s something that you can set up inside of your Pinterest account.

[00:44:06] So what it sounds like is they are making it so whatever, like the platform that you’re on, as far as your store goes, we’ll integrate with Pinterest on their shopping surfaces. Another example would be product tagging on pins. To me, that’s a way to make shopping more interesting and more engaging is when you see a room and then you see the dots on it, where you can go and buy the individual products.

[00:44:29]That’s what we can see for ourselves. They’re building. Whether they’re going to go back to something like a buyable pin, which they did for a while or not, I don’t know, but we can see where they’re headed right now.

[00:44:44] Jeff Sieh: [00:44:44] D. So we, you and I have talked a lot about this online and we’re seeing, Pinterest I think looks a lot at Instagram to see how, what they’re doing shopping wise. And, I think video came after they saw some of the other networks and the success they were doing on video. So w so you’ve mentioned surface and they mentioned in that press release that they’re going to say, what does that mean?

[00:45:03]They’re going to surface that. Is that just mean they’re going to serve up more shoppable pins? Or w what does that mean in that press release? Yeah, 

[00:45:11] Alisa Meredith: [00:45:11] I think that the perfect example is, again, those product tags. So a shopping surface area where they are highlighting things you can actually buy by putting a link on it from images.

[00:45:23] So that can happen automatically. You can do it yourself. There are also product pins that will allow you to create like a collection with that photo that you have. So just creating more ways that encouraged people to buy. And what I’m seeing for those is that when Pinterest does it themselves, it seems to be all verified merchants.

[00:45:42] So that’s a process you go through after you set up your product feed, and then you can apply for a verified merchant status that will get you on more of those shopping surfaces, which I think they said something like in the last several months, the activity on those shopping surfaces has grown like 80% it’s crazy high. And I’m sure they’ll, there’ll be finding more ways to, to take advantage of that. 

[00:46:03] Jeff Sieh: [00:46:03] So let’s just put it on your Chris, you put on your like prediction hat and open your crystal ball. I know it’s right on the side of your desk, so you can just pick it up. But what would you say in what shopping will look like in the start of 2022?

[00:46:18] What do you think will change between now and then? 

[00:46:20]Alisa Meredith: [00:46:20] I. I would guess that it will be easier for more people to, to hook up their stores to these product feeds. Right now it can be a little bit challenging if you’re not on Shopify, but I would guess that they’re gonna, they’re gonna make it easier for everybody.

[00:46:35] Jeff Sieh: [00:46:35] Yeah. We always get that question because it hasn’t come to a lot of places yet. And so Sally, who I know is in the UK, she has the Shopify integration is in the USA and Canada right now. So I know there’s a lot of UK users who are really wishing they could have that because it is really nice integration makes it really easy with your shop.

[00:46:52] And that’s why I don’t think, one of the questions we asked earlier was like, are they going to have it? So you can shop directly on Pinterest that opens a lot of headaches for Pinterest, opening it up for third parties to be able to use their platforms, or if you have a woo commerce site that they, you can just use yours that way.

[00:47:07] Pinterest can still sell ads and make money that way and do all that kind of stuff. But. It, they don’t have to worry about the headache of getting all the, saving money, doing returns, processing payments, all that stuff. It can happen on these other people. So I have a feeling if they’ll do that as long as possible or until, they figure out a way to make money easily with it.

[00:47:26] So that’s just me. So yeah, this has been a great show. You guys have asked some great questions, a lot of comments today, even over on, we had a bunch of people who are watching over on Amazon live hello to all you guys. But before we wrap things up, I want to give Elise so a chance to talk about where people can find out her what she does at tailwind.

[00:47:47]The things coming up. So Elisa, the floor is now yours. 

[00:47:50]Alisa Meredith: [00:47:50] Yeah, I guess my encouragement would be, if you’re curious about how to make creating new images on for Pinterest easier, go to talent forward slash create. You can get a trial of tail end with no credit card required, which is a hundred scheduled pans or 30 scheduled Instagram posts.

[00:48:08] But the really cool part about that is that you will get 15 images you can make with tail and create for free every month forever. So go do it. It’s really, I’m biased. I know, but it’s really fun to put in your URL, but let the program pull up pictures from your website or add your own pictures and then hit that button.

[00:48:30] And it’s like a magic happens. You just see this endless stream of really cool pins that you can just tweak a little bit. Maybe change the text if you want to, and then schedule. Oh, Sally thinks it’s 

[00:48:41] Jeff Sieh: [00:48:41] cool. Yeah. So make sure you guys go follow along everywhere. You can find her all across the socials on LinkedIn.

[00:48:47]She does some great trainings over on tailwinds Facebook page. I show up there sometimes do cause they just leave the door open and I can walk right in, but make sure you go check it out. Cause she does share a lot of great content over there. There’s no bouncers they’re going to fix that.

[00:49:00] I’m sure. But anyway, also my pal grace, what’s going on with you? Where can people find out more about the awesome grace stuffy? 

[00:49:07]Grace Duffy: [00:49:07] You can find me here every week, hosting the show with the awesome Jeff C if you want to find out more about restream check out our YouTube, Facebook and our LinkedIn, we produce toll slew of content every single day on how to use the tool, how to create awesome live videos, how to market your live videos, everything you need to check us out there.

[00:49:29] If you can find me, if you want to look, find me, you can find me on linked in. So that’s where I’ve been trying to ramp up my efforts to meet people. And I’ve already made a lot of connections with a lot of our audience members there. So that’s a good place to find me. And then of course, Jeff. Tell us what tell us the other thing we have going on 

[00:49:48] Jeff Sieh: [00:49:48] the live show.

[00:49:49] This is also a podcast. And so we would love it. If you guys would go and follow us and leave a rating and review, you can find us at social media news, and we’ve made it super simple that you can follow us on all your favorite podcast players. And we would love for you guys to do that so we can get the show out to more people.

[00:50:06] Our next show, by the way, is on Friday, March 19th at 11:00 AM Eastern time. 10:00 AM central. I don’t know. I read that way, but I did but it was very exciting next week. This is why I’m so excited. Our special guest is going to be Mark Schaefer. And we’re gonna be talking about his new book, the cumulative advantage, how to build momentum for your ideas, business, and life against all odds.

[00:50:25] It’s an incredible book. I read it in like a weekend. I know Elise is a big fan. She usually gets mentioned his books. I don’t know how she does that, but she does, but you can also find all of us at Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, Amazon live. Thanks Elisa for being here today. Thank you for the audience.

[00:50:40]This is so great, Sally. Thank you so much. Thanks. Really useful as always Sophia says I love tailwind create too. You guys are awesome. We will see you next week with Mark Schaefer. See you guys later. Bye buddy. 


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