Wondering what’s new with live streaming? Looking for everything you need to succeed with live video?

On this week’s Social Media News Live, Jeff Sieh is joined by two live streaming superstars, Luria Petrucci from Livestreaming Pros and Katie Fawkes from Ecamm! They will talk about the latest strategies for creators, retailers, and businesses looking to grow their brand and get paid with live video.


Jeff Sieh: [00:00:00] Welcome to Social Media News Live I’m Jeff Sieh. And you’re not. And this is the show that keeps you up to date on what’s happening in the world of social media. My co-host today is the amazing Katie Fawkes  from Ecamm. Hey, Katie, how are you doing? 

[00:00:13] Katie Fawkes: [00:00:13] Good. I’m so excited to be here today. 

[00:00:15] Hi everyone!

[00:00:16] Jeff Sieh: [00:00:16] Yes. And by the way, it’s not just a coincidence, but it kinda is, but this show is brought to you by the amazing people over on at Ecamm. And by the way, they have this amazing thing going on coming up soon, Leap Into Live. You can find out more at leapintolive.com. Who’s that guy. Yeah, the bearded dude.

[00:00:33] And Lori is speaking there too. Yeah. And look at all these people, pat Flynn. Oh my gosh. Amazing people. You guys want to go and sign up for this right away, because it’s going to be amazing and it’s totally for free, but I always like to say you better sign up now because we may up fill up all the seats and you’d be out of luck.

[00:00:49] So go to leap into live.com. Find out all about it. We’d appreciate you guys. And I can’t wait. It’s going to be, I learned stuff every time I go. But today we are going to be joined by the amazing Luria Petrucci for a deep dive into the latest live streaming strategies. We’re going to explore it.

[00:01:06] YouTube new shorts fund and other monetization opportunities for creators. When are we talking about new live shopping updates, and what’s really exciting to me is these new live video trailers over on YouTube. So if you don’t know who Luria is, you really should. Because I have learned so much from live streaming pros.

[00:01:26] She taught me everything I know about live streaming. She has a live video strategist. Speaker and she helps you create professional live video. That’s uniquely you. How cool is that? Laurie has created over 5,000 videos with over 1 billion that’s billion with a B views using video and live streaming shows.

[00:01:45] And she has worked for online video for top brands like AT& T, Samsung, GoDaddy, Panasonic. And she’s also helped build live studios for you may know, like Amy Porterfield, pat Flynn Donald Miller, Michael Hyatt Luria. Oh my gosh. Welcome to the show. 

[00:02:00] Luria Petrucci: [00:02:00] Yeah. Thrilled to be back. I love hanging out with you so much and I love talking about live streaming.

[00:02:06] Jeff Sieh: [00:02:06] Yes. And so let’s break that down a little, because one of the things I want to talk about can you actually make money with livestreaming?

[00:02:16] Luria Petrucci: [00:02:16] I hope so, otherwise I better go.

[00:02:24] Jeff Sieh: [00:02:24] yeah. Let’s talk about this and I know Katie, you had some questions. 

Can You Make Money With Live Streaming?

[00:02:26]Katie Fawkes: [00:02:26] Absolutely. Luria, you have a video back from December last year. Not that long ago, talking about seven ways to make money with live streaming. Can you tell our audience what those ways are? And do you have any more to add to the list?

[00:02:40] Luria Petrucci: [00:02:40] Yeah, sure. So the seven ways that I approached that video are…with affiliate revenue, so making money through affiliate marketing this can be done incredibly organically and really add. it’s a perfect way to get started making money through live. And we can talk about all of the different ways that you can do that.

[00:03:02] Cause some of it  is relevant to today’s conversation. But you basically sign up for relevant services and you promote their products and you make a percentage of that. So that can be a really beneficial way to get started quickly, but also add to your  revenue model next up are donations or tips.

[00:03:25] I’m sorry. Tips. I rephrased since that video came out because donations, you can’t actually there’s a lot of legal stuff when it comes to actually taking donations, but tips so when people tip you through, buy me a coffee through super chats through Facebook.  Stars all of those things.

[00:03:44] Yeah. Sorry. I blanked out there for a second. So that can be a really great way. People love to support their favorite content, creators, sponsorships connecting with a company. who pays you to create content or to promote them during your existing content. then live sales is a massive one.

[00:04:04] That’s really coming together at the beginning stages. it’s been a big thing for a couple of years. Live sales on Facebook, especially. And now think QVC or home shopping network meets social. Right. so that’s actually been a big thing for a couple of years, but nobody knew about it. I know.

[00:04:25] How can it be a big thing and nobody know about it, but in its own markets, It’s been a really popular thing and people literally show up to buy. And so you can really a lot of fun with that. In now with Amazon live with one we’re going to be talking about as well talk shop, live with different services, YouTube live.

[00:04:48] We’re going to talk about that. Anyway. We’re going to talk about that in more detail. Skip it for now, but it’s becoming a big thing. Your own products and services. Of course, if you have digital products, courses services, consults any physical products. You can Use live to sell those also memberships things like YouTube live sorry, YouTube memberships  also your own memberships.

[00:05:12] Right? So you could do a variety of different things that way. So those are the seven things I covered and talk about in detail on that video that you mentioned. But also yeah, I think that pretty much encompasses it. We’re really seen. New innovative ways of those seven ways or new innovative things within that, those seven ways.

[00:05:33]And so that’s where we’re seeing rather than brand new ways of making money. 

[00:05:37] Jeff Sieh: [00:05:37] Awesome. So really quickly, this is a question from Alisa Meredith. My friend Elisa goes, she says, good morning. I wonder how much I can make with my new show with a viewer. So that’s a great question. It’s like, when is the right time?

[00:05:52] To start monetizing your live videos and should you start right away and start training your audience? Or, what do you say to people who are just getting started with live video Luria?

Can You Make Money Live Streaming Right From The Start?

[00:06:01] Luria Petrucci: [00:06:01] You can absolutely make money. It doesn’t matter the numbers that you have. It matters the quality of viewers.

[00:06:09] Right? I have made money from when I only had 10 people watching and booked clients that way. Let me tell you about Andy Smiles. One of my students, she’s a bookkeeper and she actually went live for the first time zero viewers. She didn’t even, she decided to cover up the view council.

[00:06:27] She didn’t get distracted by it, but she had zero live viewers and The next day, within 24 hours of replay, viewer booked her and signed a contract for $3,000. Then that contract turned into more money. And then that turned into word of mouth, which turned into even more money and it’s a snowball effect.

[00:06:46] And literally she showed up to. To give information to provide value. And she made money $3,000 within 24 hours with zero live viewers. So yes, with eight viewers, guess how much, it’s about the, it’s about the strategy and it’s about the value that you give live is not just about live it performs after.

[00:07:10] Jeff Sieh: [00:07:10] Ooh, that’s a good point. One of the things is Kelly says she covers up the view count to, I can’t look. Yeah. So I have done this very same thing. I also, for years had a sticky note on my monitor that pointed to the camera. So I’d look at the camera, right? Doing this all the time I’m looking down.

[00:07:27] I think I learned that

[00:07:28]Luria Petrucci: [00:07:28] it’s hard its hard 

[00:07:29]Jeff Sieh: [00:07:29] So, that’s a great question from Wilbron and he asks apart from monetizing, how do you get the word out in the flood of social media live content that exists? So I, before we move on to our first segment, I thought this would be a great one to wrap this one up about is like, how do you get the word out about live video?

[00:07:47] Luria Petrucci: [00:07:47] Well, you promote it, right? You you put it out there on a consistent basis. The thing that people don’t understand about social is depending on the platform, you have to be strategic with the platform and its nuances, but You can talk about it a lot. You also, so I’ll come back to social, but also email lists.

[00:08:04] If you’re not building your email list, definitely you need to be doing that. I have a main email list, and then I have a list within that list of people who have asked for specific live show notifications. Right? So I send every single live show out to them. And then I have a different strategy for the primary list of people who don’t want that.

[00:08:24]And you use text notifications, right? You can sign up for the text notifications to be notified of this show. And so coming back to social, it’s about building a relationship it’s about creating FOMO it’s about creating a human connection so that people want to show up to your live shows. The more connected they are to you as a human being, not just.

[00:08:48] You deliver this content then they’re going to want to show up every single time you go live and you’re going to build that habit. So first of all, you gotta be consistent with your day time that you’re going live, then you want to put it out on social, but you also on social, want to make sure that you’re putting out pet photos, personal selfies, like food, big shows.

[00:09:11] Exactly building that human connection will help your social posts or your promotional posts work better. 

[00:09:19] Jeff Sieh: [00:09:19] So Katie, I want to, I’m gonna, I’m gonna just gonna, go off the rails a little bit, but I would ask you, because I you’ve built great community over on Ecamm. Have you find anything else that other than Luria has mentioned that cause there’s just this huge community around Ecammm and even in their group and all that stuff.

[00:09:34] So do you have any tips for people- 

[00:09:35] Luria Petrucci: [00:09:35] thats one of the best communiteies online by the way. 

[00:09:37] Jeff Sieh: [00:09:37] Yeah. Yeah. So what is your secret? 


How To Build A Community Around Live Streaming

[00:09:40] Katie Fawkes: [00:09:40] I’ve got what’s my secret. I just spend a lot of time in there. I know that’s probably a bad secret to say that I spent a bunch of time just getting to know people, better, asking them to share photos of their studios, to ask questions, to share their experiences.

[00:09:55]And we try, we work really hard as a team to make sure that we’re, celebrating everyone’s wins, answering questions as best as we can highlighting members of the community that maybe arent as loud or boisterous has other members so that everyone feels really included. So really it’s as easy as just putting the time in.

[00:10:12]Jeff Sieh: [00:10:12] Those are great points. So Sabrina has this, she goes in all things be consistent and then run ads and boost posts. Yes, that is very true.  So I use the stat from podcast is most podcasts. Don’t go past the seventh.episode, and I probably think that live video even goes smaller than that. Because it’s hard to be consistent, so be consistent.

[00:10:32] That’s the biggest thing I would say. And also you. The text messaging, which I like, cause there’s some conversation going on here in the comments, like when should we start an email list? Dustin was like, immediately don’t wait. Start with now, right now yesterday. Yeah. And so I like this text messaging thing, because, you promised them no spam and all you do is you give them reminders 10 minutes before with a link to watch it.

[00:10:53] So I think it helps get by the algorithm maybe. So I still send out emails through the list, but I think sometimes these other ways help get some of that email blindness out of the way.  

[00:11:03] Luria Petrucci: [00:11:03] I need to do that , been on my whiteboard for a while.  

[00:11:10] Jeff Sieh: [00:11:10] So let’s talk about this first segment. So this YouTube shorts fund.

YouTube Shorts Fund

[00:11:13]What, this is in a recent post, on the official YouTube blog, the company outlined 10 ways. Creators on the platform can profit from their videos and build businesses on YouTube. If you don’t know what YouTube shorts are, they’re these special mobile where you can watch them, both places, but they’re only 60 seconds long they’re short kind of think Tik Tok. So YouTube said they were involved from being just a place where people upload and share videos. It’s now wants to be a destination. Where creators can find new audiences connect with fans in different ways and build growing businesses. And top of the list in this article is the shorts fund and, Loria talk a little bit about this short fund.

[00:11:49] One.I want to know if you’re using shorts, as a strategy. And what do you think of these shorts? 

[00:11:54]Luria Petrucci: [00:11:54] Am I using it? That’s been a point of discussion internally here. Not yet, but we do have intentions too and we have lots of ideas. And we can talk about that strategy of what people are doing with that.

[00:12:08]But essentially the fund they’re saying that creators can make anywhere between a hundred dollars and $10,000  based on their engagement and views, they’re not giving us any information about eligibility, other than you can’t have any you have to have a thousand subscribers and you can’t have any strikes.

[00:12:29]So it’s I don’t know. It’s interesting. It’s a very interesting thing that YouTube, I don’t think has ever done is to outside of ad sense and super chats and things like that. They’ve never really. Just had a fund to pay creators. So obviously shorts is something that they care deeply about making a thing.

[00:12:52] And I believe that’s because of Tik-Tok. And they’re really trying to compete with them. And so that’s, a good thing for creators. So basically if you’re making any money, if you’re making shorts. You have the potential to get an email or a message from YouTube saying, Hey, here’s your random gift of money and go, and you don’t know how much it’s going to be.

[00:13:19] You don’t know when it’s going to be. You don’t know if you’re eligible really or how they pick. So we’d have no information really from that perspective. But here’s a kicker I noticed and it’s of like, within all of the fine print. They say that they’ll send you a message through the YouTube app.

[00:13:38] So turn on notifications. That really stood out to me. I was like, Ooh so I don’t know if we’re going to see it in the dashboard or if we’ll get an email or if it’s literally just that. And I think that’s if that’s the case, then it’s very possible you could miss it.  

[00:13:54] Jeff Sieh: [00:13:54] That would be bad, especially with money.

[00:13:57]Marcus, I ask this question and this is maybe we could, he, it’s a great question. It’s I don’t get the purpose of shorts. Yeah. So you’re never too old for shorts. I wear shorts all the time, so yes. So what do you say to that, Katie? Do you use shorts? Are you, do you like not maybe my create. Yeah, but maybe do you go and browse and look at what they are?

[00:14:24] Luria Petrucci: [00:14:24] Was that to Katie. Oh, I’m sorry.

[00:14:36] Katie Fawkes: [00:14:36] We do, we do at Ecamm create shorts and we’ve been doing a lot more. Programs with content creators and influencers who are creating shorts for us. I am also too old and not cool enough to get started with them personally, but they are a lot of fun. And I think it’s, it goes hand in hand with with the movement towards like more actionable quick content.

[00:15:01] We’re all really busy. And we all just want to like. High level, laugh or info that we need or, or learning point or something that we can take and be able to make actionable in our day-to-day lives. So I think there’s a lot of benefit in them. You know, we’ve been partnering with a few different folks who have been making really great content, teaching people how.

[00:15:20] To approach them on a number of different platforms. So certainly YouTube has shorts, but there is Tik Tok. There’s also Instagram that has similar kinds of content. So I think it’s here to stay and it’s really cool. It’s a really cool option for lots of people for sure. 

[00:15:32] Jeff Sieh: [00:15:32] Yeah,  I was telling somebody the other day, I was talking to some small businesses and I’m like, well,  no matter what platform you’re on, you probably need to start thinking about how to create short form content, because I don’t think it’s going anywhere.

[00:15:45] So you learn it. Yeah, 

[00:15:50]Luria Petrucci: [00:15:50] So short form content, to be honest, like short, like under a minute scares me because it feels heavier to create than I regular video, because I’ve been creating. Then five to 10 minute videos for 15 years, I’ve been going live for 12 years. So all of that long, longer form content is easy.

[00:16:12]But a short form, like you gotta get it right. Or you gotta edit it. And so it feels heavy to me. That’s why we really haven’t kicked it off in our company. But at the same time, If you get strategic about it, it can be really easy. So some of the things that we think about and talk about, and that I see in other channels that are working is really relevant content to your channel.

[00:16:37] So that. Pushing people to the main content and tying everything together. For example, a behind the scenes content for us it’s easy gear, right? Things like that. Behind the scenes content that or short tips short tips are a really good way to tie your main content with the shorts and cause people to go from one to another.

[00:16:59]And then also a totally different approach. If you take a look at Legal Eagles channel he’s doing really well with his reaction videos in short form. So reaction videos was a very popular thing on his channel where he reacts to court cases or  legal issues of some kind, right.  And now he’s turned those into shorts and he does lot of shorts and those are performing incredibly well for him.

[00:17:29] So you can take a bunch of different approaches. It just, you have to think what works for your channel and for your audience. 

[00:17:37] Jeff Sieh: [00:17:37] I think that’s a great point. One of the things that I want to make clear when we’re talking about this YouTube fund, that was announced is that it’s gotta be, I think Luria said this was original content, so you can’t take Tik TOK content and move it into shorts or regular this and do it, the other thing.

[00:17:51] And you’ve got to have a thousand subscribers. So there is like a level that you have to reach before you can, get this. And like Luria said, I guess it just randomly, you get some sort of message. Hey, you’ve got some money in your account come in or something. I don’t know. But anyway , 

[00:18:04] Luria Petrucci: [00:18:04] and by the way, it’s a hundred million dollars to be distributed over this year and next year.

[00:18:09] So it’s a lot of money, 

[00:18:10] Katie Fawkes: [00:18:10] not a small amount 

[00:18:11] Jeff Sieh: [00:18:11] But Its based on like how your video performs. So you don’t, you can’t get three views and they think you’re gonna get money. It’s like it’s based on that kind of thing. One of the, I want to pull up my friend. Brian has this point. He goes, he loves shorts.

[00:18:24]Most of my videos are 15 to 30 seconds slideshows and because they are portrait, I can use my Pinterest videos directly on YouTube. So he is a photographer in the UK, amazing wedding photographer. And that’s a great way to do that. So do you have any, you mentioned Luria behind the scenes and some other ways, is there any other things that you would recommend for businesses?

[00:18:45] One it’s hard for businesses not to be boring. You mentioned Legal Eagle, he did some really cool stuff, but do you have any recommendations where they can go to get some, maybe some inspiration? I, Rachel Peterson is great on Tik Tok and you could watch some of these Tik-Tok people and get inspired.

[00:19:00] Create your own shorts. Any thoughts on that?

Ideas for Shorts Content

[00:19:02] Luria Petrucci: [00:19:02] I would browse around the shorts shell. Do they call it a shelf shorts or a shelf? I would browse around that and look for that inspiration as well as like you said, Tik Tok. The key is to be short quick. And when you start getting in that mentality, as opposed to like conversation or a, sorry, tip, typically businesses are like, well, we have.

[00:19:29] Hour long presentation to give you, right. If you start getting in the habit of thinking short, quick tip, or, value then that kind of changes your perspective and you get a little bit more interesting just naturally speaking, I think. But yeah, so I w I would just look for inspiration and remember.

[00:19:47] Fun with it. I don’t think you’re really going to see a lot of success if you’re trying to just be professional. That’s the biggest problem with any content is people. Okay. I teach you how to have professional live video. That is what my whole tagline is all about. But when I say that I’m talking gear, right, I’m talking the visuality, right.

[00:20:09] Yeah, quality matters, but the, that can’t affect your personality. So stop trying to be professional, have professional, look in live video. Yeah. But dont or tik toks or whatever, right. But don’t try to be professional from a personality perspective. If you can stop doing that will be your key to not being bored.

[00:20:32] Awesome. 

[00:20:33] Jeff Sieh: [00:20:33] So Katie I, so this is from Garrett, my friend, Gary Stockton, over on YouTube. He goes, you can create short vertical content using Ecamm in a Jiffy. Sometimes he batch records nine by 16 and 16 by nine in Ecamm. So you mentioned, you’re using it on Ecamm. Gary mentioned he uses each Ecamm product to actually do it.

[00:20:53] Do you have any tips or things that you’ve seen when you’re creating content over on Ecamms  channel that you would tell our audience. Yeah. 

[00:21:01]Katie Fawkes: [00:21:01] I think people really quickly, especially Ecamm members forget about the different video formats that you can create. You can create video in tall format and square format.

[00:21:10]Just about anything that you can think of. So well, live streaming is fantastic and certainly many of our creators are live streaming on a regular basis. Don’t forget that you can. You can fill in the kind of downtime between your live stream, with all of these different kinds of videos.

[00:21:24] And you can use Ecamm, as Luria said, to be able to add that professionalism in your video quality and have some fun with it, test, test out, play around with it. Do some of those shorter videos that you can use to promote your live streams, to promote your business or services or products. You already have the platform, so we make it as easy as possible for you to create just about any kind of video content. 

[00:21:46] Jeff Sieh: [00:21:46] That’s awesome. Before Katie breaks down this new thing about the life sh shopping thing that we’re going to talk about just a second I wanted to bring up this question from my friend, Andy lions watching over on YouTube. Hey Andy, thank you for stopping by today. She goes, I create short form content on Tik TOK.

Can I Repurpose TikTok for YouTube Shorts?

[00:22:00] Can I repurpose it on YouTube shorts? Yes, you can. But remember we just talked about that. They don’t let you know that you’re not going to get money for it for one thing. Now you can download it and upload it and not have the watermark, which I think is one things that a lot of people do it.

[00:22:17] And I don’t think YouTube could really tell that you had it unless they went and searched it. 

[00:22:20] Luria Petrucci: [00:22:20] Yeah, they’d have to be

[00:22:24] Jeff Sieh: [00:22:24] Google. You never know who’s watching, but I love that thought, Andy, because I’m all about repurposing. In fact, after the show, we downloaded, I upload it to Descript. I chop it up. I make all these different styles of videos. And one of the things I have found, like I make a one that will go on so it’s nine by 16 and it goes over.

[00:22:44]And the cool thing is I can make it for a Pinterest idea. Which they’re really pushing right now. And I’m getting like 10,000, 15,000 views on that pin. I just put a title on it. I put the same video that I was going to use for shorts or for IGTV or whatever, and put a call to action at the end, different slides upload those and bam I’m done.

[00:23:05] And so I like your idea about repurposing, so that is smart. And I think the more you can do that as a small business, the better off you are, what are your thoughts Luria? 

[00:23:15] Luria Petrucci: [00:23:15] Absolutely. Repurposing is key to your sanity

[00:23:21] and keep in mind that people don’t always want to consume long form content. So having that short form content to tie it all together, to reach people in the way that they want to be reached is vital to your growth. Right? So you’ll, if you just stick with one type of content, you will. Be missing out on a larger audience over time.

[00:23:47] Now also do what you can when you can, don’t try and do all the things all at once. And so that’s really important too. 

[00:23:56] Jeff Sieh: [00:23:56] Good. All right. So Katie breakdown, this next segment for us. We’re all. We’re all about shopping. We’re more about selling our stuff and then

[00:24:10] Instacart and all that stuff. So tell us about, this YouTube live shopping.

YouTube Shopping Feature

[00:24:14] Katie Fawkes: [00:24:14] Yeah, absolutely. So YouTube is going to begin pilot testing, a new feature that will allow viewers to shop for products directly from live stream videos. So not surprising with Amazon live and other options out there.

[00:24:27] YouTube is jumping into this. They are initially launching with just a handful of creators and brands. And this is an expansion of the integrated shopping experience that YouTube began beta testing earlier this year. It’s expected to roll out to more creators throughout the rest of this year.

[00:24:41]It was originally designed for on demand videos and allowed viewers to tap into. Credibility and knowledge of trusted creators to make informed purchases. As Luria is saying, has said in the past, and certainly her brand completely invokes, if you can have, a stream where you are authentically yourself and you are connecting with your audience on a regular basis, this is a great opportunity to take it to the next level.

[00:25:05] Be able to answer a lot of their questions and sell some products along the way. Whether that’s gear or courses or everything. 

[00:25:13] Jeff Sieh: [00:25:13] Yeah. Awesome. So one of the things too is, you know, Luria, we’re we’re familiar with shopping on Amazon life. In fact, we’re going to Amazon live right now.

[00:25:21] So feel free to Facebook, Instagram has, they’re starting to sell Tik TOK is selling. So let’s talk about YouTube because I know that’s where you, your areas have you done much and are about this live shopping on YouTube? Is there a lot of hurdles you have to go through? How can you start selling on youtube?

[00:25:37]Luria Petrucci: [00:25:37] This is really in beta still. I was a part of, I was asked to help 21 different businesses, small businesses for small business day, go live on YouTube and sell their stuff. And that was a really interesting experience. Now we didn’t have. Buy button or the sh the shelf to see the products that we were talking about.

[00:26:04]But there. The whole experiment of that project was telling me right off the bat, like they are so interested in this whole shopping experience. Right. So they’re going to really push it forward. It has been available on some recorded videos and they’re expanding that to live. Basically you’ll see.

[00:26:24] a Buy button on the page, on the channel, and you’ll be able to browse the products that people are talking about. Every other live shopping platforms that people face Facebook is also, yeah, it’s been a couple of years since they announced that they were working on it, but they’re testing still this whole experience of having this buy button available right on that page or that video.

[00:26:49] And I think it’s a really. Awesome thing. And it can be done in a variety of different ways. So one, whether we’re talking to Amazon line talk, shop live, whether we’re talking YouTube live or Facebook live or Instagram, whatever, doesn’t matter. The platform, think QVC style or home shopping network as one option where you literally are there to just.

[00:27:14] Sell product, right. And people are there to literally just shop. And while I don’t love shopping, I’m not a shopper, but people love shopping and this makes it really convenient for them. And so that’s one option, but you can also do it so that you are It’s more of a less, it’s less of a home shopping network style and more of selling your own products or selling affiliate stuff or anything.

[00:27:46]In the ways that we talked about making money earlier in this stream. And so you can approach it from a variety of different strategies and the most important thing is. To have fun with it. Right. You’re going to hear me say that a lot, because that’s the thing that people miss so much with this stuff is you’ve got to enjoy the process.

[00:28:07] So last black Friday we went live and did a similar thing and it was. So it was a super fun stream. I had Calico who’s in the comments on a green screen and we call her pocket Kelly. Now that community has dumped her that, so she like shows up in a small little frame down here. And so she was like celebrating viewers as they bought the stuff that we were promoting.

[00:28:36] And we had black Friday discounts and stuff like that. Right. And so I want to show you one thing that we did and I would like celebrate, right.

[00:28:47]Tom, Dustin just bought this. Right. So celebrating people who actually buy something. Is one way that you can really enhance and increase the engagement and the effectiveness of the, that live sale, whichever way you approach it. 

[00:29:06] Jeff Sieh: [00:29:06] So you sell that to those, that confetti don’t you isn’t it. So if you guys wanted that confetti, you make sure you go to livestream right there.

[00:29:14] See how I sold, just like that. It’s so easy.  Go ahead.

[00:29:21]Luria Petrucci: [00:29:21] I wanted to point something else out. I was browsing around talk, shop live, and one person who’s. She has a, an album. She’s a singer. She wasn’t there selling her album. She was cooking. And just hanging out with her community and she was just talking through the recipes, right.

[00:29:42] And it was, she’s not there to sell product of like food or  cooking material or whatever devices, whatever you call cooking stuff, pots and pans. She wasn’t selling pots and pans. She literally only had one product for purchase and that was her album. So again, Community human connection. You can approach this in so many different ways.

[00:30:06] Sorry. Okay. I just want to know, 

[00:30:07] Jeff Sieh: [00:30:07] Thats good because Gary brings up this great point. He goes, I saw a great Amazon live with Mitch Jackson promoting mark Schaefer’s new book and had the author on the stream. Very cool experience. If you guys remember last week I had Jen Herman on and she’s gotten three or four books that she’s written.

[00:30:22] I was able to put those down below and I think. And you guys can tell me if I’m wrong, if you’re providing value and you just are very, I call it organic. You’re just like, Hey, I like this thing. You don’t have to be like, Hey, buy now fire sale fire. Exactly. If you do the organics, I really liked this book. And I’m here with, Jen Herman, we’re talking about this.

[00:30:40] It’s helped me a lot. Then people buy automatically because that organic. Katie G I wasn’t making it right. 

[00:30:46] Katie Fawkes: [00:30:46] Yeah. You’re making it really easy for people as well. There have been so many streams that we’ve done where, people are like, what is what camera is doc rock using? Or like, how does Luria get that Boca fact?

[00:30:56]And, you’re there answering the question, but how much easier would it be to be like, You want to get the same, look as me here. Here’s all the stuff that I’m using or, here are the things that I recommend you already have that relationship, ideally with your viewers and with your communities.

[00:31:10] So you’re just making it significantly easier for them to be able to get what they are asking for and what they need without having to search all around, or, have a moderator, have to find the link and drop it into the comments. Which may or may not. Scrolling by, depending on how busy your stream is.

[00:31:25] So I think you need to get into the perspective of thinking less about how kind of sales you’re not uncomfortable. It might feel if you’re not from a sales background and more about the fact that you’re making it easier for people who are interested. And if they’re not interested, no big deal, it’s just sitting there.

[00:31:38] But if they are, then you’re helping them with that person. 

[00:31:41] Jeff Sieh: [00:31:41] Yeah, I want to think. So we talked about, selling your confetti and Tim goes, it worked so I shouldn’t

[00:31:53] tip goes awesome. Point be yourself and people will be attracted. When they are attracted to you, they will buy from you because they like you. Katie talk about, so Luria said this and people were like, well, what did she say? This tuckshop shop live? What is that? So what is this thing? Because lot of us, even us before the show, didn’t know what to talk about.

[00:32:14] Tell, tell people what that. 

[00:32:16] Katie Fawkes: [00:32:16] So here we’re learning live together.

Talkshop Live Raised Another 6 Million in Funding

[00:32:18] So live video, shopping up tuckshop live brought in another $6 million in funding. So this is not a small player. This is a site that is coming up and coming up quickly. It caught our attention, namely, because it’s another social network and it’s entirely devoted to live video shopping.

[00:32:37]As we were saying before, this is something that is not going away. Anytime soon, all of the platforms are, catching onto it and are devoting time and money to getting, to getting up and running with them. Phenomenon, I guess, for lack of a better word. This particular network actually has drawn a lot of celebrity attention as well.

[00:32:53] So you have people like Matthew McConaughey, Dolly Parton, Alicia keys, Julie Andrews. There’s just a ton of A-listers out there who are choosing Ecammmerce and live streaming in order to be able to highlight leaders, projects that they’re working on engage with their audiences and sell their products.

[00:33:09]So yeah, I think it’s, I, I think it’s. Not farm. Don’t think it’s going right anytime soon. We’d love to know Lorea what your opinion is as someone equally new to that, do you think it’s something we should all be paying attention to? 

[00:33:22] Luria Petrucci: [00:33:22] I’m bad at first of all, I just want to point out I’m betting that the whole funding thing, because they’ve gotten a lot of money.

[00:33:27]I’m betting that is going to pain the celebrities to be on their platform. And so every time that happens. It’s that they’re using it as a kickstart to get the attention. Right. And that’s totally fine. Right. It does draw attention. But it’s, it depends on how fast those celebrities. Or done with it.

[00:33:50] Right. And yeah, they’re like, okay. I fulfilled my contract I’m out. And so I wouldn’t expect them to have the, a list cat or catalog for a very long time. And so now is probably if you’re going to do it now is the time to do it because it’s jumping in early right now.

[00:34:11] Here’s the thing. I haven’t had a ton of time to research it, to really look into it. So this is a new thing to me, so I will be doing a lot more research on it. So I can’t necessarily answer that question. With a full full weight behind it. But it’s one of those things that could be gone tomorrow.

[00:34:31] Right. It’s because it’s not backed by a massive company. Like we see on the rest of the social platforms, but I think it has a lot of potential. I like what I’m seeing there so far. I, it has more. Options than something like Amazon or YouTube live in terms of the products and the integration Amazon live, I wish they had a buy button right on, they have the shelf to the side.

[00:34:56]I wish they had a buy button, like talk shop live does right on the video itself. It, as you’re talking about a different product, you could hit that. Right. And let’s be honest, Amazon live has some. Issues that they need to fix. And I don’t know what the shopping or what the creator experience is like on talk shop live yet, but I’m willing to bet they at least have desktop management.

[00:35:21] Jeff Sieh: [00:35:21] I just want to break comments in that’s. I always tell people do not use any sort of streaming thing that you can’t bring comments in. So talk shop life does happen. Fellow texts and Matthew McConaughey.

[00:35:35] he’s actually from Longview. My, where I’m at right now. So anyway speaking of that we’ve got people we can’t get through the actual. The confetti everybody’s saying we, everybody can use some good petty and speaking of celebrations. So we’re going to be talking about right now, we’re going to be talking about these YouTube live streaming trailers.

[00:35:53] But before we do that, speaking of trailers, I do want to play. We talked about before this amazing leap into live conference, that you came as a getting ready to kick off, and you can find out more about that too, into leap into live. But I want to play a really quick trailer that they put together. Speaking of trailers, we’re just going to do that and let us know.

[00:36:29] Right.

[00:36:39] : [00:36:39] Are you ready to take your content to the next level? The live streaming market is booming, but with so many options out there, it’s hard to know where to start. You’ve heard about doing live video and other video content on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, but you’re not sure how to make the most sense.

[00:36:55] Or how this is going to help you with your business. You’re not sure if creating a YouTube channel is going to help you get more customers or just the waste of your time. We will walk you through everything you need to succeed in live video with this four day immersive virtual bootcamp, we’ve got all bases covered from choosing the right platform for your time.

[00:37:16] Landing in event, recording epic video content and editing it in something awesome. 

[00:37:21] Scheduling posts on social media, promoting your videos and monetizing them effective. This course is designed for everyone from total beginners who are just getting started in live streaming to those who want to grow their visibility and increase business by creating more valuable content leaped into livestreaming virtual bootcamp.

[00:37:46] Jeff Sieh: [00:37:46] Okay. I got to tell you why I love that trailer so much, because I think there’s a lot of takeaways from that trailer is one. They have the organic stuff with Diana at the beginning. Like that’s great. But then it goes into a produced nice trailer. So props to Ecamm and doc.net to get everybody to put that together.

[00:38:05] That was awesome. We got a lot of people saying, yeah. Promo was amazing. Loved it. She’s too cute. I don’t know 

[00:38:12] Katie Fawkes: [00:38:12] her. Yeah. She’s so funny. She’s 

[00:38:14] Jeff Sieh: [00:38:14] just really, yeah. Leap into live.com to figure out, to find out more about that. Katie, do you have anything else you want to say about this amazing conference before we move on?

[00:38:24] No, I just 

[00:38:25] Katie Fawkes: [00:38:25] really want to stress the fact that this conference, unlike many others is really committed to being a learning environment where you can learn alongside our speakers and mentors and other businesses and individuals and entrepreneurs just like you. Gearing this entire event for you to come out of it with not just a ton of action items, but a network of people that can help you succeed.

[00:38:47]In the same way that the Ecamm community gets props all the time for being a great space for learning together and for a collaborative environment, this event is bringing that same feeling and same sense of community into an event space. 

[00:38:59] Jeff Sieh: [00:38:59] Awesome. Yeah, I can’t wait because I like to even go to it and I’m speaking, but so I’m excited.

[00:39:04] So Nancy is now my most favorite person. You win the award. You’re too cute. Thank you, Nancy. For that, I’ll send you your free subscription later. So let’s talk about these YouTube live streaming trader tray trailers, because I am very excited about this. So what happened is. Livestreaming trip. They, they’re here now.

YouTube Expanding Premiere Trailers to Live Streams

[00:39:24] So YouTube is expanding its premier trailers option two upcoming live streams, which will enable creators to add a short preview clip to the stream event page. They announced last year they talked about, we introduced trailers, which enable creators to add 15 seconds to a three-month. Clip to the upcoming or scheduled page of premiere.

[00:39:43] Now we’re, they’re excited to announce that trailers are now available for upcoming and scheduled live stream. So Luria, have you had a chance to try out these? This seems like it’s right up your alley. 

[00:39:55] Luria Petrucci: [00:39:55] Okay. So I have to admit something here. The all of the documentation for these trailers is wrong. And so when I found out about it, like a few weeks ago, I tried.

[00:40:11] And I hunted and I tried some more and I couldn’t find it anywhere. And I was like, I guess I just don’t have it yet. This morning I finally found it cause I was determined. I was like, I got to talk about this. So I got to find it. And I finally found it’s in the YouTube live creator. So like you’re back in, when you’re managing your live streams, then go to edit.

[00:40:34] Then you go to customization and it’s all the way down at the bottom. And now you add a trailer,

[00:40:43] Jeff Sieh: [00:40:43] Do you have to have a certain size or can everybody have access to this or have you heard anything? 

[00:40:53] Luria Petrucci: [00:40:53] My understanding is that is open to everybody. That might be like a thousand subscribers again, but I think it’s to everybody at this point. And so these are, it can be anywhere from, I don’t think you said this.

[00:41:08] What is it? Eight seconds to three minutes. Three minutes. Yeah. Yeah, so I definitely will be using it now that I’ve found out where it is. 

[00:41:17] Now, we all know 

[00:41:19] Katie Fawkes: [00:41:19] now we can all use that. 

[00:41:22] Luria Petrucci: [00:41:22] And so it’s a great way to just I’m thinking about the strategy, right? Because I use my countdown timer to engage my audience before I go live.

[00:41:31] And so instead of a countdown timer, you could use a trailer to engage them. So it depends on the content. I think I wouldn’t, I would not look at it. I know that this is going to happen. Everybody’s going to use trailers for their little intro videos. Probably don’t do that. I don’t think that’ll be very effective.

[00:41:51] So I would really think about your strategy for these, and I’ll be playing around with different strategies for them to fill you in. But it’s, I think. More on the engagement factor, like try to get engagement going with your stream, not just play a video. Does that make sense? Yeah. Yeah. 

[00:42:14] Katie Fawkes: [00:42:14] And I think on the engagement side my favorite new thing in addition to live streaming trailers is the polling feature, the live polling you can bring up in the chat.

[00:42:25] I feel like we’ve done it on literally every stream since I saw it pop up into our space. This has been a hit among your YouTube 

[00:42:32] audiences there. 

[00:42:34] Luria Petrucci: [00:42:34] Yes. So Kelly, who is in the chat room she is. She’s our everything, but community facing person. And she runs polls during our live streams. And half the time, I don’t even know she’s doing it.

[00:42:50]Because like sometimes she’ll play jokes on me and things like that. Getting the community going and engaged and just fun, little funny things. But then we also use it very strategically to gather information too. And so if there’s a topic that we are talking about, then we can ask, do you XYZ?

[00:43:11] And then using that poll, I don’t think everybody is trained as a viewer. To actually participate in them because I have noticed that numbers are definitely lower than we would expect given the numbers that we have in the chatroom and viewers. So there’s a bit of a training process that needs to happen still.

[00:43:30]But then another way we use them. For our member only streams on YouTube. And so we’ll go into member mode and own, and then we’ll have a little competition and do we do these monthly members, streams where like Kelly and I are competing against something. Last time we were just playing a game and they got to decide, the audience gets to decide.

[00:43:50] So these holes can really enhance that engagement. It’s so much. 

[00:43:55] Jeff Sieh: [00:43:55] Okay. That’s so I would ask a couple of questions on that. Because you talked about your, and if you’ve watched Lori, she does that, the dance, and she even tries to get other people to do dances. And luckily I was able to put in a jib jab.

[00:44:10] Luria Petrucci: [00:44:10] That was hilarious. It was 

[00:44:12] Katie Fawkes: [00:44:12] pretty great. 

[00:44:13] So what are some things that can be, how long is your countdown video? First? I wanted to ask that cool. 

[00:44:18] Luria Petrucci: [00:44:18] They usually did 10 minutes. 

[00:44:20] Jeff Sieh: [00:44:20] Okay. Do you dance the entire time? 10 minutes?

[00:44:22] Luria Petrucci: [00:44:22] i do

[00:44:23]Jeff Sieh: [00:44:23] Man. I pass out after two. So 

[00:44:26] I’m not just 

[00:44:27] Luria Petrucci: [00:44:27] like, like dancing up a storm.

[00:44:29] I’m just dancing for fun. 

[00:44:32] Jeff Sieh: [00:44:32] I’m trying to dance. I got the story. Yes. I’m trying to lift weights, but they’re so heavy. So what are some other things that you do. To do get interactive and fun. You mentioned polls is one thing I could see you’re gonna do something really cool with the trailers things.

[00:44:45] What are some other ways people, instead of just starting to show that they can engage their audience, because I think that is the huge, the biggest thing that people need to do 

[00:44:54] Luria Petrucci: [00:44:54] specifically with trailers or just in general 


[00:44:56] Jeff Sieh: [00:44:56] just in general with live video. 

[00:44:57] Luria Petrucci: [00:44:57] Okay. A few different comfetti. Hold on.

[00:45:08] get off my couch. You can, I, you can do fun little things like, oh, you’re not seeing them because of your overlays. So he’ll pop up here in just a second right here. There you go. So like fun, little overlays like that. Leon that’s lamb live adrenaline monster. I talk about him when it comes to the fear of live streaming and people love that stuff.

[00:45:29] Right. And so we have all kinds of different ways from a tech perspective to add overlays and things like that to your streams. And all of those things can really engage, but even without that, you could do. Second D a second camera. Like I have an Abbey cam and that’s a pet cam, right? So sometimes I’ll just lay that over my video and they’ll just watch Abby sleeping or occasionally moving that occasionally looking up at me while I’m talking about whatever it is I’m talking about.

[00:46:04] So there are lots of different ways to engage your audience. But also it comes down to conversation. It comes down to being uniquely you where you are integrating and weaving in right personal with business, personal, with value. Right? So I, you can do this without any tech. You can do this super simply.

[00:46:28] You literally use your life, your personal experiences, your pet peeves, your whatever, as examples, or as funny jokes within your content. And that actually engages the audience more. Have you ever noticed how how Twitter posts, like if you’re tweeting or Facebook posts or whatever, if you post a picture of your food?

[00:46:52] It gets way more attention than the Moda, your live show. Yeah. Yeah. I have two tends to be a thing and that’s frustrating to so many people, but in fact, it’s actually the key to your success and use that information that people. I have to keep saying this, people like that human connection and to understand you as a person.

[00:47:15] And so that’s how you can integrate and get engagement is taking that same thing that happens on social and putting it in into your live streams. 

[00:47:23]Jeff Sieh: [00:47:23] This is Carol says, it says just starting, where do you get overlays? Well, we’ve been talking about it all the time. Go to live streaming pros. They got it there, check it out, live streaming pros.com.

[00:47:33] Dang I  need that affiliate link. But anyway, so yeah, so one of, one of the things like we just did right there. That’s what’s so important is I know when you first start, you don’t have a lot of people watching and it’s hard to get comments on screen, but use plants, call your friends in and say, Hey, no plants like that.

[00:47:50] Like a fake plant, but like a plan of a person and have them come in and have them ask questions. Yeah. And that way you can start getting that interactivity, because that is what’s key is when people know that through your, you will answer their questions or they will stay for the entire year. And in the hopes that their question is answered.

Owen Video Benefit

[00:48:05] So I think that is key as well. So that is you guys have been amazing for today. I do want to ask you guys and I’m going to get serious here for a little bit. But I would ask you guys to do a favor for me. So one of my friends you may know Owen video, he’s been around all this stuff. They are doing a special benefit for him.

[00:48:25] If you do not know His cancer has come back with a vengeance and there’s going to be a special YouTube live stream, a charity live stream for Owen video this Saturday, August 7th at 6:30 AM. Pacific time, 9:30 AM. Eastern time. He was diagnosed with stage four cancer. And this is recurrence of this cancer.

[00:48:45] You beat five years ago, but it’s come back with a vengeance. So it’s on Darryl eaves channel, but you can go to, oh, this is GoFund me, but you can go to where it is. Just, oh, here it is. youtube.com Darrell eaves go find that, go to they’re giving away a ton of great stuff. There’s a lot of people who are supporting him, but I would, it would be.

[00:49:02] I think it would be a personal favor if you guys could go there and support my friend Owen. So I’d appreciate if you guys would do that for me and now I can’t get back. So

[00:49:19] let me get it off. Oh, there it is. Okay. There we go. So go there to youtube.com Terrell Eves. And also if you would if you want to support him a different way, you can go to the, his GoFund me it’s right there on the on, on, on Darrell’s posts. So go check that out. So with that appreciate you guys doing that.

[00:49:39] That would mean a lot to me, but Luria you’re amazing. Where can people find out more about you? We’ve been promoting your stuff all the time, so I’m like, holy cow, what’s the best place for people to find you. 

[00:49:51] Luria Petrucci: [00:49:51] Okay. Youtube.com/live streaming pros. Come hang out with us on our live streams.

[00:49:56] The best things that you can do is, we have courses and all of that, but you can learn a lot just by showing up to a live stream and pay attention to how I engage with the audience, what we’re doing and watch from a perspective of learning. So I highly encourage you to. Put that into your calendar Monday, Friday, 10:00 AM Pacific.

[00:50:17]We book into the week with ya and we’re answering your questions. We’re providing value tutorials, et cetera, et cetera. So come hang out with us and learn while having a ton of fun. And you can participate in those polls that Kelly put out and puts out and make fun of. I don’t know what happens to the polls. 

[00:50:37] Jeff Sieh: [00:50:37] If you, can’t very fun. And Luria is amazing. Like seriously, she taught me all this stuff. You see me switching and building the show and how to do stuff. I learned a ton of stuff from Luria, so I can’t recommend them enough and I can’t recommend Ecamm enough, but also, Katie, thank you so much for being here today in the cohost seat. 

[00:50:55] Tell us where we can find out more about you and this awesome conferences. 

[00:51:00] Katie Fawkes: [00:51:00] Yeah, absolutely. If you look up, you can ECA M you will find us on all the social channels and on YouTube, Luria actually does a show for us on Mondays. So come hang out with Luria and Ecamm on Mondays. And yeah, leap into live is coming up.

[00:51:15]The second week of September, we hope to see you all there. Free tickets. We have higher level paid tickets. If you want even more awesome content. We’d love to learn with you and get to know you better and help you overcome some of the challenges you’re facing. 

[00:51:27] Jeff Sieh: [00:51:27] Awesome. Thank you. 

[00:51:29] Luria Petrucci: [00:51:29] I’m hanging out with us and leap in live and on those ECAM streams.

[00:51:32] Cause they’re fantastic. Yeah,

[00:51:38] Katie Fawkes: [00:51:38] you guys always have, we always have so much fun and I learned a ton, like you said, just sitting there and watching and participating in the chat. It’s 

[00:51:44] Jeff Sieh: [00:51:44] fun. Unity is amazing. So thank you guys so much for hanging out with us today. Our next show is on Friday, August 13 . At 11:00 AM Eastern 10:00 AM central.

[00:51:54] You can find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and it was on live. Thank you, Luria. Thank you, Kate, Katie. Thank you. And we appreciate you guys in the comments. It’s been amazing. We’ll see you next time. All right, so the podcast is over. You guys are awesome. I’m so in the live. You guys thank you so much for your support of Owen.

[00:52:13] Somebody put in there. Oh yeah. So Tim says Tim says, oh, it’s so awesome. I’ll be there. And somebody else says they’re setting their alarm to be there on Saturday. So yeah, his nickname and Darrell, it’s going to be amazing. So Kelly goes, what happens to the pool? Stays in the post. So

[00:52:36] Luria Petrucci: [00:52:36] I’m gonna have to pull that up slightly.

[00:52:38]Jeff Sieh: [00:52:38] What are they doing? So guys, thank you so much in the comments. Thank you, Ruth. Thank you, Sabrina. As always for being here, Andy. It’s so good. See you. Everybody who has all the great comments we had today. I appreciate all of you guys. We will see you guys next time. Bye everybody. 


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