Clubhouse is the king of social audio, but can you name the 30+ other companies going after the crown? Ramon Ray talks about networking on Clubhouse and the explosive growth of social audio on this week’s Social Media News Live.


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[00:00:36] Jeff Sieh: [00:00:36] Awesome. Awesome. So today we are going to be joined live here today with my friend Ramon Ray, and we’re going to be talking all about networking on clubhouse and the explosive growth on social audio. But first, you know, we mentioned already one of our sponsors, we could not do this show. Without our sponsor and today’s sponsor is one of them is of Ecamm.

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[00:02:38] By going to social media is life org slash social media news, forward slash econ. All right, that’s all other way. If you don’t know who my Powell, Ramon Ray is, he is you really should. He is a global keynote speaker. He’s an event host best-selling author. In fact, if you’re watching over on Amazon live, look down there on the carousel, you can get his book and he’s an incredible entrepreneur.

[00:03:02]You, he is amazing. I can’t, he’s the founder of smart hustle. Dot com and he is in demand commentator on marketing technology, mindset, startups, and more. And we think he bought an iPad just to be on clubhouse, but we’ll, we’ll, we’ll make sure. So Ramon, welcome to the show today. My friend, thank you for being here.


[00:03:20] Raymon Ray: [00:03:20] Jeff and Grace, thanks for having me. It’s always good to be here. I’m excited to dive in and help out our community, our audience at social media news. Learn more. So thank you for having me. And I want to know, do I have permission? Can I talk about some of your sponsors in a good way real quick? I just wanna say that Gora is legit.

[00:03:35] I use AgoraPulse. I was just, I will just teach you my son about AgoraPulse?. What I like about it? A lot of things are great about it. What I like about it is the boat publishing. I’m probably using the wrong terms, but you know what I mean, publishing, especially for those of us who do events, you can put all. 579 tweets in their spreadsheet, CSV file and upload it and more.

[00:03:52] So I just wanted to give them a shout out, love Agorapulse,  Ecamm, clearly all the ballers are using it. I mean, I was like, Oh, this is what the big boys and girls are doing. You know, Ecamm is totally legit. And I believe that’s the name also. I hear everybody talking about that when they want to Up level.

[00:04:09] So I just wanted to echo that I’m not, you didn’t ask me to do this, but these are the tools that we all know like and trust. And, and I happen to use AgoraPulse and it is fabulous. So just want to give 

[00:04:17] Jeff Sieh: [00:04:17] him a shout out. So I want to do a shout out to some of our friends watching the audience peg Fitzpatrick says, I totally want that set up.

[00:04:23] So thank you. We’re gonna have to stick around to the end of the show. To, to enter to win that thing. And Bonnie was making fun of my commentator. She goes it can all be yours for the price is right. So, yeah. So, thank you guys for chiming in, but we’re going to be talking all about this social audio today, and we’re going to talk a lot about clubhouse, cause that’s the big thing, but grace kind of break us down on some of this, this opening news, and then we’ll, we’ll bring in Ramon to talk about his thoughts and teachings on this.

[00:04:49] Grace Duffy: [00:04:49] Hold up. I need to know Ramon, did you really. Really just buy an iPad for clubhouse. 

[00:04:55] Raymon Ray: [00:04:55] You had a grease. I mean, listen, the, the FOMO was, was getting to me. This is, I, I, not only did I buy the iPad, grace, but I paid what an extra $40, $50, something for this thing. And there it is. As you can see, that’s the only notification I have.

[00:05:08] There is no, I opened it up. This was live. That’s a clubhouse. Most people have iPads. Am I right? Jeff and grace, they have the whole, you can see all their other calendar. That’s it. That’s the only thing I use. So yeah, I mean, I kept seeing the FOMO, the FOMO fear of missing out invite invite, invite you to join you, to join you, to join Greece.

[00:05:25] I got tired of it. And I’m like, okay, let me buy $400 iPad or no 700, whatever it was and bought it. So yeah, I do. 

[00:05:35] Grace Duffy: [00:05:35] Well, if that’s not a testimonial for the power of clubhouse, I do not know what. Is, but okay. Before we get started, because I do want to talk about you know, we are going to talk about how to network and clubhouse and how different businesses are showing up in clubhouse.

[00:05:48] Because I think that’s the big question. We’re all social, we’re all social creatures, but we’re also business people. You, you know, smart hustle, you gotta, you gotta focus on the business, but I want to give kind of a lay of the land, like a foundational thing about this new. Hot startup space called social audio.

[00:06:06] And just ask anyone else begging for a clubhouse invite. I think I read somewhere where it was 8 million global users as of February, 2021. And it has grown since then, but they’re not the only one in the space. They’re the King right now, but they are not the only one. Several other companies vying for that crowd.

[00:06:26] So the first one, I think the most prominent one is probably Twitter spaces. We covered that with making a few weeks ago. Well, they have recently expanded spaces to more beta users on Android. So they are competing for that space that. Clubhouse isn’t in yet, which is Android users. And I know that clubhouse says that the, their Android app is, is a few months out still.

[00:06:50] So Twitter is not sleeping on that. Gap, right. LinkedIn. We found out this week, it was confirmed by tech crunch that they’re also working on a social audio space, but their focus is going to be less social and more professional. Like how are you showing up professionally? Which I know is completely in your wheelhouse there.

[00:07:08] Ramon Facebook is developing its own audio spaces, audio room. They have, they already have messenger rooms, which has video and audio. So I don’t think it’s that big of a leap, but that is something that they are developing individually as a separate product. And then this past week, we also heard that Spotify is launching its own clubhouse competitor.

[00:07:25] Of course, we all know Spotify has made huge, huge. Huge investments into that prerecorded podcast content space. And now the company is looking to host live audio conversations, and then a report by Jeremiah Oh yang from out who was a web strategist tech innovator. You know, out there in Silicon Valley, he identified 33 different social audio startups.

[00:07:53] One of which Mark Cuban is funding called fireside chat. There’s sonar, chalk discord discord, by the way, my kids use for social audio instead of actually calling people with their phones, right. Seventh Avenue is launching one to give black Americans an audio space to connect and share that’s all their own.

[00:08:11] And then saga is Kind of tapping into the whole ancestry, you know? I can’t even think of the other name. It’s like the whole like family memories, DNA, you know? So that’s a place where you’re preserving family memories with audio. So tell me, why has social audio. Flown up because it seems like, you know, back in November, we’re like clubhouse a lot ever.

[00:08:35] There’s a lot of naysayers and now we’ve got 33 different companies funded by some big, heavy hitters hitting the market. What is the draw here, 

[00:08:44] Raymon Ray: [00:08:44] Ramon? Yeah, I’ll tell you what the draws. And before that I’ll make a prediction. If I may, may I make a prediction, a grade so you can come back. And so here it goes.

[00:08:51] Here’s what going by the way news is, is that I heard recently also that all Toyota Camrys are coming with toasters so that you can toast and butter your toast in the Toyota Camry. As well. And what I’m trying to say is that adding a voice to LinkedIn and all these things who knows other future, but I like to put my foot in my mouth.

[00:09:07] I just don’t think it’s going to work. These are discrete tools, which is why Facebook bought right. Bought Instagram for the best visual experience. So I believe that from what I’ve seen on clubhouse grace, but the answer that question is it that I think the, the audio it’s nice that you don’t have to get dressed.

[00:09:22] You don’t have to wear something special. Literally grace, I’m still getting used to clubhouse and I’m thinking, what should I wear? I’m like, Oh, it’s clubhouse. So I think that it’s democratized for many people, right? Our ladies like to glam and look all beautiful and pretty right. They already are, but you know, they want to glam themselves.

[00:09:37] So all that whole aspect, my wife included, right. I show, I get ready to show a video in front of her. So. Clubhouse gives arguably half the population, a different voice, different chance. It’s easy to use. And it’s, I think it’s more intimate being able to hear Mark Zuckerberg right in the mic. I heard Justin Bieber right in the mic.

[00:09:56] So it just, the, the drama scales down. So let me be brief. I think I’m answering the question, but as Jeff knows, I can go off on a tangent like squirrel. So grace, you may have to clap and say Ramon, Ramon come back. But I think that’s why audio experience no minimal prep. More intimate. You can be you, you can be real.

[00:10:12] And, and the challenge, of course, the grace is, is that, and Jeff is that it’s, it’s synchronous it’s real time. So I think that’s the challenge, but I love clubhouse and I think audio I’m loving 

[00:10:21] Jeff Sieh: [00:10:21] it. Very cool. Yeah. So we have some people who are chimed in and our, my friend Mia, Voss says I have an iPad.

[00:10:28] That’s just used for clubhouse too. Right. So you’re not alone. You’re not alone. My friend, Deb Mitchell says, love clubhouse. I know she’s on it. And she has like a one she does every week, which is for social media managers. It’s really cool. If you are interested in that, make sure you check out Deb’s room.

[00:10:42] It’s very, very cool. And she works for a Gore post as well. And yeah, so, and Jim Jonas, our friend, Jim says, grace, . Who could you get a better crew? That’s right. Well, maybe Mark Zuckerberg has, as, you know, if you could 

[00:10:53] Grace Duffy: [00:10:53] try an iPad to our Amazon live listener. Oh, 

[00:10:59] Jeff Sieh: [00:10:59] I have it already. Don’t you worry if you, you can go down there and below click on it.

[00:11:04]But Ramon, one of the things I wanted to know what your thoughts are, do you think it’s something you mentioned, like you’re not having to, you know, get camera ready, that kind of thing. But do you think there’s something about being quarantined? And like socially distant that hit just at the right time that kind of gave this, this new category of social audio, a boost, and now things that are opening up, do you think that will be here to stay?

[00:11:26] Because grace mentioned the, this technologist that she had pulled some of that facts from, and he thinks that when we open up, it’s going to like drop down maybe 30%, but then kind of steady then kind of go up gradually. Do you worry about like any of that kind of stuff? Like it’s gonna, it was what we needed at the time.

[00:11:43] And then after that it’s gonna go away. 

[00:11:45] Raymon Ray: [00:11:45] Yeah, no, it’s a great point. I think that once people, you know, I think that there will be some segmentation there and I think, yes, it was the right tool for the right time. People are lonely people, you know, as it were. So it was a cool new tool. People are inside doing nothing much except what making babies and I don’t know, going on zoom calls.

[00:11:58]But beyond that Yeah. Yeah. And I guess I kind of hold your show. Yeah. But beyond that, Jeff I think, yes, I think there probably is going to be some drop because you have those who are working full-time jobs and we’re all busy, but I think one staff that’s going to stay Jeff, is that the audience that’s late in the evening, late at night, I’ve had rooms going to 12, going to one, going to 11, you know, starting at eight, 9:00 PM.

[00:12:22] I think that’s going to be here to stay possibly. And it depends on who it is. But you imagine the audiences I’m seeing Jeff are, you have, what’s called the ballers. You know, they get big rooms. I don’t know. We keep saying Zuckerberg, but there’s more people than Zuckerberg. You know, whether it’s a Bieber or others, those going to draw big audiences.

[00:12:37] And I think they’re finding comfort, low drama, but then to think about all the consultants who built up fan bases, Hey, for example, my name is grace and I’m a mindset coach. All my people can join me three hours to talk to me. I think Jeff, I had the bed that’s going to stick around because it’s just easy.

[00:12:53] Jeff Sieh: [00:12:53] Mm. Interesting. So one of the, so, you know, social audience thrives on two things, and you mentioned a little bit before, is that fear of missing out, but also overwhelmed at the moment. You know, this live video, especially palace is very exclusive. Even Twitter spaces, this beta, not everybody has it yet. Access a lot of times it’s invite only, you gotta be invited to speak on stage conversations range from like, like you said, major talks by.

[00:13:19] Huge people like Mark Zuckerberg to, you know, chat with just people who like like Deb Mitchell’s group is amazing really niche group, but she does such a great job of getting those people involved. And it’s all for social media managers and it’s, it’s, it’s that small group kind of feeling to it.

[00:13:35] So there’s so much content right now. There’s no possible way to consume it all yet when you’re not online, when these conversations happens, you miss it. So do you have any tips for navigating those two things when it comes to social social audio, particularly clubhouse, because that’s what you’ve been on a lot.

[00:13:52] Raymon Ray: [00:13:52] Sure. Yeah. Here’s a few things. One don’t have your iPad next to you and you’re hearing the dings go off incessantly and you want to keep no, no, you’re not going to get me not going to get me. So be careful with that. I think went to the rooms or the clubs that you follow are really good. So when I first started, you know, I followed everything, followed every one.

[00:14:09] That was a trap because you can’t just keep up with it. So I’ve now curated. What are some of the rules that I follow some of my favorite rooms, for example, the likable business room, Dave Kerpen like media, you may know the name other rooms, you know, the hustler’s club or startup club curating. What’s important to me.

[00:14:23] And then three is the people I’m just not, not in a bad way to those out here who were in that, but I’m not kind of your mindset person. Let’s close our eyes and breathe deep. That’s just not me. So all those people. I’ve unfollowed because other were sending, Hey ding, ding, ding, Ramon. It’s time for 75 hours of reflection.

[00:14:37] Well, I don’t want to reflect right now. So I think who you’re following, who you’re not following what rooms you’re following rooms, you’re not falling. And then what I’m seeing happening, Jeff and grace is that the clubs are building programming. So going back to the likable business room or the startup room 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM, this 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM this and et cetera, which of course is driving attention away from what we’re doing here.

[00:14:59] So there’s competition for all of us for time. But I think if that’s helpful, that’s how I’m finding it, that, you know, what. On Mondays from nine to 11 is the baby shark room. We get hundreds of people in there. Damon, John’s been by the room grant Cardone. That’s the rule I’m investing my time in Mondays 9:00 PM, Eastern daylight time, a baby shark room, for example.

[00:15:19] And I just can’t do everything else. Cause I gotta run a business and I got to talk to Jeff and grace. Right? Gotcha. 

[00:15:25] Grace Duffy: [00:15:25] Deb Mitchell here commented. Jason Groff. And I do a community builders power hour on Friday morning step. Thank you for joining us here today. And for having this community builder power hour.

[00:15:36] And I like that, she says it’s an hour. There’s an expectation set there. That’s 

[00:15:39] Raymon Ray: [00:15:39] a good point. 

[00:15:41] Grace Duffy: [00:15:41] Yeah. Cause we might hear you saying like, Oh yeah, two, four, three in the morning. I’m just like, okay, I’m out. 

[00:15:49] Raymon Ray: [00:15:49] Exactly. And you can hear the voices, grace. It’s like, let’s say it was grace. She starting out at the, at the top of the hour, everybody welcomed by the fourth hour, Jeff grace is like, hi everyone.

[00:15:59] I do. 

[00:16:00] Grace Duffy: [00:16:00] I think, I think there’s a correlation between not caring how you look or maybe not having to be as specific and being up at four in the morning. I’m sorry, I couldn’t do this at four in the morning. I mean, I could. It would we’d have to name it something else. Jeff. Sorry, let’s 

[00:16:14] Jeff Sieh: [00:16:14] talk about, I want to say, I just wanna bring up, I think Mike Jackson said he had to, he’d kind of what did, what Ramon did.

[00:16:18] He had a certain time where he turned off notifications to say sane. Cause that’s true. Staying sane is important in any business. So yeah, I just wanted to bring that up, but go ahead. 

[00:16:27] Raymon Ray: [00:16:27] Let me just slide in one thing, Jeff, as well, to that point about seeing seen. That goes back to the notifications and curating it is that when you have too many, you’ll be pinged a lot.

[00:16:34] I was being pinged on everything. So I’ve got smarter. Okay. I can’t hear from everybody. Let me just curate and follow. And what is it? The one instant notification always on always notified rather, or sometimes notify all that. Go ahead, grace. 

[00:16:47] Grace Duffy: [00:16:47] Oh, no. I was just going to go into our next topic, which is how businesses we kind of already were walking that way.

[00:16:53] How businesses are using social audio? So same web strategist Jeremiah Wang. His company is culito insights and he compiled this infographic of 20 potential business ideas, things that are either happening there already or could be happening or should be happening 20 use cases. And I’ll just go over them real quick.

[00:17:13] So advocacy, you’ve got your brand and. Passenger ship, life reviews listening, social you know, the same thing we do with, with like social listening, you know, we, we use a Gore Paul’s for that. Right? And now you can do it with, with clubhouse influencer strategy, entertaining and engaging. We already talked about some of the entertaining things on there, right?

[00:17:32] Product innovation, employee connections, customer care, sales and marketing. So, Oh, and I found this article. It was so random, but pedigree youth clubhouse to get 20 dogs adopted. Right. And you have to think about that. It’s an audio only, and they got these 20 dogs adopted and it was through pedigree.

[00:17:52] Right. So I want to ask you, what are some of the ways businesses are showing up on social audio, particularly on clubhouse and what are people doing and doing really well? 

[00:18:03] Raymon Ray: [00:18:03] Sure. And how they got the dogs adopted by the way, grace, I think it was like this who wants to buy this dog and wants to buy this dog who wants to buy this dog?

[00:18:14] So I’m just telling you grease out in case you didn’t know. Cause I know all these things, you know, 

[00:18:17] Jeff Sieh: [00:18:17] I’m just teasing. Those are so going to be clips for social media right there. Those are so. 

[00:18:23] Grace Duffy: [00:18:23] Was that an impression of us as dogs.

[00:18:25]Raymon Ray: [00:18:25] But to answer the question that you asked that went out of my mind how businesses are using it. Yes. How users 

[00:18:31] Grace Duffy: [00:18:31] using it. We got so distracted by the dogs. Like always 

[00:18:34] Raymon Ray: [00:18:34] right. Your grades. So a few things that I’m seeing and I’ll talk about, especially my world of influencer marketing, we’ll call it that.

[00:18:39] I think one there’s the brands I work with. And by the way, just yesterday, or you may not have seen the announcement, but I was named as Oracle NetSuite’s entrepreneur in residence. So that doesn’t compete with any of your sponsors. But my point being there. I was at a big sponsorship deal for me.

[00:18:54] They’re thinking about other big brands. How can we use clubhouse? So that’s one. Do we sponsor a club? Do we sponsor room? Do we host our own event on clubhouse brands are really right now on the cusp of making more and more deals up to do that to one, I think too, for the smaller businesses, grace and Jeff there’s big opportunities.

[00:19:10] And that’s one big thing I’m seeing for that small local consultant. She’s a web developer. With, for example, she can get her group of people and 80% service, 90% service. Hey, by the way, if I can help you DM me for this free guide and you guys are marketers and et cetera, et cetera. So I think that’s two, I think three for the larger company.

[00:19:30] I think what I’m seeing is they have to realize, and for the consumer branded companies, I think they’re getting into this like pedigree, but I think that for those that are business to business, they have to realize as of today, clubhouse is not for. The brand, the company, your executive has to be personally synchronously invested into using clubhouse.

[00:19:51] So I’ve seen brands get on there and their profiles not filled out. That doesn’t work. You got to fill out your whole profile. It’s not, I’m representing big company X. You have to be there like you all doing today. Grace here with restream et cetera. So I hope that helps a bit, but I think there’s some different models, grace.

[00:20:05] And I think that as we shake it out, I must say. It’s going to be what we’re seeing here like this, what we’re seeing here on Facebook and other platforms, big brand who says, Hey, Jeff, grace, I’ll sponsor. You pay you X thousand a year to put together our clubhouse room have social media news, right on clubhouse room.

[00:20:20] So I think those are how we’re going to see it on the big level. But then I think for the smaller companies, there’s a lot of room for us to, as Seth Godin, right? One of my favorite people says, build your tribe, build a tribe. 

[00:20:31] Jeff Sieh: [00:20:31] Awesome. So I want to dive into that a little bit especially cause I understand the big brands, cause they usually have the bandwidth, they could put somebody on it, like, okay, you’re going to be in charge of our clubhouse strategy.

[00:20:40] So let’s talk about small businesses for a little bit. So how can somebody who is a small business or either. I think a solopreneur might even, it might be easier for them because they’re in charge of their own stuff. They can go do this, but I’m talking about like small businesses, maybe some small brick and mortar, mom and pop shows.

[00:20:56]Should, should they be on clubhouse or is that, I mean, I see it for networking, but what are your thoughts on that? Like for a small business, what advice would you give 

[00:21:04] Raymon Ray: [00:21:04] them? Yeah. Unfortunately, Jeff, until you and I and grace invent a time machine, there’s only so much time we have in the day, but not withstanding that there’s so many competing interests, right.

[00:21:12] We’re experiencing it now, you know, I’m sure Jeff and grace were thinking, should we have this show in clubhouse? And my point being, putting the, the distraction question aside. But yes, I think small businesses should, and here’s our, at least they should consider it. And here’s what I’m saying is I’ve been on many smaller rooms, Jeff and grace, with 10 people, 20 people, five people.

[00:21:32] And that’s okay. You know, not every room can get hundreds, but you have that smart consultant. I was on a room. I forget her name. I sound dry. I believe her name. She’s a mindset coach. Usually I don’t like this stuff, but Hey, everybody, welcome to the clubhouse. And here we’re talking about how freelancers can grow their business and get in the right mindset to get to the next level.

[00:21:51] There’s three. I was like eating it up, her voice, what she was saying. We connected. I probably buy something from her. I’ll probably buy $500 of coaching. So is that helpful, Jeff? Kind of what I’m saying. If you build your tribe, you’re consistent every day at seven. Every week at two same stuff, we do another platforms.

[00:22:09] Right. But clubhouses is another one. And I think that there’s some people who are attracted to that audio only hand raise, let me talk. I want to follow this person’s insight. And then you get your buds along. I’m on my room, right? Doing my. Fitness training. Oh, no fitness words. I’m clubhouse. Let me get my buddies, grace and Jeff to join me because they have followers.

[00:22:27] Right. We support each other and you gave me just like we all game all these platforms. That’s what I’m. 

[00:22:32] Jeff Sieh: [00:22:32] Gotcha. I want to bring up some comments real quick. When Bree says this guy is a riot, I’m assuming he’s talking about Ray. Cause yes. With your dog voices. But Janelle’s is this she, and this is right on spot on topic we were talking about.

[00:22:44] She goes, I love using clubhouse for sharing sewing and quilting tips, instruction, and promoting our online courses and websites. Thank you for that. A general that’s really, really helpful. And so here’s the, the question that I think. Is one of the negatives on clubhouse. And we’ll probably talk about this a little bit later, but Michael asks, you may have already covered this.

[00:23:04] I came in late, but how do I get an invitation to clubhouse? So that’s one of their big, I think things, I mean, they’re selling them on eBay. So how do you, how do you handle, like, if we would say like, Hey, we’re going to continue this conversation with after the show for an hour in clubhouse, we lose half our audience right now.

[00:23:20] Yeah. You know, and it’s invite only. So that’s, that’s what I 

[00:23:23] Raymon Ray: [00:23:23] really struggle with. It is, but again, I think Michael said, and I think it’s interesting point. That’s not their problem, Jeff. I don’t think they care if that makes sense, meaning I’m not in the VC world, but I’m just thinking of FOMO. It’s growing bit by bit.

[00:23:37] And I’ve been on the sessions with the founders of clubhouse. I forgot the name off hand Josh or something. I forgot his name, the two founders. But the point is, is that it’s slow and steady growth. I heard him out of his own mouth say, listen, we don’t have the capacity right now to develop a Google app.

[00:23:50] We just don’t Twitter, LinkedIn and others do so I think to the point of Michael’s point, how do I get an invite Twitter? Yup. I’m on the phone with Jeff and grace his phone don’t open up like that. That wasn’t a word. Come in. Sorry about that. You’re still filling the invite issue. There’s a question, but I think it’s not a major problem they have to consider right now because their model is slow and steady growth to make sure we’re not crashing the app.

[00:24:13] And right now that remember they’re a startup, they don’t have unlimited funds. So I’ve been on sessions where apps is craft. There’s one lady near the name. I forgot her name, but assuming, let’s say I forgot her name. One of the, like people who are on the early, she has three point something million followers.

[00:24:25]When she’s on there, sometimes it crashes. So there th the clubhouse people, as I understand it, Are still going through their own growth stage and they have a lot of runway. I think they have some time. 

[00:24:35] Jeff Sieh: [00:24:35] Great question for you. Ramon from King James and cause he’s a new user. He says as I’m a new user to clubhouse, I don’t know where to start.

[00:24:43] How can I use my clubhouse to promote my YouTube weekly live stream? 

[00:24:47] Raymon Ray: [00:24:47] That’s a great question. Sure. Here’s a few questions I would ask. And if you don’t mind, leave his face up there so I can pretend I’m talking to the camera. Thank you, King James for talking. I appreciate it. So here’s what I would say.

[00:24:55] And there’s a few things, but I’d love to know what you think grace and Jeff do. Let’s help them together real time here. So I think that a don’t use clubhouse to promote your YouTube weekly live stream. Don’t use it for that. What’s the secondary goal. Bringing together, people who love cars. I don’t, you know, you want to chat more?

[00:25:12] You can you feel what I mean, where I’m going with this? So not use it to directly. I need to sell my house. No. Just use it to chat with high-end people who are fluent people in Texas who earn over 10 million a year and are looking to buy their third home. Just have a chat about that. If you’re providing 80% value to those people, now you’ve earned the right.

[00:25:34] They will come to you. So that’s how I would say Jeff and grace, if that makes sense. What I’m trying to say, not as a direct by my pin, by my pin. No, every night let’s get some tea and talk about calligraphy. I happen to like this pen, if you wish to look at it, but it’s just calligraphy helpful. Yes. And, 

[00:25:51] Jeff Sieh: [00:25:51] and what I would also use is as a way to communicate with your cause he’s using it for his weekly live stream audience, I would say at the end of your live stream and say, Hey, if you’d like to talk to me about what we just discussed.

[00:26:01] Yeah. I want to be on. On clubhouse for 30 minutes, make it a time that you say, you know, you don’t have to spend all day with me, but it’s going to be this amount of time from this. And we will continue this conversation. I’d love to know your questions. One, you’re going to build audience and cross promote it from there.

[00:26:15] And two you’re, you’re going to make it just, you know, you’ll use your helping your audience and they’ll love you for that. And they’ll tell their people and they’ll come watch both and all sorts of things. So that’s what I would do. Grace, what are your thoughts? Yeah. 

[00:26:26] Grace Duffy: [00:26:26] I was going to say, you could run a pre-show you know, a pre-show before and just like a little teaser and just say, Hey, if you want to hear more about this, join us over here or continue talking about it.

[00:26:36] And I think it’s just about building that relationship with people and people aren’t going to follow you because they’re going, like, where, where do I find out more about King James? Like where do I find, you know, like he was so smart. He was so funny. He was so brilliant. I loved his dog. Sounds like I got, I got to know where to find this guy.

[00:26:51] Right. 

[00:26:53] Jeff Sieh: [00:26:53] That’s great. Thank you, King James for that. That’s a great, 

[00:26:55] Raymon Ray: [00:26:55] that’s a great. If you email me, by the way, King James, I will send you a special, very small under $12 value gift If you didn’t capture that somebody else email me first, but email me and let me know your King James, and I’ll send you a little special gift.

[00:27:08] Jeff Sieh: [00:27:08] So Marie says this and he goes, I’ve learned to use clubhouse to have powerful conversations, to increase my networks. Oftentimes people follow me to other platforms where I can then gain benefits. That is, I think, in a nutshell, Maurice, thank you for that because I think that’s where the value. Have any of these social apps.

[00:27:26] So to be honest, I don’t know if clubhouse is going to be around, but I built my business on Google plus it’s not around anymore. And I’ve, it doesn’t matter if you’re connecting and building relationships and growing. And like Maria says there, follow you on other platforms. I think as long as you’re making those connections, that’s where the power is on these social apps.

[00:27:46] So I digressed, but grace, you had a question, I’m sorry. 

[00:27:49] Grace Duffy: [00:27:49] Oh, I was just gonna my next question for Ramon here is how can, how can influencers or brands? I mean, I know we weren’t talking about PR, but individuals that have businesses, right? Let’s just say that how can they truly understand and perhaps measure their impact on the social audio space?

[00:28:06] I mean, I know you can see, you know, how many people in your room, how many people are logging in. Maybe you have a link that, you know, you can. Track them to the next, the second location you’re trying to get them to, or like keep them there. Right. So we had an interesting comment here at scroll by, but you know, she said that her, her business grew because of clubhouse.

[00:28:23] And I wonder how other businesses can measure that and say, my business grew because of clubhouse. Yeah, 

[00:28:30] Raymon Ray: [00:28:30] I think thank you bunny so much. I think, well, congratulations, January was the biggest month of my entire business because of what I’ve been doing on clubhouse. Awesome, Bonnie. So here’s what I would say.

[00:28:37] I think that was one measure for us tactically and analytics. There are some third-party apps. I forgot the name, but that you can then have, that are tapping into, I guess, clubhouses, API or whatever it is. And providing some Google like analytics. That’s just a. Not to what you’re asking, but a side note, but I think really the biggest measure today is especially for the smallest business, the small consultant, how many people are DM-ing you.

[00:28:56] And if you want to do some stuff that I’m sure grace and Jeff, you guys have talked about like the auto box and all that, not auto box, but that’s transformers, but, you know, box on Instagram. But my man that there you go, we’ll watch a movie together with our families Ramon come back. Okay. So, is that yes.

[00:29:11] How many people are DM-ing you on Instagram or other platforms? That’s probably the biggest measure. Grace, you know, you’re the consultant in it. You’ll, you’re selling, going back to real estate after your chat, you know, after 30 days you’ve done four chats once a week for three hours and you got 20 people, DM-ing you?

[00:29:25] Hey, I heard that. You said tonight, I’d love your help. I heard it. You said tonight, could you send me your free report? That’s that’s the measure right there, especially for our smaller companies. And then how many people are following you. You know, if you’re producing good content, people click that bunch button, as they say, punch in my face and follow me.

[00:29:40] So that’s another measure, but I think right now until clubhouse evolve other tools as they will, grace, I think they said direct messaging is coming up soon, but for now, people are going to go to Instagram, Instagram, they’re going to DMU and you’re getting a client. My guess is that’s what the other person who was on there, what she’s doing, providing great value.

[00:29:56] People are going to find you. 

[00:29:58] Grace Duffy: [00:29:58] Awesome. So my next question is how can brands use social audio such as clubhouse as a listening tools to connect with their customer needs? So, for instance, at, at restream we have 24 seven live human beings. Like a live human being is responding to you, but we have things like chat.

[00:30:15] We have social media without there. Being a way to recruit. I mean, I know there’s a way to record, but not a clean, honest way to record things. And there isn’t like a document, something written that you can parse, like you can in social media or a chat feature or the chat bot or the auto bot or the transformers are using, you know, how can you use this social audio technology for customer care?

[00:30:39] Raymon Ray: [00:30:39] Yeah, I think it’s great. Great question. I think that I’ll answer it two ways. I heard two slightly different maybe angles of the question, but I think one way is I think that having a consistent regular room, like you all are doing is not a room, but the similar principle that restream is doing, having a consistent regular room.

[00:30:52] And actually, I think it’s Rohan, the founder of clubhouse there on there was every week for X number of hours. You can’t help, but get feedback. Imagine I’m ahead of you again, this red cup company, right? I’m on the head of that company every week. I’m there. I get complaints. I get questions. You can’t reach everybody.

[00:31:08] But in that, in that forum alone, you’re going to get response and your customers are going to see so, grace, I think it’s as simple as that, just showing up. Every Saturday morning, from 10 to 12, we’re going to be here. Jim McCann. I was on something with him at one of the likable rooms. Jimmy can have 1-800-FLOWERS, the chairman and co-founder he was saying how they bought Wolf Herman’s bakery that make some of the baskets and stuff like this.

[00:31:31] They have a show they’re going to be doing every Saturday to talk about food or something like that. My point being. That’s I think the best way that brands can listen to their customer needs by showing up on a regular basis and knowing we’re here now for support, that can be a similar way grace, but instead of saying we’re listening and getting your feedback.

[00:31:48] Here’s a room we’re doing on clubhouse. Audio, only ask a question. It may be a little harder, especially for tech companies, you know, because you may want to do show things, but part of support groups, I think you’ll agree is listening. That’s part of they, they want under the Oh grace from social media, new she’s live.

[00:32:03] I can actually talk to her and she can talk to me that sometimes reduces some of the threat and some of the, the anchored right there. 

[00:32:11] Jeff Sieh: [00:32:11] So, you know, who does a great job of listening to their customers? Well, it is Ecamm, by the way, you can find out more about them. They sponsored the show at

[00:32:22] By the way, they are doing this incredible giveaway. Now I’m going to teach it again. You can win this fully loaded studio, which has got all this stuff. Do you make an awesome live stream? It’s got a Mac. It’s got a display, two key lights, stream deck, all this stuff. Yeah. I I’m going to give you guys the link at the end of the show to enter, to win this and a secret word.

[00:32:40] That’ll give you 10 extra entries. So you want to stick around to the end. I know. I know you want to do it now, but I’m going to make you wait, but it’s very, very cool. So, and the other cool thing about e-com is they integrate really, really well. And this is how we’re going live everywhere. Even Amazon live by using restream and you can find out more about that at social media news, forward slash restream.

[00:33:02] So make sure you guys go check them out. So. We’re now coming to the main thing that I, when I, when we had this topic that grace and I picked I knew I had to get Ramon on because he is like a networking genius and I look up to him very, very much. So one of the things, you know, Network on social audio, Ramon.

[00:33:20] And like I said, you’re at a networking pro, so I really value your advice, but how do you bring yourself forward in clubhouse? Or this can apply to any of the, whatever one wins or if it Twitter spaces as popular, whatever it is, but how can you bring yourself forward in a way that is not spammy because we’ve all heard those on.

[00:33:38] Clubhouse before we were like, Ugh, this guy needs to stop talking. But how do you network on social audio regardless of that platform? So what’s, what are some of your networking 

[00:33:45] Raymon Ray: [00:33:45] tips? Some things that I found, and again, I’m the way I am, but I think two or three things that I found is a very important one, provide intense.

[00:33:53] Value, the person who’s dropping nuggets of value is the one that people will listen to most that’s one to clarity of voice. So it’s kind of the integration I’ve been on some, you can just feel the person saying whether it’s an audio issue with their voice. So for those who have a speech impediment or something, Listen got that.

[00:34:16] But as clear as you can, my name is Ramon Ray. I’m on social media news live, you know, you know your name already. We’ll be careful. That’s one, two is clarity. And I think three, try not to talk too much. Some people like Jeff asked me what I eat for breakfast and he just asked me, Jeff, 

[00:34:31] Jeff Sieh: [00:34:31] what’d you ask for?

[00:34:31] What’d you have for breakfast today, Ramon? Well, 

[00:34:33] Raymon Ray: [00:34:33] you know Jeff, when I was growing up, it was in Minnesota. No, I think it was in may. No, you know, cut it. Could have been New York. It was, it was interesting how we were going all over and my dad had a Ford. Now I could go on with this. You have a, my point is some people just go on Jeff and it’s like three, four, five minutes from Columbus, a long time.

[00:34:53] So those three things is what I’d say. Be succinct, be very clear. Drop intense value and slide in gently. Hey, if I can be of service, so you feel free to follow me on hygiene, something like that. As simple as Oh, in your bio, Jeff, fill out that bio, make it enticing, make it delicious and have a way for people to contact you.

[00:35:13] You do those five things and you show up consistently you will grow your platform. You’ll get clients guaranteed. 

[00:35:19] Jeff Sieh: [00:35:19] That’s awesome. So I wanted to ask this question because like, I go to clubhouse and I check out some stuff and there’s like the millionaire’s breakfast room and I’m like, I want to have like the guy trying to get two kids from college, you know, and kind of middle-aged and like that kind of, you know, off-brand cereal room.

[00:35:36] That’s what I want. So what is the, what should you do? What are some steps, if you want to create your own room? I mean, it’s kind of, you tip your toe in. On clubhouse and you go listen to other people, but what if you want to take that next step as a business and like do your own room. What are some advice that you would give, like even titling?

[00:35:53] I mean, how do you entice people to your room? How do you promote it? Those kinds of things. 

[00:35:57] Raymon Ray: [00:35:57] Sure. It is very hard to do that on clubhouse, in my opinion, I think to start your room new, because this is what we’re doing here, Jeff and grace already have a following already are known, blah, blah, blah. So the platform is really irrelevant because people already know you and you have an email list or other platforms.

[00:36:11] So I think to do it from scratch. It’s tough. Jeff, that’s one, it’s doable, but that’s just kind of the personal branding community building one Oh one, which I can get into that’s one too, though, is also the aspect of, I think that if you’re starting from scratch, join an existing club, there’s a number of existing clubs already out there that if you game a fight in that game, visor on word, get to know the people, get to know the club moderators, get friendly with other people, ride their coattails, which is kind of the principle, right?

[00:36:36] We all do. Social media one-on-one or grace as a baller. She has a lot of followers. I’m just starting out. Let me add value to grace. Let me clean her car. Let me take her dog for a walk. Let me carry her groceries. Oh, okay. Why don’t you join me on my clubhouse, her, and then I’m saying it teasing, but I think you understand what I’m trying to say.

[00:36:56] You’re networking with other people. So you may have to interpret my English, Jeffery your people. Like what is he saying? But that’s true. So join other join meeting rooms. And connect directly with people, add value to them. So I think if you’re starting out and you want to go fast, that’s really the way to do it.

[00:37:09] And I must say I’m doing that myself in some rooms, there’s rooms on personal branding and other things like this. Oh, they’re doing it already. So I have a choice, Jeff. I already have, as you know, my own property rights, tomorrow’s dot com. I’m already building the brand clubhouse. I’m deciding, should I start new?

[00:37:22] And I think for me, Ramon, Ray, who’s been doing this for a while. I’m probably not going to start doing new. Like I mentioned, the baby shark room. That’s where I’m putting my time at Monday’s evenings. I’m there. Why, why should I do my own pitch contest when somebody is already doing it, let me add value to them.

[00:37:37] So I hope that was helpful or made a little bit of sense, 

[00:37:39] Jeff Sieh: [00:37:39] Jeff, I think so. And I think that like, for you, it makes sense for like, if you were on a show like this, like at the end of it going, Hey, I’m going to be on clubhouse that way that you can start your own room easily. Cause it’s more of a yeah.

[00:37:49] Continuation. And you’re not trying to do a, like a weekly thing, but that might make sense as well. So Deb has a great comment for it. Cause she’s been doing it for a while. She goes test, test, test your room titles, which is a great point. Yeah. Very good depth 

[00:38:03] Raymon Ray: [00:38:03] right there. Test, test, test, test, test room. I like that.

[00:38:08] Grace Duffy: [00:38:08] Well, I’m really glad you clarified what the baby shark room was that it’s like shark tank, maybe shark. Cause I thought it was like the song baby shark. I was just like, you have some very interesting interests, but tie that back into your business. How was that part of the hustle 

[00:38:25] Raymon Ray: [00:38:25] you play the room? I must say to that point.

[00:38:27] Great. They gave him a five pretty well. If I can take 10 seconds, I’ll just say, must say on club off, they have music. They have a moderator hammy buddy. So where did they start? Room doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo. When you hear the ding, give your pitch, you have 75 seconds. That’s 75 seconds. We’re going to hear bubbles.

[00:38:41] You’re going to stop. So it’s there. It’s a show. That they’re doing pretty good. You know, it’s the audio version of using the tools we use in video. So that’s really cool. Yeah. 

[00:38:50] Grace Duffy: [00:38:50] Very awesome. Just telling Jeff the story I’ll, I’ll make it real short, but I heard about this clubhouse room that was just a singing contest.

[00:38:57] Right. And so this woman, you know, says it’s her turn to sing. And they, they say, I will she’s chooses. I will always love you. And so they say it better be the Dolly. Pardon version? Not the Whitney Houston version because no one can do that. As well as Whitney. So you got, and so she gets to the part and then they’re like, Oh, you know, she’s out.

[00:39:14] And then this random person comes and says, no, no, no. She was about to get to the emotional crescendo, let her finish. And of course they’re like, Oh, they let her finish. Right. And so she does fantastic. And it turns out that that random voice was the CEO of a tech company. And it was just like, that was the most random story I’ve ever heard.

[00:39:33] And that’s probably one of about 400 random stories I’ve heard from clubhouse 

[00:39:40] Raymon Ray: [00:39:40] and, and I don’t grace, to your point. I don’t, I mean, I’m sure the other people are out there, but when I think this is the beautiful thing about clubhouse and it could be about the other platforms too, but clubhouse is the first mover advantage MC hammer, Justin Bieber.

[00:39:51]He dish or whatever I’m at into pop culture a lot, but all these famous people that all of us have seen on the cover of people magazine they’re, they’re talking about the consumer side. So that’s the one, just, if you get the metaphor, I’m trying to give, you know, MC hammer may be a bit skiddish being a video, my rights, you know, where is it taped and all this, but clubhouse, I sit back in my living room and chat with you all for a bit.

[00:40:11] That’s the beauty of it. 

[00:40:13] Grace Duffy: [00:40:13] Very cool. MC hammer is quite the tech entrepreneur though. I have to say like his post career career has been amazing, but speaking of which, there is a whole cottage industry that has emerged from this social audio. For instance, there’s a company, the social chefs actually tweeted this out called a club, and they’ve launched the sponsorship marketplace to help with room branding shout-outs and thought.

[00:40:39] Leadership just a few weeks ago, Gizmodo wrote an article about clubhouse creating an accelerator program for influencers. Now, this is interesting. They have promised these influencers income. So I think it was like $5,000 a month. If you don’t get a brand deal under, you’re just signed with them.

[00:40:55] Right. Gear they’ve offered gear like iPads air pods, like. The list goes on, right? And then they’ve guaranteed brand deals. Now we work with a ton of influencers at restream, but it’s really, you know, when we look at someone to work with, we look at their. YouTube. We look at their Facebook presence and we look at, you know, there’s a lot of other places, but with content not being recorded or you don’t have a profile per, per se, how do you connect with these thought leaders?

[00:41:25] These like these influencers in this accelerated program, how are they finding brands and power brands finding them outside of this 

[00:41:31] Raymon Ray: [00:41:31] program? Yeah, it’s tough. And I think the part of it though, is fortunately great. So this time there’s no clear searchable index. You just have to be in there. And what it is, clubhouse is a bit of clicking.

[00:41:41] You’re looking at people who are on clubhouse from may to December. Those are all going to be people who are ballers and have high profile counts. So I think that’s really where it starting is that who are the people who were kind of the, they call it the OGs original gangsters, I think is what it really means.

[00:41:53] But OGs of clubhouse. That’s what this little circle, this little club it’s similar, Gracie. I could be wrong, but us in the social world, right. There is a cabal of 10,000 of us. And I’m not in that cabal per se, but meaning, you know, who, who are on the first iterations of Twitter or what was the one that or Periscope, you know, were in that club of knowing these tools, the founders, we know the stars.

[00:42:15] Clubhouse is really the same people who are on their first have big followings. And, and, and this is where brands are flocking to, because I must say for the brand, it is a numbers game, you know? Hi, my name was Ramon. I’m an influencer. I have 10 followers could restream. Well, thank you, Ramon. That’s nice.

[00:42:30] But yeah, we need about 10,000, 20,000, you know, it’s not quite that crass, but. Those dollars have to flow. So clubhouse is no different, you know, Hey, we got 10,000, 20,000 followers. You have a good voice. You’re attracting people there’s ways. And I think what I’m hearing is that, and I need to learn more about this too, but I think that some, I can see some sponsors, grace sponsoring moderators, who are asked since they have large followings to host other rooms and bring that sponsor with them, et cetera.

[00:42:56] So there’s, since it’s new, there’s many ways to do it many ways to do it for sure. 

[00:43:00] Jeff Sieh: [00:43:00] So there is, there is like grace mentioned, there’s a cottage industry. And that the first thing that I saw were people who were paid. And I think even Sue B Zimmerman did this for some of her clubhouse stuff over on doing some LinkedIn stuff, but they hire one of those people that you mentioned that have these huge followings and those people moderate the rooms, bring people up on stage.

[00:43:19] And that way like Ramon would come on and he would, all he has to do is talk, somebody else’s managing it. It’s like me doing live producing for like guy Kawasaki. He just shows up. And there is a market for that kind of stuff. So, I, I it’s, it’s strange to me, but it’s also, I think it’s genius for these people who come up with these entrepreneurial ideas and capitalize on this platform more.

[00:43:43] Yeah. 

[00:43:44] Raymon Ray: [00:43:44] And I think Jeff, what’s interesting. Tell me if you think is the same correlation, let’s say you and guy Kawasaki. Well, you’re hired for your talent and production, you know, adds a lot more technical aspect to it, this new crop as today, or just the follower account, you gotta be well-spoken to know how to do it, but you know, it’s like, they’re measuring you.

[00:43:58] Let’s say, man, can this guy put all this stuff together and produce a show? I just want to show up this person on clubhouse. Oh, she has 50,000, a hundred thousand followers. She can speak well. That’s her ass. Yeah. 

[00:44:09] Jeff Sieh: [00:44:09] Cause she’s bringing those people cause she announces the show that goes to all her followers.

[00:44:13] And so there’s that top of the funnel thing that comes in. So why not monetize it? There’s I think that’s smart that they’re doing that. So I just think it’s very interesting how this has just, I mean, how long this has only been out for how many months? I mean it’s less than a year. Yeah. Or about a year now, something like that.

[00:44:30] Yeah, it was when a super tight beta and they’ve opened it up. So what do you think of this? And this is my friend, Scott. Who’s always kind of contrarian and I always liked to bring his con contact Scott heirs from Agorapulse. He goes, clubhouse will lose its cool factor. Now that all the creepy uncles of social media are adding audio chat, Facebook, Twitter, et cetera.

[00:44:47] What do you think about that? Will it lose its cool factor or will it stay the, like the premium version of something like Instagram still where you go to look at pretty images? I mean that kind of thing. 

[00:44:57] Raymon Ray: [00:44:57] I was going to say, I know Scott, he’s the orange man, but I have to be careful cause we can get political on that.

[00:45:01] So I didn’t mean it that way, Scott, but anyways, a inside baseball joke, but yeah, Scott, so let’s have a battle. Scott we’ll lose a cool factor, Minnie Scott, but my bet is I think Scott will reign and all they’ll be bought very soon by a bigger company that doesn’t yet have a social play. That’s my bet, but again, I’d probably, Scott will probably wind a bit cause he’s more into this, but I think, yes, I think clubhouse is first mover advantage.

[00:45:21] It has all the influencers are on it already. Right? The people, not all, but you think of people who are or seeing it they’re on it. So, I mean, I think, and I won it, so, and I bought an iPad just to be on it so they can’t lose God. I mean, those are a few things I would say. Right. 

[00:45:35]Jeff Sieh: [00:45:35] Scott goes orange man, but anyway, Oh gosh, Scott.

[00:45:42] So, the here’s the thing, and I want to back a little bit on something you said at the beginning of the show, cause we talked about LinkedIn is coming on that. So I actually thought it would have been genius. If LinkedIn would have bought clubhouse. Now they’re worth like a billion dollar. So that probably isn’t going to happen from Microsoft.

[00:45:56] I just thought clubhouse because there’s so much in. The most, you know, the, the big, the big players on it seemed to be these, you know, business people. And there’s a huge business aspect. And you kind of, when you kind of went her to LinkedIn, you kinda went, eh, maybe not. Why is that? Cause I think it’d be an amazing place to have social audio because I think I’m LinkedIn life to me is amazing.

[00:46:19] I love being able to watch really focused videos and we do really well over there. Why, why did you kind of go nah, LinkedIn audio. Yeah. 

[00:46:27] Raymon Ray: [00:46:27] And again, who knows the future? So always caging my bet, but here’s, I guess when I think of LinkedIn, Jeff, as it is right now, LinkedIn is the premium tool for connectivity.

[00:46:36] That’s what arrangement? Connectivity who follows, who DMU, et cetera. LinkedIn life. Yes. It’s LinkedIn live, but it’s still to that connected of people. And it has the archive, I guess it’s interesting to see. Maybe LinkedIn could buy clubhouse, but I guess LinkedIn having audio in, in a real-time communication.

[00:46:54] It just doesn’t have a feeling for what we use LinkedIn for LinkedIn. Doesn’t just have my kids on it. They’re not there, but it has serious business people, even large companies, right. Are there even, except for maybe the fortune 50, pretty much even any executive has an active LinkedIn account. So that’s why I said when I went, ah, clubhouse still seems to me the game, the toy in a good way, for different types of people, that real timeness that audio, you know, the global head of, whatever’s not going to be there in less.

[00:47:23] Their team puts them on there is that maybe I’m saying it convoluted, but it just seems like it’s 

[00:47:27] Jeff Sieh: [00:47:27] not a perfect fit. So would you say that if clubhouse ever gave you the ability to download that audio thing, it would lose its appeal. 

[00:47:36] Raymon Ray: [00:47:36] No, I think that would be, I could be an asset. There’s a lot of privacy and you have to catch how it’s done and they have to have the disclosures, but I think that’s where it has to go.

[00:47:42] You have to archive it. I was just on the, on a, on a call with her, the founder of Zapier. And I said, Hey, do you guys have any hooks into clubhouse yet? He kind of smiled and said, When they opened their API. So, you know, that’s, I guess what’s, what’s going to happen. So I don’t know. We’ll see. But I do think that who knows, but I think that audio is just very special, how it’s done right now, that real time, this communication.

[00:48:04] So I think you have to be careful, right? If you have the coffee shot, come in, sit down and we serve you. That’s not any more than it’s McDonald’s so I guess that’s what we’ll 

[00:48:15] Jeff Sieh: [00:48:15] see. Very very cool. So Deb Mitchell goes, love this conversation off to start a club house room. So I’ll be joining you there in a bit, but before we go, I wanted to make sure that Ramon has the chance to tell everybody where they can find out more about his awesome stuff.

[00:48:30] If you can’t tell he’s a little shy and it’s hard to pull him out of his shell a little bit, but once you get to know him, he’s really a cool guy. No, but remember really seriously. Where can people find you? Thank you 

[00:48:40] Raymon Ray: [00:48:40] so much. Evan first, Jeff and grace. Thanks for having me here. You all do a great job on a great show and I really, really appreciate it.

[00:48:45] Best place. Listen. If I can serve in who and listening, we inspire and educate small business owners. Just take us and I think it was King James. I owe you a book. If you email me Ramon at smart, Well, I didn’t say what. Well, I gave it away. What I’ll send you. I’ll send you something special things, James, but everybody else,

[00:49:01] That’s the best place to find me. If I can help them serve you. Check it out. 

[00:49:04] Jeff Sieh: [00:49:04] Awesome. And as always, we thank you guys so much for, Oh, I almost forgot. We got to give, like, give you guys the eye where you can go register to win this from our pals over at e-com. And let me pull up that that link for you guys that you can actually.

[00:49:20] Go to the giveaway. This is where you would go to register to win a chance for this amazing studio. So go to  dot TV Ford slash giveaway. That’s all lower case. All smashed together. E, forge slash giveaway. That’s where you go to. Enter to win this fully loaded studio. You can actually you have the chance all the way up until I believe Wednesday of next week.

[00:49:44] And on Thursday, they’re going to announce who won the studio. And here is the secret word for you guys to enter, to get 10 extra drawings. That’s the wrong one. Where was it? Oh, secret word is here. He cam fam that’s the word you want to use? E-comm fam to win those 10 extra drawings that you can enter for this awesome fully loaded studio.

[00:50:06] I wish I could register for it, but 

[00:50:07] Grace Duffy: [00:50:07] I can’t. And her for our podcast listeners, that’s Ecamm E C a M M. F a M E cam fam. That is the special code. You get 10 extra 10 extra right. 10 extra entries 

[00:50:20] Jeff Sieh: [00:50:20] she’s at at this that’s address, E a C a M Ford slash giveaway. So I can’t wait to see who won, but thank you so much Ramon for being here.

[00:50:30]Grace, where can we find out more about you and all of the stuff that you’re doing for restraint? 

[00:50:37] Grace Duffy: [00:50:37] You can find us over on all the restream channels, YouTube, Facebook linked in, and we actually hosted a whole series of show shows on our channels. Scott heirs actually does one on Monday mornings called live streaming labs, and we have a bunch of fun, really, really fun guests.

[00:50:53] So join us over there and catch more live video tips pro from the 

[00:50:57] Jeff Sieh: [00:50:57] pros. Yes, as always. And thank you guys so much for being such a great audience, the great questions, by the way, if you’d like to connect with us, one of the best ways is to text me at (903) 287-9088. You can. That way we skip all this algorithm stuff we can communicate directly, or you can find out when the next show is.

[00:51:14] So make sure to go to 903, two eight seven nine zero eight eight, and connect with us. We are also a podcast, so. Make sure you go to your favorite podcast player, do a search for social media news. Live, give us a rating review. We would love to have you guys share that out and learn more about us. And also our next show is on Friday, April 9th at 11:00 AM.

[00:51:34] Eastern time, tinny and Pacific. And you can find us as always on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Amazon live. Thanks Ramon so much for being here today. 

[00:51:43] Raymon Ray: [00:51:43] Thank you brother. Thank you, grace. You guys. 

[00:51:46] Jeff Sieh: [00:51:46] Next time. Bye now.


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