đź”” We’re excited to welcome Jay Baer for a fascinating episode, “Mixing Business with Tequila.”

Tracing Jay’s roots from Arizona to becoming a global tequila influencer, we’ll discuss his unique journey into the world of tequila. From learning about agave spirits at Los Sombreros to sharing his wisdom on Instagram and TikTok, Jay’s path is a case study in transforming a hobby into a thriving business. We’ll cover his strategies for engaging content, his collaboration with Maddie Jager, and how tequila stole his heart and turned into a professional pursuit.

Catch Jay’s invaluable insights for turning your passion into a profitable venture! 🚀

That’s the Spirit! How to Turn Your Hobby into a Successful Business

Lets talk about hobbies—a source of relaxation, joy, and sometimes, an escape from the daily grind. But what if your hobby could become more than just a pastime? Imagine transforming that passion into a thriving business. This dream scenario isn’t as far-fetched as it might seem. Across the globe, countless individuals have taken the leap, turning their hobbies into profitable ventures, proving that doing what you love can indeed be both satisfying and financially rewarding. Among these inspiring stories is that of Jay Baer, who has masterfully turned his fascination with tequila into a booming online presence, bridging the gap between personal passion and professional success.

Tequila Jay: From Enthusiast to Influencer

Jay Baer’s evolution from a tequila aficionado to a celebrated influencer is a compelling example of how hobbies can morph into lucrative careers. What was initially just a personal interest became the cornerstone of his professional identity. The success Jay has achieved by merging his passion for tequila with his professional life highlights a crucial lesson for aspiring entrepreneurs: the significance of finding a niche where personal interests and professional skills intersect. Jay’s journey exemplifies how leveraging one’s personal expertise and genuine interest in a subject can create a compelling, authentic brand that resonates with audiences. He didn’t just share tequila reviews; he shared his journey, making him a trusted and relatable figure in the tequila community.

Before embarking on his journey as a tequila influencer, Jay Baer established himself as a powerhouse in business growth and customer experience. As the founder of the influential consulting firm, Convince & Convert, Jay honed his skills in digital marketing, brand strategy, and customer engagement. This unique blend of professional experience and a deep-seated passion for tequila positioned Jay to transition into a tequila influencer seamlessly. His background allowed him to approach the tequila industry with a marketer’s acumen and a storyteller’s flair, creating content that educates, entertains, and inspires, proving that when professional expertise meets personal passion, the result can be intoxicatingly effective.

Monetization Strategies

Jay’s exploration into monetizing his passion for tequila illuminates a journey of experimentation and strategic shifts. Initially, Jay delved into various monetization models typical for content creators—affiliate marketing, direct sponsorships, merchandise sales, and the potential for courses. These ventures allowed him to test the waters, determining the feasibility of converting audience interest into a sustainable revenue stream.

However, Jay quickly recognized the challenge inherent in direct monetization from the audience. The expectation of free content posed a significant hurdle unless offering something with substantial value, like a comprehensive course. This realization prompted a pivotal shift in strategy. Rather than relying on the traditional content creator monetization schemes, Jay identified a more lucrative avenue: partnering directly with tequila companies.

This B2B business model capitalized on Jay’s marketing expertise, offering tequila brands a package of services, including marketing consultation and content creation. The approach was a resounding success, with Jay securing positive responses from every proposal sent out. This strategic pivot not only optimized his revenue potential but also aligned perfectly with the US market’s dynamics, where the majority of tequila purchases occur.

Jay’s approach underscores the significance of understanding your audience’s consumption habits. With a large portion of the US tequila market focused on cocktails, Jay’s content strategy—to educate and engage around sipping tequilas and recommend affordable options for cocktails—resonated well with his audience. This insight into consumer behavior, combined with a shift towards a B2B model with tequila brands, marks a notable evolution in his content monetization strategy, highlighting the importance of adaptability and market awareness in the journey of mixing business with tequila

Scaling the Business

The expansion of Jay’s tequila platform necessitated strategic assistance, leading to the indispensable role of Maddie Jager, his assistant for all business facets. Together, they embrace batch content creation, organizing shoots every three weeks to maintain a steady stream of engaging content. This efficient workflow, dividing responsibilities—Jay focusing on content ideation and initial edits and Maddie managing day-to-day operations, regular posting and client interactions—proved crucial. Their collaborative approach not only facilitated scaling the business but also ensured that Jay’s venture into the tequila world remained sustainable and poised for continuous growth.

Finding Inspiration and Content Ideas

In the realm of content creation, inspiration is as diverse as the audience you aim to engage. For Jay Baer and many like him, the quest for fresh content ideas is an ongoing journey, drawing from a multitude of sources. From the ever-evolving landscape of the tequila industry to personal experiences and beyond, inspiration can strike in the most unexpected places. It’s about keeping the senses tuned to the subtleties of the environment, conversations, and even the shifts in cultural trends.

Reviews of new releases or brand extensions offer straightforward opportunities for content, but Jay goes beyond the obvious, actively seeking audience participation to ensure his content remains relevant and engaging. By asking his followers what they want to know and promising incentives like gift cards for suggestions, Jay has created a feedback loop that not only fuels his editorial calendar but also deepens audience engagement. This approach is bolstered by tools like Magai (affiliate), which help him gather a wide array of questions and topics that might interest his audience.

It’s this loop of creation, feedback, and adaptation that keeps content relevant, engaging, and continuously evolving. In essence, the audience becomes a co-creator, influencing and inspiring the content through their interactions, making the process a collaborative journey.

Lifting Spirits: Balancing Education and Entertainment

Jay’s content strategy masterfully balances educational insights with engaging entertainment, making the world of tequila more accessible and enjoyable for a broad audience. This blend is crucial for captivating viewers, whether they are tequila novices eager to learn or aficionados looking to deepen their appreciation. Jay goes beyond simply presenting facts about tequila; he involves crafting stories and experiences that resonate on a personal level, making the spirit approachable for everyone.

By discussing a wide range of topics—from the basics of tequila mixology to deep dives into the profiles of premium sippers—Jay ensures that his content appeals to viewers across the spectrum of tequila knowledge. The inclusion of Maddie in his videos adds a dynamic layer to the content, providing a relatable entry point for newcomers and a refreshing perspective for seasoned enthusiasts. Together, they navigate the fine line between being informative and entertaining, ensuring that viewers come away with new knowledge and a smile.

This balance between education and entertainment is not accidental but a deliberate choice to make tequila, a subject that could easily become niche or intimidating, broadly appealing and engaging. Jay’s content serves as a bridge, welcoming more people into the tequila fold by choosing to address the larger audience of casual tequila drinkers while still catering to the interests of hardcore fans. This strategy not only broadens the appeal of his channel but also fosters a more inclusive tequila community.

Mastering the Mix: The Art of Experimentation in Tequila Jay’s Content Creation

Jay also highlights the role of experimentation in cultivating a successful online presence. Jay has embraced a spirit of innovation, continuously testing and adapting his strategies to resonate with a diverse audience. This commitment to experimentation isn’t just about trying new things for the sake of novelty; it’s a deliberate effort to engage and educate his audience in the most effective ways possible. Whether it’s exploring different content formats, experimenting with posting times, or even altering the first sentence delivered in a video, Jay’s approach is rooted in a deep understanding that the digital landscape is ever-changing, and staying relevant means staying agile.

Jay reinforces the idea that content creation is as much about psychology and attitude as it is about the content itself. He illustrates that having an appetite for experimentation can lead to profound discoveries about what truly captivates an audience. This mindset has enabled Jay to navigate the complexities of social media algorithms, audience preferences, and content trends, all while maintaining the authenticity and educational value of his tequila content.

A Final Toast: Mixing Business with Tequila

Throughout this exploration into Jay’s journey from tequila enthusiast to influential content creator and business innovator, we’ve delved into the mechanics of turning a deep-seated passion into a thriving business. Jay’s story highlights the importance of identifying a niche and the undeniable value of authentic content creation and audience engagement. His interactions with notable personalities like Guy Fieri and The Rock, exemplifies the potential reach and impact of pursuing one’s passions with dedication and strategic insight.

This narrative serves as a compelling invitation to reflect on your hobbies and interests, contemplating their potential to morph into a successful business venture. The digital landscape offers an unprecedented opportunity to share your passions with the world, and Jay Baer’s journey is a testament to the possibilities that await when you strategically navigate your path from passion to profession.

If you’re inspired by Jay’s story and curious about turning your own passions into a business, or if you’re simply a tequila aficionado looking to deepen your knowledge, we encourage you to dive deeper into Jay Baer’s world.


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[00:00:00] Jeff Sieh: Hello folks, welcome to another edition of Social Media News Live. So glad that you’re here today. I’m so stoked for this show. We are not drinking, it’s too early in the morning, but uh, we’re going to be talking about some tequila today and some other things. This is going to be an incredible show, so If you are wondering, like, how can I make something that I really love a business or, you know, you want to take a hobby and maybe move it to something to have and maybe make some money with it, um, this is going to be the show for you.

[00:00:27] So if you’ve got some friends who you guys have talked about that, maybe at a tequila bar like Connor and I have done before, uh, and you might want to mention, at mention them down below, call them into this conversation, uh, ask your questions today because I want to make this show all about you guys because, uh, that’s what we want to do for this show.

[00:00:43] But, uh, we are so excited to hear. That you’re here. Connor Brown, how are you doing today, my friend?

[00:00:47] Conor Brown: I’m great. You’re saying it’s too early to start drinking. Why don’t you speak for yourself? How about,

[00:00:52] Jeff Sieh: You’re already loaded. Connor is already loaded. Yes, that’s true. So, um, let’s see here. Uh, Cast Ahead brought something up. Um, he says the stream isn’t live yet on Google Well, it’s not going to be today, Chris. He just wanted me to say Google because there is, Jay, there’s a drinking game that, every time I mention that on the show, Uh, Chris Stone takes a drink.

[00:01:13] Uh, so,

[00:01:14] Jay Baer: I love that.

[00:01:14] Jeff Sieh: there he goes. But this is going to be a great show. Um, ask your questions like we said. So, I want to have enough time for you guys to ask questions. So, I’m going to go ahead and start the show, kind of without any preamble. And we’re going to get started. Hello, folks. Welcome to Social Media News Live. I’m Jeff Sieh and you’re not.

[00:01:34] Conor Brown: And I’m Connor Brown, and this is the show that keeps you up to date on what’s happening in the world of social media and more.

[00:01:41] Jeff Sieh: Have you ever wondered how to blend a personal hobby with professional success? Are you intrigued by the idea of turning a simple interest into a vibrant, engaging brand on social media? Or maybe you’re on the hunt for innovative ways to captivate and educate an audience while making your mark on a hobby you love.

[00:01:57] If these thoughts have crossed your mind, today is your lucky day! We are beyond excited to introduce a guest who seamlessly achieve just that. He’s an expert at merging the worlds of tequila and content creation, crafting a presence that’s both informative and irresistible. Jay Bear is going to share his adventure from being a tequila enthusiast to becoming a tequila influencer on multiple channels.

[00:02:20] So sit back, clear schedule, clear your mind, and get ready for this week’s episode of Social Media News Live. Jay, how are you doing today, my friend? This is awesome.

[00:02:29] Jay Baer: Great to see you, gents. Thanks for the time. Delighted to be here. Excited to talk tequila.

[00:02:33] Jeff Sieh: Yeah, and we’ve got some, our friend’s already popping in, Gary is already, hopefully, California, maybe he’s drinking, says salute, and he says good morning, all you lovely faces. Dustin Stout, he’s another Google Plus guy, says, Jay Bear, yes, he is. Yes.

[00:02:48] Jay Baer: How you doing?

[00:02:49] Jeff Sieh: Yes. So, we are excited to have Jay Baer on the show and we’re going to be talking all about tequila today and his tequila channel.

[00:02:56] If you haven’t checked him out over on Instagram and TikTok, it is a, even if you’re not into tequila, which after you’re watching, you probably will be. That’s what happened with me. It’s, it’s a fascinating thing to watch how he creates content, what he’s doing over there. So make sure if you haven’t checked that out, that you guys go do that.

[00:03:12] But if you don’t know who Jay is, you really should, should. He is a business growth and customer experience, author, researcher, and advisor, A seventh generation entrepreneur. Jay has written seven bestselling business books and created a six. He has created six multi million dollar companies. He has consulted for more than 700 brands including Nike, Oracle, IBM, and the United Nations.

[00:03:35] An inductee into the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame, Jay was voted the world’s number one global guru for online marketing and number two global guru for customer experience. And in his spare time, he is the second most popular tequila influencer and educator on the planet. Jay, thanks for being here on the show today.

[00:03:54] Who’s this number one person? I always see you here talking about number two.

[00:03:57] Jay Baer: My friend is a realtor in Los Angeles, Rob. You know, it happens. And I should say, I should say, Jeff, I am the number two tequila content creator in the non celebrity division. Okay, so it’s not like it’s The Rock and me, or George Clooney and then me, or Kendall Jenner and then me. It’s Rob the Realtor and then me.

[00:04:16] So just in full, full disclosure.

[00:04:19] Jeff Sieh: Okay, is it close? I mean, are you guys like, is it like you go back and

[00:04:22] Jay Baer: Oh, he’s killing us. He’s killing us, but that’s okay. He’s doing a great job.

[00:04:25] Jeff Sieh: All right, anyway, so, and, and even Dustin says, I, was definitely more into tequila after watching Jay. Yes, and actually my daughter’s turning in. She better not be drinking tequila while she’s doing some work for me today.

[00:04:38] but thanks Abby for stopping by. So this is going to be a fun

[00:04:41] Jay Baer: Abby, you do you. You do you. Whatever you want.

[00:04:43] Jeff Sieh: That’s right. Oh, just don’t stay at home. anyway, so let’s go ahead and jump into this. I want to do a shout out to our friends, who are helping sponsor the show, our friends at Ecamm. You can find out more about them at ecamm. com forward slash Jeff if you enter code JEFF15.

[00:04:59] You’ll be

[00:04:59] able to,

[00:05:00] Jay Baer: testimonial, I use Ecamm every single day. I use Ecamm for every video. I could not like them more, both as a product and as a company.

[00:05:09] Jeff Sieh: yeah, it’s incredible community. if you want to say 15%, use code Jeff15 and you can save 15 percent on your first purchase, but it’s awesome that Jay uses them as well because they are amazing community. I’m going to talk a little bit about some, some of the stuff they have coming up in a little bit, but I want to dive in to this first section where we’re going to talk about taking your passion, to your profession.

[00:05:28] So Jay, what’s kind of sparked your initial interest in tequila and how did you realize it could evolve into a hobby? Into something that’s like part of your professional life now.

[00:05:39] Jay Baer: Very slowly and then all at once. I, I’m from Arizona originally and went to school in Tucson, which is right near the Mexican border. Drinking age in Mexico is ability to see over the bar. and so oftentimes when we were in our younger college years, we would go to Mexico for the weekend and sort of got, got entranced by that, that culture, et cetera.

[00:06:00] And growing up in Arizona, you know, you’re, you’re so close to, to that, part of the world, you naturally are a little bit more attuned to it. But when I was in my probably mid twenties, before our kids were born, I would used to go every Wednesday for tacos with my good friend, Tom Brekke. And Tom and I would go to this restaurant and bar in Scottsdale, it’s still there, called Los Sombreros.

[00:06:21] And they had an amazing bartender there, his name was Steve. And Steve was super into mezcal long, long, long before it became popularized. And he would, you know, secretly bring bottles back over the border, etc. So Tom and I would go every Wednesday and we’d just be like, all right, Church is in session.

[00:06:36] Teach us some things about mezcal. And so every week was a different bottle and different story. And we really fell in love with, with the production methods and the, and the variation of flavors and just the whole, the whole romance of it. And so over the subsequent probably 25 to almost 30 years now, I just learned more and more, about Agave Spirits, Mescal, and Tequila.

[00:06:56] I started visiting, producers in, Jalisco and, and just got more and more into it and just as a, as a hobby and, and started, you know, purchasing and drinking better tequilas for myself. And then, two years ago, next week, April 1st, when we started, two years ago, next week, I had sold my consulting firm, Convince and Convert, and, and stopped recording my podcast, Social Pros, which is still on the air, just not with me and the microphone.

[00:07:20] And. I said, you know, maybe I should take some of this time that I used to spend every week recording this podcast and maybe I should just, try and teach some people some things about tequila that I’ve learned over the years. And I’d never really done short form content. You know, I’d done a lot of long form content, books, you know, LinkedIn lives, hour long podcasts.

[00:07:41] I’d never really done the, you know, one minute kind of like, let’s just try that. So I started a new Instagram account, TikTok account and started making videos and they weren’t very good. But I kind of figured out how my style could fit that format. And, and within about four to five months, we had a couple hundred thousand followers and it’s really continued, from there.

[00:08:04] And now we’ve got, you know, brand sponsors and partners and, you know, it’s a real business, all kinds of stuff. And we’re, we’re in Mexico every 90 days visiting producers. It’s a, it’s a whole thing.

[00:08:14] Jeff Sieh: Wow. And it just kind of blew up and it wasn’t something you really were expecting. It was just kind of a fun thing you were going to spend some time on.

[00:08:21] Jay Baer: Yeah, no, it wasn’t. It was not like, Hey, I wonder if this could be a business. Now you always, you know, we all know a lot of creators, right? And, and, and I’ve been a successful B2B content creator for a long time. And so I sort of knew the mechanics of the deal, but I really wasn’t like, Hey, let me, let me start another business, kind of quite the opposite.

[00:08:43] Conor Brown: I

[00:08:44] Jay Baer: but then once he’s like, Oh, yeah. There’s a there there. It certainly helps to have built other businesses because you understand like, all right, here’s what we need to do for analytics. Here’s what you need to do for audience acquisition. Here’s what you need to do for, for sponsorships and packaging and things like that.

[00:09:00] So my previous experiences in B2B certainly helped, the monetization side of it, for Tequila.

[00:09:07] Jeff Sieh: Gotcha.

[00:09:08] Conor Brown: I think that’s awesome. I mean, it’s pretty incredible that you’re just only about to celebrate your two year anniversary, right?

[00:09:14] And it’s been so much and it’s so strategic in what you’ve done, but when kind of was that moment where you’re like, we can make some good money off, this can be a business. I’m sure you know, early on, you probably got a couple sponsors here or there. That was nice little extra cap, but you know, The step from that to big sponsors, to you’re doing events, you’re taking people on, on tequila trips.

[00:09:38] It’s, it’s blown up into this huge scale business. What was the, the kind of the crux of that when, when you decide or realized we can go all

[00:09:47] Jay Baer: Yeah, last year we tried a lot of different models, right? So we’re like, okay, what does affiliate look like? What does direct sponsorship look like? What does merchandise sales look like? You know, could we do a course like all the, all the, you know, different customary content creator monetization schemes.

[00:10:06] And so we, we tried a lot of those. we knew, we knew within about six months, Connor, that we could, that we could attract and hold an audience, right? So the eyeballs part of it, we, we knew we could do that. But then how do you actually turn that into revenue is obviously the, the question that’s, that’s tricky.

[00:10:23] So we tried a lot of Alternatives to directly monetize from the audience, right? So get people like you to pay me. And, and that is a very difficult model now, right? Unless you’re doing some kind of a course or some other kind of chunky revenue deal. it’s just hard because people are used to content being free, right?

[00:10:45] And if you say this content is not free, now you have to pay for it. unless you’re running an OnlyFans, it’s, it’s a little, you know, which is not really, not really my deal. it gets harder. So we finally figured it out and, and literally, like, to answer your question directly, three months ago,

[00:11:02] Conor Brown: Eccam,

[00:11:05] Jay Baer: mishmash of revenue, some events, some commissions, some sponsors, and it was fine.

[00:11:11] But then I said, well, okay, Let me think about this market for a second. There are 2000 tequila brands

[00:11:19] Conor Brown: socialmedianewslive. com, clubhouse, Yeah.

[00:11:40] Jay Baer: oh, this needs to be a B2C two B business. So we finally decided to, to change how we thought about it, instead of being monetized by the audience, be monetized by the tequila companies. And so now we’ve got packages that we, that we extended tequila companies where we help them with their own marketing.

[00:11:59] ’cause obviously I’ve got background in that. We create videos for them. We, we, you know, do a number of different things. as an annual kind of package. And, and once we kind of figured that out, you know, we put out 13 proposals and got 13 yeses. I’m like, Oh, got it. That’s what we’re going to do.

[00:12:18] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. So, and this is a rabbit trail that I, once again, that I love to go down because I think I’ve heard you say on a podcast that most tequila purchasing happens in the United States. It’s not in Mexico. And

[00:12:31] Jay Baer: 61 percent less number I saw.

[00:12:33] Jeff Sieh: so it’s probably lucrative to have, you know, this audience that you’re able to speak directly to.

[00:12:38] And also, and the educational side of it, I think you also mentioned on a show that

[00:12:44] Conor Brown: for

[00:12:46] Jeff Sieh: people drink tequila mixed. And so this whole education that you’re doing is, is really cool and, and

[00:12:53] Jay Baer: Yeah, it is interesting. Even, even now, three quarters of all the tequila consumed in the U S is consumed in a cocktail, right? Margaritas, Palomas, et cetera, ranch waters. and so while we often talk in our content about, you know, sipping tequilas, right, which are just, you know, neat in a glass, no ice, no lime, no nothing.

[00:13:13] one of the videos that we’re going to shoot next week is, A recommended list of tequilas for cocktails, all of which are under 39 a bottle because part and parcel, like that’s what most people are actually doing.

[00:13:28] Jeff Sieh: gotcha. Okay. Interesting. So I want to kind of take a little bit about and talk about scaling because like You, you know, the, the, the, you struck the gasoline. I mean, it struck the oil and it just started shooting out and you kind of got this thing like, okay, I can’t do this by myself. So, when and why did you start using Assistant?

[00:13:47] And you, can you maybe talk a little bit about how Maddie and what she contributes to the content, kind of, how that all works?

[00:13:53] Jay Baer: Well, it’s funny, I, I’ve worked with Maddie for a long time, Maddie Jager who’s, who’s on the videos with me and is also my assistant for, for all my businesses, for my speaking business and the tequila business. She does a lot of the client management as well for us, with our tequila sponsors and partners.

[00:14:08] She, used to live here in town where I live in Bloomington, Indiana. Her parents are family friends. When she was in college, she was an intern, from my consulting firm, Convince Convert. When she graduated was almost exactly the same time that I sold the firm. And so I went from having a staff of 25 very senior professionals doing my work to a staff of myself.

[00:14:30] And I was like, well, I think I’m going to need somebody. So I said, Maddie, you just graduated. How would you like to be my assistant? for, for all things. And she said, great. So she, she and I spent a couple of years, Where she was like halftime with me doing all the different things, and then halftime with, with other, folks that she’s helping.

[00:14:53] but now things have gotten so busy, especially on the tequila side, that she’s, she’s, essentially full time now, which is great. so we have, we have, we have daily, daily standups like, okay, who, what are we doing today? Both on the speaking side, like, you know, I’m leaving Sunday for a speech in Orange County, like, okay, what time sound check, you know, that kind of thing.

[00:15:10] As, as well as, What videos are we shooting next week? So she has a very interesting job, which is quite, quite a mixture of roles and responsibilities because she also does design and she, she also does all of the day to day social media posting, because I’m oftentimes on a plane. So it makes it hard to do that.

[00:15:27] so yeah, she, she does all the things. I basically hold microphones and she does everything else.

[00:15:32] Conor Brown: Thank you

[00:15:33] Jeff Sieh: So, and I, once again, I think I, I, when I was doing research that she, You batch content, right? It’s like she comes down and stays and you even mentioned that, like, if you watch, cause they’re in sequence at towards the end, things are a little bit looser after you’ve been sampling some of that stuff. So,

[00:15:49] Jay Baer: because of my schedule, my travel schedule, and she used to live in the same town, but now she doesn’t. So, we typically will shoot every three weeks, and we’ll shoot out usually ten videos, in a row, and we have a camera person who holds the camera, who’s a student at the university, and yeah, we, we, we try to set it up so that, The ones that require us to drink on camera, right, are, are towards the end because otherwise, like if you start all the drinking and then you got to shoot a bunch of videos afterwards, we learned this the hard way because we used to do a lot more cocktail videos.

[00:16:29] We used to make cocktails and it was sort of like, Hey, we’re not bartenders. We’re just real people. And this is how real people make cocktails in their kitchen and they screw it up and they don’t measure very well and just sort of like half assed cocktails. but we realized that content didn’t really perform that well.

[00:16:43] So we’ve kind of moved away from it. But we learned an important lesson because for a while there, we used to do the cocktail videos last. And that was a problem because if you’ve already had like six different tequila samples, and then it’s like, Hey, let’s definitely pour this granache or whatever, like my kitchen was like a disaster.

[00:17:02] My wife was like, what are you guys doing? I got to bring a mop in here. So we, we, yeah, we’ve learned a lot of, a lot of micro lessons, along the way about how to do this better.

[00:17:12] Jeff Sieh: and you probably, after you’ve done a filming session, just have like Uber on speed dial, so Maddie can get back

[00:17:16] Jay Baer: Well, the nice thing is our parents still live like just on the street. So, so I always tell her in advance, cause I’m the one who figures out the, the, I am the one who figures out what videos we’re going to shoot. So I always tell her, are we like, are we like DEF CON 2 or like DEF CON 4 in terms of you driving home?

[00:17:35] so, yeah. Her, her dad is a big tequila fan and a friend of mine. He will sometimes come, to hang out and ostensibly he’s supposed to be her driver, but sometimes she ends up driving him. So it doesn’t really work out the way it’s supposed to, but that’s, you know, what, yeah, what are you going to do?

[00:17:53] Jeff Sieh: Gotcha. Oh, anyway, that was, I was just interesting. so that’s cool how she is. She kind of does everything,

[00:17:58] Jay Baer: Yeah. And then I do the, I do the first edit. So we, we take the videos, I do the, the initial edit, just kind of a slam edit to kind of get it to time because I don’t really, you know, we usually overshoot the content. we try to keep all our videos under a minute. We used to be a minute and a half, but this year we’re trying to keep everything under a minute so that it will actually run as a YouTube short. Which is so annoying that their limit 60 seconds. If it was 90 seconds, my life would be way better. because it’s hard to get it down under 60. We’ve got to cut out a lot of stuff. So we usually shoot and, and the, and the video, the raw video, depending on what we’re doing is usually like a minute 30 to a minute 50.

[00:18:39] And then I’ve got to go in and be like, okay, what are we cutting out to get this thing under a minute? and I do that. And then I use, Splashio, to actually do the final edits and do the captioning and all that jazz. Yeah, the

[00:18:54] Conor Brown: know, you’re talking about when this started, it kind of just filled a void of, Hey, I recorded a podcast each week. I’m not doing that anymore. Let’s, let’s build a time back up with it. You know, Jay, now, how much of, of this takes up, you know, your entire business time, right? I, I assume you probably scaled the amount of work you were doing with it as it scaled proportionately, but today, I know every three weeks you, you get a little, a little sauced and, and, record a bunch of videos. But,

[00:19:27] Jay Baer: video part is the easy part, yeah. Especially because we have so many clients now.

[00:19:32] Conor Brown: mm hmm.

[00:19:35] Jay Baer: like realistically it’s probably half our time speaking

[00:19:37] Jeff Sieh: Okay. And the rest is speaking stuff and, and what you’ve,

[00:19:41] Jay Baer: stuff. Yeah. So if you have speaking webinars and you know, B2B stuff, right? So it’s, it’s probably 50 percent B2B, 50 percent B2C now, which never ever thought that would be the case. and, and it’s pretty interesting. The other thing that has been fascinating is I get recognized in airports and hotels now, literally, literally every week.

[00:20:06] Literally. that’s Tequila J. Baer. 100 percent of the time I’m recognized for tequila. 0 percent of the time I’m recognized for the seven books, the 20 years as a BBB Thought Leader, podcast host. Nobody gives a shit. But you start making tequila videos and all of a sudden, you’re the celebrity of every, of every Hyatt lobby.

[00:20:28] it’s, it’s been hilarious,

[00:20:30] Jeff Sieh: Well, but you’ve got to admit, like you’ve, you’ve talked with people like on Instagram Live and stuff like The Rock, which you pretty much said his tequila wasn’t very good. And he was, he was cool. I mean, he was a cool, he was very cool. And, but, and then Guy Fieri, you had him on. I mean, you’re not just talking to other people who like tequila.

[00:20:46] You’ve got some big, big names coming on the

[00:20:48] Jay Baer: Yeah, yeah, yeah. And more on the way on that front for sure. it is, it is interesting every once in a while the streams cross in a funny way though. I was doing an event a couple weeks ago, and, you know, speaking event and, and a guy came up to me afterwards. He’s like, when you walked on stage, I was like, I’ve, I recognize that guy somehow.

[00:21:10] And then you’ve realized like about two minutes into the speech, like that’s the tequila guy, who’s the keynote at our annual conference. Like what is going on here? Yeah. It’s kind of funny when people like, they’re like, wait, I didn’t know you did that. And then, and then, you know, the other way around, you get some people who are, you know, who are, you know, business fans and they had no idea that I also did tequila or whatever.

[00:21:30] So yeah, it’s. It’s kind of

[00:21:32] Jeff Sieh: cool. That’s cool. And of course you love it when your daughter works for you saying that you pronounce guy’s name wrong. Okay. Thanks. Thanks. But thanks, Abs.

[00:21:40] Jay Baer: It’s true. It’s Fieri, Fieri with an E, not a, not a R. And, and I will tell you, his representation is very adamant about making sure you get that right. In fact, we had like a whole special call before we did the live stream. We’re going to like, remember it’s Fieri, not Fieri. And I’m like, okay, good. I mean.

[00:21:59] You do you.

[00:22:00] Jeff Sieh: yeah. So hope if guy, if you’re watching, I’m very sorry. one of the things that, I wanted to bring up, first of all, I got some great comments from our friends. Gary says, tequila makes my fingers hurt when I drink it. People keep stepping on them. Well, at least it doesn’t make your, it doesn’t make your clothes fall off, Gary.

[00:22:15] So that’s good.

[00:22:17] Jay Baer: that. I might have to make a shirt out of that for our merch store, Gary. That’s, that’s pretty good

[00:22:20] Jeff Sieh: a good one. And Dustin says, I can’t have hobbies because they always turn into businesses, which is,

[00:22:25] Jay Baer: That’s true in his case.

[00:22:26] Jeff Sieh: yeah, it is. And you know, yes, he is. I’ve, I’ve seen him get carded. So he does get, he is old enough to drink. So,

[00:22:33] Conor Brown: for

[00:22:35] Jeff Sieh: that I want to talk about next is like the inspiration that you get for your content.

[00:22:41] Like, you know, this takes some time to do. You just can’t sit there and drink tequila and film it. Like, how do you come up with fresh ideas? Do you ever go like, I don’t know, I’m like plum out of, What to talk about, about tequila today, but do you, do you poll your audience? how do you like engage them in there?

[00:22:56] How do you find out what content you’re gonna, you know, batch out later with Maddie? Gotcha.

[00:23:02] Jay Baer: Yeah, it’s actually a whole variety of different, of different things. I mean, some of it, I just, you know, it just comes to me because I’m thinking about it or I see somebody else’s content or somebody asked me a question in the DMs because that is a good question. We should get that answered. So, so that sort of flotsam and jetsam happens all the time.

[00:23:17] And then some of it’s reviews, right? So somebody sends us a new or there’s a new release or there’s a new. Brand extension, like we should talk about that and see if we like it, etc. So that part’s pretty simple. But yes, we’ve had, we’ve done a post in the past where we actually went to the audience and said, what do you want to know?

[00:23:32] And if we actually use your question as a video, we’ll give you a gift card to our merch store. That’s been really successful. And I actually used Dustin’s product, Magida to actively say, okay, give me a hundred questions that people might have about tequila. Right. And some of those are. Or not video appropriate or whatever, but sometimes you get some, some gold in the river.

[00:23:52] And I’m like, yeah, that is a good question. And we’ll, we should answer that as well. So it’s, it’s, it’s a whole bunch of different sources and we try to, we try to, as much as we can, kind of keep the editorial calendar,

[00:24:06] Conor Brown: us

[00:24:09] Jay Baer: a Noah’s Ark. A little of this, a little of that, a little of this, a little of that, so it doesn’t get boring for people, but, you know, I wish I could say I’ve got it all figured out and I know exactly how the algorithm works and I know exactly what content performs, but I don’t, sometimes it, it surprises you and does way better than you think.

[00:24:24] And sometimes it surprises you and does way worse than you think. And if I knew exactly why and when, you know, I would, I would feel a lot better, but you know, you don’t know.

[00:24:35] Jeff Sieh: On, I’m interested to hear about like, I know you’ve kind of gone, usually it’s with celebrities, but Instagram Live and TikTok Live. Do you like doing that or how do you fit that in your schedule? Is it kind of a one off whenever? How do you kind of

[00:24:48] Jay Baer: Kind of a one off, kind of a one off and I do like it, right? Because it’s, it’s a, it’s a skillset that I’ve, I’ve got from doing so much podcast hosting, et cetera. So it doesn’t, it doesn’t bother me to do it at all. In fact, I enjoy it, but I, I find at least. So far for me, it doesn’t actually perform particularly well in terms of raw numbers, right?

[00:25:06] No, no excerpting the conversation and then turning that into a more conventional reel or what have you afterwards tends to do better. But, but the live itself, is a little bit trickier, for me, at least so far, maybe we’re not doing it right, but we haven’t really cracked, cracked the code on that just yet.

[00:25:22] So because we’re launching a new podcast, I don’t think we’ll lean into lives. A ton for the next probably six months, but towards the end of this year, we’ll, we’ll see where we’re at with all the different formats that we’ve already added YouTube and Facebook and a blog this year already. So we’re, we’re adding a lot of legs to the content stool.

[00:25:43] And since it’s literally just Maddie and myself, I’m, I’m cognizant of not, overloading the boat with too many effects.

[00:25:53] Jeff Sieh: So, you teased it, and I think it’s breaking news, your new podcast. You kind of said you’re, you want to talk about that just really quick?

[00:25:59] Jay Baer: Yeah, this, it is breaking news cause I’ve never announced it. We just signed the deals this week. it’s going to be called the Spirit Guides. It’s going to be a twice a month show both on YouTube and conventional podcast players where I interview other people who are influencers and content creators in the spirits community.

[00:26:15] So, the people who kind of do what I do for, for gin or vodka or rum or whiskey or bourbon, or wine or seltzers or beer, we’ll talk to them and probably some celebrities as well. Probably some other folks in the tequila community too. and the show’s going to focus on their origin story. As I mentioned, offline to Jeff and Connor, like nobody, nobody went to college to be a gin influencer.

[00:26:36] So like, how did, how did that happen and why did it happen and how, you know, the same way that for me, it’s really affected my life in terms of how I spend my time and getting recognized in airports. And like, it’s, it’s really become, you know, In some ways, the most gravitational pull, in my whole life.

[00:26:54] and, and that’s been something I didn’t really foresee. And, so those conversations I think are pretty interesting. So that’s what we’re going to do.

[00:27:02] Conor Brown: Yeah, super interesting. I know plenty of people probably are super interested in it. I know I am, because like you said, I like the origin story aspect of it because yeah, you don’t go to school for this. You can’t learn from a book about this, you just kind of do, but each person has their own unique story.

[00:27:19] For you, Jay, you know, this is something that it isn’t overnight, even though you started making content two years ago. It’s, it’s 30 years in the making because you had that passion for it for so long and that helped influence what you’re creating today. When it comes to that, Jay, when people come up to you and, and say, Jay, I want to do what you do.

[00:27:38] I want to turn my passion into a business, into a profit. What’s a good piece of advice that, that you give people?

[00:27:46] Jay Baer: Well, I think you just got to start, right? And this is almost a Gary Vee kind of philosophy, right? Like just, just start. A lot of people, don’t start because they want. It to be better before they start, right? They’re, they’re, they, they know it’s not going to be good when they start. And so they don’t start because it’s not going to be good.

[00:28:07] And the reality is nobody cares. Like it’s, it doesn’t matter. Like, of course it’s not going to be good. Like, you know, your first X number of podcasts, your first X number of videos, your first X number of blog posts are all going to suck. they just are. And that’s okay because you can’t really get better in.

[00:28:25] A fake test environment, right? You only really get better when you’ve got audience reaction to like use as data points. And so the, the best way to, to get there is to just be okay with imperfection and just start getting the reps because you’ll, you’ll get better every time when you’re like, Oh, that didn’t work.

[00:28:45] Why? Let’s try something different. You know, obviously you’ve got to have a mentality around experimentation and optimization to do that well, but most people, don’t start because they don’t think it will be good and it won’t and just be okay with that.

[00:29:01] Conor Brown: Yeah.

[00:29:02] Jeff Sieh: That’s great advice. kind of on that same note, I want to talk about, you know, your experience. So you had this, you’re consulting with tequila brands on, you know, like flavor and marketing. I mean, they’re coming to you going like, what works, Jay, on a tequila? So talk a little bit about how you’re leaning into your experience and customer experience to get this new business that is coming your way.

[00:29:24] Jay Baer: Yeah. And marketing. Maddie said it the other day, we were having our daily meeting. She’s like, did we just rebuild a consulting firm, but all the clients are tequila? I’m like, yeah, kind of. Didn’t really think that was going to happen, but I guess she’d go, you know, it’s sort of like dance, dance with the girl you brung.

[00:29:38] Right. Like I know how to run consulting businesses. And so we sort of built another one. but, but all the clients are tequila brands. so yeah, it’s, it’s absolutely. A transferable skill, both on the marketing side and the overall customer experience and kind of positioning side. One of the biggest challenges for tequila brands, is that there are so many.

[00:29:58] And, and in many cases, they don’t really know. Like, what specific section, subsection of the market are they going after, right? I mean, obviously America, Americans who drink tequila, great, but you’ve got to be like way more specific than that, right? And, and what is the occasion for your particular brand based on price point, based on flavor profile, et cetera, right?

[00:30:21] So are you the tequila that people bring on the boat? to make like quick, you know, quick and inexpensive mixed drinks. Are you the tequila that people drink, you know, by the fireplace, right? In place of a bourbon or a cognac or a scotch. like what, what exactly is your jam? Right. And, and we find that most brands, for whatever reason, Experience resources, what have you, don’t understand their ideal customer profile or essentially their personas well enough.

[00:30:50] And then what they end up with is a marketing strategy, which is sort of like random acts of marketing. and then that doesn’t work either. Right? So that’s one of the things that, that Maddie and I have really done taking, in her case, probably five years. And in my case, literally 30 years of experience in marketing and customer experience and saying, okay.

[00:31:07] Like what if we just named who the customer was and then let’s like talk directly to that person, right? Is it suburban moms, right? Is it, is it urban singles? Like what, who’s our guy, right? and, and then let’s align all the brand narrative around that.

[00:31:24] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. So, and I think that’s what’s so attractive about your channel is because you do hit a lot of those. Anyway, you talk about mixed drinks, but you also hit people like, you know, Chris Stone, who is a tequila lover, the, the sippers, the ones who want to sit in front of the fire, like you said. So you have that mix, but you’re not You’re not just pouring it into a mixed drink and like, hey, let’s shoot this back.

[00:31:44] Oh, that was good. I mean, it’s more you’re crafting that content, which I think is really, really, really what

[00:31:49] Jay Baer: One of the most important decisions we ever made was when I first, first, first started, said, okay, let’s do some math here. 40, approximately 40 million Americans have had at least one cocktail that includes tequila in the last 30 days. So the total addressable audience, is 40 million people.

[00:32:13] Conor Brown: us

[00:32:14] Jay Baer: Matchmaker is the app that the nerds use, okay?

[00:32:18] And it’s very similar to Vavino for wine or Untappd for beer if you’re in those communities. I’m sure there’s a whiskey one as well, I just don’t know it.

[00:32:25] Conor Brown: soon. It

[00:32:29] Jay Baer: 400, 000 people have ever downloaded that app. So that group of 400, 000 people, which includes me, is sort of the tequila nerd audience.

[00:32:40] So, as a professional marketer, I’m thinking, all right, which group do I want to make content for? A group of 400, 000 people, or a group of 40 million people? And we very intentionally decided to go after the larger audience, which is why, we are perfectly okay. You know, reviewing tequilas that are more popular, were perfectly okay, answering questions that tequila nerds might find rudimentary or basic.

[00:33:11] because we want to be the person who, who, who goes take you from here to here, right? Out there who are sort of taking people from here to here, right? That are, that are more like the 3 0 3, 4 0 4. We want to be 1 0 1, 2 0 2, and we’re totally okay with that. And, and that’s why at the very beginning, relatively early, I started putting Maddie in some of the videos because when Maddie started, she barely drank tequila at all.

[00:33:37] And, and, and so her, her flavor preferences were very tuned to, tequila newbie, like soft and sweet and you know, all that kind of stuff. And it was amazing because we would do reviews, especially in those early days. And I’d be like eight and she’d be five or I’d be. Oh, I’d be four and she’d be nine, right?

[00:33:56] And so there was a huge spread in, in what we thought was, was good. and that was amazing and really, really intentional. Now, as, as you would expect over the last two years, Maddie’s probably had as many tequilas as anybody. and so now her flavor preferences have changed quite a bit because she’s seen so many different tequilas and has been to Mexico and understands all the things.

[00:34:17] So now our scores tend to be, More aligned, which is a, is a natural by product of experience. so I’m going to have to get somebody else on their show who doesn’t, who doesn’t know anything about tequila. You’re going to get replaced by a, by a new, a new, a new newbie, maybe.

[00:34:33] Jeff Sieh: So, this is a great point by, and I agree with this by, Chris Stone. He goes, Jay does a great job of finding the best pound for pound tequilas where you don’t have to drop a hundred dollars on a great anejo and his lists are spot on. I totally agree. That’s what got me down the tequila train.

[00:34:47] So.

[00:34:48] Jay Baer: Yeah. I mean, there’s some, there are some great expensive tequilas for sure, but, but there’s also, not a correlation between price and quality, except at the very low end, right? Like, like you get, you get like a. below 30 below 25 like you’re you’re asking for trouble right because you just can’t tequila is very very very labor intensive even the big ones and and so you get below that price point it is essentially functionally impossible to make a quality tequila so at the very low end price matters above that though it is You know, there’s some, there’s some expensive tequilas that are terrible, and there’s some inexpensive ones that are good and, and all over that kind of quadrant map.

[00:35:33] So yeah, that’s, I appreciate that comment. We, we definitely try to make sure that, people aren’t, aren’t spending money unnecessarily.

[00:35:40] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. It’s, it’s great. So go, if you are interested at all, go to, you know, Tequila J on Instagram or a TikTok and get some of those lists. Cause they’re really, really helpful. I

[00:35:49] do want to do a

[00:35:49] Jay Baer: if you do that, you’ll appreciate this. The reason we have all the lists is that we’re building the email list. So for us, the email list, the email list is all I actually care about. Right. So, so. Yeah. Yes, we get lots of people watching the videos and that’s amazing, but for us, the videos are what create people’s interest in giving us their email address and the email address then gives us the ability to reach our audience whenever we want without interference from Meta or ByteDance or, or Alphabet or anybody else.

[00:36:19] And of course that is a lesson I learned, you know, many, many, many years ago was a marketing strategist. So our, our in house mailing list is 30, almost 35, 000 now. which we’re really excited about because that allows us to do a lot of things outside the video realm, which, help our partners a lot.

[00:36:35] Jeff Sieh: Well, and it works because that got me on the Authentico 3 bottle special you had because it came as an email to me after I had asked for a list and I’m like, oh, that’s a good deal. I get a bottle for free and it’s stuff I’ve never tried before. And so it works. So it’s genius. real quick, I want to do another shout out to our sponsors, Ecamm.

[00:36:53] You can find out more about them at ecamm. com forward slash Jeff. one of the cool things that they’re doing, it’s that time again, folks. Yes, it is Leap Into Live Streaming. If you’re creating content feels like a crazy impossible task, some days you need to come to this virtual event. Leap Into Tools and Tactics is all about streamlining your, your, your, your content workflows by implementing some great efficiency, efficiencies through different tools and tricks.

[00:37:17] I’m going to be there April 24th to 26th, and you can learn my favorite tips for content. You can find out more about that at leap. ecamm. com. That’s leap. ecamm. com. So make sure to check that out. Alrighty. I want to go right to this, this is, I could talk to Jay for like hours, but I want to get into this and my daughter actually had a great question about this subject, about crafting engaging content, and she says, How much, Jay, are you paying attention to what other tequila influencers are doing, or do you not care and stay in your own lane as far as a content strategy?

[00:37:52] Jay Baer: Great question, Abby, both, you know, there’s, there’s, you know, there’s probably 10 other content creators that are doing it at scale. there’s a handful that are doing it at scale that, that have sizable audiences. So, and we know all those folks personally, you know, we’ve met them at different tequila events and what have you.

[00:38:14] so yeah, we’re always keeping one eye on, on what other folks are doing just for,

[00:38:18] Conor Brown: you

[00:38:20] Jay Baer: as you should. And of course, human nature is, if this thing is working, maybe we should do that thing as well, right? You fall into this trap of, of, unintentional mimicry. But I am very much aware of that trapdoor.

[00:38:44] And so we really do as much as possible try to stick to our knitting. and it’s like, we’re going to do what we’re going to do. And, and if people. Like it, great. If they don’t, we’ll, we’ll make adjustments, but we’re, we’re trying to not copy anybody else. I will say, that imitation is the highest form of flattery.

[00:39:02] And there’s a number of people out there who, who make content in my category who, who, have, have changed what they’re doing, to, to look an awful lot like what we do. You know, that’s always a little, whether it’s the actual topic of the video or the shot style or the music drops or, you know, the color, even the background colors, whatever.

[00:39:22] So, sometimes that gets a little, a little annoying, frankly, but, you know, what are you gonna do?

[00:39:28] Conor Brown: Yeah, I think all those things too, you know, are, are great ways to engage the audience and you’ve kind of perfected it, which is why you’re seeing so much success with that. But Jay, you said it yourself, like if YouTube could allow for. A minute 30, it would make your life a whole lot easier because creating that short form content in under a minute is so, so, so difficult.

[00:39:51] But we also know you got to hook someone right away, especially when it’s a short piece of content. For the art of the hook, Jay, you know, what have you, you know, learned strategy wise to, to really just engage people from the very get? Hmm.

[00:40:07] Jay Baer: we’re not where I want to be with that. we continue to work on different sort of first sentences. and, and even who delivers that first sentence. Is it Maddie? Is it me? Et cetera. We’re also now experimenting with some intro transitions, right? Where you’ve got some, some camera moves just to kind of stop the thumb for that extra two seconds to get into the, into the shot.

[00:40:33] it’s one of the things I’m. That’s a weakness for me because my background is in longer form content, you know, getting right into it in one second can be a challenge. So, we have a whole process of experimentation that we’re going through to, to get better at that initial hook. And I also feel like, like, I understand why it works because I’m a content consumer as well.

[00:40:57] But, I don’t know. I, I also feel like it’s a little bit disingenuous sometimes too. Like, you know, like seven secrets about tequila, right? I’m like, Jesus, dude, this is so lame. but, but I get it. Like I, you know, I understand, but yeah, it’s, it’s actually a great question and one that, that I, I know we’ve got to get better at and we’ve got a whole plan for doing so.

[00:41:17] Jeff Sieh: Well,

[00:41:18] Conor Brown: I

[00:41:18] Jeff Sieh: also.

[00:41:19] Conor Brown: because it seems like, you know, you’re intentionally, okay with experimentation. It goes back to the thing of the advice that you give to someone, who wants to take their passion and turn it into, you know, their profit, their profession. It’s just start, right? It’s, you’re not going to be perfect from the get.

[00:41:36] You’re still learning. You’re still experimenting. So I think, you know, And I hope you’d probably agree with this, that experimenting and, and being kind of addicted to experimenting and trying new things probably is the best way to get better over time.

[00:41:51] Jay Baer: Oh, absolutely. Yeah. And, and it really is more about, a psychology and an attitude first.

[00:41:59] Conor Brown: Yeah.

[00:42:00] Jay Baer: And then how you actually do the experimentation. there’s a lot of different ways to get there, but you have to have an appetite for it. and, and I definitely have that appetite and have my, my whole career.

[00:42:13] It’s one of the reasons I got into digital so early as a matter of fact. Maddie, Maddie sometimes rolls her eyes because I’m literally never satisfied. and, and like every day I’m like, I’ve got an idea. She’s like, Oh, you have an idea. Surprising. I was like, so,

[00:42:32] Jeff Sieh: yeah,

[00:42:32] Jay Baer: yeah, it’s, it kind of comes to the territory.

[00:42:34] Jeff Sieh: Well, I also noticed on your channel that you’ve experimented with different thumbnails. Like are you constantly trying to see what’s gonna work and you know, how long does that test? This is very nerdy, but how long do you let a test run before you go? Okay. Time to change it up again and see if we can get a little bit more, you know, engagement or whatever.

[00:42:52] Jay Baer: Yeah. We’ve tried a lot of different thumbnails over time. Some of it’s just more workflow and some of it is actual intentional, design style. Even with captions. Like we didn’t, we didn’t caption the videos for a long time, but then I sort of realized like, you know. I know you can get Instagram or TikTok to auto caption it, but I think it looks kind of crappy.

[00:43:08] And so, so often people are, are consuming content in those platforms with, with audio off. we just feel like it’s a better, a better approach. it’s, you know, usually about every 90 days is when we take a look at, you know, And that the actual thumbnails and be like, okay, should we, should we change this?

[00:43:31] Should we not change it? One of the things that we did about 90 days ago is we started taking all the photos intentionally, right? So we used to just take excerpts, you know, take a, take a frame from the video. And now we actually shoot a still photo before we shoot the video that we’re going to intentionally turn into the caption.

[00:43:47] And that’s, that’s actually, I think a better process and it looks a little better, but, Yeah, you know, that again, there’s so many, there’s so many factors, right? Like what’s the content? What’s the, what’s the thumbnail? What’s the hook? What’s the time of day? What’s the day a week? What happened the day before?

[00:44:05] So is the algorithm primed or, or, or cranky? it’s, it’s very difficult to isolate variables, which for somebody like me, who thinks like me is super annoying because, you know, I, I, I, you end up. I think at some level chasing ghosts, you’re like, Oh yeah, we got to do, you know, a different thumbnail. But the whole time it was actually what time of day you were posting or whatever, right?

[00:44:30] Because you can’t, you can’t isolate variables the way you would an email test in an email test, right? It’s like, okay, let’s the list four ways and send an email at four o’clock, six o’clock, eight o’clock at 10 o’clock and see what happens, right? All other variables are the same. You can’t do that, in, in reels or, or TikTok, et cetera.

[00:44:47] And as a, somebody who spent a lot of time doing testing optimization, that. Frustrates me a lot. Mm-Hmm.

[00:44:53] Jeff Sieh: hmm. I’ll bet. And it’s, I mean, I had one the other day I was doing a short and like, I was getting great, you know, I was trying to do one all week. I was like, I’m gonna do one all week and see what happens. I got two when I, I was like, it was this, but it was, and it was like a huge person in our industry.

[00:45:05] I’m like, I don’t understand. It makes no sense. It was taking long. Anyway, I get, I get your frustration, on this content creation process. Cause you have, you do kind of have a mix of, you know, What I would call education, like you educating about tequila. And then you have entertainment, like the award show that you did, kind of, that had a different background.

[00:45:26] I think it was a green screen and you were dressed

[00:45:28] Jay Baer: No, it’s actually real theater

[00:45:29] Jeff Sieh: oh really? Oh, that’s pretty cool. but a different, it was entertaining more than it was educational. So how do you find the strategy for balancing those two things, educational content versus entertainment content?

[00:45:41] Jay Baer: We,

[00:45:42] Conor Brown: for

[00:45:45] Jay Baer: don’t do that intentionally. it’s. It’s sort of like,

[00:45:53] Conor Brown: we hope to

[00:45:59] Jay Baer: we do try to mix it up, certainly within each week and within each month so that it’s not the same kind of content every time. And I have learned a lesson and actually the awards is a great example.

[00:46:14] so last year, late last year, we did a Tequila J Bear, awards. And so we pulled our mailing list audience and said, okay, what was your favorite Blanco, your favorite Reposado, your favorite Agnejo, et cetera. and, and did it like a legit, you know, like a legit market research, and, and pulled all those awards together and then shot the videos.

[00:46:31] And so, you know, award for best Blanco, the award for best Reposado. And we shot out a whole week. So I think we did five videos in a row. Each day was a different award. And it worked really well at the beginning, but then every day it got worse. And I think it’s because it looks the same, even though it’s a different award, and people just got kind of bored of it in the feed.

[00:46:49] So I told you, next week we’re going to do a series called March Sadness, where we’re taking eight 8 bad tequilas and doing like a March Madness style playoff to figure out which one is the, is the worst of these tequilas. historically what I would have done is, is deployed those videos one per day for four days, but the lesson I learned on the the award show last year that Is that that actually doesn’t work.

[00:47:18] so what we’re going to do is March sadness, you know, bracket one, wait a day or two, March sadness, bracket two, wait a day or two, and actually like time release capsule out that content. because I think the algorithm likes that a little bit better. So, you know, this is the thing, like we, we, every time I think we’ve got it figured out, we learned something else, either good or bad, which is great.

[00:47:42] but also frustrating.

[00:47:44] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. Yeah. Got it.

[00:47:46] Conor Brown: Let’s talk about like setup because I know I love the, you were in the theater for, for the award show. That’s so cool. But it seems like, you know, since you’re big on, on batching content and being very intentional, I have to assume that the behind the scenes, your studio, those sorts of things, it’s structured in a way to be very efficient because you, you want to get the right video, right?

[00:48:07] But you want to do it at scale. So what does your setup look like Jay? And how does it help facilitate this kind of content creation?

[00:48:16] Jay Baer: it’s something that we have changed over time, Connor, as, as we’ve gotten kind of more serious about this and put more resources against it, et cetera. But we do have some limitations, right? Again, I’m on the road every single week, right? So I can’t just shoot whenever, Maddie’s only here every three weeks.

[00:48:31] And so we got to shoot them all at once, et cetera, et cetera. Now, could we change some of those things? We probably could. we just haven’t yet. So we shoot them all in my house. so I’m downstairs now in my kind of business studio. Upstairs, we have the, the wall of awesome, which is hundreds and hundreds of tequila bottles.

[00:48:49] and, and that’s literally our dining room. And in fact, one of the great fights of my life, Connor, was convincing my wife to allow me to build all the shelves or buy the shelves, to put all the tequila bottles because now our dining room is dominated by a wall of tequila. And my wife was not all that enthusiastic about that plan. Because she’s like, look, this is, you know, this, this is where we live. I’m like, I understand. unfortunately we downsized to this house. I don’t have like a whole other room that could just turn into a tequila studio like I would have in the past. and so, yeah, we shoot up, in the dining room, which the lighting’s really good, which helps the audio is not perfect because they don’t have sound panels in there like I do in here.

[00:49:28] So the sound isn’t as good as I’d like it to be. and there’s a couple other issues. I have a dining room table. that we sit at in the videos and that table is iron and zinc, so it literally cannot be moved. So if we, you know, you need like four or five dudes to move it. So if we wanna move the table because we go in a different shot, we can’t do that.

[00:49:49] Right? So there’s definitely some restrictions to it. We actually thought very, very hard late last year about actually renting. a physical space here in town, commercial space and just turn it into the, the tequila shooting studio. And we may end up still doing that, because I’m already out of space on the shelves.

[00:50:09] And, and, and we, and it’s hard for us to come up with different shot locations, at home for a lot of reasons. So, it’s, it’s working fine now, but it’s definitely something that we have to continue to innovate and iterate on.

[00:50:25] Jeff Sieh: Awesome. Everybody has to scale. And it’s, it’s interesting to hear the, the stories behind that. Like I, we can’t move our table. Like there’s certain things, you know, everybody has those limitations. Like I

[00:50:33] Jay Baer: Yeah, we’ve got, we’ve got a light, a big descending, like giant, it’s a very cool, almost like a museum piece chandelier. We can’t move that either. Right. So we, you know, it, it restricts like which shot angles we can actually accomplish, which is why we used to actually shoot with a DSLR. but now we actually shoot with my phone.

[00:50:51] I mean, the phones are pretty damn good now, but, but now we shoot with a phone and a gimbal, a DJI gimbal, just because it’s easier to kind of get. but it is, it is suboptimal, in some ways.

[00:51:06] Jeff Sieh: George says over on YouTube says, if you light the tequila bottles artistically, it becomes an accent wall and focal point. Yeah. But still it’s tequila bottles. And your wife, my wife would be feeling the same way.

[00:51:16] Jay Baer: Well, George, that’s why I got the ones with have lights, because it does actually look really nice with the lights and, and, and my wife had veto power on which shelves to get. So I’m like, okay, let’s get the nicest looking shelves and, and that way, it won’t be quite as objectionable. And so we’ve managed to manage to solve for that for now.

[00:51:35] Jeff Sieh: That’s awesome. So I want to kind of, oh gosh, man, it’s time. the, we talked a little bit and we’ve kind of danced around about talking about YouTube Shorts, which is probably, you know, you kill, I mean, you kill everywhere, but that’s probably your lowest compared to like Instagram or TikTok, right? So what is your strategy and what are you going to change to like, are you just putting everything out there?

[00:51:55] Are you repurposing everything on there? Are you gonna do some other content? What’s your thoughts on

[00:52:00] Jay Baer: two things. So, so right now we just repurposed there. We actually just share all the videos from Instagram and TikTok to shorts, automatically and some do, you know, okay. most do not great. but we also haven’t put a lot of effort there. So a couple of things. One is we’ve actually just had a call about this yesterday.

[00:52:19] We’re going to start posting it manually, we’ve been doing it automatically, and rewriting all the captions and, and rewriting, the headlines to make it a little bit more YouTube friendly, a little bit more question answer kind of a situation. I think that will help some. And then once we have the podcast up and running, so that’ll be another piece of content that happens episodically on YouTube.

[00:52:45] I think that will help as well. I probably also need to send an email to the house file and say, Hey, you probably stumbled upon us on Instagram or TikTok originally, but we’re also on YouTube and you’re probably spending time on YouTube. So subscribe to us there as well. we’ll probably do that also.

[00:53:04] and, and then we’ll see. I’m not, not prepared to create a YouTube only content yet outside of the podcast, but maybe eventually, cause it is, it is a nut we like to crack. Certainly.

[00:53:14] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. Interesting. So, kind of the final question. I want to talk about, this is kind of some insight and influence you have on this now. And this comes from actually your newsletter, the, the Bear Facts that you put out twice a month. Just the, the one that you just sent out, which was, they’re really good.

[00:53:30] If you don’t subscribe to Jay’s newsletter, make sure you go to, jbear. com. And that’s if you’re listening on the podcast, j a y b a e r. com. And sign up for that newsletter. Really, really good long form content. But you talked on this last one about transparency. Like you mentioned the health problem you were, you were talking about and how you actually mentioned it on stage because you usually don’t do that kind of thing.

[00:53:52] Where’s the balance for content creators, especially like on TikTok and some of this real short form content of like the balance of empathy and transparency? Like, yours is very entertainment, educational about tequila. Would you ever go into that little bit more transparent Tequila J on that channel?

[00:54:12] Jay Baer: now. because I still have JBear Instagram, and Facebook and everything else and LinkedIn that’s more around speaking, et cetera. So one of the things we’ve talked about is, you know, the tequila channel is artifice at some level because I’m only talking about tequila and that’s only part of my life.

[00:54:32] And so we’re starting to experiment with, well, what if we just talked about all the things I do, not just that on the one channel so that you sort of let the audience, you As a human being, I’ve always struggled with it a little, frankly, not that I have anything to hide. I just, I don’t know. I’m old, right? So I, I, I grew up in a world where it’s like, I don’t give a what this person’s doing and why do they give a about what I’m doing? But I also understand that as a public figure, the audience wants to know the real you.

[00:55:05] They want to know what you’re really about, not just the produced 60 second videos. Like, I get it. So I’m trying to kind of get over my own apprehension there and, and keep it a little bit more real, whether it’s in stories, or reels, et cetera. So it’s definitely something we’re talking about. and, and then the question becomes, okay, well, if the tequila account becomes all my stuff, then what do I do with the other account?

[00:55:30] if anything, right? So it’s a little, a lot of this is a by product of having two accounts. Which we started that way on purpose from the beginning because who knew that the tequila thing was going to be anything at all. and then we also thought for a while that talking about tequila in the context of the speaking business was going to be a problem.

[00:55:48] And it’s been ended up being the opposite, right? So increasingly I’ll go do a keynote speech and I’ll do a tequila tasting for the executives. It’s like, it’s like a combo meal. so that, that whole thing is working really, really well. It’s actually a, definitely a differentiator now on the speaking side, a talk trigger, if I can quote my own book.

[00:56:06] So yeah, we’re, we’re point, point taken, right? Like I know it’s something that we’ve got to do. That’s the next step for us is sort of that Pat Flynn style. Let’s really connect with the audience on a personal level. It’s, it’s admittedly hard for me psychologically to get there, but I know it’s something we need to do.

[00:56:24] So, it’s, it’s an action item.

[00:56:26] Jeff Sieh: awesome. Yeah, I just thought that your article in your latest newsletter was really, really good. And

[00:56:31] Jay Baer: Thanks. And that was also really a hard one to, you know, that, that was one that I’ve been sitting on that for two years.

[00:56:37] Jeff Sieh: Wow. Okay. So once again, you guys need to go and sign up for his newsletter. one of the, the, I guess the last question we’ll kind of wrap it up with this is what are your thoughts on this TikTok ban?

[00:56:47] Are you worried because a lot of your content is over there? Are you just going to go over hard in on Instagram? What are your thoughts?

[00:56:53] Jay Baer: I mean, I don’t, I wouldn’t say I’m worried, but also, you know, my background is in politics. I, I, I started in politics.

[00:57:03] Conor Brown: all

[00:57:05] Jay Baer: in this current climate, like never say never. but it just seems nearly impossible to me that they would actually, institute a ban. That said,

[00:57:18] Conor Brown: see

[00:57:20] Jay Baer: Instagram, but there’s definitely a reason why we, why we’re spending more time and, and plan to spend even more time on YouTube.

[00:57:27] you know, and we’re also, we have a Facebook page, which doesn’t do very well, but it’s there. And, now we’ve, every single video we make also becomes a blog post at tequilajbear. com. Cause now we’re trying to, you know, play some organic, Google search, ranking games as well. So fully understand the need to be, available in a lot of different channels, but I, you know, I just don’t think it’s going to happen.

[00:57:49] Jeff Sieh: Gotcha. Yeah. It’s, it’s interesting. You know, Gary says he doesn’t think we’ll see a ban, but he thinks it’s going to be a sale to American entity. So that could, we’ll see what happens with all this stuff, but.

[00:58:00] Jay Baer: Didn’t Oracle want to buy it at one point?

[00:58:02] Jeff Sieh: Yeah, and then, yeah, there’s all sorts of talk, I guess, right now. But anyway, whatever happens, happens.

[00:58:07] Jay is doing it right. He’s got, you know, he’s been doing the content in both places, not just putting his, all his eggs in one basket. So that’s really real cool. Jay, as we wrap up, where are, what’s the best place that people can, find you and maybe one of your, a place to find one of your lists for the best tequilas, like a Blanco or whatever.

[00:58:25] Yeah.

[00:58:25] Jay Baer: Yeah, you bet. so, tequilajbear. com is the, is the main website for tequila things. and that’s got all of our merchandise and shirts and hats and tasting glasses and all the blog posts for all the different videos we’ve ever made. if you go to, jaytequila. com, j a y tequila. com, it will ask for your email address and we’ll send you our list of, of recommended tequila brands.

[00:58:51] so that’s sort of our base, our base list of just like the brands that we think are, are the ones that you should check out. That’s a good place to start.

[00:58:58] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. Awesome. Connor Brown, where can people find the unsinkable Connor Brown?

[00:59:02] Conor Brown: I gotta go, to that website first to get one of those hats because those things are awesome.

[00:59:06] Jeff Sieh: Yeah

[00:59:07] Conor Brown: you can find me over at www. opinion. com and across socials at www. opinion. What a great conversation. This one was awesome

[00:59:16] Jeff Sieh: This was fun. Yeah, they’re all good, but this was really cool too. I gotta do a shout out for our friend Jason T. Weiser. He goes, not a tequila drinker, but a huge fan of Jay and Jeff as content creators and marketers. Always learning from these two. Jason, my friend, thank you so much for that. That was awesome.

[00:59:32] Thank you for all you guys in the comments giving, Gary, let’s see, some other people showed up, Dustin, of course, Jim, Jim Alt, Emily Kroom stopped by, saying hi and we appreciate. Yeah, we appreciate all you. Thank you guys so much for watching. Don’t forget about our sponsor of the show, Ecamm.

[00:59:48] You can find out more about them at ecamm. com forward slash Jeff. Save 15 percent by using the code JEFF15 at checkout to save on your first order. And with that, we’ll see you guys next week. Bye, everybody.

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