On this week’s show, The Digital Gal Amanda Robinson shared what marketers need to know running Facebook and Instagram ads over this holiday season and what we should know as we plan for 2023. We’ll also chat about her experience traveling with Meta Boost Small Business Studios.


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[00:00:01] Jeff Sieh: Hello folks. Welcome to another episode of Social Media. News Live. I’m so excited you’re here. I’m so excited for our guest today. Um, we’re gonna be talking all about, um, ad campaigns and meta and Facebook meta, whatever, you know, but it’s gonna be a lot of fun. I want you guys to ask your questions because we have, gosh, I have known Amanda.

[00:00:22] It’s forever, it seems like. Um, probably as bad as long as I’ve known Grace and I’m so excited that she’s here. She is traveling the world right now, so, um, yeah, it’s just, it, it’s so cool. Um, what you’re doing and how she’s doing it. She’s been, how many years have you been doing the digital nomad thing, Amanda?

[00:00:40] Amanda Robinson: Oh, gosh, I don’t know. I’m probably going on five years. I still, like, I have a place to live. I do have a place to live now. I’m not, I’m not living in a she’s anymore. She’s not homeless people. Like she has a home.

[00:00:50] Grace Duffy: No, she’s just, she’s just, I’m not, I’m not being a digital nomad. She’s living my dream. So I’m living vicariously through Amanda.

[00:00:56] Like this is the arrangement

[00:00:58] Jeff Sieh: we have. So Ian Anderson, Greg goes Amanda, and, um, he, he also always does his howdy, howdy. For Grace and I in Texas, but I wanted to give a shot real quick. I’m gonna go, uh, full screen with Amanda, let you see where she’s at. So tell everybody where you’re at right now.

[00:01:15] Amanda Robinson: Yeah, tell us.

[00:01:15] All right, so I am, right now I’m in Cox Bay in Tofino. So this is a very famous surfing beach in Canada. So yes, surfing in November in Canada and I’ve got surfboard and everything ready to rock. Um, so yeah, I wanted to, I didn’t want to give up surfing , so I came up here with my star. And I know it looks like my connection’s a little bit shaky, so if that is, I can flip over.

[00:01:38] Do you want me to switch guys?

[00:01:39] Jeff Sieh: Um, yeah, you may have to reboot, but, uh, that’ll be fine. So yeah, why don’t you do that real quick and we’ll, we’ll go back. Good now. Yeah. So we’ll go back to Grace and I real quick. Oh, the wrong person. Fix this. You’re, you’re here. Um, so this is why this is live show folks. So, um, there’s Grace, so.

[00:01:58] Yeah, so, uh, she’s using starlink. We were testing it before and she’s on the beach, but it’s very, very cool. Um, where’s the, if you guys are live streamers in the audience, tell us the strangest places, place you’ve ever streamed from Grace. What about you? Where’s the weirdest place you’ve ever?

[00:02:14] Grace Duffy: Restream front.

[00:02:15] Weird. I’m pretty, like, I, I kind of stick to my office, but I think all the times when we’ve been on the road and one of us has been on the road, right, it always catches me off as like when we are, uh, at a conference and someone will just put a camera on my face and be like, we’re live, da. And I’m kinda like, uh,

[00:02:29] Jeff Sieh: right.

[00:02:31] All right. So, um, Amanda, tell us, cuz you’re like the a, um, before we start the show and we’re going live over on Amazon, I wanna know like your mobile kit, like what do you take to do this stuff? Because this is your job, this is your business. And you know, I think it’s fascinating that you have to. Like it’s a small footprint.

[00:02:50] You have to have. I’ve seen, you know, the, when you travel, so how do you do it day in and day out? Mobile, because that’s your, I mean, you are like, Grace and I, we’re all digital, but you’re traveling everywhere, so let us know how you do it. Yeah.

[00:03:03] Amanda Robinson: Well one thing is I don’t take all the bells and whistles with me.

[00:03:06] So for example, I’m just using AirPods for my microphone and earphones. Um, if I flip this around, you’ll see that I have my giant battery. So this is, I charge in the vehicle. I charge it in the car while I’m driving. Okay. That’s the starlink. And then behind it, the starlink

[00:03:24] Jeff Sieh: satellite. So what battery pack are you using there?

[00:03:27] What’s that little,

[00:03:27] Amanda Robinson: um, it’s, it’s by Goal Zero. Okay. Goal Zero. Um, it’s called a Goal zero. That one’s a Yeti 400. So it’s, Just like a small car battery, , , and I around. And I, yeah, so I charge that while I’m driving and it takes about eight hours of driving to give that a full charge. But when I’m road tripping, I do about eight hours a day because I have this little guy with me.

[00:03:52] Yes,

[00:03:52] Jeff Sieh: small dog.

[00:03:55] Grace Duffy: Hi. Hi, small dog.

[00:03:57] Jeff Sieh: He’s been a part of your, he’s been a part of your ventures since the beginning, hasn’t he? Yeah. Yeah,

[00:04:01] Amanda Robinson: he has. Yeah. He’s been with me through this entire thing. He’s, that dog has seen more states than most people I know, . That’s

[00:04:10] Jeff Sieh: probably true. So, um, Ian asked this

[00:04:13] Grace Duffy: question, has a question.

[00:04:14] Yeah. He says, is starlink worldwide? He’d love to know.

[00:04:18] Amanda Robinson: I truly believe it is. Yeah, they have an app. So on my app here, so there’s the starlink app, and then from here there’s maps and stuff in here that I can see. Um, range visibility. So, yeah, so I don’t wanna Right, right, right. Pull up here. But it, uh, you have maps, so you can see maps of where you’re most likely to have full coverage service.

[00:04:47] Areas that might be a little bit patchy, and then areas that they just don’t cover yet. But it’s most of the globe that’s covered at this point. There’s like, I’m in, for reference, I am in the middle of nowhere. There’s, to drive out to here, you have to drive for, it’s, it’s five hours from where I live and.

[00:05:04] Two hours of that, about an hour and a half that is driving with zero cell service. There is no cell service. Wow. Until you pop out and there’s just these two little tiny towns, Tofino and you clue it. And they’re about, I don’t know, 20 miles apart from each other. And, and this is it. Like this is what you get.

[00:05:21] This is Tofino is all resorts and campsites and just surfing. There’s, there’s nothing else

[00:05:26] Jeff Sieh: here. . Wow. So, and, and this Ian, I know that one she showed, uh, a little bit ago was, RV version. They have like a one for your house and they have one for the rv. But I like that RV cuz it’s very portable. They’re, yeah.

[00:05:39] Amanda Robinson: Quite honestly, they’re the exact same unit. Oh. I truly believe they’re the same thing. It’s just one, it costs a little bit more cuz you can. . Um, you can pause your subscription at any point, which is why the RV version’s a little more money. Gotcha. Um, and the, the hardware that I think you pay more for the hardware from mounting it to your residence if you have a permanent fixed one.

[00:06:01] Mm-hmm. versus this one that just is on like, just like little tripod. I can just carry around anywhere.

[00:06:06] Jeff Sieh: Okay. That’s, I mean, I had to nerd out because, you know, she’s, she’s done this so long, she’s like a pro. Um, a lot of us, we don’t even think about that. We’re like, oh my gosh, what do I do? And she’s got it all down.

[00:06:16] So thanks Amanda, for

[00:06:17] Amanda Robinson: sharing that. Yeah. Meanwhile, meanwhile, yesterday getting ready, know that I’ve got this live broadcast, I’m camp throwing all my camping gear and throwing surfing stuff in, and I’m like, oh yeah, live Restream gear. I need my headphones, I need the starlink, I need the battery. I need.

[00:06:28] Make sure that I’ve got my cords. I need to make sure I’ve got a bag and just other reference, I’m sitting on a yoga mat, right. So I could put the laptop on a yoga mat and my butt on a yoga mat so that it’s not getting sandy and the equipment is getting protected.

[00:06:42] Jeff Sieh: See all those little, all those little hacks that you know, see that’s what’s so cool.

[00:06:45] Grace Duffy: See, you need, you need to come up with a getting ready song for going live with everything. You just like

[00:06:53] But

[00:06:53] Jeff Sieh: I mean, I mean you should, I mean some of this digital nomad stuff you should teach cuz it is fascinating and a lot of more people I see are doing like Van Life and you know, the. You know, this tiny footprint kind of living. So very, very cool. Yeah. Yeah. Alright, well we’ve nerded out a little bit, so I’m gonna go ahead and hit go on the podcast machine and we’ll get started with the, the, uh, show that was kinda the pre-show for all you joining us alive.

[00:07:16] So, uh, here we go. Yeah, somebody goes, Amanda’s on a beach. She is, Amanda is indeed

[00:07:20] Grace Duffy: on a beach. On a beach. So, and not only is she on a beach, she’s on a beach in Canada and she’s about to surf and there’s frost on that beach

[00:07:26] Amanda Robinson: show. Let, lemme show you like, yeah, I can pull this little piece up here. Like that is

[00:07:34] Grace Duffy: prop.

[00:07:35] Jeff Sieh: Oh, wow. So how are the world? Are you surfing? I just like that sounds like it’d freezes, you’d freeze to death. That

[00:07:42] Amanda Robinson: doesn’t sound fun. You have a, you have a full body wet suit with like a full, like the full like hood and the big mittens and like the little, little booties. And so you’re, you’re fully, there’s actually people, there’s people surfing out there right now.

[00:07:55] Like, I don’t know if I can,

[00:07:55] Jeff Sieh: wow. See that would, I just would like, I’d look like a big tootsie roll for a shark. If I tried it, it would not be not be fun. It would not be too cold for sharks up here. Well, they’d find me somehow, so,

[00:08:09] Grace Duffy: um, definitely neither Jeff nor I like to be uncomfortable. So like, yes.

[00:08:14] Amanda Robinson: Well, I’m not gonna lie, I woke up this morning.

[00:08:16] Um, we have frost covering the entire campsite, like, it’s like a whole layer of frost and everything. It was like minus two degrees when I woke up. This. , which I don’t know what that is in Fahrenheit, but it’s freaking cold. Um, and I’m not gonna lie, like I, I’m not, this might seem hardcore. I’ve got a lot of gear, like I’ve got, I have a lot of winter camping gear.

[00:08:36] I’ve, you know, from all the, all the times of digital nomad, hey, digital nomad through the United States, through, um, New Mexico, in the desert, in the coal, that’s the same temp as this, right?

[00:08:49] Jeff Sieh: So, oh, wow. Well, it’s amazing. I’m so glad that you, you took the time and did this and packed up all your gear, your Starling stuff.

[00:08:56] Chris Stone over at LinkedIn goes a big Tootsie roll for a shark. Add that to the LinkedIn profile. I just may do that. , I just, he also,

[00:09:04] Grace Duffy: he also notes that’s, Starlink items are available on Amazon . That’s

[00:09:08] Jeff Sieh: right. So watch this video and then click them and, and go over there and add ’em to your cart cuz that would be awesome.

[00:09:12] So that would be really great. All right, so we’re gonna officially start the show with the whole thing and get going cuz Amanda, not only is she amazing digital nomad, but she’s also an amazing ad person. Um, and so we’re gonna dive into that really quick. So I’m gonna go ahead and hit the go on the podcast machine and we’ll get.

[00:09:30] Absolutely. Welcome to the show. Welcome. I’ll do that one more time. I’m so sorry. One more time. I’m so excited. Amanda’s here. So here we go. Mulligan. Welcome to Social Media. News Live. I’m Jeff C and you’re not.

[00:09:42] Grace Duffy: And I’m Grace Duffy. And this is the show that keeps you up to date on what’s happening in the world of social media.

[00:09:48] And today we have the brilliant. Amanda Robinson on the show, and we’re gonna cover marketing on Facebook in the face of a mountain of changes across all of social media. We’re just gonna keep it at that because what we really wanna focus on today so that we can get her out on the surf is that we wanna know about what.

[00:10:07] Uh, what it, what it means to be running Facebook and Instagram ads, especially over this holiday season where there’s, you’re competing with a lot of content. And then of course, all these changes happen that Facebook has been rolling out recently. And then we also want to know how we should be planning for 2023, because that is just around the quarter.

[00:10:26] Then we’re also gonna dive into her experience traveling and working on behalf of Meta With Her Meta Boost Social or Susie. Meta Boost Small business Studios. That was an incredible experience that we’ve been following along in her journeys, and so we want to find out more about that.

[00:10:44] Jeff Sieh: Well, and if you don’t know Amanda, we’re going to introduce you because she is fabulous.

[00:10:48] She is known as the digital gal. She is widely recognized in the digital marketing industry. For her knowledge, training skills, and coaching as a Facebook or meta ads expert, she teaches a Facebook Ads four week training Bootcamp program and runs the Swift Kick in the ADS membership, which honestly is the best name I’ve ever heard from a membership.

[00:11:08] Uh, but she. As a regular, she’s regularly featured as a guest on digital marketing podcast. In addition, she speaks both on stage and workshops and everything from meta ads, Facebook ads, to analytics, to messenger marketing, chat box, all this stuff. If there’s any question about anything meta, I go to her.

[00:11:26] Amanda, thank you so much for joining us remotely today. This is so awesome, .

[00:11:30] Amanda Robinson: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much for having me on. That was one heck of an introduction. I appreciate it and I appreciate your patience and willingness to have me pop on while I’m sitting on a beach in the middle of Canada, in the middle of winter in Canada.

[00:11:45] Grace Duffy: The pleasure is all ours, that you’d be willing to join us from a beach in Canada and we were, we were gonna get jumped into this show because we wanna get you surfing as soon as possible because I

[00:11:56] Jeff Sieh: think this is day’s not getting any warmer. It’s not

[00:11:58] Grace Duffy: getting warmer , it’s not gonna get warmer. I think this is second guess that has come on in like either after a surfer, right before a surf.

[00:12:04] I think Mitch Jackson was the other one who’s like, oh, that’s right. I just came back from surfing. I’m like,

[00:12:08] Jeff Sieh: okay. Uh, so, so I wanna you, you know, you, Grace mentioned you were working on behalf of Meta. So talk about traveling with Metabo Small business studios. You know, what was it, what did you learn from the experience and, uh, all the stuff that, you know, all the places that you went.

[00:12:25] And just kinda give us a rundown on that.

[00:12:27] Amanda Robinson: So the, the small business studios, they had a, they had a series of five large events that they had across the United States. I think we were in Kansas, Ohio, um, San Diego, Texas, Dallas, was it? We were, we were in a whole bunch of places. I’ve been, I’ve been so many places right now on behalf of Meadow, which has been a wonderful.

[00:12:48] Um, so the small business studios, it’s, it was two day event. Small business owners could come out and take, um, main stage training workshops, hands-on experiences to learn all of the different tools to help make life easier for small businesses to help you amplify your brand and reach more people. And I had the pleasure of being one of the trainers that was on this project.

[00:13:09] So I was able to present, um, present on behalf of Meta and. Everything from teaching ads to teaching reels and everything in between. And it was wonderful because I got the opportunity to speak face-to-face with hundreds of business owners, which is similar to what I do in my regular job. Mm-hmm. with the digital gal.

[00:13:29] Um, I speak to hundreds of small business owners and help them untangle the mysteries of how they can make Facebook adss work for them on a small.

[00:13:38] Jeff Sieh: Hmm. That is so important, especially in today’s day and age. Um, Grace, did you, I think you had a question, didn’t you? And I skipping. Yeah.

[00:13:46] Grace Duffy: Okay. You know, so this is really cool.

[00:13:47] I found out about it through you because I’m connected with you and we are friends, but how can other people find out about, Future events because I know that the in-person on the Road Road, US part, you know, it reached those five cities, but it concluded in October. So how can people find out more about these events or stay in the loop about additional opportunities or resources?

[00:14:06] With that Meta offers,

[00:14:08] Amanda Robinson: the best place that people can go is you can join the Facebook group, which the meta, uh, just search Meta US Boost. Facebook group, um, and join that Meta US Boost Group and you’ll find a lot of opportunities that get posted in there. A lot of other people that you can network, network with, um, and stay connected with future events.

[00:14:28] So that’s, that’s the first go-to place. Um, second resource that I would recommend. 10, 10 recommend if. If you didn’t get the chance to attend any of those, any of these events, and it’s tough for you to get to in-person events, everything that they teach there, everything is hands-on available at um meta.com/blueprint, so all of their blueprint trainings are accessible.

[00:14:49] So easy to learn from. They’re bite sized and built for small business owners that don’t have a ton of time to dig into the data. So yeah, so those two resources. Join the Mebot US Facebook group and go search facebook.com/blueprint. And you’ve got tons of training at your, at your fingertips there. And I, I do wanna say that if you haven’t experienced some of the meta tools lately, as far as being able to, and here, I know I’m here to talk on behalf of the Digital Gal, but Right, right.

[00:15:16] There was a lot that I did learn from here. A lot has changed. I mean, the Business Suite app, downloading the Business Suite app on your cell phone has so many tools and functions and features this year that it didn’t even have last year. Um, reels, if you’re not playing with reels, you’re missing out. I mean, the, the amplification to new audiences and new eyeballs on reels is very strong.

[00:15:37] And the fact that it’s connected to your store, it’s connected to your other social profiles, it’s connected to your. Eyeballs that see your reels can be retargeted with your video view audiences for ads later.

[00:15:49] Jeff Sieh: Mm-hmm. . Very, very cool. Yeah. So I’ve got so many questions, but uh, before we get too deep into this, I wanna make sure to give a shout out to our show sponsor, our folks over at Ecamm.

[00:15:59] There are what allows us to actually have Amanda coming from the beach call in using the interview. Inside of Ecamm M and lets me switch screens, bring up lower thirds. You can find out all about them at socialmedianewslive.com/ecamm slash Ecamm. They’ve also got a new podcast that you can go check out about video podcasting at flow dot Ecamm dot com.

[00:16:18] And I have a little secret that I know that there’s a big thing coming on Black Friday, so if you’re not. Following us, cuz I’m gonna send out an email about it. But you can do that. Social Media, News Live. Just sign up for our newsletter, but follow them, check them out on social because there’s a pretty good, uh, thing coming up on Black Friday.

[00:16:36] So just saying, don’t tell Katie I told you that, but just, you know, . Anyway, uh, keep your, keep your, uh, your, your eyes out for that. All right, so back into this, um, This is a good question cuz we, we see this in our circles all the time, so, so take this first section away.

[00:16:52] Grace Duffy: We wanna know if meta, and by that we mean Instagram and Facebook ads are still working.

[00:16:58] Now as advertisers are preparing for the holidays, there’s a lot of anxiety around what to expect. Of course, the last few years have been anything but predictable or ordinary. Add to that, a bunch of industry shakeups across meta. Other platforms. Uh, a few weeks ago we reported that meta had some pretty disastrous Q3 2022 earnings.

[00:17:21] Uh, you know, their income wasn’t as high as it was. They said it was the lowest level, but again, I’m gonna rephrase that as it’s not as high as we’ve usually seen it. But accompanying this earnings, earnings call ceo, uh, meta ceo, mark Zuckerberg did reassure investors that it does have a plan to get back on track and to get its financial.

[00:17:41] Back up where it used to be. But the thing we wanna really discuss, the one thing that was a big announcement is that they are rebuilding their ad tools to reduce reliance on user data. And so this is not surprising given IOS’s privacy updates, which have curtailed Facebook’s ability to target users.

[00:17:58] And then it was made even worse just recently when Apple announced that there’s going to be a new app store tariff for post boosting on social platforms. You know, uh, they, I, I know that this is kind of a tough sell because for years, meta has been known as the premier way to, uh, target audiences. It’s just unmatched targeting nothing that our industry has never seen before.

[00:18:24] So this is a little bit of a switch to go to, like relying on the ai, but we’d love to get your thoughts on this update as the expert on meta.

[00:18:34] Amanda Robinson: So are ads still working? 110%? Absolutely. Shouted to the rooftops. Yes, they absolutely are. Our meta ads or Facebook and Instagram ads working for people who have zero experience, no strategy, don’t know what they’re doing, and walk in off the street and expect to get the results that their competitors and peers are who have been advertising for years.

[00:18:54] Absolutely. So that should give you sort of two goal posts to understand where you fall. If you’re brand new at this. It takes time and it takes some consistency in order to get ads to start to perform for you. And when I say that, I mean three months. Get in there three months of consistently advertising the platform for you to get enough data and feedback for yourself on what’s working and what’s not.

[00:19:16] So you can tweak your creative, you can tweak your strategy. When I say tweak your creative, um, you have to stop the scroll. You have to capture attention span. It’s always changing. Mm-hmm. . So if you’re doing the same thing with your creative that you have always done and expecting it to work. If you’ve got got a whole bunch of texts on top of an image with all your sales information and you’re just cramming it down, people’s throats doesn’t work anymore.

[00:19:37] you need your content to be appealing specifically to the target audience that you’re trying to attract. So that’s the big shift that we’ve seen is that your targeting now is really coming from the value and quality of your creative. It’s not necessarily coming from how deep you can go on. Hyper targeting with all of these different interests and behaviors and um, and tools such as that, they are still viable for some people.

[00:20:03] We’ve seen a great reduction in this past year in the number of targetable interests that are available to businesses. So that’s unfortunate. Um, and we also have other restrictions in place. For example, like the, um, special ads categories. If you’re in real estate, you know that you have to use the special ad category, which also strips out a whole bunch of your targeting functions in the backend to prevent discrimination.

[00:20:26] So meta is taking all the right steps. They are doing things to protect their users and protect privacy and make it an even playing field for everybody. , but unfortunately that does mean that we don’t have data in the same way that we used to, you know, back to the wild, wild west payday of Facebook ads targeting.

[00:20:42] Um, but for people who have been advertising for some time and have, who have built up audiences who have started to understand what about their own creative. Does connect well with their clients and customers, whether that’s video, whether that’s imagery, whether that’s having you in the image or featuring your product, um, or giving tips or tricks or educational uplifting things.

[00:21:03] You, you have your own formula, and if you’re just starting out with Facebook ads, you don’t know what your formula is yet. So if you’re going in starting ads today, expecting them to work for Black Friday, It’s going to be challenging for you, especially when we have that volume of advertisers flooding the network all at the same time, and ad inventory is at a premium.

[00:21:22] So my recommendation instead is, yes, Facebook and Instagram ads absolutely still work very, very well. But set your expectation that they should work for you over at least three months and you consistently, uh, having spend, consistently having ads running, and you consistently looking at the data to understand, did this work, did this not, and how can I improve it to move forward?

[00:21:43] and then over time you get stronger and stronger. It’s like working out. It’s like muscles, like going to the gym. If you go to the gym for the first week in January with the New Year’s rush and you expect that you’re going to, you know, be ripped in a month, it’s not gonna happen. Can you be ripped in three months?

[00:22:01] Yes, but it’s still going to take dedication and hard work. Can you be ripped in a year without as much effort? So it’s similar when it comes to your Facebook advertising. It takes effort and it takes learning and growing and tweaking. Um, and so it, that is the shift that I’ve seen in the past. I don’t know.

[00:22:19] Can we call it 10 years? But even like the past five years, it used to be like a slot machine. You used to be able to walk up to the, the party, put your money in, right, pull the lever and reach a whole bunch of people and get some results. Kind of hit and miss, but sometimes you’d hit it big. Uh, we don’t really see that as much anymore.

[00:22:34] Now it’s a, it’s all about the, the players in the game who are consistent and who are investing their time and energy into stopping the scroll and using their content as the hook to attract their ideal. Not relying on just the targeting alone.

[00:22:50] Jeff Sieh: So you’re saying there’s a chance I can be ripped in, you say three months

[00:22:54] Is that what you’re saying? Because that’s all I heard is like if I start now, This cake can turn into a six pack, is what you’re saying. Okay. That’s all I need to know, Mike. If you do start

[00:23:03] Amanda Robinson: now, if you work really, really hard, I can.

[00:23:05] Jeff Sieh: Yes. There’s a chance. There’s a chance. Um, anyway. So

[00:23:08] Amanda Robinson: consult your health professionals.

[00:23:10] Do not take advice on help from the digital

[00:23:12] Jeff Sieh: capital. Exactly. Yes. It’s a disclaimer. Hey, so Scott, you win the prize for the day. Jeff’s beard is already ripped, so thank you. Uh, . That made my day. Okay. Um, so back to the, so I wanna go back to, You teased something really earlier about the new, uh, tool that you had downloaded that has changed from like just last year to this year.

[00:23:34] Can you talk about some of these new ad tools, like how you use them and are they rolled out to everybody now or is it still select few? I mean, how, um, talk about some of those tools.

[00:23:44] Amanda Robinson: Should be everybody now. So business suites, a lot of us, way, way back in the day when a lot of us got forced into Business Manager, when that thing rolled out, uh, it was a hot mess and most people turned away from it.

[00:23:55] Now, fast forward to the past year and a half, and Meta has been rolling out Business Suite. And what that is, is basically a giant, uh, umbrella that houses all of your information on Facebook and Instagram together. So you as a business owner can just go into one spot and see, how’s my Facebook performing?

[00:24:14] How’s my page performing? And my ads, how are my Instagram? Uh, posts and stories performing in ads. You can see it all under one umbrella. And you have tools all under one umbrella to look at your blended inboxes. So you can get an inbox with messages from both Facebook and Instagram. Mm-hmm. , and you can reply to people right from the spot.

[00:24:32] You have publishing tools all under one roof, right in one spot. So you can publish one post and have it published to both Facebook and Instagram. You can schedule posts. Um, there’s a million other tools in. They’ve essentially been migrating piece by piece, taking all of the business tools that a business owner may interact with in need, and they’re slowly moving it underneath the umbrella of Business Suite.

[00:24:53] So if you had logged into Business Suite, which you,

[00:25:04] if you can log into business.facebook.com, you’re okay. I know he’s not gonna hurt you. I know. I know. It’s, it’s tough life being a small dog out here. So , if you have all of the Mute me for one second.

[00:25:25] Grace Duffy: Yeah, yeah,

[00:25:25] Jeff Sieh: that’s fine. Okay. So if people listen to the podcast, that wasn’t my stomach grumbling, um, hearing that was, that was,

[00:25:32] Grace Duffy: that was Amanda’s travel companion small dog.

[00:25:35] Who was dog. Literally a small, who’s not actually a small dog. It’s a nice size dog. Yeah, it’s a really pretty dog. And he’s, those of you listening to the podcast, he, this is a wonderful dog, but the dog, small dog did see another dog and that was, that was a cause for,

[00:25:49] Jeff Sieh: I actually got to meet small dog in.

[00:25:51] She came through. I’m jealous. Yeah, I got to, I’m jealous. Meet small dog, um, in one of her travels, so yeah. Very, very cool.

[00:25:58] Grace Duffy: Well, anyway, let’s take this opportunity audience, people watching live drop us. Any questions you might have about, because these are all, this is something that was just rolled. I mean those of us submitted, kinda rolled out eventually, but like, do you have any questions about some of these new ad tools?

[00:26:13] Use it, the new strategy. We’re gonna talk a little bit too about like how things have gotten really crowded online recently. So, uh oh. Amanda’s. Yeah.

[00:26:23] Amanda Robinson: Yep. So what I was gonna say about Meta Business Suite, so that go to business.facebook.com and that’s how you get into Business Suite. But they’ve also rolled out an app, so you can download the Business Suite app on your cell phone, and that’s been extraordinarily handy for responding to messages.

[00:26:38] From people on your Facebook page or your Instagram profile. Um, checking, checking, uh, posts how things are performing. Um, but there are lots of features in there, including if you’re not a chatbot builder, you have a lot of automated messages that you can have in your back pocket, right from inside the Meta Business Suite app.

[00:26:56] So for example, if you’re on the road and someone reaches out to you and inquires with. You can have a canned response already ready to go just with your Business Suite app. Go, yep, and hit and respond to them. You can set them up right within the app. It’s so easy. You can have a bunch of FAQs already set up for responses right on the spot there.

[00:27:14] There are so many powerful features in your pocket in that little Business Suite app. So if it’s been a while since you’ve looked in there, because when you first did, there wasn’t really much going on, it didn’t wow you. It’s time to go and look at it again now.

[00:27:27] Grace Duffy: That’s great. Good advice. Yeah, good advice.

[00:27:29] So according to meta, many performance advertisers have noted the IM have improvements around meta’s, automated targeting options with, with this broader matching op options to work with. And it’s also a good way to, like you said, uh, improve reach and response with, especially with those things like canned messages, um, and they say it’s likely worthy of an experiment, at least.

[00:27:52] I like that little caveat at the end, like, just experiment with it. But we wanna hear from you as the expert. Have you seen improvements in ad targeting since these new updates and, uh, tools have been rolled out or introduced? Or discussed? I

[00:28:05] Amanda Robinson: wouldn’t call anything an ad improvement yet with targeting

[00:28:08] I’d say targeting. There are no improvements. We are on the rollercoaster right now of, um, experiencing it. I’m gonna, I’m gonna release the hound cuz he sees his other people. Okay. Go see him. Go see him. Go get him and he’s off . All . I’ll, I’ll show you. There we go. He’s got his people now. Okay. Aw.

[00:28:30] Jeff Sieh: Thought maybe you to attack other people who are getting too close or something.

[00:28:34] That’s good.

[00:28:35] Amanda Robinson: No, no. There we go. So he’s got, he’s not taking care.

[00:28:42] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. Okay. So I wanna go back. I’m gonna call, uh, an audible real quick, um, because, and Grace loves it when I do this, but you had mentioned something that, um, I wanted to talk about. You said content. You said content numerous times. Like you can’t just, um, you know, back in the day you’d say, Hey, 30% off Black Friday Day Sale, here’s an ad.

[00:29:01] And then you would target people for that ad. Now you were talking about the content is what gets them in, and then you, I believe, retarget them. , is it short form video? I mean, what, and because that can be really overwhelming for small businesses. They’re like, man, I could, I could barely create a graphic in Canvas saying, I have a sale.

[00:29:20] I’m supposed to dance now. I don’t understand. So, no. What do you, what do you tell people, like, because you’ve, you’ve gone out and talked to all these small business when you were out there on behalf of Meta. What are their struggles and what have you told them kind of for some solution solutions?

[00:29:36] Amanda Robinson: Uh, people are afraid of video.

[00:29:37] If you’re, if you’re not comfortable being on video, that can be stressful. You don’t have to start out with video. Video might get you there a lot faster. So again, when we’re talking about, you know, working out and if it’s gonna take you three months to get to the end goal, well, if you’re uncomfortable with video, that might take you six months.

[00:29:53] It might take you longer if you don’t want to start incorporating video. Um, but they’re, for each business it’s different. Every business has a way that they connect with their customers. Um, Depending on what industry you’re in, if you’re in real estate. Oh, throughout real estate examples, I just, I was speaking at the National Association of Realtors event in Orlando.

[00:30:11] I was in Orlando three days ago. , freezing cold. So real estate’s top of mind right now. Um, but if you’re in real estate, what do people wanna know? Do they want to know? Um, What the market is doing. Do they want to know? Yes and no. They can get that information from anywhere, but when they interact with you, they want to know, what am I benefiting from you?

[00:30:34] What am I getting out of you? Why? Why should I pay attention to you? So is it your personality? Is it your local knowledge? Is it the fact that you can help on camera and say, Hey everybody, um, there is a big interest rate change and I’m gonna break it down and make it easy for. So if you’re the face that everybody is seeing over and over and over again in their newsfeed, um, in their Facebook newsfeed, their Instagram newsfeed, their Instagram stories, Facebook marketplace, their instant articles, all the different places that you can show up on Facebook and Instagram advertising, if they keep seeing your face.

[00:31:07] It has to be useful and helpful, uh, because if you keep showing up in their newsfeed and you’re not helping them, and you’re just trying to take, like, take, take, take. I need sales. I need your attention, I need your business. That’s going to get very annoying very quickly, and people are going to hide ads, hide all ads, shut you down, ignore you, make you go away.

[00:31:28] But if you keep showing up day over day over day with different content, fresh, new, different content, every single. and you keep showing up in their newsfeed with something that made them go, oh, well that did, that made my life easier. Oh, that was helpful. Oh, cool. Then you people will pay attention to you and that’s what’s going to attract in your ideal audience, and it’s also going to repel the people who are not as interested in what you are offering or saying or talking about.

[00:31:53] So whether you do this through the vehicle of a video or the VE vehicle format of a static image or a carousel ad or an instant article ad, there are lots of different ad types that you can experiment with, but it depends on your business, on how it’s going to what, what people are going to resonate with the most.

[00:32:13] Jeff Sieh: I love it. It’s all about content. All about content. Mm-hmm. and help and being helpful to your followers. All right. Sorry, Grace. I did that. Audible. You can go.

[00:32:21] Grace Duffy: No, you have a bunch of questions about the Messenger ads, Jeff. Yeah.

[00:32:25] Jeff Sieh: So, um, one of the questions is they enou, they, well, they announced these new Messenger ads, which to me, I’m not a big fan of.

[00:32:34] Having that kind of ad in my, you know, in Messengers. But, uh, they’re supposed to be able to, they’re updating click to Messenger ads with this new optimization that will target users more likely to purchase via a message thread, which I thought was really, really interesting. They also added a new ad format for lead generation that will funnel customers to either messenger or a form, depending on which one the customer is most likely to interact with, which is cool.

[00:32:57] But can you tell us a little bit about these Messenger ad updates? What’s going.

[00:33:03] Amanda Robinson: So I haven’t explored and experimented, well, I’ve explored with Messenger ads and they, they don’t work for the average business user. I will say that. Okay. Um, I think what we’re going, what what we are seeing is a giant shift into.

[00:33:18] um, the average consumer being more comfortable with starting a message, conversation with a business on Facebook or on Instagram, and expecting a response promptly. I mean, rewind five years ago, that wasn’t the case. You know, some businesses were present, some weren’t. But nowadays, if you send a business and message on Facebook or Instagram, most are hands-on and responding.

[00:33:38] So the consumer is getting more comfortable and confident. Um, getting their needs met in a messenger conversation. And messenger conversations are building more one-on-one, um, relationships. So the value of somebody sending a message to you in your inbox, um, as a business, that’s a very, very high value touchpoint.

[00:33:57] That is worth a lot to you because then you can carry on that convers. and you can sell them, direct them, um, foster that relationship in any way that you want. That’s a lot different than if they clicked to go to your website. If they clicked to go to their website, they’re self-served. There’s no relationship building opportunity there to the same degree.

[00:34:14] Mm-hmm. . So what I’m seeing, if I can take the meta hat off for a second and talk Amanda Robinson, the Digital gal. Um, what I’m seeing is that we had way back in the day, like two years ago when, when iOS 14 rolled, And Apple restricted a lot of data from Facebook. So Facebook could no longer target users in the same way that we used to with website visitor audiences.

[00:34:39] So we, we can’t retarget people the same way we used to. We don’t have a lot of visit, as much visibility when we send people off the platform. So instead, there’s a giant shift to keeping people on the platform. So what tools can keep people on the platform? This is what we call first party data versus third party.

[00:34:57] Third party. I’m sending you away to a third party. Bye. First party, I’m keeping you at the party that you’re already at. So that involves things like likes, clicks, comments, shares, messages, video views, all of those activities. We can see first party data. We have a hundred percent view of what this person is doing on the platform.

[00:35:18] Um, so by leveraging that first party data, keeping people on the platform, it’s going to. easier to track and easier to keep that attention span on the platform instead of losing them once they’ve gone off to a, a less valuable user experience elsewhere on third party. And then we have to go chasing around that third party data to see if, did it work?

[00:35:37] Did it not work? What do we do? So the first party data, the shift of first party data, I’m seeing that mirrored with. Meta how Facebook and Instagram are sort of prompting users to use their tools. So prompting them to say, Hey, that website visitor audience you’re trying to target, that might not work so well.

[00:35:55] Maybe you wanna maybe not use that. They just have these little warnings and little things like, hey, you might get a reduced, um, circulation or reduced response using that at using that audience. So they’re prompting users away from third party and they’re prompting them to, Hey, have you tried lead ads?

[00:36:10] Hey, have you checked out Messenger? So they’re, they’re moving, they’re migrating, um, the user experience into more first party data touchpoints, and they’re, they’re really trying to shift people into opportunities to build deeper relationships because as you know, in the future, we are moving into the future of what is the metaverse where we’re going to be moving away from, you know, where we used to have just desktop computing as a way to connect with people around the world.

[00:36:37] Then we move to mobile computing where we have a phone in our pocket and can connect from anywhere. like we’re doing now. Um, and eventually we’re going to be moving into, you know, web three and we’re going to move into more virtual reality experiences, more metaverse experiences. That is going to rely very heavily on relationships on your communities.

[00:36:56] Like, imagine if you have a Facebook group community, how easy it would be to, to mirror that in a, in a three-dimensional space and get people to show up and interact and engage with you. You’ve already got a community built, you just migrate them. , right? If you haven’t been community building, you’ve only been doing the whole like show and add, make sales when I need sales and then I walk away and I ignore my customers and build, don’t build relationships.

[00:37:19] Then as you move forward into the metaverse, you know, five to 10 years as we evolve into this in the future, it’s going to be so much harder for you to build a community if you haven’t been doing the that work now. So when we see Meta’s advertising tools, um, all these prompts to stay on first party, , a lot of these are geared toward helping you build a deeper level of a relationship with your customers versus here, click this.

[00:37:43] Go by. So that’s a very long-winded answer to kind of paint the picture as to why I think messenger, messenger ads are going the way they are, but I don’t see. . I don’t see huge success right now for the average small business owner. Yeah. So you did

[00:37:57] Grace Duffy: mention that some it’s working for some advertisers and others.

[00:38:01] A uh, messenger ads have been working very well on me, by the way, lately as a, as a consumer, I will say, but it’s a very particular type of business that has been, that I’ve been communicating with. So what businesses should be looking into this, considering it investing a little bit more in it versus ones that are just like, give it some time?

[00:38:19] Like what would you, what would you say?

[00:38:21] Amanda Robinson: I think all of us should be experimenting with it. I think that small businesses, advertisers should be sticking with what’s tried, tested, and true. Like, stick with video ads, stick with your, your image ads. Drive traffic to a website if that’s a stage that you are ready to move your users to.

[00:38:37] Um, manage expectations, I would say. If you don’t have a lot of budget to work with, focus on just engagement, engaging people, or having to watch videos on the platform and let your other marketing do the rest of the heavy lifting. So use Facebook as a way to reach new eyeballs, new people, and amplify your brand.

[00:38:54] Amplify your message to start building those relationships. Start there and then manage your expectations from there. Um, for other brands, if you are, if you’re selling, let’s say for example, a t-shirt and somebody sees a t-shirt, you know what a t-shirt is, you know what a t-shirt does. You see the image on the t-shirt, you know if you want it, you know, if you don’t want it.

[00:39:13] There’s, there’s, unless you’re getting into real boutique sales of different materials and types, there’s not, it doesn’t take a lot of retargeting and remarket. To reach a user and chase them around 20 million times to get them to buy one T-shirt they don’t want. So in those cases, yeah, we can, we don’t have to work as hard at the retargeting and audience building a customer relationship.

[00:39:35] We can just amplify and show it to a whole bunch of new eyes and get responses or not and move on. So it depends on the type of business you’re in and the type of results that you can potentially achieve. And I also wanna put out there that if you are. If you’re spending money on ads and expecting to get results at less than the average basket price of whatever it is that you’re selling, that’s also not as likely.

[00:39:58] What I mean by that is if you’re selling a 1500 course and you’re not willing to spend at least $1,500 in ads, chances are not good that you’re gonna sell.

[00:40:07] Jeff Sieh: So, so that’s a great question. I wanted to ask about budget because you know, you see some people say all you have to do is a dollar a day and you’re gonna get all this results, or you can do whate, I mean, is.

[00:40:17] That was a really good rule of thumb, now that I’m thinking about it, like whatever your price point is selling that, but if you’re selling a T-shirt, that’s $10, you’re gonna spend more than $10. Oh, you’re, you’re fighting a dog or something, or you’re surfing already? I can’t tell. Oh,

[00:40:34] Amanda Robinson: we had a, we had a dog run up to us off leash.

[00:40:36] Oh, he’s, he’s in protection mode cause he’s on leash. Gotcha. And gotcha. He’s

[00:40:40] Grace Duffy: gotta, he’s gotta protect the

[00:40:41] Jeff Sieh: starlink. So I’ll ask the to, to the audience. I wanna ask you guys, are you running Facebook or Instagram ads? Anything on meta? I wanna know. If you’re doing that and if you’re finding success, if you’re, or if you’re doing it for one of your clients, uh, if that’s one of the services you offer, I’d love to know how you are feeling about where Facebook is going with their advertising kind of arm.

[00:41:03] Is that being successful for you? Are you gonna ramp it up in 2023? What are your thoughts, um, on that? Because, uh, you know, Scott was saying, you know, he’s talked about, we talked a little bit about the metaverse and he goes Hard pass on the metaverse virtual reality junk. He’s get off my lawn. We are that

[00:41:19] Grace Duffy: side.

[00:41:19] We are on that side of the internet. Yeah. But

[00:41:22] Jeff Sieh: I, you know, so Pamela says she’s running ads. She’s running ads right now. Are they working for you, Pamela? I’d really like to know what your thoughts are on that. Good. Grace. Sorry.

[00:41:30] Grace Duffy: Oh no, I said that’s a good segue into this next question that I had because this is something that I have been seeing far and wide, and it is that it is the holiday season obviously, and Black Friday, which used to only be one day, is now a whole month and more advertising dollars are being punked into the system.

[00:41:48] And you know, the more that the more. Ads are the higher the auction goes, of course. Plus people are posting more, they’re getting together, getting together with family. So the number of posts is up in general. So Facebook and Instagram feel like a very crowded place at the moment, making it more challenging to reach your ideal.

[00:42:07] Audience. This is something that I’ve been hearing a lot, uh, from, from marketers and businesses cuz there’s a lot more advertisers, there’s a lot of creators we haven’t even talked about the influencers that are on there, you know, promoting whatever they’re promoting. And so, you know, it’s getting harder to try to reach those customers.

[00:42:22] And so my question, Amanda, is how do you continue to make your campaign’s profitable in light of this, uh, knowing that it’s, it’s in a moment, but it is a very profitable moment because it’s holidays.

[00:42:35] Amanda Robinson: It goes back to the consistency. If you’re trying to start ads right now, going into the holidays and you haven’t been working on your advertising strategy, you’re just starting out and you’re expecting to make all the sales by Christmas, this could be a big challenge for you.

[00:42:49] If you’re starting right now for Black Friday ads, this is, you’re going to have a challenge, . It’s, it’s no longer can you just switch the light bulb on, on an ad in that regard and find a lot of success. So you just need to manage your own expectations. If, if you’re looking at wanting to use these tools because they are still some of the lowest cost and highest value to a small business or somebody with a smaller budget, um, the tools are absolutely viable.

[00:43:17] They really do work, but they work over an extended period of time, not overnight.

[00:43:23] Yeah.

[00:43:24] Jeff Sieh: So perfect segue, you know what tool really does work? It’s our friends over at e K. They always work. Look at this. We’re bringing Amanda in from the beach. We’re doing all this cool stuff. Uh, this actually is really, if you haven’t used it before, it actually, when we’re done with this show, it’s actually gonna split our tracks up and the audio tracks up so I can have it for a, uh, podcast.

[00:43:43] So, um, if you haven’t checked out, uh, Ecamm yet, go to socialmedianewslive.com/ecamm slash Ecamm. Stay tuned for Black Friday. They’re gonna have some great, uh, things coming out. Uh, they’re, um, there’s, I see a lot of stuff behind the scenes that just, I’m just chomping at the bit to tell you guys about, uh, but it’s very, very cool.

[00:43:58] So, socialmedianewslive.com/ecamm slash Ecamm, make sure you check out their new podcast, flow dot Ecamm dot com. It’s really, really chock full of, uh, information and they recorded, I think Tuesday is at 12 Eastern, uh, on YouTube. So go check that out. All right, so here’s where we’re gonna go because, uh, I wanna talk about planning for 2023 this next year that’s coming out.

[00:44:21] Uh, our ad spend, our ad budget, because this is a great point by, um, Pamela, uh, frost says Grow. She’s talking, I asked her if she’s finding success, uh, in the comments, and she goes, growth is slow. And I wonder if it is related to the product or the company that I’m trying to grow. Are certain companies not gonna work for Facebook ads, or have you seen success?

[00:44:41] All across the gamut, Amanda.

[00:44:45] Amanda Robinson: Um, it’s shift, it is shifting and changing for some businesses. I mean, if you’re in, if you’re in what I would consider a more difficult, um, some clients that approach me, I kind of categorized in summer some and very easy gimme of like, oh yeah, we’re gonna get success. And very easily, very quickly, that’s a yes.

[00:45:03] I can take this project on. No. Other projects. I’m like, Ugh, okay. Everything about this, we have to write the ads very delicately. We’re most likely gonna face rejections if we get too many rejections. Our adequate will be suspended, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So there has been a higher increase over the last year or so of um, how strict Facebook has become when it comes to enforcing their.

[00:45:29] So, um, I’m seeing a lot more people have restrictions, account restrictions, ad rejections. It, it can be an uphill battle and in some cases it’s because, yeah, the product that you’re trying to sell doesn’t fit well with, with the direction that meta goes. If you’re trying to sell certain healthcare products or supplements, if you’re trying to, um, Promote different lifestyles if you’re trying to offer mental health services.

[00:45:54] There, there are some categories that are just a lot more difficult and it has gotten more difficult over, over the years. Um, so I wouldn’t, for some businesses, I would say yeah, maybe. Uh, for example, uh, one of the gals in my membership and Swift kick in the ads is trying to promote a product that is used by a lot of people who go hunting and fishing.

[00:46:17] Hunting is this is, you have to be careful with the imagery that you have in there, and you can’t have any guns in the, um, in, in the imagery to show how the pro, how the product helps hunters. You can’t necessarily showcase the product as, as well as you would like to because you fix restrictions and account bans.

[00:46:38] So for some, some businesses, yes, it can be a little more of a difficult landscape. Right. For other businesses, it’s, it’s crazy that you’re not already here. It’s crazy like that. You’re, if you’re, I’ve, that’s with speaking to hundreds of business owners across all of the Meta Boost events and all the people that I encounter on my, my day to day journey with the digital gal, I encounter some people where they tell me what business they’re in, they tell me what kind of results they’re getting with their sales, and then I say, have you done Facebook?

[00:47:07] And they go, no, I haven’t really figured it out yet. I’m like, , like, gimme your account. Give it to me. Gimme a little budget. Gimme your account like you’re gonna, you’re gonna be off to the races. We’re gonna change life. So, yes, for some businesses it makes complete sense. Other businesses, it might be a little more difficult depending on where you fall within, um, Meta’s policies.

[00:47:26] Jeff Sieh: So I’ve got a follow up question to that is what about, um, a really sat, you mentioned you spoke to real estate and I’ve figured that’s a pretty saturated market, um, for people running Facebook ads. So how do you, like, you’re like, okay, in 2023, I know that I wanna, I’m a realtor, I’m gonna, I’m gonna, Take Amanda’s swift kick in the ads course and I’m going to, uh, make some money as a realtor with Facebook ads.

[00:47:53] How do you stand out in such a crowded market in something that’s flooded with real, real estate ads?

[00:48:00] Amanda Robinson: So the way to stand out in so real estate is gonna be a little bit different than all the rest of the businesses out there. It is its own little beast because you do fall under the special ads category, so you can’t target tighter than a 15 mile radius around you.

[00:48:12] You can’t target by zip code or postal code. You can’t change the age and the gender. And you have a strip down amount of, um, interests and behaviors that you can use for targeting. So your cold audience targeting is really. . But the way we get around that is that if you’re selling properties, most likely you’re selling in a particular neighborhood or a particular city or a particular geographical area that can be fairly well defined.

[00:48:39] So the ta, the tactic there is that in your well defined geographical area, how many other realtors are you up again? That’s your competition. And then from there, how many of those realtors are showing up every single day inside their potential audience’s newsfeed in, again, Facebook, Instagram, stories, um, marketplace, all the different placements that you can be showing up, and how many of those realtors are changing up that information and helpful and useful, continually, that’s one part of it.

[00:49:05] Part two of that. If you’re a realtor, you have listings. And when you showcase those listings, when you showcase how that property looks or how that home looks, the way that you market that property is going is the way that you’re actually attracting new sellers in your neighborhood. Because when someone’s shopping for a realtor, if they’re getting ready to sell their property and they need a realtor, , they’re going to look at what everybody else is doing.

[00:49:29] They’re going to pay attention to all the sales that are happening and all, and what’s coming across their own newsfeed. And if there’s something that continually wows them of like, oh wow, I want my home marketed that way. Or if you see a particular realtor and you see that, how do they manage to get 30,000 views to 60,000 views on every single one of their video?

[00:49:49] Whereas this other realtor who I was thinking of going with, they only reached 500 views on their videos consistently. I wanna go with the one that’s gonna get my house seen by 30 to 60,000 people and has all these comments and reactions on their posts. So the way that you market properties is that, that’s where the real creativity comes in, because that’s what’s going to attract your sellers and you’re just saturating your one pocket of the neighborhood that you work in and competing against just the realtors in that.

[00:50:15] So there’s a different strategy behind it, and retargeting is the key. So you get people to watch your videos, engage with your page, and then retarget, retarget, retarget, retarget, retarget. And over over years, right? You know, a year, two years, the quality of your audiences becomes so high quality that you can start to get very predictable results.

[00:50:35] When you run an ad, you generally understand how many clicks you’re going to be getting, how many people are going to be responding, and you’ll, you start to get to know based on the sweet spot of the. If it’s in, if it’s priced right and it has all the things going for it, it will, it’ll spread like wildfire on social media and your ad costs will be very low.

[00:50:53] You can compete very easily if that home is not priced very well and say it’s not priced competitively, uh, your ads will reflect that and your ad costs will reflect that very quickly. And then you can take that data back to your seller and have a conversation, say. We, we ran this, these are the results we’re not getting, and now we’re ready for price reduction.

[00:51:13] You have data to kind of back it up. So real estate runs a lot differently, differently than say, e-commerce or a small mall and pop business, um, selling a product, right? So yeah, very different

[00:51:26] Jeff Sieh: strategy. Very interesting. This is why if you have any desire to run Facebook ads, you need to take Amanda’s course because I don’t know if you could tell Switch, but she kinda knows what she’s talking about.

[00:51:36] I mean, she’s not like just dabbled in this for a little bit and like pivoted to go. She’s been in this since I’ve known her, so she knows what she’s talking about. So, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Grace, uh, go

[00:51:47] Grace Duffy: ahead. Well, I’m gonna wrap up the show because we wanna get, uh, we wanna get Amanda out there on the surface soon as we’ve already, she’s already been so generous with her time, we must say.

[00:51:56] But , you know, there has been, and I’m just gonna keep this very general, there’s been a lot of negativity and. Around social media over the last couple weeks and you know, there’s a lot of people saying, I’m leaving this, I’m leaving that we’re gonna leave the names out of it. Right. But how have you been encouraging your clients and students in particular to adapt and adjust their marketing plans and manage their expectations as social media continues to evolve?

[00:52:24] What it is, it’s e it’s evolving. It’s always been evolving. Those of us that have been in industry for a while, like the three of us, we’ve, we’ve seen it, we’re just in another place. But there is just a lot of like, ah, I don’t wanna be on here anymore. Whatever, you know, whatever. Right. . So how are you encouraging people?

[00:52:39] I wanna, I wanna leave this show on a high note today, so we’re gonna

[00:52:42] Amanda Robinson: take. I, I, I wanna talk from a position of having to had to encourage people, but I haven’t had to encourage people. The people who are on there are making money. The people who are growing their businesses are working hard and it’s working for them.

[00:52:54] So the people in my membership and Swift kicking the ads, they’re, they’re hands on participating in our weekly office hours coming, uh, coming with. Wonderful questions and we’re troubleshooting all things all the time. They’re learning so much. So it’s working very well. My clients are making money.

[00:53:11] They’re still making money, so we’re still pumping money into the system. There’s no, there’s no change. There’s a lot of headlines out there. There’s a lot of, um, doom and gloom from some people and a lot of people shifting their attention span different platforms, but it really isn’t affecting the grand scheme of the fact that there are businesses on there making money right now, and it’s not unattainable.

[00:53:32] and it really hasn’t shaken up too many things. In the backend as far as ads go at the, at this current moment. So I’m not worried, I’m not concerned and I’m not getting a lot of questions from, I’m not getting a lot of questions from the actual people who are hands on doing ads on the platform. I’m getting a lot of opinions from people.

[00:53:52] Who are not running ads. That’s, that’s what I’m seeing across social right now. Mm-hmm.

[00:53:56] Jeff Sieh: Love the op opinions on social media. What are

[00:53:59] Grace Duffy: you talking about? Oh my God. I love that. Amanda, this is, this is why we have you on, this is why we wanted you to have you on is because of that perspective. Because you’re right.

[00:54:09] I mean, I think saying that, I’ve been doing well. These people have been doing well. People that have been on it are doing great and a lot of these are just opinions. So thank you for putting it into perspective for us and our audience. .

[00:54:21] Jeff Sieh: So before we go, uh, Amanda, I wanna make sure you have plenty of time to tell people, uh, where they can find you after you’re done surfing.

[00:54:28] Cuz she’s gonna be out in the waters. It’ll be hard to get a hold of her. But where can people find out all about Amanda Robinson? What you’re doing, where your training’s at, all that.

[00:54:37] Amanda Robinson: Well, if you wanna see um, pictures of the frost on the tent and the surfing adventures, you can follow me on Instagram at the Digital Gal.

[00:54:45] Um, the best place to go and find me. If you wanna talk business, go to my website, the digital gal.com. and Facebook is the best place to get ahold of me. So facebook.com/the digital gal, if you wanna start business conversations over there, um, everywhere. Everywhere and anywhere at the Digital Gal. Um, and if you’re interested in getting a swift kick in the ads and joining that membership, uh, just keep an eye out.

[00:55:05] Cause we actually do have a Black Friday special coming up here shortly that you’ll probably see some ads circulating. But, uh, I’ll drop that. You can find that at the ultimate digital dl.com. Um, if you’re looking for that Black Friday deal, so there.

[00:55:18] Jeff Sieh: Awesome. Awesome. Thank you guys so much for, thanks for Amanda.

[00:55:21] This has just been, um, you know, mind blowing every time I talk to you. It’s, it’s always good. And I thank you for coming to us in the remote location and pausing your surfing for a while. Thank you so much for that. Thank everybody who watched the show today. Thanks Scott and Pamela and, and, uh, Jim, uh, from Fusion Marketing who is here watching us live.

[00:55:40] Appreciate you guys. Uh, thank you so much for Grace. We are gonna be, Next week because we will be stuffing our faces or recovering from stuffing our faces. Uh, at least I will be Grace will just eat Dana Lee, um, just like some salad or something. But I will be those

[00:55:55] Grace Duffy: five almonds I eat, right? Like yeah,

[00:55:58] Jeff Sieh: That’s right. So we won’t be here next week, but we’ll be here for, uh, the week after. And we’ve got a really special show planned for that as well. So, uh, you can find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Amazon Live. Thank you so much, Amanda, for being here. Thank you to our audience and we’ll see you guys next.

[00:56:12] Bye everybody.

[00:56:14] Amanda Robinson: Thank you.

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