It’s two shows in ONE! This week, Jeff and Grace are joined by Megan Powers and Jen Cole from the Making a Marketer podcast for a digital marketing roundtable!

We’re breaking down what’s going on at Twitter (and what it means for your social media planning). Then discuss Meta’s new direction in Q4 2022 and share our expert opinions on Instagram vs. TikTok. 


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[00:00:01] Jeff Sieh: Hey everybody. Welcome to another edition of Social Media. News Live. And what’s your show called? That’s why I gave you a perfect opening there. Yeah.

[00:00:12] Grace Duffy: It’s called Making a Marketer.

[00:00:14] Jeff Sieh: Well, I was gonna have her do it. Come on. Right? She’s busy working on her sound. We’re off on a great start, everybody.

[00:00:21] Oh my God. , this is it. So, hey, if you’re joining us live, we’re gonna have an awesome show for you guys today. We are doing a special crossover, Multi Streaming, something with the collab. The collab. That’s, Yeah, Collab, collab. I’m still getting an echo from somebody. If you guys are watching us live, let us know if you’re hearing an echo, because I am hearing

[00:00:43] Grace Duffy: a slight one.

[00:00:43] Let’s, let’s each talk and then see who the echo is coming from. So this is me or the Echo coming from me. I don’t, I, I don’t hear it, but I may have a.

[00:00:53] Jeff Sieh: Hey, there’s Jim Sand Fusion Marketing, three great looking people. And Jeff, thank you so much. Thank you. Oh, telling like it is. Thank you so much, my friend.

[00:01:04] I appreciate that. Yeah. Oh, what’s going on? There we go. Yes. Um, and Chris goes, I’m Jeff C and you’re not. Um, yes, you are not, You’re not hearing an echo. So, uh, Megan, why don’t you say something, because I wanna make sure we don’t have an echo here. Uh, and it may just be, Yeah, I, I

[00:01:21] Megan Powers: think it’s me. I’m not hearing that.

[00:01:24] Am I good? Yeah.

[00:01:25] Jeff Sieh: Okay, good. Yeah. I’m invisible today. You guys can’t see me. You’re,

[00:01:31] Grace Duffy: Are you invisible?

[00:01:33] Jen Cole: Can you see me? Grace? I can

[00:01:34] Megan Powers: see you. I just heard an echo on Grace too.

[00:01:38] Grace Duffy: Yeah, I just heard echo. Maybe

[00:01:39] Jeff Sieh: it’s Jen.

[00:01:40] Jen Cole: Oh no.

[00:01:42] Grace Duffy: Is it me? Am

[00:01:44] Jeff Sieh: I the drama? No, they’re not here to echo. So. I guess, I guess we’re not, we’re okay.

[00:01:49] We’re just gonna go with it folks. So anyway, let’s talk a little bit real quick. We’re over on Amazon as well. I wanna talk about your equipment. I am always as usual using my high LPR 40 for my microphone. Uh, Grace, do you even know what microphone you’re using? I’m

[00:02:03] Grace Duffy: sorry. Yes, I do. It is an at 2020. It has stood through the test of time.

[00:02:09] If you’re just getting started, don’t know. You know what you’re doing. This is a great beginner starter, Mike. It’s pretty, it’s very affordable. I got it on Amazon, although I did, after the pandemic, I started seeing them on, um, shelves at like Target. So it’s pretty accessible. I love it. It’s, it’s my tried and true.

[00:02:28] I know I can, but you know, if you guys are just getting started out there, this is a good one.

[00:02:32] Jeff Sieh: Megan, what about you? You’re an old school podcaster. What are you. ,

[00:02:37] Megan Powers: it’s been an evolution. This is, I went a, I went way longer than I should have before buying a high quality mic . Um, and I have a ATR 2100 x

[00:02:47] Jeff Sieh: ooh, offense.

[00:02:49] It’s, it sounds really great, by the way. It sounds really good. Thank you. And Jen Cole, what about you?

[00:02:53] Jen Cole: Oh, I’m so innovative. I, I am using a, um, a really old Mac and, and then the really old, you know, little, you know, it

[00:03:02] does

[00:03:02] Jeff Sieh: it in a pinch. Yeah, it does. In a pinch. And so, Jim, I was, cuz he freaked me out, like I’m not showing up.

[00:03:08] He goes, I’m not technically invisible, uh, but I might as well be invisible with my three guests. So that’s how I’m gonna feel all day today. Thank you for that, Chris Stone. I appreciate you, my friend. Um, but we have this amazing, uh, panel today. So would you do us a favor and sprinkle the love across the internet interwebs?

[00:03:26] Let everybody know what’s going on. It’s gonna be, we’re talking about, there’s a ton of news, uh, this week. So we’ll be talking all about what, uh, Which everybody, everybody’s been talking about, we’ll have some Twitter and some other stuff. So stick around, ask your questions, let us know what you think, uh, down below and we’ll try to bring your comments up on screen.

[00:03:44] Um, let’s see. Are we all ready to go if I hit go on the podcast machine? Grace. You ready? Yes. Megan, are you ready? Yes. Thanks. All right, so let get all my notes in order. Oh, and I see Brian Ferrells in the house. Uh, thank you Brian for, um, coming. I think he says good evening. So he is probably in Barcelona or Spain or some exotic locale.

[00:04:02] So Brian, thank you for joining us today. So we will hit go on the podcast machine and get started. Welcome to Social Media News Live. I’m Jeff C and you’re not.

[00:04:12] Grace Duffy: And I’m Grace Duffy. And this is the show that keeps you up to date on what’s happening in the world of social media and more. And today we have a very, very special show lined up.

[00:04:22] I’m so excited. We’ve invited none other than the amazing Meghan Powers in the amazing Gen Cole from making a marketer podcast to do a show co lab with us. So making a marketer, they’ll do their intros, what I just wanna say, they explore and explain all aspects of marketing business in a very fun way.

[00:04:39] And if you’ve ever met Megan, a jet in person, absolutely. Very fun . They deliver on that every time. And you’ll probably see on the show, and you might recall that we had Megan as our guest when we were at podcast movement in August. And today we brought along Jen Colton to join us for continued fun. And today we’re gonna cover the latest social media news.

[00:04:58] We’re gonna talk about Twitter with Elon Musk at the helm. We’re not gonna talk about Elon Musk. We’re gonna talk about. What news has been breaking and what it means for us as marketers. We’re also gonna talk about what’s going on over at MEA and then get our expert opinions on Instagram versus TikTok.

[00:05:13] And I know that Jen and Megan have things that they wanna discuss with us as well. So welcome Megan and Jen . Yes. Hello.

[00:05:22] Megan Powers: Hello. And I mean, welcome to episode one 14 of the Making a Marketer Podcast. So Wild, this is a show first, right? Jen and I, um, wanted to have Jeff and Grace on our show, and then in the process they asked us to be on theirs.

[00:05:41] So we’re recording theirs and ours together. Boom. S a two for Hello, Jen Cole, my cohost. How are you?

[00:05:49] Jen Cole: Hello, Megan Powers. I am absolutely wonderful today. I’m so excited about this over.

[00:05:57] Jeff Sieh: So we, yeah, we see, we regularly introduce our guests, but since we have four people here and um, this is gonna be a crazy show anyway, we’re just gonna introduce ourselves.

[00:06:06] So, um, Grace, go ahead and you start, and then we’ll go around and I’ll just wrap it up.

[00:06:12] Grace Duffy: All right. Well, I am the producer and co-host of this year Fine show. Social Media. News Live, which is a weekly live show and a podcast on social media marketing. I have developed online content and digital marketing strategies for brands like Restream Hilton, Worldwide, Social Media Examiner, and many more.

[00:06:29] And I come to the show as someone, or our show as someone that has worked within organizations in corporations and basically give the, uh, corporate marketing perspective basically, how do you sell this to the boss? That’s the perspective I come from, which is opposed to Jeff.

[00:06:46] Jeff Sieh: Well, I’m gonna give it to, I wanna give it ladies first, cause that’s the way my mom raised me.

[00:06:49] So we’re gonna go to Jen Cole. Jen, give us your little intro and let us know all about you. . All

[00:06:55] Jen Cole: right. Well, you know, I am a person who believes that social media channels should be community driven first. They should be tight knit and, uh, and you know, you go in with a goal and a strategy. I’ve been doing social media marketing for about 10 years now.

[00:07:10] Um, and I am the social media manager at GRE Group right here in Wichita, Kansas, and we specialize in aviation marketing. I am the co-owner of X Stand standing desks, and I am the co-host of making a Marketer, and I am also a public speaker.

[00:07:26] Jeff Sieh: Awesome. Awesome. All right. Megan Powers Europe.

[00:07:30] Megan Powers: Hi. Oh, so I am Megan Powers and I am a marketer who has.

[00:07:35] Worked a lot in content for the last many years. I did do social for about 10, but, um, I’m, for the most of my career, I’ve actually worked in events and so I have made my way back to events full-time. So I am a corporate event marketer with event marketing partners, creating exceptional experiences for our clients.

[00:07:55] And of course, I am a podcaster. Uh, I’ve been hosting making a marketer since 2017 with Jen, and since the beginning of this year, I’ve been hosting another podcast called Trade Show Talk for the Trade Show News Network. And I’m super, super excited to be here.

[00:08:12] Jeff Sieh: Awesome. And I am Jeff c and as I said before, you are not, uh, Chris Stone.

[00:08:17] And, uh, so you can find out more about me at jeff Sieh dot com. I’m a speaker, I’m also a podcast producer. I produce, uh, and help edit, uh, GE Kawasaki’s Remarkable People podcast, as well as many other things. So, uh, love for you to check me out at jeff Sieh dot com. That’s s i e h i before E, especially in C.

[00:08:34] So that’s how you remember as my mommy

[00:08:36] Megan Powers: taught me. That is how I remember every time I talk about.

[00:08:39] Jeff Sieh: That’s right. Exactly. So this is gonna be a fun show because, you know, we’re gonna be kind of, uh, it’s gonna be hard to get everything in. So Grace, take us away because here we go with the wildness that is now Twitter.

[00:08:52] Grace Duffy: Oh my gosh, yes. The, the, the in the title for the segment was just Twitter exclamation point because oh my gosh, after so many months of Will he won’t, he, Mr. Elon Musk did take over Twitter and it did occur to the tune of 44 billion, which was a loan. With a 1 billion interest tacked on every year. So in little over a week now, he has, there have been several ambitious plans and for reformation and for monetization ventures to earn some of that money back.

[00:09:25] Now, uh, plans include charging users, it was $20, now it’s $8 for verification in Musk view, this will help eliminate bots on the platform. You know, we’ve seen a lot going back and forth on that. We’re gonna talk, go into that in just a minute here. We also saw a report, uh, from Washington Post saying that they’re currently exploring a new pay walled video approach.

[00:09:45] So this is still speculative, very much announced, would enable creators and publishers to charge a feed, let people watch a long form video on the. Something very different. And then Twitter is also considering new ad options such as Pay dm, something meta is also exploring. We’re gonna talk a little bit about that in a few minutes.

[00:10:06] And then also, um, you know, it’s gonna work a little bit like the request inbox folder or request folder, like, uh, LinkedIn’s, uh, in, in mail. Yeah. And then they’re also bringing back . There’s also talk about them bringing back band user and adjusting moderation policies. But that is on hold for now.

[00:10:23] Previously, uh, they also previously announced that there’s gonna be a content moderation panel, which is something Facebook has enable enabled many years ago. So the ideas are coming fast and furious and it’s hard to keep track of all of them, let alone parse a coherent strategy. I mean, there’s a fairly straightforward theme here.

[00:10:41] Obviously Twitter is looking to make money and looking to make it fast, because if you’ve been following Twitter, they have not made money in the last couple years. They made, uh, five. Billion dollars last year and, uh, spent 5.2 billion .

[00:11:00] Jeff Sieh: Have they ever made money? Have they ever really made money?

[00:11:03] Grace Duffy: You know, I think they did make money before 2019, I think when I, And then, And then 20 or something like it was, Yeah, something like that.

[00:11:09] Right. So the ideas are very haphazard and they’re, they lack consistency. Like at least, you know, they’re seeking new sources of, uh, non-advertising revenue desperately to cut cost because, and we’ll get into this too, 90% of their income comes from advertisers, many of which are taking a break in light of all the chaos.

[00:11:30] So Jen and Megan, you are both active and prolific on Twitter. I know. I checked. Uh, what is your reaction to all of these updates and, uh, has it changed much about how you tweet and what you tweet or your activity on the platform?

[00:11:45] Megan Powers: All right, let me just say, first of all, did they ever disclose what. , what did Twitter Blue do for them?

[00:11:51] Right? Were they charging only $2 for Twitter blue or something like that? Like what’s,

[00:11:56] Jeff Sieh: So, Jim says that he uses Twitter blue and he doesn’t mind paying a little bit more for added features. So Jim, what is the, let us know what features they’re you’re getting and like how much, like, Cuz I have no idea cuz I’m not gonna give Twitter my money right now, so, uh, I’d love to know right.

[00:12:12] Jen Cole: I believe it was, it was either two or three. Cuz I’m currently doing, uh, Twitter blue as well. And a thing that I really liked about Twitter Blue is the fact when you tweet something out, you, you have like this kind of little progress circle at the bottom to where you have a few, I think it’s 30 extra seconds to decide to look over your tweet again and decide if you need to edit it or change it.

[00:12:33] Is there a typo? Do you wanna switch pictures? You know, that kind of thing. Um, so there is a little window to edit tweets, but of course now, um, for free for everybody, there’s 30 minutes to edit your tweets without Twitter blue. So there, there’s a whole lot of other things. Um, the only thing I was interested in was that edit button, so I didn’t really care about the rest

[00:12:50] Jeff Sieh: of it.

[00:12:51] Yeah. So, uh, Jim says, Yeah, it’s 2 99 is what he’s paying. So, uh, very, very cool. So,

[00:12:57] Megan Powers: um, so yeah, in, in terms of changing how I, I, um, I am admittedly not on social media as much as I used to be because I’m not doing it as my main job. Um, but. I, I am seeing a little uptick in the, in the bad stuff. However, I think that use can still control what happens, um, you know, in your feed.

[00:13:21] Um, so hopefully the algorithm will still continue to work in our favor. But I’m with you, Jeff. I’m not ready to pay yet. I will be ready to pay if it is worth my while, if the, if the platform remains worth my while. Let’s say

[00:13:35] Jeff Sieh: that. Yeah. I mean, I post links there. I interact with people who app mentioned me, and I’m just, I would not say I’m a heavy Twitter user.

[00:13:45] I know Jen was big on Twitter. Do you still do a lot of Twitter chats, Jen?

[00:13:49] Jen Cole: No, I really, I don’t do as many. I would love to, but

[00:13:52] Jeff Sieh: I don’t. Right. I mean, you were doing it like every week for a long time, and so I know you were, you’re all about that, so it’s gonna be interesting. Um, would you, would you pay, would you two pay or Grace as well?

[00:14:04] Would you pay the $8 a month that he is. Saying to, you know, for this verification badge, because I’ve heard it from both sides. Like some people say, Yeah, I, that’s great. I can have a blue check now. I’ll just, I’ll pay the eight bucks. And then people who have the blue check say it makes it meaningless now.

[00:14:21] So what are your thoughts on paying the $8 for? Um, the other things there was, um, you get like, you can be able to monetize some video, I think was another option for the $8 and some other things. So would you be willing to, for the, the $8 a month? Twitter verification. Jen Cole, I’m interested to hear you first.

[00:14:43] Jen Cole: Yeah, I, I personally, um, am, Yeah, I’m gonna continue paying. I already pay the three, what’s, you know, what’s another five? But the cool thing is, another feature that they’re gonna offer with this is longer length video. Mm-hmm. . So if you have, like, I, I, I don’t remember what the time limit on that is, but I know that, uh, longer video, longer than a minute is going to be allowed on.

[00:15:04] And I know that they’ve tried this before with, um, and, and it does work with some brands, but if you don’t have that like media library feature, then you don’t get to do the long videos like other people. But if you pay the $8, you’ll get to do that. And, you know, I think, um, because social media is definitely moving in a direction of video, I, I feel like it’s worth $8 for brands and for users.

[00:15:27] But are people

[00:15:28] Jeff Sieh: really watching long form video on Twitter? I mean,

[00:15:32] Grace Duffy: I dunno.

[00:15:33] Megan Powers: Great question.

[00:15:35] Jeff Sieh: What do you, would you pay, uh, Megan for the blue check?

[00:15:39] Megan Powers: Um, if, if, if things don’t change too much, I, I would absolutely consider it. Yeah, I mean, Twitter and LinkedIn are my two favorite platforms, so, um, I want this to remain a, a good space and, um, so I would consider it,

[00:15:56] Jeff Sieh: yes.

[00:15:57] Great stuffy. Will you pay for the blue? . I

[00:16:00] Grace Duffy: personally don’t see a value in me personally paying for it, but I think there is value in it for people that are personal brands or very prolific on it. It’s definitely small businesses and major brands. I mean, I think for a long time the blue check mark was mistakenly seen as an endorsement and not for what it was really meant to be, which was to prevent impersonation or misinformation.

[00:16:20] For instance, if I was craft mm-hmm. , you know, I wouldn’t want anyone like saying something that I, that would be misconstrued as coming from me as a brand. Right? Right. And so I saw the value in that, but then it just became this idea of an endorsement of like this person. And so, I don’t know. So that’s, it’s a popularity

[00:16:37] Jeff Sieh: thing.

[00:16:37] It was like, Hey, you’re popular enough, you got a blue check, that’s what it was. That’s gonna be going away, so it’s not gonna matter anymore. And so I get it, like if you worked hard to increase your follower account and you got the blue check, having it be like a paid thing now, that would kind of hack you off a little bit, I would say.

[00:16:52] But for those of us who don’t, but, but it’s, it’s still not worth it for me. There’s not a lot of Jeff C’s out there. Um, I can usually, you know, find out who’s impersonating me. Um, I do wanna bring up some, uh, uh, Jim has some great points, so yeah, he does. He goes, uh, I agree with Jen. Twitter is my biggest platform and they also maybe are bringing back Vine, which will be very interesting with all the like the shorts and the TikTok and you know, that might be a good play.

[00:17:18] It’s gonna be interesting to see how Elon monetizes it because you know, that’s around the corner. If they bring it back somehow, it’ll be part of the $8 or something. And Jim does bring a good point, cuz I do this, I do repurpose all of my live shows over on Twitter and he goes, right now the video link is two minutes.

[00:17:33] I think it’s two minutes, 20 seconds is what I think it is. And Live Streaming is different, which we are also live Streaming over on Twitter right now. Um, and he also says, I don’t care about the blue check, but I think they really need to think about the verification process. Right. That is a great point.

[00:17:47] Grace Duffy: Yeah. Right. So, and as far as your question about video, I think if we were, if you recall, Twitter was at the forefront of so many breaking news stories that. Maybe would not have been covered as personalized or as detailed as they were. So for instance, everything happening in Egypt protests, different things happening in pop culture.

[00:18:06] So I think for that reason alone, I think having, paying for the video access to like legitimate video to. On it is a, I still use Twitter as one of my major news sources, right? If everything goes down mm-hmm. I check Twitter to see what’s going on about it, what are people saying about it. So I think there is value in, I would pay for that kind of video.

[00:18:24] And I think if I had a reason to to, you know, be, um, to be verified or need that there aren’t very many great stuff. He’s doing what I’m doing. Don’t know any, I’m not really worried about anyone impersonating me, but if I ever get to that point, you know, everybody

[00:18:39] Jeff Sieh: wants to be gray stuffy. Well, you know, and and hit Chris Stone over on LinkedIn goes, I heard Twitter’s bringing back Google Plus drink.

[00:18:47] Yeah. So he had to mention Google Plus for our drinking game. That Yes, that goes on. I haven’t mentioned it yet. I don’t think it counts unless I say it, Chris. So, uh, anyway, um, no, this is all, yeah, this is all like, we don’t know what’s going on on Twitter. This is all kind of like out there, there they say this $8 thing could come as early as next week is some of the news that I’ve been reading.

[00:19:11] We don’t know what that all entails. If you could be the little devil on, uh, Elon’s shoulder, Megan Powers, what would you have that you would like offered for $8 a month, other than what’s already been mentioned?

[00:19:26] Megan Powers: Oh, that’s a great question. I, I don’t know. I, I feel like I, I don’t know. I get everything. I, the, we haven’t talked about the paying for dms yet.

[00:19:37] I think that, that, that is a very interesting thing. If I could pay to have DMS blocked from people I , I don’t wanna hear from that would be cool. Although I already have it. Only if we’re connected. Can you DM me? But I don’t know. I don’t know. I, uh, I don’t know. Jen, what about you? I’m gonna toss the ball.

[00:19:59] Jen Cole: Wouldn’t it be cool if like, yes, you paid for that feature, but like along with that, like you pick the words that you would want to have like filtered out of direct messages. Like if it’s something like, um, get a cup of coffee or, you know, those kinds of things like Adam automatically, I don’t know. Pick your brain, right?

[00:20:18] Pick

[00:20:18] Megan Powers: your brain.

[00:20:19] Grace Duffy: Phrases

[00:20:20] Jen Cole: like that. Can we pick the phrases that we don’t want to receive dms for? And I would pay for that. I pay for that on LinkedIn. Yeah, thank

[00:20:27] Grace Duffy: God for sure. Yeah, I would want a better way. Recognizing my lists. I, I, I went through like, I don’t six months taking 10 years of Twitter and like segmenting every single person into lists so that I could see all the news, all the writers.

[00:20:44] Mm-hmm. , all the social media people, the close friends, you know, people that, and I spent all of these and it was like something that I did over six months. Slowly and surely. Yeah. So if there was a way to quickly categorize people That’s a good point. It, it’s a list like that would make my Twitter experience amazing cuz it is like a fire hose.

[00:21:02] And I want, I want to be able to control more of like, I wanna know more about this or this, this, that, you know, and, and have those kind of, So there’s a quick way to do that. I would pay for that. Yeah.

[00:21:13] Jeff Sieh: Something that would be like buckets that you could like just go. Cause to be honest, what I go and use for social media now is like, I go to groups like are very specific.

[00:21:21] Like I got my. Influencers groups that like Chris and Jim are in that I go and I look and I read and I get ideas and I have other things with like wood carving and stuff that I’m interested in. If there’s a way to do that easily on Twitter, I think the whole open fire host thing is great, except for when you really don’t want it at all and you’re tired looking at all the, the dumpster fire that is Twitter.

[00:21:45] Um,

[00:21:45] Megan Powers: I do think lists are underutilized. I have lists and I don’t use them cause they’re hard to

[00:21:50] Jeff Sieh: get to. You’re just like, it’s not part of the interface really. Well. So anyway, what else?

[00:21:55] Grace Duffy: Grace, I had to go through, I had to go through and follow, like I had to, like, I’ll follow someone and then go back in and then put them in a list.

[00:22:01] And so if there’s a way to just follow someone and automatically list them, that’d be great. Just like, just like subscribing to a podcast. Right. So I use Stitcher for my podcast. Mm-hmm. it automatically says, well what category do you want them in? Like, you know. Right. Jeff Sieh. Dumpster Fire.

[00:22:14] Jeff Sieh: Dumpster. Put me in the dumpster fire list.

[00:22:16] Grace. That’s great. Um, so I’ll ask this question Grace, and then you can do the follow up, but. For both you, Megan, and Jen, since you are marketers, you’ve been in the marketing space for a long time. You talk about it on your podcast. So what would you advice would you give to brands that are on Twitter?

[00:22:33] Like Jim said, it was like hiss most his most popular one. Uh, so did, uh, Megan said you like using it the best, but what would you tell brands right now are trying to figure things out and plan their, their content over the few, you know, next few days or weeks or months? What do you tell your clients? Like who, you know, you finally got them on Twitter, like, and now all this stuff is happening.

[00:22:54] Like, what do you do as a marketer? Uh, Jen,

[00:22:57] Grace Duffy: I’ll start with you. I

[00:22:59] Jen Cole: feel like right now, because things are just so, they’re so up in the air and all of my clients are on Twitter. Uh, well, not all of them, but most of them are. And um, and I love that about them. Um, they, but they belong on Twitter because of the nature of their industry.

[00:23:14] I feel like it is important for them to stay on Twitter for sure. And then let me be the eyes and ears to come back with them about a strategy once things are, you know, kind of settling a little bit.

[00:23:25] Jeff Sieh: Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. , Megan, um, you, I know you mentioned events and you, That’s how we met originally. It was an event stuff.

[00:23:33] So Twitter is a big part of events. I mean, there’s usually like a Twitter board, something like that. So what are you telling your clients about Twitter with all this stuff going on? Like, cuz events are still happening, things are still going on. I know it’s kind of wrapping up towards the end of the year, but what would you tell, you know, especially from an event background about using Twitter?

[00:23:51] Megan Powers: Yeah. Uh, September to November, it is like crazy time period for events. Um, it’s. It remains, I think, the, the number one platform for before, during, and after an event. So, um, I say hold tight . Like, I, I don’t think that there’s any reason to panic to bail right now. Um, talking about advertising is a totally different thing all together, right?

[00:24:17] Mm-hmm. , because I, I would argue, and I see people have been seeing people talk about this a lot. Like I don’t really pay attention to ads on Twitter. I don’t know why, but on every other platform I see. But on Twitter, I don’t really accept them until someone said that. And now I’m being a lot more conscious of it.

[00:24:36] But I would say maybe don’t pay for advertising until we see how the dust settles. But it’s still a valuable platform that um, can be, it’s not as much hashtag driven as Instagram is as we know. But um, for the purposes of your event, it absolutely is hashtag driven if you’re doing it right at your event, right?

[00:24:54] Like I was just at the Money 2020 conference, huge FinTech, biggest fig tech conference that there is. And um, yeah, if you’re not on that hashtag, you’re not gonna get seen. And so that’s kind of the bottom line I think with Twitter is to, you know, just to like, hold on, just keep using your hashtag and um, working within your own community cuz we all have a little community of our own right on Twitter, whether, whether we have them in lists or not.

[00:25:21] Um, so if you keep interacting with those accounts that matter, then you’ll be fine.

[00:25:26] Grace Duffy: Hmm, gotcha. And I actually like the idea of these paid dms, as long as it’s from a legitimate company, which we’ve talked about. If they can clean up their verification process and you’re not just dealing with people that are spamming you or you know, the spray pay campaigns.

[00:25:41] Uh, I, I actually like this idea cause I think it works well on, on LinkedIn. You know, if someone’s sending you an email, you kind of know what it is and it’s in a different box. And I think that there’s a feature like this on, on Facebook Messenger as well. But I’d love to know what you think about this.

[00:25:56] Do you think it’ll help stabilize Twitter as a marketing tool or do you think it’ll backfire? Like so many things do Google Plus. Just kidding. Watch it. Watch it. R

[00:26:08] Megan Powers: Ip .

[00:26:11] Jeff Sieh: So explain how these, um, paid dms are supposed to work. Does anybody underst. How this is supposed to work. So does that mean like I, if I’m part of the $8 plan, that I will have direct access to you Grace?

[00:26:25] Or how, how does that,

[00:26:26] Grace Duffy: I think this is, I think this is would be a, this is considered a new ad option. So in addition to the ads that none of us see apparently , well, maybe they’re so stealth that they seem like that they’re so well targeted that it doesn’t feel like an ad, which is the goal of advertising.

[00:26:40] Right. But, uh, so they, this would be a new offering to, uh, generate income because remember, 90% of their income, that $5.2 billion they make a year comes from advertising. So this would be one of those options, I think. And I, they speculatively say that it’ll work just like LinkedIn InMail does.

[00:26:59] Jeff Sieh: Yeah.

[00:26:59] That’s just, Will that make us not check our dms more? I mean, honestly, if you’re getting ads in there, I mean, I don’t know. Um, What are your thoughts, Megan?

[00:27:10] Megan Powers: Well, The d the magic is in the dms, right? That’s what everybody’s saying. Yeah. Right. Like that’s where the conversations are really happening. And so I think that beyond it being an ad, it has to be a real personal type of connection that you’re trying to make.

[00:27:24] Right? It, I think that, um, being, just being human and trying to build your community through direct message by paying for it is not a bad thing. Um, I think just trying to do the hard sell, like a lot of people do on LinkedIn, I think is not the right path, right?

[00:27:40] Jeff Sieh: Like, no, like I don’t remember the last good in mail that I got from LinkedIn.

[00:27:45] It’s always something I’m like, that has nothing to do with me. Like, I, I’m, you know, who do we need to talk to in your C-suite? Well, that would be me, because there’s nobody else, you know, I mean,

[00:27:56] Grace Duffy: do some research, C suite, s i e h suite .

[00:28:00] Megan Powers: Yeah. It’s just, or it’s just vague enough, like, I really enjoy your podcast.

[00:28:04] I wanna be like, really? What do you enjoy? Which was your favorite episode and why?

[00:28:08] Jeff Sieh: Right. and they never it.

[00:28:10] Grace Duffy: Yeah. You know what, Every time I ask that question, they always say, Jeff’s amazing beard. And I’m like, That has nothing to do with

[00:28:15] Jeff Sieh: me. Okay. Has everything to do with it. Um, so Jen, what do you think about this?

[00:28:20] I mean, don’t you think it would, it was, it’s gonna water down dms. I mean, if you’re getting ads in there, .

[00:28:26] Jen Cole: Here’s what I think. I think if you’re gonna come into my dms, if you’re gonna pay to be in my dms, you better bring something with you, like an ebook or some tips or some coffee, donuts, videos. Bring a Starbucks gift card, right?

[00:28:40] Right. , you know, something like that. Um, I think if you’re gonna, if you’re gonna infiltrate my dms and you’re gonna pay to do so, the, you know, the best way for you to get my attention is for you to bring something valuable with you so that I will pay attention. Give me a reason to open the. That is

[00:28:58] Grace Duffy: a great point.

[00:28:58] I love that. Always bring a housewarming gift, right? Always bring something wine. Never come to a Twitter party empty handed.

[00:29:05] Jeff Sieh: Right? Right. So our friend Ian Anderson Gray, who is just off an amazing event over with Janet Murray, who’s been on our show before. So make sure you go back and check that episode out.

[00:29:13] Um, he says sometimes they’re really clever and say they enjoyed a specific episode, even though it’s obvious it’s a copy and paste job. Yep. I’ve had those. I think we all have. You’re like, and you kinda have to quiz ’em and they still don’t get it. Right. So, but I’ll

[00:29:27] Megan Powers: tell you, especially if they wanna be a guest or they have someone who wants to be a guest on my show.

[00:29:31] Yeah, yeah. Uh, you gotta, you, you really have to show that you know what the show’s about because otherwise I just, you know. Yeah. Your copy and paste is exactly right.

[00:29:42] Jeff Sieh: So this is a great question. So Christy, uh, says, Twitter is the best way for me to reach larger companies for responsive and quick customer service like airlines and Apple.

[00:29:52] Do you think this will change? Ooh, that’s a great question. Like under these, this new management, I mean, really a lot of customer service happens on Twitter. I mean, if they’re doing it right, people are, the companies are monitoring it. So will this change? Jen Cole, what do you think?

[00:30:09] Jen Cole: Oh, man, I, I, I really hope it doesn’t change.

[00:30:12] It. It’s been something that so many of us have kind of come to expect and rely on for, right? The last what decade or so, Um, go to Twitter when, when something, especially with airlines, especially with Apple, is Instagram down. We go to Twitter, um, to, you know, for support because Instagram supports on Twitter, you know, things like that.

[00:30:31] I, I feel like this is something that we need to make sure we’re reminding our clients, um, especially those big brands out there that are getting tons of tweets a day, right? That, uh, this is still, there’s still a place for that. And I feel like this is where people are still gonna come to for problems like

[00:30:47] Jeff Sieh: that.

[00:30:48] So, Megan, what do you think? Because, um, It’s true. We’ve used it for so long and we had Brooke sell us on a couple, uh, weeks ago talking about, you know, customer service and Twitter’s a big part of that. So with, uh, the changes under Elon and everybody saying they’re abandoning it, do you think it’s gonna make a big difference for customer service?

[00:31:08] Megan Powers: I don’t think so. I think brands are still gonna stay on. I think they should stay on and use it as they have been. Um, because it’s still a channel, it’s still a CX channel. That 100% has to be tended to. I think that we’re gonna see more individuals leaving Twitter than we’re gonna see brands. That’s my personal take on.

[00:31:27] And Exodus. Yeah. Well, Jim, and we’re seeing it already. There’s so many people, there’s so many people on there who are like, I’m leaving. And of course then everyone’s trolling them. Like, Why are you still here? You said you were leaving. Why are

[00:31:40] Jeff Sieh: you still here? Yeah. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, kind of a thing.

[00:31:42] Um, so, uh, Jim, Jim agrees, um, he says there’s a, Yeah. You think people are overreacting to the ownership change. We need to give it some time. Yeah. So, Grace, what about you? You gonna still gripe about, uh, your local Costco on Twitter? I don’t know if you do it

[00:31:56] Grace Duffy: or not. I am a good, Okay. I used to run a, uh, Twitter advocacy program for Hilton Worldwide.

[00:32:02] It was, uh, we’d reach out to people going to different cities and say, Hey, do you wanna a recommendation on restaurants or places to see? And it worked out really well. This was about 10 years ago. And I think that every, uh, plot, every major brand has their, you know, brand cares tag. Right. And then the brand tag and then the, um, and then ads, I think are a separate thing.

[00:32:22] So there’s been a lot of. telling brands they shouldn’t advertise, not spend money on there. But I think brands like Macon was saying that if they’re smart, they’ll stay on there as a representative. Cause that’s, people have come to expect that, right? Regardless of whether you’re there or not, they’re still talking about you.

[00:32:38] Mm-hmm. ,

[00:32:39] Megan Powers: I think some people have Twitter accounts just for that very reason. Like they’re not an actual Twitter user, but that’s the only place where they can directly reach a brand. I think we need Dan G’s opinion on this though. Yeah, for sure. .

[00:32:53] Jeff Sieh: So to kind of wrap everything up, I’m going kind of agree with what Megan says for your clients.

[00:32:58] I think, you know, and if you’re a business and are like, What do I do? I’m on Twitter, do I need to go stay? I think, you know, staying on there and seeing how it plays out, maybe pause advertising like, uh, Megan was saying, like to see like where you’re, cuz we don’t know what that budget’s gonna do with some of these changes, so maybe kind of pause on some of that, but not just running away, you know, screaming into the, to the, um, world.

[00:33:23] Um, and goes, um, the, let’s see, the people that leaving are the noisy ones, but I think they’re on the minority. Putting politics aside, I’m excited about the potential innovations on Twitter. It’s about time, so a lot of people are excited about change. Any change on Twitter, so that’s interesting take. Yeah.

[00:33:40] But I’ll tell you something that people are not abandoning and that is our show sponsor. Ecamm. See how I did that? That’s just another great segue, amazing years of practice. Um, by the way, they’re the ones who sponsor the show. They do an amazing job that allows us to have four of these amazing people on screen able to switch, you know, cameras doing all this amazing stuff that you can find out more about them at slash Ecamm.

[00:34:01] They actually have a new podcast and it’s called The Flow and it’s all about video podcasting. You can find out more about that at flow dot Ecamm dot com. Uh, they actually record it live, I believe every Tuesday over on YouTube. So you guys need to go check that out. Uh, it’s at 12:00 PM Eastern if you wanna watch that live, but it’s the flow dot flow dot Ecamm dot com.

[00:34:24] So thank you for them for sponsoring the show. Um, Alright, Megan, you had some questions that you wanted to ask? Yeah, well, and I wanna make sure we have time to ask them. So you go ahead and just segue Right.

[00:34:36] Megan Powers: Perfect. All right. So I, when Jen and I talked about having you on, we wanted to talk about how, you know, doing a live show and, and a show that’s specifically focused on news every week.

[00:34:47] Um, it’s got, it’s a lot, uh, there getting a peak behind the curtain of Grace’s, Grace and Jeff’s, um, show flow. Uh, it’s a, it’s a lot. She has references in there, links and stuff, so it’s, it’s very cool. So, I wanna know how hard it, how hard is it? You, you both have jobs and, and you do this, I know this is part of your job, um, Jeff, definitely.

[00:35:11] But what, how do you keep up on the news and, um, and really pull off a really good weekly show? Weekly

[00:35:19] Jeff Sieh: is hard. It’s a good Grace stuffy. It’s all Grace stuffy. I just, she leaves the door open. And I just walk in. So,

[00:35:26] Grace Duffy: well, lemme tell you, this is an hour of free consulting for us. So anytime that I run into an issue or we wanna know something about email marketing, we’re like, that’s a topic this week.

[00:35:33] Right? But as far as keeping up with the news, I, um, I, I’ve kept, I keep this Feedly account that I’ve been updating and pruning and tending, you know, for, for years now. And it’s just become like very segmented into like social media news and trying to get, uh, re So I’ve refined all those resources. So that’s where I find those sources.

[00:35:52] And then I’m also part of a lot of Facebook groups that talk about social media marketing. And so it’s usually just whatever’s bubbling to the top of what people are talking about. Of course, being social media marketers, we are very social with our marketing opinions, so , so it really is just very, the slight guys.

[00:36:09] And then, you know, Jeff and I go back, back and forth about like, what do you wanna talk about this week? What’s a topic that we really wanna cover? And then, um, we will go back and forth throughout the week and then we have refined how we run the show. We did a, we did actually a segment on this for a Leap into podcasting for, uh, for um, e Cam’s event a few weeks ago about how we pull off the show as far as organizing it, managing it.

[00:36:33] So, and I believe Jeff still has a link to those resources if anyone’s interested. But that is what I do on my end. And then I give Jeff all that. Jeff and I argue all week long about topics and titles. ,

[00:36:45] Jeff Sieh: it’s mostly titles cuz like, she likes to write long, long paragraphs. Um, but she’s a very, very good organization.

[00:36:52] Grace is the one who makes the show happen. Um, but also I think there’s something to be said about, we have been doing this for. , you know, this show for over two years and we were together doing another show before that. So we do this dance like that. A lot of people don’t see, like in the comments, like, we’re going, She covered this already and da da da.

[00:37:11] And we’re talking, There’s a Google doc that we have open during the show where we communicate. So I think that’s the Dan, like, like you guys do with your podcast, you’ve done it for such a long time, you know, kind of what they’re gonna say. You kind know where to lead ’em and, and what you know and what reactions to get out of ’em.

[00:37:26] And so I think, uh, being familiar with each other and uh, having that, you know, chemistry really, really helps.

[00:37:34] Megan Powers: Yeah. So you missed last week, Sorry. Just wanna say you missed last week, but like, I feel like you have hardly missed any, I feel like you guys are so consistent.

[00:37:45] Jeff Sieh: Well, I think, I think that’s one of the things.

[00:37:48] And Grace and I have argued about this a little bit, is, um, we won’t move the show because we have people like Brian and Jim and Chris and Ian and, and um, people who show up every week at the same time. And so we’ve, like, there’s some people we’d like to have on that are like in Australian stuff that they just can’t make the diamond.

[00:38:06] We’re like, we can’t really change it cuz it’s just, we want our community. And I think I’ve learned a lot from Lu Mongie who does the w DW radio, um, show. He’s one of old school podcasters. His community is amazing and our community is amazing. And so I just, I think it’s all about community and trying to figure out, I want people to ask their questions like how, you know, that’s what I love about Jim’s comments and Chris’s and I mean, I just love being able to communicate people during the show.

[00:38:31] I think it’s just. . Love it.

[00:38:34] Grace Duffy: Yeah. I think, I think it

[00:38:35] Jen Cole: adds a little extra value for them too because then they, um, you know, because they have you on screen and real time and you’re able to just like have kind of a little side conversation with the crowd too. It’s, it’s, yeah. It’s a, it’s a really genius experience.

[00:38:50] Jeff Sieh: I, Well, I think otherwise just upload a YouTube video. I mean, that’s f fine, but I wanna talk to people, like, I love being able to talk to Brian, who is in Barcelona and he’ll send us stuff and we do some stuff even with Volley, where people can ask their questions and we can play their video live. And we’ve done that in the past as well, which is Oh, that’s so cool.

[00:39:06] A lot of fun. So, yeah, it’s, it’s all about the community. I really like the people we have and they’re the reason we show up every week. . Yep.

[00:39:13] Grace Duffy: Nice. And it builds consistency and discipline. So I just know that I just, you know, whatever’s going on in my life, I just lob off Friday morning is like, just, I’m not, I’m not available.

[00:39:24] Right. So, you know, and, and so it’s just become a habit. And you know, I, I know Jeff and I both have our, like, getting ready routines and we have tried to do shows in the afternoon, like when we’ve had to like, uh, record, pre-record something because we’re traveling or whatever. And we are two people that can get nothing else done until we’ve done our show.

[00:39:42] We’re absolutely useless. That’s amazing. Yeah. That’s,

[00:39:49] Jen Cole: You guys have had a really long, you know, a really long relationship. We’ve been doing it for a really long time and it, it’s, I just, I love that, uh, it’s something that’s still rolling. It’s something that we can all still depend on and, and appreciate.

[00:40:01] So,

[00:40:01] Jeff Sieh: um, tell your friends. Tell your friends that we have this show. No, just .

[00:40:04] Jen Cole: Oh yeah, I did today. I told them twice

[00:40:07] Jeff Sieh: already. There you go. I can always pin on Jen. That’s right.

[00:40:11] Jen Cole: I told them. Um, so what is the piece of advice that you would give to someone who wants to start a weekly podcast like this? Get

[00:40:18] Jeff Sieh: a Grace, but if you can’t get a Grace, be consistent.

[00:40:21] Yeah. Just be, I mean, and, and you’ve seen the show flow. We have kind of segments. We usually have three segments. Sometimes it’s two. Sometimes we don’t even get through ’em all, but we have them ready to go. And so I think have a plan to show out and then have a place where you’re gonna ask questions. We have been doing it so long that we can kind of, whenever I can glance over and like, Oh, that’s gonna make sense to put in here this question or comment.

[00:40:41] But if, when you’re first starting out, I would have sections built in where you go to the comments. Cause then if you’re repurposing as a podcast, which you should do, um, you’ll have a place you could get those in or you could chop ’em out if you want to. So, um, that would be my advice. And then just schedule it and make it easier, easy for your guests and make them the stars of the show.

[00:41:02] What would you say

[00:41:02] Grace Duffy: Grace. . Oh, definitely. I think making, we, we want to have guests. We’ve tried doing shows with just the two of us. We’re like, skip, repeat, you know, So, No, I’m kidding. It’s, it’s a lot of fun. But, um, I think people are just getting started. They’re very nervous about two things. Either they have so much to say about something and they just, or they’re afraid that they’re gonna run out of material.

[00:41:22] And so I always advise to create things in, in the mindset of a season, right? Mm-hmm. . Plan six episodes out. See how that goes. Plan your next six episodes, plan your next six episodes or 13 or whatever that cadence is, but plan, set that set show, get through them and then take what you’ve learned and then adapt and build as go along.

[00:41:40] And so, and then, you know, any topic, any topic that you’re interested in. So for instance, you know, like live video, which we talk about a lot. There’s so many things you can get into. You can do a whole season on gear. You could do a whole season on this, that, or the other. And just keep that and help. And I think that helps people keep focused and keep motivated.

[00:41:56] And it’s not as scary to plan six episodes ahead, or 13 episodes or whatever it is, right? Mm-hmm. . And, um, then plan the next six ones. So just pace yourself and have fun with it. Oh, and talk to the camera. That was something that I that’s like, talk to the

[00:42:11] Jeff Sieh: camera. I had a, I had a post it note with an arrow that I had for years just stuck to my monitor that would point to the camera.

[00:42:18] That’s what I would do.

[00:42:19] Megan Powers: That’s awesome. I love it. So if you join, if you join late, someone unknown user said, Who’s interviewing here? Who’s interviewing who here? My mind is blown. Yes. This is a CoLab. So this is both, uh, Social, Media, News Live, and Making a Marketer podcast happening simultaneously. Yes. We are here to blow your mind.

[00:42:39] That’s right, indeed. Right. So let’s talk a second about, so yours is a, yours is a live broadcast first and a podcast second. Would you agree?

[00:42:49] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. It’s always been that like every, from the very beginning, back to Google Plus Christ, I would do that with my one. I’m lazy, but I’m like, why not repurpose a live show for a podcast?

[00:43:02] Absolutely.

[00:43:02] Megan Powers: So if you, what would you do, if anything? What would you do differently? On your show, on, on the podcast, if you weren’t doing it via live Restream each week? I would batch,

[00:43:15] Jeff Sieh: yeah. I would get so jealous of Eric Fisher. He’s like, got him his, his podcast like recorded out to like next March, I think.

[00:43:23] I mean, I’m just like lucky. He’s an efficiency rockstar. Yeah, well he’s, yeah. So, uh, I

[00:43:30] Grace Duffy: would definitely batch content. I think that, um, I think if we weren’t a live show and we weren’t building this consistency now, as Jeff mentioned, we do rely on our comments. We wanna bring in comments, we wanna, that’s something that we find value in.

[00:43:41] And so that’s why we are primarily a live show. But I think if we were, um, a podcast, it would give us a lot more flexibility in being able to schedule different people. Like Jeff was saying, someone in Australia, like we’ve had Doc Rock on before. He’s in Hawaii, so it was 5:00 AM for him and he came on our show.

[00:43:57] But not everyone will do that. So I would love to, um, I, I would, I, I think that that would give us a lot more flexibility as far as, um, As far as scheduling things and then batching content and doing things like all at once, and then taking a break and planning things out. But at the same time, you know, we are focused on the community, the comments, the news as it’s breaking.

[00:44:17] And, and then I do better talking to people like face to face as much as like, I know I’m talking to my camera, but you’re here and reacting to people. And I think that makes such a richer, uh, personalized experience. So that’s why I enjoy doing the live show. But if it was just a podcast, I would definitely not look like this.

[00:44:36] Megan Powers: That’s,

[00:44:38] Grace Duffy: that’s

[00:44:38] Megan Powers: funny. It takes a long time. That’s why we record on Zoom . We record on Zoom still, even though audio files, you know, are aghast at the fact that we do that because, oh, the audio quality is not as good, but. , it’s because we wanna take v visual cues from our guests. I don’t wanna just talk to somebody on the phone and like not, and not be able to see their verbal expression and have it be this really, you know, interactive experience.

[00:45:04] You can still do that on the podcast even though, um, even though it’s not live. But to your point, Grace about batching. Oh, I did a little bit of that, um, a mini batch. And what I found was, for me, it may, it was a little sad because I was like, uh, I hadn’t talked to Jen in so long. And so, and also I got kind of out of the routine of the schedule a guest have a show, schedule a, you know, cuz some of ’em were already done.

[00:45:29] Mm-hmm . So for me, I really enjoy the make it, publish it, make it publish it kind of a thing too. Cuz also when I’m writing the show notes and when I’m listening back, it’s a lot more fresh. Yeah,

[00:45:41] Jeff Sieh: exactly. There’s pros and cons to all of it. I just like the ability and, uh, Chris said repurpose with purpose.

[00:45:47] There’s so much content I can get out of a video a lot video show because since, and it’s different because I’ve been doing it for so long than somebody who’s just starting out. I’m able to. Live multiple places. And I even have companies that allow me to go into their groups or their page, uh, with this show because it’s good content, they would like to have it on their page.

[00:46:08] So that has happened. I would not go live everywhere like I do now, just starting out. But I think it’s, as you e evolve and grow, then you can add channels. And with the technology like m which allows you to pull in, I mean, we’re pulling in content from comments, from YouTube, Facebook, everywhere. Uh, I just think it’s, it’s more practical now than before.

[00:46:30] Yep.

[00:46:33] Grace Duffy: So, um, so what is,

[00:46:36] Jen Cole: what is a business book that you would recommend to your listener or to our listeners? Even like any listener, anybody interested in marketing or the news? A business book

[00:46:45] Jeff Sieh: is what you’re asking. A business book. Oh, I got one.

[00:46:47] Megan Powers: Do you have one? Our standing question we ask every guest on our

[00:46:50] Grace Duffy: I have one, but you go, Jeff.

[00:46:52] Yay.

[00:46:52] Jeff Sieh: Oh, okay. Mine is Creativity, Inc. By Ed Kami, who is the founder of Pixar, and it’s a really good book about working with, uh, create creative professionals and also has some lot of cool inside stuff about Pixar when it was formed. So that is probably my favorite business book.

[00:47:10] Grace Duffy: Nice. Cool. Well, I’ll tell you what is mine.

[00:47:14] It’s not just a business book, it is just a life. But because of the business that we’re in, you’ll see the application and it is Thiago Forte building a Second Brain. Oh yeah. Our friend Eric Fisher just did an incredible show with him. So if you, uh, if you wanted to listen to that, his show is, uh, Beyond the to-Do List by Eric Fisher.

[00:47:33] And, uh, so it’s all about this idea that, you know, we’re inundated with so much information and like there’s some information that you don’t need to keep holding in your brain. You can offload it to some other Second Brain. So I use Notion for that, and that’s a tool that he’s. If you go on YouTube, you’ll see that he talks a lot about working in ocean.

[00:47:50] But you can use any tool and it’s about, um, offloading these unnecessary things that you have in your brain. Uh, like little details or remembering, you know, different pieces of information so that your brain can be used for creativity to tie back into Jeff’s thing. So your brain is meant to create, not to retain.

[00:48:07] And so, you know, things like, um, things like who won the battle of 1812? Like, you can Google that, right? Or you can that somewhere else, right? But like, you know, what is your passion? What really drives you? You know, um, those are the things that you should be using your brain for. So I really love that as just a way of doing.

[00:48:31] Jeff Sieh: Mm. So I, he’s amazing. That’s an amazing interview. Um, I use a tool called Rome Research, which allows me to do that. I mentioned it before in the show that I, I really like and it, that lets me tag everything. I actually read all my books on Kindle and when I highlight him, it actually takes those highlights, tags the book and drops it into Rome research.

[00:48:49] And it also e-mails me every couple weeks. So it’s always fresh in my mind. Those quotes that I’ve saved, it’s called Read Wise, is that tool. But I would love for the audience to let us know what Ian says he loves Notion Plus read Wise. Yeah, He uses Read Wise too. Um, so what are some of your favorite tools as we’re getting on this topic?

[00:49:08] And I love that, that Jen asked about business books because I think, uh, reading is smart things to do. So anyway, love to know guys’. Tools, . All right. Um, was that all your questions for us? Is that it? Okay. Um, let’s go into some more social news as we kind of change over here. And let’s talk about, um, this.

[00:49:30] New meta reports, uh, that’s been going on, uh, over at Meta. So , you know, after a disastrous earnings report, uh, for quarter three and 2022, meta informed the market that’s net income was its lowest level since 2019. Hopefully, we’ll keep Streaming on Facebook after we do this. Uh, ongoing and rising investment is in its, they wanna put it all in this Metaverse vision.

[00:49:55] Um, they’re having problems because of all the stuff with Apple and the ad space. Um, and in the earnings call, uh, the, the CEO Zuckerberg, you know, he reassured investors, but it’s his plan to keep doubling down on the meta stuff. And he did these four kind of key areas on moving forward. It’s improving its AI discovery tools to maximize engagement as app.

[00:50:19] I think isn’t working. Adding new business messaging features to monetize the user shift towards messagings away from social apps, rebuilding its ad tools to reduce reliance on user data and continue development of ar, vr and the metaverse with a focus on the future. So let’s discuss these things one on one.

[00:50:40] Um, it’s just starting with this AI discovery tools. Like what they wanna do is be more like TikTok, which serves your content based on your interests, but not kind of on who you follow, which to me is the opposite of what Facebook was founded on. Um, but it aims to maximize the value of the content available on each app by highlighting the best, most engaging posts, regardless of who posted them.

[00:51:02] It sounds great for creators, but disliked by users who are there following their friends, family, and their favorites. So, um, unlike TikTok, which features videos, medic claims, the advantage of other different kinds of content, different video, photos, text only, and links. So what do you guys, uh, Megan, we’ll start with you and then go over to Jen.

[00:51:20] What do you guys think about this update? Do you think people really want Facebook to become TikTok or, um, I mean, just what are your thoughts on this whole thing? Uh,

[00:51:30] Megan Powers: no,

[00:51:33] the short answer is no. Um, I, I’m real, I really struggle with all the changes they’ve made with business accounts and how that, how everything works and I just don’t, Um, I think that a AI discovery, um, is something, I don’t know, I, I’m on there so little, I just, I want to see what I want to see and so it to see mm-hmm.

[00:51:59] and so it does, I do kind of bail out on platforms when I just keep getting served things I don’t want to see. So I think like other people’s. On Facebook for me is not what I’m after, unless I’m going into a group right. Or purposefully going to a brand page or something like that. I, I think, um, it’s not the place for it.

[00:52:18] That’s my

[00:52:19] Jeff Sieh: right. Personal. Yeah. I, I agree. So, Jen, what about you? I mean, you’re been on all the socials for a long time. Are you using Facebook more or less?

[00:52:29] Jen Cole: way less way. In fact, I, I go days without like posting and don’t even realize like, Oh, I haven’t posted on, I don’t care anymore. , I don’t care. I mean, I care to see what’s happening like in like the social media post group.

[00:52:42] I care to see, um, you know, some, some of the pages like, um, like the small businesses around that have events that I might be interested in. I care about that. I don’t care that five of my friends have commented on the same posts that I just commented on and it keeps showing up at the top of my feed every single time.

[00:53:01] I’m like, No, I already know this conversation and I’ve already addressed it, but I don’t need it to take over my life every time I get on Facebook. Right. And you know, the same kind of thing with Instagram. I love plants and Instagram has figured out how much I love plants. And so now, instead of like seeing all of these posts from my friends and from brands that I want and have chosen to follow, I’m seeing.

[00:53:23] All these plant reels all the time. And I’m like, Guys, I have 20 plants in my living room alone. I don’t need more plants. Yes, I need to learn about plants, but I feel like I’m doing a pretty good job by myself. I get on the platforms to see the things that I chose to care about on social media, and I don’t know that I like the whole recommended users type of avenue that they’re taking these days.

[00:53:47] Jeff Sieh: So my feeling, and so this is what, uh, Jim says, he goes from fusion marketing. He says he’s watching over on YouTube. He says, Too much of the platforms doing the copycat thing. Do what you do best and focus on that. I use Facebook less for sure. My thing is they’re making it harder rather than easier. Like I had to change my, my profile picture on my Jeff C business page because I couldn’t tell which profile was on because like you had to do that stupid switch between your pages and like, who am I commenting as now?

[00:54:19] And I couldn’t tell who I was. And I’m like, This is not an update. I’m sorry. It’s, it’s, anyway, it’s just,

[00:54:25] Megan Powers: it’s defaulting for me to like old, old business pages that I don’t, I’m not even using anymore. Same, Right. I’m getting notifications now on pages. I’m no longer, I shouldn’t be getting notifications on.

[00:54:38] Yeah. It’s, it’s kind of, uh, it’s bananas. And then in terms of the, the metaverse and all that kind of stuff, I think that’s cool. It’s fine. Whatever. But it’s something different. It’s not, Yeah. You’re not gonna get the same people, I don’t think necessarily. I’m interested in that. And it’s a long play. Right?

[00:54:55] Like how long, how long they’ve been talking about this? How long, like the Oculus thing, you know, it’s, it’s

[00:55:01] Jeff Sieh: a whole, I love my Oculus. It’s fun, but it’s not like, you’re not gonna convince people to strap it on for a meeting right now, I don’t think. I mean, there’s certain people that’ll do it, but I’m just like, uh, Anyway, I digress.

[00:55:13] We won’t grip about, Go ahead. I’m sorry.

[00:55:15] Megan Powers: I was just gonna say, I heard someone say they were a real estate agent for the Metaverse on TV the other day. Okay. I’m like, Huh, that’s up me. And apparently it’s a thing

[00:55:26] Jeff Sieh: now, I I, so I’m all about innovation and we know some friends who are really are killing it on there.

[00:55:31] And I think it’s awesome. It’s, but it’s still not adopted by everybody until it could be like an iPhone where everybody has it in their pocket. It’s gonna be really hard to get people to strap on things to their faces. Now I do it every day. I love it. I work, I work out in the Metaverse. Cause I think it’s so much fun.

[00:55:45] It’s like a video game. That’s cool. But yeah. But I just don’t, I mean it’s, it’s, uh, I’m a nerd. That’s it. I’m a nerd and that’s why I like that kinda stuff. But my mom’s not gonna do it. So. Yeah. Um, let’s move on. Grace for this next question cuz we’re running. This is so much fun. We’re running way behind.

[00:56:02] So take. .

[00:56:03] Grace Duffy: Well, this is a big question too. So meta also is part of, it’s, part of its four prong plan of, of revitalizing itself, is they’re moving towards more business, uh, messaging features for the reasons that you mentioned. Like a lot of people are not getting a lot of value outta their newsfeeds. So they’re relying more, they’re on there for groups, you know, they’re on there for messaging as opposed to these public postings on Facebook and Instagram.

[00:56:25] And by the way, Jen Instagram thinks I’m obsessed with the royal family. I mean, I like them just fine. Know the truth. Grace, I don’t need to every day with the royal family, I’m just like, oh my gosh. Like, so here’s a big question that I get all the time and it, I’m gonna toss it over to you, is organic social over what does this mean for Facebook ad campaigns and marketing campaigns that rely on interactions on the news?

[00:56:52] You’re knocking this over to me. Yeah, yeah. This over to both of you. This is opinion time. This is time. This is,

[00:56:59] Jen Cole: um, No, I don’t feel like organic social is that, I feel like it’s changing quite a bit. I feel like it’s, I feel like we’re even shifting. I read an article the other day about how Instagram is Instagram and TikTok and you know, all these platforms are becoming more.

[00:57:14] Search engines instead of hashtag factories, kind of, you know, that kind of thing. So where you need to be like paying attention to the messaging that you’re not, not being spammy of course, works the same with websites, but you need to be, if you have the keywords and you have the opportunity to be putting the keywords into your captions, you need to be doing that.

[00:57:34] Treating it kinda like you’re captioning a photo on a website, but of course then changing it into something, um, playful and social for social media. So I think, I think it’s changing for sure. And I, I think a lot of people are going to direct messaging. Um, paid is not really, um, paid is definitely not my strong suit at all.

[00:57:55] I know a little bit about pain, but it’s not my area and it’s not where I spend a lot of my time. So I don’t really have a lot of input, um, for you there. But I, I don’t think organic’s that, I just think that it’s, it’s, uh, morphing.

[00:58:08] Jeff Sieh: It’s hard. Yeah, it’s a lot hard. What about you, Megan? What are your thoughts about, uh, organic social.

[00:58:14] Megan Powers: Well, I, I would agree with, with Jen, and I don’t think it’s dead, but also I, I think, um, you have to be more deliberate and, um, like test more. Engage, engage obviously with your, with your people, with your community. Um, but also test, test, test. Like try see what works and, and then keep doing more of that, and then be ready to adjust and change what works.

[00:58:45] You know, like it’s a, like, AB testing I think is your, is your friend. Mm-hmm. for short. But I do agree with, um, I think it’s Scott who said it’s, um, local. It’s good for local, but it’s crushing brands.

[00:58:57] Jeff Sieh: And I, once again, I’m gonna go all the way back, back to what I said earlier about community. If you can find a way to do organic community in a way that’s not spammy, but people are falling.

[00:59:05] Like I go back to my, my friends over at Ecamm, they have that, they have a great. Facebook group that people are in and active and testing and sharing, This will work for me. What kind of camera should I use? All this stuff. It’s a very organic, around their brand, but it’s a really, really tight community, uh, where they support each other.

[00:59:22] So if you configure that sauce out and do it in a way that’s not spammy, that’s what’s amazing. So, um, let’s get our final, uh, part in here because I wanna know what you, uh, think about this TikTok versus Instagram. I think TikTok is just an entertainment platform, to be honest. I mean, there’s some stuff in there, but I mean, mostly people go for entertainment.

[00:59:43] What are your thoughts and how do you, first of all, Megan, what’s your favorite and then how are you integrating it into your marketing plans?

[00:59:53] Megan Powers: So, uh, I would say TikTok is my favorite, but I admittedly never found. A way to do TikTok for a, for a customer. Um, Instagram keeping up with the constant changes of Instagram is kind of a challenge, but so it’s, it’s funny, I get, I TikTok sucks me in, right?

[01:00:12] So I can spend so much time in there. So I really have to be careful. So what happens is I end up not going on there for a really long time. Well, in preparation for this show I got on last night. And in the, For you it was all lives. Yeah. Which I thought, I don’t, you don’t get that on Instagram. You get like a notification that someone’s live, but you don’t find that in your feed.

[01:00:32] So I wonder if that, I wonder if there there’s any differentiation happening between the two as far as that goes. Um, I do think that you can do business content on TikTok 100%. And that TikTok has the best algorithm of any

[01:00:48] Jeff Sieh: platform. Yeah. That’s amazing. For sure. What about you, Jen? What are, what’s your favorite, How do you think marketers can.

[01:00:55] Jen Cole: Yeah, I think there’s a place for both, for sure. I, I love doing, um, the short form, short form video content on Instagram. But however, in in this perspective, TikTok is my favorite. There are a lot of things. Um, TikTok is great for entertainment. There’s a lot of stuff that I’ve also learned about myself and learned, uh, obviously about other things.

[01:01:14] I, I, I learn things when I’m on TikTok, which is not, not the experience that I expected to get. Like, I, I do learn about, Well, I’ve learned a lot about Taylor Swift lately. probably more than I ever to know about Taylor. I love her, but my goodness, Swift.

[01:01:34] But you know, there’s mental health stuff on there. There’s, um, plant care stuff, which I do care about it, and I do find value in it. But this is where I go for that kind of stuff. I expect to see that kind of stuff on TikTok, I feel like. It’s just different. There’s a different expectation on TikTok. I do like the funny pet videos.

[01:01:52] In fact, I have made TikTok not about work for myself. This is where I post my pets. I post my pets on TikTok, and that’s pretty much exclusively what I post on TikTok. Um, I do have a brand that I’m looking into TikTok for and we’re trying to find creative ways for them to, um, to make their brand interesting on TikTok.

[01:02:13] And I think that there are ways that we can do it. So, but right now it is an outlet for me. It is my personal space and it’s not being encroached on by work.

[01:02:22] Jeff Sieh: I agree. What about you, Grace? Duffy, what is your favorite? And

[01:02:26] Grace Duffy: I love TikTok. I’m with Jen. I’ve learned a lot of things about a lot of things, and my children are on it.

[01:02:31] Like they don’t produce content on it. But you know, and I have a son that’s neuro divergent and he’s learned so much more about himself and just the language that he uses around things and just to make him feel more like, Oh, I’m not. You know, I’m not strange this, I’ve dealt this community just like you’re talking about Jeff.

[01:02:46] It just, I’ve, I’ve been able to find a community, although I don’t myself post on there, right? Uh, I miss old Instagram with the photos. Follow a lot of, I follow a lot of like, people that are renovating things and because of this focus on video, you end up with these 32nd videos of like, this is how I added this board to my, you know, this thing to my house.

[01:03:08] And I’m like, I can’t learn that in 30 seconds. Like, I wanna look at it and study it and everything. So I kind of, I hope Instagram brings back old Instagram one day, . See, I

[01:03:18] Jeff Sieh: think that I’m really worried about what Zucks doing for the whole company. Instagram included. So it, I just, you know, once again, you know, keep watching.

[01:03:26] Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. The other thing I would say, I I, my kids send me so many TikTok and they’re very funny. And so it is very much an entertainment for me. One thing I would caution though is like we’ve mentioned that you can learn a lot of things on there. Just make sure you double check some of those people out there who say they’re experts.

[01:03:43] Yeah. Because there’s been some, even my daughter sent me some financial advice for some like young people and I’m like, that doesn’t, she’s like, Dad, you need to, we need to build a carwash. And I’m like, No, we don’t. We don’t need to build a carwash, um, to make money. Um, so just be, I just, you know, always vet everything from either side on any platform, you know, double check what’s going on, folks.

[01:04:05] Um, you know, Jeff used the head that use the head that you’re, that God gave you. That’s what my dad would say. Um, . Um, so anyway, we are way past time, but this has been an awesome show. Thank you for letting us crash your podcast. Thank you for being guests on our show. This has been amazing. We need to do this more.

[01:04:25] Megan Powers: This is, this is so much fun. I appreciate you, you all, so much, some of my favorite people on the planet, so thanks for having us.

[01:04:35] Jeff Sieh: So before we wrap up everything, let’s go through one more time and starting with Jen Cole, uh, tell people where they can find you, what you’re working on, and all of that. So starting with Jen, you go first.

[01:04:47] Jen Cole: Sure. Um, well, you can find me on Instagram, Twitter, uh, LinkedIn. I’m Jen Cole ict basically everywhere. Uh, right now I’m, we’re working on booking up our podcast, um, and I’m also working on just some really fun things at work, like implementing more reels. I, I really am having a lot of fun doing reels for client, for clients.

[01:05:06] I posted a really fun reel for GRE group this morning because we have a co, a colleague going to run in the New York City Marathon this weekend. Get on GRE group’s, Instagram channel and check that thing out. It is hilarious. . Awesome. So that’s kind of it.

[01:05:21] Jeff Sieh: Megan Powers, where can we find out more about you and what you’re doing?

[01:05:25] Megan Powers: So, on the Twitter, I’m at Megan Powers, but I would love for you to follow our Making A Marketer podcast, Twitter. It’s at Make a Marketer and yes, we would love to have some, a new and interesting guests on and, um, this by the way, as a first time Jeff’s been on before, but it’s first time Grace has been on, so I’m so happy, um, that this worked out.

[01:05:46] But yeah, we, uh, we wanna have a wide variety of, uh, a diverse, uh, you know, group of people that we have on and diverse topics. We, we talk about mar marketing primarily, but we also do just cover general business and wellness and all that kinda good stuff. So, um, there, and then my website is power, as you can see there.

[01:06:06] Very good. Um, awesome. Thanks.

[01:06:08] Jeff Sieh: Grace Duffy. Where can we find out all things? Grace.

[01:06:12] Grace Duffy: You can find me here every week now that Jeff is back and, and back to the life of the living. That’s right. The living. So he was not feeling well last week. So, but our next show is next week, Friday, November 11th. We have a very special guest on some of the, you met at a conference chef.

[01:06:29] We’re gonna talk all about TikTok, so we’ll get all those TikTok questions answered. But that is at 11:00 AM Eastern. 10:00 AM Central. And that’s where you can find us. And I’m Grace Duffy everywhere on the socials because I, I’ve seated, I’ve taken my name on every platform. So there you

[01:06:43] Jeff Sieh: go. Awesome. Yeah.

[01:06:43] And thank you to our, uh, once again to our, um, show sponsor m You can find out more about them at slash don’t forget about their new podcast. All about making a video podcast at flow dot Ecamm dot com. That’s, uh, flow dot Ecamm. That’s ECA m. Dot com. Make sure you guys go check them out.

[01:07:02] And we thank you guys so much for watching. Appreciate you Jim, Chris, Unknown user, which is Scott Airs, uh, all you people who watch Brian Farrell. Thank you guys so much for watching and sharing this out. We appreciate you guys and we’ll see you guys next time. Bye everybody. Bye.

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