On this week’s Social Media Marketing News Live, Jeff Sieh and Erik Fisher talk with Stephanie Liu about live shopping on Amazon and social media. What you need to know about using live video to sell online.


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[00:00:42] But I wanted to introduce really quick, my amazing cohost Eric Fisher. He is, if you don’t know who he is, a, producer and host of the long running. Beyond the to-do list podcasts for over eight years where he talks to real people who implement practically practical productivity strategies in their professional and personal lives.

[00:01:02] He’s also the director of social media, etiquette education for a Gora pulse. So Eric, tell us a little bit about what you do and a go to pulse and what is actually coming up, which is pretty amazing. 

[00:01:13] Erik Fisher: [00:01:13] Yeah. the biggest thing as, you can see is that. We are doing a free summit. It is next week. It is focused in on Instagram.

[00:01:23] It is all day, Wednesday, February 24th, 2021, 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM. Eastern. There’ll be keynotes from Ann Handley and Carrie O’Shea Gorgon and Jen Herman, and then 30 plus breakout sessions covering Instagram reels, Instagram stories. IETV. Guides and more, you’re going to come away with this, come away from this event with a huge engaging, ability to have strategy and tactics to level up your business on Instagram.

[00:01:57] It’s going to be great. And I’m doing a talk to, I’m doing an overview on Instagram’s history, up until recent history, and then some predictions reading the tea leaves from me. And I even grabbed a couple of other experts, insights to throw in the mix. But it’s, you can find out more by going to summit that agorapulse.com go there now go register.

[00:02:17] Because even if you can’t join us on the day, you can watch all the replays. So again, that’s next Wednesday, again, go to summit that agorapulse.com for the social pulse summit, Instagram 

[00:02:28] Jeff Sieh: [00:02:28] edition. That’s awesome. So I can’t wait to check it out, cause this is going to be amazing. But the, big news is we are joined today by my friend, Stephanie Lu.

[00:02:38] And we’re going to be talking about live shopping on Amazon and social media, what you need to know about using live video, to sell on, social media and that e-commerce giant, that we all know and love. Amazon. So if you don’t know who Stephanie is, she is a live streaming expert, speaker and consultant, and a surf certified neuro Lu logistic.

[00:02:59] I can’t even say it. NLP trainer. So neuro logistic programming. She is founder of captivate on CA on command and host of lights, camera live, which is focused on helping brands succeed with live video. She’s also the co-founder. Of leap into live streaming in the coauthor of the book, the ultimate guy to social media marketing, which if you, where we were trying to get you to set up on Amazon, but it just didn’t work.

[00:03:21] But anyway, make sure you go check out Stephanie’s book. It’s amazing. Tons of awesome things to implement for your strategies on live video and on social media. So it’s full of so much stuff. You need guys. You guys need to go check that out. Stephanie, welcome to the show. So excited to have you here.

[00:03:37] Stephanie Liu: [00:03:37] Thank you. I thank you. Thank 

[00:03:38] Jeff Sieh: [00:03:38] you. Thank you. Lights came alive. It’s amazing show. I, I try to catch it as much as possible. So excited to have you talk about this because you have been like diving in deep about all this stuff with selling online. So I’ve been following your stream. So I’m really excited to pick your brain today.

[00:03:52] Eric kick us off with this first bit of news that we’re going to, we’re going to dive into and then we’ll go from there. Yeah, 

[00:03:59] Erik Fisher: [00:03:59] but I do need to first call out that the irony of you not being able to pronounce the word neuro linguistic night. I just because of linguistics. 

[00:04:08] Jeff Sieh: [00:04:08] There you go. I can’t talk today.

[00:04:10] I’m sorry. That’s not one of those 

[00:04:11] Erik Fisher: [00:04:11] days. All right, let’s kick it off with the news. Here we go. first off that the announcement is, that Shopify is now going to integrate it’s shop pay. Checkout technology, which is used by a lot of people, with Facebook and Instagram, which is a huge move in terms of people, being able to make purchases right on these native social platforms.

[00:04:36] It means that Shopify merchants, which a lot of people are using are going to be able to sell their products using Facebook and Instagram’s native e-commerce capabilities. And it’s gonna basically make consumers, Enable consumers to pay for goods via that shop, pay, on all those platforms. And for, those of us who don’t know or don’t have access to these native e-commerce capabilities on Facebook, and Instagram, Stephanie, can you maybe explain a little bit, I know you’re all about shopping.

[00:05:09] Can you explain to our audience what Shopify is talking about here? Enlighten us on how, this is different from just going live and talking about your product. 

[00:05:20] Stephanie Liu: [00:05:20] Oh, absolutely going live. And just talking about your product, that’s easy to do, right? Cause you’re always trying to direct people to say, and if you want to purchase this right now, go to this link.

[00:05:29] But sometimes when you do that, you’re actually taking the user outside of the live shopping experience with the live streaming experience so they could get distracted. Something else can happen when you have something like shop pay and. It’s readily available for them to purchase right then. And there it’s easy just to have a click with all of your credit card information and make the purchase and still be a part of that user experience.

[00:05:54] So I think it’s pretty seamless in that sense. I also think it’s trouble. I also think it’s trouble. Cause I can’t tell you how many things I probably bought over the pandemic. They should have thought. I think the strangest thing I ever purchased was a green screen shirt. Cause I figured, Hey. Someday, I will need this.

[00:06:13] Jeff Sieh: [00:06:13] I agree. So your head’s just, is it just your head, like floating on screen? Is that what you would use a green-screen shirt 

[00:06:17] Stephanie Liu: [00:06:17] for? I’ve tried it and my husband walked into my office. Like I, woman, I don’t know what you’re doing, but whatever pays the 

[00:06:25] Jeff Sieh: [00:06:25] bills. Yeah. Yeah. can you tell us, cause this is really interesting and I have a Shopify store I mostly use for testing stuff.

[00:06:33] Cause I do a lot of Pinterest things cause it integrates really well with that. But can you tell us, who actually has access to shops on Instagram and Facebook? when shops was first introduced, in mid June, June, may or June, I think in 2020, we recall it being like a limited rollout.

[00:06:49] Is that still the case? Because, it was hard to see who had it and who didn’t. 

[00:06:55] Stephanie Liu: [00:06:55] As far as, from what I’ve seen, I feel like it’s still a limited rollout. Those that have a Facebook shop are able to leverage it, but you guys would know also as well, if you’ve read anything, I just know that for our clients, some have them and 

[00:07:09] Jeff Sieh: [00:07:09] some don’t.

[00:07:11] Yeah, so I don’t have it right now, but like you said, some of my clients do. So if you guys have it, let us know down below if you have it and if, what your thoughts are about it, because I’m really interested because I think this is the future of where things going this the way it’s for people that really easily and quickly, do this stuff.

[00:07:27] So back to the news, Shopify is, now integrating the shop, pay checkout technology with Facebook and Instagram, but, what do you think that this will, I’m a little worried, Facebook has this kind of, Oh, I don’t know, reputation of letting things out a little bit. so do you think people, because what it does is saves your, from what I understand, it saves your information.

[00:07:51] So it makes it really easy to check out. Facebook has a kind of a bad reputation about that. Do you think that’s going to be a hindrance or people are like, I don’t care. I saw this in Instagram. I’m just going to buy it because it’s cool. It’s a green shirt that I can make my head float around the background.

[00:08:07] Stephanie Liu: [00:08:07] Yeah. That is something that does come up with clients, because even with Facebook and nonprofits, you know how you could actually have a fundraiser for your nonprofit. We had brought that over to our clients and it was the same concern about Facebook’s reputation about having that credit card information online.

[00:08:27] Cause you don’t know what’s going to happen with your user data. What I would say is that. I, what I say is my baby’s here. Yeah, 

[00:08:37] Jeff Sieh: [00:08:37] that’s awesome.

[00:08:41] Stephanie Liu: [00:08:41] Scientist. Okay. She wanted to know if she should be an architect or a scientist, and that was really 

[00:08:47] Jeff Sieh: [00:08:47] important.

[00:08:51] Stephanie Liu: [00:08:51] That’s awesome. 

[00:08:56] Jeff Sieh: [00:08:56] Cause that was amazing. And I really now, I don’t know. I don’t know if I want to be a scientist or an architect that there’s so many good things about both. And now we’ve alienated half of our audience because you told them she sold me. I think. Yes. So 

[00:09:10] Erik Fisher: [00:09:10] trust issue, I think is where we were.

[00:09:12] We were talking about the trust issue. 

[00:09:16] Stephanie Liu: [00:09:16] I think, there are those people that are willing to be a risk taker when it comes to shopping on Instagram. Some people still don’t realize that Instagram and Facebook are like from the same place. I know. And I would say that if you are cautious about your credit card information, some people might have like a gift card solely dedicated for shop pay, or they might have a separate credit card.

[00:09:40] That’s not tied to your direct bank account. Those are some things that even Winnie sun, I don’t know if you know her, but she’s a very, big on financial wealth. And she gets a lot of tips about you shopping online during the middle of a pandemic and stimulus checks and all that other stuff. So those would be some good consumer habits to have.

[00:09:59] Jeff Sieh: [00:09:59] Gotcha. So, you’ve done some experiments with this, just, let’s just talk about just doing it live on Facebook, selling on Facebook. What have you done to I guess create a sense of urgency or to, I, cause I think there’s some training right now because most of the time when we watch Facebook lives, we don’t think about.

[00:10:19] we can buy stuff. So have you like experimented with some cool ways to get people to buy Irene? Are you doing contests? What kind of things are you doing to get people engaged in that selling process with your lives? 

[00:10:32] Stephanie Liu: [00:10:32] Oh, it’s so it’s, fun. It’s, really interesting to see how it plays out.

[00:10:38] first of all, when you’re doing a live stream, Jeff is going through this right now, when you’re doing a live shoot, there’s so many different moving parts. And so what I find is that having a run of show on another device, whether it’s like on your iPad or your phone relatively close, it keeps me on track.

[00:10:53] And so on Facebook live things that I have tested out for promoting, let’s say, Hey, you want to book a discovery call. Then I would use the external link feature. That’s a part of Facebook live studio, And that always surprises people. You’re like, wait, how did you do that? And I find that whenever you do something, that’s surprising is a pattern interrupt on Facebook.

[00:11:17] People are more likely to pay attention, which I think is always exciting. So I’ve done that. I find that’s really cool because again, they could tap it and it takes them out real quick and they could view it or, you could drop it in the comments and the same thing happens. But I think just seeing it, that overlay is really nice to have, because you’re also on econ.

[00:11:40] I’ve seen other people get really, Creative with the overlays itself where they’ll have a countdown timer, It says this is how many minutes we have left in this episode. So you better act now cause this promo code is going to. Poof disappear and they’ll throw in sound effects. And I think that’s really fun.

[00:12:00] Jeff Sieh: [00:12:00] Very, cool. So I want to, pull up a comment here because Chris said this, she goes, I can testify. Stephanie Lou made me buy the best steam cleaner with one Tik TOK. So we’re going to talk a little bit in this next section about our Facebook live shopping kind of works and some things with that, but you’re doing it on Tik TOK as well.

[00:12:18] So explain what is grace talking about and are you selling over on Tik TOK? 

[00:12:23] Stephanie Liu: [00:12:23] No, it was okay. So it’s one of those things where it wasn’t intentional. It was the fact that I have this super, I had a super goose greasy oven and I was like, how the heck do you clean this thing? And I got a steam cleaner and I just turned it on.

[00:12:42] And I was like, and it, the grease just disappear. I was like, shut up, stop. Still this. Yeah. So then I filmed it and I made it into a Tik TOK and it posted on Facebook because why not? And then at that point grace side, she shared it and then her other friends saw it and not thinking about it at first, I didn’t have the Amazon affiliate link to it.

[00:13:07] And then everyone was tagging me. can you, send me your link? I was like, Oh yeah. So then I added the link. A couple of days later, I went into the Amazon affiliate dashboard and I sold like probably 10. 

[00:13:20] Jeff Sieh: [00:13:20] Wow. That’s awesome. See that’s the power of like social live and video and being able to the social selling stuff.

[00:13:28] So that’s just, I think that’s so much fun and thanks grace for sharing that. I, so I want to go to our next segment when we’re talking about, how can we actually sell directly from a live stream? And so one of the things and Stephanie, wrote some articles about, she wrote this article for entrepreneur that she and she cites.

[00:13:46] It’s a report that 265 million Chinese internet users. But goods via livestreams starting in 2020. and so one and two video streaming Watchers, their PR their potential video shopping buyers. So as we dig into this a little further, the, live shopping revolution, it’s, well-established over in China where, mobile usage habits, have it, make it a lot easier for e-commerce.

[00:14:12] do you think we’re going to see the same results in the U S market? 

[00:14:17] Stephanie Liu: [00:14:17] Oh, absolutely. I definitely think that we could see a trend coming to North America. one example that one of my clients have is they’re it’s Lightscale TV, which actually ties into your Shopify account. And one of their clients is Jenny bird.

[00:14:32] And when she had first launched her very first live shopping show on Lightscale almost one in two years, made a purchase during the event. And what she found was that she was getting 26% conversions in less than 60 minutes. And I found that absolutely fascinating because before, like the very, very first livestream that I did for a client was for chef.

[00:14:55] Master chef Claudia Sandoval. And it was for her cookbook and we did a three hour live stream and we had about 178,000 downloads of her book within 24 hours. But in the whole experience, we always says Oh, it’s here in the comments. Go over here, with live skill. What’s fascinating about it.

[00:15:13] Is that when your lives for me. So Jeff Lake. When you’re live streaming, you would actually have a dashboard of analytics that shows you how much inventory you have, how much you’ve actually sold. How many people have left, have used the promo code and the questions that they have. So the whole entire experience, I think those that are used to livestreaming when they see the combination of live shopping together with live streaming.

[00:15:38] Oh, it’s going to be a complete game changer. They’d be like, why wasn’t I doing this before? 

[00:15:43] Jeff Sieh: [00:15:43] Wow. So Eric, I’ve got some comments that I’m writing down, but Eric, you had another question for Stephanie as well. Yeah. Yeah. So my, 

[00:15:50] Erik Fisher: [00:15:50] my thought is, with this rolling out, what can retailers in the us, and I guess all over the world, where this revolution is prime to happen?

[00:16:01] what can they do to prepare now for this eventuality? 

[00:16:06] Stephanie Liu: [00:16:06] Yeah, I would say, start thinking about your run of show. remember all those QVCs home shopping network. I would study that run of show on how they’re actually getting their viewers to tune in how they’re creating that FOMO experience of Hey, you want this act now, Call to actions. How are, they leveraging the psychology of consumer habits? Putting that into it. I would also even say, if you don’t have the gear yet, have the gear I love, the Amazon live shows where they have you talking to the camera, then overhead camera on top, where you’re like unboxing the video, or you’re doing this.

[00:16:45] And you’re doing that because the most fascinating thing is that. I think it was in 2019 there total shopping revenue, Live shopping, generated about 60 billion in global sales in 2019. And us honestly accounted for 1 billion of that slice. And if we’re talking about other influencers, let’s say Kim Kardashian West, sorry, I’m dropping her onto your show, but she actually sold.

[00:17:12] 150,000 bottles of perfume and just mere seconds, this tells you that people are ready to buy. And they’re looking for an experience where, if you’re a fan of a specific influencer or a specific brand, right? let’s say El Gato, I love El Gato, but if they’ve got him, did a live stream, and I know that like Jeff and Eric and Mike, and like the rest of the cure are there and they’re getting the new El Gato ring light.

[00:17:37] I’m like, And FOMO, they’re going to have it and I’m not right. Yeah. That’s going to push you need to buy it. I could even say, just hanging out in the econ live community, the number of mentions of the mini-me. The Mac mini and one, I was like, I’m not going to buy it. I’m not going to buy it. But then when you hear it, like week after, week and everyone’s showing you their new setup, I was like, okay, done.

[00:18:01] Here it is. 

[00:18:02] Jeff Sieh: [00:18:02] Yeah. I’ve got, two El Gato, key lights I’ve got now I have the big monster stream deck and the small street. Yeah. It’s, totally, that’s all FOMO purchases right there. So totally get ya. So I wanted to, And we’ll drop the link to Stephanie’s articles down below, because she does a really great job on in entrepreneur, writing about this, but she provided a two creative way and strategic ways to use live stream, shopping in that article, like one was selling spices, like using them during a live cooking show from your kitchen, luxury accessories.

[00:18:34] You talked about showcasing yourself, wearing it or freaks you’re featuring on a model from your, your living room runway. So the question is, does life selling have to be physical? Shippable products. Have you used live shopping to sell your consulting services or training? And if so, how do you do that?

[00:18:54] Stephanie Liu: [00:18:54] Yeah, so I’ve done live shopping in a sense of. If you want to book a discovery call, it’s what I talked about earlier. You could have an external link that pops up that says, Hey, if you’ve loved everything about the show and you’re still struggling on how to set up your teleprompter with your e-comm live book, a call right now.

[00:19:14] And I, find that tends to work out really quite well. I’ve done other things too, where it’s mentioning the book like, Hey. I just gave you a couple of tips, but if you want the full chapters, there’s three chapters in the book for you that covers like this whole entire experience. And so that’s worked out relatively well.

[00:19:33] One thing that I want to go back to is Eric’s question about how brands can leverage all this live streaming stuff and how to get started. I would say it’s very similar to when you’re live streaming hop on and test with a small pilot series first. Don’t make it like your big, thing just yet do something that’s relatively small.

[00:19:56] Test it out. Maybe it’s like your beta consumers or your hardcore fans, and then figure out, who’s the best host. To be on camera because not everyone’s the best host, not, everyone’s as amazing as Jeff and Eric. So got get, 

[00:20:14] Jeff Sieh: [00:20:14] you can send it to you later. Yeah. 

[00:20:16] Stephanie Liu: [00:20:16] But I would say if you wanted to hire them, I’m sure there’s so many lives streamers that are more than welcome, more than happy to be like your emcee, your host for your live shopping.

[00:20:26] And so try it with a small pilot. Figure out what your whole entire sequence is going to be from promotion. are you going to do an email, blast stories, all that other stuff. What’s your run of show for when you actually go live and then because it’s, once it actually ends the difference between this and your standard, I’m going live.

[00:20:47] And I’m going to mention a product is your promo code should end, right? During your show that’s when that promo code or that price, the flash sale happens. And it’s not something that you want to happen at the very end, because you want people to show up. So I found that to be very interesting when I was working with Lightscale.

[00:21:05] Jeff Sieh: [00:21:05] Very cool. So I have some follow-up questions because I wanted to, and we have some, great questions I want to pull up from our live audience as well. But the question I have is just like how to set it up. You mentioned using it in Facebook live producer is where you would turn on shopping.

[00:21:21] does every, and you have to have your catalog uploaded and all that kind of stuff. D w I what is, do I have to use? Can I use Ecamm with, Facebook live shopping, I guess is the question. So there’s some that technical stuff. I don’t like to use Facebook stuff. Sorry. If they’re listening, I’m sorry.

[00:21:37] Facebook. I want to use econ because I can do cool stuff. Like you’re saying the screen. So walk us through a little bit of that. Like the technical stuff. What do you need? And, can I use third-party things to, do shopping. 

[00:21:51] Stephanie Liu: [00:21:51] Absolutely. So first off Facebook live shopping is only available in the United States and in Thailand because when I had first demoed Facebook live shopping, I did a YouTube video and everyone was asking, I was like, Oh, maybe, maybe check to see if your face, if your Facebook shop is actually already set.

[00:22:13] And then you guys, I got an email from the product lead. Oh, Facebook live shopping. And I was like, Oh my God, what did I do? But he said I watched your video and I wanted to give you an additional slide deck that really goes through all the different features that Facebook live has to have, has to offer on mobile and on desktop, I was like, Oh cool.

[00:22:34] I’m not in trouble. 

[00:22:36] Jeff Sieh: [00:22:36] Yeah. 

[00:22:37] Stephanie Liu: [00:22:37] So here’s the thing is that if you’re in the U S and then Thailand, you should have access to Facebook live shopping. If you are in the U S and you realize you don’t have it in your Facebook creator studio, what you would do. Is make sure that you actually have your address on your Facebook business page, because if you don’t have your Facebook business page address on there, then they don’t know that you’re actually in the U S right.

[00:23:01] So what happens in, in Facebook live studio, what you would have to do is you would schedule your live broadcast. And then you would go live directly into Facebook live studio. Now I don’t know about you, but every time that I’ve tried to use it solely as Facebook lives to you, I didn’t like it. Like my audio and video are generally out of sync or it’s choppy.

[00:23:22] It just drives me nuts. So just like what Jeff was saying, I want easy cam. Why not? I have all my overlays, all the amazing things. And What you would do is you would schedule, we’re going to get geeky right now. Sure. That’s great. The Facebook live broadcast using Facebook live studio. Then you’re going to pull the custom RTMP and the server URL.

[00:23:49] And you’re going to put that into e-comm live. Okay. So you’re going to go live on e-comm live the way that you want it to. And then when you’re live on e-comm live, you have to go back to Facebook, live studio and push the go live button. I know it’s weird. I pause there cause I’m like pause for emphasis.

[00:24:08] Just because you went live on a cam, doesn’t mean that you’re live now right on Facebook live studio. So go live here and then go live here when you’re live and Facebook live studio, when you’re ready to promote, When you’re ready to promote your product, you would then go into Facebook live studio and you would push feature product.

[00:24:29] That’s if you already have it in your shop, which is probably the easiest thing to do, you would go into your shop and you’re like, boom, let’s show it. And then it shows up on desktop for your viewers. And it also shows up on mobile. Okay. If you don’t have a shop for those of you that just might have your consulting services, or you just want to drive them to another external link, that’s not a part of Facebook shops.

[00:24:51] You could use the external link. Great. Just drop a link in there. Use a Bitly rebranding. I feel like most people are using that these days. And then that works as well. The difference between something like Facebook live shopping and a live scale thought TV is that Lightscale actually shows you the analytics.

[00:25:09] So if I, if, Eric, if I’m producing the show and Eric is and here is the promo code. And because he did this, all of a sudden salesmen, like boof, I like Eric do that again. I would be in the producer. I’m like, 

[00:25:20] Jeff Sieh: [00:25:20] Eric,

[00:25:24] Stephanie Liu: [00:25:24] tell another joke. Make them laugh. get those sales. You don’t have that. You don’t have that in Facebook live shop. so I find that really fascinating. So if you’re going to go that route with Facebook, live shopping, go live on e-com and then push the big blue button. It’s a big blue button.

[00:25:46] On your live and then when you’re ready to be done, even if you end the broadcast on you can, it doesn’t, self-destruct on Facebook live. You still have to push that button. Otherwise you’re just like, you’re still on and you don’t want 

[00:25:59] Jeff Sieh: [00:25:59] to do that. Yeah. See, that’s worth the price of admission right there now.

[00:26:02] Folks that whole thing go back and rewatch that because that is genius. Now I want to, bring up a question that, for let’s say you are from the U S and this is from three season of pod, which is a great name. how do I find out if Facebook live shopping is active on my account? Is there, do you have to go dig for it or do you get an email?

[00:26:19] how do you know that you have Facebook live shopping? 

[00:26:22] Stephanie Liu: [00:26:22] This, is the part where I try to make it a habit to jump into Facebook, live studio at least once a month, because they don’t really announce it. So you have to go in there and just. Poke around. So I would go into Facebook live studio.

[00:26:37] And if you don’t know how to do that, just go to your business page, click on live, and then boof. It’s pretty much, it’s going to pop up. There should be a tab that says live shopping, and then there’s going to be a little question says enable live shopping, yes. And once you click on that, then there are three different ways that you can feature your products is one.

[00:26:56] If it’s already in your store. Store second, if you want to build it on the fly, which I’ve actually done before, they’re like, Oh, what’s your live streaming gear again. I’m like, Oh, here it is. Dah, And I would just upload a photo description and boom, there it is. And then the third piece is really, it’s going to be your external, link.

[00:27:13] The other thing that I would mention is that if you’re doing this for clients, Have your client, as you normally would as a remote life producer, just focus on the show and then you would have a producer, which would be you, that is in Facebook live studio. That’s mucking around with all the features like, Oh, okay.

[00:27:33] On the run of show, Jeff is going to mention this boom. Then you bring it up on screen because when you’re trying to do this and Jeff knows this right now, when you’re multitasking. Oh yeah. It’s Oh, wait a second. Let’s see. Let’s see. So I find that to be really helpful if you’re going to go down this route and I highly recommend that if you’re already a live streamer, start dabbling into live shopping, because I can’t tell you how often my phone is blowing up by people saying, can you help me produce a show?

[00:28:07] And sometimes it’ll be like, it’s on this day at this time. I’m like, Oh, I’m in kindergarten during that time. But you’re teaching. Yeah. It’s I can refer Jeff over to you and he’ll take care of you. 

[00:28:23] Jeff Sieh: [00:28:23] Very cool. So we do have another, before we go to this, our last and final news item, I want to bring this up because I think this is, we want to answer your questions.

[00:28:31] this is from somebody in our group, says a great tips and show love to know what audio kit Stephanie is using the mic in the headset. 

[00:28:38] Stephanie Liu: [00:28:38] Oh goodness. Now that it’s working properly,

[00:28:44] I have, the blue Yeti, which is pretty old school. I think it’s valid. Yeah, I think mine is like about five years old. Now the headset that I’m actually using are these bone conductor headphones, and everyone else has like the, ones that go into your ear. Yeah. Yeah. Jeff has those. I can’t use those.

[00:29:06] Maybe I just have teeny tiny ears, but they would always pop out. And I noticed that whenever I was going live, I would always be like, I was like digging in my ear. Ideally it’s somebody makes a GIF of this right now. That’d be the most, it’d be the craziest date, but this just sits right here. Very cool.

[00:29:23] And they’re they’re called VidCon 

[00:29:26] Jeff Sieh: [00:29:26] 15 bucks. Eric got me onto these. And Eric told you, Michael highly recommended these to you. I think 

[00:29:32] Erik Fisher: [00:29:32] it was, I was doing an interview. He was interviewing me actually, it was Michael Hyatt. It was just years ago, 2015, 16. And 

[00:29:38] Jeff Sieh: [00:29:38] I was saying, Hey, what headphones are you using 

[00:29:41] Erik Fisher: [00:29:41] in these?

[00:29:41] I forget what these are called, but I’ve got actually, you know what, let me. Take two seconds. I’ll be able to find them for you, but they fit in nicely. They fit over the ear. They’re clear. So almost can’t even tell that they’re 

[00:29:53] Jeff Sieh: [00:29:53] there they’re only like 

[00:29:54] Stephanie Liu: [00:29:54] $15. I remember. Cause I asked you and so I had that one and I plugged it in.

[00:30:01] Cause I had the really, long cord, anything after a while I was just, I was tripping over cords and I was like, this is not conducive to my lifestyle. Like I need to get up and. Close the door without taking my whole, 

[00:30:14] Jeff Sieh: [00:30:14] my head back many times getting up with those. The, only thing is why I don’t use like a lot of people use air the AirPods pro and are, those is I’ve been the one time.

[00:30:24] And I think I may have been even interviewing some big person like Geico Saki and my, my headphones, the Bluetooth has got disconnected and I could not hear anything. And they were, I’m like never again. So I always use plugged in stuff now just because. That freaked me out. So I’m not doing that anyway.

[00:30:41] So by the way, we’ve been talking about them and I’d just make sure that if you are interested in all this cool stuff that Stephanie is talking about, and I are talking about, how she’s going, even using shopping, with a third-party tool is Ecamm and we all loveEcamm. And if you’d like to find out more about it, go to socialmedianewslive.com/ecamm  t’s the way we’re doing all this cool stuff. all these overlays, and it’s just an amazing piece of software. If you have a Mac. So it’s socialmedianewslive.com/ecamm And that’s E C A M M. Did you find those earphones, Eric? I know you’re looking 

[00:31:16] Erik Fisher: [00:31:16] for it. I did. Yeah, it looks like the clear is almost not existing anymore, but you can take a look and see what we’re talking about.

[00:31:22] It’s M capital M E audio . And just look for that and sweat proof sports. in here in ear headphones, you’ll find what we’re talking about. It’s, 

[00:31:33] Jeff Sieh: [00:31:33] pretty simple, the Lincoln down below, but I actually have to, I bought a spare set cause I run over to them all the time with my chair and I killed a couple.

[00:31:42] So anyway, that like Stephanie was talking about, so Eric, we’re going to, let’s go with our last and final section and this is exciting one didn’t work today, but break this down for us. What in the world is Amazon live? Cause, yeah. Yeah, 

[00:31:55] Erik Fisher: [00:31:55] this one’s exciting because going live on Amazon and being able to sell things in a place that you’re already, people are already primed and looking to, buy things, they’ve already they’re not just saying here, take my money.

[00:32:07] Like they’re already there. They’re there. Their cards are already in there. Ready to go. Stephanie in your entrepreneur article that we were talking about earlier, you also were talking and mentioning, you’re talking about, mentioning Amazon live and, in fact, you actually wrote a whole other article about it for entrepreneur.

[00:32:26] So you know about this, which is great. We’ve got, the expert in the room here. So what can, you tell us about Amazon live in terms of what is it, how does it work? And can we get involved with this. 

[00:32:40] Stephanie Liu: [00:32:40] Oh, yeah, here. Here’s the thing is that if you signed up for it, an Amazon influencer account, you most likely have beta access to Amazon live.

[00:32:50] And if you’re already a live streamer, you’re probably, you probably get comments like we’re getting today of Hey, what headphones are those? What Mike is that those are things that you could live stream about. And just say, let me give you a tour of my studio. Boom. These are the El gada lights that I have.

[00:33:05] And you could actually go ahead and live stream, right? It. And it’s, I want to say it’s as simple as, but it’s not, 

[00:33:14] Jeff Sieh: [00:33:14] we experienced that before the show. Yeah. 

[00:33:16] Stephanie Liu: [00:33:16] Yes. Exactly. Yeah. So there are certain requirements that she need to have in order for your broadcast to go through. I won’t go into the nitty-gritty details of it, but I will say, have your run of show be organized.

[00:33:32] About it as well. When you go live, you definitely want to have like your thumbnail as you normally would, you would have your title, your description, and then have an idea of what products you automatically want to promote. Because when you’re mentioning it during your show, you will have it like on your mobile device where you’ll say, okay, and now feature this boom, and then people will have an opportunity to purchase right then and there.

[00:33:55] So I find that. Really fun and exciting to do Jim fuse a really good friend. He, took off with this and I think now he interviews authors. That’s his thing, which I think is absolutely brilliant because you know that these authors are required to sell, An X amount of books for their publishers, right?

[00:34:17] And so when you give them an opportunity to be on a live streaming show, where they sell more of their books, that’s going to be a really fun opportunity. And I also tell people that was really exciting. My gosh, if you keep an eye on Google trends, What people are searching for throughout the whole entire year.

[00:34:35] That might be a really good opportunity for you to create tent pole programming for your show. a couple of weeks ago, when I was talking about this on show runner seekers from the set we were talking about Valentine’s day is coming up. So if you did a show that said, top 10 gifts to get for your husband or for your wife that are under a hundred dollars, that would be an exciting show for people to tune into.

[00:34:58] The fact is, that. People are shopping on Amazon. They’re looking for reviews, they’re looking for advice. And so if you can be that voice, that key opinion leader on it, then take advantage of it. 

[00:35:13] Jeff Sieh: [00:35:13] That’s awesome. So one of the things that was interesting to me that there doesn’t seem to be many big brands.

[00:35:21] there’s a couple, but embracing Amazon line, you’d think, maybe it’s just not maybe mainstream, maybe they’re being cautious with live commerce. they wait and let anybody else screw it up versus the nature of it. So w so maybe they don’t even know about it. So what makes live worth exploring?

[00:35:36] For small business or influence who are actually working with brands, let’s say you already have a brand, partnership or, something like that. Is there, what could you pitch them about doing this? And would it be something that you would recommend. 

[00:35:51] Stephanie Liu: [00:35:51] Oh, this is fun. Okay. I like, maybe I should have like my third cup of coffee, if you’re, already working with brands and you’re looking to get sponsorship for your show, what I would say is when you’re pitching, you’re not just pitching one episode, you’re pitching and a whole entire series.

[00:36:08] So let’s say for live streaming, you’re going to talk about like, how to get started with Elijah. What are like the basic equipment that you can have that would be like your first episode, the second episode would then be like, okay, what’s the intermediate level, which would be like, now you’re getting like the three point lighting you’re doing this.

[00:36:24] You’re doing that. Then when you become a remote live video producer where you’re producing shows for other people, maybe you want to get a teleprompter. Maybe you want to get this or that, but you’re selling it as a package. And so when you do this with, brands, you want to make sure that you have your Amazon affiliate nailed down, you get your graphics and all of that other stuff and tie it into the seasonal trends.

[00:36:49] Cause like I said, most people when they’re searching for something online, there’s a trend for it. So you’re either you’re, either peaking somebody’s curiosity so much that they’re just going to want to tune into the show or you’re latching onto. Your everyday consumer habit. Does that make sense?

[00:37:06] Jeff Sieh: [00:37:06] Yeah, I totally makes 

[00:37:08] Stephanie Liu: [00:37:08] sense. Yeah. Yeah. So I think that’s going to be a fun way for people to, take advantage of Amazon live at this point. Not a lot of brands in general, like agencies, PR companies, most brands, honestly, don’t have a live streamer. Or a video marketing department that knows live streaming.

[00:37:32] They know how to make produced videos, right? Yeah. But they don’t know, they don’t have someone that could do live streaming. So this is why, I look at you guys and I’m just like, take advantage of this. You know how to do all of this? Yeah. Pitch this, put this on your website, take a stab at it. As I mentioned earlier, you want to do small test pilots first.

[00:37:54] Create your case studies. And now you say, I am an Amazon live producer own it, right? Mary brand. She says I’m a LinkedIn live producer. Cause not everyone else has access to LinkedIn live, but she can get your event on there. So same thing for you. If you have access to Amazon live, which you do Jeff, then go for it.

[00:38:14] Jeff Sieh: [00:38:14] Yeah. I’m going to have some fun with this thing. Eric, I know you had one, one more question for, about this Amazon section. So go ahead and pull that up. Yeah. 

[00:38:23] Erik Fisher: [00:38:23] So my question is, if I’m trying to, as I see from a consumer standpoint, how am I going to discover, live streams?

[00:38:32] Because I, at this point, I don’t even know where I would go. I can go amazon.com and get lost in everything they’re trying to get me to buy, but I don’t know where I would go watch specifically somebody live stream. So how do we discover those? And vice versa, promote those to people to know it’s available to come watch us.

[00:38:53] Stephanie Liu: [00:38:53] Yeah. See, this is the part where all three of us, we have the advantage because we’ve been livestreaming for a very long time and we know the purpose of pre promotion. So going back to if you’re working with a nonprofit or a brand or a company, they probably don’t know. So things that I find that have been very helpful, very different from what I did in 2020 is I now do calendar marketing.

[00:39:16] Do you guys know about this? Have you heard about this? So what I do now is I say, if you want to watch any of my shows. Don’t even sign up for the email, sign up for calendar marketing, which means that once you subscribe to the calendar feed you, now my events now show up on your calendar. So it’s already locked out of your calendar and just yeah, I find, yeah, exactly.

[00:39:40] I find that is the smartest for my audience because we’re busy, we’re juggling multiple things. And when something’s already blocked out on their calendar, they don’t think twice about it. They just notice schedule things around it. And then when they see it, they’re like, Oh, it’s a show. Oh, it’s a show.

[00:39:56] And I use a ventable and so two minutes before the show even starts, the subscribers will get a notification on their phone that says Hey, we’re going to start soon. They’re like, Oh, what is that again? Boom. Open it up. And then the rebranding link will take them automatically into Amazon life.

[00:40:14] Jeff Sieh: [00:40:14] Very cool. So when you started talking, people started asking some questions. So, somebody goes, I keep missing the show. Eventually I’ll get to it at the right time. So that’s, this is what you’re talking about. and, our pals, Scott errors, says I’m so intrigued by Amazon live, got to get me a dang iPhone or iPad so I can get it rolling.

[00:40:34] Come on, get off your dinosaur. Scott, come on. anyway, and then this is Jim food fuse, and I know cause he’s, doing this. we’re talking about discoverability. he says he’s going to have a Judy Fox honors Amazon live show today at four 30. go check him out and you go to amazon.com/live and then his will be under the upcoming event.

[00:40:55] And you just scroll over to USC, Jim show, and then you can subscribe and watch it and all that stuff. So make sure to check the gyms out. Go ahead. 

[00:41:03] Stephanie Liu: [00:41:03] Okay. So that’s what I was doing is I went to the Amazon live page and I started to see the other shows. And I started to look at the quality of the shows.

[00:41:14] Now, if you have your own case studies, your own overlays and all that others have, how easy would it be for you to pitch someone that already has Amazon live and say, Hey, I would love to help you out. Can I just produce your show once? And if they absolutely love it, they’ll most likely hire you. 

[00:41:31] Jeff Sieh: [00:41:31] That’s genius.

[00:41:32] Yes. So that’s a great tip right there. Another tweetable moment fight by via Stephanie loo. and Scott goes on, he is so intrigued by Amazon live, got, get me, we already did this one, but he said, there’s another one from Scott that he said, Oh, the cool thing is when you tag a product during the live stream that you show up on that product page, but only while it’s live.

[00:41:53] So I think that’s really cool. Interesting. Yeah. And, he also asked, what tool are you using for the calendar subscription? 

[00:42:02] Stephanie Liu: [00:42:02] And then table is the one that I have. and it’s, so cool because on the back end, I obviously, I love analytics. And so on the backend, I can see you who has subscribed to a series of shows.

[00:42:16] So it’s not just like one, like that’s my whole thing. It’s not just one video. It’s a whole entire show. So you could either promote that one Amazon live. If you wanted to, or you could say the whole series of social media news live. Just subscribed to it. And every time you add a new event, it will automatically pop up on their calendar.

[00:42:35] So ventable is what I use. It shows me how many subscribers and it shows you like the increase week after week, you could actually see their emails, which I find very helpful because I’ve done a giveaway where I say Hey, you want to. You want to win restream right. Then subscribe to my calendar. And I would verify okay, did, Eric actually subscribed to the calendar?

[00:42:56] Cause then I could go into eventful and see that he did. I’m like, okay, great. He earned one entry. 

[00:43:00] Jeff Sieh: [00:43:00] Very cool. That’s genius. So I want to go back to okay, we’ve talked about two things. We talked about Facebook a lot. We’ve talked about Amazon and how cool that is the newcomer getting on that and starting to do some shows there.

[00:43:13] Is there any advantage for live streaming on an Amazon versus. versus Facebook, which one would you pick? Are there tools to let you, could you do both? Cause that’s where I start getting like super nerdy. It’s what if I did this with restream and went over here? So would you recommend that?

[00:43:29] Or what are your thoughts, Amazon versus Facebook for live shopping? 

[00:43:34] Stephanie Liu: [00:43:34] Yeah, I would say, From what I’ve seen, right. Is when you go live on Facebook and you’re using Facebook live producer with e-comm, you could at least still pull in that you could still see the comments. And I could use EDM to share my screen.

[00:43:51] Sorry. This is getting really nerdy. Oh, I love it. I love it. 

[00:43:55] Jeff Sieh: [00:43:55] That’s 

[00:43:55] Erik Fisher: [00:43:55] all right. We can go back and replay this and we’ll listen back. Why, you dropped the knowledge. 

[00:44:01] Stephanie Liu: [00:44:01] Yeah. What I would say is the advantage of Facebook live is that’s where your friends are. So if, Sean doc Boyd is like, Oh my God, look at this, mini, this Mac mini and one I’m like, I’m probably going to be messaging like my brother and Hey, should I get this?

[00:44:18] Hey, watch this right now with me. Look, you just said this. What do you think? pull me out of this. I’m an impulse buyer right now. I think that’s the advantage of Facebook live. The other nice thing about Facebook live is that when you’re tagging a product right in the actual desktop, your product will be right there.

[00:44:35] So when I share it into a group like, Hey, you can live folks, check this out. Everyone will see that. Everyone will see that. And so now you have this portability that shareability with your Facebook live on Amazon live. What I like about it is. What I like about it is if they click your link and even if they don’t buy, but they buy something else on Amazon, you still get credit for it.

[00:45:03] Sometimes I don’t know about you, but I will hop into my Amazon affiliate dashboard. I’m like, I never sold, I never mentioned like a day on camera, but here it is, like one of my viewers, one of my peers. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. You’re like, Hey, he bought the day and the switch pot, whatever it works, 

[00:45:21] Jeff Sieh: [00:45:21] they work together well, 

[00:45:22] Erik Fisher: [00:45:22] that’s, the beauty of Amazon is because once you get sent there for one thing, you’d then see all the other things that you want.

[00:45:29] You see all the things you want. So you go on a shopping spree and then we, as the person who directed them there, get credit. 

[00:45:37] Jeff Sieh: [00:45:37] Yeah. Correct. Yeah. So Eric, last question, and then we’ll wrap this show up. So this is a, this is an interesting one. So 

[00:45:45] Erik Fisher: [00:45:45] yeah, so we talked a little bit already about tools, but is there anything specific or, tool-wise to go live on Amazon, and let’s, lower the barrier to entry, if possible.

[00:45:57] Can we go just from a desktop and an external camera or do we want to do mobile or do we want to up our game and have like studio stuff and what’s, the threshold here. 

[00:46:10] Stephanie Liu: [00:46:10] I would say the threshold is relatively the same as going live on Facebook. You could go live on mobile, which is totally fine.

[00:46:18] It just, it’s going to look different. Cause I, and I’ve tried this because when we did master chef Claudia is trust leches cake. I had first started and I was like, okay, I’m gonna hold my phone for three hours as you bake this cake. I lost my mind. And so I think when you are doing external cameras doing, the actual scene, switching, it gets your audience engaged.

[00:46:45] Because you’re like, what’s going to happen next. Our brains are always thinking Oh, what’s happening in the corner of my eye. What’s happening in the actual newsfeed. And so when you’re able to do different cameras, do different overlays, it keeps them engaged and it keeps them really excited.

[00:47:00] So for me, I feel like whenever I, live stream, I’m always going to try to do it on desktop. If it’s ever on my mobile. This is just a lights, camera live thing, but it’s ever, if it’s on mobile, it’s usually like a confessional or an impromptu, but a show will always be on desktop. 

[00:47:19] Jeff Sieh: [00:47:19] Yeah. And one of the things I do want to say, if you remember, if you’ve been streaming for awhile, if you remember when you first had to go live with Periscope, you had to start it on your phone and then you take your, desktop and stream it over there.

[00:47:31] That’s the same way it is right now with Amazon live. That’s why we had some issues today is I did a test and it worked, but then when I went live, it did not. and it had to do just Periscope used to do with, you had to have the exact, the streaming property set correctly. And that’s why it didn’t go through today.

[00:47:47] anyway, but it’s weird. You, started on your, you can use your desktop, I could use this great setup and everything, and then go live to Amazon live. So I just want to make sure everybody knew about that. 

[00:47:58] Stephanie Liu: [00:47:58] Yeah, someone left to come in and he says, it’s amazing. How, people with just a cell phone can sell a lot too.

[00:48:05] kudos to them, because some people have that amazing personality or they’re like, here’s a steam cleaner. Here’s my tick-tock. And they’ll sell, steam cleaners, but I just know that being a live streamer for so long, it just feels more on brand for me to have this whole setup.

[00:48:25] And I, it’s also, probably an excuse that I don’t have, And an elite mobile setup is just this in a switch pod, right? Yeah. And it’s okay, how did I get like the best audio and whatnot? 

[00:48:36] Jeff Sieh: [00:48:36] Yeah. Very cool. So one of the cool things that somebody brought up with the comments was like, I think Twitch has so much potential.

[00:48:42] And then, by the way, doesn’t Amazon own Twitch. Do you think they’ll ever integrate? I know Twitch is really for gamers and stuff, but they own this. Kind of robust platform. Do you think that they’ll continue because of Twitch using some of those, because you can do all sorts of things on Twitch and, have, get, tips and 

[00:49:01] Stephanie Liu: [00:49:01] we’re going to have, we’re going to have planet Amazon soon.

[00:49:05] Aren’t we’re going to hop on a space shuttle and let’s go to Amazon. yeah, I think, there’s definitely going to be a possibility there. It’s just a matter of who’s going to. Lead that initiative at this point, I will eventually get there. at this point right now, I would say. Start handling your run of show, getting your gear, start getting those ideas.

[00:49:30] The, big, advice that I got friends, Sean Cannell was, take a look at those Google trends. What are people searching for right now and create your content strategy, your tent pole programming around that. For those of you that are remote live video producers, and you’re looking for clients seriously, go to Amazon live.

[00:49:50] Take a look at the shows, critique the ones where you’re like, Hey, I, think I like this product and I would love to work with them. Let me show them what I can do. Things that I’ve told people that I’ve worked for them is get the actual product yourself, do your own product review because how many of you actually look at the Amazon reviews?

[00:50:09] I do. And then not that many people actually do videos. So do a short snippet of a video, get yourself on their radar because now the big brand is like, Did Eric just make a feat? Who is this Eric great. And they’re going to Google you and find out more about you and then they’re going to want to work with you.

[00:50:26] And so there’s so many different ways. There’s so many different ways that you can leverage this and build a business around it. Honestly. Yeah, 

[00:50:37] Jeff Sieh: [00:50:37] so great comments. You guys, this is, this is one you’re going to want to go back and rewatch because this is the future. This is where things are going.

[00:50:44] Stephanie is always on the cutting edge. I do wanna bring up a comment. in Erin Anderson, gray, my friend. he used to be, my friend says Jeff Beard doesn’t look so good on mobile. You are now banned my friend. By the way. but, seriously, Stephanie has done a ton just such she’s on the cutting edge.

[00:51:00] Like I said, so Stephanie, where can people find out more about you sign up for that calendar thing that you were talking about to get all your shows? Let us, know where we can. We can do that. 

[00:51:10] Stephanie Liu: [00:51:10] Yeah, absolutely. So the best way to find out, like anything that I write to, anything that I push out regarding livestreaming in general is going to be at lights, camera, live.com.

[00:51:20] I have three different shows if there’s lights, camera live, which is all about how to take your livestream from unknown to unforgettable. It’s where I get to interview amazing folks. Digital confetti is about repurposing your content. Showing her secrets from the set is really all about how to have a successful live video production.

[00:51:36] All of that. Is at lights, camera live.com. So we talked like I talk a lot about a different, a lot of different subjects. As far as subscribing to the calendar, you would go to lights, camera dot, live Ford slash add. And it’ll just add all of the events to your calendar. And if you want show up, if you’re like, Oh, I’m not interested in learning how to make money on Amazon live today.

[00:51:59] You could just delete the event if you want to. 

[00:52:02] Jeff Sieh: [00:52:02] Awesome. I also want to get a big shout out to my co-host Eric Fisher. Eric, you have an amazing podcast as well, so make sure to tell people where they can find you and what you’re doing. And also what’s going on with, Gora. 

[00:52:17] Erik Fisher: [00:52:17] Yeah. So podcast is productivity based.

[00:52:19] It’s conversations had a great one about decision-making, with a productivity, with a, poker player, it’s productivity and poker don’t usually go together, but they do in this case, it’s all about decision-making. You’re going to want to check that one out. it’s Annie Duke, and then next week.

[00:52:36] Agorapulse is putting on these social pulse summit, Instagram edition. It is free. Go to summit that agorapulse.com register to attend live, or do the replays. If you can’t make it don’t miss out because of that, like CA like Stephanie was just talking about with calendar stuff, get this, still get this don’t miss out.

[00:52:56] Go and get 30. Plus breakout sessions, live keynotes, et cetera. Wednesday, February 24th. 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Eastern social pulse summit, Instagram edition. Go to summit that agorapulse.com. 

[00:53:10] Jeff Sieh: [00:53:10] Awesome. And don’t forget by awesome, people who helped make this possible over at Ecamm with their amazing overlays and being able to, do all this cool stuff that you see in Stephanie talked a lot about that now has broken my brain and I have got to go back and watch stuff, but go to socialmedianewlive.com/ecamm to find out more. And as always, this is a podcast as well. We’d love for you guys to go to Apple or your favorite podcast player and leave a rating and review. Our next show is on Friday, February 26th at 11:00 AM. Eastern 10:00 AM central, and you can find us always on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube, and soon.

[00:53:49] Amazon and thank you Stephanie so much for being here. Thank you, Eric, for being an awesome co-host and we’ll see all you guys. Thank you for all your great comments and questions, and we will see you next time. Bye.SHOW


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