Here’s “Part Two” of our conversation with Janet Murray about the launch of her new 2023 Courageous Content Planner and Content Kit. We invited her back for an honest and transparent debrief from her critical pre-order week launch stats, which generated 31k in Pre-Order sales in 7 days. 

We’ll discuss what content work (and what didn’t), actual spend, and the results! Courageous, indeed!


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[00:00:00] Grace Duffy: Oh, everybody, Oh, go ahead.

[00:00:02] Jeff Sieh: Welcome to Grace is always, See, this is why we love having our guests on because we, as soon as they get on the camera, we’re like, Hey, can you tell us about, And we, we grill them for you. It’s all research. So thank you. Guys’s another. Another addition of Social, Media, News Live.

[00:00:19] Um, thank you guys for joining us. Make sure, because we’re talking about launching a product, if you’ve wanted to launch a product or you’ve had questions, all that kind of thing, uh, make sure you ask your questions down below and share this show with a friend. Let them know about this. If they, you know, Oh, I know Paul’s trying, trying to start a lot of pro product, or he wants to do this ebook, or this kind of thing.

[00:00:39] This is the show because we’re gonna be going over some data from Janet’s, uh, recent launch, and she’s amazing. She breaks. She’s a data nerd, and so this is gonna be a lot of fun. So thank you guys for joining us today. Super, super. Grace, how are you? Well,

[00:00:54] Grace Duffy: you I’m good. I was gonna say, even if you’re launching a course, I know, uh, yeah.

[00:00:58] Several friends of mine have started writing books or talking about writing books. This is, this is a good, uh, this will be a good show for them as well. So if you know anyone that is looking to launch quite anything, cause this, this, the thing about Janet is that she, all of her knowledge applies to so many things.

[00:01:15] So tag them, let them know that we are live and they can ask their. Because, you know, we love audience questions

[00:01:21] Jeff Sieh: and something interesting that I wanted to ask you guys about, cuz I’m still not seeing any comments pop up and usually people are all on this and I’m wondering we are going live, um, in these new Facebook events, which is the new thing that they’ve been doing.

[00:01:34] And I don’t know how these are all working. I mean, it was really weird. It doesn’t do an announcement post anymore. I’d mix an event. So I wanna know what you guys, uh, think about this if you guys can. Let us know in the chat, that would be helpful because Facebook’s always a change in things, so not always for the better.

[00:01:52] And so now they’ll probably kick us off. But anyway, um, we’re gonna go ahead and hit go on the podcast machine and get started. So let me get everything set up here and here we go. Hello folks. Welcome to Social Media. News Live. I’m Jeff Sieh and you’re.

[00:02:07] Grace Duffy: And I’m Grace Duffy, and this is the show that keeps you up to date on the world of social media.

[00:02:13] A few weeks ago, we had the brilliant Janet Murray join us to discuss the launch around her content planner. Oops. Oh, sorry. My computer B flipped. So we had Janet on to talk about the latest, the release of her 2023, uh, Courageous Content Planner and Kit. In case you missed it, we did chat about how to use the content templates and still be true to yourself, and also where to focus your marketing budgets as we’re heading into 2023.

[00:02:40] Can’t believe that. So if you haven. Listen to that. It’s certainly not required reading for today’s show, but if you’re interested in that, please go back and give it a listen. It was about three weeks ago, but today we had her back on Beca, or we invite her back on because she shared some interesting stats and critical learnings around this product.

[00:03:00] Launch and all of them are published for pre-order. All this is published as a pre-order launch, debrief and report. I got that from DMing her at Jan Murray uk on Instagram. I’ll let her talk about where, where she’d like to direct you to get it so you can get a copy of yourself, a copy for yourself. But today we will be breaking it down with Janet right here today.

[00:03:21] I’m so excited.

[00:03:22] Jeff Sieh: So Janet, how are you doing today? Thank you for coming back on the.

[00:03:26] Janet Murray: No thanks for having me. And as you were talking, you know, you were talking about the Facebook thing. Yeah. And how it’s all changed. It’s really frustrating cause it keeps swapping between my profile and my page. And I have managed to connect via Restream.

[00:03:39] I’ve managed to connect up. Oh cool. This. But it’s broadcasting from my profile and not my page. And as, as you were introing, I was, I was trying to fiddle around to see if I could get it to work, but it wouldn’t share onto my page and it wouldn’t let

[00:03:50] Jeff Sieh: me. Yeah, there’s a, you have to go up to the three dots in your event and share it that way.

[00:03:55] So it’s really, really strange. Um, There’s some, there’s some tutorials I had to watch to, to, to do that, but uh, yeah, so it is working. We got our friends, uh, Jim Fuse, he’s walk, he’s watching over on YouTube. He goes, Hello, Grace, Jeff and Janet. Thank you Jim for stopping by. And then we have Michelle saying, Perfect timing.

[00:04:14] I have my first ebook launching Tuesday. With 27 other blog bloggers as a bundle, what is your best tip for getting out to many readers as possible? So we’ll make sure to ask that question as we dive in today. Michelle, thank you for joining us. And she is from Facebook, so it is working. Um, and uh, it’s just, it’s just really weird how this stuff works.

[00:04:32] So, um, I’m, I’m thankful that, uh, Michelle, uh, made that comment so we know that it’s working over there. So, um, I wanna introduce you guys to Janet, if you happen to miss. The first show that, uh, she was on with us, She’s been on our show a couple times, but three weeks ago, like, uh, Grace had mentioned, but she is a content marketing expert.

[00:04:49] She’s an author, she’s a podcaster and a keynote speaker. She speaks worldwide about building online audiences and had taught thousands of coaches and creatives and entrepreneurs how to create engaging content. She’s planned and executed hundreds. Of digital product launches from one off eBooks and master classes to complex online courses and membership.

[00:05:09] She’s also the host of Courageous Content Podcasts, which is an awesome podcast by the way. So make sure you guys go check her out on your favorite podcast player. And she just launched her 2023 Courageous Content Planner and content kit that will be talking about that launch today. So, uh, Janet, thank you so much for being here.

[00:05:26] This is gonna be a lot of fun. She also does really cool events. Like I gotta go and speak at whatever events in London, which I had. Ton of fun at, and she’s actually has another one coming up. So make sure you go and follow all things, Janet Maurice, because she is, uh, amazing. I wanna do a real quick shout out to our sponsors of the show.

[00:05:43] You can find out more about them at Ecamm. They’re the ones who make this show possible. You go to slash Ecamm right now. In fact right now our friend Ian is over at Leap into podcasting and um, you guys wanna make sure that you guys go over there because uh, they’re actually selling like it really, I think it’s like 25 bucks, 30 bucks, something like that, play passes cuz we, Grace and I were on there yesterday talking and uh, there was ton of great speakers.

[00:06:09] Some people we’ve had on our show before. Some people were gonna have her on our show because they’re just amazing. So make sure you guys go check out Leap into podcasting. Uh, if you miss any of that, you can get the replay pass. Very, very, very, very cool. So anyway, let me, uh, get all this off and back to the show.

[00:06:26] We’re talking about launching a new product. Um, so, um, Grace, why don’t you just go ahead and kick this off because we’re talking about, um, You dove in deep to this because you’re kind of a data nerd too.

[00:06:38] Grace Duffy: I am and And she repackaged it so beautifully, which I have no doubt that she will. Janet, first of all, before we dive in, tell us where people can download this debrief report for themselves.

[00:06:52] Janet Murray: So this debrief report, I actually downloaded it here. It doesn’t look so great on my printer . Um, but um, if you head to Instagram, um, and I met Jan underscore Murray. I dunno if someone can put that in the chat. Um, you, if you just DM me that my clever messenger bot will deliver it to you and it’s got all sorts of, um, as the same.

[00:07:10] I’ve just changed the cartridge on my printer. So it’s very garish at the moment. , uh, but it basically breaks down. It’s got lots of, if you like, graphs and tables and percentages and, and. Breaks it all down. Um, and, you know, has a list of content I created during my launch period. And, um, yeah, it’s a bit of a kind of, um, if you like geeking out over launch stats and conversions, you know, you’ll, you’ll love it.

[00:07:31] And the thing I went say at the beginning was that, um, mine is a physical and a digital product. It’s a hybrid product, but you were absolutely right when you said whatever you are launching, whether you’re launching a digital product, a physical product, an event, the approach that I, I can talk about, It, it works for any of this stuff.

[00:07:51] Cool. And, and there’s one kind of key thing that I think makes the big difference, um, which hopefully we can get into.

[00:07:58] Jeff Sieh: Awesome. Absolutely. By the way, Janet’s stuff is amazing to look at. So, uh, she just does a really good job with her layouts, uh, from ever since I’ve followed her, her stuff that she puts out is just top notch.

[00:08:10] So if you wanna get some inspiration there, I mean, that’s well worth the price of admission. So,

[00:08:15] Grace Duffy: um, absolutely. Well, we went over these stats a few weeks ago, but this is an update. This was a little sneak peek that Janet provided to us about the debrief around the launch of her, uh, 2023 courageous content planner and content kit.

[00:08:29] So she wrote, or she shared that total campaign ad spend in this year, 2022 was 1200 pounds and her spend last year around the same lunch was. Thousand pounds. So quite a, uh, quite a difference there. We’ll get into, uh, her, you know, her rationale around the, this Facebook ad spend, uh, affiliates, payouts were arou account for about 1% of revenue, which was 391 pounds, and they contributed to 14% of sales more on that later.

[00:09:03] And then she also said that a majority of the sales came from her email. 51%. So they marketed to just 9,000 of their 25 or 27,000 person list, uh, wait list. Conversions were up 10%. And she also said that around 37% of sales came from 10% of the list marketed to the highest conversion. Ever for her launches and then expected to rise once duplicate contacts are removed.

[00:09:34] You also initially, uh, mentioned that the overall conversion rate for this launch was 6%. The average for digital products is actually one to 2%, which is quite shocking. And then the, uh, conversion rate from your wait list again was that 37% and you. Janet, you have an established brand and you have an established reputation.

[00:09:54] You’ve been producing this planner for years, plus you’ve had a strong background in, uh, journalism and creating content. You serve a ton of different types of clients, but what can we do to convince people to sign up for a wait list when a product or service is still relatively unknown or. In most cases still in development, or not yet available, essentially, how do you communicate the benefits and generate that level of excitement and encourage action among potential clients in a situation where someone is relatively new to this or unknown or launching their first ebook, like our friend Michelle here is.

[00:10:32] Janet Murray: So the first thing is you’ve got to really understand what the benefits are and when I’m helping clients with launches, um, often. There’s normally a few things that aren’t working if the sales aren’t what they hope, but one of them is the sales page. Um, and it isn’t about what your sales page looks like.

[00:10:50] Um, obviously it’s nice if it’s nicely designed, but it’s actually, can you articulate the transformation? So, um, most of us, we don’t buy, invest in products or services. Unless we’re in pain. So we’ve got a problem that we need to solve. Um, in my case with Micro Courageous Content Planet and Kit, um, it’s, um, people who are, um, two, two main things really.

[00:11:10] And they want to reduce the amount of time that they’re spending on content, uh, creation and planning. But also often they’re stuck for ideas and they’re busy and they can’t think. So it’s really understanding. the problem that your product or service solves. So when I see someone who’s struggling, um, to sell, whether it be an ebook or whether it, you know, be a membership or a digital product, often they don’t really understand what the.

[00:11:33] The problem that their product or service solves. So if you don’t understand the problem that it solves, you’re gonna really struggle to get that across to people. So that is actually the very per first place to start. And what really annoys me, lots of things annoys me about this . Um, you know, when you see all these big.

[00:11:48] Um, online launch, people out there, you know, touting their advice, um, often they’re sharing the same strategies that work for them and they already have established, you know, million, billion pound businesses and they’ve been doing it for years and they have Facebook ad spend and whatever. Um, And what happens is I think people think, Oh, well, if I just do what they do, I mean, I did the same thing myself when I first started online.

[00:12:10] Oh, if I just do three videos or if I just do exactly what they say, uh, I’ll get the same results. Well, of course you don’t because it’s a numbers game. We talked about the conversion rate second, but it all starts with understanding the problem, um, that your product or service solves. I have just literally this afternoon, um, sent out what is basically kind of like an ebook equivalent.

[00:12:32] Um, A 9 97 product. So I’ve taken something that’s part of a bigger product and just email my list and people would just be buying it all afternoon. Um, and it’s because it’s really clear that they’re filling the gaps, content templates. So it’s really clear what the transformation is like this is gonna save me time, it’s gonna save me having to think of stuff for myself.

[00:12:52] So does that kind of make sense? I think a lot, a lot of people skipped strategy. We can’t even talk about wait lists or conversions or what kind of content, unless you actually understand. Blooming Heck does this product , right? Why am I selling it? Cause you all the strategy stuff in the world, you can write a million social media posts, but if people don’t get why they should buy it, they won’t buy it.

[00:13:13] Um, and does, does that kind of make sense as a

[00:13:14] Jeff Sieh: starting point? Yeah. So it was funny cuz Grace and I were just talking about this. Yesterday, So I’m gonna tease this right now, but if you guys stick around to the end, you know, we mentioned we were part of Leap into podcasting, uh, this week, and it’s going on right now, but we created some actually digital products for that, and we’re gonna give those to you.

[00:13:32] If you stick around to the end, we’ll give you the link to sign up and get those. But we, it’s very practical, like it’s, it’s, uh, Grace’s email, uh, template that we send out to our guest. It’s our, our run of show that we do that we’re looking at right now to do our show. And then it’s our, our actual product list that we have.

[00:13:48] Do make this show happen. And also some icebreaker questions that we asked a lot of times during the show. So we have all that, but it’s very, very practical and I think your point, Janet, it’s gotta solve the problem and then you just communicate it because you know, this stuff works for us. I mean, we’ve got two years of this show, you know, in the bag and it’s working for us, so we’re excited to share it with people.

[00:14:10] So I think that that point about your product, , knowing what you have and not just copycatting something that some of those big online gurus do or sell a course on how to make a course, it has to be specific to you. So I think that was very, very cool. I wanna do, you know, a big shout out to real quickly to some of our, our folks here.

[00:14:27] Um, and it is, uh, we mentioned Janet’s podcast, uh, earlier, but a happy international podcast day. That’s true. Thanks you, Jim, for that. And, um, Gary Stockton, one of our faithful friends and followers, uh, who’s also got a podcast, he says, uh, good morning. You lovely people. And, uh, the Unknowns Facebook user, that’s always Lum and Jello.

[00:14:47] We can’t figure out why I, I’m on his show and it does the same thing, but it’s just three of my favorite people in one place. This is Loom and Jello, or his script likes to call him Li and Jello. So, um, so, um, So we, we, we talked a little bit about, you know, these stats that we’re talking about comes from your pre-order week and you know, the first week of a sales period usually lasts around 16 weeks.

[00:15:09] And you talked about the planner was discounted by 50% and contained three bonuses, which I think were cool, which were around, uh, you said, uh, 300 pounds. So was there, what was your thinking behind this? 16. Sale period? Like how do you determine the timing? Was it impacted by time of year or other factors?

[00:15:28] I’m really interested why you came up with that, that, uh, time.

[00:15:32] Janet Murray: Okay. So the first thing is, is, um, there’s no kind of right time for your, uh, launch period. Um, the key thing is, is so I would start with thinking how many do we wanna sell, basically? Um, I mentioned the conversion rate before one to 2%. So I will sometimes say to my clients, and it’s a difficult moment, um, but I’ll say to them, um, okay, so you’ve got this digital products, you want to sell this many, how many people you got on your email list.

[00:15:57] So based on that one to 2% conversion, and remember, if you’re new to it, you are not likely to be knocking it out of the park. To start off with because there’s a lot to learn. So, and they’ll go, Oh, uh, well I might sell one or two. Now, that doesn’t mean that you can’t launch that digital product, but what it means is you’ve gotta think about, well, okay, well, um, Do I need to grow my audience?

[00:16:19] So do I need to spend 12, 16 weeks or whatever trying to build my email list? Um, I always create, I think I talked about this on the last show, but I create a very specific Leap magnet that leads to the product that I want to sell. Um, and when Grace asked me the question about, I can’t even remember what it was, but I, I felt like I was, I wasn’t being relevant when I started saying about the most important thing is that your product or service solves problem.

[00:16:42] But actually it really is relevant because, um, when you understand. Problem your product or service solves. That means that you, it’s like you warm your audience up. So basically what you’re doing, what a lot of people do with digital product launches in particular, is they just kind of rock up and go, Hey, everyone, buy my thing.

[00:16:59] Right? There’s no warmup, there’s no, people don’t understand why they need it. Um, sometimes, sometimes people say to me, How do I sell something to somebody that they don’t understand They need. You can’t, you can’t sell something to somebody that they don’t think that they need. They gotta know that they need it.

[00:17:12] Um, so actually it’s about you thinking. How long is it gonna take me to educate my audience that we actually have this problem, if that’s necessary. Um, do I need to bring more people into my audience in order to, um, to increase the sales? Um, or, you know, do I need to do some other activities to make sure that I’m gonna make my target sales so it’s not some kind of arbitrary figure.

[00:17:34] Mm-hmm. and I talk about three types of content. So you’ve got audience growth content, so that’s typically like. Blogs, your podcast. Um, and so I will very strategically in the 12 to 16 weeks running up to a launch, I will start to, um, strategically publish podcasts that are on things like content planning and, um, planners, because I don’t want people to, I want people to start.

[00:17:58] Be aware of the fact that these things are important and that they, you know, need to think about them. And then my planner comes along and it solves that problem. Um, but if I, if I haven’t helped people to see for themselves that these are things they need to be thinking about, then my product’s gonna be yes, relevant.

[00:18:12] Um, then you’ve got your nurturing content, so, What a lot of people do with digital product launches is the, is the equivalent of going to an event and someone coming out and going, Hey, buy my thing. Buy my thing. Right? They just suddenly up and say, Buy my thing. So actually, if you’ve been educating people about the problems that your product or service solves, and you know, helping them to make them aware that they have those problems, that there are solutions out there, they’re gonna be much more like to take notice when you come along with your solution.

[00:18:37] But then some people, Still aren’t ready to buy. Like they don’t know you well enough, like they haven’t built that no life and trust. So then there’s like nurturing content, which is about building connection and having conversations. And then yours, I call it like cash generation content. So actually in your launch period that week when you do your launch for me, That’s, it’s not the easiest part.

[00:18:57] Like it’s tiring and the days are long, but the hard work’s been done already. Um, so I do a number of different things. So like I say, I, I strategically publish podcast episodes. You’ll see my podcast, uh, content start to change. There be a lot more stuff about content planning, a lot more stuff about content strategy because we’re getting ready to launch the planner.

[00:19:16] Um, I will also. Published, and this time I did four very specific lead magnets. And when I talked before about making sure that your lead magnet, your. Buying your product or service should feel like a natural next step. So we did a number of lead magnets, um, and the one that worked the best was fill in the gaps content templates, which were basically the same as the freebie that was gonna be coming with the content plan.

[00:19:39] So people basically getting to try a bit of what they were gonna get, they were getting good results. They’re like, Great, this is the same belows the time. Oh, and by the way, the planner’s got thousands of these. So when you asked me, Jeff, about, about. How did you decide on those bonuses? Well, I was thinking, well, like you said, to get someone to put their name in a wait list has gotta be a reason.

[00:19:57] And the reasons normally aren’t, people are gonna save money, they’re gonna get extra bonuses, you know, things that they, they find really valuable. So you’ve also gotta understand, it sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? But you’ve gotta understand the problem that your Productal service solves, but you’ve also gotta understand.

[00:20:11] What your customers and clients, what would they be willing to put their name on a wait list for? Like is it money, is it bonuses? Um, and the other thing is that you’ve got to get them as excited as you are. So one of the things that we do, um, and as it happens, I happen to have the dumb, I have the frozen copies here, but, so one of the things that we do is we get my clients, there’s four covers.

[00:20:30] We start off with a, uh, with a list of eight. So this is two. Um, and, um, it is digital as well, but there is a physical version. So, um, and we start with a and we get people to vote, um, and we do. Usually in about July. Um, and it goes on sale at the end of August. So people are kind of invested in it because they’ve already seen, Oh, that looks nice.

[00:20:51] Oh, that’s my favorite one. I wonder if my one’s gonna win. Um, and so you’re getting, people are kind of invested in the product. Um, they, and, and as you are asking them for their choices, you’re asking them if they wanna join the wait list because they’re gonna get really great discount. They’re also gonna get these bonuses.

[00:21:07] Um, so you’re not just rocking up and saying, Hey, buy my thing. Right. Getting them excited about the product, you’re educating them that they actually need it. Um, and you are also nurturing as well that, you know, some of those, some people are on my email list for years before they buy a planner. Um, and I’m, I’m not saying that with any judgment, it’s just that people do need to get to know, like, and trust you before they’re, you know, some, and some people take along with another.

[00:21:31] So does that kind of make sense in terms. Yeah, why you might wait

[00:21:35] Jeff Sieh: that long. I wanna, I wanna dive in really quick cuz I want talk a little bit about the wait lift. I’m, I’m throwing an audible, Grace another audible. This is what, what we talked about yesterday, Terry. Hard thing. This is good. This is good.

[00:21:46] So I wanna talk about the wait list. So I heard you say that you kind of use that wait list time to find out what they want. Now are you creating the product? Or tweaking the product to, uh, during that time, cuz you mentioned like, Oh, we found out that these three free B’s worked well. So we’re gonna include those in the content planner, like talk about this kind of the strategy behind a wait list.

[00:22:08] Cause some people don’t do a wait list, they just go, Here’s my product by my stuff. So can you talk about that a little bit? .

[00:22:14] Janet Murray: But again, it comes down to understanding your customers or clients really, really well. And it does come a bit with experience. So I’ve got better at this over the years as you would do.

[00:22:22] Um, so like I said, the two key problems that my product solves are saving people time on content planning and creation. Um, and also helping them, you know, to come up with ideas. Cuz sometimes it’s just hard, isn’t it? You’re busy and you lack inspiration. Um, so I thought, so what, what would really make my ideal customers or clients excited?

[00:22:43] Um, You know, fill in the gaps, templates a thousand, fill in the gaps. Social media, post templates, like that’s gonna save you so much time for a day, um, across the year. Um, but also these content kits that we sell separately for 147. One of them is a cash generation content kit. Whether people are upfront about it.

[00:23:01] In, in the uk people are a little bit more polite about it, but ultimately most people are interested in finding out how they can make more money. Yeah. Um, and cause they try and tell you that they’re not, they, they are. So, um, this cash generation content, um, I did, I did quite a lot of work actually also about, Educating people why they needed the bonuses as well.

[00:23:19] So, um, I did quite a few podcast episodes about what is cash generation content, why do you need it? Um, how does it help you bring money into your business fast? And um, and this kits got templates and training, whatever. So actually I was able to advertise my bonuses quite early and tell people they were coming, um, and tell them how much they were worth, um, right from the off, so I wouldn’t be probably developing bonuses as I was going along.

[00:23:44] Gotcha. Um, I’d already know what. They are, but that’s based on really knowing my audience Well. Um, but one thing you did um, say is we do not print these. Like, I, we still, we still do pre-orders now. Mm-hmm. . Um, because you, nobody would’ve want to invest money, particularly the fiscal products. Right. Um, you know, um, not knowing whether you can act.

[00:24:09] Not knowing whether or not people are actually going to buy it. Cause it’s a very, it could be very expensive to print a load of planners, right? So, um, and I, and I never create any products, any digital product or whatever, because the, the thing is you really won’t know whether somebody’s going to buy it until you are brave enough to, to sell it to them.

[00:24:25] And this is another problem I as well. So if I, and a habit, it’s happened to me before, I, I’ve put offers out and people haven’t bought, or not enough people have. Just give them their money back. Um, but before you do, or after you’ve done ask for, ask them for some feedback. Like, why was it, you know, why did this product not really land or ask people who didn’t buy, um, um, what could I have done to make, you know, what would be a better fit for you?

[00:24:49] Um, I see that as a real opportunity. So I ha you know, I have, um, I, I, for me, it’s always minimal viable product. So I’ve never created a digital product. Before I’ve sold it and I wouldn’t. Um, because again, I mean there used to be a group, I won’t say the name of it, but it did actually bring tears to my eyes cuz I, I was in this group person had spent like the best part of a year creating an online course.

[00:25:14] Um, and not one person had bought, It’s like your worst nightmare, isn’t it? Like, not, not even one person. And they were heartbroken. . And the trouble is we as human beings, we can get so fixated on what we want to teach people and we actually don’t listen to what they want to learn. Um, and you, you know when, when you actually put a PayPal button or a strip button on it and you ask people to buy it, even if it’s a very simple sales page, you know, I’ve sold things off Google Docs loads of times.

[00:25:39] Like you don’t even have to have a fancy sales page. You’ll get that feedback straight away. They’ll either buy it or they won’t buy it. And if they don’t buy it, you have to be brave enough to go back. Ask that question. Okay, so you didn’t buy this or, you know, sometimes I, What’s something I do a lot, I go back to people on the wait list and ask ’em why they didn’t buy and say, you know, you put your name on the wait list.

[00:25:58] Like, why didn’t you buy, like what was it about the product? And so I guess there you might get feedback about how to improve your product year on year. But, um, so to answer your question is a long no. That’s you. Do we do, we do the bonuses as we go along. Now I know what the bonuses are. I know my customers and clients, and I know, um, what, what solves their problems.

[00:26:18] And this is why I’m, um, I’m not a big fan of these big online course programs or whatever because I really think you need to work with somebody who’s done it before and done it successfully. Um, and actually who will give you one to one feedback and tell you if your idea was quite because, um, it’s very expensive.

[00:26:37] You know, if you’ve not done something before, like sold digital products and online course, like of course you’re probably not gonna get it right the first time. Of course, you’re probably gonna try and sell people things they don’t wanna buy. Like you need somebody who can go and go. Nope. No, no, no.

[00:26:50] That’s not gonna sell. Or if you’re gonna sell it, you need to say this instead. Um, and I think that there is just so much to it, but the, I think the biggest thing is just getting the product right. And, and just because then if you get, if you get the product right, you’ll then probably know what Phoebe’s and bonus is.

[00:27:07] You’ll know, you know, what kind of discounts for, But does that all kind of make sense? Yeah. So

[00:27:11] Jeff Sieh: I, I just wanna, wanna kind of, um, Make sure I heard you right. So the wait list for you is one, it helps you figure out how many planners you’re gonna have to spend and print, and it’s also a time where you kind of build up, Oh, you’re getting these bonuses too, and build some excitement inside of the wait list as well.

[00:27:30] Because the wait list, they’re not putting any money down, they’re just saying, Yeah, I’m interested, is what you’re saying. Mm-hmm. . And so that’s a way that you can actually almost segment your. A little bit that you can, you can go to and say, Okay, you’re on the wait list. This is what’s coming. Get ready.

[00:27:45] Here it comes. You know, that kind of thing. So I think that’s really genius and that

[00:27:48] Janet Murray: that conversion, that increase of 10%, you know, um, you can do a lot to, mm-hmm. , we all know that the people are most likely to buy other people who were already like our clients or worked with us before or whatever. Yeah, you can work really, you can improve your weightless conversions and sometimes that’s better.

[00:28:07] It’s better to put your efforts there than trying to get new people, if that makes sense. Mm-hmm. .

[00:28:11] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. Yeah. Awesome. So I, I nerd out about this stuff and psychology behind it and all that stuff. So, I’m sorry, Grace, you had some questions, so go ahead. Yeah, well, no, I

[00:28:19] Grace Duffy: just had a thought because I, this is a, a LinkedIn post that I saw earlier today, and it was about content marketing, and I won’t read the whole thing, but basically the suggestion was that, you know, when it comes to writing an ebook, we have Michelle.

[00:28:30] In the comments here was, she talked about launching her first ebook. The suggestion in this post was that, um, that you work on the title, description first. This unblocks your design team, or you to create all of the campaign assets, landing pages, banners, emails, all of that. And then with the ebook is, and then, you know, as you’re doing this, as you’re writing the ebook or, and then so while you’re writing it and designing it, you’re getting that feedback as you go along and then you launch it.

[00:28:57] What do you think of that strategy?

[00:29:00] Janet Murray: Um, I’d have to read the post to see what they were saying. Mm-hmm. , But I, I would disagree. probably .

[00:29:10] Grace Duffy: Okay. Tell us. I mean, it’s, it wasn’t okay. It wasn’t my blog post, it wasn’t my LinkedIn post. So you’re, you’re free. I’m free to disagree and it will not hurt my feelings, but you tell me what you, Cause this is an idea that was put out there.

[00:29:22] And I’m gonna add too, that like I, I know the lot. We’ve worked with course creators before where they’ll like start marketing the course before it’s done. Right. Or they’ll start and they’re like, Oh, it’s okay. Like I’ll figure it out. And it’s just like, But isn’t the course the important part? But anyway, you tell me what you think.

[00:29:40] Janet Murray: Well, I mean, without, as you seeing the post, I mean it, you know, But I would say, I, I would say that you shouldn’t be creating any assets or anything until you know that people are. By the thing, I mean with an ebook, because it’s not a big with an ebook because it doesn’t take ages to create or whatever.

[00:30:02] Um, and because of the price point, like you know, it, I would be more inclined to create it. But if you’ve never created, and I’ve seen it happen before, if you’ve never, ever like sold something successfully, you could spend. I write really quickly because that’s what I used to do. Mm-hmm. . But I’ve seen other people spend months and months and months on this ebook and it’s like, this opens and then no one wants it.

[00:30:28] So I would be more inclined to do a lead magnet, um, to do an email lead magnet on a, on a section of it or something. So say for example, um, you wanted to do like a, a guide to Instagram growth or something, what I might do is do a small one. I say Instagram page hashtags. I might do like a, um, a lead magnet or something and then just kind of see how.

[00:30:48] How that goes. Um, because, and this is the other thing as well, if you can’t get people to download a free lead bank , um, it is gonna be really difficult for you to, to get people to buy your ebook book. Like I would say, actually, you know, can you create a good email lead market that people actually want to buy?

[00:31:06] First is, is for some people, that’s the right thing. I just, I just worry about for the price point of an e. I worry about creating assets and making it into a big thing like most of us have really got something sitting on our computer, right? So here we go. This is what I’m trying to get to get to. I think most of us have probably got like a, something sitting on our computer that we could easily knock together into a few thousand words word.

[00:31:29] Cuz if, if you’re an expert, you know, in your field, I could probably go and write any book like after this or something about that. Um, I could, I’ve probably got the material already, um, that I could deliver to people. Um, so it worries me that people might be spending months and months and months creating assets and stuff, something like that.

[00:31:49] Why not just put it together as quickly as simply as possible? Um, don’t worry about fancy design, you know, obviously make it look okay and readable or whatever, right? But just sell it, you know? Just, just, just get out there and see if people buy it. Um, I would not, That’s the bit that worries me. I would not recommend people, um, getting assets and designers and figuring out as they go along, like, yeah.

[00:32:11] Find something on your computer and see if people wanna buy it. You know, like idea, like first you could waste such a lot of money, you could end up spending 10 times the amount, you know, that you’d actually get from it.

[00:32:20] Jeff Sieh: So here’s a practical thing, and once again, free consulting. Um, so I, I’ve had a lot of people ask, talk to me about the script, which is a program that I used to repurpose and all this stuff, and I’ve had some people say, Hey, you should do a course.

[00:32:32] So what you’re saying with this kind of model and planning that I should probably do one little section like, you know, script 1 0 1. And do a little video thing and send it out there as a lead magnet. Say, Hey, I’m thinking about doing this course. Would you buy this if I built this out? Like made a full set.

[00:32:49] Janet Murray: Right. I, I would never ask people whether they would buy it or not. Okay. Um, because they, they’ll go, Yeah. Especially they’re British. I. This is what I, I get my clients to do. They don’t wanna do it, but it is the right thing to do is to create a one module online course. So what I would do in your situation is I would do like a, I’d do like a webinar or, or a masterclass, a one of masterclass with, I really like script, but I think.

[00:33:22] Um, I think actually if you just log into it and you haven’t really looked at it before, it can be quite overwhelming, right? So say for example, if you’re gonna teach me one thing, like how to, um, how to. Make a podcast.

[00:33:37] Jeff Sieh: Yeah.

[00:33:38] Janet Murray: Yeah. How to shave 30 minutes off your podcast production time. Mm-hmm. , using script or something.

[00:33:42] If you were to sell me a masterclass that would say like an entry level, you know, 30, $40 or whatever, um, you’ve then got a product that you can. That you can sell on in the future. Um, you can get a sense for where the people actually are interested in script and interested in, and then, and then you can build modules on from that.

[00:33:59] Mm-hmm. , What I would really advise against if you don’t have a proof of concept is you sitting at home creating a massive big Des cause, Right. Um, And then you suddenly find out that no one’s interested in teaching them. Right. Um, so I, I would test, I call it like a one module course. So in, so I would have like clients for example, who say, Oh, I’m gonna do this like online.

[00:34:20] Cause you dunno if anyone wants that topic. Right? Just sell, sell like masterclass, Like you can teach it live. Um, And you can, you know, that means you could resell it later anyway. Um, but that could be module one of your course, or it could be one, you know, one of a, a group. Does that kind of make sense?

[00:34:36] Yeah.

[00:34:36] Jeff Sieh: So, so, so I was thinking as a lead magnet, but you’re saying just go out the gate, sell a masterclass

[00:34:41] Janet Murray: and sell it. Well, as you I’d probably said it. Cause you, you’re an experience, you’re more experienced, don’t you? But if you’d never, like, if you’d never done it before, Des, because it’s quite technical, I’d say h.

[00:34:53] As long as you felt confident to live there. Right. But you’re sure you would like

[00:34:57] Jeff Sieh: Well, I just, I’ve, I’ve talked about it in like, uh, when I’ve gone and spoken somewhere, I’ve showed people and their mouth drop open and they’re freaking out. They just, and so that’s why they’re like, I would, I would buy courses.

[00:35:06] You would teach this. And so that was kind of my thing, but I didn’t want to go and, like you said, build out a huge course. And not have anybody buy it. Anyway, I hope that was, I got free consulting. I hope that was helpful to other people. Uh, with kinda a real life example there, because

[00:35:19] Janet Murray: people lie. I think that’s the other thing.

[00:35:21] People lie, like if you went to a Facebook group and said, Would you buy my script course? Well, people lie in the wait list. So our wait list version is 37%. Like that’s a really good conversion. So that shows how many people, they’re not lying really, but you know, like people put their name on wait list and they’re not that interested.

[00:35:38] So, You could go into Facebook, go to want this. Oh, Jeff, that’d be amazing. That’d be amazing. Especially the British, you go, Oh yeah, I can’t wait for that Jeff . And then, um, it’s better to, for you to test it out on a, you know, on a one off thing. Mm-hmm. Yeah. Great people who like this. And also you’ve then got a warm list of people for your course because you’ve already taught them that one thing and you’re like, Brilliant, I’ve now got do.

[00:36:02] So does that make sense? And then also could use, you can use that process to find out what they’d want in the full course.

[00:36:07] Jeff Sieh: Mm-hmm. That’s great. That’s genius. So my, yeah, we could just go now and I can go put it together. , No, sorry. Sorry. Great. I just was Jeff is,

[00:36:15] Grace Duffy: Jeff is thoroughly distracted now. So

[00:36:18] Jeff Sieh: sorry I went off a topic, but I thought it was, I thought it was relevant, um, for this just because of, um, you know, I know people have the same questions about, they’re like me.

[00:36:28] They know how to do something really, really well. I mean, I’m not saying I’m really well, but, you know, they’re, they’re, they have something that they, they want to teach, but they don’t know if it’s. Fly or not. And so I thought that was genius, Janet. Thank you for that. Mm-hmm. . And Michelle was even going, Um, yes.

[00:36:42] She goes, Thanks so much. Very, very helpful. Um, so thanks Michelle. Yeah. So ask your questions while, while we got Janet. That’s what I’m doing. . So yeah. Follow my example and ask her. So back to the, this, um, amazing launch kind of breakdown. So Grace, uh, I took some time. You go.

[00:36:59] Grace Duffy: That’s okay. Well, you, uh, Janet revealed that you only marketed to a third of your email list and we said we would dig into it, and so now we shall.

[00:37:08] Why was that? Why did you only market to 9,000 of 27,000?

[00:37:13] Janet Murray: So we’ve, yeah, so we’ve got 27,000 on the list, and when we looked at how our email list subscribers had been behaving as it were, um, we only really felt that 9,000. Have been behaving in a way that they would actually be interested in this product.

[00:37:29] Like, um, because a lot of people, you know, if you have free lead magnets, a lot of people join. They’re not interested, they’re not interested in buying. So we looked at the most active parts of my list and we looked at the people that were most likely to buy basically. And, um, if you are emailing, say if I emailed my whole list, 27,000 people, Knowing that two thirds of them are probably not gonna buy this product, well that’s actually going to harm my sales overall because that harms your, you know, you know how it works with email marketing, but, um, you.

[00:37:58] The more people that open engage, you know, the less likely people are gonna end up in spam or not seeing your stuff. Um, so we decided just to focus on the most engaged, um, parts of the list. And we segment this like blows people’s mind, you see. So, um, so we, I mean, I’m sure there’s people that do much more complex things than this, but we, we use Active Campaign now.

[00:38:19] We used to use, um, Infusionsoft to keep, which in many ways I, I kind of preferred, but. Active campaign is, is will be easier for someone like me to jump in and use, like, rather than Infusionsoft. Um, so we, so we actually, um, would send, sometimes we send the same email to, or segments, but sometimes we might send a different email with a different message because, You’ve got a different relationship with that person.

[00:38:44] Um, so just blanket emailing the whole 9,000. So we’ve got our wait list. So we had, I think it was 832. I forget that number all the time, but I think we started with 832 on the wait list, which actually was less than the year before. But they were much better leads cause it compared to. Uh, we also have people who bought the planner last year.

[00:39:00] I think that was another group. Uh, we have, um, uh, what’s the other group? Um, Engaged list members. So we just have a group of people who engage. Um, and, and so what we’d be looking at then is the difference between the conversion between the different groups, which if you like, that kind of thing. I find it’s really fun, but, um, but you know, that’s how you can see.

[00:39:22] Actually send, you know, we might send extra emails to the wait list people, um, or actually have slightly different content because you know, they’ve got a different, you know, and they’re the types of things that really make a difference, you know, just like. Just blasting a lot of people think, you know, cause sometimes I get the odd real email from people and people think that you’re actually blasting your, and you know, it is not a lot of thought goes into it.

[00:39:43] Right. Um, and, you know, I might send more emails to the wait list or I might send a slightly different message, um, to the wait list. So, All of that can really boost your conversions. You know, you’re not just blasting out everyone on your list, you’re only selling it to those people who are Now, I’ve sold products or services before.

[00:39:59] Let’s say for example, in the past I’ve done Instagram causes, like I know that some people on my list who are not even on Instagram, so the first email I might send would be like, Hey, I’m gonna be, I call it a, an un an UnMarketing email. So I’m gonna be doing a launch my Instagram course. Mm-hmm. , do you wanna opt out?

[00:40:15] Because if you’re not in Instagram and you’re really not interested, this is gonna annoy you. Um, and so get rid of those people who aren’t interested, who haven’t even got an Instagram account or are not interested. Um, so you can just focus on the people who are, Does that kind of make sense? For me, it’s always about, Just focusing on the people who are most interested and not, are not blasting people who are not interested.

[00:40:33] Right.

[00:40:34] Jeff Sieh: Uh, there’s a, there’s a guy that, um, I actually, he, he talks a lot about, um, brand marketing and his, his name’s Justin Moore. And he, uh, the fact, the, the deal casters Jim and Chris, uh, got me. Uh, then he spoke at one of their, their things they did. Um, but he’s amazing for brand deals and Amazon Live and all that stuff.

[00:40:52] but he just launched a course and that was something that I noticed that he did. He’s like, and he even had a big button like, Hey, I wanna be, I’m launching a course. If you don’t want my course launch emails, click this button. And I thought that was genius, because you’re not like people would rather do that than unsubscribe.

[00:41:10] And so I thought that was genius on the way to do that. So I think that’s really, really awesome, Janet, that you did the same thing, like, Hey, by the way, you’re not on Instagram, so this probably won’t interest you , you

[00:41:20] Grace Duffy: know, Or LinkedIn. Yeah.

[00:41:23] Janet Murray: We put a link in every single email above and beyond the optout that says, Hey, if you’re not interested in my 2023 Courageous Content planner, you know, and we normally put something like, If you’re not interested in saving 50% of my 20 something, remind of the message.

[00:41:39] But. What’s the point, you know, if people have already decided they’re interested, um, and they’re already negative about it, right? Like, what’s the point? And keep saying, you know, so, so I’m actively looking for people to leave the list because if they’re on the list, you’re paying for them, even if they’re not interested, but also looking to get people to leave the campaigns because if they’re genuinely not interested, then you know, they’re, they’re just gonna keep seeing these emails and they’re gonna tune out.

[00:42:05] And when you have got a message for them that. Is more relevant for them. They’re not gonna look. So my, my thing is always about only marketing to the most relevant people. Mm.

[00:42:15] Jeff Sieh: That’s good. That’s really good. So I wanted to go back a little bit to your, your list here. And you said 37% of sales came from 10% of the list you marketed to.

[00:42:25] So does that mean that 10%, that’s the segmented list that you’ve, that you were going to, or was it, did you segment. Is that from your wait list or how I’m, I’m trying to understand exactly what that means.

[00:42:38] Janet Murray: Yeah, so I’m like, I’m now trying to go back and remember causes sit and doing normal calculations, but basically most of the sales came from the, the wait list segment.

[00:42:47] Okay. Um, wait list segment was eight hun. The wait list segment was 823. Whatever I said it was, was, and, and we only marketed to 800 and I think it was 800 and. Grace probably got it in the report, but it was less than 9,000. Yeah. And, um, and so that wait list, that 10%, you know, was the best converting list, if you see what I’m mean.

[00:43:08] Um, so without a doubt, the effort that we put into create a wait list of people who were interested, excited. Who as soon as the Post went out in the email, went out to say, I’m gonna buy, you know, they were the most likely to buy. And I think often, and it’s a general thing of marketing as well, is that we’re, we’re always looking to bring new people into our world.

[00:43:32] And, and we’re always thinking it’s about new people. Um, where actually, like you said before, although there was something else that we did this year, which actually, um, helped a lot, um, My, I’m not a big fan of affiliate sales, so don’t, don’t get me on the topic, but I’m really not a fan of, you know, there’s affiliate launches where people are like getting wedge.

[00:43:55] I wouldn’t let anybody sell my planner or any of my products or services if they don’t actually use it, or I wouldn’t let them sell my, you know, I wanna reward my customers for loyalty and I’ve got some people who’ve been buying my planet like every single year. Um, but at the same time, I would never want anybody to be able to earn more selling my products or services than building their own business, cuz.

[00:44:14] Seems a bit immoral to me, , but also, um, it’s, um, it, I dunno the idea that people will be out there selling my products or services and they don’t either, don’t use them, don’t really like them, they’re just doing it for the money. Like, that feels unethical to me as well. So we just give like a small percentage.

[00:44:31] It’s 10%. But one thing we did this year actually, which is kind of like a wait list strategy is a week before. The wait list officially opened. We emailed our best, best customers and said, Do you want to be, You’re not gonna be a millionaire. You’re gonna get 10% sale. Mm-hmm. , we gave ’em an extra 10%. So we said, You’ll get your 50% off, but an extra 10%.

[00:44:55] So we actually had, by the time we opened on the day, we had about 60 or 70 sales already because, um, these very, very, um, loyal planner owners, Had been contacted a week before they’d been given the chance to buy their planner and get an extra 10% off. They also had all of the, um, the artwork and the copy, so they were ready to go and ready to tell other people about it.

[00:45:19] Um, and we had a little Facebook group going and, um, you know, they were like, the actual payout is quite a small amount, whereas you read it out early on, you know, it’s a tiny, tiny percentage of the over revenue, but for me it’s more. Getting people involved, getting them you, They were excited and they wanted to know like how many had sold.

[00:45:36] There was a little bit of competition going on. Who’d sold the most planners and Right. A little bit believable going on. Um, so actually. Even within the wait list gets really complex. Uh, we were nurturing, if you see what I mean. So, um, you could get people on a wait list and you could ignore them until the day that you go live or you can keep in touch with them.

[00:45:56] So we emailed the wait list. Um, we invited them to be affiliates and sign up and, and to get this extra 10% and to be able to give that 10% to their friends or whatever. Um, but we also. Kept reminding them. By the way, there’s only seven days to go or four days to go, or three days ago. So it kinda makes sense.

[00:46:14] Like even within the wait list, you, you’re nurturing like people put their names on a wait list and they forget about it. You have to, you have to, you have to keep marketing to the wait list. I think that was a phrase that you used before. Yeah. You have to market list.

[00:46:25] Jeff Sieh: So that’s, I think that’s genius because you’re actually activat.

[00:46:28] Your super fans, um, is what you’re doing like is with that wait list and, and give them like a little bonus for being the super fans, which I think is really genius. And by the way, is something we are a super fan of is our sponsor Ecamm. See how I did that? So smooth. Yes. Very beautiful. You can find out more about them at slash Ecamm.

[00:46:47] They’re what makes this show possible. Helping them helps support us and. It’s just a fabulous product. But they’re also doing, right now, they’re doing their Leap into, uh, podcasting, all about video podcasting, which is what we do. Um, Grace and I spoke there. There’s actually a guide that you can get and it comes with some replay things, so it’s very, very reasonable.

[00:47:05] So make sure you check that out too at Leap into Janet, I was gonna kind of a transition. Um, Because what they’re doing, they’re doing a virtual event. They ask their speakers, and it’s all free if you go, but if you want the replay, it’s um, some money. And the guy is some money, uh, for that as well.

[00:47:21] It’s not a big money maker for Ecamm m but it’s like they have a product and so it’s like getting, you know, word of mouth out there. What are your thoughts on kind of virtual products and that kind of. .

[00:47:33] Janet Murray: So in terms of doing sort like free? Yeah.

[00:47:37] Jeff Sieh: Like yeah. Cause summit, like the lot of it’s really popular now, this virtual summit kind of thing.

[00:47:41] A lot of people are doing those.

[00:47:44] Janet Murray: Yeah. So it’s not something that I’ve done a lot of, um, myself, and I think it really just depends on, It comes back to the product or service that you want to sell at the end, something like Ecamm, I think that would really make sense because they’re getting to show off the product, aren’t they?

[00:47:58] So, mm-hmm. , um, you know, actually by holding the summit, people are going, Hey, this is really cool. Like, how are you doing that? And you know, so it feels, for me, it’s a really good example, I guess, of. Of sometimes with lead, with, basically, it’s a lead magnet, isn’t it? A free summit is a lead magnet. Um, but it can, I, I quit like a hand break turn.

[00:48:17] So sometimes people will have a lead magnet or they have a free challenge or something, and then the product or service they’re selling at the end, it’s like, Like what’s right? Where it’s great cuz it’s like, hey, we’ve been using this great software to broadcast. Um, I’m not just saying this cuz they’re my event sponsor and we use them by the way, Generally it’s like you’ve exposed people to the, to the product, you’ve shown them how it works and then at the end, Hey, by the way, like we’ve shown you how great this is and all the different features as part of our summit and you’ve heard all about it.

[00:48:48] Like, and here’s a great deal for you to sign up for me that seems. Really great because you are educating, um, and I think, and it feels like a natural next step. So if you’ve been, you know, hearing all about, I’m assuming it’s about live video and, and, um, and then you’ve got this tool that’s gonna make, again, you’ve got a tool at the end of it that’s gonna make live easier and it’s gonna make it easier for you to do that.

[00:49:11] It’s gonna be great. That makes sense. But sometimes I see people, but also quite new people, I sometimes see people. Investing a heck of a lot of time in creating these big virtual summits. I’m always about, and I’m not a lazy person as people would say, like I’m not, I work really hard, but I’m not a big fan of doing more work than you have to to get the outcome.

[00:49:33] People like doing like massive, big, like, um, yeah. So here’s an example. Um, somebody said to me, Why don’t you do a virtual event to promote your event? And I was like, No, my God. Like that’s no idea of having to do like two events. It’s just like, feels like too much. It feels like for the outcome that you would get.

[00:49:53] Right? And sometimes I see people doing bigger summits and whatever. And also the thing you have to think about with summits is like, so you collaborate with all these people and then. They forget about you because, Because you know, not the same Ecamm because they’re using the tool. But you know, so you’ve got all these people and people are like, Oh, that person’s amazing.

[00:50:12] That person’s amazing, whatever. And then they forget like that you were the person

[00:50:16] Jeff Sieh: that you put it on. Yeah.

[00:50:20] Janet Murray: To really about your purpose. Like, cause someone like Ecamm, that makes total sense. You’re showing off the product Sieh, you’re showing how it can save time, and then at the end you’re going, Hey, have a great deal on it. I. Sometimes see, and this with challenges, online challenges are popular aren’t a for.

[00:50:34] Um, and it can be a heck a lot of work. Um, yeah, I’ve done that. It can be great cause it’s showing people how you help and whatever, but you’ve just gotta be really careful that it links to the thing that you wanna sell at

[00:50:44] Jeff Sieh: the end. That’s really good advice. So, yeah. Um, wow. We’re diving in deep and we’re getting consulting at the same time.

[00:50:52] These are my favorite kind of shows.

[00:50:54] Grace Duffy: Um, I know they’re so fun. But, um, yeah. I wanna bring it back to the content marketing that you created around your debrief around Yeah. The, the. Debrief report. But first of all, let’s remind people where they can find a Janet, tell us where they can find your debrief report.

[00:51:10] Where would you like to direct people to, to get, get a copy of this for themselves? It is a very insightful report,

[00:51:17] Janet Murray: so here it is, but it doesn’t look that great cuz, cuz my printers just, I don’t know what’s going on with my printer. But anyway, um, it’s a pdf easy. It’s got lot of graphs and things. Um, but if you head to

[00:51:33] Janet,

[00:51:35] Jeff Sieh: So you’re break, You’re breaking up. Janet. Actually look like a, Let’s, why don’t you say that again cuz you broke up really, really badly. . Yeah.

[00:51:47] Janet Murray: So am I coming through Okay now? Am I Yes, Yes. Am I still a little bit you’re, Yeah, you’re, but you can hear you. So Instagram. Instagram, um, Jan. So Jan under school Murray. Just search up Janet Murray and you’ll find it. Um, if you go to the DMS and just put report, then my clever Messenger bot will deliver it to you.

[00:52:08] Um, and actually the messenger bot was very, um, instrumental in the launch and instrumental in delivering this as well. Um, you don’t need, you don’t need to. Clever messenger. But, but the kind of strategy behind it is, is probably quite relevant.

[00:52:24] Jeff Sieh: So we’re kind of getting to the end of our show, but um, can people still, do you have like a window where it closes where people can’t buy it anymore?

[00:52:31] Or do you like, continue to sell for the rest of your life? If somebody is watching this to say, Oh, I want this a thing, can they go buy it or not? For

[00:52:38] Janet Murray: the planner? Yeah, no, totally. Um, and um, so the pre-order is just really. Encourage people to take action. I mean, and that’s something we haven’t talked.

[00:52:49] Really good launch strategy. But that’s the other thing as well. I see people like where my, I’ve launched my thing. Okay. When are you opening your car? Well, I’m not really, Um, you need to give people, it’s not scammy to have a launch period. Mm-hmm. , because you need to encourage people to take action. All of us, We’ll just if we think we’re gonna get another chance, if we think we can wait until next week, we, we won’t take action.

[00:53:09] You need to give people a window. So the pre-order, we give people a really great bonus, We give them, um, a really decent discount. Um, but you can still buy it afterwards. Um, Um, it, it’s gonna cost you more basically, and you’re not gonna get the same bonuses, However you still can, um, buy my courageous content planet and content kit.

[00:53:28] Um, and actually, um, I’ll give you a sneaky code, but it’s a podcast. If you use podcasts, My podcast listeners get a third off during October. Um, but what I would say is that you can’t just launch even something like this. You can’t just launch and do your pre-order. Like we sold 555 I think it was, um, during pre-order week.

[00:53:51] Um, we’ve gotta carry on selling it right through to January. So that means you’ve gotta have different phases. So what I said I was doing earlier on, One of the hardest times for sales for us actually can be October, because we have our big pre-law at the end of August, right? Beginning of December. And you would think people aren’t interested in buying debt kind.

[00:54:10] They are. Um, and we’ve made it earlier each year, but, um, Things pick up again in November because people start thinking about planners and planning again. And obviously December and January are our biggest months, but this October can be a bit quiet because people say we get a few sales, but not as many as normal because people are kind of not really thinking about planning and we’re not doing a big launch.

[00:54:30] So something I did today actually is one of the bonuses was, um, the, um, October date. So, uh, hun, I, I basically did a hundred fill in the gap social media templates for October, November, and December, which was free with the, only, with the pre-order. So in order to boost sales in October, we took the October dates, made it into a product for 9 97, and just sent it out to my email list and said, Hey, do you wanna buy the October dates?

[00:54:57] And really upfront about it, I don’t normally sell these separately. , but I just wanna give you a chance to see what you’ll get with your planner and kit so you can make the small investment 9 97 and what we’ll look at over the next month or so. Um, and it’s a 24 hour window as well. They can only have them in 24 hours.

[00:55:16] So if you want them actually, um, let me know. Contact me and I’ll send you the link. But, um, I, I’ll be looking to see how that converts. So I’ll be thinking, Okay, so what, So, so all afternoon people have been buying this nine 80. You know, um, so I’ll be looking really closely. We have a follow up email sequence to see how many people buy, but, um, a few kind of really important principles there.

[00:55:39] Really tight deadline. You can only do this for 24 hours. I don’t, I don’t actually normally sell this stuff separately cuz you know, every product you create everything you don’t want. It’s just more time, more time. More time or time. Right. A month that’s, that’s normally quiet. October giving people an incentive to do, to sell ’em something small like so that they’ve made that.

[00:55:59] I know what we were talking about there, Jeff, and your big cause actually, if you’re aren’t ready to buy from you, they might not be ready to buy the big cause, but they may be willing to make a small investment and then they’ll be ready to write the next one gives people a chance to see. What the planners all about and what they might get in the planner, in kit.

[00:56:15] Mm-hmm. , and then look and see how that converts. Um, and see what percentage of people then go on to buy the planet. But it gives us, um, we have different focuses. So like in December, it’s all about the, you know, don’t miss the last Christmas post and, um, gifts. Um, January it’s all about, you know, it’s not too late to plan, but you, you basically, we have to keep launching and we have to, we have to.

[00:56:39] A launch every month. You see what I mean? We launch, and that’s another thing as well. People forget the digital products. I think there’s been too much talk of like set and forget, but you can’t set and forget. You can’t just kind of, you know, if your SEO’s brilliant and if you’ve, you know, you’re getting tons of, um, track your website, but that takes years to do that.

[00:56:56] So if, if you, if you. Haven’t got that. You’ve gotta work really hard and you’ve gotta keep launching. Um, which makes it sound like really hard, isn’t it? But you know, you do. You can’t just keep, um, you can’t kinda put it on your website and hope people keep finding it cuz they won’t. You need. Keep, keep launch again.

[00:57:13] Jeff Sieh: Well, once again, this has been amazing. Uh, Janet. So stink and smart. It just makes my head hurt. Trying to think. I mean, I’ve got so many more questions. I know our audience does too. Uh, but I think you guys, we are out of time, but make sure, um, Janet, one last time, tell people where they can go find you. All your stuff.

[00:57:33] You just need to sign up for emails just to get ’em cuz they’re brilliant as well. So, uh, Janet, where’s the best time? Where’s the best place to. .

[00:57:39] Janet Murray: So my website is Janet Murray dot code uk, which I think you’ve put up on the screen a few times. Mm-hmm. , if you want this free report, which is a good read, particularly if you like geeking out over launch stats and conversions and whatever.

[00:57:51] Um, if you just head to my Instagram and if you DM me report, um, then our messenger bot should deliver it to you. If not, we’ll, we’ll jump in and we’ll, we’ll do it manually. Um, and yeah, you can also get, if you email me, you can. Um, a month’s worth of filling the gaps October posts, but only in the next 24 hours

[00:58:12] So we can have another talk about how that converts. Like that could be

[00:58:14] Jeff Sieh: detail. Yeah, that’s, this stuff is really fascinating and I think it’s very helpful for people. Um, yeah, like Michelle said, it was very, very helpful and, uh, we even had our friend Martin Bucklin over on, uh, Inc. Uh, LinkedIn, who always joins us.

[00:58:27] Thank you Martin, for doing that. And. Appreciate you guys in the comments. Um, let us know, you know, if there’s some topics that you would like us to talk about. Um, we are more than happy to try to find some amazing guests like Janet. Um, once again, Grace, I’ll let you wrap us up and. Well, thank you know, my mind is blown.

[00:58:46] I can’t even speak anymore, .

[00:58:48] Grace Duffy: I, did I not tell you that? We’ve thoroughly distracted, Jeff. Oh my God, that’s fine. Our next show is next Friday, October 6th, 11:00 AM Eastern, 10:00 AM central, 8:00 AM. Pacific. You can find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and of course Amazon Live. Thank you Janet for being our guest.

[00:59:07] Yes. Two times in a row. Yes, it is amazing. I don’t think we’ve ever had a guest on like back to back like this and because there’s just so much value, so much content and, and you will see in this report how much content. Janet actually delivered around this launch to give you an idea of like what she’s producing.

[00:59:25] There’s a lot of insights in there. Uh, so please go download that report for Janet and for us. I give her podcast list. Give our podcast, listen, and we hope you guys have a fabulous rest of your week.

[00:59:37] Jeff Sieh: Bye everybody. Thanks for watching.

[00:59:39] Grace Duffy: Bye.

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