You’ve probably noticed a few changes to Instagram over the past few months. More videos and recommended content than friends’ posts, more ads, and new features that have many users upset!

We have Corey Walker, the co-author of “Instagram for Dummies” and marketing specialists, on this week’s Social Media News Live to help make sense of all the updates (and update reversals) coming from Instagram.

Is the platform still impactful for brands and profitable for creators?


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[00:00:00] Jeff Sieh: Hello folks. Welcome to another edition as Grace coughs. Right? When we start the show, it’s fine. Cuz I can edit all this out. You’re good. So just half the time I sneeze or I’m looking off camera, but we wanna welcome you guys to another edition of Social Media News Live. Uh, we did not have a show last week.

[00:00:18] Uh, we took a little vacation and that we did not take one. Well I did. I was, you didn’t have to do a show. That’s the thing. So, um, I love doing shows with you though. I know. So, but I had a great time. Um, in fact, if you got my email, um, and you could get army emails by the way, to get reminder of the show, if you go to and um, one of the things is I was on the new Disney, wish the new boat.

[00:00:42] And so I have some pictures there. If you wanna check that out and we got our friend Gary Stockton in the house saying, good morning, you beautiful people from Huntington. California cruising into the weekend. I just got off a cruise, Gary, so I I’ve gotta get to work. So, and our friend, Brian Farrell says good evening, lovely people, Brian, where are you at?

[00:01:01] Are you in Barcelona? Where are you at today? Because he is a world traveler, never know where he’s, uh, tuning in from, but I, before we get started, I wanted to give a big shout out to our friends over on, uh, at sure because they sent me and I’ll put myself up full screen, which I hardly ever do this brand new microphone.

[00:01:19] It’s their it’s limited edition. It’s their white MV seven. It’s just like their black one, but this is a limited edition and it’s their no version of their microphone. So I think it sounds really, really good and it looks really, really cool. So if you have that really, uh, awesome like YouTube ish, like stark aesthetic apple kind of feel, this is the microphone for you.

[00:01:40] Cuz look how nice it looks. Grace, do you like it? I. I don’t trust my taste, but I know that you have a better taste than I do. I like, I like

[00:01:46] Gracy Duffy: that. You sound so buttery smooth. Like it, I try just came on and it was very smooth. I like it. See, I’m not like I wasn’t aware that the white microphone is in aesthetic.

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[00:02:13] I think it looks nice. And Tim goes, are you sure? Yes, I am Tim. I am very sure way to go with the pun there. uh, so, and Sabrina, I’m go back to our, our thing here and I’ll bring up the microphone a little bit. Uh, but Sabrina says, uh, hi, it’s me, Sabrina, Sabrina. Thank you so much for showing up today. Um, let’s see, what else do we have buttery smooth now, see, we’ve already started talking about food.

[00:02:37] And uh, I’m so, and then there’s my pal, Ian Anderson, gray watching from the UK. Very nice.

[00:02:45] Gracy Duffy: So, and we have your cruising buddy. I have a feeling that that’s Lou, right? Uh, oh, good morning. I’m Jeff’s number one, number one, fan and cruise buddy.

[00:02:51] Jeff Sieh: It’s probably, yeah, it’s Lou that’s Lou. Um, Lou, I was on his podcast, which we talked all about the Disney wish.

[00:02:58] So make sure you guys go to WDW radio and check that out because that was a fun show. We did a live show as well. You can check out his, uh, Facebook channel for that, but, uh, enough about me and what I have done. Um, we have Corey Walker in the house today. This is gonna be a great show, um, because she has literally written two books on Instagram.

[00:03:19] And that being said, if you do follow us over on Amazon, I have her books down below in the carousel that you guys can check out. So you can, uh, there’s I think there’s there’s Kindle versions, right? Corey? Yes. Okay. Yes, there is very cool. So, um, I did come back from the cruise and it’s crazy. Grace. How are you doing today?

[00:03:37] I’m sorry. I’ve been talking so much, but

[00:03:39] Gracy Duffy: uh, oh no, it’s been great. I’m glad to have you back. I did. I did miss you last week. It was, it was just, and then I didn’t get to talk to you much this week. Cuz you were like recovering

[00:03:47] Jeff Sieh: from your career. It was crazy times. So, uh, but so Sabrina I’ll let you, before we get started, she goes off topic with Grace.

[00:03:54] That necklace is everything

[00:03:56] Gracy Duffy: I’m trying to get like okay. I can’t like because of our setup, like the microphones in the way, so I don’t but then if I go this way, like there you go. See,

[00:04:03] Jeff Sieh: there you go. Yeah. Look at that. We should add that on Amazon. I should add this on.

[00:04:07] Gracy Duffy: I should add it on Amazon. Oh my gosh.

[00:04:09] It’s luck. Pure art. Yes. If you guys need an Amazon live consultant and Jim and Chris are busy ask Jeff

[00:04:18] Jeff Sieh: I’m more than happy to help. So anyway, let’s go ahead and start the show. Um, Grace, are you ready? I am ready. Corey. You ready? I’m ready. Let me hit go on the podcast machine and we will get started by the way.

[00:04:30] Will you do us a favor and tell a friend about this show? Let them know, call them in. If they’re like, I don’t know, understand this Instagram, it’s the dumpster fire what’s happening. This is the show for you. So call them in down below, just at mention them. So they know that we’ll be talking about this today.

[00:04:45] They can watch the replay or watch us live, whatever it’s. Uh, it’s all good. So here we go. Uh, podcast machines going here we go. Welcome to Social Media News Live I’m Jeff Sieh and you’re not.

[00:04:57] Gracy Duffy: I’m Grace Duffy. And this is the show that keeps you up to date on what’s happening in the world of social media.

[00:05:03] And on today’s show, we have the lovely and brilliant Corey Walker here with us. She co-wrote the book Instagram for dummies with our buddy Jim, Jen Herman, Jen Herman. Yep. Wanna make sure you said that, right. And if you have been on Instagram lately, you may have noticed a few changes over the past few months.

[00:05:24] Things like more videos, more recommended content, as opposed to your friends and family content, uh, more features that you may or may not know about. And then also an influx of ad content. And so we’ve invited Corey here to join us today to help us make sense of all of these updates and update reversals.

[00:05:45] When it comes to Instagram and also talk to us about how we should make sense of it as content creators, as businesses, as brands, as consumers, as people that just love used to love Instagram or still love Instagram, or want to love it again?

[00:05:59] Jeff Sieh: Yes. So Corey, I’m so excited cuz we haven’t. Um, I mean we, we always touch base at social media marketing world, but it’s been a, a minute.

[00:06:06] So how are you doing?

[00:06:07] Corey Walker: I’m good. It’s I’ve been very busy and lots of work. We just actually wrapped the second addition of Instagram for dummies. So we have two additions of the business book and then two additions now of the dummies book and that one, um, we’ll go on sale in November. So busy

[00:06:29] Jeff Sieh: with that.

[00:06:30] very cool. So can you tell people your Instagram handle? Because I mean, you’re killing it on reels and I wanna make sure people who are listening to the podcast know where to find you on Instagram.

[00:06:38] Corey Walker: sure it’s at Corey C Walker. So I think you’ll, you might have my name up there later. Yeah. But it’s C O R E Y C and then

[00:06:48] Jeff Sieh: Walker.

[00:06:49] Awesome. So we wanna make sure that’s clear for the people who are listening on the podcast, but if you don’t know, Corey, I wanna introduce you to her. She is the co-author, as we mentioned before, of Instagram, for dummies and Instagram, for business, for dummies. So if you’re a dummy in any aspect you should be covered.

[00:07:05] So it’s the how to guide for using Instagram to market your businesses. And she owns the marketing specialist, a digital marketing agency in El Dorado Hills, California. And she works with several clients to produce social media strategies, including creating graphics and written content, advising on video, scheduling content, buying ads and tracking analytics, pretty much everything under the sun.

[00:07:25] And she helps them achieve success in the online world. Um, but I also wanna big do a big shout out, uh, before we get deep into the weeds today with our friends over on Ecamm, you can find out more about them at slash Ecamm. They’re the ones that make this show possible. So a big shout out to them.

[00:07:45] They also have a brand new podcast called the flow and it’s everything. If you wanna know how to launch, produce and promote a video podcast, uh, this is the way to get started. So, uh, they, they dive into it in the flow podcast. So it’s hosted by our friends, doc rock and Katie Fox. And it’s a weekly show it’s on YouTube every Tuesday and at 12:00 PM Eastern, but it’s also a podcast on your favorite player.

[00:08:11] I know that we love it. If you would subscribe, give them a rating and review on your favorite podcast platform. So Grace, with that being said, get us started in this crazy IG stuff going on.

[00:08:25] Gracy Duffy: Yes. Well, we brought Corey on today to help us make sense of these Instagram updates. There’s been a lot of changes that have led users to criticize the direction.

[00:08:35] The, excuse me, the social media. Excuse me. All right. You’re gonna have to take this over. Hold on. Sorry. Oh my gosh. You’re I’ve just gotten Sieh. Yeah. Okay. Let’s so excited. So excited. I’m so excited. Okay. Let’s start over. So we invited Corey here today to help us make sense of all of these Instagram updates.

[00:08:54] So there have been a lot of recent changes that have led people to criticize the direction of the social media platform. So I wanna invite the people that are watching us live to tell us in the comments, how you feel about Instagram these days. Honest, let us know. Right. Cause we’re, Corey’s here to answer all of our questions.

[00:09:14] And so I wa there’s this great tweet from Meg Watson. She’s a culture reporter at the age and the Sieh morning Herald. And she’s like the new Instagram update really understood what I was looking for. None of my friends, content TikTok from me accounts, I don’t follow a hundred times more ads and everything played at full volume against my will.

[00:09:37] which I thought was hilarious. And so, you know, they rolled back up. So they rolled updates for. Reels recommendations. And then the full screen that she was talking about. And then we saw some of their, you know, some of some feeds have expanded full and they have this duet feature and these are all kind of cool, you know, mm-hmm but, um, you know, then people got little salty about it and then they rolled back these changes, but then they not, then not really.

[00:10:01] And then as the CEO was saying, like, okay, we’re rolling back. These changes up comes mark Zuckerberg and says, you know, where’s their parent company. And, uh, this is the way like our recommended your recommended posts, which are the ones that are recommended to you. Not the ones, people that you’re necessarily following.

[00:10:19] We’ll double by the end of 2023. So. Kind of going against what Adam Maari was saying that like, no, no, we’re, we’re just experimenting. We’re just testing. We wanna see how it’ll work. And mark Zuckerberg comes out is like, no, this is definitely happening and you just have to deal it. . So given all these changes, I’ve been talking a lot, sorry, given all these changes, what should marketers and creators consider as we’re planning content for, you know, Q3 and then Q4 and beyond, because it’s like, do we do more video?

[00:10:50] Do we not? Do we do images? Do we not? You know, we’re just kind of like help us figure this out, please.

[00:10:56] Corey Walker: Yeah. I, hate to say it, but you are going to have to do more video. I’m trying to get away from my, window. That’s , you’re fine. Bright behind me, but, Yeah, they’re gonna keep pushing video. I remember at social media marketing world, when I went, it was like six years ago and they were like videos, king videos, king, and it’s finally really coming to fruition.

[00:11:22] So as much as I don’t always love being on video. And it’s, I feel like in some ways it’s more work and more, like I have to actually get ready in the morning and look decent. but I do feel like people are going to have to get more comfortable with doing video and, work it into their content calendar and think about ways to do it.

[00:11:49] That doesn’t have to necessarily be this full production. You can do things that are simple, like what you were doing in the office that day. you could do a product shot that, you just are showing it. Marching across the desk, doing little things like that. so you don’t have to make everything be this just amazing work of art with high production values.

[00:12:18] So I think people need to keep that in mind. and since there is so much video out there, it’s, going to get shuffled in the mix, so you don’t have to be perfect. I think a lot of people think, oh, I’m on video. I have to look a certain way, talk a certain way. have this perfect background, but, the more video I see, the more people are just.

[00:12:42] Putting it out there. another thing that I would say is if you, since video is, it’s not just an Instagram thing, it’s throughout social media. if you can think of ways to create that video outside of the platforms, so you can repurpose it. it’s gonna save you a lot of time. So like I have some restaurant clients and I’ll go shoot, little snippets of them cooking and of the food.

[00:13:11] And then we’ll create reels outside Well reels and TikTok. We’ll just create little mini videos. and then put them up on Instagram and TikTok. And, other businesses might be using it for idea pins or YouTube shorts. so figuring out ways to multipurpose those videos is going to be really key.

[00:13:36] Jeff Sieh: Gotcha. So one of the things, uh, let’s I’m gonna bring up some comments here from, um, our friends when we asked the question. Yeah. Lisa goes, IG, I feel manipulated. So tell us how you really feel, uh, Lisa. Um, I said to be honest. Yeah. So Carrie says it’s right. I’ve been posting less on our business account, not seeing much uptick in terms of engagement or followers.

[00:13:59] I think that’s probably across the board for a lot of people. Uh, Brian says I’m only posting on IG and haven’t spent any time watching, scrolling over the last few months. So he is just kind of posting and, uh, running and then Sabrina, uh, says I’m happy with the rollback, but I am rolling with it because everything changes.

[00:14:17] You have to know how to work. It. That is very, very true. Very, very true. Um, so, um,

[00:14:24] Gracy Duffy: I like Sabrina’s other comment too, about video. Doesn’t have to be a movie. Yeah. People don’t have to be in it. Exactly. My restaurant clients, same thing. And then also I think people, you, you see all kinds of people just showing up the way that they are.

[00:14:36] It’s just a matter of how comfortable you are with doing it, but, you know, and there’s a lot of fun things you can do where you don’t have to be on camera. Right. That’s

[00:14:44] Jeff Sieh: true. Yeah. So in that interview, inter Instagram CEO, uh, said that the platform is naturally shifting to video content regardless of the newest updates.

[00:14:52] So it’s kind of like, you know, you can gripe all you want, but we’re doing this , you know, so, um, and, and he says in a world where more of the friend content has gone from feed into stories and DMS, I think the feed is going to become more public in nature. So. Honestly at this point, go, what is setting Instagram apart from TikTok or YouTube?

[00:15:14] So what’s the difference? Why, what, you know, it sounds like they’re all trying to be the same

[00:15:17] Corey Walker: thing. , I mean, not really a lot. Uh, you can still, you know, post photos, carousel, that kind of thing. But, but beyond that, there’s not a huge difference. I would say they might have, you know, some advantage with still being connected to Facebook, um, with the ads and things like that.

[00:15:38] Right. But you can do an ad on TikTok as well, and you can do advertising through YouTube. So, I mean, I feel like we’re just seeing this great melding of. Like all the apps are the same. Um, and I think Instagram is just, they’re just watching TikTok and they’re saying, okay, look at how fast that’s growing.

[00:15:57] What can we do? That’s like TikTok, what can we do? right. So, um, yeah, there’s, there’s not a huge difference anymore. I think it, it really boils down to where your audience is and if your audience is still mostly on Instagram, then, you know, use that platform. If it’s more on TikTok, use that platform, you really have to be mindful of, um, who’s watching what, where, so,

[00:16:28] Jeff Sieh: uh, really quickly, you know, Sabrina has, you know, she’s a good person.

[00:16:32] She’s like, oh, just roll with it. But you know, a lot of us and you as an author, It’s with all these changes. I know you’re probably pulling your hair out, going, we just wrote this chapter now I gotta go change it. Yeah. And so should brands or business continue to invest time into something that feels like it’s like shifting quicksand for example?

[00:16:49] Or, or should we like, just kind of, like Sabrina says roll with it, create one piece of content and try to get it to work for everything. Like, if I was doing a, like a little, uh, a TikTok on the sure. This new sure. Nor microphone should I, you know, go ahead and just plan on making a reel with it, making a TikTok with it, making it a Facebook story.

[00:17:08] I mean, should I do all those things? Is that kind of the best practice you’re telling your clients now?

[00:17:14] Corey Walker: it depends who it is, because again, I go back to I’m like audience first. So where’s your audience. if you feel like they’re on all three of those places then yeah. Creating one piece of content that can, you know, do double, triple duty would be the way to go.

[00:17:31] Just so you’re not in content creation mode. Indefinitely. So, the more that you can repurpose, I think the, easier you’re gonna find it and just really honing into, I try to kind of hone into maybe two different audiences or two different platforms and just get really good at those.

[00:17:55] because when you try to be. Everywhere. It doesn’t always work well because you can’t engage all those places. unless you have a huge team that can do that for you, but if you’re someone like me that, you know, it’s me. if I’m everywhere and then people are commenting and I’m not getting back, that to me is worse, then not being there at all.

[00:18:17] Jeff Sieh: Hmm. That’s a great point.

[00:18:19] Gracy Duffy: So where. We businesses brands creators go, if, or if we just wanna post beautiful photography and have this easy user experience because beautiful photos have always been integral to the marketing experience. Right? Both as a consumer and as an advertiser and for many brands and consumers, this is still the way a lot of people like to communicate.

[00:18:45] They want just like to look at a pretty image. So where do we go if that’s what we wanna produce?

[00:18:53] Corey Walker: I mean, honestly, , I don’t know of that place anymore because it’s not, it’s not Instagram on its own. Now I will say if that is what you’re trying to create on Instagram. I mean, there, there is still the option of following in favorites.

[00:19:13] So you could just. Really encourage your audience. Like, Hey, if you just wanna see these nice photos, put me in your favorites and you could make your own experience, be like your favorites style or your favorites feed could be all photos. But other than that, I don’t, I don’t actually know of an app anymore.

[00:19:32] That’s just, you know, totally nice photos

[00:19:37] Gracy Duffy: I’m showing my age. I’m like, I just want there to be flicker again.

[00:19:42] Jeff Sieh: don’t you and remember the old Instagram logo that looked like a Polaroid. What is that? Yeah, the old, so we are old Grace. Yeah,

[00:19:49] Gracy Duffy: we are old. Okay. So you mentioned like your audience being there, you know, go there after audience is there.

[00:19:54] So what is the current demographic on Instagram? So if someone was to say to you, I wanna reach X, Y, and Z. And the answer is Instagram, duh . What would X, Y, and Z be?

[00:20:08] Corey Walker: Well, I mean, it’s, it’s kind of funny that you say it like X, Y, and Z, because. Of generationally like gen X, gen Y millennials and gen Z are all out there.

[00:20:21] Um, so the breakdown right now, I think is somewhere about, um, 31% is 25 to 34 or sorry, 31% is 18 to 25 and then another 31% is 25, 30 to 34. And then the rest is some combination of it is aging up. I mean, I’m over 34 and I’m out there. um, and, um, yeah, so, so I would say Instagram still is a very broad reaching area.

[00:20:55] Um, like Facebook it’s, it is aging up. So, um, you still do have, like my daughter’s 14 she’s on Instagram, but then my dad who is 80 is also on Instagram. So, um, now that’s a little bit. My dad’s more of an early adopter, so he does lots of things like that. But, but I would say, um, yeah, Instagram, it, it really does cover from ages 13 up through, I would say like sixties and up.

[00:21:28] Um, so it’s still a good place to catch a really wide audience. Um, you know, TikTok is, it’s also getting more broad, but I think it still has a younger slant to it. Um, so, but it’s, it’s gonna age up everything does, you know, I mean, Facebook now, my kids would just rather die than have stuff. Push.

[00:21:55] Jeff Sieh: I know

[00:21:56] Corey Walker: that’s true.

[00:21:57] So, um, yeah, and it’s like, but then I see, you know, I’m sorry I’m trying to get in the right spot. Um, you know, I see. People my age are on Facebook and then it’s really gotten it’s in the grandparent set for sure. I mean, they love the Facebook, the

[00:22:18] Jeff Sieh: Facebook Facebook. They do love the

[00:22:20] Gracy Duffy: Facebook. Like they love the Facebook.

[00:22:22] Yes, yes. Uh,

[00:22:24] Jeff Sieh: so a couple things we got from our audience. So, uh, uh, there’s a great question. But first Leslie says, uh, 35 ran rolling with the punches. Um, Gary Stockton says, I may not look at, but I’m over 34. He, he, yes. Uh, and, and Serena agrees. Yes. It’s um, uh, aging up and Dave says there must be different levels on Instagram.

[00:22:44] And I think, you know, so like my mom technically is on Instagram, but she only looks at stuff from her grandkids and her kids. Right. So, I mean is, and so the whole thinking of, you know, uh, the director and Zuck and the director of, of Instagram is probably. Then I’m gonna show showing them, you know, recommended stuff.

[00:23:04] So they don’t have any ch choice, but to maybe click on something, which I don’t know how well that’s gonna go over with my mom, but we we’ll see mm-hmm , she’s like, why is this stuff on my phone? And I’ll have to deal with that. Um, yeah, but this is a great question from Leslie. She goes, what is a good app to use, to create short clips for videos?

[00:23:21] Because since we’re gonna have to create videos and you know, a lot of it’s done on the phone, do you have any of your favorite apps that you use to create your reels with?

[00:23:30] Corey Walker: Yeah. So, um, two that I like are InShot or cap cut mm-hmm . And they will allow you to do, you know, all of your editing and add music and things like that.

[00:23:42] The only thing you need to be careful of is, um, with adding the music is that sometimes you’ll bring it in, like I’ve brought things in over to Instagram and it will say this, you know, Sony music does not right. Let you do this. And then it’ll say, this is, this video has been banned in Russia. And then it, it gives you a whole list of places it’s banned.

[00:24:06] So that’s a pain. I, I had that experience. So you just have to be careful of that. But, um, I mean, the other thing you can do is have it pretty much finished and then add music natively in each app. Um, right. So yeah, but cap cut and InShot are good for

[00:24:21] Jeff Sieh: those. Yeah. I like for video editing, I use video Leap from in light.

[00:24:25] They have a lot of, that’s a good one to use mm-hmm um, and if you’re a nerd, um, like, um, Gosh, film pro is a great to shoot video on because you can control everything with your camera. If you’re really wanting to get, like, if you’re a photographer or a videographer, that’s a really great, uh, app as well.

[00:24:42] It’s, it’s a price. I think it’s like one of the more expensive apps I paid for, but it’s, it’s worth it. So, um, let’s see some other questions. Let’s see. Oh, Gary said this. He says I posted a random pick the other day and was surprised to see, um, it was turned into a reel and he thought that was weird. Is that something that’s happening?

[00:24:59] I’ve never seen that. I’ve never done that. I’ve never

[00:25:01] Corey Walker: pick yet. I, I mean, I know that you, you can do it. Mm-hmm but I’ve never heard of it being done for you just automatically.

[00:25:11] Jeff Sieh: Um, yeah. That’s Gary, are you sure you pressed the right button, Gary? Now, if there’s a video, I was just teasing Gary. He’s good. Um, he’s he is a smart cookie.

[00:25:19] I’ll tell you that. Um, but I was wondering, I know that there videos are gonna turn into reels, so yes, that’s, that’s one thing. So that’ll be, I know we’ll have a lot of questions about that. And he does like using film double take for portrait video because I believe it takes both the front and the back camera at the same time, which is really, really cool.

[00:25:37] Mm-hmm all right. So our next section is, uh, some new Instagram features and there’s, they kind of rolled out some of these two new features. Um, they rolled out the new business search tools within IG maps, and they also have this new boost promotion option for Real’s clips. So can you explain these new features, Corey, you know, starting with the business search tool and talk about that?

[00:26:02] Corey Walker: Yeah, so I haven’t experienced it myself yet, so I’m going off of what I’ve read, but, um, it seems that it will be a new map feature mm-hmm and, um, businesses will be shown on the map and I believe it will show them more like if people are tagging a business, it might pop up on that map. So say you search.

[00:26:26] San Francisco, then you might see, um, you know, things, different businesses pop up. Now, I’m not sure if it’s taking it from, you know, just all users and the ones that are most tagged, or if it’s considering your own friends when suggesting these things. Um, but it is going to show some more local businesses that are on the map and are on

[00:26:53] Jeff Sieh: Instagram.

[00:26:54] Gotcha. Um, let’s see. And let’s talk about, um, you know, the, the second feature, which is the, um, You know, sorry, Grace, I jumped ahead. You go ahead and ask your question. Oh no. I

[00:27:06] Gracy Duffy: was gonna ask how we can integrate this into our creative and content planning. But seeing as that it’s an experimental thing. I was just like, we can move on to the, because the, I think this real clip is more relevant,

[00:27:16] Jeff Sieh: right?

[00:27:16] Yeah. The only thing about this map thing, it was really interesting on the brick and mortar kind of aspect of if it rolls out is like a lot of smart businesses are making like Instagramable spots in their business. They have like a wall that’s set up for that and all this kind of thing. And so with this maps thing, if you’re in a big city and you’re going around and either some cool stuff that might be a really interesting way to get foot traffic in your store is that’s the only thing I was thinking about.

[00:27:43] Corey Walker: Yeah, definitely like, uh, I could see a, you know, a Bob, a tea shop or something, you know, having a cute wall and then everyone’s taking the photo in front of the wall and tagging them. And so they have a higher likelihood of showing

[00:27:56] Jeff Sieh: up on the map. . Yeah. And so if your business, all I would do is paint some sort of wings on your, on your wall.

[00:28:02] Cause then everybody would stand in front of it and get their picture taken. And you know, that’s true. I mean, all the that’s all they do. So, um, so let’s talk about the second, the second feature where the, the boost promotion, especially for small businesses, I think this might be a feature if their demo, like you mentioned before is on Instagram.

[00:28:19] Corey Walker: Yes. So, um, now you can boost a reel. Now a lot of people don’t realize that you could already create an ad out of a reel. Um, but it was a little tricky cuz you had to do it in Facebook ads manager. Um, so I’ve actually been doing that for some time now. And um, and if you’ve seen, um, ad like real ads pop up, that’s, that’s how that’s done, but okay.

[00:28:47] The, the boost will make it a lot easier for, um, You know anybody to just do it right on their phone, instead of ads manager is a little bit more complex and a little bit more complicated. So if you’ve ever done a boost on Instagram, just for, you know, regular photo or video, um, there should be a button, right.

[00:29:08] You know, a blue button, so you can see it right there. And then you can pick all of your different options, um, the audience that you want, um, the location, any interests, that kind of thing, demographics. Um, and then tell it where you want to lead people either to like a website or back to your profile. Um, but there are some conditions mm-hmm so it has to be less than 60 seconds.

[00:29:35] So even though reels have bumped up to 90 seconds, the ad has to be less than 60. Um, you, yeah, you also can’t use some of the third party tools that they offer. So, um, so like if you wanted to put a gift on there, well, that comes through Giffy. And so they don’t allow that to be part of your boost. Um, copyrighted music.

[00:30:02] You have to be really careful about stuff like that. So you’d have to use music. That’s not copyrighted. Um, there’s a few. Let’s see, I wrote it

[00:30:10] Jeff Sieh: down cuz there’s a few. Yeah. I think you can’t do filters either. I think you can filters. Yes. Which is something that could really slip by people. If they’re not careful.

[00:30:18] Cuz so many people use filters mm-hmm um, so Grace, I have a follow up question, but you follow up with your, no, you go ahead. So

[00:30:25] Gracy Duffy: well, she answered my question about the parameters I was questioning because people do like to use filters and I’ve noticed that a lot of the filters are more Sieh, you know, with Instagram, firsthand, that filters were all crazy.

[00:30:36] And now they’re like just a shimmer or it’s something very subtle. Yeah. So that’s something I’m glad you called that out because that is something that like me looking at Instagram. I don’t always notice that, like, because, or it’ll do something with the background where it’s very subtle, so that’s a good

[00:30:50] Jeff Sieh: call out.

[00:30:50] Yeah. I have the beard filter on right now. So it works too for me. the, the one question I wanted to ask you, so cuz I know you do a lot of reels cause I, I follow you on Instagram and I see the, the stuff you’re putting now, what, um, what works good for an ad? Like what type of real is worth putting, you know, money behind, because sometimes they’re just like, you know, you know, I’m pointing to this or whatever, you know, whatever you’re doing, but.

[00:31:15] Is there certain things that you look for? Like you go, okay, I’m gonna take this and make it an ad. Is it based on it gets a lot of engagement and you give it a little more juice or is it, uh, I, this is gonna be an ad from the beginning and I’m, you know, I’m gonna work it that way. Yeah. So

[00:31:29] Corey Walker: the ads that I’ve done, um, for reals, I haven’t used this boost feature.

[00:31:33] I’m not sure if it’s, I don’t even think I have it on my phone yet, but mm-hmm, in terms of the real, the ads that I’ve done, um, before they have been, um, are they were ads already, and this was just part of that. Um, so they weren’t. You know, reels first and then turned into ads. They were ads that just happened to also go to reels.

[00:31:57] Okay. Um, so that’s a little bit different, but I would say if you are going to spend the money and you’re, you’re doing like a reels first type of ad or doing one of these boosts, that’s just going to be on reels then, um, this is your chance to, to be a little bit more salesy. So, you know, make sure if you have a product you’re showing it, or if you’re doing, um, a service, really talk about the features and benefits of that service and then make it easy for them.

[00:32:28] So whatever you’re linking back to make it, you know, the easiest way for them to buy from you versus making them go through a bunch of hoops, like making them go to your profile first and then to Lincoln bio and all that stuff. So I always say people don’t like jumping through hoops to buy from you. So just make it as easy as possible.

[00:32:48] Jeff Sieh: So on that note, a little follow up question would be, so I would think because they make it really stripped down. Like you can’t use filters, you can’t use Giess. And a lot of people put arrows that, you know, are animated from that on their thing to point to a call to action. So would it be the best practice to actually use one of these third party tools that we mentioned before?

[00:33:06] Fill it on your phone? So it’s on your, so it’s on your, you know, your photo reel and then upload it to Instagram instead of doing it natively inside of the Instagram app. Because if you forget something, you could reload it. I mean, if you already had it, you know, shot on a different thing. Yeah,

[00:33:21] Corey Walker: that’s true.

[00:33:22] Okay. Yeah. Yeah. You could do it all, um, through a third party, um, as well. Yeah. I’m trying to think cuz now they said you can’t do well. I think it’s different. Like I think they met TikTok. Yeah, yeah. In a third party. Um,

[00:33:38] Jeff Sieh: yeah, it’s just, it just seems like there’s not, you can’t do a lot to it, so you’re gonna have to be either really creative or just, I don’t even think you’re supposed, can you use stickers on it?

[00:33:47] um,

[00:33:47] Corey Walker: I think it’s, if they’re interactive stickers,

[00:33:50] Jeff Sieh: you can. Right. But just like titles and okay.

[00:33:53] Corey Walker: Yeah, yeah,

[00:33:54] Gracy Duffy: yeah. Now you’ll just have to do it in the videos. Right. Right. So like you’ll have to add extra things in the video and not add things to it, I

[00:34:01] Jeff Sieh: guess. Yeah. Yeah. So, yeah. Do you wanna, uh, I’m gonna pull up this question.

[00:34:06] Yeah. So I had

[00:34:07] Gracy Duffy: a question. So this was a question from Leslie. She says, I used to be able to do live video on Facebook and it would allow me to share it to my Instagram account. Is this feature gone or am I still trying to roll with the punches? So that’s a, yeah, that’s a common question. I, I have a hard time because I’ll see a video on Instagram and I wanna share it on Facebook and vice versa.

[00:34:28] Yeah. And they make, and I’m like, they make it so hard to just share from the platform. So that’s a good question. So would you be able to share your live onto Instagram?

[00:34:39] Corey Walker: You know, I’m not sure. I don’t do a lot of Facebook lives. Mm-hmm so, um, I’m not sure. Um, yeah, I’m trying to think. So she said she used to be able to do that.

[00:34:52] Right. But I didn’t think that that was something usually like, it kept it very separate. Yeah. So I’m not sure how long ago. Um, she was able to do that because I thought, I know I’ve, I’ve heard of people like, oh, I have my phone over here doing my Facebook live. And my mm-hmm , you know, went over here. Um, so it sounds like she might need to use something like, you know, like an Ecamm or a Restream yard or something to, uh, yeah.

[00:35:19] To fate facilitate

[00:35:21] Jeff Sieh: that you can. So there’s not really a good way right now to go live through a third party app. It’s all you have to do it through their program because they still haven’t opened up their API last. I heard, so there’s some workarounds around it, but you’re really in a gray area. And I always caution people if you’re not for sure.

[00:35:37] And you are not sure in the terms of service don’t risk it, cuz it would be really bad if you lost access to your account, which has happened. That’s true to people. That’s um, yeah, this is a great question from Carol and I think I know what she’s talking about. She goes, I had that suggested they stitched together seven images and had music options available and the mu images change to the music cadence.

[00:35:56] So she thought that was good. Yeah. Is that new or can you talk about that real quick?

[00:36:00] Corey Walker: Yeah, that’s new and I forget what they call. I actually had that pop up on mine, um, the other day. And it is kind of fun. Although if you don’t wanna do it, it’s a little like I, I had, I struggled to get rid of it, but.

[00:36:13] anyway, when you, yeah. You say you wanna do a reel and then there’s a little button up at the top. Right. And, um, yeah, I can’t remember what it’s called, but you’ll see it. And um, and then it’ll say, okay, we’re gonna show you several different music options and then yeah. It, it does it to the beat. Now. I didn’t find, I didn’t like how it yeah.

[00:36:39] Sent it to the beat so, um, yeah, it kind of, it was a little bit weird, so I didn’t use that option and that’s when I had trouble getting rid of that option. Um, but it, it can be really cool. I, it did it to one of my videos. So that was strange. Like, I think if you had just, if you uploaded, say 10 images, just straight images and had it go to the music, it may have worked a little bit better, but mine was on, um, a video and it wasn’t like a talking video.

[00:37:09] It was somebody cooking. Um, but it, it was a.

[00:37:13] Jeff Sieh: Weird. Yeah. So I, I just went, came back from the, the wish and I had a bunch of stories. And so it suggested, Hey, put this to music. And it was some really weird music for the suggested one. And it was synced pretty well, but I went to change it to like some, they had a bunch of Disney songs, like, you know, wish upon star or whatever.

[00:37:30] And I tried to put to that and you’re right. It was not to the Mo at all. It was just like, Hey, we’re just gonna throw this out there. But there are some really cool, and I know in light, who I mentioned before, did video Leap and they have some other apps that actually, I think it’s called beat something by, in light.

[00:37:43] If you search for it in the store, they have some third party apps that do really, really well. If you wanna sync a bunch of things and have it to the beat and have it fit into the length of a story. So yeah, Instagram, if you’re listening, go buy that app and, you know, use that one.

[00:37:58] Corey Walker: Yeah. There’s also a little bit different.

[00:38:01] There’s also Real’s templates. So that. a little bit different and you’ll find that more towards the bottom of the screen and it doesn’t show up. I don’t know when it decides to show up and when it doesn’t, cuz sometimes I see it and sometimes I don’t mm-hmm but um, a lot of times I’ll see it also when someone has several, um, images that they’re putting up and they’re timed specifically mm-hmm so that can be a cool one.

[00:38:27] If someone’s already made a real and they’re they timed it out perfectly to the music and then there’s a template button. You can use that and then you just upload say 10 photos and then it’ll follow that exact thing. So that’s cool. You used to, yeah. You used to see more people. I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but people will on their reel.

[00:38:50] Overlay like this image, this image 10 seconds, 1.2 seconds. All that. Well that now you don’t have to do that yourself. You can use the template. So that, that’s pretty cool. And it’s, it’s, it’s kind of similar to the other one, but it’s using someone else’s real to create your real.

[00:39:08] Jeff Sieh: So where can you find that at?

[00:39:11] Like, if you wanted to do that, is it, is it easy to find?

[00:39:14] Corey Walker: Well, so it’s, I’ve seen it just when you’re watching someone’s real. Okay. And say, yeah. So it’ll say like, if you’re in the full screen, it’ll have a little thing that says template, and then you can click on that and then you can start creating your real based on their template.

[00:39:31] Jeff Sieh: Can you save templates? Like, could you have multiple ones or is it just that one? And. no,

[00:39:36] Corey Walker: I think, yeah, I think you just have to create it. Right, right. Then, I mean, you could make, you could make your reel and then keep it in drafts. Mm-hmm but, um, drafts are a little like tricky because you log out or there’s some kind of glitch.

[00:39:51] So I don’t usually save anything in drafts for more than like a day or two, because I’m just yeah. Plus I’m in and out of a lot of different accounts. So I’m just like, Ooh mm-hmm so

[00:40:03] Jeff Sieh: yeah. Yeah. I, I, I feel your pain cuz it’s stuff like I thought, oh, this is great. And it disappeared. I’m like curses, Instagram.

[00:40:10] Um, so before we go any further, I just wanna do another shout out who I never curse at is our friends over at Ecamm slash Ecamm. You can find out all about them. We love it. This is what we produced this show on, and they’ve just come out with a new podcast called the flow.

[00:40:26] So do us a favor, go over there and subscribe, rate, and review search on your favorite, uh, podcast player. You can find it, they’re doing it every Tuesday, uh, on their YouTube channel. And you can also subscribe to that. And if you wanna watch it live and ask your questions, but very, very cool. It’s all about how to create a podcast.

[00:40:42] Video. So, um, very, very, very cool stuff, cuz that’s where it’s going. Cuz I think YouTube is like the biggest place where people are discovering podcasts now and not even apple or the yeah. So it’s pretty cool. That’s interesting. Yeah. So, alright. Um, Grace take this cuz I I’m not really sure. Uh, how to say.

[00:41:02] Collabs collab, collab. my daughter always makes fun of the way I say it, so I’ll let you do it.

[00:41:08] Gracy Duffy: Oh, it’s okay. It’s okay. Jeff, you did a good job, so, well, I wanted to wrap up the show with, uh, you know, conversation about Instagram influencer or in Instagram creator collaborations, because that is a big part of the ecosystem at, in Instagram, because as we know, there’s a lot of money to be made on the platform.

[00:41:30] So I wanted to talk about what are some effective influencing marketing, CoLab tips or tactics like, you know, with the right knowledge and the right tools. You can certainly grow a following and make a lot of money on Instagram, even if you’re not exactly well known celebrity, you’re refining a lot of people with smaller dedicated audiences tend to do really well.

[00:41:51] So let’s talk. How how to do it. So what tactics and trends, I mean, just generally we could do a whole show on this. That was, I was like, oh yeah,

[00:42:01] Corey Walker: you could.

[00:42:02] Gracy Duffy: Yeah. But like

[00:42:03] Corey Walker: somewhat. Yeah. Well, yeah, go ahead. You did you, well, you did mention, um, kind of the micro influencer, um, and that is getting a lot more traction.

[00:42:14] So just because you have, you know, a thousand, 2000 followers doesn’t mean you can’t market yourself as an influencer, as long as you pick a, a niche or niche. I don’t know which, which way do you say it? Don’t ask me.

[00:42:27] I’ll

[00:42:27] Jeff Sieh: say it wrong.

[00:42:29] Corey Walker: whatever. Yeah. We’ll go with niche. Yeah. So, um, so yeah, the first step would be pick Anish.

[00:42:36] So are you a foodie or maybe a foodie that specializes in only Asian food? Um, or are you a beauty influencer or, you know, more specific than that? Like just, you just do makeup only. Um, so that would be the first thing, especially if you’re try, you know, if you don’t have a ton of followers is to be really, um, niche down.

[00:42:59] Um, the other thing, because I do work with some influencers, uh, for the restaurants that I work with is to, um, have a clear offering. So the first step would be on your bio, just say, you know, open to collabs and how they can contact you, whether it’s just through the DMS or if you want to send them to, um, a special email, um, just let people know, like I’m open to this.

[00:43:27] And, um, that’s helpful when I’m looking for someone to know like, okay, they, they say they’re open to collab, so hopefully they’re a little bit more. You know, they know they know what to do now. That’s not always the case. but, um, it’s a good start. Uh, then the next tip I would say is, yeah, be very clear with your, uh, offerings.

[00:43:53] Okay. Like have either a set price or set, you know, like I’m gonna do three stories for X or I’m gonna do, you know, um, a carousel for you and a real and three stories. And it costs this much. Um, because I will tell you that. Influencer charges are just, they’re so wildly, like all over the board, right.

[00:44:18] Because I have, you know, with, with a restaurant, I have a lot of smaller foodie accounts that they’ll just come in for food. Like you don’t even have to pay them. They’re just right. You know, like give, I want the food I’m growing my account and I want to take an awesome photo of all this food and get, you know, a free meal for my entire family.

[00:44:37] Mm-hmm um, so some people are just more than happy to do a trade like that. And then you’ve got other people that charge very specifically for each post. And then you’ve got some people that will charge, you know, thousands of dollars. And then you’ve got the, the big celebrities that of course are charging, you know, a million dollars for a post.

[00:44:58] Um, but I would say, be very clear about that when someone contacts you, or if you contact someone about. What your pricing is and what you’re offering. Um, because people like me, I don’t always know what to expect because I’ll talk to one influencer and they’re like, yeah. Oh, I just wanna come in, take a bunch of photos, just, you know, the food’s great, blah, blah, blah.

[00:45:22] And then I’ve got another one that says, oh, it’s gonna be, you know, $50 a post. And then I’ve got someone else that’s, it’s gonna be $600 a post. So, um, as someone looking for influencers, it’s very helpful for me to know upfront, um, you know, what your rates are and what you are going to do for me. Um, let’s see, what else?

[00:45:46] Jeff Sieh: So on that, yeah, on that note, um, are there like clauses in like the contract where it’s like, okay, you own the content or it’s my content and I’ll leave it up for six months a year, whatever I mean, is, is that all varied too? I mean, I’m sure the people who want free meals are like, just gimme free meals and you can have whatever you want.

[00:46:05] I mean, cuz I’ve done. I, I do it now. Right now, if you buy me dinner, I will do it. But, um, but I’m sure that, so what kinda like some of like one of the, the paid influencers, I guess I’m looking at, are they very specific in like how long who owns what, all that kind of stuff?

[00:46:21] Corey Walker: Yeah. I mean that again depends on the influencer.

[00:46:24] Okay. But you should have some clarity behind, um, if they’re providing you photos, you know, do you own those photos now and how, you know, how can you reuse them? For instance, I have one of my restaurants as a chain, and so I had an influencer come in to, um, an LA location. And so I’m like, well, can I use that for my Sacramento location?

[00:46:49] And she said, yes, that was fine. But that’s something you definitely want to be clear about. Um, now not, I haven’t experienced a lot of foodie influencers that have contracts. Um, but it’s really a good idea because. Not only with the, you know, more the media kit side of, of what you’re going to, um, actually charge, but how your images can be used, because if you’re intending like, okay, this is meant to be on the site for, you know, 30 days and then taken down and they can never use it again.

[00:47:23] And then the, the business has a totally different perspective and they’re like, oh, well I paid you, you know, $300. So now I can use it in my brochures, you know, anywhere I want. So it is a good idea. If you, if you care about where your images are being used to be very straightforward with that. Hmm.

[00:47:44] Jeff Sieh: Grace, you had a follow up question.

[00:47:45] Gracy Duffy: Yeah. So we talked a lot about the influencer side, like what you, what, what you need to put forth and what you need. Provide and present. So on the brand side, what is your advice for making a successful partnership with influencers or with partners? Like what makes for a successful partner program or partnership program or whatever.

[00:48:07] Everyone has a different name for it, but like on the brand side, like what could we do on our side to make sure that like, this is a fruitful experience for both of us.

[00:48:17] Corey Walker: Right. Um, well, I would ask any of the influencers ahead of time, you know, to show you some of the other things that they’ve done before, just to see like how things are carried, carried out.

[00:48:31] Um, and even you could ask for references to see, like, because you don’t know, you know, you could, someone could charge you a thousand dollars and if you don’t have any reference point for that, it’s like, well, Are they really gonna do what they say they’re gonna do? So I would say, you know, ask them to see a few other client accounts.

[00:48:51] If it’s, you know, if you’re spending some money, if it’s something small, I don’t go through all that. Yeah. You know, hassle. Um, but if I’m gonna spend a decent amount of money, um, ask for that, and again, just be a very clear upfront. And I think if you are thinking you’re gonna have a partnership with someone, um, say someone that’s going to do, um, multiple posts, they’re gonna show up, you know, every month they’re gonna do three posts or something like that.

[00:49:19] Uh, I would definitely put together a contract with very clear expectations on both ends about, um, you know, when things are due, what, what you’re paying for each thing, how they can be used. Um, so that there’s no surprises at the end when someone’s unhappy.

[00:49:39] Jeff Sieh: That’s great advice. So that’s good advice. Um, we, we mentioned media kits and a lot of people may not know what those are and there’s once again, those vary, depending on mm-hmm , you know, who you’re talking about.

[00:49:50] So what do you think creators should include in their, uh, media kits? For example, like what metrics do you need to show?

[00:49:57] Corey Walker: Sure. Well, I mean, I like them to first start with a nice, you know, little headshot mm-hmm and then, um, a bio of kind of what they’re about. But, um, but yeah, there’s definitely metrics that you want to share.

[00:50:10] Um, if you are like Instagram only, then you might just share, like, I have this many followers on Instagram, this is my typical engagement rate. Um, this is the, you know, maybe number of followers that. Um, after a recent promotion, maybe show, um, an example, like a case study of a, a past one that worked well.

[00:50:35] Um, but yeah, I would say engagement rate followers, um, are the main things. Most of the ones that I’ve seen have, um, platforms on there. So they’ll list, you know, this is my Instagram following TikTok, following, um, Facebook following, if they’re on that or even LinkedIn. So there’s, there are some LinkedIn influencers mm-hmm um, so yeah, I think I, the main thing people wanna see are the engagement rate and the, the followers.

[00:51:08] Um, and then I would always ask for examples because right. Followers is tricky cuz you can buy followers. So, um

[00:51:18] Jeff Sieh: so that’s that was my next question was like, okay. So, um, , you know, you do a lot of stuff and like experience says foodies are awesome. So yeah, you do the foodie kind of thing. How many followers do you need to be attractive to brands?

[00:51:31] So on Instagram. So let’s say you’re looking at somebody for this restaurant that’s coming in, wants to, um, do this. So can you give us like what you would look at for somebody who wants just free food and then somebody who wants it for, you know, I want to have 600 bucks per post or whatever. So what kind of numbers are you looking

[00:51:47] Corey Walker: at?

[00:51:49] Yeah, so my restaurant that I’m looking for is, is local. So like when I’m looking for an influencer, I’m usually looking for a local influencer I’m not looking usually for super high numbers. So they might have, a thousand followers, but often they’ll have a thousand followers, but then I’ll look at the posts that they post.

[00:52:13] And if they have, if they’re getting 200 to 300 likes on a post and they’re getting lots of engagement, then I’m fine with. A thousand followers, I’m more interested in the engagement, than the actual follower number, as long as they’re getting true engagement. That’s what I want because I wanna make sure that other people are seeing their stuff, and engaging with it.

[00:52:37] So for a free influencer, yeah, I would say around a thousand or more, the last one we paid for, I think had 60,000 followers and it’s a little bit easier to find bigger influencers because this restaurant is down in orange county. So there’s, , foodies everywhere. but it really depends on your location now, Sacramento, where I’m located.

[00:53:07] We have another restaurant and I have yet to find a big foodie that has. You know, 50,000 followers, they’re all fairly small. So you’re gonna have to look at your market and, whether you are looking to do something, specifically in your market and how large that is and kind of base it on that.

[00:53:31] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. So Sabrina has a great point. She goes, where, where are the followers? And a little engagement is also golden. So I think that’s very, very true is finding out where those followers are. And, um, mm-hmm so Gary goes, Hey, I’m in orange county and I have a big, uh, booty, I think that’s it. I think you’re a big foodie.

[00:53:49] I’m not gonna show the booty. Well, it can be either way. I have both. I’m a big foodie and have a big

[00:53:53] Corey Walker: booty, I mean, you’re big fruit. They go together, right? They do

[00:53:58] Jeff Sieh: perfectly. I’ve had way too much pulled pork and ribs here in Texas. Um, so, uh, go ahead, Grace, go

[00:54:05] Gracy Duffy: ahead. No, I said, are there any, so we we’ve.

[00:54:08] Traditionally, when we think about Instagram and, and in, um, creator, CoLab and brand colabs, you know, a lot of things come down to sponsored posts, affiliate programs, and brand sponsorships. And are there any other opportunities for creators beyond those three things? Like, are there any other ways to monetize your following or your content or to, uh, bring, create revenue through directly through Instagram?

[00:54:37] Corey Walker: Yeah. Well, I mean, a lot of people choose to do, um, digital products. Mm-hmm um, so if you are, you know, getting this massive following. Of people or just a really, um, niche audience that, that appreciates what you do. A lot of people will turn to making some kind of ebook, or maybe they’ll do a workshop, like maybe for a foodie.

[00:55:02] Maybe you wanna do a workshop on becoming a foodie, um, and becoming a successful foodie. So there’s ways that you can turn your knowledge. And I mean, I’m talking a lot about foodies cuz that’s the influencers I work with, but there’s yes, all sorts of influencers. Fitness is a big one, obviously beauty, um, where you can turn your knowledge that you’ve learned from working with these companies, um, into some type of digital product.

[00:55:28] So, um, so yeah, once, once you learn enough things, there’s a lot that you can put into different, um, eBooks or checklists or, you know, any of those things that you can sell.

[00:55:43] Jeff Sieh: Awesome. Very good. As you can tell, Corey Walker is amazing and knows her stuff on Instagram. So I just wanna let you guys know that.

[00:55:51] Make sure to go check out her books. If you’re watching on Amazon at Jeff Sieh dot live, you can actually go and click on those in the carousel, or you can go and just Amazon and search for Corey Walker. Cause that’s what I did. And you can, her books come right up there and you can get them on, you know, physical copies or Kindle, which is what I love because, uh, my wife has told me I can’t buy anymore books cuz they take up too much space.

[00:56:11] So, um, that’s how I rebel. I just buy ’em all on Kindle now. Um, so great. Let’s where can people find out more about you, all the stuff that you do and your service.

[00:56:22] Corey Walker: Sure. Um, well, I, my website is kind of the umbrella of where you can find everything. So that’s right below the marketing Um, so that’s the best way to find if you wanna find a little bit about everything, my services, um, all my handles on different social media, but, um, if you wanna follow me, I’m, I’m particularly active obviously on Instagram.

[00:56:46] So that is at Corey Sieh Walker Sieh in between there. Um, and then I’m also very active on LinkedIn. So, um, surprisingly that has been my happy mix. I’ve kind of downgraded the Facebook and have upgraded LinkedIn, so

[00:57:05] Jeff Sieh: well, we’re going live right now there now. So that’s where Sabrina’s watching from. So very, very cool.

[00:57:09] Yep. Oh good.

[00:57:10] Corey Walker: Yeah.

[00:57:12] Jeff Sieh: So make sure you guys go to the marketing specialist if you’re listening to our podcast and where can, I mean, I, we announced this before we had our, our break, but uh, where can people find Grace Duffy now? Because there’s a new location. So

[00:57:28] Gracy Duffy: I work for V. Now I lead their growth team at V and you can find us on VO, the show, me and Jeff on VO at slash chat.

[00:57:43] So slash chat and we have a V group in there, and it’s a great way to talk to us throughout the week. Jeff and I are both pretty active on there and it’s the fastest way to find me. So if you wanna find me or Jeff talk us during the week, riff, whatever, send us your questions about the, we need to do a better job of announcing our shows.

[00:58:01] We haven’t,

[00:58:02] Jeff Sieh: it’s been a crazy week, but yeah, well it’s okay. I know Gary’s there. Gary’s in there, Brian’s in there. A bunch of other people are in there. So, um, it’s really great. So once again, slash. I mean, we talk about everything we’ve talked about, you know, the metaverse we’ve asked questions and the cool thing is you ask your questions.

[00:58:20] Like Gary’s done a couple times. We’re able to pull that into the show where we can actually play your video and answer your question. So, Corey, this has been amazing. Thank you so much for being here today. All of our guests, Sabrina, I mean all of our, our they’re guests, they’re like, they’re like family.

[00:58:36] So we’ve got Sabrina. We’ve got Gary, Brian was in here. All sorts of folks were coming in asking questions, uh, summer Carol Lee, Leslie, all of you, we thank you so much for watching us today. We know that you could watch bunch of things during this hour, and we appreciate you watching us. Um, we would love for you guys to give us a rating and review over on your favorite podcast player.

[00:58:56] Cause that really helps us get the podcast out. Our next show is Friday, August 19th at 11:00 AM. Eastern 10:00 AM central, and you can always join us on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Amazon live. Thanks so much, folks really appreciate you. And we will see you guys next time. Hi everybody.

[00:59:13] Gracy Duffy: Hi.

[00:59:16] Corey Walker: Into the flow by Ecamm the show where we dive into the workflows, you need to launch produce and promote your video

[00:59:22] Gracy Duffy: podcast.

[00:59:22] I’m Katie Fox and I’m

[00:59:24] Corey Walker: doc Brock, the community manager here at Ecamm

[00:59:26] Gracy Duffy: and we’re here to help you find your

[00:59:27] Corey Walker: flow. Guys. This is gonna be a cool show that we’re putting together to help you launch your podcast. If where it’s like editing really freak you out, you’re in the right place. Cuz we’re gonna talk about how it could be much, much easier than what you have likely in your head.

[00:59:42] We want to give you an opportunity to. With the flow. You see what I did there? Yeah. With the flow. I think this is gonna be fun. We do a lot of questions from the community about launching podcasts or running podcasts with Ecamm and thought it’d be a great idea to give you the workflow, like how to do your podcast.

[01:00:00] And I asked Katie to come along. First of all, make sure you lock this down. Make sure you put this in your podcast. Subscribe so you can get to us as we put these out and you will catch us Tuesdays at 12:00 PM Eastern on YouTube, and obviously wherever your favorite podcast, including us are listened to come and visit us for the flow.

[01:00:19] Thank you, Katie. Thank you, doc. And we’ll be in your ears soon.


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