Are you a business owner who uses Instagram?

In this episode of Social Media News Live, Grace Duffy and Jeff Sieh talk with Lou Mongello about all the new changes happening on Instagram

They discuss how businesses can take advantage of these updates and what you need to know about the new Story Links, Collabs, and Desktop Publishing. If you want to learn more about these long-awaited updates to Instagram, then be sure to tune into this show!

Join us as Lou shares his wisdom on what’s working on Instagram today!


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[00:00:00] Jeff Sieh: Welcome to Social Media News Live. I’m Jeff Sieh and you’re not…

[00:00:04] Grace Duffy: I’m Grace Duffy. And this is the show that keeps you up to date on the world of social Media.

[00:00:10] Jeff Sieh: Today we’re joined by our friend Lou Mongello, and we’re going to be exploring all the new changes happening on Instagram. We’re going to discuss what you need to know about the new story.

[00:00:21] Colabs desktop publishing and much, much more. We’re going to talk about how businesses can take advantage of these updates today. So if you want to learn more about these long way to updates to Instagram, you want to stay tuned to the very end and tag a friend or business that you think needs to hear about these updates too.

[00:00:38] So Lou, thank you so much for joining us again. I’m so excited.

[00:00:43] Lou Mongello: Thank you for having me, but I too have also changed my name to Metta. So please,

[00:00:48] Jeff Sieh: there we go. That’s right. So if you don’t know who Lou Mongello is, he is a Disney expert and named one of the top 50 social media influencers. His podcast, WDW radio is ranked the number two overall podcast in iTunes has been named the best travel podcast for nine count of nine consecutive years.

[00:01:08] He’s a keynote. Entrepreneur author and founder of the dream team, charity project with sins, children with life-threatening illnesses, to Walt Disney world, which is thing. He has done raised a lot of money this these past couple of years. So he’s a master when it comes to creating a sense of community, a sense of belonging and just a whole lot of magic with his podcast, live videos, blogs on Facebook and on Instagram, just about where every everything he does.

[00:01:35] He’s, it’s just magical. So Lou, welcome to the show and I made this special. For you this, how Disney is that?

[00:01:45] Lou Mongello: Wow. Barbara streisand will play off later on.

[00:01:50] Grace Duffy: My gosh, Lou, thank you so much for joining us today. We’re so excited and we are going to get into all this Instagram News, but we cannot avoid the obvious the, the, the meta in the room.

[00:02:01] So as. Facebook is now Meta and people are speculating that it’s either like just an alphabet Google situation. Are they changing everything? When you read about the description it’s like the it’s so much bigger. It’s the invisible and the visible, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins, everything.

[00:02:20] So tell us why. What was your thoughts when you heard, when you read her, saw this happening yesterday metaverse,

Lou’s Thoughts on the Facebooks Metaverse

[00:02:30] Lou Mongello: It’s so interesting because when things like this happen, you watch the official announcements and then watch the internet light itself on fire. But like everybody’s losing their mind initially, oh my God, Facebook isn’t Facebook anymore.

[00:02:42] And other people’s taking it a little bit more of a relaxed approach and look It makes total sense, right? Facebook focusing on the future, not just the short-term, but I think the long-term, I’m not so sure that the timing of this was completely by accident, but certainly this has been something that they’ve been thinking about for a long time.

[00:03:04] And I think it makes perfect sense, because. I think this is going to hopefully address and maybe alay some of the concerns, not this that just creators have, but users have as well in terms of where Facebook is and where Facebook is going.

[00:03:21] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. So one of the things I know a lot of people when this news broke yesterday, they talked about they’re doing this because they’re trying to take you know, the spotlight off some of the maybe privacy issues they’ve had.

[00:03:36] And it was really funny. One of my favorite newsletters is morning brew. And one of the things said. They could call themselves orange juice squared, and it’s not gonna matter. People are still gonna know what’s going on. So there’s a little bit of that. I was going to watch the actual, announcement on my Oculus, but that would be too meta.

[00:03:53] So I didn’t see. Oh, dad jokes already started today. Yes. So yeah, I know. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Yeah. Grace, what are your thoughts on this? Because I know you’re deep into social media too. Was this a surprise?

[00:04:09] Grace Duffy: It really wasn’t one because they previewed it a few days ago where they said we’re going to have a new name.

[00:04:14] So this was already some inclinations when I was reading it. I was thinking that they’re embracing the more futuristic aspects of their company. So they’re talking a lot when we’re doing our prediction show. Last week, we were talking a lot about AR and VR. You and I talked a lot about AR Oculus, and I think they’re going to do more of an investment in that.

[00:04:33] And when you see. What the images look like. So the pictures and what the avatars, everything looked like. They are very realistic. So I think they are looking, and in this, like you said, the future beyond all the apps that they have now beyond what it’s being used for it now. So I see this as being very, future-focused very optimistic, very scientific, very Saifai.

[00:04:54] So I don’t know about the name and the logo. I’m like, I just,

[00:04:59] Jeff Sieh: I get it. So Sabrina says,

[00:05:02] Lou Mongello: this looks a lot like the movies anywhere,

[00:05:04] Jeff Sieh: a logo. Yes, it does. It does. It really does. So Sabrina says this, it makes total sense. She agrees that they have a parent company. It says the former, she says this cause she’s a former corporate girl.

[00:05:16] It’s long overdue to have that structure. So yeah, I think it’s more of a structural thing, but it’s also, I think it’s Zuckerberg is wanting to do this for a long time. He wants ready player. Now. And it’ll be interesting to see how this goes, but something that is here now is our friends over at Ecamm who sponsored the show, but they have something really cool coming up that I wanted to share with you guys really quickly, they’re doing a design challenge that starts.

[00:05:43] Next week on Monday and they have all sorts of cool stuff going on. Like the first day, if you want to learn how to, put together a profile and different scenes like we’re doing here today, like we’re switching all this stuff up. You want to customize your calc color palettes on day two, you can create a branded background day three.

[00:06:00] You can design your own countdown time. I’m excited about a four day four. You can build a lower third and day five. You can animate your lower thirds and overlays. If you want to find out how to do all that cool stuff, you need to go over and join the community on Facebook at Ecamm dot TV forge slash community that’s Ecamm dot TV for its last community.

[00:06:19] I know I’m going to be there. It’s going to be amazing and thanks to Ecamm for helping to sponsor the show. Really quick. I wanted to talk about, because there’s like chameleon says hi from the UK, my instant is tanking, so I can’t wait to hear this. So Grace break down this News that we’re having, and then we’ll jump into this first.

[00:06:42] Grace Duffy: It was a toss up about what to cover first this week. And Jeff and I did go back and forth about what was more important, but we are leading today with these Instagram links stickers for stories. So Instagram announced on Wednesday, this breaking news, that all users now have access to the link sticker feature in Instagram stories.

[00:07:00] And if you don’t know what that is, it’s where you can take a sticker and add your link to it. And then people can click on it and go off to your website. So this is now available globally. Avail it’s allowed anyone can use it. So anyone regardless of follower account can easily share a link in their Instagram stories.

[00:07:18] So this in this expansion does come at the heels of Instagram, ditching the swipe up link in Instagram stories. So if you recall, you had to like swipe up and then to get the link. And so now everything is going towards this link stickers per Instagram. They’ve gotten a lot of feedback over the. That limiting links to accounts with over 10,000 followers.

[00:07:38] Imagine that 10,000 followers to. Totally I accesses. So we’re talking like historically this was only limited to business and really high profile creators. I agree with this move. I like it because as you’re seeing that you don’t need to have a giant audience to be effective. You need the right size audience, but now that link stickers are available to everyone or soon will be.

[00:08:01] I hear this is still rolling out. Lou, what do you think. Of the new link stickers. And do you think there’ll be helpful in increasing engagement? Just like our friend, Kibo’s saying that her Instagram is taking, is this something that you’d be able to use to drive up some of that engagement, for instance,

Will Instagram’s New Link Stickers for Stories Increase Engagement?

[00:08:16] Lou Mongello: without a doubt, and I never understood this move.

[00:08:18] I never understood. Making links an earned feature because what it ended up doing, and this may come as a complete shock to you, is it made some people say I’m going to run and go by my followers, my fake followers. So I can get to this number for these vanity metrics. So I can have…was Instagram just fearful of people leaving the platform instead of having confidence in the value of people going off and then, and coming back.

[00:08:44] But obviously it makes perfect sense and I’m really happy that now it will be available to.

[00:08:47] everybody

[00:08:49] Jeff Sieh: So the question I have, do you think this came from the rise of everyone talks about it, but the rise of TikTok, because of the competition between TikTok and reels that are going on. I wonder, you’re very kind and humble, but I’m wondering if some of the other influencers are like you’re taking that was mine.

[00:09:09] It was mine alone. I was special. And now that it’s like not special anymore because everybody’s going to get it. what are your thoughts on.

[00:09:15] that Lou

[00:09:17] Lou Mongello: I don’t think it should be special. I don’t think that, if there’s going to be if we’re trying to unlock achievements in Instagram or we’re gamifying it, I don’t think that should be it.

[00:09:27] I think there should be other features. I think it’s, such a basic necessity for people who are trying to Look If you want to grow your following organically in the right way, by showing the value that you bring, allow people to see the content that you create off the platform

[00:09:43] Jeff Sieh: That’s a great point.

[00:09:45] So we have some comments here for you get to that next question, Grace. And it was like I wish they would gave everyone the other way to add a link. It’s hard to get used to the other link and it’s ugly. So some people don’t like it. They want to, because it’s only in stories. It’s not in the feed or anything else.

[00:10:02] But Holly says, I wish they would have done this five years ago. It would have actually impacted my biz. Now everyone is on Insta. It really doesn’t make much difference. So Holly thinks it’s like, too little too late. Just really interesting how in Brian, our friend Brian says, I think it will change the way and type of content people post to stories.

[00:10:21] So that’s a great question. Will this change the stories format right now? If you didn’t have 10,000, it was a little easier you’re I feel it was a little more organic, behind the scenes stuff where people really gonna now do produce stories where they can really try to get them to click that call to action.

[00:10:40] Lou Mongello: Yeah. I think it will. I think it’s going to open up a little bit more creativity for people, because look, I think for me, one of the things I know this is going to be like the old man comment in the room, but what are the things that always concerned me about platforms like TikTok is the conversion off the platform, right?

[00:10:56] Getting people to swipe off of TikTok and go to see other things. And that’s always. been A huge dissatisfier for me as a creator. And I think as a consumer, too. I think this is going to open up the, doors for creativity and look as people who create podcasts. For example, it’s the only way.

[00:11:16] And it’s a great way to let people go and see and hear what you do. And obviously come back to your home base on Instagram.

[00:11:26] Grace Duffy: So on these link stores are only available in stories. This is a point someone in the comments is made, which are femoral. They’re gone in 24 hours yet feed posts and video posts do not have the option to include a link in the description. You still have to do the whole link in the bio. They have to say in the descriptions and it’s super annoying.

[00:11:44] It also is several more leaps to get someone to do that. Call of action, to do activity for you. So I want to know what are some stresses. That you would like to offer our audience. I’m getting people to take those extra clicks, to get to your site, promotion, leek, man, Lee, lead magnet, or whatever it is that you want to drive them to in the Instagram post.

[00:12:05] And the one thing that makes this crazy for me, because I used to follow a lot of real estate people on Instagram and you see this house, I’m like, I want to click on this house, but then you have to find the link in the bio, dig through the link tree. So many steps. So what can we do to get people to take those.

Creating Calls to Actions on Instagram

[00:12:19] Lou Mongello: I think you have to think from the mind of the consumer, right? We are fortunate, or unfortunate in a what’s in it for me society right now. And I think one of the great ways to do it for example, is, and obviously this is not a day-to-day strategy, but there were things like contests where you have something that is compelling.

[00:12:36] They need to go to your site in order to do something or gain something or, fill out something. and you have to put some of that valuable content off of Instagram. Again, there’s so many steps to. go Link in my bio go to my linktree click on that link. Like every single one of those steps is a potential, not only dissatisfier, but, an opportunity to lose somebody from making all of those clicks.

[00:13:00] so what I usually do is, in my content If I want to get somebody to somewhere, go listen to my podcast. I’ll do a pretty link and say, go to 655 So that they can’t click it, they can go to wherever they need to go or find it in their podcast app, you’ve got to give them a compelling why?

[00:13:20] Like you’ve got to give me a reason to click the link in my bio or to go and type a link somewhere.

[00:13:26] else

[00:13:27] Jeff Sieh: Gotcha. So I want to ask some questions about that because I know you mentioned contests and I know you have done, I think two or three, like almost in a row at some seems like a Dawn from your show you talk about in your show and you drive them to Instagram.

[00:13:43] Is there, and you have a lot of Facebook followers, you have a big community at the, your, you have, what is, how big is your community WW radio, Large size. Isn’t it, Lou? You hate to say numbers. I know

[00:13:59] Lou Mongello: it’s what you do.

[00:14:01] Jeff Sieh: So I knew he was, I knew that was coming. Because you, that’s a very active community and it’s just, it seems so I wanna know why you’re driving them to Instagram instead of Hey, join my community to get in this contest.

[00:14:15] Why did you pick Instagram to run your constant?

Why Use Instagram for Contests?

[00:14:18] Lou Mongello: There’s a lot of different reasons, right? So one, I don’t like putting all my eggs in one basket, whether it be the Facebook or Instagram basket, and it’s a compelling way to get the people who are in the Facebook community to come over, to follow on Instagram, because ideally we should be posting unique content in both places.

[00:14:34] There’s got to be compelling reasons. To go to both. And I think Facebook is a, sorry. Instagram is a great platform for running contests like that. And it’s also a way, because of the way I do it, having to tag other people and do other things. It’s a great way to get other people on Instagram to find hopefully and follow what you do.

[00:14:54] Jeff Sieh: Gotcha. A great way to incentivize people. And then before we go onto the next section, cause I got you here, I’m going to ask you these questions. So you mentioned the pretty link and I wanted to make sure people think about this because I think this is a great way to make it easy. You mentioned, you give them your WDW, forward slash whatever episode number D.

[00:15:15] So you set that up every time as a pretty link when you publish your podcast. So one that’s really easy to. You can say that on your show and they can easily remember just a number at the end of your URL. Is there a service that you use to do that with? How did you set that up? Because I know a lot of people are going, that’s a great idea.

[00:15:32] I need to do that for my Instagram or my podcast or.

[00:15:35] Lou Mongello: Pretty link is just, it’s a free, and there’s a paid version, which you really don’t need, but it’s a free plugin for your WordPress installation that lets you take any long URL, put it in there and then determine whatever you want. That, that short, that pretty linked to be using your URL as the base.

[00:15:53] So you’re right. All people have to remember is 6 55 and they can go and find it on the site in their podcast app, et cetera.

[00:16:00] Jeff Sieh: So from somebody who’s been doing podcasting from. As soon as like the Zune player was out or whatever it was. How do you keep track? Do you have a database of all this? Cause you’re pulling, I hear you on your live show and stuff.

[00:16:13] You’re like, oh, that was episode blah. And do you have that listed beside you that you have them all, like you can cross reference them really fast. I

[00:16:23] Lou Mongello: have a team of researchers on the other side of this camera who are working day and night. Of course. No, I do. I do have a I have a spreadsheet and then sometimes I’ll just do it on the fly, as I’m thinking about it.

[00:16:34] I’ll do a quick search. Okay. And just to find that,

[00:16:38] Jeff Sieh: I just thought maybe you had some secret sauce about that. So anyway, but yeah. So thank you for breaking that down because I was always, when I hear your show and I listened to it, I was actually listening to this morning, listen to, there’s a great episode outright.

[00:16:49] Now about Roy Disney, who’s the. Two weeks ago, I’m behind, but anyway really good. So if you have any interest in Disney history, you need to check that So our next sec section is this, we’re talking about Instagram co-labs and this is actually why I thought of Lou when we were talking about this Instagram News, because he actually did.

[00:17:10] On Instagram tagging another Disney expert Connor. And I was like, what is that? So it’s exciting. So they rolled it out last week. They rolled out a couple of things. They rolled out co-labs they wrote, rolled out super beat, dynamic, and 3d lyrics for reels. They rolled out the feed creation on desktop, which we’re going to talk about in a little bit.

[00:17:30] And it was really funny once again, my favorite newsletter morning, Bruce said another day, another TikTok clone. So shady. So they said last week, Instagram, once again, stole its little sister’s TikTok favorite shirt and said it looked better on IgE anyway. So very funny. But what it’s going to let people do, it’s let’s influencers, like Lou, get more reach on the app.

[00:17:51] Sieh. It’s Instagram’s way of making sure creators can maximize reach on Instagram as they would via TikTok duets. So you can coauthor content with a fellow Instagram user and the post will show up on both of your profiles. So for brands, this collapsed feature opens up a whole new. To partner with influencers gained social clout by association and reached engaged communities.

[00:18:14] However, they have said paid partnerships will still need to be appropriately disclosed according to regulatory guidelines, even when using a CoLab. So later said, we anticipate this new feature will have a rise in collaborations within the greater community, especially for educational con. That drives positive change.

[00:18:32] So we’re going to talk about each of these new features one by one, but let’s start with these collabs. So Lou, I’ve read that this feature is being tested, but I saw that you have access to it and tried it out. So can you tell us about it, how it

[00:18:44] works?

Using the New Collab Feature on Instagram

[00:18:46] Lou Mongello: So I only knew that I had it because Conor reached out and said, Hey, we can, we collab on this?

[00:18:50] And I’m like, oh, here’s this kid with this, I don’t even know what collab means. I’m Googling what collab means. No. So he says we use the Collab feature And I, had no excuse that I could come up quickly to give a reason to no And I said, yes. And then I clicked the, to invite him I says, oh my God, I made a big mistake. What did I just do? But it’s not, but it’s not because it’s, a great way for. In a case like this, a person that you do a show with, to have that same post, not only show up on their feed, but you’re sharing views. You’re sharing likes, you’re sharing content, which is why it’s really important that the content be relevant on, both sides of the equation.

[00:19:30] But it’s also not just a great way to collaborate, I think with brands, but to, collaborate with other creators. And again, I think the tide rises for all boats

[00:19:40] Jeff Sieh: I think that’s great. I mean, especially, I didn’t, I need to check with Conor and ask him and say did you get a big boost? Cause like Lou Mongello blue check, you know what I’m saying?

[00:19:48] Come on over there. but what do you think makes collabs different, from just like tagging someone else in your posts? and do you know, does it work with both videos and posts or just. posts

[00:20:02] Lou Mongello: believe it works with anything in your posts. Again, this is the first time I’m using it. And I’m watching to see what the, what the difference might be on both sides of the coin, because obviously Conor brings his audience to my content and vice versa.

[00:20:19] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. Yeah. So I think I’m excited to test it. So I don’t, I tried messing with it a little bit. I still don’t think I have it yet, but so, so Grace and I like, if I do a post, like lumen Magella was on our show and I can put it on there and then like I could tag Grace, she could put it on hers. Lou could ignore me.

[00:20:35] Like he usually does when I stalk him, but not

[00:20:39] Grace Duffy: right now.

[00:20:44] Jeff Sieh: I am very needy. Can you tell,

[00:20:46] Lou Mongello: Yeah, Jeff. When you come to speak at momentum in two weeks, we’ll test it out right there and we will we’ll collaborate.

[00:20:53] Jeff Sieh: Oh my gosh. I don’t know if I can handle the waiting that long. So by the way, Lumon You can get your tickets there. So go ahead, Grace.

[00:21:01] I’m sorry. We interrupt.

[00:21:03] Grace Duffy: No, I, my question is very pressing. I want to know how you send a collab request, right? So I know that Kayla came to you with this request and the someone that you already knew, but how do you especially set up this relationship with someone that you may not know or you want to get to know, or you want to collab with?

[00:21:21] Are we talking like big, massive promposals here? Do you just send an email? Like, how do you, is there a way in Instagram that you can. Send this request and say, can we co-lab, how do you get together on this?

[00:21:34] Lou Mongello: So when I created my post, excuse me, it showed up as an option. And then it showed up as an option for Connor and he was actually able to make the request of me.

[00:21:44] So you. When you tag somebody, it will show up in the post itself as an opportunity to invite, to collaborate. And then the recipient of the tag also has that to say, Hey, can we collaborate on this? And then you can say yes or no.

[00:22:00] Jeff Sieh: Sabrina has a great question. She goes, it’s CoLab with only two people or can it be more?

[00:22:06] I think it’s just two, but I haven’t like I don’t have it yet. So I don’t know. So has anybody heard anything else, Grace, have you, is it just for two.

[00:22:15] Grace Duffy: The only the examples I’ve seen, I’ve only shown to people, but again, this is something that they’re just rolling out. So all I’ve seen are the I want to say the stock photos that’s not right.

[00:22:25] Like their company photos of like their company, promo photos of it. And they’ve, I’ve only seen it with two other people or two people, sorry, not two other people, two people.

[00:22:33] Lou Mongello: Gotcha. So right. Cause up on top, it’ll say. It’ll say Lumon jello and Connor brown. Will it say Luma Angella Connor, brown and 14 others?

[00:22:43] Like where does that limit possibly run if it is more than two.

[00:22:47] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. It’ll be interesting to see. So I have, because they are using kind of TikTok idea. I have a feeling it’s just going to be too, but who knows? We’ll find out. Lu. So do you have any tips for people? I know people reach out to you for for all kinds of stuff like being on their show and things like that.

[00:23:06] But do you have any tips for people who are looking to create, a poster feature and finding those people to CoLab with you know, there’s a kind of a right way to ask in a wrong way. It made sense cause Connor was on your show. He was on it for the entire time talking about Roy Disney.

[00:23:22] W, what are your thoughts for, just kind best practices is I guess to, maybe colaboring with somebody who’s maybe a couple of steps ahead of you and that you want to like, reach out, Hey, I did this, would you want to collab with me? What are your thoughts?

Best Practices to Reach Out to Influencers for Collabs

[00:23:39] Lou Mongello: No, I think it goes with, anything.

[00:23:41] And I think sometimes people get misdirected By the metrics and what I mean by that, it’s Ooh, I want to go collaborate with somebody. So I’m going to go find somebody in the Disney space, for example, that has the highest number of followers. And I don’t think that should be it. I think that you need to find somebody whose work you authentically enjoy and say be.

[00:24:03] a partnership that makes sense. not just because, Hey, we want to try and increase our numbers, but you do something that I like. And I think, look, Conor’s been on the show multiple times. This was not some sort of strategic marketing on either of our parts to try and just increase our numbers. It was just an organic extension of the things that we do together.

[00:24:23] So I think it’s, forming those real relationships first and then looking to do some of those things like collaborations

[00:24:30] Jeff Sieh: Yeah, I think those are great tips because you know, you do want to, you want to do everybody wants to grow their account if you’re, especially if you have a product or service, but there’s a right and a wrong way to do it.

[00:24:40] And I thought that way you just said is a great example of, you don’t need to look for the biggest one, but the one that you might share across cross audiences together with would be the best bet.

[00:24:50] Grace Duffy: I think those organic relationships are the most fruitful too. It’s a natural fit. It’s.

[00:24:55] People can see past that like how you’re hiring an influencer to do X, Y, and Z. And it’s not authentic. People really latch on when it is a genuine connection like you and Connor have having been on each other’s shows to both talk about. Having this really great show. My question to you is how I know collapse is still fairly new ish.

[00:25:15] They started testing it, I think in June. So I but they’re starting to roll it out to people. Have you seen any cool or innovative use cases for collapsed so far? Are there any businesses or creators that are using it in a. It might be different than how they’re regularly posting and you know, how are they using this to engage with that new audience that they’re getting or re-engage with the audience that they have.

[00:25:42] Lou Mongello: So I haven’t really seen it yet because to your point, this. Very new. And I haven’t even seen that show up in my feet a lot, but again, I think this is going to open up the doors to some of these creative partnerships, right? What are some of these things we can do to get? Look, I mentioned things like contest before, don’t use contest as purely a tool, but I think it is a great way to engage your audience, to reward your audience and get creative while being able to collaborate with others and then do something where you can really bring in audiences from both sides to benefit.

[00:26:14] The, the people who are your followers, but to benefit the creators equally.

[00:26:20] Jeff Sieh: Yeah, I love this view. I think it’s a great way just to, even when you were at like you know, Grace, you were doing a lot of conferences, Lou’s getting ready to do a momentum. I was just at Social Media week Denver, Denver.

[00:26:33] And so being able to do that on post, like when you’re like organically out there with people and Hey, take a picture of a selfie together or whatever, being able to do that to both accounts. I just think it’s cool. I think it’s a way to give back to your friends or people you meet. How cool it would be.

[00:26:48] If you would go. And Tim to momentum and you can have, Lou tag you as well, not only tag you, CoLab on your stuff. It’s really cool. So I think it’s a great way to. Build Goodwill, even, between two different people. So I’m excited to test it out. By the way, we have been talking about momentum, do not forget about Lumon forward slash momentum.

[00:27:10] Lou, I’ll let you, because before I talk about that a little bit, I wanted to bring up this from Angela. She goes, I’ll see you both at momentum. So I’m very excited that I get to hang out and see Angela. So that will be awesome. So talk about what momentum is really quick and, when is it and how quick you need to say.

[00:27:29] Lou Mongello: So momentum is November 13th and 14th with an optional mastermind day on the Monday, following it is a two day one room 50 person event to really help you move the needle make changes to your business, your brand, your life, right in the room. And honestly, turn what you love into what you do.

[00:27:47] Jeff, I am, I’m incredibly thrilled to have you as one of the presenters this year and bring you. Experience and your expertise to share it with people in a very collaborative invited.

[00:28:00] Jeff Sieh: Yeah, I am. So I love those kinds of conferences or workshops and all that. So I’m so excited for that. By the way, I wanted to make sure we also give another shout out to our friends over at Ecamm who sponsored the show.

[00:28:10] You can find out more at Social Media News, Live dot com slash Ecamm. I know Lou’s a user of Ecamm as well. So if you watch his life. He’s using that. And sometimes it’s on mute, but we won’t talk about that. But

[00:28:23] Lou Mongello: that’s my fault.

[00:28:26] Grace Duffy: He doesn’t have a shirt you’re on mute

[00:28:30] Jeff Sieh: and I have a special edition of it.

[00:28:32] I’m bringing to Lou, just for that reason I asked Katie for it. I said, can you get me one for Luke? Because it’s a running. Yeah, so we got that coming. Our next segment about we’re going to be talking, this is really cool. This is desktop publishing for Instagram. You know, everybody who does social media for a living is rejoicing.

[00:28:55] So you can now post. And video’s under one minute, of course, in a desktop browser directly to Instagram, it’s available to users worldwide, particularly useful for businesses and users that want to make better use of their expensive cameras. So just think you could do stuff in Lightroom and take it right over into Instagram and post it.

[00:29:15] You can get approvals. If you had client stuff work, you’re doing testing layouts and looks. Gizmodo said that Instagram had a previously allowed you to access your feed through the browser, but only for messaging and checking updates. And it was only for a phone only app. It wasn’t even an iPad.

[00:29:32] You can even use it on the iPad. And now as this creator economy has taken off and it’s really been doing well for Facebook, so they needed to evolve and give some more flexibility. This is cool. All the social media managers, like I said, rejoiced desktop publishing has been around for some time, but always had this really weird work around.

[00:29:52] You had to use a third-party tool and you had to save different versions of your image, all this kind of stuff. And now it’s more integrated and I am super excited about it. Lou, what do you think of this update? Or are you a Mo you create a lot of content on Instagram. Are you doing it all on your phone?

[00:30:09] Will you kind switch your workflow?

What Is Your Instagram Workflow?

[00:30:13] Lou Mongello: So I do everything on my phone. I try and do it natively in the app and to be honest, and I might be completely wrong here, but this is, I think the way I’ve been trained, started thinking my first thought was, does using the desktop application affect the algorithm at all?

[00:30:30] Is it less organic than posting to Instagram directly? Because, and again, I might be completely wrong. For example, going Live. I absolutely think that going live on Facebook via mobile it gives you a better return It gives you, I’m not a numbers guy, but the numbers play out. The numbers seem to be higher when you go live on mobile than you do versus desktop.

[00:30:53] So that was my first thought. Here is this move, solely just to get parked, to get away from some of those third party work arounds, because doing it on desktop almost feels awkward to me. Like it still doesn’t work, run because I’m supposed to be doing this natively on this app, which I know is now no longer a photo sharing app, according to Instagram itself.

[00:31:16] But I still feel like I’m supposed to be doing.

[00:31:20] Jeff Sieh: So it’s interesting because, and I’d be interested in what Brian Farrell who’s in. The audience says about this because he is a pro photographer, has his Instagram feeds amazing. Brian, if you’re here, make sure you drop your link in there in the comments, because he’s a wedding photographer in the UK and he has amazing photos, but I wanted to know because.

[00:31:39] We had the same problem. A lot of times on Pinterest people would create this amazing stuff on their desktop and then they would put it on their phone and it’s shrunk down and you couldn’t see it would, it doesn’t play the same way. So I think you gotta be careful if you are designing stuff on the desktop that you test it out on your phone at first.

[00:31:57] I just think that’s something that people will have to take into account, when they start using this.

[00:32:04] Grace Duffy: No. I agree that we have the same issue too. We were we published, we’re having an offer right now over at Restream. And we were, we had to make sense of the, where all the all the little buttons were when we were recreating it.

[00:32:16] And it’s just something that probably wouldn’t have happened if we’re building the thing in mobile. We’d build out the animation. So I totally agree. It does. It does change the workflow and Instagram is very mobile for us, even with Instagram live, they’re still not opening that API up to third party tools.

[00:32:31] They want to be very mobile focused. So this is an interesting move in my opinion, but I, again, I think it’s just a response to all those social media managers that are having to share files in a Google drive. Work with creative teams and but I think if you’re off, if you’re doing this on your own and it’s your own business then yeah.

[00:32:49] I think mobile is just more natural because it’s you, you don’t have to go through approvals. You approve what you do.

[00:32:56] Jeff Sieh: I think it’s going to be great for doing, like I said, light room and not having to, go to different places and stuff. But I also think we have to be careful of making sure it still works on mobile.

[00:33:07] Yeah. So next, next story. This is funny cause. I didn’t know this happened, but I guess it’s, I’m like two weeks late. So Grace break this down because this is rather interesting. Cause we kind of poke fun at IETV quite a bit on this.

[00:33:21] Grace Duffy: We poked fun at ID TV last week on this show.

Instagram Is Ditching the IGTV Brand

[00:33:25] Grace Duffy: So the headline is Instagram is ditching the IGT TV brand.

[00:33:30] They’re not ditching the product. They’re ditching that brand and keeping it as an isolated app on its own. So the News Instagram now is combined IgE TVs, long video format, and the. Feed videos, which are shorter and a new format simply called Instagram video. So that’s another step towards our larger goal of making video, more of a central focus of Instagram, the Instagram experience.

[00:33:54] So IETV was built as a mobile app to rival YouTube, but it did have the misfortune of launching two months before. TikTok. So it came out two months before. So when TikTok launched in the U S and so I think a lot of times it’s just gotten buried. So I GTV was already losing ground as a standalone product.

[00:34:15] I think it was rather successful, but by Instagram standards, where if you recall Instagram launch, Blew up and exploded. So after you have that, everything pales in comparison, but I think it did. Okay. But in early 20, 20 Instagram did drop the orange ITV button from the Instagram homepage and it explained that most Instagram users were now finding.

[00:34:37] I GTV content, excuse me, through the previous shared and feeds and explore. So if you guys are called, you can see a video in the feed and it’ll show you the first couple seconds of it. And then you click to watch more over on ITV. So in reality, GTV was never really a standalone product or stood alone on its own very well.

[00:34:58] And so in it failed to drive those large numbers again. Lou, what do you think? What do you think of this? Do you think people aren’t going to be adjusting their. Instagram strategy and response to this change? Or do you think it’ll just be business as usual? I guess I should scale this back. Like how do you use the ICTV?

[00:35:15] Did you ever just go to ICTV and watch.

[00:35:19] Lou Mongello: Never. And w my first response was, come on, man. Stop making this so complicated. Like just simplify it for everybody along the way. You’ve got stories. Got real. You’ve got IETV you got Live, we’ve got all these different things. Like you can just spend your all day trying to get content for Instagram, which, like I said you Adam a said, look, we’re no longer a photo sharing app.

[00:35:39] Like clearly. Is is the focus. And it is part of my strategy. You know, not just on stories, but certainly reels and going back to the point I made before. Especially having to navigate this OZO very weird and invasive Facebook algorithm and what works and what doesn’t.

[00:36:02] I think real is, has to be, and this is something I’m going to talk about actually at momentum. And we’re going to talk collectively, I think Instagram video reels, whatever has to be part of your strategy, especially in terms of trying to reach a new audience. And trying to gate grow your number of followers.

[00:36:23] Jeff Sieh: So a couple of questions. And you know, the way people consume content because. It’s going to be different. And Gary has this great question. He goes oh, so IGT, isn’t going away. It’s the name? That is, he’s confused. And I get it. I’m like, w we talked about this last week on the show is I think that there’s going to there’s putting too much stuff in Instagram, actually.

[00:36:48] It’s bloated. It’s crammed in there. I think they’re gonna have to do a redesign in the next year, but that’s just me. So IETV is the name is going to be, it’s going to be all in videos except. For reals, which is so weird to me. That’s, that’s the difference Gary is that it’s not called IETV all your videos goes to this one spot except for reals, which I, that eventually everything’s going to go in one place.

[00:37:12] It just is going to, I think, but they don’t want to give that up to TikTok. So you

[00:37:18] Grace Duffy: don’t ever use. Okay. I love this covenant. It’s overly confusing. I can’t tell my reels for my shorts. No, I cannot either. I can’t,

[00:37:26] Lou Mongello: No happy somebody I’m like, oh my God, they’re going to be like, we’re never having Lou back.

[00:37:31] He’s old and confused. I’m glad that I’m being validated. That it’s not just confusing to me. Yeah,

[00:37:38] Jeff Sieh: it’s just too bloated. So my thing is I don’t know. The w the reason TikTok works is it shows you a funny stuff or what you’re wanting to over and over again, you can just flip it and flip it.

[00:37:50] YouTube shorts is getting that way, too. If you, especially, if you look at it in the mobile app, you’ll see these the short shelf underneath there, where you can see some videos that kind of draw your eye to them. And. But really, it’s just a weird thing. You’ve got, you have to go to anyway, I digress, but I think it’s going to be a really, yes.

[00:38:10] Somebody said I can’t tell my shorts for my pants. Okay. Now it’s just getting weird. So

[00:38:16] Grace Duffy: yeah, we’ll just the, and the algorithm on the reels too, is not as fine tuned as some other plans. So YouTube and TikTok buy shorts. And my real and my take dogs are very on point, but Instagram reels keeps showing me the same type of content that I do not want to see.

[00:38:33] I do not want to see. So just like it’s over and over again. So I don’t think that reels is even as responsive. When showing you delivering the content that a user might want to see, at least in my, not in my experience. So that’s the other thing.

[00:38:46] Lou Mongello: There’s a little part of me. That’s no. So curious about what you’re seeing that you don’t want to see, but we can,

[00:38:53] Grace Duffy: I’m like, my feet is just babies.

[00:38:56] Like my children are teenagers. Like I don’t have baby fever, but it shows me babies. And I’m like, I’m not having a baby for you, Instagram. I’m sorry. I’m

[00:39:05] Lou Mongello: not.

[00:39:06] Jeff Sieh: Or you draw the line. At that? Yes.

[00:39:09] Lou Mongello: I’m glad there’s a Cola. There’s a CoLab. There’s a CoLab there that obviously has to happen ahead of time, but

[00:39:14] Jeff Sieh: yes.

[00:39:16] Oh, here we go. Here, okay. I want to pull it back and I’m gonna call it a little bit of audible here is that I want to talk about your Instagram strategy loop. So I want to know how many times do you post on the feed versus are you trying to do a story every day and how many?

[00:39:34] Cause you’re on there a lot. Like I have. Your story thing is always showing up you know, right after mine, like Lou’s got a new story. So do you try and do you batch content and then sprinkle it out or you’re like, I’m at the park today. It’s going to go crazy. I’m going to share all this stuff.

[00:39:50] So what is your strategy for Instagram?

Lou Mongello’s Strategy for Instagram

[00:39:54] Lou Mongello: So this is my honest, my strategy is not a strategy and maybe that’s to a fault because I’ve always felt maybe wrongfully, so that. Part of what I love that Instagram was that it was real time. It was authentic. So other than knowing that on Monday morning, I’m going to share out with my latest podcast.

[00:40:12] Content is going to be, I don’t say I need to post for the sake of posting, one post a day, two stories a day, whatever we’re quote unquote, supposed to do. I do what feels right as it happens, but then if a day or two goes by and I have nothing to share, I won’t, I’m not gonna. Do it for the sake of doing it.

[00:40:33] So my strategy is just intentional. And, and it’s gotta be meaningful and real. And I know that sounds lame, but it’s true.

[00:40:43] Jeff Sieh: So do you do reels? I don’t remember. I haven’t seen any reels from you. I don’t think maybe I just missed them. Do you.

[00:40:52] Lou Mongello: You know, it’s funny because I looked ahead of time to see, and I’ve done probably six or seven.

[00:40:57] I haven’t done one in a long time and again, not checking the numbers. I was like, wow, these have done pretty well. I should start doing these more. And it very much is part of the strategy going forward. Not just to provide content to the existing audience, but as a strategy to help reach a new audience, because unlike stories, real.

[00:41:19] Right, whatever it’s called Instagram video is going to be shown in the explore tab and it, and I think it’s going to be a great discovery tool. And I think that’s what I want to use Instagram for is discovery and sharing and Facebook for community and conversation.

[00:41:33] Jeff Sieh: Okay. So I know you’re a live video guy.

[00:41:36] Do you do any Instagram? Instagram lives, have you done any of those or experimented with.

[00:41:42] Lou Mongello: I’ve done a few just as experiments. And they were fine again, not measuring the numbers, but measuring engagement. Facebook still, I think is just better for me in that regard, but every now and then I might be somewhere that I know that it’s going to be a relatively quick Live.

[00:41:59] I might just do it on Instagram just to test the waters and see how it goes.

[00:42:04] Jeff Sieh: So I’m just going, this is like the lightning round. So the other question I wanted to ask is When you’re you mentioned your strategy and it’s really hard to get like links back to your content. I’m assuming you don’t get a ton of links back to your podcast, just because it’s harder to find out.

[00:42:21] You made some great points about how to do that with a short link and all that kind of stuff, but your Instagram strategy doesn’t sound like it’s going to it’s for traffic it’s for like discovery. So are you putting out content that you’re really trying to hook like new Disney fans that may have not seen you before?

[00:42:40] To look at your content or what is your, what’s your end goal for Instagram? Like why do you post content other than you’re already engaging the people who really, follow you anyway. And, oh, there’s Lou he’s on Instagram. So what is your like okay. Business strategy behind it.

[00:42:57] Lou Mongello: So I think, for example, if I post something about a new podcast, Look, if you’re a podcast subscriber, you’re going to get the notification hopefully, or are you going to be looking every money?

[00:43:05] Because you know that’s when the show is supposed to come out, but I do post it there. And not just a sort of act as a reminder, a place, if you’re not on Facebook, some people like to just talk real comments on Instagram, as well as a discovery tool, I want people to not only like it, but, maybe be incentivized to.

[00:43:26] Even if they take a screenshot of it and share it in a story and hopefully do use it as a bit of a discovery platform as well. So it’s a little bit of both. And. You know, I wish I could say that I had this very elegantly laid out strategy of exactly what I do when I’m posting about Halloween candy this week, because I like Halloween and I w and I just want to have fun.

[00:43:49] It has nothing necessarily to do with quote unquote, my business of Disney or the business of my business, but it is just a way to engage people who, as I do consider it to be friends and just a fun kind of way.

[00:44:03] Jeff Sieh: So I think that’s a great point because like your posts, you’re like candy corn, which is a divisive thing that I did not realize how much it is.

[00:44:11] There you go. Sieh I love candy corn. I always have, I practice what I preach and so let’s to the comments, if you like candy corn or not. But, but it’s your community and everything. If I could sum up one thing, like looking at your brand from the outside in it’s it all’s community. And so everything goes through that funnel.

[00:44:31] So even the post that you do on Instagram or your lives or your podcast or everything, it’s all about community. And that community is what drives the business. And so I just think that’s the, the filter that I see your stuff through is always about that. So I think in that way, you do an excellent job on Instagram.

[00:44:49] You’re actively getting new community members, but you’re also talking and engaging and sharing with the community that you already have. And

Why Community Must Come First

[00:44:58] Lou Mongello: to be clear, that is always focused first. You know, me, Jeff I, when I say it, don’t worry about the numbers. I’m also not worried about growing the numbers.

[00:45:08] I think everybody else is so worried about I’ve got 10,000 followers now I have to get to 11. I don’t care about that. I care about the 10,000. I’m making up a number. I care about the X amount of number of people who are there, because if you give them your attention, you give them your love. You give them your focus.

[00:45:23] They will help you grow organically. And I think the right way, your community as opposed to, you’re, I’ve got you now, already. Now I have to. The content I post is for the people who are there already not to try and lure somebody else in or attract somebody in to follow me. I think that needs to happen organically.

[00:45:42] And that’s why they stay. And that’s why the community remains. Yeah. And

[00:45:46] Jeff Sieh: I think you also do things and we’re getting to community now, which is great. I don’t care. Cause it’s important. Is that you also create new avenues for your community. So I don’t know when you started the spoiler support group, but that to me is an example of okay, I don’t want, there’s this new stuff coming.

[00:46:05] I don’t want to ruin it for anybody else, but we’re going to have this other thing because the community wants it. And I think it’s a thriving group. So can you talk a little bit about why and how you created that

[00:46:14] Lou Mongello: you, you hit on the operative word? It’s something that the community wanted. They didn’t necessarily come out and say it, but you can tell by reading posts that, okay, people want to talk about something, but the also want to be respectful of others.

[00:46:27] My feeling is a, somebody asks the same thing three times. If you get that same question three times, it’s obviously a common problem. So I well, the easiest way to do it is to create another place to go. Where we can have those conversations while being respectful of those that don’t necessarily want to see them ahead of time.

[00:46:45] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. The problem is when you, when you subscribe to that group, which I am, and you did not see like the latest episode of what if you’re like no, I don’t want it pops up Facebook, stop it. So anyway,

[00:46:58] Grace Duffy: So we have a question from Maggie that I want to address. I know that we w just to bring this back real quick.

[00:47:03] Yeah. Asks what can we explain what reels is the best that I can do to explain it is that it’s multi video clips that are up to 30 seconds, and you can add a text AR filters, it’s audio. So it’s basically, Instagram’s take on that TikTok experience except it’s happening with Instagrams and how this differs from store.

[00:47:24] From what I, what’s really funny, Debbie is for reals. You have to Up to get to the next one. And for stories, you have to scroll left to get to the next one. So that there’s less of that confusion as well. Yeah. And how this differs of the stories. I’ll let you guys answer because other than the placement and how often I see it and what type of stuff I’m seeing.

[00:47:44] I think reels is more like, it’s not people that I’m falling where stories are the people that I’m following, but I’ll let you guys explain

[00:47:51] Jeff Sieh: to me. The reels are always video-based. There’s not really static images is what I would say. The biggest thing.

[00:47:58] Lou Mongello: What no really interesting. It’s interesting that the question is being asked because Maggie is not the only one.

[00:48:07] And I think that’s part of the problem. We told her this earlier, like Facebook, Instagram is starting to get too confusing and I think this is their realization. Wait a minute, we need to step back and maybe just make video. It doesn’t have to be real and stories, Nike TV and all these different.

[00:48:24] Let them just all live in this one central place. Wait, do I swipe left or do I swipe up like, you need a nine year old to go, no, dad, you’re doing it wrong. This is how you do.

[00:48:35] Jeff Sieh: So, and Sabrina says this, she goes, oh, good point. The content I The content I post is for the people that are there.

[00:48:44] So Sabrina, you got to follow it. If you haven’t already over on Facebook watches lives and check out his Instagram. Cause it’s really good. This goes for anybody, not just Sabrina, but I like Sabrina. Yeah. So yeah, Gary goes, yes, it’s getting, it’s starting to get a little too confusing. I agree, Gary, it’s a, you almost need a guide.

[00:49:01] Like I think one of those books for dummies, just on how to use it. So

[00:49:06] Lou Mongello: aura or my 17 year old daughter come on in and show us how to do this.

[00:49:12] Jeff Sieh: But we wanted to make sure that we talked a little bit about the other couple of things that rolled out, which I am still confused on. Super. Is a dynamic and 3d lyrics for real.

[00:49:21] So it’s stuff that goes inside of reels, graced you know, this is something that I, you brought to my attention. So what is SuperBeets? And the other

[00:49:30] Grace Duffy: thing, there are additional AR effects, right? So super beets is just a visual edits to the beat of your song choice. I think it just does some effect on there to go with the beat of your song choice and then dynamic 3d lyrics are just onscreen lyrics that are now dynamic and they’re 3d looking.

[00:49:46] So there’s a different effect. So this is obviously. Like two new AR things that they’re adding to make reels a little bit more interesting. I think they’re very music based, which I think they’re trying to push is that audio right? Because that’s a big deal culturally over on TikTok is, you have a sound and people latch onto that sound.

[00:50:06] And so I think they’re trying to capture more of that type of content, that type of culture over on. Awesome.

[00:50:14] Jeff Sieh: So Lou the final question, if you would you know, talk to somebody like maybe Maggie or some of, somebody who’s just getting started on Instagram and they feel a little overwhelmed.

[00:50:26] Like I am never going to get to the Lou Magella level of sharing or like, where do I even start? What do you tell somebody? Who’s, somebody and it could easily happen at momentum. Something like I’m not an Instagram net yet. And I really want to be, because I know it’s going to be good to build my company.

[00:50:41] Where do you tell them to start?

Where Should People Start on Instagram?

[00:50:44] Lou Mongello: Look, I think he, and this might come as no surprise to you. I think you have to ask yourself why, but why am I getting on there and why should somebody follow me? What is the content that one I want to share? And two was going to bring value to somebody.

[00:51:01] Like, why would you need to answer the question for yourself? Why should somebody follow you? What are you going to do? That is unique. What is your differentiator? And. I wouldn’t look at other people to see what they’re doing. I think you have to go and be you and do the stuff that, that feels right for you that aligns with your messaging and your value system, as opposed to look, I’m still trying to master that very first TikTok dance and I can’t quite get it right.

[00:51:30] You know, you got to stay in your lane and do what feels right to you and you will become a magnet for the people you want to attract.

[00:51:38] Jeff Sieh: So I lied. Final question. The, this is so Disney, I’m diving into it for a new podcast and all this other stuff. And they’re the master storytellers, Disney Pixar, all that Marvel now star wars.

[00:51:56] And storytelling is very important. And I think you do that even when you do your candy corn, you know how lean candy, there’s a S there’s a story. There’s a story there. So what would you tell people, like maybe a lesson from Disney when they’re creating content like about storytelling and moving people along?

[00:52:15] Lou Mongello: I would thought you were gonna ask me to tell a story about candy and I’m like listen, first of all, you can only eat so many Halloween Oreos before you start to feel the, your skin.

[00:52:25] But from a storyteller, look, I think, look from the days we were caveman, right? We were all storied gathering around a fire, like telling stories to each other. I think sometimes people are so focused on content as opposed to. You might not think that anybody is interested in your story and they are right.

[00:52:48] When you go to a place like Disney world, it’s not just about showing them the attractions, it’s sharing your personal story. And it goes back to what I was saying earlier, in terms of what your differentiator is. Look, anybody can go to Disney and do a POV ride on, big thunder mountain railroad.

[00:53:06] What has to be different about your content is, are the stories that you are able to tell. And again, going back to, you will find, you will find your community of people that will gather.

[00:53:16] Jeff Sieh: Yeah, that’s a great, I think that’s a great advice. This was chock full of information. Sorry. I kinda went off the rails, when you get somebody an expert in and you just have to ask them questions, they’re not ready for it.

[00:53:29] Or me or no. Lou is an expert. Lou tell people where they can find you what you got coming up next. Talk about a little bit more about momentum and where people can find all your goods.

[00:53:40] Lou Mongello: First of all, thank you so much for having me. You guys always make this so much fun and incredibly interesting, and I think valuable as well.

[00:53:47] You can find everything I do on the Disney side of things, just by going to WDW or find it in your favorite podcast app and everything else I do on the business and speaking and momentum side, you can find it lumen, I’m at Lumon jello on all social and momentum. We now have two spots left for our conference, which by the way, It’s no accident that it’s in Walt Disney world.

[00:54:09] So even if you’re just looking for an excuse to tell your spouse, parents, kids, whatever, that, Hey, I need to go to Orlando on business. It’s a great excuse to come to momentum.

[00:54:18] Jeff Sieh: Yeah, I am so stoked. I was stoked last year before it was canceled because of the COVID stuff, but I’m just, I’m so excited there.

[00:54:26] So if you’re going, let us know in the comments, Toops two spots left folks. So go to Luma forward slash momentum and check it out because. I would go, even if I wasn’t speaking, but it’s even better than I guess, speak. Which is high praise? Yes, it is. So Grace where it’s speaking of high praise and once again, amazing job putting together this show and keeping us semi wrangled.

[00:54:49] Tell us, tell us where we could find out more about the amazing Grace

[00:54:53] Grace Duffy: Duffy. I am the video content manager over at Restream. You can find us at Restream dot IO. We are running a Halloween special right now, 31% off a. Either a month or an annual account. So check that out over at Restream dot. Yeah.

[00:55:07] Jeff Sieh: Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. And by the way, this is also a podcast. You can find us over on the, all the podcast, Google iTunes, all the places. Don’t forget to look at lose a podcast too. It’s when I listened to it, there’s not many. I listen to every week, but his, it just makes me hate.

[00:55:25] It’s at WDW radio, just search for that in your favorite podcast player. And with that, we thank you guys so much for being a part of our show today. Thank you, Maggie and Gary and Sabrina and Ryan, and all the folks who showed up in the comments and Dustin, all the guys who in gals who showed up today, you guys were amazing.

[00:55:41] Thank you to our sponsor. Ecamm you can find out more about them at Social Media News, Live dot com slash Ecamm. And with that, we’ll see you guys next week. Bye everybody. Have a great one.

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