Are you ready to level up your Instagram marketing strategy this coming year?

Jeff and Grace are joined by Peg Fitzpatrick and today’s show is all about Instagram!

We’re covering the newest features and product updates, the future of Instagram marketing in 2022, and how to stay competitive in a busy space!  


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[00:00:00] Jeff Sieh: Welcome to Social Media News Live. I’m Jeff Sieh, and you’re not. And this is the show that keeps you up to date on what’s happening in the world of social media. Today, we’re joined by Peg Fitzpatrick and today’s show is all about Instagram. We’re going to cover new features and product updates. The future of Instagram marketing in 2022 and how to stay competitive in a busy space.

[00:00:22] Peg. I am so glad that you’re here today. It’s exciting. It’s not like we talk every week

[00:00:27] Peg Fitzpatrick: or anything every day or all the time, but Hey, everybody else, Hey, and we miss grace today, Grace.

[00:00:34] Jeff Sieh: Yes. Uh, she is, she’ll be back next time, but she needed to take some time. So you got me, but it’s going to be a lot of fun because Peg and I, like she said, we talk every week.

[00:00:43] But if you don’t know who Pega’s Patrick is, you really should. She is a popular social media speaker, trainer and writer. She is the co-author of the art of social media power tips for power users that covers all the social media platforms. I know she’s everywhere and she’s everywhere online.

[00:01:00] She’s always been that way. Ever since I have known her, she’s passionate about social media and inspiring others to be their best. Pink. I am so excited to have you on the show and we’re also, we work together everyday on Geico, stockings, remarkable people. We need to

[00:01:14] Peg Fitzpatrick: mention that. And if you haven’t listened to remarkable people podcast, please go.

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[00:02:01] Peg Fitzpatrick: Facebook, very popular YouTube challenge that people do.

[00:02:06] Yes. And they’re giving you tips and tricks, I’m assuming?

[00:02:09] Jeff Sieh: Yes. And there’s some really good incredible, trainers in there. So if you want to up your video game on all the platforms, just go check that out and just do a search for Vlogmas, but they are amazing. Thank you, Ecamm for making this show possible.

[00:02:22] If you have any questions about he came ever just feel free to DM me because I have been using them before they respond to it. I love them to death. Uh, I’d be happy to answer any of your questions, but So today we are talking all about Instagram marketing.

[00:02:38] So one of the things in Grace helped me put the show together. But one of the things we wanted to talk about is how is Instagram doing these days? So one of the things is that Instagram, I believe last week reportedly hit 2 billion. Active users, but they’re not going to admit it. They it’s, this came from internal documents.

Instagram Climbed to 2 Billion Monthly Users

[00:02:59] Jeff Sieh: Somebody broke the story kind of anonymously. And the verge is the one who that I saw the article about. They have Instagram has reportedly climbed to 2 billion, monthly active users. That’s according to this anonymous employee who broke the news, oh, is to CNBC. Sorry. It wasn’t verge reported it from CNBC.

[00:03:17] And this meta owned company probably is never going to disclose those numbers. But especially since it’s been the last several months, been under scrutiny for potentially causing harm to kids and teens. So the last time Instagram publicly announced the size of its user base was way back in 2018.

[00:03:36] When it revealed it had 1 billion users.

[00:03:39] Peg Fitzpatrick: But that’s probably TikTok has more, which is why they don’t want to, they don’t want to share it now because they’re not number one.

[00:03:46] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. That’s what I’ve been hearing from a bunch of different sources. So it actually took three years for Instagram to hit this 2 billion mark, but this is a little big deal.

[00:03:55] So a lot of people, but just like you said, Instagram has been desperately trying to stay ahead of TikTok. This is the fastest growing short form video app. They just crossed 1 billion users in September. This is after they this is only three years after they merged from musically. And so Instagram has been rolling out feature after feature to stay ahead.

[00:04:17] And we’re going to get to those later in the show. And it’s interesting. The verge re reached out to Instagram for comment, but they didn’t hear anything back. So

[00:04:25] Peg Fitzpatrick: they got an automated

[00:04:26] Jeff Sieh: message. That’s right. Any of the men it’s really hard to get anything. I would say, cause you

[00:04:33] Peg Fitzpatrick: can do the, you can do the automated messages, like in your Instagram, like you can set up, you can set up thanks for contacting us.

[00:04:40] We’ll get back to you. So you got that.

[00:04:41] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. Yeah. So it, it’s you, we read that this, this platform has 2 billion active users allegedly, and then a lot of time we say, oh, they’re doomed or whatever, but they’re not really, they have, that’s a lot of eyeballs. So talk to about us.

[00:04:56] Talk to us about, do you feel like Instagram has become oversaturated or does it still provide like an opportunity for business owners to grow their following?

Is Instagram Still Relevant For Businesses?

[00:05:06] Peg Fitzpatrick: I think that it’s still the best place to start out. If you haven’t done anything at all, I would say. Try and Instagram Cause you can still reach people with hashtags and location tags and things like that.

[00:05:20] Facebook, I would never recommend somebody start there now because it’s impossible to reach people. Nobody checks hashtags there and nobody checks location. I don’t even know if. youcan still do locations on Facebook posts because nobody does it. If it transfers over from Instagram, it might be there. but if I was a new business, I was actually talking to a small business owner yesterday and she got a grant and she was trying to figure out, and she’s going to have some consultations.

[00:05:50] And she was like, what, do you think? And I was like, honestly, I would do Instagram, not Facebook because. It’s just too hard to reach people there. And then just share your things over from Instagram to Facebook. If you already have a page or something, I don’t ignore my Facebook page, but I don’t think it really gets too much interaction.

[00:06:09] It gets a few likes here and there, but, in general, Instagram is harder than it used to be. I think I’ve said this before on your show, Facebook used to be the place to be, and the algorithm was hardly there at all. And everybody who’s liked your page would see everything. And they cut that out a long time ago and people were like, okay, I’ll go over to Instagram.

[00:06:33] And then on Instagram you can reach a lot of people and grow. And so I have a pretty good following there, but to be honest, I can’t get it to grow. I have been working on it and I did, Kind of, we’re going to talk more about it later with questions, but, I did a little challenge to myself to try to do some reels and, TikTok.

[00:06:54] And I did 30 days of videos on both and my Instagram account. Did that grow even with 30 days of consistent reels, which is time-consuming. Yeah, so I was disappointed. I was like, maybe, you they’re really pushing reels. Their reels are the thing. It’s the real deal go real, it get real, get real, but it, I didn’t grow from that.

[00:07:19] So my, TikTok grew a little bit. I didn’t have that many. I literally have 130 something followers there. It’s not like I had a lot, but I gained like maybe 15 or something. So I gained to 10%.

[00:07:35] Jeff Sieh: So I w I wanna so, uh, Sabrina has a great little comment. She goes, it’s not hard. It’s complicated.

How Instagram Has Changed

[00:07:42] Jeff Sieh: And I agree. So I feel a little bit like. It feels bloated to me. And we’ll talk about some of the new features later, but. I don’t know if I still have the old mindset, it’s gotta be perfect on Instagram,

[00:07:56] Peg Fitzpatrick: but definitely doesn’t anymore. I was actually scrolling through my old feed, my own feed and looking cause I had, I looked at someone else’s and they had a grid going with very other kind of deal.

[00:08:07] So it made a pattern and everything was the same colors. And that was the way you had to go. Two years ago, that was the only way to go. Your pictures needed to be perfect. You needed all your colors to be there. I’ve done puzzle feeds before which people liked, but that didn’t really help grow my account either.

[00:08:23] They look pretty, but we’re definitely not in that mode anymore. And I think TikTok had a lot to do with that where it’s more kind of real, if you can say it’s real with all the filters, because the filters are insane on Instagram, you can, I could have no makeup on right now and go on Instagram and there’s like false eyelashes, full face, everything.

[00:08:44] which leads to unreal expectations. But, I think that it used to be, it seems complicated. Because it is, they add a lot of new features and they change things and they add things, but it doesn’t have to be this perfect thing anymore. It doesn’t have to be a perfect picture. It doesn’t have to be posts every day.

[00:09:04] At this time. It doesn’t like those things, the feed isn’t as important as it used to be. Now that reels, reels and stories, Stories used to be very popular, but I think their reels are more what they’re pushing now. But I still check stories a lot. I like to check people’s stories. So I think other people do too.

[00:09:23] Jeff Sieh: So Gary has, this is really interesting. So he says, he’s really cut back on what we post on Facebook, Instagram. That seems to be easier to connect with folks with messages, et cetera. And so one of the things that the more I’ve reading articles and some of the new features that are coming out and stuff I see like you doing Peg and then also like Lou Mongiello, who does the WDW radio.

[00:09:45] Which is a Disney based thing is how it grows community. And I’m all about the community stuff and figuring out that’s one of my big goals in 2022 is how can I increase and grow, not only this community, but other communities and be parts of other communities. We have a great community here, like with Sabrina and, Gary and all the people who watch and like Jim even says, this is something he wants to work on in 2022.

[00:10:08] I totally agree. So what are your thoughts on the, the future of marketing through Instagram? What do you see as like the most exciting advancements in Instagram marketing from like 20, 21 going into 2022? Because I, I, the thing I was saying is community, but what have you seen anything else?

[00:10:28] Peg, that’d be great.

[00:10:30] Peg Fitzpatrick: It’s still where I talk to people the most to in comments and direct messages. There’s people that I talked to, just on, just on Instagram. So I like it for community and conversation as well. They’ve set up a couple new things. Number one, that’s a big thing for people who didn’t have it before is that you can add a link so everybody can add a link to their story, which is a really big thing because before you couldn’t, so now you can add a link to your story and hopefully, but I don’t know how many people are clicking off of Instagram to go check things.

[00:11:08] My blog has never gotten a ton of traffic from Instagram, even though I spend a lot of time there, it’s more about the, where I’m talking to people and talking about things kind of thing. So if you want to build engagement and conversation and community, I still think that some of that is old fashioned legwork, where you’re there after you post you’re checking your comments and then, just make sure that you’re checking in every once in, you’re not just ignoring it.

[00:11:37] It’s hard to go from, not ignoring it to getting stuck in a rabbit hole of you got to balance that

[00:11:43] Jeff Sieh: out a little bit. So one of the things Adam, uh, Missouri, the head of Instagram said when actually I think it was in front of Congress that they’re, they’re embracing a paradigm shift where users are asking for more entertaining video content.

[00:11:58] That’s because of TikTok. And so, you they’re saying that it’s, I think that’s the struggle. Okay. Because

[00:12:07] Peg Fitzpatrick: they’re blaming the users

[00:12:10] Jeff Sieh: properly. Probably there I, there, I know they’re trying to do you know, get some of the attention of the negative stuff that they’ve had been happening, but I know in 2022, there’s going to be a lot of stuff like, okay, this entertaining video, AKA TikTok style videos is what’s going to be working.

[00:12:26] That’s a big, that’s just, it was hard enough for, to get businesses, to post pictures and do stories. Now we’re supposed to be the storytellers that can create. Engaging entertaining videos. If you’re a local small business, it’s really hard to create an, spend time to figure this out.

[00:12:46] So what, how are we going to do this as marketers? Are we going to have to hire influencers? Is that going to be, have to be part of our budget? What are, what do you see coming up? That’s going to have to happen? Because this video thing is gotta be a core component of our strategy because we just can’t, hit record and throw up a video.

[00:13:03] It’s gotta be creative, innovative, entertaining, all that stuff. So what are we to do? Thank tell us as you take a drink you’re muted. Okay. Oh, I’m sorry. Cause it’s, it’s hard. I’d choke to when I get asked this question,

[00:13:18] Peg Fitzpatrick: I do think that video is important. The good thing is, as we already said, it doesn’t have to be like perfect, super edited, all that kind of stuff.

Using Instagram to Tell Your Business’s Story

[00:13:28] Peg Fitzpatrick: It is edited. It’s just a matter of. The biggest thing is figuring out how to tell the story of your small business in video. Like how can you show your product? So it depends on what kind of business you are or what kind of service you are and how you can show that, show yourself, making the things, show your shop, show your, whatever your businesses.

[00:13:47] You just have to figure out how to show that in a video versus photos. It’s definitely hard to go from a photo mentality to a video mentality. It’s a little bit different. Like you just have to start filming and playing with your phone and hitting. Record button on video. Once you start doing it, it’s not that hard.

[00:14:06] I personally always considered myself to be more of a photographer. So taking pictures of things was easier for me, editing them was easier for me. There’s so many great tools now for video that it’s not as hard as it was. I like to use the cap cut app. That’s the one that I’ve been using. The most for my little things.

[00:14:25] That’s what it is Kappa. Yup. And it’s very easy to use. I just use the free version. It puts a little like thing at the end of it. You just delete it. It has our logo on it. You can do video and Canva depending on what you’re doing. And Adobe. Not spark rush premieres. What they renamed it rush premier app is great because you can resize it.

[00:14:48] You can also resize your video in Canva now, which is helpful. So depending on what you’re doing there’s a couple of different ways that you can resize that. So you have the vertical videos. So I definitely think that it’s not as hard. It used to be, to do a video like it used to be your you’d need a lot of equipment and you needed somebody who needed do, who could use final cut pro and would have to do like pro editing.

[00:15:14] And I don’t think it has to be that anymore. A little bit of real life is great, so I think if you’re a small business owner, you’re the person that people talk to and see a lot. So seeing you on camera would be really beneficial. And it’s just going to be a matter of figuring out how to do that.

[00:15:30] There’s another way to get great resources is Skillshare has lots of great classes. Just, and YouTube of course, is a trove of. TikTok by the way is a great place to learn how to edit video or do certain things. I even figured out how to do some different transitions. There’s crazy transitions.

[00:15:51] There’s so many trends, do you want to hop on a trend? That’s the way that you can, right? If that’s even a thing you can’t plan that FYI, small business owners, you can’t be like, we’re going to go viral in 2022. Probably not happened, but you could get new customers and new people, so you don’t have to ignore the trends.

[00:16:12] You can, you can usually see them in a day or two because Instagram shows them to you. You see the same song once or twice that people are doing. That’s a little clue that one is popular. So then you can just favorite that and save the song and go back and watch them and create your own version.

[00:16:30] I would challenge anybody. Who’s doing it to put your own, spin on everything and not try to copy something. Exactly. That’s one of the things that makes those videos, a turnoff for me is everybody’s is this song everybody’s going to do this thing. You got to put a little spin on it to make it interesting.

[00:16:47] And then it’s worth it to happen to the trend. If there is a business purpose for you to do it, that to me.

[00:16:55] Jeff Sieh: So I think the biggest hangup, and I know it’s been for me is then I get on there and I see people like Zach king with gazillions of views. And then they’re like, I can’t. And then he’s I can’t be that.

[00:17:05] But I think that’s what a lot of small business owners do is they see that and they’re like, man, I can’t do that when they really just need to go on and do what you were suggesting is let’s say it was like, I have a local client that’s, makes hand, handcrafted chocolates showing just how they pour chocolate and how they put it out there and how they decorate it.

[00:17:24] That’s all you need to do. I think it’s getting over that mind hurdle. And I think in 2022, we’ve got to do that and we’ve got to learn like storytelling techniques and some of that stuff that’s been around forever, but it’s just, it’s getting over that hurdle of man. I feel weird doing this.

[00:17:39] Peg Fitzpatrick: It feels a little bit weird at first to do a video.

[00:17:42] One of mine that I did I was going to a spa and I wanted to do a little, kind of the B roll video where, you know, like where you’re going in and you’re doing this stuff. And I was like, can I do this? I’m going to feel stupid filming this video, but I was like, I walked in and I forgot I was going to do it.

[00:17:59] So I said to the girl at the counter, okay, ignore me for a minute. I’m going to go make a video. And they were like, so excited about it. Did it, they were like, yay. Were they were happy about it. So don’t feel, just do it. It’s the same as taking photos, places, everybody, doesn’t now videos more popular, dope, and don’t feel like it’s an age thing.

[00:18:17] Like it’s only the young kids that are doing it. The young kids of course are doing it. But I see people of all ages. I’ve seen businesses of all kinds. And I have to admit I was so wrong. I TikTok at the beginning. I couldn’t see what the business value of it was, but there’s a huge amount of people doing great things from, getting people, showing how something is used last year.

[00:18:42] There’s tons of people right now. We’re in the holidays. There’s tons of people creating these cool videos, very short videos and how to wrap presents. This is a weird box. This is how you do it. This is how you do a ribbon. And the thing that I found last year was this person kept showing. Clip.

[00:18:58] It’s a clip that goes on the side of the table. The tape roll goes in the top. So you don’t need two hands. You can just literally hold the box with your finger and then grab the tape and put it on there. And it’s totally brilliant. And that thing sold out. The person had viral video. They had an Amazon link.

[00:19:17] Yeah, it was an Amazon link. That was an affiliate link and they probably made so much money from that one video. So it’s just a matter of figuring out how to do it, showing something that is useful because that’s one of the things that I think more is going to come over from TikTok to Instagram is yes, entertaining, but also useful.

[00:19:37] If there’s like recipes, there’s a viral pheta pasta recipe. That’s amazing for a good reason. It was real because that is such a good recipe, but pheta sold out in the country that, that’s shows you that people are learning from video and YouTube has been around forever. And I don’t think everybody on YouTube has figured out how to do it.

[00:20:01] Wow. But TikTok to me, those people have the benefit of all the other people that have been working for decades on stuff where you weren’t making money. Twitter, people are like, how can I make money from this? Guess what nobody makes money in Twitter. It’s just a thing. You sponsored Twitter chats are very few and far between, right?

[00:20:20] They have the little tip jar. Um, Twitter I never pushed that or promoted or anything, but I think I got $5. Somebody sent me $5. I was like 11 years and I got $5.

[00:20:35] Jeff Sieh: So there’s, I was going to say one comment is from, uh, I don’t, I’m not sure cause but it says leaning into the weird, uncomfortable is where the magic happens.

[00:20:43] And I was going to point out if you don’t think you can do video. One of my friends, Roger Wakefield, who is huge on YouTube is a plumber from Dallas and he is, he does amazing TikTok. He does amazing shorts and they’re hilarious, but it’s just. Doing his job and he has gone bonkers. Yeah. He’s

[00:21:01] Peg Fitzpatrick: just blown up and everyone has plumbing in their house.

[00:21:04] Right? Everyone. We hope everyone.

[00:21:07] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. So Gary says, this is a great point. He goes using some of the video effects, like green screen can make the video pop and you can pinch your video size. So you reveal more of the things behind you. Those are great tips. Gary and Sabrina says stories and sharing customer stories is big for his, her clients.

[00:21:24] And later on, she says, it’s her restaurant clients, which is, yeah. That would be really cool. So yeah,

[00:21:29] Peg Fitzpatrick: I, the last one that I did, I totally went out of my comfort zone and I was trying rollers in my hair, which I haven’t done for a long time. And I put rollers in and then it was like going to show what it looked like afterwards.

[00:21:41] So I’d do a before and after, but I started with the rollers in my hair. Ah, like I would never, in a million years have thought I would put images of myself with rollers in the internet. And so I posted it and then I just, it was a very short, it took me, I was just doing my hair anyway. So it took me two seconds to do the, before I did a little clip after put them together on calf cut.

[00:22:03] So it took no time. I didn’t do add music or anything, but I just put like a funny caption. And I tagged my favorite hairstylist. That’s on. Instead he’s on Instagram. He’s everywhere. He’s one of the people that Pinterest has doing a creator show. He’s so fricking brilliant. Videos that show you how to do stuff, do hair. But he’s also a celebrity stylist. He does like all the hot young stars and hair. And so I tagged him on that because my hair like super volume. And sometimes when he does stuff, he’s got like big volume and he commented on it like immediately. And I was like, whoo, there you go. I never would have thought that I would have put that out.

[00:22:40] But so sometimes it’s just what are you doing? And would it be interesting to someone else? Like rollers used to be the thing that everybody did in their hair. And now everybody wants beach waves. And so they’re using, a flat iron to make curls. And so even though that kind of stuff, I love watching hair tutorials.

[00:22:57] I’m sure you don’t. But to me, I like them. I like makeup tutorials. There’s cookie tutorials. There’s cleaning like TikTok is segmented into all these different, crazy cleaning TikTok and this, and I think that’s one way that the hashtags they’re fairly work. And like I said before, I feel like TikTok is benefiting from all the other, like they figured out how to make money.

[00:23:19] Not everybody is making money, by the way. It’s still probably a very small percentage at the top, but some people are making money at it. Hashtags are helping with that Twitter and Instagram goddess to that point where people were like, looking at that stuff. And the only way that people are finding the viral stuff is finding other people’s things and saving the song and recreating it, which is an interesting thing about TikTok.

[00:23:41] That it’s a, like, here’s the thing, copy the thing. Here’s the thing. Copy the thing. And I think that’s what teens and, young, young adults because in that point of your life, you want to fit in with everybody and do the same thing. But the magic is when you create your own spin. Yeah.

[00:23:58] Jeff Sieh: So I want to on that point, cause I want to go back to some of the news, business insider shared an article title, what is so great about TikTok? Cause we’re just talking about that. And it was really interesting because these leaked documents reveal what Facebook and Instagram think of their rivals from YouTube to LinkedIn, these leaked documents from the Facebook papers, shed light on what Facebook thinks of um, uh, you that the, the whole thing with the body image stuff and all that kind of things.

[00:24:27] But they even said when a new competition enters the room, Facebook has historically clone that competitors champion product, for Snapchat, it was stories TikTok. It was reels. And I guess the big takeaway is that Instagram is terrified of losing the interest and affection of these young users.

[00:24:45] Even that commercial for Metta. I don’t know if you’ve seen it yet. It tells you nothing, what Mehta is, but it just tells you what demographic throughout after. Cause there’s just these kids bop into this music and that’s it. So anyway, they’re trying to get these young users and, but from not just TikTok, but YouTube and Snapchat, discord and Twitch, and even slack they’re worried about.

[00:25:06] So they didn’t want to comment about any of this stuff, but they said that, these are all worries that they’ve had from all these pleas places. But here’s what I think I was going to say that I think this gives us an opportunity because if they’re trying to stay ahead, competition is always, I think helps the end user.

[00:25:26] So as we go into 2022. We know that they’re going to be highlighting reels there, know that they’re going to really try to get us to do that. In fact, I was talking to pink earlier. I got access to this bonus program for Facebook reels, where it says I can earn up to $35,000. Okay. Whatever. But they’re really trying.

[00:25:46] That is good. The competition is good. And so we need to lean into that as we develop our marketing strategy is okay, how can we not pit them against each other, but use the opportunity that, you they’re worried about TikTok, what can we do? Cause we know they’re going to be boosting reels is I guess what I’m saying.

Reusing The Content You Create

[00:26:04] Peg Fitzpatrick: Yeah, I think as a small business owner, you have to say, okay, I’m going to create this special content, but you have to be able to reuse it to and other places. And now the vertical video, isn’t just in one place. So you can look at it as okay, I can make this thing to showcase my business or do a client testimonial or show my service or introduce my, the followers to the people that work in the store or whatever the thing is, build your area of expertise.

[00:26:33] And maybe you’re also going to post that on TikTok and a little bit different format, and maybe you make it also into a Pinterest idea pin. So just think of ways that you can use it. So it gets, you get the most bang for your buck, even YouTube shorts, right? Yeah. But yeah, you definitely have to.

[00:26:54] Number one is to make sure going into 20, 22, that everything that you’re creating is going to add value to your business some way. Is it going to lead people to out splash page, that’s going to have products and services, is it gonna, how is it going to help your business? Sometimes it’s brand awareness.

[00:27:13] Sometimes it’s, actual sales community, there’s different areas that, everything isn’t going to be one thing. So build out what’s important for your small business for 2022. Do you need to build community and get more listeners, viewers, sales, whatever, then focus on that. But you also want to mix in the other pieces of it too.

[00:27:35] So it’s not just one type of thing all the time. So I would, if I was a small business for 2022, I would come up with a plan month by month because. You can’t go farther than a month. Things change too much of the time. So I would, look at January’s calendar, use something like planet Lee who gives really great information and like how to plan and schedule or plan app.

[00:27:58] I also liked both of those go to those places, get your calendar for the month and then, figure some posts that you’re going to put in. That’ll be on your regular page, but then work in reels and then stories when you have, an actual story to tell. But if you have, think about adding video in there, don’t get overwhelmed by it.

[00:28:21] Like I mentioned before, you can YouTube how to create all the different types. Once there’s a viral TikTok thing or a real editing thing, somebody makes a video on how to do it and you can very easily. Google it go to YouTube search, you know how to create Instagram reels and you will get all the information that you need.

[00:28:42] If you’re just going to focus on one thing and you’re just going to do reels, make sure that you learn all the little tricks in there. You want to have hashtags in there. You still want to have some of the other features that you think about a little on TikTok, but not as much, but Instagram. If you’re focusing on Instagram reels, go to Instagram, look at their help section on how to do reels, the specs, how long they could be.

[00:29:03] All of that. And then, like I said, go to YouTube, figure out how to make the videos, learn how to do three different styles. It’s not as hard as you think. And then, figure out how that’s going to be part of your, how are you going to reach your marketing goals, brand story. Building your community.

[00:29:19] Like I said, I didn’t grow followers from my Instagram rails, but I did connect with the people who are my followers there. So it’s not like it didn’t have any value. It didn’t, I wasn’t like leading people to blog posts or anything like that. I was just like creating some video content to see how it did community wise.

[00:29:37] I would say it did well. And I got good feedback from people out of them.

[00:29:41] Jeff Sieh: I did some, you deepen the relationship with the people you had in your community already, right? Yeah. So before we move on to this next thing about the new features in Instagram there’s really interesting conversation going on in the chat right now.

[00:29:55] A lot of people are struggling their viewers and their, you clicks have gone down across all networks. Micheli actually says, she’s talking specifically about a Pinterest. She goes, my Pinterest went from 1 million views to twenty-five thousand and my content gets better. I’ve given up a lot of people feel like I’m doing all the things and it’s still stinking the algorithm.

[00:30:17] Isn’t doing what it was. What do I do? So what do you tell people who are like, I am, I’m doing what I’m supposed to do and it’s just not working. What do I need to do?

What To Do If Your Content Isn’t Working

[00:30:26] Peg Fitzpatrick: Um, I will say that I’m still on organic everything. I’m not like, okay, everybody run to ads immediately because that’s gonna solve your problems because they don’t think that it will Pinterest in particularly in particular, they did They changed their algorithm.

[00:30:45] And I think every single person. Impressions went down. Maybe the impressions don’t mean as much as we thought. They mean. I think it’s a vanity metric that we hold to ourselves. Maybe you’re getting last impressions, but maybe it’s more people that are important. I do have idea pins that I’ve done that are doing very well.

[00:31:05] They don’t lead anywhere else. You can’t click to go anywhere. You have to work it in the description section. So it is hard. And I don’t think that they’re putting as much emphasis on pins that lead somewhere Pinterest, which we’re talking about Instagram, or we’re not going to go deep into this, but Pinterest is definitely moving towards being a creator network.

[00:31:24] As I mentioned that influencer that I talked about before has a Pinterest show. They have a lie, they have a show every week. They’re really moving towards creators that are making things it’s never been about supporting blockers, like at all on Pinterest, they could care less. They really don’t care about us.

[00:31:43] Thanks also needed. But it’s true. Th they want people who are like Tom Daley, the UK Olympic athlete, who’s knitting and crocheting. He also has a show. They want people who are making things, creating things. So they’re trying to move to being a creator network. And I think things that are there are going to see less interaction, even though I will say my older content that was popular is still getting.

[00:32:09] Things and Pinterest is still my number one, traffic referrer. So I would not give up on Pinterest. I would just maybe tweak what you’re doing a little bit. I appreciate that your content is better and you probably are working hard. And I feel that cause I felt the same way about mine. And pins that I create the images are way better than they used to, but they want to showcase idea pins.

[00:32:31] And so that’s when I create new things, I create idea pins

[00:32:35] Jeff Sieh: now. Yeah. And it’s always testing and trying new things. And like Dustin says he always remembers that clicks and views are what he’s going for. Clicks traffic is dropping. That’s what he worries about. And that’s what actually a lot of people are worried about.

[00:32:46] And so all we can, we don’t have the secret sauce because if we. We be a lot richer than we are right now. And we would I mean, it’s just, it’s always experimenting it. And those things change and things that worked last week, don’t work this week and it’s, you ha, if you’re doing social media change is just a constant and you just gotta keep doing it and it stinks, but that’s what it is.

[00:33:09] So let’s move on to our second section. We’re going to talk about these new features. We talked about some of these kind of a little bit, but they’ve even changed. We just talked about change. Even some of the things that we covered two weeks ago have changed. Uh, let’s talk about some of these.

[00:33:23] So Instagram rolled out a bunch of these new features and we’re going to cover them. And the first one is they last week, Instagram to Butte, debuted reels, sorry, reels visual replies. So what are reels? Visual replies? How do they work and why should we use.

Visual Replies on Instagram

[00:33:44] Peg Fitzpatrick: I would say it’s a rip off of Pinterest.

[00:33:46] I, they did that on Pinterest too, where you could reply to something with a video. I don’t know who came up with it first, but I am on Instagram. If somebody sends you a message, now you have a comment say for example, you did a video on how to do something and someone says, but yeah. But how did you, what filter did you use?

[00:34:05] Like where can I find that you can hit instead of reply, you can, you could do a. Real back to them. So you can create a video response to them and it’ll pop up the little question with a person’s name. So it’s a great community building thing. So say for example, you had something on Instagram where you posted about this new link feature.

[00:34:25] And people said, I don’t know where that is. You could make a little video, you could just do a little response and it has the person’s name and image on there. So you’re building your community by showing that this person asked you a question and you can just say, Hey, all you have to do is go here, go there.

[00:34:39] And you’ll find a little thing there for blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So I haven’t found any use any comments that I can respond to people with the video yet, but I do have the feature it’s cool. I mean, it could be if for example, it was a big influencer, big beauty influencer, or somebody like that answered one of your questions.

[00:34:56] You think it was pretty cool, or depending on whatever, if it’s the plumber guy and you asked him a question and he was like, oh my God, I use my three-quarter inch, whatever runs do you feel.

[00:35:07] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. So they come back, as stickers that when you see them in there or something like that. But they’re not like a sticker at the down, but nobody else sees that reply.

[00:35:18] It’s just private, right? If you, if I

[00:35:20] Peg Fitzpatrick: save it as a real, oh. And then share it out, we’ll have to test that.

[00:35:25] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. Um, yeah, cause I was wondering like, cause if like, so you’re a big Ryan Reynolds fan. So if you did something and Ryan Reynolds responded, you would want to share that with everybody.

[00:35:36] I share

[00:35:37] Peg Fitzpatrick: that with you. Cause it used to be every Friday for two months that I just left him alone on Twitter.

[00:35:42] Jeff Sieh: But I mean, it’s interesting how that would work. So that might be like your point building community is going to be a big deal. That would be a great, yeah.

[00:35:51] Peg Fitzpatrick: And say for example, like John , who was on our show, who is the podcasts, Guy Kawasaki, his podcast, that’s not Jeff and my show.

[00:35:59] Work on the show. Yeah. But it feels like our show because we work on it as well. But anyway, John M to director of crazy rich Asians and in the Heights, they did really great press for that movie and he had all kinds of stuff. So imagine going to see your favorite movie and then movie star did a quick little response to you saying thanks for watching.

[00:36:17] We did that with a blah, blah, blah. You would be blown away and a super fan for life. For real, you would. So a lot of these things, you can see how they can build community. It’s just figuring out how to use it for your business, but any small business could get all kinds of questions

[00:36:34] Jeff Sieh: that would be big.

[00:36:34] Even your small community doing that first small business would be amazing. One of the things that I still tell this story, and it’s the same thing is I had a question and I, it was about a video thing and Eileen Smith was talking about it and I sent her something. She sent me a video back.

[00:36:48] I think it was on Twitter and explained how to do it and showed me how to do it. Oh, my gosh. So I’m in like an Eileen Smith fan for life because she did that. And this, the power of video, it’s not, you’re not going to open some video. If somebody sends you a video, you’re not, you will. So I think it’s really cool.

Year In Review Features

[00:37:05] Jeff Sieh: So another thing that happened last week is the the company announced these new end of year playback, IgE stories kind of time capsule features. And what it does is actually takes the stories, archive and users can customize and select up to 10 stories to share with their followers. And of course, you’ve got to be eligible.

[00:37:26] You have to have posted more than three stories this year and have stories archive turned on. So they actually suggest these playback posts for you, but you can also have the option to pick what you want to share. And this is supposed to be available for users for several weeks. So this is end of year kind of things.

[00:37:43] Recaps has been really. Popular, you a lot of companies have done this. Even Reddit, Facebook is doing it red. It’s actually doing one. So

[00:37:54] Peg Fitzpatrick: Spotify did it. They create a really great content and they show you who your top people are. They show you who, your top podcasts that you listen to, like all the stuff.

[00:38:03] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. So have you seen any like brands taking that and doing it in a cool. For these re urine views, like stories. Have you seen anything? I

[00:38:13] Peg Fitzpatrick: haven’t seen anybody using that, but I’m sure it’s going to be popular. It’s a new updated version of the top nine that used to be popular, used to be people would post their top nine and two, one square, your top posts for the year.

[00:38:25] But I think they’ll do that for stories. So I’m sure people will share it. They’re always good. Facebook’s good about creating the Metta, Facebook, Instagram slash things, and Mehta is great at creating those, like trying to get you to share your old memories. They do that every day. When you go on, they show you, you were doing this eight years ago. I had one the other day that was like 11 years ago. Yeah, I

[00:38:49] Jeff Sieh: love it. Apple even does it on their, on their phones. Like their photos we’ll put together, like the year in San Diego or whatever. And I’ll see, I love that stuff. I’m a sucker and I watch him and spend way too much time on it.

[00:39:00] So I think it’s

[00:39:01] Peg Fitzpatrick: Google photos does that too. Yeah. So I think it’s smart. I think that’s a smart thing and I do think people will use it. So if you’re a small business owner, I would for sure do a little highlight on that. If you have some

[00:39:12] Jeff Sieh: good things, especially if you have customer stories that you could share, like if you have like customers come to your shop, are you explaining to the customer where you could shout the mat out and tag them in some way?

[00:39:21] That would be really cool too, so I can get a lot of Goodwill that way. So next up, this is an interesting one is the chronological feed coming back to Instagram. What, so I want to know what you think about the news of this chronological feed option that may. And we’re saying may come to Instagram.

[00:39:39] And once again, this kind of got leaked out a little bit when the head of Instagram was in front of Congress, she does. Does it matter? Should we care? Does it change anything from a business perspective? What do you think about this?

Chronological Feed on Instagram Teased

[00:39:52] Peg Fitzpatrick: It could change things. People, a lot of people point to the parent pointed to the downfall and engagement and everything when they took away the chronological feed.

[00:40:00] So the differences, now you have an AI driven feed based on what Instagram thinks you want to see versus the people that you’re following. So instead of just showing you the podcast that you listened to, they’re showing. Also other podcasts that you might like, because their main goal is to keep you there as long as possible.

[00:40:22] So for them that worked out great, but it didn’t work out as well for people who lost community, people who are, if you work so hard to build your community and get people to follow you, come on, let the people see the stuff, show your posts in the feed and show your stories. Come on. I think hopefully it’ll help.

[00:40:40] I’m hoping that if the chronological feed, if it’s an option, I would for sure turn it on

[00:40:45] Jeff Sieh: and try it. So this is what they said is it is going to be an option that users can opt to click to see a quote, recent feed, but the feed will still be algorithm or algorithm. Sorted when you open the app,

[00:41:00] Peg Fitzpatrick: because they say that they do that all of the platforms say they do.

[00:41:04] They, because there’s just too much information, there’s just too much information and you would, you can’t see it all. So they try to decide you’ve interacted with this person X amount of times, but sometimes you’re like, I, but I want them to see the other person too. I don’t know. I feel like having an algorithm on what could be worked in with chronological. If it was really to help the users see who they followed, it would be great. And then also like maybe someone who you haven’t seen for awhile, but you use, they judge you, they judge who you’re seeing by what you’re liking, where you’re commenting, where you messaging with all those things.

[00:41:41] But there are other people that sometimes I have to remember, oh yeah. What happened to that person that did the blah, blah, blah. And then you’re like, ah, I can’t even remember what their name is. Then you’ve got to look and go through your following people that you’re following define them, which is a challenge, or just let us make a list of people that we could follow.

[00:41:57] Or

[00:41:58] Jeff Sieh: so here’s the thing I would love chronological feed, but let us have do the ads. We’ll use your algorithm on the ads that you’re going to send us in between there, because honestly I have found some great like apps and tools on Instagram because they know what I like. Especially video stuff and podcasting stuff.

[00:42:13] I find some great ads and found some great resources that way. I’m fine with. But leave, like you said, leave it alone. I want to be, uh, you know, communicating with people

[00:42:24] Peg Fitzpatrick: I follow. And then if I want to see other people, I can go to the explore page and see other people that are like, who I follow.

[00:42:32] That’s good choice.

[00:42:33] Jeff Sieh: Dustin’s saying they’re actually testing the same navigation option on Facebook. He says he currently has, it shows a home of favorites, recent navigation bar at the top. So very interesting and carries really she’s watching over on YouTube. Hey Gary, I look forward to the option to view chronologically.

[00:42:49] Even if the AI feed is the default. Yeah. I wonder how many people are going to just as soon as they open up Instagram, they’re going to tap it. Chronological or maybe they’re not nerdy marketers, maybe they don’t care, but I think it’d be great.

[00:43:01] Peg Fitzpatrick: So yeah, it would be, and then it would be nice if we could get a little bit more engagement from people that follow us.

[00:43:06] Yeah.

Link Stickers on Instagram

[00:43:07] Jeff Sieh: So this last feature I want to talk about, and we covered this with Lumon jello a couple a month or two ago about when we talk about Lee’s customized links to stickers and stories. So in October, Instagram announced the link stickers, which allows everybody to share links in your story, know how, no matter how big or small your account is.

[00:43:26] This past week, Instagram added this to the news by announcing that you can now customize the text and color of your links in story. So users will now be prompted to choose a custom text for their link sticker, which is very cool, and then able to change his color by tapping on it before finalizing their story.

[00:43:44] Uh, I guess you’re limited when it comes to colors and whatever, but I really liked being able to rename it and customize the CTA op option and all that stuff. So what are your strategies paying for getting people to take those extra clicks, to get to your site or your promotion or a lead magnet or whatever from your Instagram?

[00:44:02] You said you struggle with it. Do you think this will help?

[00:44:05] Peg Fitzpatrick: I’ve always had the swipe up feature, so I got to switch my language for people that had it though. It’s like hard. Cause you’re so used to being like swipe up and there was so many really cute swipe up stuff. Yeah. So now you’ve got to try to figure out, like, how can you make that weird?

[00:44:25] It’s a really weird, awkward sticker. You tap it a couple of times, make it look better. Acute CTA. I have seen some people get super creative and make little like you can make a little Canva little graphic and then. Put it over that and you can tap it and it still goes to the link.

[00:44:44] So if you really want to match your brand, you could do that. You don’t have to though, because then you’d have to save. It is a transparent image and save it to your phone, but you could reuse it all the time and just add the little image in there over it. So that’s super dorky. So I think, um, one thing is you have to think about when you’re designing your Canva graphic, that you need to make room for the sticker somewhere.

[00:45:08] So if you’re doing it that way, You could, and I just thought of this while I was saying it, you could, in your Canva graphic, just make a spot where that link would go and then just design around like a little rectangle shape. You could do all of your design in Canva and then just put the link there and change it to make it transparent or, whatever color you want to do.

[00:45:29] So just, you have to think a little bit how you’re going to work it in and just leave space for that on your story. But I think people are definitely liking it. And I think it’s a very valuable, so you definitely want to do

[00:45:43] Jeff Sieh: it. Yeah. I’d like to know if I’d love to see people who are really getting maybe some traffic from it.

[00:45:48] I haven’t, I’ve just started playing with it, but from the comments like Sabrina’s saying love the link, stinker updates, she’s shouting it out. And, uh, Shay has a good point. He talks about, he says one word. UTM. So that’s two words, but we get what you mean. That’s really good idea is actually doing one of those tracking things.

[00:46:08] So you can actually find out that it is coming from Instagram and your Google analytics. That’s super, super nerdy, but super helpful when you’re tracking this stuff.

[00:46:15] Peg Fitzpatrick: That’s where changing the tax makes it good because before it would just show the link and then it would be like Bitly, blah,

[00:46:21] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. So this, that, that’s a great point, Shea, thank you for that. And then Carrie says the link feature in Instagram is one of the best recent features, especially being able to rename it. Yes, I agree. And the new video replies, she likes that one as well. So lots of cool stuff. It’s just remembering to do it all and being, I liked what you said earlier Peg, and we’re going to talk about that next is the kind of best practices, but what you were saying about taking the, going a month ahead because all this stuff wasn’t here last week.

[00:46:52] You’re right. You can’t really get. More than a month ahead, but planning on your content for Instagram. And I know you’re really good at this. I know from working with you with a guy, Kawasaki is remarkable. People is the Trello. We have laid out that we use. It’s very weak and it takes work, but it saves you time in the long run.

[00:47:12] So talk about some of the best practices that you think we could use going into 2022.

Best Practices for Marketing in 2022

[00:47:18] Peg Fitzpatrick: I mentioned one of them, but one, one thing that I love to use is plan the plan it’s planned It’s an app that actually integrates with canvas. You can create things in canvas and send it right into there, but they have so many great features in there to help you schedule everything I created.

[00:47:35] Let me see if I can pull it up. I can pull it up quick. I created this really amazing custom thing for myself in the app. And then it just tells me things to fill in and they do a lot of great training things. It’s pulling up. Sorry. Okay. So let me see where my strategy is. So in my strategy, you can see that you can create all these diff you can I get, okay.

[00:48:00] Yeah. There you go. So you can create this little custom thing without custom colors and create, so you say you’re going to do, I did nine different things, fill it out for your business. And then I have to do is drag those into the little calendar, tap on it, put the images in. And so just to make sure you hit what you want for your business.

[00:48:21] So we’ll get, we’ll use Dustin as an example cause Dustin’s in here. So Dustin has he’s working on some software to create social posts and things like that. If I was Dustin, I would fill out my little grid and then I would have. Features of the app when the app will be available graphics, I made from the app, a quote, using the app.

[00:48:42] Like you can just do things like that. And then it makes it so much easier because it gives you the outline of what you want to do for the month to reach your business goals, to build your community. You just want to make sure that you’re hitting those things that make sense for your business.

[00:48:58] So that’s why I like to just go one month at a time, you could plan out whether you’re doing feed posts or stories, um, maybe you want to start the week out with a story on Mondays. Something like that. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be in the app all the time. But if Instagram is going to be your main thing, that’s what I definitely do is I look at every month as a chunk and then I create all of it for the month using the main important things.

[00:49:25] The podcast is different because that’s a weekly show. So that’s what I’m doing is a weekly, like I do weekly content for that. I do a post every Wednesday, and then I create stories that I share that obviously have the link to swipe, to not to swipe up, but to tap.

[00:49:44] Jeff Sieh: So Dustin has a great comment. He goes, planning equals saving time, plus creative energy.

[00:49:50] I love that creative energy that he added there. And so. So Dustin, I’ve heard of this before he goes, instead of trail, he uses an app called notion to bulk plan, which is great. So yeah, we’d love for you guys. It’s very similar.

[00:50:03] Peg Fitzpatrick: I didn’t love notion it’s but a lot of people do. Yeah. So

[00:50:07] Jeff Sieh: let’s crowdsource this, so like drop in.

[00:50:10] If you’re watching the your favorite, planning apps, we’ve got notion we’ve got late. What was the one you said?

[00:50:17] Peg Fitzpatrick: I said plan PLA N and plan Ali is the other one that I like both of those for You can do your stories in their plan actually updated. So you can do TikTok, Pinterest, like everything is in there.

[00:50:31] Now it’s the only one that I know you can do TikTok in. So if you’re going to try to do your videos for Instagram reels and TikTok, that would be the place to go. And they also have great analytics.

[00:50:41] Jeff Sieh: Um, so we’ve got some great ones coming here and Carrie says, planning also helps reduce stress from decision fatigue.

[00:50:47] It’s just weird that it’s actually a thing that is very true. That’s why I wear the same thing every day. And Justin says, notion is overly complex, but Gary says that he’s using Wrike. I actually use Wrike for when I have a video Huskies, who I used to do a lot of my. They kind helped me with that.

[00:51:06] A sauna isn’t as what Carrie’s using Sabrina is using plan. Uh, and this is great and I think this is great, Brian. He goes a note pad and a pen and a little old school. Hey, that works. I’m sure pigs, hold up.

[00:51:21] Peg Fitzpatrick: I have my B I D I do that. I actually, I created in here, so I actually do, I do actually write my now as well.

[00:51:31] I use it in the app, but I like to, I still have to write it out just to make sure that I’m hitting all the targets for products, different things. That’s for the product based account that I

[00:51:43] Jeff Sieh: do. Yeah. So I think any of those tools as long, and I switched between them, I try to, See, what’s going to best with me and some of it.

[00:51:53] So I keep it fresh is I like to switch things up, but that’s just cause I’m a nerd and I like productivity things. This is really interesting. So this is from shares this insight. They said gone are the days where Instagram was solely for sharing aesthetically pleasing pictures. Now the app is home to something much more impactful community and conversation.

[00:52:13] So I think as we think about 20, 22 on Instagram specifically what do you think we need to know about nurturing a community on Instagram, based on our brand personality? How do you find what you’re actually brand personality is and how do you set the right tone? So Peg, you have one that you’ve done.

[00:52:30] You’ve done it for years though, on yours.

[00:52:33] Peg Fitzpatrick: So mine is me, my own personal one is me as a digital brand. So that one is easy for me. I think some ways to use the tools to try to get your brand not going into the branding. Like how do you come up with your brand, but how do you use Instagram to help build your community?

[00:52:50] I think using your personality, going into the messages and making sure that you’re responding to people, but there are, there is a way to put a little log of custom messages in there to respond to things. So if someone said, oh my God your blog is amazing. You can be like, oh, here’s my latest article.

[00:53:06] Like you could put some custom messages in there um, that are branded kind of messages. You can put links to things to share with people. So things would be consistent. I do have some of those set up on Facebook and I Instagram, I typically just answer the ones that I get in the brand.

[00:53:25] Cause I don’t get a ton. But I think thinking about those things, if you are a bigger brand, you obviously would have a whole bunch in there. Say you had a big sale going on or you’re going to give a coupon code. Any business could do that. You’re going to give a coupon code. That’s good for the next X.

[00:53:40] You could say, send me a direct message and I’ll DM you a custom coupon. Okay, let’s ask a great way to

[00:53:47] Jeff Sieh: connect. We’re running short, but I want to talk about this last thing, because let’s talk really quick. Cause you just mentioned coupon code. Let’s talk about Instagram as a shopping platform.

Instagram as a Shopping Platform

[00:53:55] Jeff Sieh: So how can brands take full advantage of these Instagram sales and shopping features within their feed posts and stories? And they’re going to have a lot more of these tools rolling out. I know in 20, 22, but how can we, how can brands sell stuff on

[00:54:09] Instagram?

[00:54:10] Peg Fitzpatrick: It’s amazing. There was a during that fashion weeks, there was virtual fashion shows and you could click on things.

[00:54:19] Get the price and buy it right there. So I think it’s really going to be the way to go virtual shopping. Ralph Lauren has I saw it actually in a magazine they promoted their virtual store and you can go to Ralph virtual. And it’s just like being in the store and you can scroll around and click on the picture with those little marks where there’s tags and it takes you to the product page.

[00:54:45] So those things are zooming along and I know the Instagram’s going to be moving even more towards that, especially with stupid COVID and not being able to do things in person there they’re moving the technology along faster. So I think Instagram is, are ready, has already set up really well for Instagram shopping.

[00:55:05] It’s so easy to buy things just from an ad. So if you were a brand. Product and you are going to do an Instagram ad there. You can tap on things and shop to buy right there. So they’re just going to keep moving forward and making more great things that way. But if you have stuff that you’re selling, definitely get your shop set up on Facebook and then the products transfer over to your Instagram.

[00:55:29] And then it has a shopper and underneath it super easy, and it’s very seamless and people only have to set up their credit card stuff once. And then it’s just like a one-click purchase. It’s very. Easy to buy things that is

[00:55:44] Jeff Sieh: so before we go, something else is very easy. And we talked about creating these real contents before, and I want to make sure, and I was going to mention it, then I forgot.

[00:55:52] But the sponsor of our show, It actually lets you make the vertical video right inside of of Ecamm. So if you want to record it first and then you send it to your phone easily through, especially if you’re using a Mac, it goes right over into your phone by just the share sheet.

[00:56:10] You can make those vertical videos on, Ecamm get them the way you want, look into your monitor, get your lighting just right. Whatever. And you can go in and make your reels content that way video and all sorts of stuff. Yeah. Super easy. And you can add your stuff on stickers later. So make sure you go check out our friends at

[00:56:30] They’re amazing. But also who else is in. Is Peg Fitzpatrick. So Peg tell people where people, where we can find out more and all the goodness that is pagan and give your Instagram handle as well. Cause you do really good stuff. There is two.

[00:56:44] Peg Fitzpatrick: Mine is the same everywhere Peg Fitzpatrick. So if you went check out my website, Peg, Instagram, Pinterest, wherever I’m Peg Fitzpatrick, it makes it easy to find me.

[00:56:54] If you come to Instagram, come and say hi, I think my last one is my one with the rollers. I guess you won’t miss that one. But yeah, come and say hi. I do love when people come and say hi and I respond.

[00:57:07] Jeff Sieh: Yeah, she’s awesome. And I just want to put this up because this is why our community is so good and I want to do more community stuff.

[00:57:14] As we come on to 2022, but Dustin just said this, he said, breaking Instagram, introduced likes for stories. You can now like a story. I had no idea. I wonder what that’s going to mean. How that’s going to factor into the algorithm. So now look at Peg. I know she’s looking at her phone right now,

[00:57:36] so anyway, it’s random. Thank you, Dustin, for sharing that, everybody check that out. Let us know what you think about this. Likes for stories. I’m not sure what it’s going to do. What is it? What is that?

[00:57:48] Peg Fitzpatrick: Dustin came and said, hi.

[00:57:51] Jeff Sieh: Yes. And so everyone’s Ooh, breaking news live. Yes. So we went a little long today, but thanks Dustin, for sharing that you guys are awesome.

[00:57:58] Yeah, he says, he says one of his into test Instagram accounts. Got the notice. Yes. So this is, what’s so fun about doing a live show cause you get live breaking news in the middle of it and at the end of it. Uh, thanks everybody for watching. Do not forget. We are also a podcast. You can find us on all your favorite podcast platforms.

[00:58:18] Just we’d love it for you guys to leave us a rating and review. Make sure you go follow Peg. Our next show will be on Friday, January 7th at 11:00 AM central mean 11:00 AM. Eastern, 10:00 AM central. And with that hope you guys have a wonderful holiday season. I may do something special Christmas week.

[00:58:34] I’m not sure, but it probably won’t be on Friday because that’s Christmas Eve. But anyway, thank you guys so much for watching. We’ll see you guys next time. Appreciate all of you.

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