Did you know you can live stream to Amazon? Want to expand your audience and grow your revenue at the same time?

Jim Fuhs shares how to live stream on Amazon on this week’s Social Media News Live. Listen and learn how to get started with Amazon Live, apply to become an Amazon Live Creator, and grow your business on the world’s largest retail site.


Jeff Sieh: [00:00:00] Welcome to social media news live I’m Jeff Sieh and you’re not.

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[00:00:26] Jeff Sieh: [00:00:26] That’s right. And by the way, today, we are joined by the amazing, awesome Jim fuse. And we’re going to be talking all about how to stream on Amazon. You’re going to find out what you need to know to get started with Amazon live. Where to apply to become an Amazon live creator and how Amazon life can expand your audience and grow your revenue.

[00:00:51] So we’re going to jump into that in just a second, but I wanted to also do a shout out to another one of our sponsors, who we could not do the show without them. It is the amazing Ecamm, that’s how we’re doing all these cool lower thirds and cameras and graphics. So if you’d like to find out more about them, go to socialmedianewslive.com/ecamm Thats socialmedianewslive.com/ecamm So with that out of the way, I want to make sure that we talk about my friend, Jim, if you don’t know who Jim is, you really should. He’s president and C, C O O a fusion marketing, a full service social media management company. And Jim is a retired Marine Lieutenant Colonel turned digital marketing consultant.

[00:01:33] He’s a speaker live streamer with over 30 years of business and social media experience. He teaches people how to go live each week on his podcast, launch your life. And he’s cohost of two live shows. You can catch him, go going live on Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn, every Wednesday on the Tim and Jim show.

[00:01:53] And you can watch him on Amazon live and Twitch on deal. Casters live Jim, welcome to the show. My friend. 

[00:02:01] Jim Fuhs: [00:02:01] Thank you so much for having me, Jeff and grace. This is very exciting. I was like, I don’t know who you’re talking about this, this guy everyone should know, but definitely, definitely appreciate it. But yeah, this is these are exciting times to be a creator for, for 

[00:02:13] Jeff Sieh: [00:02:13] sure.

[00:02:14] Yeah. So I wanted to bring up some of our comments really quickly. We have Denise saying hi, I want to say hi right back to her, we have Katie going saying hi guys and gal. I know she’s usually we, you know, we it’s, it’s pretty balanced. We bring, bring on a lot of female guests, but it’s kind of overweight today, but it’s, it’s fine.

[00:02:31]But Katie says is Amazon live in the UK yet? Jim? Do you know the answer to that question? 

[00:02:36] Jim Fuhs: [00:02:36] It is not in the UK yet, but you can become an Amazon influencer in the UK. There’s a, actually the UK, India and Canada have the influencer program. They just can’t go live yet. But we, we talk a 

[00:02:48] Jeff Sieh: [00:02:48] little bit.

[00:02:49] Okay, cool. But also when you got your fans here as well, we’ve got Rob saying, Hey Jim, so he’s giving you a shout out. And he says, yes, I’m using e-com to stream on Amazon live. So very excited today. So Jim, when we were going through your bio and it’s very cool that you were in the Marines and on your website, you talk about marketing the Marine Corps way.

[00:03:10] So tell us what marketing the Marine Corps way means. 

[00:03:15] Jim Fuhs: [00:03:15] Yeah. So in the military, and of course, you know, being a a Marine, you know, retiree, you know, once a Marine, always a Marine, we do things in very systematic ways. So we have what we call this five paragraph order called the acronym is smack you know, S M E a C.

[00:03:31] And what that means is, and it, where it somewhat equates to like smart goals when you’re working with the businesses, you know, first of all, what’s the situation, you know, what is, what is the problem? The challenge that we’re going to take the mission, the M is like, what do you want to accomplish with your business?

[00:03:47] So that when I’m working with businesses, like, what is it, you know, what is the plan where we want to get to, then we get into the execution. How are we going to get there? You know what what’s the roadmap, how long is this going to take? Then we get into the admin and the logistics as an example, what are the resources that we have that we need to get?

[00:04:07]And how are we going to, in a sense, like resupply that, you know, as an example for Aben logistics would be, are we going to use a Gora pulse to manage the social platforms? Or, you know, are we going to use restream if we’re going to help you start a live stream, show things of that nature. And then the command and control is who are the key points, who are the decision makers in order to move forward.

[00:04:27] And so, the other thing is Marines. You know, military folks in general were very decisive. You know, it’s like, you know, we, sometimes we like to say lead follower, get out of the way. So that may turn some people off, but some people are going to like that because right. We want to be decisive. We want to move things forward.

[00:04:45] And part of the reason why I got out of working, you know, with the government, not saying the military. Is the whole bureaucracy thing, right. We want, we want to be lean mean and and move forward, you know? Cause you know, those that, that wait you know, usually end up in trouble later because they failed to make a decision.

[00:05:04] Jeff Sieh: [00:05:04] That is really cool. I love that. So we can say grace, I’m sorry. I, you, yeah. Oh, 

[00:05:08] Grace Duffy: [00:05:08] I was going to ask him my next question was how did you get started in social media marketing as a Marine Corps officer? Cause you did say you had like 30 years experience and I was like, Whoa, that’s I mean, you’re serving. And so tell us like, what was that path from going to being an active officer, actively serving as an officer to running an agency.

[00:05:29] Jim Fuhs: [00:05:29] Yeah. So I, I when I retired, which has been going on, gosh, hard to believe, 12 years you know, I had been in, you know, logistics, finance. I was actually a double major in business, got a master’s degree while I was on active duty in acquisition and contracting. And so when I was I started getting into government consulting and I would run into these people and I’ve also been a, a nerd for a long time.

[00:05:52] So I was always kind of in the tech anyway. But I would run into these people. That’s like, Oh, I do social media for businesses. And so I started doing, you know, the analytics, it’s like, wait, these people are getting paid to do post for people. And I would look at what they were doing. And I was like, wow, that they’re really not doing a whole lot.

[00:06:12] And they’re getting paid for this. I said, I need to dig into this because I think I can do better. And I’m sure you guys have seen that as well. So I, you know, was in a couple of networking groups. And so I switched from government. Contract consulting to social media, because I had some folks in my networking group that basically said, yeah, I’d be willing to hire you.

[00:06:33] You know, I trust you. And so that’s how I started. And then that just became what I did full time. And then it’s about collaborating with, you know, web designers, graphic designers, because I think that’s where a lot of people make that mistake, I think. And I got to do it all myself. I mean, when I first started out, right, I was building my own websites, but you know, and Jeff, maybe he builds his own, but at some point, you know, some of that stuff, you’re like, it’s like a necessary evil, but you you know, it’s like, this is the stuff I really like doing.

[00:07:04] And I think when you do stuff you love and you like, you know, like live streaming, then it doesn’t even seem like a job. 

[00:07:11] Jeff Sieh: [00:07:11] Yeah, I did the website stuff for a long time and I really, I have a great appreciation for the people who do it now, because I’m glad I don’t have to do it anymore. I’ve kind of, I kind of think like, I’m like you, I really enjoyed the live streaming, but yeah.

[00:07:23]I don’t really want to build websites anymore, so yeah, 

[00:07:27] Grace Duffy: [00:07:27] absolutely not. So let’s get into the topic of the day, which is getting started with Amazon live. Now we typically center the show around some big major news story. We are a new show after all, but this week we decided to talk about something that’s kind of been buzzy, at least over the last six to eight months.

[00:07:44] We see a lot of different news outlets have talked about a live shopping, particularly Amazon live. We’ve got stories from the New York times, Forbes, our friend, Stephanie loo actually wrote a couple of articles for entrepreneur on the topic of. Specifically Amazon live. So, you know, but still it’s one of those things that not a lot of people actually know about, at least not here in the U S via which we keep seeing this is live streaming.

[00:08:08] The next big thing in retail and the answer is yes, absolutely. We already see that it’s a big deal overseas in Asia and in China where one statistic I saw was a two thirds of shoppers say that they’ve already bought something through like a live video, live streaming live shopping experience. So this phenomenon is definitely something that, you know, over the, at least the last year, as retailers have had to move online, as things have had to shut down, or, you know, as people were you know, having to stay home, be distant or whatever.

[00:08:39] So a lot of business owners ended up. Switching a lot of that in-person brick and mortar selling to online. And I think we see that definitely see that on Amazon, not surprising world’s biggest retailer. So the big question we get a lot, whenever we talk about that, you know, this show itself is going to Amazon live and people are always like, well, how do you do that?

[00:09:00] So Jeff, tell us, how do you get started with the live Amazon live streaming platform? How do you sign up to broadcast who’s? I mean, is it just the, the most awesome people in the world? Or can anyone, can anyone do this? 

[00:09:15] Jim Fuhs: [00:09:15] You know, I guess, I guess to be to be fair to some people, I wouldn’t say that you have to be like the best, because there’s definitely Jeff, I’m sure you’ve seen it.

[00:09:24] There’s quite a variety of broadcast on, on Amazon. But here here’s the biggest thing. So first of all, to start out, it’s a, it’s a somewhat simple process. Step one, you have to become an Amazon associate. Which is what used to be called the Amazon affiliate program. So as long as you have, I think a website, you can, you can do that.

[00:09:45] Now. You can go quickly from being an associate to an influencer, sir, but here’s where you you know, somebody like, Oh, you can, anybody can do it. I will say this. You don’t have to be a live streamer to become an Amazon influencer. But what they’re going to do is they’re going to look at for, well, you, you get to choose, they’re going to look at one of four social profiles.

[00:10:05] They’re going to look at Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, or your Facebook business page. Now with YouTube and Twitter, you’re going to get an instant decision. And with the other two, it could be up to five business days. They don’t tell you what those numbers need to be. I can tell you what I’ve seen though, is that I think with Instagrammers, if you probably got a, you know, over a thousand followers, you could make that application with Twitter, it seems like it’s been about maybe a 5,000 or so threshold YouTube, if you’ve monetized you know, or I don’t say even say monetize, but have at least a thousand subscribers and then Facebook, I’m not really sure, but I did help a lady that I’m actually helping producers show.

[00:10:52]Who’s actually watching Denise. She was doing art for kids on her Facebook page. He has like 28,000 Facebook followers. And so we used her Facebook business page. And so now she’s doing live streaming art classes on Amazon and able to put the products in the carousel while going live. So I think it’s really a cool thing, but once you get approved and here’s the other thing, if you get disapproved, don’t give up, try again.

[00:11:18] We know some people that have applied a second time and you know, maybe sometimes they’re looking for that. Are you serious about it? But then I think the other piece of it is that You know, you, you just got to then be ready. Like, are you going to go live? Cause if you do get approved as an influencer, and like I said, you can also do this in the UK and Canada and India, but India, you have to have a bank account in India.

[00:11:41] So I don’t think too many of us will do that. You actually get an Amazon shop where you’re now able to upload shoppable photos. You’re able to upload videos. And once you get to like 10 videos that are approved by Amazon, and these could be like product reviews, those will start to show up on product pages in Amazon.

[00:12:01] And so people click on those. Then you’re going to drive revenue to yourself for doing that. So you have to have an iPhone. It’s kind of like a clubhouse thing right now, or an iPad because it is an iOS app at this point. So that would be the other catch to getting, getting to that next step to actually be able to go live, but no requirement to be like a live streamer, you know, like, I think even sometimes right with LinkedIn, you’re like, why aren’t these people getting approved for LinkedIn live, even though they go live all the time.

[00:12:32] And that’s where I think you see some of that issue with the Amazon. Creators is that like all of a sudden, like, Oh my gosh, I can go live and I don’t know what I should use. And so yeah, you can use E cam OBS, you know, stream yard, or you can just go live off your phone though. I’m not really sure why you would do that, but then again, you know, that’s probably cause like, like the three of us were used to like making things more of a production and you know, it’s like, I want more than just my phone, 

[00:12:59] Jeff Sieh: [00:12:59] right?

[00:13:00] Yeah. So, so, we, of course I knew this would happen. We have a lot of questions and comments, so I wanted to pull these up. So, my pal, Ian are all of us are, are friends with this guy. Ian goes mom, I want to be an influencer when I grow up. So, yeah. And maybe, maybe if you’re lucky no, I’m just kidding.

[00:13:17] He is an influencer, but and, and so, and he, and goes also, he goes, it can’t be as bad as trying to apply for LinkedIn live. Cause I know a lot of people struggled with that. I think, I mean, Jim and I were talking about that back at social media marketing world, you know, A couple of years ago, trying to get on it and, and all that.

[00:13:34]And some other custom other things. And I don’t know about this, but Ian’s also says we’re looking into TransferWise now called the, something a transfer went. I called wise, if you want to have UK, us or UK European bank account might help. I don’t know. Have you heard of anybody trying that kind of in run to get approved gym using something like a, a bank 

[00:13:55] Jim Fuhs: [00:13:55] account like that?

[00:13:56] I have not, but I do know you know, cause in Ian’s case being in the UK, I know Howard Vale, who’s also in the UK and even Marco Novo who’s in Portugal. You can apply even if you’re not in the U S to be an influencer through the amazon.com site broadcast, but you’re going to be broadcasting to the U S that’s the thing you’ve got to be aware of, but nothing preventing you, you know, Ian from applying on amazon.com and become an Amazon influencer through the U S.

[00:14:26] Platform, because I think eventually they’re going to open it up to these other countries. And I think we don’t know the numbers, you know, there’s a Facebook group started by Monte Weaver, melody Johnson and crispy Giles Amazon you know, I think it’s Amazon live creators that recommend people go and check out.

[00:14:44]We think there’s maybe a thousand, you know, there, there might be more than a thousand influencers, but I think there’s less than a thousand people going live on the platform. And that’s, what’s crazy when you consider that Amazon is the largest product search engine in the U S night, it gets more searches for products than Google.

[00:15:07] And so that’s where I think you know, it’s like, you know, it’s kinda like right. We all wish we had been on YouTube when it first started. Right. Well, now here’s your opportunity with the new platform. And so I, I think, you know, there’s a lot of you, I’m surprised there’s not more YouTube offers doing that, but I think if you’re a successful YouTuber, right.

[00:15:25] It’s kind of like, it’s that whole breaking the cycle and the pattern of what you’re used to doing. Like, well, I’m making money on YouTube. It’s like, well, you could do the same thing on Amazon and I guess, double dip. 

[00:15:36] Jeff Sieh: [00:15:36] Right, right. So can you tell me again once the, the lady you were helping on Amazon, what was her name again?

[00:15:42] That she started 

[00:15:43] Jim Fuhs: [00:15:43] doing? Oh yeah. D Denise Carbonell. Who’s in the, she she’s in the chat. Yep. So if you guys that, 

[00:15:49] Jeff Sieh: [00:15:49] yeah. I’d love for you guys to check out her shop, because I think it’s great to see how not like we’re over there live right now, but see, and like, okay. Maybe you are an artist and this gives you an idea.

[00:15:59] So make sure you go check out Denise’s shop@amazon.com for its I shop for slash artists at heart paint party. Artists at heart paint party. So go check that out because I think that one give her some love, cause she’s watching this show, but also go check it out and kind of learn from what she’s doing and how Jim’s teaching her.

[00:16:18] The other thing I wanted to bring up is this is from trauma. He goes, I definitely want to know more about applying to Amazon live. And so that’s the next question I was going to ask you, Jim. So like tell us about your experience applying to broadcast on Amazon live, you know, where do you apply to become an Amazon live creator?

[00:16:37] Did you know, you mentioned how long it took, but did you find it easy for yourself and for your clients? And have you had anybody have like a really long wait time? 

[00:16:44]Jim Fuhs: [00:16:44] No. It’s, it’s like it’s really quick. I think the biggest thing is you have to really take a look at your social followings and it’s like, look, if you don’t have enough people, it’s one of those, you know, Hey, you could try, but until you build up whatever platform you want to focus on that’s going to be the challenge, but it’s literally, I think you can even just do a Google search for like a, you know, Amazon associates or Amazon influence.

[00:17:08] And then Ross brand actually created a great YouTube video that walks you through the process. I mean, it literally, I was already an Amazon associate had been for awhile. It took me 10 minutes to get approved. I mean, it’s, it’s really that simple, it’s, it’s a matter of making sure you’re registered, you know, with Amazon, you can use that same associate email account that you’re using to be the account you apply with for the influencer program.

[00:17:35] And then basically you’re going to end up, you’re going to have two accounts. You’re going to have your regular associate’s account and then the influencer account, which ties into when you live stream. So, I think it’s, you know, it’s a, it’s, it’s simple. You know, and that’s why I said, I, you know, shout out to Ross.

[00:17:50] I, of course Chris stone, my, my co-host and I always talk about like, yeah, we need to go ahead and make that video to show people the, the process. Cause it really is an easy process to get approved disapproved, so to speak. And yeah, I could always provide a link for that after 

[00:18:05] Jeff Sieh: [00:18:05] the show, can we drop that down in there?

[00:18:08] So great. She had another question as well. 

[00:18:11] Grace Duffy: [00:18:11] Yeah, absolutely. So most of the reading I’ve been doing on Amazon live, obviously. You know, very obviously connects it with the QVC home shopping network format, you know, where Amazon sellers, influencers, influencers come in and promote a product and drive sales through the live videos.

[00:18:28] Basically here here’s a product. Let me demo it for you. And by the way, you can buy it right now, down below in this carousel of ads. But when I was checking out, Amazon live more for more, for more in depth for this segment. I saw a lot of fitness videos, cooking classes, parenting videos, your friend, Denise, like things like her, her art studio, you know, which definitely you could have a product tie in, but there were also a lot of talking heads type interview shows, like for instance, the show we’re going live on Amazon and we’ve done pretty well with it, even though, you know, we tend to sell like we tend to post.

[00:19:05] Like our guests books or, you know, the audio equipment that we’re using, but do you have to have a physical product to go live on Amazon and be successful for it? Like if I were a business consultant or if I was running an agency like you, and I really want to just talk about my knowledge and my services, how can I include Amazon live in my marketing strategy?

[00:19:25] Jim Fuhs: [00:19:25] Yeah. So actually, so Chris stone and I on deal, casters live part of what we do is that we like to talk about live streaming and podcasting and helping people get started with that. So we’ll be talking about strategies or we bring guests on, you know, we’re excited. Jeff’s going to be joining us on Tuesday on deal Castro’s live.

[00:19:44] And we talk about that stuff. And so you don’t have to make it about like, You know, the cute, and there are people that do that, nothing wrong with that. But if that’s not your natural style, right. If you are more of that interview person, you know, you can kind of mix it up. So we’ve had shows where we have the stuff in the carousel and you can highlight it, you know, as you’re talking about it or, or just even, you know, like if a book author comes on, you know, maybe they’re talking about books that have influenced them.

[00:20:12] You’re not like saying, Oh, go down on the carousel and check out the book that the people that are on Amazon realize that’s going on. I know you have another question later about, you know, how the, the levels, so kind of talk about what happens there and we get to that, but I, but we just looked at it. We, you know, Chris and I already do live shows, so it’s like we weren’t going to change our style just to be, you know, cause I’m not.

[00:20:35] Yeah. You know, I don’t like to think that I’m like a Hawker, like, you know, Hey, you know, by this now, you know, by this, you need to get this microphone stand right now. Now we will do shows where we’ll do demonstration, where we’ll take a product and we’ll show people kind of the, you know, the, the goods.

[00:20:51] That’s the other thing. Right? You can’t talk bad about other products. So you, you got to be careful about that. You’ve got, but you know, it gives you that opportunity, like, especially if you’re a product review or going back to these YouTubers, why wouldn’t you review that same product on Amazon? Because people are like on that product page.

[00:21:10] And all of a sudden that video pops up like, Oh, I can actually ask somebody who knows something about this live and get an answer. And that’s not something you always get, like say with a, with a YouTube video because it’s recorded and you’re not, you know, these people are ready to buy right there in the mall.

[00:21:28] Right. And that’s a thing that I think is what makes it really magical. 

[00:21:34] Jeff Sieh: [00:21:34] Yes. So let’s talk about you know, kind of the process, cause we’ve got a lot of people asking questions and we’re going to get to those at the end of the segment. But I wanted to, to kind of go through the process of setting up an Amazon life.

[00:21:48] So like how, like, because we mentioned this app and it’s a little wonky compared to like what we’re used to doing on live stream. It’s it? It’s, it’s all we had to do back in the Periscope days where you would just, for us, we would start it on our desktop and then you’d have to do this RTMP code and then you’d have to go, I’ll go live on Periscope.

[00:22:07] And it’s kind of the same thing on on Amazon live. So can you walk us through, like, because we talked about how to get into the influencer program, all that kind of stuff. And now we’re setting up a show. Can you kind of walk us through Jim, how that happens? Yep. 

[00:22:21] Jim Fuhs: [00:22:21] Yeah. So you’ve got this Amazon creator app.

[00:22:24] And so you, you log in as your, you know, your influencer are other things on there. I’d like, you can be a brand and some other things, but you log in, you’re going to have this account. Now you can actually go what they call you can go live to Amazon, or you can do, what’s called a test mode, intellectually broadcast to Amazon, but you’re the only ones seeing it.

[00:22:43] Right. For anyone you share the link with what I recommend, even though you could go live through the phone is we use a call it external camera. And it gives you an RTMP code now that what’s nice about that is whether you’re using something like, you know, restream or whatever product, when you build that destination, that code is always the same for you.

[00:23:03] So it’s not like every time you go live, you’ve got to get a new code that I think is actually a nice thing. So then, but you have to have a thumbnail, right? Which is the normal thumbnails. Like you see on most of these live streaming platforms, you’ve got to add at least one product to the carousel. You have to have a show title, and then you have two options.

[00:23:23] You can just, you know, when you’re ready to go live, go live, or you can actually pick a time and a date, which the advantage there is as Amazon is improving the the ability of people to find the live streams. Like when they’re on, on the web on, on the amazon.com site, they have these different categories.

[00:23:42] So then that. Will show up on your you know, as an example now, right? If, if you’re following us or like, I know I follow you guys, I’ll see, there’s a column called like creators, you follow. And I can see the last show that that was done and they have like upcoming live streams. So that’s one of the advantages of scheduling.

[00:24:02]They’ll also say, you know, upcoming live streams. So that’s, so you want to set that up in the app. The app is where everything is driven from. And then of course, when you go live, you hit the go live button. First on your streaming software, that RTMP code then goes to the app. It’ll this little button will then light up, go live, go live does a three-second countdown.

[00:24:24] And then boom, you’re on Amazon. But as you know, Jeff, there is a little bit of a latency. So there’s a little bit of a delay between what you’re seeing and then what is showing up on Amazon. So, but You’ve got, you know, we usually put, at least we’ve gotten to the point now, you know, kind of learn as you go.

[00:24:43] We put at least 20, 30 products in every time. Not always the same products because what’ll happen is over time as you move up. It’s really the biggest thing to say about going live on Amazon is get those first 90 minutes done, get out of being a rising star into the insider program. So like with Denise, we did that on our first show, right.

[00:25:03] We did one show over an hour and a half. She got approved for insider. And the number of views sheet, you know, has getting now went from, she got like, I think about a hundred on the first show. And then on the last show, she had like 1600 views of her art class just by going from one level to the other, because on that insider level, You’re actually going to get your video will start to show up, live on the product pages of most products, not all like, you know, Apple and some of the big brands, your, your video is playing like live stream related to this product.

[00:25:38] And so if they click on it and as, as Chris and I like to joke, now that now you’re getting the milk and cookies, that person is now potentially for 24 hours. Anything that anything they buy on Amazon, you’re going to get affiliate revenue. So that’s, that’s really the big deal of getting out of that first phase into the next phase, which is the insider.

[00:25:58] And so, you know, it doesn’t take long to do at all. But, but yeah, so that’s kind of the, you know, the way, you know, you got to do it in the app. Now you can do it on your iPad as well. So I’ve got as an example because you’re having to change products during your show, through the app, if you want to highlight them in the carousel.

[00:26:17] So I’ve put it now on an iPad. Cause I was, you know, My, my wife scolded me. Cause she said, you always look like you’re looking down. It’s like, well, I was managing 

[00:26:24] Jeff Sieh: [00:26:24] the app and it’s hard to do. It’s so many buttons to push. So I wanted to, I wanted to make sure everybody heard what you said, that when somebody clicks on it, you have that 24 hour attribution window of anything else that they buy.

[00:26:37] So for example, I, I am just like, I’m just coasted on Amazon. I’m not doing a show like you and Chris are doing deal casters, which is a great show by the way. I’m just, I’m putting this one here. And I have my podcast listed and my microphone and stuff like that. And if I have guests on, I have their books, like we had Mark Schaefer, I had all of his books the other day.

[00:26:58] We had Holly Homer. I had all of her things that she was selling on there. So it’s a way to, to also help guests, you know, you bring on the show, but I’ve sold Bazaar. You know, I’ve sold over, you know, I think it’s $8,000 worth of product over there from just the, the lowest. Thing to do is stream it over there and people enjoy it and are commenting.

[00:27:17] I see people right now. But so I mean the, the opportunity here is amazing. And then I think if they add it to your cart, it’s like, is it a week 

[00:27:25] Jim Fuhs: [00:27:25] that they, no, it isn’t actually, I think it’s 90 days if it’s in the car. Yeah. So, so yeah, so you’re like, please, please put me in your car at least think about it.

[00:27:34] Yeah. We sell 

[00:27:36] Jeff Sieh: [00:27:36] here on your car right now. 

[00:27:38] Jim Fuhs: [00:27:38] Yeah, exactly. And I will tell people like, look, if you can’t decide between microphones order, both of them, you can always return the one you don’t like. That’s kind of, kind of funny as well, but yeah, you, you, you hit on something that I think too people don’t realize.

[00:27:53] And, and Chris and I have been doing that cause with deal casters, we even created a podcast with it. You can put podcasts in the carousel because not all podcasts, but I think a lot of them are now on Amazon music. So there’s a great way to drive people, to follow your podcast. You know, they, they can listen to it through Amazon music.

[00:28:12] And I think we forget how big the Amazon ecosystem is. And I always say, you know, it’s probably not a sleeping giant, but I think sometimes when it comes to people thinking of social media, they don’t think about Amazon. Right. But with everything they do with voice and everything else and the things that they’re continuing to work on you know, it just makes a lot of sense to, to get yourself out there.

[00:28:34] If this is something that makes sense for, you know, or even if you’re an agency, right. That you’re, you know, manage a brand, it’s like, Hey, we need to get this brand on there because they’ve got an opportunity to get their product in front of, you know, people that are ready to buy it. You know, Chris stone, my cohost, you know, w we’ve done a couple of talks and, you know, he kinda equates it to, you know, when you’re driving down the road and you see a billboard or you see a like a flyer on a telephone pole for pizza, You know, you’re not like you may not do anything then, because that, wasn’t what you were thinking about.

[00:29:07] But you know, when you’re on Amazon, it’s like you’re in the mall or you’re at Costco and I’m the guy. Well, like, you know, Hey, would you like to try this hot dog? And so when you try that hot dog, anything you bought at Costco that day I’m getting credit for. And because you know, you, this shopper is ready to buy.

[00:29:23] And I think, and I know people talk about Facebook live shopping, but this is how I equate it. And, and, you know, thinking of not only our own behavior, but human behavior in general, I don’t go to Facebook shop. So I, it would be hard, I think, for me to say, Oh, I, you know, I’m going to go on Facebook and go to this person’s live stream and do Facebook live shopping?

[00:29:45] No, I’m when I’m on Amazon, I’m shopping and now, and we’ve seen on our show where. It’s almost like, well, let’s say we’ve got some fans now and whenever we go live, they’re showing up and there’s people I, cause I watch other people’s shows. There are definitely now people that are starting to see that, Oh, this is, this is kind of fun.

[00:30:05] I get to talk to these people while they’re having their show and we’re able to respond to them, whether it’s verbally or even in the, in the chat, that’s only live during the the episode. And so you’re getting that engagement. Right. And then ideally, they’re going to start telling their friends like, Hey, you should check this out.

[00:30:22] So, that’s where I think if you can make your show more of a show and not so much about a QVC HSN type of thing, I, I really think there’s a lot of opportunities for, for creative people. 

[00:30:35] Jeff Sieh: [00:30:35] I totally agree. And I want to go back to a couple of things that I learned when I did what I set up, my Amazon Lyme.

[00:30:41] In fact, the first one I did did not work. And I did the, I did the preview. I pre did the preview thing and Amazon, the problem is Amazon will only accept, is it four 80 or is it seven 27, 

[00:30:52] Jim Fuhs: [00:30:52] seven 29. Heard? Yeah. That some people can do 10 80, but you have to be able to like downgrade your bit rate, like it’s, but I, I just go at seven 20.

[00:31:03] I don’t, I don’t mess with it. Yes. So 

[00:31:05] Jeff Sieh: [00:31:05] what I do because so cause we’re using restream. I want to have the highest quality going to YouTube and Facebook or whatever. And so I had to dumb down my pod. So I use restream and I use the they have a re encoding feature that I use and I’m able to go in there and dumb down just my custom RTMP that is going out to Amazon live.

[00:31:24] And that’s what got it to work. Cause I didn’t want to dumb down all my streams. Just the one for AMS dumbed down is a bad term, I guess, degrade or, you know, change the resolution. So I had to do that and the problem was is I, when I tested it. With the Amazon, you know, preview feature. I did it high quality and it said it worked.

[00:31:41] So just know that, that even if it says it works, that sometimes it doesn’t. So especially if you’re in coding too high, and that’s what I found out with that. So yeah, so I think that’s one of the big tips I would say when you’re, when you’re going live. But Jim, do you have, like, so, you know, what tips or advice do you have for someone just getting started with Amazon live?

[00:32:05] I mean, particularly when it comes to setting up your stream and the products that you’re showcasing, you know, is there, is there a limit to the number of products you can come out? Do you, you know, do you have a strategy? Do you change those up each time for your shows? Or what kind of things would you tell people who are just getting started?

[00:32:21] Jim Fuhs: [00:32:21] Yeah, I think one of the biggest things is you don’t want to always be doing the same exact products. Now, mind you, as an example you know, we’ve actually, here’s another thing you can do on Amazon. You can apply for what’s called merch by Amazon, which is their own print on demand service. So like Chris and I have created some, you know, deal casters live t-shirts and those pay anywhere from, I think it’s a 10 to 30% commission, depending on the the actual price of the product that you create.

[00:32:50] But you can put those in your carousel. So if you want to brand your self up a little bit, you can do that, right. We add our podcasts, but then what we look at too, is are there deals going on that day that were broadcasting? So you can go, go in and look at, you know, what are the daily deals? I mean, that’s going to become really big.

[00:33:08]You know, the, the rumor is July, possibly June prime day. That’s going to be huge. If you’re an Amazon live streamer, we were able to participate in that lat last year. And we were shocked at the number of views that we would get on some of those streams. On that. And of course, I think like, we’ve, we’ve decided we’re not going to sleep that day.

[00:33:27] We’re just going to be on Amazon for 24 hours. Because, because you starting to see like, wow, this is really, you know, people are out there, they’re going to shop regardless. So why not you know, maybe drive them to your cookie. But yeah, so we look at that, like, what is, you know, we try to highlight the things that we definitely plan to talk about, but you also don’t have to worry if you don’t talk about it.

[00:33:46] Right. I mean, so that’s why when we first started, right? Cause they used to say, you know, you want to get at least 10 products in there, but I would recommend try to get 2030. You can have as much as 40, you can also add stuff on the fly. So sometimes what will happen is like we might be having a conversation and say, as an example, you know, I’m using a Samsung QT microphone and I didn’t have the carousel and someone’s like, you know, Hey, what’s that microphone you’re using.

[00:34:11] I’d like to learn more about it. It’s like, Oh, let me go find it. I can add it real time into the app. And now it’s showing up in the carousel. So then that person that’s asking the question can go straight to it. So that’s one of the nice things about having, you know, Chris and I, as a team is sometimes like we can be doing like, we are now right.

[00:34:30] A solo mode talking about something. Other one of us is like doing a little research for that viewer, because that’s part of why we do Amazon live is like, we like to help people. And so this is a way for us to help these people in, in real time, you know? And so like, maybe someone’s like, you know, Hey, I’m looking for a monitor.

[00:34:48] I’m looking for headphones because we’re, we’re really focused on the tech space, right? Like I’m not necessarily going to talk about If you want to call it like home goods, but you know, I do use a Vitamix. Vitamix is give you a nice percentage. We’ll talk about you know, what’s funny is Chris uses a Garmin watch and we talk about the garment every once in a while.

[00:35:09] And Garmin’s had some great sales lately as an example. Well, here’s the nice thing you get net. It’s not a hundred percent accurate, but Amazon gives you as a creator, all your sales in a spreadsheet. So that’s when you start finding out, like, as an example, we’ve never talked about the Roku, we’ve talked about the Amazon Firestick cause that’s something we both like, but we’ve sold over 60 Roku sticks on Amazon because I think what happens is people are looking at the Firestick and there’s always like, Oh, you know, here’s other products similar, but because they clicked on it, We have that cookie we’re getting credit for, for that Roku stick as an example.

[00:35:47] So, you know, you really can get creative. I mean, you know, even like you’re talking about your books, you know, what’s, you know, what’s that stuff that you use all the time. Right. And if it’s on sale, put it in there. I’ve sold 

[00:36:00] Jeff Sieh: [00:36:00] iPads and like the people by my road caster, which I’m going to click right now, so people can buy that if they would like to on it.

[00:36:08] But, so, I mean, it’s really, and by the way, I think the team based that you were saying does make it a lot easier because half the time when grace is full screen, I’m like eating a sandwich or, you know, watching Netflix or something. But most of it, I mean, but the, the thing that it really does help with having two people.

[00:36:23]So, but real quick, I want to talk about, you mentioned when we’re talking about all, about, you know, setting up Amazon live and I think people could potentially, at least it was for me when you first get started at that first that first tier, I can’t remember. It’s called again. Yeah, the rising, rising star.

[00:36:39] I got nothing. I mean, I got maybe a couple of years, I didn’t sell a thing, but when I went to that next year, when I hit that tier of how many hours you have streamed, that’s when the magic happened, it was like a faucet was turned on all. Cause I think it goes into those product pages. That’s when I started making sales, when I started seeing people following me and all that kind of stuff as well.

[00:37:00] So I think that’s important too. So if you’re starting on Amazon, don’t get discouraged with that first tier because for me, nothing happened at all. It’s just getting your feet wet, going out there and going live 

[00:37:11] Jim Fuhs: [00:37:11] well. And they’re, and they’re telling you, right, they’re looking at a couple of things. One, they’re looking at your thumbnail, right?

[00:37:16] They want to see a decent thumbnail. They’re also looking at your presentation, supposedly like they’re looking like, are you you know, giving value to the people, watching the show? You know, that’s why, like, if you’re talking about the products or, you know, Working that into too, that they’re looking at that as well, you know, do you have a good stream quality?

[00:37:36] And here’s the other thing, right? Amazon wants you to go live at that first level specifically, at least 20 minutes. But as you move up, like, I think even as you know, to get to alias, which, you know, they keep moving the goalpost a little bit right now you have to have, you have to have 2000 followers on Amazon, right?

[00:37:54] So follow this show, follow deal, casters you know, we need more followers you know, because that’s how you even to be considered for a list, which that’s, when you can maybe show up on amazon.com and you get a, you get your own little person, you know, at Amazon that you get to talk to, but the insider level is still a great place to be because like I said, I don’t.

[00:38:17] I don’t even know if, like I said, if there’s a thousand people live stream. Cause if you were to go look, you’re kind of always seeing the same people going live. So it’s not like there’s all these other people showing up, but yet, anyway. But yeah, I think, I think that’s the big thing is get to insight or don’t get frustrated that, you know, cause we, we had that same thing.

[00:38:36] Right. We had, we had two shows. We had our first show, we had our show with Jennifer Watson. It’s like, wow, we’re really not getting a lot of use. But then we were able to apply for insider and it was like, you know, like night and day it really was. Yeah. So it makes a huge difference. 

[00:38:50] Grace Duffy: [00:38:50] So I’ve heard this rumor and you can verify if this is true or not, but I have heard that the more often you stream, the more often you’re going on, Amazon live, the more places you show up on amazon.com.

[00:39:01]You know, I’ve seen this too, as you know, I’m shopping for products and then you go down and you see the recommended products. Occasionally I’ll see a little video and it’ll be one of those Amazon live videos of people talking. I don’t even know if it’s related to what I’m looking at or if it’s just randomly there.

[00:39:15] But I was wondering, is this true that you will show up in more places on amazon.com? The more often you, you stream live? 

[00:39:25] Jim Fuhs: [00:39:25] I’m not sure if you’ll show up on more places, but that’s where the number of products and the carousel, that’s where the more products you have, you will start to show up on those pages.

[00:39:36] And even sometimes you’ll show up. Unrelated product pages. So as an example you know, sometimes we’ll do like a test where we’ll pick a specific product. We will see that we’re live on that page. And then maybe other items related to that, you know, it could be competitive products even. So that’s where that gets into a little bit of the strategy.

[00:39:57] But to your point, grace, right? You’re like, it’s not, they may not be talking about that exact product you were looking at, but I think it’s also, Amazon’s trying to drive people into the, the live space, you know, as viewers, because then they, you know, that gives a cause. That does, that does some other things that you know, we start talking about monetization.

[00:40:17] It’s more than just the fact that you’re getting paid by Amazon for affiliate revenue. There there’s a whole nother space that as a creator, you may not be thinking about and that is brands and other companies wanting to work with you because guess what. You’re in front of literally at times.

[00:40:36] I mean, yesterday, Chris and I went live, we interviewed Phil Hill. Who’s a home security expert, has his own Amazon show as well. And we were talking about like, you know how Amazon can protect your, you know, Alexa can protect your house. We had 3,500 people watch that episode. Yeah. And so if I’m a brand and I know that this is a good show, and I know these people are getting in front of a couple thousand or more people, every time they go live, why wouldn’t I want to now talk to these folks about, you know, becoming a brand partner, right?

[00:41:11] Like, you know, cause they’ll, you know, if you send me the gear, then I can actually review the gear. And then the other thing is for a brand to go live on Amazon, they actually have to pay if they wanted to do it on their own. So that’s the other thing, right? As an influencer, don’t sit there and say, Oh, I’m going to do this for free because they’re going to give me a piece of gear because that’s the nice thing about this Facebook group.

[00:41:32] We’re all collaborating and working together. It’s kind of like podcasters, right? It’s a, it’s a tight knit family. We’re all supporting each other. I was like, look, don’t, don’t give yourself away. Don’t just say, Oh yeah, just send me, just send me that you know, Shure SM seven B and we’ll be good. Because you’re giving them something that they can’t necessarily get on their own and they don’t necessarily have, you know, quote unquote the talent to do that.

[00:41:56] And you’ve got a couple of folks that have gotten really creative because you know, like even what you have now is you have your own channel on Amazon. Right? You could have other shows on here, right? You could have other talent that would be going just live on Amazon at different parts of the day or whatever.

[00:42:12] There’s a one called top rated one called sway TV. There. They have people that they basically have going live. Just about almost every hour of the day, different people talking about different things. It could be related. Fitness could be related to specific product. Well, they’re getting paid by brands like, Hey, we want you to have someone come on and talk about, you know, our.

[00:42:35] Products are our suite of products. And so you could literally, it’s literally like, you know, going back to your QVC HSN model, grace, you can basically have your own channel where that’s all you’re doing. And yeah. So it’s, you know, 

[00:42:48] Jeff Sieh: [00:42:48] really you’re listening. Hey, I use the stream deck and the lights 

[00:42:52] Jim Fuhs: [00:42:52] buddy.

[00:42:54] I’ve got one right here. 

[00:42:56] Grace Duffy: [00:42:56] Here’s one I’m feeling left out El Gato. I will promote a free gym. Tell me like the length, like, as far as going live, you’re talking about going live for 90 minutes. I know. That’s like I could probably sit here and talk for 90 minutes by myself, but not everyone, you know, is equipped for that.

[00:43:12] So tell me what the ideal length of a stream is. Do longer ongoing streams. I’m thinking like Twitch do better than a shorter structured format about 30 minutes, or do you recommend like an hour long, 45 minute type format? What really hits on Amazon? 

[00:43:28] Jim Fuhs: [00:43:28] We, we try to go live at least an hour. And the reason I say that is you got to remember, there’s a couple of challenges that we don’t necessarily have the insights to.

[00:43:36] Right. This has always been, if you want to call it the live streamers dilemma. Okay. But this has got a little twist on it. When is the right time to go live? All right. Well, part of it is amazon.com is a us website. So you’ve got to think of when do people shop? Not when do I want to go live? Cause you’re, you’re trying to find when people shop the most.

[00:44:00] So some of it, right. Guess what’s coming up soon in a few weeks, right? Mother’s day. So when our you know, children and, you know, dads and sons going to be looking to shop, okay, West coast is three hours behind. Right. Some people, but you’re right. Some people shop in the morning. So maybe you do a show in the morning.

[00:44:21] I know Ryan Swanstrom he does a show wake up with Ryan, right? He’s going live two or three times a day on Amazon. And he’s talking about like re remote work technology and things like that. And think he said last month he had $150,000 in revenue shift revenue on Amazon by going live that often.

[00:44:42] Jeff Sieh: [00:44:42] So is that why you went with deal casters after dark? Now that sounds like a bad Cinemax. Thanks. But it, it, it, it seems like you guys are really doing really well. And I saw that. I think you went live yesterday, did another deal Castro’s after dark, which I thought it was a genius thing. Is that the reason why you, you kind of went to that format?

[00:45:00] Jim Fuhs: [00:45:00] Yes, because we started to say, you know what, at least once a week, cause there’s two things, Chris and I, we have, we have guests, you know, like, you know, Jeff, next week we’ll have you. And Monday we’re going to be interviewing Lois Kramer. Who’s a famous not only author, but helps speakers that want to get paid.

[00:45:16] She helps them with that strategy. So those are going to be more interview formats, but we also wanted to have one where we have fun. It’s like, let’s see what happens. When we go live later. So ideally it’s going to be seven 30 or later, cause guess what? The West coast, right? It’s five, you know, six o’clock and, and those people maybe didn’t have now home, maybe they’re playing around on Amazon, want to shop.

[00:45:39] And we’ve been very one happy with the, with the numbers. Right. You know, we getting a few thousand people watching those episodes and it is right. It’s, it’s different. It’s a little looser, a little less structured. And then sometimes we’ve also started to do a Friday afternoon thing called Friday fines, where we’re specifically looking for deals.

[00:45:58] And that’s where it’s just me and Chris, as opposed to like, you know, so it’s not always a guest. We love having our guests. But you know, as an example, when it comes to prime day or black Friday, or some of these other shopping days, we may say, you know what, it’s just going to be the two of us. We’re not going to bring on a guest unless we want to like break something up.

[00:46:18] But you know, you think about these Amazon book authors, right? What a better way to launch a book than to be live on Amazon. And, you know, I mean, even if someone’s watching them on Facebook, it’s just not the same. Right. You know, that, you know, I think that’s really the, one of the big keys to it, but yeah, we we’re always like, you know, we even used to do a thing and we’ll probably go back to it during football season.

[00:46:45] We had like, you know, before the games we’d do like a Monday night pre-game and we’d, we’d even talk about like, you know, we joke a little bit like we’d, you know, pick who we thought was going to win the game. We’d you know, bring in some of the gear for the two teams cause they sell the gear on Amazon.

[00:46:58]You know, so, you know, really it’s, it’s the, sky’s the limit, you know, you kind of figure out what works. I think the thing you gotta be careful about is, and would you are doing Jeff is, is I think a great move. I know Kristoff trap does the same thing as right. You’re already doing a show, a podcast.

[00:47:15] Why not stream it to Amazon and why 

[00:47:18] Jeff Sieh: [00:47:18] not? Yeah, and I want to talk about how to engage the people. And I want to bring, this is from Marco and I wanted to do this. He goes, it’s amazing how many views we get. And it’s almost like back in the wild West days of Facebook live when you would get views just by going live.

[00:47:33] And it feels kind of that same way over on over there right now, when you go live on your page, but you still want to have products and kind of like, it’s a podcast, this the stuff I sell makes sense for this. But I wanted to ask you this question because Amazon’s lives landing page, you know what promotes it as a way to engage with shoppers in real time and drive sales with interactive live stream.

[00:47:56] So let’s talk about this interactive piece. So what type of audience interaction can you expect on Amazon live? You know, and then how do you engage with that audience? 

[00:48:07] Jim Fuhs: [00:48:07] Yeah. So what we’ve had to do, cause you got to get a little creative. One of the things that. Occurs it, you know, you, you, you realize viewers may don’t realize is that they’re muted when they first come on to Amazon.

[00:48:19] So they can’t hear a word you’re saying. So we’ve got like a a, a transparent overlay where we’ll throw it up there and they’ll say, unmute, you know, follow, you know, we’ll, we’ll run a ticker, like, you know, unmute for great advice on live streaming and podcasting, because then if they can hear you and if they’ll put comments, right, we’ll talk to the comments.

[00:48:39] Like it would be, you know, like, you know, we’ll see like when you follow us Jeff, or if we see you’re on there, cause you’ve commented like, Hey Jeff, great to see you tonight. What do you got going on? And we can also type into the chat. So sometimes right. Maybe you type something into the chat to, you know, create some engagement.

[00:48:55] Like you ask a question like, you know, Hey, what are you guys looking for tonight? Or, you know, what, that sort of thing. So that, but that engagement is only during that episode because you, the other thing is Amazon wants you to repurpose. The the shows after the fact, they’re fine with you, you know, sharing stuff on other social platforms.

[00:49:15]You know, they give you a link to your upcoming broadcast that you could put out on your various social media, you know, send out to your email list. So people come watch it. But I think the challenge is that people don’t realize that this is a thing. Right. You know, I can’t tell you how maybe I like Amazon.

[00:49:31] What I think, 

[00:49:33] Grace Duffy: [00:49:33] can you ask, can you add, can you respond to the comments after the streams or does it have to be happening when you’re 

[00:49:40] Jim Fuhs: [00:49:40] God it’s gotta be during the live? That, that’s the one one ch I mean, I guess that’s because that maybe the way they’ve got the technology set up, set up, it just kind of shuts down.

[00:49:49]And that’s why sometimes, you know, we do, multistream just like you guys do. But, but we still want people to come over to Amazon ultimately, because it doesn’t necessarily do any yeah. They don’t, they’re not going to be able to buy the stuff on. So, 

[00:50:02] Jeff Sieh: [00:50:02] so I want to pull this up real quick, cause this is so like, I’m going live on my iPad and you can barely see it here, but that’s, and we do have a comment over there and Howard goes all great stuff.

[00:50:11] How do brands decide what they want to work with and how do they know the number of use, for example? So if you could answer that. Didn’t because you talked about working with brands, but I can’t wait till I can actually bring comments on screen because it’s really hard to do all this stuff by itself.

[00:50:24] But right. So if you’re wanting to work with a brand like Howard asks, how would you do that? 

[00:50:29] Jim Fuhs: [00:50:29] So there’s a couple things that happen. One, you’re going to have brands reach out to you. And we’ve had a couple where we’re in a, I will say we’re beyond negotiations. It’s more of finalizing the the deals, but you could reach out to them.

[00:50:41]I think there’s still a lot of brands that don’t realize that Amazon live is a thing, right? I mean, it’s, it’s funny. You would think Amazon would go out if they are selling is like, Hey, by the way, we’ve got this program. It is funny. I don’t know if you guys have been seeing it in your Facebook feed, I’m starting to see this like Amazon, you know, influencer ads.

[00:50:59] So I guess. Right. They’re advertising for people to, to join. So, so you want to jump in now, but yeah. Approach, approach some of these brands, but here’s kind of the way Chris and I look at this, I mean, we’re getting emails from companies in China that I’ve never heard of. You know, they’d like to give us the thing for free and it’s like, I’m not going to talk about something I don’t believe in.

[00:51:19] Right. And I think that’s where you have to be careful as a, you know, cause you’re being called an influencer. Right. I sometimes don’t know what I think of that, but I guess just comes with the territory, but you know, make sure it’s something you believe in because if you’re out there telling people like, you know, Oh, you should buy, you know, you should buy this microphone stand that comes with a Samsung, Q2, you, and you don’t believe in it.

[00:51:38]And somebody starts to get it. They’re going to say, you know, Hey, don’t, don’t listen to these guys. They give bad advice. So I think that’s part of it, you know, make sure it’s a product that you like or would like to learn more about. But yeah. You’re, you know, and I know Howard just recently became an insider Howard.

[00:51:56] They will start to approach you you’ll start to get emails from companies. You had no idea existed somehow how they get your email, but it’s like, you know, Hey, we’d like to, we love your show. We’d like you to talk. And, and that’s the other thing, right? We had to think as live streamers. Right? Right. People are always watching.

[00:52:13] They’re not always commenting. They’re not always engaging, but they’re, but if somebody was like, you know, I’ve been watching your show for the last six months and I’m now ready to talk to you. And you’re like, Whoa, So 

[00:52:23] Jeff Sieh: [00:52:23] as we start wrapping up this, we’ve gone so much in depth of the show. I’ll be, we can talk probably for another hour.

[00:52:28] We’re gonna have to have Jim on to do a part two, but we’ve talked a lot about going in multiple places and broadcasting with the software. You may have heard us mention that a couple times we are using Ecamm. You see me switch the screens we have done. You have the lower thirds to come up. I can pull up gyms, you know, title and all sorts of things.

[00:52:45] I’m doing that with this amazing software for a Mac called Ecamm, and you can find out more about that at socialmedianewlives.com/ecamm Support them because they help us with the show. And we’d love for you guys to go over there to socialmedianewslive.com/ecamm 

[00:53:02] Grace Duffy: [00:53:02] Yes.

[00:53:02] And we’re also, we also have been talking a lot about Restream. So as you know, we are multi streaming this over to Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Amazon live. And restream actually offers the transcoding service that will allow you to go over to Amazon live and we’ll even show you how to do that.

[00:53:20] We’ve got 24 seven live human support. So definitely there’s always going to be someone around. That’ll be able to help you get there. If you are interested in doing that, we you can learn more about it over at socialmedianewslive.com/restream Again, that’s socialmedianewslive.com/restream And find out how you can also multistream on your live shows and also distribute your show as a podcast.

[00:53:45] Pretty seamlessly. In fact, 

[00:53:47] Jeff Sieh: [00:53:47] it was alive if we’ve been talking about, so we’ve only got a few questions left and we wanted to kind of like answer this question, Jim, like, why. We’ve I think everybody knows by now why you should do it, but like, if people are still like, I don’t know if, how can I talk for an hour?

[00:54:03] What do you tell people? Like, cause you got me on this Amazon live train. So what do you tell people when they say no? Why? Why should I do it? I mean, I don’t get that many followers on Facebook and it’s just, do I really need to, what do you tell those people? 

[00:54:18] Jim Fuhs: [00:54:18] Well, I’m going to tell you right now, if, if you’re a live streamer and you’re looking to monetize your live stream, that’s one reason to get on Amazon live.

[00:54:26] If you’re already talking about products, if you’re already interviewing authors, you’re just giving yourself another audience that one’s interested in, the stuff you’re talking about, and that is willing to make a purchase. And I don’t have to have a thousand subscribers and 4,000 view hours to monetize.

[00:54:43] I’m going to monetize. Almost instantly, like you said, Jeff, once you get out of that and I will say, you got to get out of the rising star thing to that next level, you will start to make money off of your live streams on Amazon. And, and then the brand deals that are possible that, you know, cause you know, Tim sewn and I have been going live for almost three years on the Tim and Jim show.

[00:55:03] And I don’t think we’ve had, you know, any brands saying, Hey, we’d like to, you know us to talk about our microphone on Facebook because they’re not, they’re not looking for that. I think that’s a very few and far between, and this is the opportunity to get in early right. Five years from now, if you were one of the first people and you stuck with this, I think there are huge opportunities that are going to arise for you out of getting in early.

[00:55:29] Jeff Sieh: [00:55:29] I think that is awesome. Jim, you are a wealth of information. I’m so glad that we were able to connect to get you on the show. You’ve helped me out so much with all of this. So tell us, first of all, wherever we can find you on Amazon live and where else we can find you on the interwebs and where you’d like us to go.

[00:55:47] Jim Fuhs: [00:55:47] Yeah. So for the show itself it, the easiest way to find it is go to deal casters.live, and that will take you a redirect, right? To our most recent episode. You can follow us there. You can also go, we have a tap link, which is like a, I call it link tree on steroids tap link.cc Ford slash deal casters.

[00:56:07] You’ll see all the places you can connect with us on deal casters. Because one of the things that came out of this is we found that. We had to create some social platforms for deal Castro, because it was like, wow, we, you know, we want to get people back to the show and it doesn’t always work if you go to go to like my fusion marketing stuff.

[00:56:24] But we call it the flywheel of content. Right. It’s getting people back to Amazon. And yeah, so that’s another place and then yeah, you can, I’m active on LinkedIn, Jim fuse and also Twitter fusion marketing which is what got me approved on Amazon was, was my Twitter my Twitter account. So, 

[00:56:41] Jeff Sieh: [00:56:41] and I’ll bring up this from your pal, Chris stone, he’s watching over on LinkedIn deal, casters dot line.

[00:56:46] Make sure you guys go check that out. Chris is amazing too. We’re going to have to have him on as well, because he is amazing personality over there on deal casters and as well, I want to pull up this tap leak. This is the thing you just said. Tap link.cc forage. Last deal, Castro sinks Christopher S putting those in the comments.

[00:57:03] Grace, thank you. Once again for helping me with the show, where can people find out all about you and all that you do? That is all great stuff. 

[00:57:11] Grace Duffy: [00:57:11] You can find me over at restream where I am the virtual events manager, and I’m pretty active on LinkedIn and Facebook. So definitely find me there. And speaking of Facebook, Jim, you’re talking about that Facebook group where people are interested in going on Amazon live.

[00:57:25] What was the name of that group and how can people find? 

[00:57:28] Jim Fuhs: [00:57:28] Yeah, I want to say it’s Amazon live creators and maybe Chris could drop that in, into the chat as well. It’s a public group, you know, if you’re thinking about becoming a creator definitely come on over. You don’t have to be actually on Amazon live yet.

[00:57:42] And we’ve actually right. That’s another place where some of these brands have started to have their people join and they’re like, You know, they’re checking us out. So, it’s really exciting. Very cool. 

[00:57:51] Jeff Sieh: [00:57:51] So by the way, folks, you’d like to connect with us, make sure you go to this. This is the text number.

[00:57:57] This is the thing I’m testing to see if we can get around the old algorithms where people can’t see it when we go live. So text me at nine Oh three, two eight seven nine zero eight eight. You can get a show details when we go live. I always push those out, but also if you’d like to get into my inbox, ask me a question, ask me like, Hey, how can I get the amazing Jim fuse on my show?

[00:58:15] Well, you can text me and I’ll connect you super easy. So (903) 287-9088. And by the way, our next show will be Friday, April 23rd at 11:00 AM. Eastern 10:00 AM central time. Our guest is the incredible Rachel Miller. And as always, you can find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Amazon live. And we’d love to connect with you.

[00:58:37] Thank you so much. Jim for being here. Thank you for the audience for all your great, great questions. We’ll try to jump back in there and get to some of those as well. Thank you guys so much for all your comments and sharing and everything you guys do. 

[00:58:50] Jim Fuhs: [00:58:50] Thank you guys. Great. This is amazing. Thank you. Yeah.

[00:58:54] See you guys. 



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