YouTube launched YouTube Podcasts. Spotify continues pushing video podcasting to creators. Even TikTok is thinking about launching a music service to feature podcasts. See a trend?

With companies making big investments on video podcasting, we invited Zach Mitchem to discuss how YouTube podcasts can build your YouTube channel, brand, and business.


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[00:00:00] To this. So I, hello everybody. Welcome to another edition of Social Media News Live. Of course we are here. We’re chatting away. You guys get the little ti if you join right, right at the beginning because, uh, we’re always just talking and Grace is always asking questions and I’m. I’m trying to press all the buttons, but thank you guys so much for joining in today.

[00:00:17] We’ve got Zach here with us and it’s gonna be an exciting show. Uh, so make sure you ask your questions down below. Um, and we’ll try to bring them up. It, we always, we kinda always joke around that. Uh, this is for Grace and I it’s free consulting and you can join into yeah. So you come here to ask exactly questions.

[00:00:34] Guess who needs help with their YouTube channel and their podcasting? It would be us . Yes. Yes.

[00:00:39] So you get to benefit from our consulting. And also we’re so excited to have Zach here with us. He’s someone that I, uh, found recently and we’ve just been chatting away and like, actually I found him because one of his posts on LinkedIn, just like, I don’t know how he came to me.

[00:00:53] I think we have a lot of mutual connections and I was like, whoa, this guy’s brilliant. So you guys, this you’ll today, so we’re gonna nerd out about all this stuff. We’ve got some phrase already popping in. We’ve got Ian Anderson, Greg going, how, how, how. Because he makes fun of us from Texas. Um, and he’s from the UK.

[00:01:07] Thank you for chiming in, for my, my friend, Gary Stockton from a Huntington beach, California. Gary, thank you so much for joining in today. I wonder you have some questions about video podcasting. I know because Gary is a podcaster. He’s also a musician I’m musician. He’s uh, pretty talented guy. So, uh, Gary ask your questions today of Zach and our friend Martin from LinkedIn is popping in from Toronto.

[00:01:30] Thank you, Martin. You always show up and I appreciate you, um, uh, stopping by. And then also our friend Lu Magella who is faceless. We it’s so weird. Um, Facebook is a mess because I’ll go comment on his show and he can’t see me and he comments on ours and I can’t see him. I don’t know what Facebook is, you know, they’re just like you guys can’t be together.

[00:01:51] You’ll break the. I don’t know. So Lou thank you for stopping by. Um, and our friend Brian Farrell is here saying good evening for all your, all your lovely people. I believe you’re in Barcelona maybe or Spain. You’re always all, all over the place, Brian. So he was in Barcelona last time. And then we’ve got Tim Sieh and we’ve got, we’ve got Lou Lou saying Zucko and then we’ve got someone from LinkedIn saying that they know they’re excited because Zach is here.

[00:02:15] So I, I too, I’m excited. LinkedIn user . So Ian says my, his main focus for the next 12 months is YouTube, LinkedIn and email and his podcast. So this will be a great show, Ian. So ask your questions today. One of the questions I do wanna ask, I wanna ask you guys is Facebook wouldn’t let me make an announcement post.

[00:02:31] So did this just go live in the feeds and you guys, uh, found out about it. Uh, I’m really interested in this because you know, when you press the button, you kind of never know what’s gonna happen. Um, also our friend, uh, Jim fuse is saying good morning gang. Um, so thanks Jim, for popping in. So Facebook. Is confused.

[00:02:50] So, um, okay. We got, we got, we, we, we, we just, we just Facebook two times now. No more. Cuz when we do it a third time, it goes away. Yeah. Something will happen. It’s like, look at what’s that thing where you look in the mirror and you say your name and that lady comes and kills you. Nah, that’s what Facebook is.

[00:03:03] That’s we’re not gonna do that’s so I’m gonna go ahead and quit rambling the podcast because Zach is here. I wanna get you guys to answer your question. So I’m gonna hit go on the podcast machine and we will get started.

[00:03:17] Hello folks. Welcome Social Media News Live I’m Jeff Sieh and you’re not. And I’m Grace Duffy. And this is the show that keeps you up to date on the world of social media and beyond. And today we invited Zach me, Jim, here to join us to talk about pod, uh, YouTube podcast, but. Since we booked him and, and, and had to have the pleasure of having him on the show.

[00:03:41] There’s been a wave of other YouTube news. It broke following YouTube’s inaugural made for YouTube event that was in Los Angeles this past month. So we’re also gonna talk about new monetization opportunities for shorts, creators, and revenue sharing with shorts. We’re also gonna talk about, uh, new updates to the YouTube partner program, because Zach is also in, in addition to being an expert on YouTube podcasting.

[00:04:04] He’s also an expert on YouTube. So we’re gonna dive right into that today. So, Zach, how are you doing today? My friend, I’m great. Excited to be here. We’re traveling all weekend. I was really excited to get on cuz uh, We as a conference that wasn’t about YouTube. So now I gotta talk about YouTube and get all my stuff out for the weekends.

[00:04:19] Right. That’s right. What conference were you at this week? I’ve been meeting to ask you. Yeah, so it was sell and scale by helium 10. So it’s an Amazon eCommerce. Yeah. So I’m the chief social media officer for the company there. And I do all the recording and get all the YouTube content. So it was fun. Met some podcasters.

[00:04:36] Gotta talk a little bit, but uh, saw Gary V so it’s good. Did you see my friend, Raymond Ray? He was there, I think, uh, doing Ramone. Ray. I’m sorry, Ramone, Ray. Sorry. I Ramone Ray. No, I don’t think so. Okay. He was there, I think as well. So, um, yeah. So, uh, man, I’m jealous now that you got to go to that, but anyway, I wanna introduce you guys to Zach.

[00:04:52] If you don’t know him, we wanna introduce you because he is a YouTube strategist, content creator, podcast, host, and video gear fanatic. I love him already. So he’s a founder. Uh, um, he is, um, you know, he does all this stuff. He runs a YouTube consulting business with his strategic partner, Evan Carmichael, and he’s also the chief social media officer at seller universe.

[00:05:11] His specialty is helping business leverage, uh, business leaders, leverage YouTube to be the face. People know in their given industry. His branding with video podcast teaches you how to build your personal brand with a YouTube podcast. And you can also find him on Amazon where he can help you make better looking and better sounding videos to tell your story and captivate your audience and how you can make money from creating content.

[00:05:34] I think that’s where I first saw you, Zach, and it might be on with Jim and Chris, but I’ve seen your Amazon videos. What’s can you give him a link to your storefront? Do you know that off the top of your head? Uh, yeah, so that’s actually, we are Okay. Very, very Jeff Sieh dot Live’s mind.

[00:05:47] So very, very, very cool. So, um, I’m so excited you’re here today, cuz we’re gonna, we’re gonna nerd out about this new video podcast stuff, so let’s get going Grace.

[00:05:56] Absolutely. So let’s just jump right in. So the, um, first of all, I wanted to put this out there to the audience or watching who is having success with YouTube shorts.

[00:06:06] Tell us about comments. If you’re having success with YouTube shorts, how it’s going for you and any questions you might have about, because there’s some new updates that rolled out this last week. And, um, I know it’s YouTubes is sharps is always been something like, you just gotta do it. You gotta do it.

[00:06:19] But we’re kinda like, ah, I don’t know. You know, we’ve always decided, but they finally, YouTube finally gave us the answer as to why they detailed several monetization opportunities for creators on this platform. At this again, made for YouTube event in Los Angeles. So they’re looking to support creators who are even earlier in their YouTube journey.

[00:06:38] They introduce a no a new lower tier to the YouTube, uh, partner program with lower requirements, giving creators that are doing either long form shorts, live video, just any type of format that you are into. Uh, they’re giving them early access to Moniz. Monetization opportunities. And the fan funding features things like super chat, super thanks the channel, um, membership.

[00:07:00] So that is something that’s rolling out in 2023, they said more details to come on that, but the big news was that starting also starting in early 2023, the YouTube partner program will expand to creators who focus on YouTube shorts. And this, uh, these are people that are meeting a threshold of a hun, a thousand subscribers and 10 million YouTube views over 90 days.

[00:07:22] So that’s 10 million over 90 days will be eligible to apply. This is a new direct monetization options for shorts, which we’ve never had before. And we all knew this was coming and we’re, we’re still excited about it. It’s a clear pathway to make money from your short form content. Um, this is obviously, you know, a, a push to compete against TikTok and these new partners will enjoy all the benefits of their program, including the various ways to make money like.

[00:07:47] Ads. And again, those, those, uh, fan funding features. So Zach tell us, we’d love to get your insight and reaction to this news and find out what changes, if any, you’ll be making to your YouTube strategy to prepare for these things rolling out in 2023, which is not that far. Yeah, no, I think I I’m excited for this and I’m also a little concerned about this and I, I don’t think you’re, hopefully you didn’t expect to think that I’m concerned about it, but , um, I find that.

[00:08:19] When, when platforms push something, they, they put money behind it. People want to do it. And I think Schwartz is great for a certain type of creator. And so I think for a lot of creators that have had a really hard time moving from say like TikTok or Instagram reels to YouTube, because of some of the limitations, this is going to be a fantastic for some of those who create shorter YouTube videos and certain niches.

[00:08:40] Again, it’s gonna be fantastic. It will help you to grow your channel will help you get more views and more subscribers, which it does currently. But for most of the clients that I work with for podcasting, things like that, I think it’s. More than anything going to be a distraction. Um, I, I don’t think they hurt, but I think that if you focus too much on them, it can absolutely hurt your growth because of focusing on something that’s not helping as much.

[00:09:02] So I I’m really excited for those who need to come over to YouTube, cuz we need, you know, more of those amazing shorts from creators who maybe they like TikTok or they like Instagram reels, but they maybe don’t fit in someone like me. Like I love polished videos, TikTok doesn’t like that. I’ve had so many comments of like, this is over polished.

[00:09:20] I don’t, I don’t love this. Um, so I feel like there’s a group of creators that are going to flourish with this. And then I feel like there’s gonna be a lot of distraction, a lot of videos talking and saying, oh, you need to do this when really you should double down on what’s already working so mixed bag.

[00:09:31] But overall I love to see that YouTube is pushing this and I think they’re, they have the space already. Now they’ve really just taken the claim on that short form for, you know, the creators who really love YouTube. So, so there’s a lot of people getting started and I know there are a lot of people watching, you know, that are just getting started.

[00:09:50] With like video content and mm-hmm, creating and, you know, they would love to make this a full-time gig. So can you talk a little bit about your journey that you’ve been on for the past two years? Kind of like maybe encourage them a little bit, cuz it’s not, I mean, it’s not just throw up some video and all of a sudden you’re I go viral.

[00:10:05] There’s a lot of work involved. So talk a little bit about that. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. So, um, I mean how I got into user, but I was actually going to school to be a PA a physician assistant and I found some YouTubers that were, you know, they, they were addressing things that I was interested in. So I, I reached out was like, how, you know, what does this look like?

[00:10:22] Cause like I’ve started a lot of businesses. I took, you know, courses in college for business and I was just curious. I was like, how, how are you making this work in? One of them reached out and he’s like, well, I’m actually about to quit my, you know, six figure income job and just do YouTube full time. And he was at 50,000 subscribers.

[00:10:36] Like how are you doing that? It’s like, well, I’ve replaced my income. So I’m, I think it’s a good idea. I was like, oh my goodness. Okay. I wanna learn from you. And so, you know, he let me write some blog articles learned from him. Um, pandemic hit and I really went into video. I had. You know, background, I had done some video stuff, but just played around with it.

[00:10:53] Um, but I, I saw how much money he was making and I knew I could do video. And so I, I hopped into it and I was actually talking about clothing for muscular guys, cuz I have weird things about how clothing fits me and I’m particular about it. So I was like, okay, well I’ll just make YouTube content on it.

[00:11:08] Um, and I think one of the biggest misconceptions I get is people like, oh, I have to have a million subscribers to make good money is like, okay, I’m gonna go in this thinking about it, like a business I’m gonna review clothing and things that I really like and just give people my honest opinion. If I love it, I’ll say, Hey, here’s where you can buy it.

[00:11:25] If I don’t like, you know, I’ll say that as well. Um, and when I was at 600 subscribers, actually I had a video kind of go mini viral mm-hmm um, and it sold in the next like four or five months, a hundred thousand dollars worth of t-shirts. Um, and I was getting, you know, 15% of that in affiliate commissions.

[00:11:42] And so at 600 subscribers over four months I made $15,000 was like, Okay. This like there is something to this. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I was like, if I had 500 videos doing this and you know, 1% of them were like that, cuz that was very much the exception, not the rule. Like that’s how my buddy is, you know, making all of this money.

[00:12:01] That’s how he’s doing it. Um, and so I was like, okay, cool. Well, I went through that and actually had some, um, friends that PA that I, I shadowed before I was trying to apply to PA school. Didn’t get in, um, and a couple companies locally and I just sent them some tips. I saw that they had an audience, other places, but you two are really struggling.

[00:12:19] And I got emails back of, oh, that’s awesome advice. What, what do you charge for your service? I was like my service, uh, like I never mentioned the service. I was pitching a service. Um, but I ended up getting hired on, in the word of mouth and it went from, you know, small businesses to meeting businesses, to marketing agencies, to fortune 500 C.

[00:12:37] Um, and now, you know, I’m chief social media officer at an agency. And then I also do YouTube podcast consulting. Well, YouTube strategy consulting. Um, I like to focus on podcast cuz it’s got it fits, but right. Um, yeah, it’s just, it’s been accidentally on purpose the entire way. Uh, but I I’ve loved it. It’s been a been good journey.

[00:12:54] It’s funny you say that accidentally on purpose cuz like I was still, my, my kids are like in college and they struggle. Like I don’t know what I wanna do. I’m like, and I was like, son, you don’t understand my job didn’t exist when I was, I mean, there was, we didn’t, there was none of this. So you don’t, I mean.

[00:13:09] Find out what you’re interested in all this, but I, I get what you’re saying. It’s like, I never thought I’d be here doing this at all. Um, a couple quick comments that I wanna pull up from our pals. Um, so Chris, always the funny guy, he goes, Zach, meet, keeping it real. See what I did there. Uh, and then he also says, uh, is, yeah, Zach is a great example of someone who is themselves when they show up on video, he’s a genuine helper and has driven a spirit of excellence.

[00:13:35] One of the things you mentioned. When you were talking about your t-shirts and like, oh my gosh, this, this starts to add up after a while. And I know, and I’ve learned this from, uh, Chris and Jim, and I know you’ve done the same thing over at Amazon. It’s like, people are like, oh, the commissions are so small.

[00:13:47] It’s only like 30 cents. I’m like, but if you get a, you know, 500,000 of those it’s real money and it’s like, it’s stacking these nickels and dimes and it can make a huge difference in replacing some, some income. Um, another question I want, I wanted to ask you, cuz we’re kind of on the subject, you mentioned shorts and reels and TikTok and kind of inching down a little bit.

[00:14:06] Ian says, I hate to admit this, but I really don’t enjoy creating or, you know, consuming short form video content, like YouTube shorts, reels, et cetera. Do we need to do them? So he’s a marketer and he’s going okay. I know I don’t like them, but do I need to do them? So, and also he’s someone, he’s also someone that’s experimented with them.

[00:14:24] So like he’s done them and he’s just, so this is an honest, like he really has tried it. So like, do I really need to do this if I wanna take my business next level. So what is your answer to that Zach? . Yeah, I think 100% depends on what the goal is. If you have a goal of getting clients of having people watch one hour videos, the, I mean, all the data that I have access to shows that it, there’s not a great, you know, funneling down through from TikTok or shorts into the longer content or into buying your book or buying your course or joining your email list.

[00:14:59] Like these things that, that one of the things I’m trying to remember which summit it was or YouTube, uh, conference a couple months ago, I can’t remember it’s VidCon or summit, but, um, they had TikTok and YouTube creators. There were tons of people lined up to meet the YouTube creators and almost no one for the TikTok creators because that connection’s not there.

[00:15:17] I have so many people on YouTube. Like I’m their friend. I’m like, actually I don’t think I’ve ever had any sort of interaction with them, but I feel like I know them well enough. Right? Mm-hmm and the only TikTok creators that I have that with is I’m in a group of 50 or 60 TikTok creators that are.

[00:15:30] Making five figures a month. Most of them on TikTok, so it can work, but those are the only ones I really feel like I have that connection with. And so it is different. It both can work. You know, I, I went all in on TikTok for a couple of months. I went from a hundred to 30, 30,000 about like 35,000 now on there, um, in three months.

[00:15:49] And did I get some clients? Yes, but it was, there was one client and it was my biggest contract to date. So that was great. That led to another one. Mm-hmm . Um, but that was, it was such a small, probably wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t have been commenting and really interacting with people. If I had just had a posted content, probably wouldn’t have happened.

[00:16:09] The one thing that has happened just from posting content and it was actually a comment on a small TikTok creator’s channel. Um, I said that I had, you know, a couple brands of lights and I actually preferred, um, you know, aperture’s budget line aperture saw that they reached out to me and we started working together, sending me some stuff and.

[00:16:26] Um, which is awesome. Cuz when I reached out they said no, but they, they saw that I was actually creating things that were, um, helpful, but that’s, it’s the only thing of posting shorts or you know, TikTok that right. Has really come that way. So do you need them? No. Is it helpful to your goal? It really depends on your niche and what you’re trying to do.

[00:16:45] Oh that’s thank you for that honest answer because you know, a lot of people are like, oh yeah, you gotta be all in. And, and you know, like you’re saying there, there is some things that. You need to keep in mind and like you have, everybody has to budget their time. So where are you gonna make the most money?

[00:16:58] So I think that’s great. One of the things I do wanna do a shout out really quick to our sponsors Ecamm you can find out more about them at slash Ecamm. They are what makes this show possible. So go check them out. And we’re gonna be talking about video podcasting in our second segment, but they have an incredible thing coming up next weekend.

[00:17:15] Grace and I will actually be speaking there. It’s Leap into podcasting. And it’s all about how to, you know, start a video podcast. I hope we kind of wet your appetite today with Zach here. Who’s kind of, he knows all about it. He’s got a podcast about it. Um, so, um, if you’re wanting to do this Ecamm is a great tool for doing that.

[00:17:31] You know, you can even use it to use, make reels and shorts. I know Chris, uh, does some really cool TikTok and, uh, short, uh, kind of stuff with some of his content that he does for deal casters. So, um, but yeah, you can do it right. All inside of Ecamm. So make sure you check them out.

[00:17:46] slash Ecamm. So, um, really quickly as we go on, I know that. We’ve got some, we kind of gotta rush through this section because there’s some news and Grace, you’re gonna kind of break this down because it’s, uh, more money for creators, which is always good. The, the monetization for shorts.

[00:18:06] Yeah. We just talked about that. Jeff well, we, but, but we have some more, we have some more things about it because it’s like, it’s a big, I wanna make sure we cover it because, um, you know, this is lowering the tier for some. So, oh yeah. Yeah. So the, the updates from the, from the event this week, so yeah, we were talking about how they have the lower tier requirements for every creator.

[00:18:27] So the long form, short, uh, shorts, and then live video, giving you earlier access to monetization opportunities, which is, you know, the, uh, super thanks, super chat, super stickers, and the channel memberships. And this is all rolling out in 20, 23 and more details to come. And then we’re also talking about how this, uh, they lowered the, or they’re introducing a threshold in which you can now just be a shorts, creator, and still participate in the, uh, YouTube partner program.

[00:18:56] So to meet that threshold was a thousand subscribers and, uh, 10 million shorts views over 90 days. So tell us if that’s Zach, if that’s reasonable or enough, like 10 million sounds like a lot, but then if you’re thinking like you’re generat. All of this content, um, you know, shorter content, people are consuming more of it.

[00:19:13] So maybe like 10 million views is realistic. What do you think? I, I think this is hard because I don’t know what the decision was like, what data they looked at. If it was 10 million over 12 months. I think that would be more reasonable. If you look at TikTok, I work with a couple of TikTok creators that have over a millions of, you know, followers and that’s easy, 10 million for them on TikTok easy, but they come over to YouTube.

[00:19:38] It’s a different algorithm. It’s a different mindset. It’s a different type of content and their best shorts are 80,000. And when they’re normally getting millions and millions of use. And so I think for some creators, it it’s gonna be a very small amount. At least with how things are working now for shorts, with the data that I have again, I’m because of what I do.

[00:20:01] I don’t test shorts nearly as much anymore. I’m not as big of a fan of them because of the niche. Mm-hmm I think they probably will be kinder to creators that way as we go forward. And honestly, I need to, I need more data on this, but it seems like shorts only channels tend to do a little bit better.

[00:20:23] They absolutely can work to build your long form, but if you’re getting 10 million views, I’m, I’m thinking you’re posting a short nearly every day, maybe two a day and they need to be what YouTube wants. I don’t know I’m mixed on this. Well, it sounds like to me that, excuse me, it sounds like to me, it’s the same cadence that talkers do, right?

[00:20:43] So if you follow talkers, like, uh, the bigger ones will, or not bigger, like a lot of them will post every single day. They’ve got something going every single day. And this feels like a, of course, everyone has said this, this is a shot across the TikTok and trying to capture some of that audience. But do you think, cause to me it feels like if you’re on TikTok you’re you’re on there.

[00:21:01] Right. And then if you’re on YouTube, there’s it seems to be like two different types of creators, right? Yeah, yeah, absolutely. And I think the other thing here is, again, this is wonderful news, but again, I think it’s a bit of a distraction because I don’t know any YouTube or content creator that makes a bulk of their money through the YouTube partnership program or any program like this that couldn’t be making.

[00:21:25] I, I do know a few, but they could be making 10 times that if they were to really focus on building it like a business. Most of the time, it it’s like 10% of their income, you know, five to 10%, which is great. Like it can absolutely pay for a team of people to create your contact can pay for itself. But if you’re focused on that, you’re, you’re not really building all of these other things that will allow you to become a full-time creator.

[00:21:48] Because if I was to rely on the YouTube partner program, even with creating content for years, I, I couldn’t be full-time, there’s no way. Um, so it’s and I worked with a guy and it took 10 years before they were able to go full-time based on that income and it it’s up and down based on seasons, based on the ad bids.

[00:22:06] Like it’s really, it’s a rollercoaster ride. So build a business behind it and focus on that. And this is a bonus, it’s a plus it’s, it’s nice kind of passive income sort of, um, just don’t focus on it. Like it’s, I really, really think people should not focus on it and just take it as kind of that bonus check that you’re surprised to.

[00:22:25] So can, well, if anyone that’s ever done short form content, you know that it’s not passive at all. it’s like, it’s very, very hard work. I was like, yes. Oh my gosh. That’s a lot, like, I almost think that like doing this live show once a week to me is like a breeze. I love it. It’s easy. It’s a conversation. But if you’re to tell me, talk in 30 seconds, make it fun and entertaining and, and viral, I’d be like, that’s okay.

[00:22:46] No, no, I can’t do that. Absolutely. So really quickly, cuz we have some people joining in who kind of caught a little bit of it. So let’s Andy small has like from over LinkedIn. So what exactly is the YouTube partnership? So just really quick, a little overview and then I have a follow-up question about that.

[00:23:03] Yeah. Yeah. So the YouTube partnership program is that, you know, when people say, Hey, I need a thousand subscribers in 4,000 hours of watch time. That’s what they’re meaning the qualifications to be able to have YouTube pay you, is that, and that’s, you know, kind of the. The benchmark everyone’s reaching for, but if you’ve heard my story, you know, I made, you know, 10, you know, 15 Rand before I ever was monetized.

[00:23:26] And even to this day, like I still have that channel and I’ve tried to let it die. I get from sense. I get $150 a month every month. Like, it’s just, it has stayed there. It hasn’t died. It’s growing actually. But my affiliate commissions from that channel are two to three times that every month again, without touching them and with my biggest affiliates shutting down and moving programs and me not keeping up with it.

[00:23:49] So, um, it’s, it’s nice. It really, really is. But building that base of the affiliate videos has been so much more beneficial. So yeah. So a really, uh, quick question is, um, so you kind of mentioned that this is like if you get into the YouTube partner program, it’s not really a way. Grow your business. Um, so you mentioned that, you know, that’s kind of a bonus.

[00:24:09] Can you just really quick rattle off some ways that are a better way to make money if once you start, you know, growing your YouTube channel, just so people can maybe have some hope and like, all right. Get some ideas . Yeah, absolutely. So, um, I think the easiest to, to get into is affiliate programs. Um, Amazon is probably the easiest one to get into, but it is the lowest commission.

[00:24:31] So if you’re doing Amazon live, that’s great. My Amazon affiliate commissions, which means like I have a link in my YouTube videos is really, really low. My best ones were, I would go direct to a company that I really, really liked. I would find their affiliate program, which usually you just search that company name and then affiliate and you sign up there.

[00:24:48] They just need some information. So they give you a link so that people can click over. Usually they’ll give you a coupon code or something as well for people to use. Um, but there have been several brands that didn’t have that. And I reached out and was like, Hey, you know, let, can we get one set up? I’d really like to talk about your, your products.

[00:25:03] Mm-hmm . And so that’s one way, um, you can sell services, you can sell courses, you can sell, you know, any sort of product that you create, which is also a great way. You can partner up with brands and instead of just getting the affiliate products and, you know, commissions, you can have brands pay, you. I’ve had multiple brands pay me money.

[00:25:21] And almost always it’s been a brand that I already use. If I get the product and I don’t like it, I’m never, I don’t care what the amount of money is. I’m gonna tell my audience that it’s amazing. Um, and there’s a stigma around that. I don’t think you should have that. Just create good content around things, you know, I can trust.

[00:25:37] Um, but those are some of the, I would say the easiest ways to do there are other things you can do, but if you’re just getting started, that’s, that’s what I would look at. That’s great advice. That’s where it’s the price of mission right there, folks. So sure you go right, right back and, and, um, and check that out.

[00:25:53] Uh, one of the last things I wanna talk about really quick, and this was a final update from all this news is that YouTube introduce creator music, a new destination in YouTube studio that gives YouTube creators, easy access to an ever growing catalog of music for use in their long term form videos. So creators can actually buy affordable high quality music that the licenses that they kind of offer the full monetizing potential later and creators who don’t wanna buy a license front will be able to use the songs and share revenue.

[00:26:19] With attracts artists and associated rights holders. So it’s currently in beta in the us and expanding to some more countries in 2023. So this has always been kind of a music. It’s kind of been a sticky topic on YouTube and reels and shorts and all this stuff. Um, it’s not really universal or transferable across countries, which means that you can get your YouTube videos flagged, which is a pain and live streamers face.

[00:26:41] This problem with live events and even religious services like church services and games. Um, and even, I don’t know if you’ve used real royalty, free music, but those could even get flagged. Then you have to deal with that even though eventually you get, you know, it released, but, um, a lot of countdown timers on live Streaming services have this get flagged sometimes.

[00:26:58] So do you think that this creator Sieh, uh, music Zach is a good solution to this problem? Or is it kind of like a halfway measure? I think, I think it’s a good compromise. I think there’s, there’s also a, a platform licked, um, That that does something similar. But I think if, if you can have the option of, I want to buy the license and use it on my video, if you’re a bigger creator, this is gonna be worth it for you.

[00:27:22] Just buy the song, um, or choose a different one. Or if you’re like, I don’t know if this is going to be worth it for me. I would rather just split the revenue with the artist. Like if you have both options, I think that’s awesome. Like, it’s, it’s a heart, like, like you said, it’s hard. The artist, they created this music, they should get paid for it, but also the thing they’re really there for is the content you are creating.

[00:27:44] Mm-hmm so I, I do like this. Um, it’d be interesting to see how it plays out, but, um, the, I haven’t looked at this, but lick is a similar service. I need to go and compare them. Um, see what the difference there’s is you pay for the license and it’s like $7 a song or something. So, um, so there’s a great question here.

[00:28:01] Uh, wonder if the music is going to be easy to browse and is fairly good quality. The good quality is, is gonna be the thing. That’s a trick. Yeah. Yes. That’s a tricky one. Yeah. Yeah. So anyway, we’ll see what happens, but, uh, I agree, like it’s gotta be one easy to find songs. Have the same songs that everybody uses.

[00:28:18] Like I can even watch commercials like on TV and I’m going, oh, I recognize that song from that library, you know? And you’re like, okay. So, um, just, uh, that’s the thing is you don’t wanna be with everybody else. So, uh, it’ll be interesting to see how this works. So, alright, so we are going to move on to this next section because this is why everybody is here.

[00:28:38] And go ahead, Grace, take this away. Oh, absolutely. So I wanna kick this off and saying there was a study by market research firm, Cumulus, and this was published in May, 2022. So just a few months ago. And it found that YouTube. Is already the most popular platform for podcasting would not have thought about that.

[00:28:56] It’s outperforming apple podcasts and Spotify, according to this study. So drop us in the comments. Stop a comment in the here and tell us how many of you watch or listen. Cuz sometimes you’re passively having YouTube in the background. How many of you engage with podcasts on YouTube other than this one?

[00:29:13] Of course, but tell us if you, in the comments, if you, this is something that you do while we introduce this. So YouTube podcast, so YouTube podcast was launched. It’s a dedicated page for podcasts. This was launched over a month ago. It is now available in, uh, us user to us users only. It’s not globally at this time, but at.

[00:29:32] But there’s no doubt that it will be very soon, but tech Watchers have seen this coming four months prior to launching this dedicated beta, uh, page for, for podcast podcasting, YouTube did appoint a podcasting executive, the first of its kind. So it’s Kai took and he was, has been YouTube for almost a decade, largely working with managing media partnerships.

[00:29:55] And he is now the global head of, uh, of podcasting at YouTube. And he manages a large volume of these existing podcast relationships across YouTube in March. YouTube offered, uh, $50,000 for individual shows and 200 to 300,000 for podcasting networks to pivot this video, these were considered grants to help them with their setup.

[00:30:16] Don’t know why we didn’t sign up for that, Jeff, but something that I wish we could have I could use help with my setup. Right. Right. And so you, we already saw that YouTube was making major investments going this direction. A site called pod news leaked in 84 page presentation, detailing YouTube’s podcasting roadmap.

[00:30:33] This included audio ads, new analytics for audio centric, creators that were integrated into the YouTube data for podcast measurements. And it also integrated podcast measurement platforms like Nielsen, charitable pod tracks. So again, with this cumulative study saying that YouTube is already the most popular platform, outperforming apple podcasts and Spotify.

[00:30:53] And I know we get, we hear a lot about apple, but when last week when we were talking about this, it’s like still 60 something percent are not on apple. Right. They’re on, they’re scattered among other platforms. But anyway, we, so we’ve. You, whatever we talking about podcasting, we always focus on apple, but I was wondering with YouTube dominating the space or supposedly dominating the space.

[00:31:13] Like, should we be asking for likes and so scribes instead of ratings and reviews? That’s a good question. So I, I love, and you know, is a difference today, I think, but I think the reason why people love YouTube podcasts, is it 60% of people? I don’t know what the questions were, but they said they would prefer to have video with their podcasts, which is funny because when I have video with my podcast, I still turn the screen off.

[00:31:36] I still change this app. I still just listen. But it it’s this mental thing of, I, I want to, I don’t know, maybe qualify the, the persons cuz I can see them. I can, you know, and then when they’re explaining things, I can, I can hop into the video if I want. Um, but it’s, I, I think. If you are going to create a podcast, you’re already doing all the work.

[00:31:57] All you do need to do is, is to record, um, you just add the video, like it’s, it’s not that and sorry, what, what was your original question? My mind’s going on tangent. So I know that was a lot of information there, so you’re good. Basically like YouTube is already again the most, according to this one study and it’s, and it’s, it says that YouTube is already the most popular platform for podcasts and it did this, it captured this market without really trying, supposedly, I mean, obviously they’ve been investing in it, but you know, this poses a significant challenge to, um, Spotify, apple podcasts, Amazon, which has spent millions and billions on podcast related technology and trying to get, you know, people to do exclusive deals with them.

[00:32:38] And it’s just, I’m wondering if like, those of us that are podcasters, should we be putting more of our focus on YouTube as opposed to like apple or Spotify? Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. And I think you asked likes and subscribes as well. Um, My thought is to always put YouTube at the center of your content creation for a few reasons.

[00:32:58] One, I like when I talk to podcasters that like, Hey, I’m top 50, top 100 on apple podcasts. Why would I shift to YouTube? And the reason biggest reason is that YouTube it’s algorithm has two benefits that, well, I guess one main benefit that podcasting doesn’t with podcasting. You have some SEO. It’s not great, but there’s some there, right?

[00:33:19] Otherwise you have to promote it. You have to email it out. You have to, you know, mention it on LinkedIn, on Instagram, on wherever, on YouTube, 70% of views come from recommended. And so if you do a good job with your podcast, you have a very engaging one, two first, you know, couple of minutes, you know what you’re doing with your thumbnails and your titles, YouTube will recommend your podcast.

[00:33:43] To other people to find you don’t have to do any work. And the largest growing segment of videos is one hour plus right now. So that’s perfect for video podcasts, like right. It is unsaturated and that’s where most of the watch time happens. And so YouTube is promoting that like crazy. And so I, I, I don’t think you ever have to ask for likes and subscribes.

[00:34:03] Some creators say, I get better if I ask for a subscribe, others say they don’t and YouTube’s algorithm has actually changed a bit where most of, and this has been the case for a long time. But if you look at your analytics, like 90% of the people watching my videos, aren’t subscribed. And that’s not a problem because YouTube is always pushing videos out to new audiences, as long as you’re doing those things.

[00:34:21] Right. So would it be nice to have more subscribers? Sure. But it’s kind of a vanity metric with how most of it works. Like it, it does help, but not as much as you think it does. And so I don’t think you need to ask for license subscribes, but you do have to edit the podcast differently to feel native as a podcast versus feeling native as a YouTube video.

[00:34:42] So there’s a little bit of work there. Okay, cool. So I, once again, our drinking game, I’m gonna mention Google plus, uh, because back in the day, That’s what I mean, that’s your whole thing about what you said, Zach is like, why not do a video now? I know some people just, just, it, it scares them to death to be on camera.

[00:34:58] I get that. Yeah. So I’m not talking to you, but most people just with a little extra effort, you can go and go live and you get all this content. We’ve talked about this in the past, and that’s what we’ve done from the beginning. A strip of the audio out from a video, because you have so much more content, uh, that way.

[00:35:12] But, uh, so I’m, I’m feeling what you’re saying there. Um, but there’s some, some great questions. Um, and some comments. This is from Katie Simpson. She says, it’s so easy to find podcasts on YouTube so much easier than on apple. I love watching them. Uh, and, and so, uh, I think that’s a great point. It’s really interesting, cuz I just went to podcast movement and there’s still people who say it doesn’t matter.

[00:35:32] It’s it’s still, um, apple is the way. And so I, but you look at share of ear and the guys from Edison research and they’re. This is where people are discovering. New podcasts is on YouTube. Mm-hmm so, um, just keep, I mean, I just think it’s, it’s worth doing, and every, everybody was talking about video podcasts at podcast movement, but here’s a question again from Andy small, and I think this is a great question, so we can clarify it for people.

[00:35:56] This may sound like a silly question, but what is the difference between having a podcast on YouTube versus an ongoing YouTube video series? So, Zach, what would you say to Annie? Yeah, no, I think that’s an excellent question. I think that the problem, and again, with this mindset of, if I’m doing a podcast in the center and YouTube on the side, I’m gonna treat my podcast like a podcast on YouTube.

[00:36:17] I, it’s not, it’s not like a podcast on YouTube earlier today. You know, I was reading through the email that you sent over with the, the news updates. I had listened to him once before, but I wanted to make sure it refreshed my mind. And as soon as that video was finished, it auto played a podcast episode of one of the podcasts that I listened to on YouTube.

[00:36:33] That has never happened to me on apple podcast or Spotify or anywhere else. It doesn’t auto play someone else’s podcast that YouTube knows you’re interested in. So me as a podcast creator, I want to be like, if you listen to something on, you know, thought leadership or, you know, building a better looking better sounding studio, like I want my video to be next and YouTube will do that.

[00:36:55] Other platforms won’t do that. And so if I focus on, you know, having this YouTube centered podcast, I’m gonna treat it differently. So YouTube series, you know, videos on YouTube, maybe five to 20 minutes, you know, depending on what you’re talking about, what you’re doing, um, if you’re in the education space, the business, or thought leadership space, 30 minutes, minimum hour is better.

[00:37:16] Um, that’s my advice. Take it or leave it. But, um, it’s a series would be something like my, my podcast studio. And so I’ve created videos on my travel podcast studio. Now I’m creating a video on my entire studio. And so I’m, I’m, it’s a topic. It’s a series that you can watch through, but you have to watch this.

[00:37:34] Like if you listen, you’ll be totally lost. You will not know what’s going on. If you listen to my video podcast, you can have a great experience just listening, or you can have a great experience watching as well. Cuz there is, you know, guests and there’s screen shifts like you guys have done here. It is engaging enough to let you watch or just listen.

[00:37:52] Whereas a YouTube video doesn’t do that. You, you will, you will regret just listening to it for the most. Mm. So we, so we have a, yeah, we have a follow-up question from Katie. Well, first of all she ask is everyone is YouTube, uh, podcast available to us only, or is available to the UK. It is us only right now.

[00:38:11] It is a, it’s still in beta. They’re testing it. So it’s only available in the us at the moment. But again, I don’t think it’ll take very long for it to go global, but she also asks, can you download a YouTube podcast episode onto your device so that you can listen the car or et cetera, which is a lot of the reason why people that are very, uh, that have been doing this for a while.

[00:38:31] And, and it’s an audio only experience. They tend to be like, well, you know, this is our listen to podcast. I I’m in the car, I’m gardening, I’m doing all this other stuff. And it doesn’t feel like you can do that YouTube. So can you download a podcast episode from YouTube and still listen to it? And you know, when you’re on the.

[00:38:47] Yeah, so I pay for YouTube premium. So I don’t, , it’s been a long time since I’ve had the basic, I can absolutely download videos and watch them later. Um, I feel like with the podcasts, like one of the changes will be the ability to download a little bit different. Um, like most people, if you don’t pay for, I think there’s red and premium.

[00:39:05] Like if you don’t pay for one of those, you can’t turn your screen off and listen, podcasts will change that. So that even if you don’t pay for YouTube, you can turn your screen off on your phone and listen on the go. I believe that they would also allow you to download. Um, I don’t know if that’s the case for me, if I pay for it, I can.

[00:39:21] Um, but I don’t know if you can on the free one. So that would be something I feel like they would address in some, so I know on YouTube, so, um, we didn’t download it, but like my wife and I were driving the other day and we were listening to like something from our church and it was on YouTube and we just, I just had it on my car and I was able to still use my navigation, not have a window.

[00:39:39] Because that would be dangerous and just listen to it while we’re going down the road through our, our, our, our device. So, um, I think it’s coming there. I think it’s gonna be, uh, a lot easier. One of the things I do wanna talk about is, um, life of, uh, Brian Farrell says this really, really powerful. So what you said, uh, Zach earlier about discoverability, like that’s always been a problem for podcasts is like, if you’re not on the new and noteworthy for a certain amount of time on apple, And if you’re not in like those top things getting discovered, and I think it was really key.

[00:40:10] And I think you guys really need to pay attention to this. Is that what he said about the recommended that after a podcast is done, it goes to something that is similar, that you may not have heard about before, but is still in that, you know, the recommendation engine is what, you know, YouTube is famous for and that’s what they wanna do to keep you on the site.

[00:40:28] That is huge for podcasters. I mean, that is really, really huge. If you’re struggling to get, uh, your podcast noticed this is something you really need to pay attention to. So you’re right. Uh, Brian, that was very, very powerful. So, um, anyway, I wanted to call attention to that because I had never heard explain that way before Zach and that was really good.

[00:40:46] Yeah, yeah, yeah, absolutely. And, um, one thought on that as well as, I mean, you talking half the podcast I listened to now, I, I found on YouTube so, I mean, that’s, hopefully that’s, you know, evidence there, but, um, Spotify has, you know, I don’t know if they, I think they acquired anchor. I dunno if they partnered acquired, by the way, you can upload video podcast now, which I’ve started doing because I wanted to test it.

[00:41:08] Mm-hmm but it has all of the downsides of a podcast discoverability. In addition to the downside of now you have to also download this video. That is, if I, if I export, I normally export at 4k, right? If I export at seven 20 P. It’s almost two gigabytes worth of data. And so I don’t think most people, you know, my phone can handle that, but I’m a tech guy.

[00:41:30] Like I don’t think most people wanna download two gigabytes to be able to listen to and watch a podcast. So, um, and maybe they do, but I feel like that has a long way to go. Whereas YouTube already has it all kind of figured out and it’s got, and it’s got SEO and it’s, I mean, it shows up in Google, I mean all that stuff.

[00:41:47] So, um, one of the, the things is, so, you know, this, this move from YouTube. Kind of predicts this huge change in podcasting. Like I said, everybody was talking about it at podcast movements. So, you know, video, we’ve always talked about video in the last three years. Like this is the year of video. Um, and you know, we’ve gotta move to this visual format.

[00:42:05] So we’ve, we’ve read a lot of these established podcasters and radio institutions that are bracing YouTube and video podcasting. There was huge companies that were at podcast movement. Like, I mean, I was in the elevator with somebody from Fox media and all this. I mean, there are these big brands kind of doing this land land grab.

[00:42:21] And, you know, in fact in August YouTube partnered with NPR to bring on 20 plus of its most popular shows to YouTube. So how do you stand out in the crowd? Zack, if you’re just getting started with podcasting or even video podcasting, how do we get our podcast discovered? I mean, you mentioned the, the recommendation engine.

[00:42:39] Is there any other way, anything else we should do to kind of boost our product, our, uh, discoverability. . Yeah, I think there’s a, a process here that you work through. But the thing here is that you, you have both sides, you have recommendation and you have SEO. And so if you do everything right, that you are on your podcast, you know, get a good title.

[00:42:59] Thumbnails are a bit different on YouTube. So you, you wanna figure out what works best for you there. Um, but you can be found for search. And the biggest mistakes I see is people treating it like their podcast. So they’ll put like, you know, the, we are, you know, branding with video show, episode one. He’s like, you’re, you’re putting, like, nobody’s searching that right.

[00:43:17] You want to put something where it’s like, um, you know, Christo’s top tips on YouTube. Like I had Christo and that was, you know, he’s searched a lot on YouTube pod. You know, YouTube tips are searched a lot. And so it doesn’t look like a podcast episode, but when you get into. It absolutely is. And so that’s for search, that’s helpful, but again, that’s only 30% of views.

[00:43:38] And so focusing on that is helpful, but it’s not the most helpful, the most helpful is that recommended. And one of the best things you can do is look at videos that you want your video to come after. And so go find videos that are already on the topic that you’re talking about. You know, if there’s, if it’s similar, use the title, use a variation of the title.

[00:43:57] Like if, if you can connect your video to that video on YouTube’s mind, you have a lot better, you know, ability to get suggested at the end of that video or down the side next to that video. And once people start watching it, you know, YouTube’s gonna get data on it. The one thing I will say here is that most people, you know, aren’t gonna do any of this, which is, which is fine for the few of you that are going to go try this.

[00:44:21] Be patient YouTube videos that are under 15 minutes, get good data quickly. You know, that first four to six weeks, you should start to see whether or not this is gonna be a good video. Hour long plus content for the most part, doesn’t start picking up until that 60 to 90 day range. And so you’re gonna be like, well, my views are way lower.

[00:44:40] Like this, this is terrible. Has horrible advice. Why would I ever do that? and then two or three months later, you be like, wait a second. Like it’s my watch time is 10 X and my views are double like what what’s going on here? It’s like, well, YouTube is now picking it up and like, sorry, your, if your average watch time is 20% on a five minute video.

[00:45:00] That’s really, really short. Even if it’s a hundred percent on a five minute video, it’s 20% on an hour or two hour video. That’s a lot of watch time. YouTube can show a lot of ads in that time and they really, really like to be able to show ads to make money and. If you have that longer content find, just find that video you want.

[00:45:16] I want my video to come after it really, really close title. Um, thumbnails are a much higher percentage of the click through rate or people actually watching. So, um, I would focus on that more, but that’s, that’s kind of the skeleton of the structure of how to get discovered. That’s really great advice. Do you have any, like, I know I use, uh, two buddy to like search out titles and SEO and that kind of stuff.

[00:45:38] Do you have any other tools that would be great to help people when they’re putting together? Like they’re trying to do what you just said with, for their video podcast? Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. There, there are a lot of tools out there I’ve used most of them. Um, right now the main one I use is two buddy, but that’s because they have an AB thumbnail test, right?

[00:45:54] Yeah. Tool tool. I use that all the time. I that is, but hands down the best tool I’ve ever seen for helping your YouTube channel, um, as far as tiles, you can pay for, you know, VI IQ or, um, there was a morning fam was one that I used for a while. I like that one, if you’re just getting started, um, But the easiest thing you can do go find a video that relates to yours, find a VI the video that has more views than that channel has subscribers and, and copy that it is a good topic if, if it has more views than that channel has subscribers.

[00:46:24] Oh, great advice. So, um, yeah. Grace, you had a question, sorry, I didn’t wanna, there’s a question. Somebody asked, let me, oh yeah. It was a question that was here in our comments and this person it’s LinkedIn user. So I think LinkedIn might be having a problem, getting the names in as well. So it says, uh, they say, would it be better to go live on YouTube, like a video podcast?

[00:46:44] So, so people that are live Streaming, is it better as opposed to just going, I guess maybe the question is like what we’re doing now, which we’re just going live and then we’re broadcasting or publishing this as a podcast later. Would it be better to do that as opposed to having the video doing the podcast or whatever the arrangement.

[00:47:01] Yeah, no. That’s excellent question. So the, the problem here is that YouTube they’re like, oh, I wanna hack the YouTube algorithm once algorithms. There are so many of them, uh, shorts, different, one medium form content, different one long form content, different one, like going live. All of these are different algorithms.

[00:47:18] And unfortunately for YouTube lives, they, they die really, really quickly, like a, you know, a week or two out. I’m not getting any more views on my YouTube lives. If I take that same video, edit it and post it as a video, then it does. Um, but the problem is if you go live and then shortly thereafter, post a video you’re audience to be like, wait, I’m seeing double, like they’re, they’re gonna pay less attention cuz you’re double posting.

[00:47:42] Um, I, the only time I’d really. I think lives are very beneficial is if you have something timely, um, that you want to let your audience know, like, I’ll, I don’t know if you write a book and you’re launching it, or if you have a special product or special event, something where you, you want people to know, and you understand that even if no one sees this video after I’m done, it’s okay.

[00:48:04] Those are the type of things I would do live support. I, I used to go live on YouTube and it just, the numbers don’t work out for the amount of effort. So mm-hmm so the only, so I wanna kind of push back a little bit with that. Mm-hmm is the only reason I think that I would go live on YouTube is because, um, like Gary, I can bring up a comment and like he’s here live watching with me and I’m, I’m all about community.

[00:48:26] And so I want to be able to bring up those people, you know, talk to them during my show. So, um, Somebody, he just said here, my, my YouTube live videos are amazing. He thinks they thinks, so Katie thinks so anyway and get zero views, but Katie, but, um, but if you have some comments, you know, like what we’re doing here, that’s what I was saying.

[00:48:46] Like, so would you say for community it’d be, but you would still take it down, edit it and then put it up at a later date. Yeah. So I mean, what I currently do, I’ve stopped live Streaming to YouTube and I funnel people over to LinkedIn or Amazon or, you know, wherever else I’m Streaming it for that community building.

[00:49:04] And then YouTube, YouTube. It is a community, but it’s. LinkedIn is very community network. Like it is very, very much like if you’re not interacting and you’re just posting content, you’re not gonna do well there. And so that’s much more geared for that than YouTube is on YouTube. You can never, ever interact in the comments and have your content do well.

[00:49:23] Like mm-hmm, YouTube does care, but it cares very, very little compared to something like a LinkedIn. And so how my workflow goes, I, it doesn’t make sense for me to live Restream to YouTube. I do. I love that you can bring up the interaction, but the interactions in that YouTube video, if someone’s rewatching it, it’s kind of gotcha.

[00:49:43] It’s not the best experience. It’s good, but it’s a little off putting. So for me, I would recommend you stop at YouTube, keep all the other ones and then post it as a video later after it’s been edited. Right. But you do you’ll have. Teach people on YouTube that, Hey, we’re over on Amazon or we’re over on LinkedIn or wherever it else it is.

[00:49:59] So that’s a call you have to make, but that’s, that would be my suggestion. So everybody in the comments I wanna know. So you guys watching on YouTube? Yeah. Would you rather us go and like post it later and then you would interact in a different channel? Or do you like, no, I want my YouTube. I wanna comment on YouTube.

[00:50:14] So let us know. Um, and, um, I’m gonna bring up this question before we move on to Grace’s. I know you have some more comments in questions. So, uh, Gary says, how do you stay? This is great. So how do you stay motivated when stats are discouraging 148 views on a video you slaved over? Is it a matter of finding an audience or improving content?

[00:50:33] Hmm, that’s a good question. Gary’s a man. That’s an excellent question. So I think the hard thing here is I honestly, like if I could look at it, I could give you a better answer, but I have a lot of videos. And for example, I had Chris do on and for the first couple of months, it hardly got any views. He has 2 million subscribers just on YouTube.

[00:50:51] Like his audience is massive and I was like, This is, this is frustrating, but the content on YouTube lives essentially forever. Like there, if you go look, sometimes when you search, you see a video from 13 years ago and it just keeps going. And so if you’re frustrated and it’s been six months or less, maybe it was maybe that the first one or two minutes of your video.

[00:51:14] Wasn’t great. And if that’s the case like you can in your studio. So he posts on YouTube. So I know this will make sense, but if you post on YouTube, go to your studio, which is where you upload your videos. There’s a tab for, um, analytics on each video. So click on the video you wanna look at. And then on the left hand side, there’ll be analytics and you can see where people are dropping off.

[00:51:34] So if you have this steep drop at the very beginning of your video, something you were doing. Isn’t something you should be doing because everyone’s leaving. And usually with live streams, that’s what happens, cuz you’re welcoming people you’re saying hi. Or if you treat YouTube like a podcast, you say welcome to my podcast and people on YouTube don’t care.

[00:51:53] Like it’s not a show, it’s a video. And so there is this shift. And so, um, one thing that I’ve done is YouTube has an editing feature where you can edit the video. You don’t have to take it down or re-upload it. You can just cut clips out and you can cut ’em out. Any part of the video. I just make sure that first minute is cut into something of really high value.

[00:52:12] And sometimes that hurts cuz like I’m cutting out five, six minutes of my show, but it’s hopping right into value and people are staying. And I have a channel that I’m, I’m testing this on. Um, and changing thumbnails, click through rates, have five Xed cutting off that first chunk has. Again, about five X to watch time.

[00:52:34] And so it, it kind of hurts, but your, your intros might suck. I, I , I know you don’t wanna hear that, but they, they might, some of mine do. Yeah. And they’ve gotta edit it. And so when you’re doing a podcast, that’s why I would suggest recording doing a little bit of postproduction introducing it and getting the podcast into it.

[00:52:53] Cuz if you can keep someone that three or four minutes. The rest of it, doesn’t need to be super, highly polished. Like you don’t, you don’t need to cut out ums. You don’t need to really do much. But if that, if you lose them in that first two or three minutes, it doesn’t matter how good the rest of your content is.

[00:53:05] Cuz they’ll never know. Well that’s so Gary did, Gary did qualify that with, it was an interview with the federal reserve bank. So yeah. You know, could be anything we’ll have to, we’ll have to visit your YouTube channel and, and find that out. So it’s, Brian is very sweet. He goes, I come to YouTube because I thought it helps you guys more I’ll watch wherever fits you guys.

[00:53:22] Well, I did wanna, I did wanna address that. So like, yeah. So Brian said he would come to us wherever we are, uh, uh, Jim over fusion marketing. So super chats and super thanks. I think I’d prefer YouTube. Emily D Bakkers crushing it with live Streaming on YouTube. Uh, someone on LinkedIn of course says LinkedIn is for building better relationships or building relat.

[00:53:42] Uh, views I guess, or as a chopping. Okay. So that was addressing your stuff. Yeah. So I also wanted to add here that we are happen to be multi Streaming. So we are on YouTube, LinkedIn with, with the Paris feature. We can, you know, we’re on multiple YouTube channels. We’re on multiple, uh, Facebook, multiple Twitter accounts, wherever, wherever it is that we wanna go Streaming and our guests are invited to Restream two.

[00:54:04] So part of this is we’re also getting comments from all over as you can see us calling out comments from YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn. So, um, so we are, that is one of the things that we’re doing. So we’re not necessarily just going live on YouTube, which is, which is partially why we get a lot of these comments.

[00:54:21] So the other thing is, and I think this, Brian says this, and I think this is a really great point yeah. To, to do is he says chopping out bits really does help and has helped him as well. Yeah. So I think that’s really good to focus in on, uh, what Zach says. Um, But before we we’re right at time, boy, this has been fun.

[00:54:38] Thanks Zach, for all this great advice. Now I’ve gotta go and change everything and try all these new stuff. Um, but kind of a, kind of a last kind of a wrap up question. What can we do to improve our YouTube strategy for massive growth this year? So like what’s working what’s ha you know, has been working and is not anymore.

[00:54:57] And what is kind of coming up? Like you mentioned these YouTube podcasts, um, is there anything special we need to do to get on that new YouTube podcast page? Or is it, how does, you know, all that kind of stuff? So I’ll let you have the, the last part of the show and kind of wrap us up. Yeah, yeah, absolutely.

[00:55:12] So to address the podcast part first, I don’t know we get you on there. I’ve had someone on LinkedIn screenshot and say, Hey, you were on the page. And I was, and it wasn’t one of my podcast episodes so they know I have, they know I have podcast episodes. Right. But it it’s a little glitchy. And so. There’s no information on how to get on there.

[00:55:29] I would say focus on what is working, um, for anyone creating a podcast. If you’re in the education thought leadership business, like if you’re trying to, you know, create change in people and help them go longer. Um, I, I know it sounds intimidating. Go at least 30 minutes, I would say shoot for an hour minimum.

[00:55:48] Um, I, I think is going to benefit you in the long run, um, focus on what we talked about that first two or three minutes. Like the thing here is if you’re clicking on a five minute video and you want to know that you’re on the right video, I’m gonna give it like, you know, 10% maybe of watch time. And so you have 30 seconds or I’m gone and usually less than that.

[00:56:08] But if I click on an hour long video, that’s really solving a big problem for me. I’ll give you a minute because I’m, I’m about to watch 60 minutes and it’s a, it’s a problem that I really need help. If you’re saying, Hey, this is the best pen ever watch an hour long. I’m sorry. I’m never watching an hour long video on a pen that that should be a 32nd or, you know, one minute video.

[00:56:27] So make it make the length of your videos, according to what you’re talking about, but don’t make short videos just because you feel like that does better, um, to be competitive, watch time and have YouTube show your shorter videos. You have to keep people. If you’re under 10 minutes, you have to keep people anywhere between 80 and 65% of the video on average, that means the average person watching your video across everyone is watching 80% or, you know, 65% on the low end of your video.

[00:56:54] That’s that is crazy. That is very, very D even for me, that is incredibly hard to do, but if you’re longer, it there’s not that much content that’s longer. And so the algorithm’s a lot more forgiving, so, um, go longer. And then that the analytics that we talked about, if you can keep 70% of people in that first minute, That video’s golden.

[00:57:14] Like you were doing incredible. That’s a really, really high bar to set. But if you focus on that first one or two minutes of your video, and that’s the only thing you focus on, you’re gonna be much better. They’re thumbnails, things like that. You can focus on, but it doesn’t matter if you get all these clicks and people don’t watch your content.

[00:57:29] So that first minute, and you know, the rest can be decent content. You need to be a good, you know what you’re doing, know what you’re talking about, but if you lose people on that first minute, it doesn’t matter. So awesome. Well, this has been amazing. Um, Zach, you’re just that we gotta have you on again, cuz this was really great.

[00:57:47] You got so many great, um, uh, stuff and dropped a ton of great knowledge, but let tell people where they can find you what you’re doing, your courses, any of that stuff, let people know where they can find, uh, all things. . Yeah, absolutely. So you can, I mean, you can find me on YouTube. You can find me on LinkedIn.

[00:58:03] I connect with me on LinkedIn. I would love that. Um, YouTube you’ll find a lot of my content. I do post that to LinkedIn to let you know when those are coming out. But, um, I did actually create a course at one point a couple of ’em and I decided just to give all my best information away for free. I love Alex mosey, where he is like, give away the information and sell the implementation.

[00:58:20] Like you can learn everything I know through a lot of years of watching YouTube. Like you really could. So I’ll just give that away for free. But if you, if you do wanna work with me, you know, I do have Evan carmic is my partner there. And we’re really focused on business leaders, thought leaders, um, helping video podcast to really just help you to be the face of whatever it is that you do that people recognize and think of on.

[00:58:44] YouTube is the tool to do that. Like, it is absolutely phenomenal. So DME on LinkedIn, if that’s of interest to you, but otherwise, you know, all of my, my content’s free, so cool. What is your YouTube channel for people to find, to find that? Yeah, where’s your YouTube channel. Yeah. So if you search Z Mitchum, I should show up.

[00:59:00] Um, right now we are video makers should also show up. I’m rebranding all of my, we video maker stuff to my personal. So Zach Mitch, uh, going forward, but right now you should simply able to find it under that. Awesome. And that’s Zack for our podcast, listeners, Z a C H, and then Mitch is M I T C H E M because search it.

[00:59:19] And, uh, it’ll, it’ll be the first thing that pops up because that’s how I find, I found all the stuff for our bios. So tell people where they can get your LinkedIn newsletter too. Cuz that was something that I wanted to bring up and highlight as. Yeah, no, I appreciate that. So, um, if you go to my profile, you should be able to find it as branding with video is the newsletter title.

[00:59:38] That’s the name of my podcast and I, I usually embed the podcast episode, but I also go through and I kind of give you behind the scenes insights of things that I learned interviewing and creating the episode. Um, I don’t want, you know, double content, like, oh, if you don’t wanna listen, just read this, but I wanna give you some extra insights and then, um, do that.

[00:59:56] And I’ve only published like three so far and I. Almost 600 people subscribed there. So it’s been well received. So, um, yeah, go find me over there. Branding with video, um, LinkedIn newsletter. Very cool. I will have to have you back on when we talk about branding with video, because that is a, that is a big topic, especially with all these updates rolling out on across, not just YouTube, but everywhere else.

[01:00:18] I mean, this is video is it’s the year of video, Jeff. I know it’s always the year of video. Thanks everybody for watching today. Um, we have, we had some, uh, great questions and from everybody, we thank you. Uh, and Annie asking your questions and we got Katie asking, she goes, says, great show everyone. Thank you.

[01:00:35] Appreciate you. And then of course, our good friend, Chris stone says Social Media News Live the best show on the interwebs. Sprinkle the love out there. Thanks Chris. And we would love it if you would sprinkle the love out there. So go ahead and spread this all around. This is a podcast as well. So make sure you, uh, on your favorite podcast player, go ahead and subscribe and leave us a rating review.

[01:00:53] It really does help us out. And with that, Grace. Thank you so much. Another amazing show as awesome. Yeah. Thank you for finding Zach. I mean, I’m my gosh. That’s, that’s the price of admission right there. So you did an amazing job. We’ll see you guys all next week. Don’t forget about our sponsor Ecamm for slash Ecamm.

[01:01:10] And don’t forget about, uh, what’s coming up end of next week on Thursday is Leap into podcasting. We’re talking about all about video podcasting on two days of great training. So we’ll see you there. Bye everybody. If you didn’t get enough, Grace and Jeff we’re come. We’re coming at you next week, right?

[01:01:26] That’s right. So see you guys next time. Bye everybody. Bye. Hi. That brought you Leap in a live Restream is back with something brand new for 22, and you won’t want to miss it Leap into podcasting. We’re taking a Leap in the podcasting this year, September 29th and 30. It’s our third year of Leap in alive.

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[01:02:16] Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Here’s the best part people. The tickets are absolutely free. Say woo free. Nick nil, nada nine, nothing Z zero free F R E E free. Say you busy and you can’t make it. No problem. We’ll be selling a replay pass, which includes virtual and physical podcasting guys with notes and bonuses from all the sessions we got you covered.

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