Wondering how to stand out on social media while keeping up with your busy day job?

On this week’s Social Media News Live, we ask Master Plumber and YouTube sensation Roger Wakefield about using social media to establish your expertise, promote your industry, and grow your business!


[00:00:00] Jeff Sieh: [00:00:00] Welcome to Social Media News Live. I’m Jeff Sieh, and you’re not.. 

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[00:00:43] Jeff Sieh: [00:00:43] Yeah, and today we are going to be talking all about some YouTube news, and we’re going to first kind of break into the YouTube news because we’re gonna be talking about this is kind of an interesting thing, is that ticked off.

[00:00:55] Overtakes YouTube at VidCon. So Grace kind of break this down. What does that mean? That they overtook them. What’s going on? Is YouTube going away? What’s happening? 

[00:01:06] Grace Duffy: [00:01:06] No YouTube is certainly not going away, but VidCon, which of course was first held in 2010 has always been closely aligned with YouTube, looking to support this amazing community of digital video creators of course, has been a lead sponsor, a headlining sponsor of the event since 2013.

[00:01:24] And it is, that was until this year 2021, when TikTok signed on as the title sponsor of VidCon USA, 2021, which is being held in Anaheim, California at the Anaheim convention center, August 21st, 24th. And it is actually going to be in person. So this is a big deal, you know, events, we’re all virtual and now we’re kind of making our way back to in-person.

[00:01:48] I know there’s a lot that have been in-person lately, but this is a big deal. Everyone’s looking forward to it, but you know, there’s been a lot of press around this because. You know, it’s the first time that this upstart this, what did this teenage app or whatever this TikTok has been taking over the YouTube, but YouTube does say that it is still good to be in the mix is one of the secondary sponsors.

[00:02:09] It is not going away, Jeff, but it does mark a big shift in the industry and more broadly within the creator community and, you know, especially people that are embracing multiple platforms and seeing a lot of success with that shorter content. Which of course, when we had Janet Murray on a few weeks ago, that’s what we talked a ton about.

[00:02:29] Right? 

[00:02:30] Jeff Sieh: [00:02:30] Yeah. So one of the things and I loop, sorry, I have the wrong thing up there. There we go. That was, yeah. And now I’m gonna take it away. So the one of the things Jennifer asks, wait, was VidCon, is it happening this year? No. This is the upcoming thing that they said that they’re, they we’re actually got the big, they spend all the money and got the big advertising thing.

[00:02:48] Correct? Is that what you’re, 

[00:02:50] Grace Duffy: [00:02:50] what is a VidCon is coming, is happening this year. It’s an October and it is an Anaheim. So, and I know that our friend, our good friend, Rob Balasabas, he’s a guy who works for TubeBuddy, which is owned by Ben. They are one of the big, like, that’s one of their big events.

[00:03:06] So this is definitely happening. It’s very exciting. And I think it’s especially exciting because this is the first time a lot of people are getting together in person for a big conference. And even I do events for for Restream. And so, you know, we’ve been on my end at least. Do we go in person, do we not go in person?

[00:03:23] So the fact that this is in person, the fact that it’s VidCon, the fact that it’s ticked up, there’s a lot of exciting news here. 

[00:03:29] Jeff Sieh: [00:03:29] Yeah. So, this is kind of, and you know, YouTube has got on this bandwagon with shorts. So I want to know from you guys in the audience, have you started doing, let’s just not say.

[00:03:41]Just YouTube shorts, but like other short form content, you know, we, you know, we’ve done stories for awhile. They’ve been out for, I don’t know how long, but then, you know, we’ve got reels now we’ve got YouTube shorts and, you know, even Pinterest has Pinterest video, but it’s also got the new idea pins that used to be story pins.

[00:03:58] Now it’s idea pins that are all these platforms are starting to really capitalize on this short form content. So have you tried them, are you trying to do them? I know even and Grace and were talking about, this is a show when we’re talking about Roger’s stuff that it’s like he’s on TikToK, but he’s also in shorts.

[00:04:14] So a lot of people are repurposing stuff across platforms because for YouTube to consider it a short, it’s got to be a sh the video has to be in under 60 seconds. You can re a lot of people are repurposing things. So have you tried it? So, Rodrigo says, yes, we’re doing shorts on Instagram. So are you taking the short form comp content from like, I assume it’s reels and moving it over to YouTube shorts.

[00:04:40] And one of the things that a lot of YouTube creators have started to do is actually, and there’s this one of my favorite YouTubers that I watch all the time. And he has a show on actually tomorrow morning at it’s eight o’clock central time, but it’s Nick Nimmin and he does a incredible live show where he gives YouTube strategies.

[00:05:00] A lot of creators are actually taking YouTube shorts and creating a separate channel for it because they don’t want to mess up the algorithm or they want to don’t want to do something like that. So they’re actually taking it and creating that other people are like some newer creators. Like I consider myself a new creator are finding a lot of.

[00:05:18] You know, success with their shorts, getting their channel discovered, and then other people are going on and clicking on their content and, you know, kind of blowing their channel up. So there’s this kind of two different camps that people are thinking, you know, create a new channel. Well, maybe you need, you know, other people are saying I’ll do it on your own channel.

[00:05:33] So I’d love to know what you guys are thinking. So, Rodriguez says we specifically do that purpose of giving pill pills, and some call to action. I was 

[00:05:43] Grace Duffy: [00:05:43] trying to stay Rodriguez. I agree with you because I think from a marketing perspective and a promotion perspective, it’s hard to get someone to watch our 45 minute long shore hour long show, right?

[00:05:54] Like you have to give the value and you have to give the the call to action, right? You have to say, Hey, this is who we are. This is what we’re going to talk about. This is what you can expect from us. And I think a short, I think someone said 59 seconds to be exact on YouTube shorts, 59 seconds.

[00:06:09] Even an under is a good way to introduce someone to who you are and to get them interested in you, especially when they’re done creatively. I know that as a big TikTok consumer, not a performer you know, like I’ve even gotten very impatient with my own scrolling there. Right. Where it’s like 30 seconds, 60 seconds is like, I’ll be like, if it doesn’t get me at the beginning, You know, I’m probably going to just move on or whatever.

[00:06:32] Right. But it’s a good way. Think strategically to get people, to get to know you get to know your company, get to know your brand, get to know what they expect from 

[00:06:40] you. 

[00:06:40] Jeff Sieh: [00:06:40] Yeah. And the interesting thing, you know, we were talking about this is the TikTok, you know, the big thing is it’s unseated, YouTube and YouTube kind of responded back is like, yeah, we’re still going to be there.

[00:06:50] And we’ve got stuff going on the way we haven’t announced yet. So, you know, chill out. So, but I know they’re feeling the pressure because you know, one of the things that if you talk to a lot of creators or even users, so like even my daughter, 20 year old daughter, she loves TikTok because it seems like it constantly gives them what they want to see.

[00:07:11]The algorithm on TikTok is amazing because once you get it trained, it continues to keep you on the platform, which is what all of these networks one is. They want to keep you on the platforms where they can sell ads and mine, your data and all that kind of stuff. And so, You know, I’m sure YouTube is feeling the pressure because, you know, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.

[00:07:30] And having this relatively young upstart, TikTok, you know, really succeed with a short form content, you know, I think the shorts were rolled out. In response to all this. So, I’d love to know how you guys are implementing them in your video strategy. So, Jennifer 

[00:07:46] Grace Duffy: [00:07:46] makes a good point. 

[00:07:47] Jeff Sieh: [00:07:47] Oh, go ahead. Melanie says, good morning.

[00:07:48] I haven’t taken on YouTube shorts just yet, but it’s in the plan. A lot of people. Hey Melanie, good to see you. Yeah. A lot of people are feeling that same thing as like, yes, I got to do shorts. A lot of repurposing is going on. Jennifer goes, what were you gonna say? Yeah. I wonder 

[00:08:01] Grace Duffy: [00:08:01] if we’re conditioning ourselves to shorter and shorter form of content is consuming.

[00:08:05] Jennifer. I agree. I think we are. And I think it’s because at least in this last year, definitely we’ve seen that uptick of content, right? Like, you know, it used to be really novel that we had a show and now it’s like, everyone kind of has a show. Right. And you have to find a way to set yourself apart. And I think that sort of content is getting you in front of more people.

[00:08:23] She also follows up her comment with saying that she agrees her kids ages 14 and 22. They love it, that it’s customized to them and it uses them to, they use it to discover more of what they like or don’t know existed up to that point. Jennifer, I, you know, my kids are on Tik talk to their various ages of teenager and my husband will consume it as well.

[00:08:44] And all four of us. Do not have the same feed. Right. So I was talking about something they’re like, what are you talking about? And I’m like, oh, you know, like, they’re like, oh, we’re on sea shanty, TikTok. And I’m like, well, I’m on political team. So I think there’s something for everyone. And I think that’s something that can translate over to other platforms like YouTube shorts.

[00:09:06] Jeff Sieh: [00:09:06] Yeah. Eric Fisher goes at this conversation is too long. Didn’t read. Ha. So he’s being smarmy everybody. So, but anyway yeah. So then here’s, so let’s say, okay. You know, like Melanie says, oh, always love for learning from you. Jeff. YouTube, Grace. Oh, thank you so much. That’s too kind. But one of the things I wanted to give you and I get it, man.

[00:09:24] Another thing we have to do. Okay. Reels just came out now I’ve got to do shorts. Now I’ve got to do short form content. I can barely get a YouTube video out once a month or whatever it is. And we’re like, oh my gosh, how are we going to do this? 


The Power of Descript for Editing

So, I’ll share, you know, what I have been experimenting with and how I’ve tried to, and I’ve had some degree success, I think how it works.

[00:09:45] So after we’re done with this show, so this show is recorded you can download it, you can record it. So just Restream it records it and it actually splits it up and across many different you know, like Grace’s track to separated from. Yeah. It’s separated from mine, mine minus separated, and there’s a mixed version, so it’s perfect for podcasting.

[00:10:02] So, and Ecamm does the same thing to amazing stuff that both these platforms do. What I do, as soon as the show is over is I take it and I upload it to this platform called Descript. And what Descript does is we’ve all had played with these, you know, transcription AI stuff. I think Descript has the best possible one out there.

[00:10:24] It is really accurate and I’ve tried every single one of them. So I use Descripts for this show. I use it for Tailwind show. I use it to produce Guy Kawasaki’s podcast. It’s amazing. So once you have a load it to Descript, you can actually edit it as a text-based editor. Like you’re using word.

[00:10:40] It actually will. It will actually trim the video. And also the audio. So what I like to do is I actually go through and make clips of our show. Like a lot of times I’ll ask the guests and they’ll give us a great response. It’s about perfect for YouTube shorts, if it’s under 60 seconds, well, I can export that out, get it all done and upload it to YouTube.

[00:11:01] I can upload it as a Pinterest idea pin. I can upload it as a real or an IGTV. And so everything starts for us with the transcript. As soon as we’re done, it goes to the transcript. And then I haven’t. And the cool thing is too, is you can export that text as an SRT file. So you already have captions already done.

[00:11:21] You don’t have to upload it to another service and have captions created from it. It’s already done in Descript. So Descript has saved us here, especially Social Media News Live and about all those other properties so much time. So if you haven’t checked it out, make sure you guys go to Descript and it’s amazing.

[00:11:42] Grace Duffy: [00:11:42] I like it because I get the words mixed up all the, like I’ll say Facebook when I mean YouTube or whatever. And so I’ve learned to just pause and start over. And when you go into Descript, you can actually take those errors. There’s ums, those ahs, those had you just like select. Deleted and it just chunks it out and it’s fine.

[00:12:00] Jeff Sieh: [00:12:00] It’s called remove filler words. Now I will be saying this and I have this constant fight. I hope he’s not watching with Guy Kawasaki. Cause he’ll he hits that. He, you can just select everything and say, remove filler words. Then it sounds a little robotic cause nobody talks that way. And sometimes I have to go back and smooth things over or I add them back in.

[00:12:17]Cause a lot of times they’ll say people will say like, I just did a double word and Descript we’ll take that out. And so I want it to sound natural more than I want it to be perfect. But when you export it as a transcript, you can have that and then you take it out. So you don’t see any underneath the, you know, as a subtitle.

[00:12:32] So anyway, sorry, got off on that, but I just wanted to show you guys a way that then you can re you can take one piece of content and make it go across all the different platforms, using a tool like Restream or he cam and then taking it and putting it, uploading it as a file and having to script kind of chop go through it and chop it up for you because.

[00:12:51] I’m like you, like Jennifer goes here she goes. Yes, she has yet to Jeff. Nope Nope. Too much stuff to do. And yes. Lisa goes one word repurpose. Very cool. Yeah. So the more you can repurpose the better. Yeah. 

[00:13:05] Grace Duffy: [00:13:05] Yes. So we have a comment here, Eric, our friend Eric says, unless I’m mistaken, YouTube shorts are mobile only.

[00:13:10] Correct. I watch a lot of YouTube, but mainly mark things watch later during the day. So I can keep focused on work at hand and watch it on my TV. That is a good point. It is mobile first. And then there’s also just now kind of rolling out. It’s just now expanding to more regions. So I think it’s something that they’re also trying to experiment with.

[00:13:27] I know that use changes all the time. So of course, you know, 

[00:13:31] Jeff Sieh: [00:13:31] so yes, it is mobile first. So it’ll show up what they call the short shelf on your mobile phone when you’re like looking at YouTube. So that is it’s made for mobile. I do believe that it’s also because a lot you use the hashtag shorts when you upload it to the title, I think it also creates that inside of your YouTube page.

[00:13:49] So I believe that you can go and watch it also from desktop if you want to, but it is it’s, you know, it’s the vertical video it’s, you know, that’s, you know, that’s one of the things that it’s really is mobile first. It’s like a TikTok killer. So yeah, exactly. Let’s see yes. So this thank you, Jennifer.

[00:14:08] So, oh, Jennifer, if you haven’t used it, you need to use it. It’s cause Jennifer does a ton of lives. She is amazing person, you know, for strategy on social media and yeah, so it’s amazing. So Descript.com, check it out. Thank you, Jennifer, for dropping that link in the comments. 

[00:14:24] Grace Duffy: [00:14:24] So it has a question.


Should We Be On All The Channels?

If we can bring it up, is it beneficial to be on all channels? TikTok YouTube shorts and the others, or should you concentrate on one? That is a hot question. Jeff, what are your thoughts on that? 

[00:14:37] Jeff Sieh: [00:14:37] So it used to be, so let’s take it just from a live standpoint that going live. It used to be that you could only pull comments in from like one place you were broadcasting on.

[00:14:47]And then a lot of the live streamers and the strategists would say, you know, concentrate on going live on one platform, build up your audience and then. You know, the other places now with the technology from like, Ecamm that we’re using here. And also Restream. That pull comments. And I can tell, like that was from Martin over on Facebook.

[00:15:10] And we had Jason McComb auto electrical learning says afternoon. So I, and I can tell he’s from YouTube so you can build an audience in every place. So now I would say, yes, it’s for going live, go live everywhere, because it’s not that harder now to do that. And you can increase your audience because some people prefer to watch on YouTube and some people prefer to watch on something else, but his point Martins point of, you know, being all channels, TikTok YouTube, all that stuff.

[00:15:36] I haven’t dove in much to TikTok just because sometimes you can’t. Do all the things 

[00:15:42] Grace Duffy: [00:15:42] you just can’t. And I also think that with TikTok, there’s there’s a barrier of culture, right? There’s a certain culture, there’s certain lingo. There’s certain things that are very germane to TikTok. So I think it is a little harder to break in there, but it’s not impossible because, you know, for instance, our Roger, who we’re supposed to have on the show, I still don’t know.

[00:16:00] Have we heard from him yet? I haven’t 

[00:16:01] Jeff Sieh: [00:16:01] seen anything, but I’ve checked it. So I haven’t. Yeah, no 

[00:16:03] Grace Duffy: [00:16:03] worries. Anyway, so, as we were researching the show, like, you know, he is a sensation on YouTube, so it’s just like, I wonder what he’s doing on Facebook. And it’s just like, oh, okay. So he’s kind of Mo so he’s multi streaming from YouTube to Facebook.

[00:16:15] And then I was like, well, let’s see how he is on TikTok, because we’re talking about a TikTok segment. And he had the same type of content. Right. It was geared towards TikTok, but he had the same kind of content because that’s who he is. That’s his brand. And that’s what you could expect from him. So, I think it just depends on if you can take the same content and translate it over and people know who you are.

[00:16:35]It’s another way of getting yourself out there and meeting a different audience. Now there is an audience for him. TikTok because I watch a lot of DIY. I watch a lot of home improvement. I watch a lot of stuff, but on tic-tac it’s a little harder because like, they’ll do it in like 60 seconds.

[00:16:49] You’re like, whoa. So it does make you want to, like now I’m like, oh, I really wanted to learn how to build that. The closet, like now I’m going to go find them on YouTube. I’m going to read their blog because I need the deeper content, but I never would have known about it if I didn’t first find out about on tech talk.

[00:17:05] So I suggested if you have the content you’ve created the video. Yeah, 

[00:17:10] Jeff Sieh: [00:17:10] and I love DIY stuff too, but there’s no way I’m going to be welding and stuff like Roger does with plumbing scares me to death. So, so Jennifer, so we were talking about Descript and you guys really honed in on that. She goes, oh my gosh, this would save so much time.

[00:17:21]Scott says I’ve got my notepad out. Yeah. So, Jennifer goes, that was awesome. Thank you. So, you know, what, if you guys would be interested in like, maybe like a little power tip on. Like Descript and kind of maybe a little bit more fleshed out of how I use it for guys podcast and how we use it for this show.

[00:17:37] You know, send me a text message here at 903-287-9088 that’s 903-287-9088. And I’ll put together like a PDF or best practices, or maybe even my workflow on how I do that. Just tell me that, you know, you went to Descript thing when you text me and I’ll put you on, make sure that link goes out to all you guys.

[00:17:56] It’s no spam. It’s nothing like that. It’s just a, this is the way you, we can get past those algorithms and I can see you. So 903-287-9088. So, Melanie goes, totally agree. Don’t remove the filler words unless it’s just a hot mess. Yeah. We, I have never removed a word that grace has says it does say her name weird.

[00:18:16] Sometimes it’s called her, you know, like lace fluffy, something weird. So, you know, it sounds like something, you know, we won’t go there, but anyway, 

[00:18:24] Grace Duffy: [00:18:24] That sounds like a Facebook meme name. Yeah. I won’t say which kind 

[00:18:28] Jeff Sieh: [00:18:28] Jay. So, Jason says, oh, I’m glad you’re all talking about local businesses. Yeah. So the th we were going to have Roger on, but there’s some sort of technical area, but we will make sure we get Roger on, but this does apply to local businesses because what we’ve been talking about all this morning, it started with, you know, tic talk and they had some news about that.

[00:18:46] But then we kind of got off onto a Descript. One of the things that I know a local businesses have a big struggle with is trying to do all the things. And one of the things that we were talking about is the tool that we use called Descript that allows us to upload this thing. One time, base everything off a transcript, you know, chop and trim and do everything inside of Descript and then export it out everywhere.

[00:19:12] So that’s why Grace and I love.Live video because we come up with all this, we have all this content, we can chop it up, send it out there and she loves it so much. She actually worked works at Restream. So to find out more and support grace go to social media is live.com forward slash Restream. Where are you laughing?

[00:19:28] Grace Duffy: [00:19:28] A note? I want to note Descript isn’t even a sponsor. We’re just that nerdy about it, 

[00:19:34] Jeff Sieh: [00:19:34] but I didn’t even think about what we’re talking about today. So, but I don’t care. I don’t care about that. You guys use it cause it is a seriously, it has changed. It changes the way I edit video and change because here’s the here.

[00:19:45] Okay. I’m gonna even get even nerdier. So not only can you export. A you know, clip out your video out there and send it out there. You can export it as a you know, word file for, you can have a transcript from your show. You can export it as a Adobe Audition file. So if you’re like a podcast pro you can have it all go into Audition, you can ex export it as a Premiere file.

[00:20:05] If you’re using Adobe Premier, it is amazing. Amazing. Nothing said. So Jennifer says YouTube shorts, can you upload, or does it have to be created in the app? You can upload it. You can 

[00:20:16] Grace Duffy: [00:20:16] upload it. Yes. That’s what we’re doing over at. That’s what we’re doing over at Restream with our long form videos is we are creating it.

[00:20:22] So you have the ability to create, edit, do everything you don’t have to do on a mobile. I hate having to edit things on a tiny screen. You can create the video and then 

[00:20:30] Jeff Sieh: [00:20:30] upload it. So, and I believe also it’s gotta be vertical video and it’s gotta be under 60 seconds. So, that’s how they know it’s a short you used to, and I, I still do it.

[00:20:39] You used to have to put short hashtag shorts in the title. But somebody told me last week that you don’t have to do that anymore. As long as it’s under 60 seconds, I still do it just because. I don’t know if that’s true or not. So 

[00:20:52] Grace Duffy: [00:20:52] I don’t think shorts is necessarily rolled out to every region yet. So I think that does help you with your search ability, especially if you’re looking now, we do have some other news.

[00:21:00] Jeff, are we, you want to, we’ll 

[00:21:01] Jeff Sieh: [00:21:01] go through some more questions. So TikTok goes, Eric Fisher goes, TikTok to me. Young people, dancers and older people trying to be young or dance by. So. Abby calls my daughter. I have, he calls it, you know, multi, she goes like that’s old TikTok. And but she loves to watch the older people on TikTok.

[00:21:17] She just thinks they’re cute and funny and loves to watch them. So, yes. Let’s see. This is Melanie says when multi streaming just be aware of your audience on each platform. That is very true. That is very, yeah. 

[00:21:27] Grace Duffy: [00:21:27] Restream and Ecamm regime allows you to do that because it filters it, all the comments.

[00:21:32] I wish I could share my screen with you, but like, it filters in all the comments as they’re coming in everywhere they’re coming in. So both Jeff and I are seeing all of them. And we’re able to call you up by name and say, Hey, thank you for the comment, Melanie. So, absolutely. And it’s a good way to do it because do you remember.

[00:21:47] Jeff. Do you remember in the old days when you’d have to have, like, this phone is going to Facebook, this camera’s going to 

[00:21:55] Jeff Sieh: [00:21:55] do this. 

[00:21:56] Grace Duffy: [00:21:56] We got to get up Periscope. And, oh, I remember like back at the, you know, when we first started working together, there was this other step that you had to do. You had to like Wirecast it to everywhere because we were going like, Yeah, it’s so 

[00:22:10] Jeff Sieh: [00:22:10] easy.

[00:22:11] So easy. Now you guys have no idea. And I used it. They have to use, like, we talked about Restream. I mean, Ecamm earlier it’s super easy to build out, shows like this where I can, you know, I can go and w we don’t have a guest here, but you can see, I can have a place for a guest. I know. I mean, I built these all out myself.

[00:22:27] This is not a template, and it’s really easy to do. And I add these overlays. Like, you can see Grace here amazingly. And so it’s really easy to do with Ecamm. And then like, we’ve talked about numerous times. Restream is amazing to be able to go out to all the different places and pull in those comments from all those different places.

[00:22:46] You don’t have to run a separate, used to have to run a separate chat app and all this other stuff it all comes in. So it’s amazing. So, okay. Let’s go back to the second piece of news that we have. This is talking a little bit more about shorts and the YouTube. Thanks. Why don’t you break this down for us, grace, 

[00:23:02] Grace Duffy: [00:23:02] this sharp.

YouTube Rolling Out More Short Options

[00:23:04] So as YouTube rolled out, it’s rolling out shorts, right? To more regions. It’s also adding more options for creators and for channel managers. So the first thing is that they are giving creators more control over how other creators can use the audio from their from their videos in the shorts to remix, including the capacity to block short sampling in bulk.

[00:23:29] So to break this down even further, like you can take, this is popular on TikTok, for sure where you can take the audio from a video and then use that in your own video and do your own interpretation of it. A lot of times that’s how like, things kind of get viral is that there, like a sound will go viral, right?

[00:23:47] Or a sound effect or a particular song, and people will do their own kind of interpretation around it. And so, YouTube shorts has this capability as well. And so it’s really interesting to me that YouTube is blocking this because. You know, you blocking the, or giving creators the ability to block this because one YouTube is clearly hoping to make this remixing feature key element of shorts, because it is such a big deal tech talk, right?

[00:24:17] It is such a big deal about what makes it popular is because you can add on your own interpretation to different things, right. And then YouTube also has exponentially a larger content library than anywhere else in the world. Right. Right. I used to know how many hours of video were loaded at any second uploaded at any second on YouTube.

[00:24:35] I have lost count. So they have this huge creative library for the ability to, you know, get really interesting, get really cool, get really drilled down and create that sense of community around the audio in the shorts. And so relaxing could actually be explosive. So I find it really strange that they’re limiting this.

[00:24:54] Jeff, what do you think. 

[00:24:56] Jeff Sieh: [00:24:56] Here’s what I think, cause this is a thing also that that is a little bit controversial and some of the creators, and once again, I’m going to reference Nick Nimmin, that’s. He has a show tomorrow morning at eight central, which is if you’re wanting to learn about YouTube and kind of get best practices and stuff, he doesn’t live show and he brings in guest is amazing.

[00:25:13]Great show. But what is, there’s kind of, there’s two camps, because originally when I think shorts rolled out, they did not have this ability and what it is you got to scroll through and you know, when you give them permission, you know, to like, it’s not for kids, it’s all those things you click on in your YouTube channel.

[00:25:29] There’s another little button that says, you know, allow this to be used for, you know, remixing on shorts. And a lot of people were worried about it and I kind of feel this way as well. Is that oh, here’s Roger. We’ll bring him on. So, outlets will ask Roger what it is. So here we go. Let me pull him on real quick.

[00:25:44]. So let’s see if he comes on here. Let’s see. He’s in the green room, but while we’re 

[00:25:50] Grace Duffy: [00:25:50] getting Roger in, I’ll fill you in on the second part of the news, which is that they are rolling out. YouTube is also rolling out more analytics into the main YouTube app. So as we were mentioning, shorts is very mobile friendly mobile first.

[00:26:01] And so they are rolling out these analytics within the main YouTube app. So that also channel managers, us as company owners, us as marketing people can follow those analytics, the same place you follow all your other analytics. So that’s the other thing that they 

[00:26:17] Jeff Sieh: [00:26:17] rolled out. Yeah. So Roger, if you can hear us that we can’t see you.

[00:26:22] So I am going to, I’m going to boot you see if you can refresh and come back in. So once again, folks, this is live. So we’ll try this again. This is 

[00:26:29] Grace Duffy: [00:26:29] the part that we would chunk out into scratch. 

[00:26:32] Jeff Sieh: [00:26:32] We would upload this indiscriminate. We will take this out for the podcast. Because I figured there was some sort of technical thing going on.

[00:26:38] So, but back to that, here he goes again, let me do this. So let me, there he is. 

[00:26:42] Roger Wakefield IntroductionOh my gosh. Roger Wakefield. Can you hear us? Oh, 

[00:26:46] Roger Wakefield: [00:26:46] you the biggest apology 

[00:26:49] Grace Duffy: [00:26:49] you do not. We figured out a sort of plumbing emergency somewhere in Dallas. We gave you all the grace and understanding, 

[00:26:57] Roger Wakefield: [00:26:57] oh God, I love your story so much better.

[00:27:02] We’ll just stick with 

[00:27:03] Grace Duffy: [00:27:03] it. 

[00:27:03] Roger Wakefield: [00:27:03] Okay. Oh no, I love it. Yeah. I had to change clothes. I was covered in poop from head to toe by that. Yeah, that’s right. 

[00:27:11] Grace Duffy: [00:27:11] Our excuse. When, before you got on here, our excuses were both hot, so we were running fans and stuff. So we had to, like, 

[00:27:18] Jeff Sieh: [00:27:18] we thought maybe the power was out in tech because you know, we’re all three from Texas.

[00:27:21] Roger. 

[00:27:22] Roger Wakefield: [00:27:22] Yeah. I love that. Now what part are y’all from? 

[00:27:24] Grace Duffy: [00:27:24] Well, I am in, I’m actually in Dallas and I actually saw one of your vans as I was going to my kids’ school. They go to school in Collin county. 

[00:27:34] Roger Wakefield: [00:27:34] Did that scare you? I mean, when people see that big driving down the road, I have seen cars swerve off the road.

[00:27:41] No, 

[00:27:42] Grace Duffy: [00:27:42] I was actually definitely we’re talking about you because we were like, you know, talk about getting you on the show that your face shut up. I’m like, it is a sign from God that we were meant to be together. So I’m glad that, 

[00:27:54] Jeff Sieh: [00:27:54] and Jeff, where are you at? I’m in Longview, 

[00:27:55] Roger Wakefield: [00:27:55] Texas. Oh my gosh. My father-in-law lives out in outside of Tyler out in Bullard.

[00:28:01] Oh 

[00:28:01] yeah. 

[00:28:01] Jeff Sieh: [00:28:01] Yeah. That’s great. So let me. 

[00:28:05] Grace Duffy: [00:28:05] This is every conversation with people in Texas. So they always say like, if you don’t know, you’re from Texas, you’ll find out. Right. We’ll tell you. 

[00:28:12] Jeff Sieh: [00:28:12] So let’s let me introduce Roger. Cause this is why we’ve been talking about how we do our show and we’ve been all sorts of things, but this is how we’re going to upload this Description.

[00:28:21] We’ll be able to move it all around, but let me introduce you guys to Roger Wakefield. If you don’t know who Roger is, you should, he is a YouTube sensation and a master plumber with over 40 years of experience. So. From the great state of Texas. And he is the founder owner operator of Texas green plumbing.

[00:28:40] Now he’s not only a green certified business owner, speaker and trainer. Roger is one of the top YouTube influencers in the world with get this. And it’s probably even more than this now, but 331,000 subscribers. And over 2 million views on his YouTube channel. His YouTube channel grew from 361 subscribers to over 20,000 in his first full year.

[00:29:05] And you can catch Roger’s videos three times a week. Roger. I’m so glad you’ve made it to the show today. Thank you so much, man. 

[00:29:14] Roger Wakefield: [00:29:14] Okay. Now the only correction I have and just for clarity, cause it, it blows my mind. You said 2 million views. That’s that’s about what we get in about three weeks. Now my channel’s got about 36 million views now.

[00:29:30] Oh 

[00:29:31] Jeff Sieh: [00:29:31] gosh. 36. 

[00:29:33] Roger Wakefield: [00:29:33] Yeah. I mean, I’m and I’m just stating it for a fact. I’m not trying to, it’s just, yeah. It’s it’s kinda crazy. What’s going on? And I’m like, yeah, I’m sorry. It’s 37 million now. 

[00:29:46] Jeff Sieh: [00:29:46] Oh my gosh, 

[00:29:47] Grace Duffy: [00:29:47] Roger. Okay. I’m so excited that you’re here. We already talked about the news before you got here.

[00:29:54] So let’s just talk, let’s take the segment and let’s talk about you and let’s talk about your story about, you know, how you got started with YouTube. So as you said, you were a plumber. So for people that are just getting to know you now tell us about how you got started on YouTube because I have a plumber that lives in my neighborhood and I never see him because he is always working.

How Are You Balancing YouTube and Running A Business?

So I’m very curious how you running this massive local business massively successful local business had time to get on YouTube and create these videos. 

[00:30:25] Roger Wakefield: [00:30:25] It’s really funny because. I started my company. Of course, we started paying a lot of marketing companies and we figured that we spent about $47,000 trying to make the phone ring and a bad thing is there were a lot of companies we hired that literally made the phone stop ringing.

[00:30:43] And that’s a tough thing to deal with as a business owner. So I would start talking to them about social media and it’s seemed like they didn’t. Yeah. Even though what they were talking about, and this is marketing companies here, Dallas area. So I actually started studying really. I wanted to learn social media.

[00:31:01] I went to social media marketing world in 2018. First time I ever walked in and now I’m from Dallas. So I show up there two hours early, the doors are locked. I go eat breakfast. I come back, I’m an hour early, but the doors are open. And I walked in and said, look, can I go ahead and register? And a young lady is like, absolutely.

[00:31:19] And she gets me all of a sudden. And she says, okay, I’m going to find some other plumbers for you to hang out with. And she started scrolling through her list and she looks up, she said, there’s a, there’s no other plumbers here. Who else would you hang out with? I said, roofers, electricians, HVHC tax anybody in the residential service industry.

[00:31:39] And she’s like, I’m sorry, there’s nobody here like you now, a lot of people would have just said, you know what? I’m going home. I’m in the wrong spot. This is not where I belong. And literally, I just looked at her and I thought, wow. She says, I don’t know who you’re going to hang out with. I said, don’t you worry about me.

[00:31:57] I’ll be fine. And I realized it w setting there and learning from people how to do social media from people that do social media everyday. Not just people that sell social media, not just people that talk about it, but people that do it every single day completely changed my life. 

[00:32:17] Jeff Sieh: [00:32:17] So, so Roger would have been the results other than, you know, you have this gargantuan YouTube channel.

[00:32:23]So what’s the results for your business. Not let’s keep your you know, your consulting, your social media consulting and your speaking and all that stuff, you know, separate, but for your, for your plumbing business, since you started producing and distributing these YouTube videos.

How Has Your Business Changed By Producing YouTube Content?

[00:32:37] Roger Wakefield: [00:32:37] Well, whenever I went to Social Media Marketing World, Jeff, we had been paying Google probably three or four grand a month to try to make the phone ring. Now they pay me a lot of money to make my phone ring. I make videos about plumbing and it drives traffic. 

[00:32:58] Jeff Sieh: [00:32:58] So, so how I was gonna ask you this before the show, but, so how do you have plumbers working under you now?

[00:33:06] I mean, is it now, you know, Roger Wakefield has taken over Dallas Plano area. There’s no other plumbers that are around. I mean, how many …how big is your company grown? Since, because I know you can’t do it all. So how big is it now? 

[00:33:18] Roger Wakefield: [00:33:18] Well, we’ve actually got four trucks and so, and look, I’m not the biggest company around the biggest company is around are on all the local media stations. Every morning, they pay probably $50,000 to $250,000 a month on advertising. And I don’t spend that money. I do it through social media, everything on social media also points back to a website. And not that I use it, I don’t use social media as advertising, but there’s links in there.

[00:33:48] People know how to find me and my domain authority, on the regular website has gone above some of the biggest companies in Dallas, just because of what I do on social media. That is so, 

[00:34:00] Grace Duffy: [00:34:00] so I find it really interesting that your, goal,or your stated goal on your YouTube channel is that you’re teaching homeowners how to save money on their plumbing by doing DIY plumbing projects, which I, as a homeowner owner here in Dallas, fully appreciate, right?

What’s the ROI on Giving Away Free Content?

[00:34:17] And you’re also teaching other plumbers and other plumbing companies and plumbing company owners, how to do the best, how to be the best plumbers in their area and run a successful plumbing business. Now, as someone that works for a company, that sounds very counterintuitive of like you’re teaching your customers to do what you could be doing for them, and you’re helping potential competitors succeed.

[00:34:40] So tell us about that. Tell us about, someone comes to me like that sounds crazy, Roger. Like, what would you say.to them 

[00:34:47] Roger Wakefield: [00:34:47] Well, the, thing is number one, Dallas is big enough. I couldn’t get to all the customers if I wanted to. So the thing is if I can teach other plumbers to be better, if I can teach them how to be better, businessman, better plumbers, better communicators with our customers.

[00:35:02] To me that makes the world a better place. And if I can teach homeowners how to fix the things that they should be able to fix, we live in Texas, the Texas state board of plumbing. Examiner says you as a homeowner, legally can repair your own plumbing if you want to. So my thing is, if you’re going to work on it, why not teach you to do it the right way?

[00:35:23] What I do is I teach you, I empower you, but then if you run across something that you can’t do, I’m your trusted advisor. I’m the one you’re going to want to call. I’m the one you’re going to ask questions to. And I think I’ve just, I’ve put myself in a good position just by giving away great value.

[00:35:43] Grace Duffy: [00:35:43] Well, and I love that the generosity in your spirit, right? Because I think that you’re absolutely right. There is room for everyone and you’re helping people wherever they aren’t reaching that next level. So I know, you know, we’ve talked about plumbing, but you are actually a champion of people of all trades, right?

[00:36:01] So in perusing your YouTube channel, I noticed in new show called getting into trades is something that, of course you are, I’m a big advocate of. So tell us about this show and what viewers can expect from this from watching it.

Why Are You Bringing Awareness to the Trades on Your Channel?

[00:36:14] Roger Wakefield: [00:36:14] Well, the very first year I was at Social Media Marketing World, I met a gentleman named Pete Vargas and Pete is an amazing speaker and he teaches people how to tell their story.

[00:36:26] And I was actually with him last week and we talked about what I want to do in life. And I literally, my goal is to help two and a half million people over the next three years, get into the trades, become better tradesmen, start their own company and learn to use social media to grow their businesses.

[00:36:47] And there’s a shortage of trades people in the United States where 900,000 people short right now. And every year there’s for every 10 people that retire. There’s only four people getting back into the trays. So these numbers, the deficiency is going to get even bigger and everybody knows the laws of supply and demand.

[00:37:09] What trades people are making. Now it’s going to be drastically more in the next few years, just because there’s going to be less tradespeople. I’m going to have to pay plumbers more, to come to work for me because there’s not as many of them. So the process is going to go up, but that’s going to turn around too, because now I’m going to have to charge my customers more.

[00:37:29] And it’s just, it’s where we’re headed. And I truthfully think I can help people and help the people of America by bringing more people into the trades. And helping kind of eliminate that supply and demand aspect. 

[00:37:44] Grace Duffy: [00:37:44] And this is a live show that you’re doing. So I’m curious as a viewer, like what kind of questions are you getting from other viewers on that show?

[00:37:51] Like what are people that maybe not know anything about the trades or may not have even considered it or they’re construing and they don’t know, like, what are they asking you? 


What Top Question from People Trying to Get Into The Trades?

[00:37:59]Roger Wakefield: [00:37:59] The biggest thing that I get is there’s not a clear path as to how to get into the trades. So what I’m doing is I’m actually not teaching them how to join pop.

[00:38:09] I’m not teaching them how to hang light fixtures, how to check switches, how to put refrigerant in an HPAC unit, anything like that. I’m teaching them the things that I learn in the trades. I joined the union after I’d been plumbing for 17 years. And you know, when you joined the union and you’re non-union guy, they’ve got some great names for you.

[00:38:29] None of which I can say here. But the funny thing about it is I moved up to a foreman, to a superintendent, to a general superintendent all the way up to director of operations for one of the larger mechanical contractors. And then I realized I want to work for myself because I don’t have the same mindset.

[00:38:48] We’re not headed the same direction. And I decided to open my own company. But what I’ve looked back and realized is there’s nobody out there teaching people that clear path to get into the trades to become the best tradesman. How did I become a foreman and a superintendent, basically in a foreign land?

[00:39:06] How did I walk in as a non-union person and end up leading crews on some of the biggest union jobs in Dallas? And that’s what I want to teach people. How do you set yourself up? To become that foreman to become that superintendent, that project manager, how do you put yourself in a position to make the most money possible?

[00:39:25] Jeff Sieh: [00:39:25] That’s great. So I really love your tagline and I think it’s on your website. It’s like you and power, all tradesman to grow the revenue with integrity using the power of social media. So is there a, I mean, because of your success with social media, do you think that’s something that most tradesmen, or once they get established in a business, they don’t even have any idea about that.

[00:39:47] This is something that anybody can do or why did you pick, you know, instead of like, you know, we grow the revenue with, you know, you know, having that forward thinking or whatever, but why did you pick social media? Is it something that because of your success that you were just able to, I can teach this now?

[00:40:04] Roger Wakefield: [00:40:04] I think that if I can teach tradesmen to use the power of social media, that is a way that every tradesman I helped bring in and help with can help recruit more people into the trades. I think the more we tell our stories, the more we connect with other people, you know, I did not have the greatest upbringing.

[00:40:22] I was in trouble all the way through high school. I didn’t go to college. I was, I got out, literally I got into the trades before I got out of high school because I had quit and I did go back and graduate with my class, but I got into the trades. I got out along the way. I became a cosmetologist, a massage therapist, a bodyguard, a bouncer, a bartender, but I’ve always ended up back in the trades.

[00:40:47] And I think that by telling our stories, we connect with people that maybe think, you know, I could never be a plumber. Look, I’ve probably, it should have been voted most likely to go to jail when I was in high school. But I woke up on and thought, wow, you know what, I’m good at this. I can build things and repair things.

[00:41:08] I mean, look at the world that we’re in. Just look around everywhere you go, the buildings, the roads, the bridges tradespeople, either built it or repaired it. And we’re running out of those people. We’ve got to start filling those positions. And I just, I saw a great opportunity and thought, God, I want to tell people about why this is such a great profession to be in.

[00:41:31] Jeff Sieh: [00:41:31] Okay. It’s interesting. You, one of my favorite characters or shows was Dirty Jobs, Mike Rowe, and you echo a lot of his philosophy as well. So I really enjoyed that. So, one of the things that I know a lot of people are asking is like, okay, Roger, we see you. You’re everywhere. 


How Do You Balance Running A Plumbing Company and Running A Social Media Agency At The Same Time?

[00:41:50] How do you balance training people on social media and running a plumbing company at the same time?

[00:41:56] I mean, you are pro three videos a week is amazing just for normal people. You’re and you run a plumbing company too.

[00:42:07] Roger Wakefield: [00:42:07] And my thing is three videos a week, three lives a week, right? Actually that’s up to five lives a week now. Wow. It’s crazy. But you know, luckily I’ve got a good team around me, both in the marketing side and in the plumbing side, I have great people running the office. I have two customer service reps that are phenomenal.

[00:42:29] They’re my dispatchers. They’re my directors of first impression. I’ve got the back of the house handled. I’ve got good plumbers out in the field. And over in the marketing side, I’ve got people that want to learn that want to grow and that are literally looking at what can we do? So to be the best people out there.

[00:42:47] And that’s what I continuously try to do. 

[00:42:50] Jeff Sieh: [00:42:50] So on that same kind of, kind of follow up, because before you got here, we were talking about YouTube shorts and you know, you’re everywhere and you’re even grace said she, she was stalking you and you’re on TikTok. So from being this, you know, you, I mean, come on, Darrell Eves uses you as an example on stuff.

[00:43:06] And he’s like, he’s one of the godfathers I think of YouTube. And you were on a show a couple of weeks ago, but what you see from somebody who goes from, you know, producing, you know, long form YouTube videos and all this stuff, and you’re seeing the short stuff come available, like TikTok and YouTube shorts and all that stuff.

[00:43:23] What are your thoughts on this you know, micro content kind of revolution that’s going on? And we were the other thing is I know a lot of creators say I’m going to do a separate YouTube channel versus I’m going to use it on my own channel. What are your thoughts in the whole YouTube shorts?

What are your thoughts on Short-Form Content Like YouTube Shorts and TikTok?

[00:43:39] Roger Wakefield: [00:43:39] Yeah, I like the YouTube shorts. We’re taking little clips, some from some of our YouTube videos and posting them over there. But I mean, I mean, think about TikTok. Literally  we started TikTok up about seven or eight months ago. I think we just went over 310,000 followers. But the big thing is when I was speaking at advance, your reach last week, I’ll look down at my phone cause they were counting.

[00:44:06] You know, this is how many stages we can get on and how many people we can be on front of the nest. And I’m Lori, I’m looking down at my phone and I’m like, okay guys, in the last 28 days, I’ve my videos have been seen over 20 million times. And that’s a lot of views and even , I mean, even for a plumber, you know, but 20 million views in 28 days and a lot of that’s TikTok, and that’s not even counting Instagram, LinkedIn in any other places like that.

[00:44:38] That is literally just YouTube and just TikTok. And that’s just on my main channel on you. We’ve got the shorts channel. We’re starting another channel for the trade talks. I think we’ve got 350 subscribers. We hadn’t even put up no video up yet, but the neat thing about it is the message that you can get out there.

[00:44:55] Even in a short, in the, in, in that 15 seconds to one minute that you’re doing on TikTok. You know, if you ask somebody, Hey, have you thought about getting in the trades to completely change your life? And one thing that I’ll talk about all the time is learning your way up. We each one of us have learned our way up into social media from wherever we start.

[00:45:18] And the funny thing is we all start at the same place and it’s zero, right? And you mentioned Darnel eaves that first social media marketing world. It’s so funny because I was walking down the hallway and I saw a placard out front, Jeff that said, get in front of your customers using videos. That’s all I saw.

[00:45:34] Now I’m a plumber at Social Media Marketing World, so I think I’m there to learn Facebook. So I saw this placard, I’ll walk you and I sat on the front row, right in front of Darrell Eves. I have no idea who he is. The first words he says is YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. I literally shut my book, turned around to get up.

[00:45:56] And I looked and there’s people standing around the walls in the back of the room and I thought, wow, he must know something. So I turned back around in time just to hear him say, and it’s owned by Google, the largest search engine. You’d be surprised how much he learned in the next 45 minutes, because I realized he was the smartest person on it.

[00:46:16] Jeff Sieh: [00:46:16] Yeah, he is. He is great. And his book, his new book is amazing too, but I want to pull this up from Martin. Just, I wanted, he and I agree with this. He goes, you are so impactful. Roger. I bet your mission to attract young adults searching for a career opportunities, goes beyond the U S here in Canada. We are actually as short on trades persons as well.

[00:46:35] So thanks Martin for that. Yeah. 

[00:46:37] Roger Wakefield: [00:46:37] I want to address Martin Ruther. We literally just got a message from Canada the other day. Not don’t remember the person’s name, but they actually work with Justin Trudeau and asked me if I would be interested in doing something up there. And I’ve actually tried reaching out to Justin Trudeau.

[00:46:52] He’s a little more reachable than, you know, the president has down here are but I’ve tried reaching out to these people. I have people from Canada, contact me all the time about getting into the trades. So Martin, thank you very much. I’m trying to help people all around the world, Dubai. 

[00:47:06] Jeff Sieh: [00:47:06] So as we kind of wrap this up, I wanted to a couple of questions because I know a lot of people they’re seeing and they’re in their, like, I know I, I love your story.

[00:47:15] Cause I think I remember seeing you because both of you and I have one of those, you know, faces. Yeah. The, you know, the stashes and he, you know, he, you see each other and you kind of, you know, look and see what the other guy is looking at. But I remember you had social media marketing world, but they see the success of like where you’ve gone and in this, I mean, it’s a lot of work, but

How Long Were You Making Videos Before You Started Seeing Results?

How long were you making videos before you really started seeing results?

[00:47:39] Not just like, you know, you’ve got, you know, all these people calling you and your Darryl Eves is using you and all that stuff. But how long was before you like, oh my gosh, I made the phone ring. I really did. 

[00:47:50] Roger Wakefield: [00:47:50] You know, it, it probably took several months to a year to make the phone ring, but then once it did, it happened more often.

[00:47:57] And I remember, and it’s probably about six months ago. That I was walking out of the office one day and Amber, one of my CSR says, you know, we got three sewer jobs off TikTok I mean, off YouTube. And I said, well, how do you know we got them? And she said, you know, we ask people every time they call how’d, you hear about us.

[00:48:20] And these three particular people own jobs that we booked that day, we had already been out and done a sewer water test realized they had slab leaks under their slabs. And I mean, those sort of three jobs, that price anywhere from $5,000 to $80,000, depending on how bad it is. And it’s not the kind of jobs you root for or pray for or anything like that.

[00:48:43] But in the reality of it all, when you go test somebody sewer under the house, that’s a big problem. And it literally YouTube is making our phone ring. Because we have put ourselves in a good position by sharing great content with people and showing people exactly what we do. And I was interviewed by the AMA yesterday, the Austin Marketing Association, and Jeff, I told them, look, what I’m doing is marketing.

[00:49:07] I’m just showing people what I do. I’m not advertising, I’m not selling, I’m not pushing. I show people what we do and then they want to call. So it’s literally changed the business a lot. 

[00:49:18] Jeff Sieh: [00:49:18] That’s amazing. So, last question, I think, unless I think of another one

What is the Biggest Mistake You See Beginning Creators Make When They’re First Starting Out?

What is the biggest mistake you see beginning creators make when they’re first starting out 

[00:49:29] Roger Wakefield: [00:49:29] Business creators are trying to sell, they want to sell immediately. Hey, send me your email address. You know, that way I can put you in a drip campaign or something, another one is they’re not gathering emails. And I know that, that sounds funny. Cause the first thing I say, well, most of them, you know, they want that email immediately. You’ve got to give people something you’ve got to give them value.

[00:49:50] And if you’ll give people great value, they’ll follow you forever. They will share information with you. They will reach out and try to contact you. And literally we, like I said, we don’t put things in there to try to sell anything to say, Hey, look, if you’ve got a problem, call me, I’ll take care of it.

[00:50:08] I don’t do that. I do not tell people how to get in touch with me, nothing at all, but that they find me. And you know, that may be something I’ve done wrong. Cause I’ve never really had a strong call to action. But I think new YouTube creators, they try to sell immediately or content creators, not just YouTube, but they try to sell immediately instead of bringing great value first.

[00:50:32] And I think that once they learned to bring the great value that they’re going to do very well. 

[00:50:38] Jeff Sieh: [00:50:38] Okay. I promise this is the last question. So. You know, the things that work well on for video content, it’s usually educational or, you know, entertainment and you kind of do both, you know how one, you know, you don’t think a planner you know, a plumber saying can be funny, but I’ve seen you crawl out of underneath people’s houses and you’ve shown like what they’ve done.

[00:50:58]It’s kinda funny. So how long was it,


How Long Did It Take To Discover Your Style On YouTube?

I guess before you, you got your style and your flow, you know how you can be that edutainment plumber on YouTube? How long did it take you to figure that out? 

[00:51:10] Roger Wakefield: [00:51:10] The thing is I don’t think it took me very long. What you see is really me the very first conference that I spoke at was VidCon.

[00:51:17] And I didn’t even know what VidCon was when I got asked to speak at it. So I speak at VidCon for LinkedIn. And a guy came up to me after I spoke and said, I don’t know if you remember me. I said, yes, sir. We talked in the hallway here two days ago… He said, yeah, he says, I’ve watched your videos. I’ve talked to you in the hallway and I just listened to you on stage.

[00:51:38] You’re the exact same person everywhere you’re at. And I mean, I just started laughing and I’m like, oh my God, if I tried to be somebody else that would drive me crazy. And I mean, this is just me and that. And that’s what I try to tell people is, look, don’t try to be anybody else. Try to be you Jeff. If I try to be you, people are gonna say, man you sounded like Jeff a lot or you do a lot of the same things he does.

[00:52:01] I’m like, you know what? I just want to be me. Then I don’t have to think about anything. It’s just whatever flows out. And unfortunately, I don’t have a good filter. So sometimes that’s not good, but it is what it is. 

[00:52:13] Jeff Sieh: [00:52:13] Well, I think a lot of people maybe don’t want to be Roger, but they want to be like Roger and Roger, I thank you so much for being here today with all the craziness that went on. But I want to give you a chance to let people know I’m bringing up your lower third, but tell people for the podcast, what’s the best place they can find you and connect. 

[00:52:29] Roger Wakefield: [00:52:29] Yeah, to be honest, that they can just go to Roger Wakefield.com.

[00:52:33] If they are interested in getting into the trades, we have the tradesacademy.com, but I connect with me on LinkedIn. I love to talk to people and I love to help people in any way I can. 

[00:52:46] Jeff Sieh: [00:52:46] Awesome. Roger, thank you so much for being here today, grace, thank you so much for sticking with everything today. That was going on and I want to let you guys know we are also a podcast.

[00:52:56]You can you find us on all the podcast players, but our next show is next Friday, June 25th at 11:00 AM. Eastern time. 10:00 AM central. You can find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Amazon live. Grace. Thank you so much, Roger. Thank you so much, audience. Thank you for all your great questions and sticking with us throughout the show today.

[00:53:15] I appreciate you and we will see you guys next time. Bye now. 


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