We have Ana Gil & Fuljens Henry from the Ecamm Network News and Building Blocks shows on this week’s show. They’re masters at designing and branding live shows that drive engagement and action, and we’re here to ask how you can too!


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[00:00:00] Jeff Sieh: Hey folks. Welcome to another edition at Social Media News Live. We are so excited that everybody is with us today. Uh, I, I, I’ve been wanting to get these, uh, these folks on for quite a while, and, uh, so I’m excited to have it as, as you’re watching this, you know, let us know where you’re from, how things are going, all that stuff.

[00:00:19] But we wanna make this show all about you. So make sure you get your questions ready about creating your own live show. Or if you wanna take your live show up a notch cuz. , like we always say, this is Grace and i’s chance for free consulting. That’s what we’re gonna do. If you don’t ask your questions, we’ll ask all the questions, but we wanna make it for you guys, so let us know.

[00:00:36] And by the way, if you know somebody who’s like, you know, I’ve been thinking about doing a live show, or you know, I don’t know where to start, like at, mention them down below, wherever you’re watching from, call them in. Even if we can’t answer their questions live, we can uh, go back in the comments to answer it later, but we’d appreciate that.

[00:00:51] Grace, Duffy, how are you doing? I

[00:00:54] Grace Duffy: am so excited to be here. I can already tell from like our little green room conversations, it’s gonna be high energy. So yes. You guys are watching like we’re get ready for it. We’re,

[00:01:04] Jeff Sieh: I was so excited cause I was on the show, their show like, what was it, two weeks ago? One week ago, two weeks ago.

[00:01:08] Yeah. It was so much fun. So, uh, it all, it all blends together, all the shows, but, uh, if you have, you didn’t miss that one. Go. Ecamm M’s. Uh, Facebook page and check that out. I think it’s on YouTube too. It’s on YouTube as well. Yes. Yeah, so, and we are Streaming live over on Amazon as well. So if you guys are watching, uh, over there, uh, we’d love to hear from you because, uh, we’ve got some cool stuff coming out with Ecamm for Amazon as well.

[00:01:33] So, uh, we’re gonna be talking all about that too. So anyway, I’m gonna get hit, go on the podcast machine and we’ll get started. Grace, are you ready? I’m ready. All right. Here we, Hello folks. Welcome to Social Media. News Live. I’m Jeff. And you’re not.

[00:01:46] Grace Duffy: And I’m Grace Duffy. And this is the show that keeps you up to date on what’s happening in the world of social media and beyond.

[00:01:52] And today we have Anna Gill and Ful, Jen’s Henry, the co-host of two live shows for Ecamm Live. We’re just talking about like, we can’t even handle one show. They’ve got two going and we have them here on our show. So they’ve got three shows this week, . And we’re gonna cover how to design and brand a live show of your very own, because you can too.

[00:02:14] So we. . You know, as we stated last week when we had Katie Fox from Ecamm on, it bears repeating opportunities for creators have expanded like never before. But so as the level of competition, video used to be a way of standing out. We were talking about how long we’ve been doing this. It feels like yesterday.

[00:02:31] It feels like forever. I don’t know, but just every platform has changed. You can now go live everywhere. So now the challenge is how do you stand out? And we’re gonna talk about that today. We’re gonna talk about how to go from good looking to wow with custom graphics, transitions, all these branding elements.

[00:02:47] They are the experts at this. We’re also gonna talk about how you can boost your video engagement and audience participation, which is something we are very passionate about. We’re also gonna talk about how we go about like promoting this show when we’re not online because we. Don’t live. We don’t exactly live on the internet, although it feels

[00:03:02] Jeff Sieh: like we are.

[00:03:03] So Yeah. I doubt that. Yeah. We are actually, we live

[00:03:05] Grace Duffy: on the internet. We are. We do live on the internet. Yes.

[00:03:07] Jeff Sieh: I’m not real. Yeah. and she’s a generated AI model. Um, anyway, I wanna give a shout out to, before we introduce our guests, just some of our folks watching, we have Tony Jacobson says unbreakable. Hello everybody.

[00:03:18] Uh, so great to see you here, Tony. Also, we have, uh, Maggie watching over on YouTube saying hi. And our friend over at, on LinkedIn saying, good morning from Toronto. Martin Buckland, thank you so much for watching. We appreciate you guys. So I wanna introduce you to these folks because they are amazing. Um, I was on their show mentioned a little bit, uh, uh, two weeks ago, but if you do not know, uh, Anna Gill and full gens Henry, I’m gonna screw up your.

[00:03:50] Many times today. I’m just telling you right now cause I’m horrible. So it’s full gens, right? Did I say it right? Yep. No, you had it right. See? Yeah. I practiced in front of the mirror today. . We did, we, we practiced Anna and Full Gens Henry are co-host for two live shows for Ecamm M Live. They’re Ecamm M Network News, which is an amazing show where they update the community on what is happening in the world of Eek M Live.

[00:04:11] They also do building blocks where they teach how to. Professional looking graphics using Ecamm Live text overlays. They’re both amazing shows. You gotta check both of them out. They’re also assistant creators and business professionals in building their home studios and organizing their content so they can produce videos that they feel proud of.

[00:04:32] Once again, this show is brought to you guys because of Ecamm. They are what make this show possible, so make sure you guys check those guys out at Ecamm dot com. You can find out more about them at socialmedianewslive.com/ecamm slash Ecamm. We’ve got some really cool news that will pitch on the, kind of towards the end of the show, but there’s some really new things coming out.

[00:04:53] So Anna Fulks, thank you so much for being here today. How you guys.

[00:04:56] Fuljens Henry: You’re doing great. Thank you for, for inviting us.

[00:04:59] Ana Gil: Yes, we’re doing an awesome, happy

[00:05:00] Jeff Sieh: Friday, everyone. Yes. And you have like, do you have another show? Is it, was it before this or after? Today Before,

[00:05:07] Fuljens Henry: right after.

[00:05:08] Ana Gil: Before, like, so we had to, we had to cut short and I mean, I believe Maggie came from it 2002.

[00:05:14] So thank you so much you guys, for being

[00:05:16] Fuljens Henry: here following uss. That’s our, uh, building block show. That’s every Friday at, uh, 10:00 AM Eastern

[00:05:21] Jeff Sieh: Standard time. Yeah. My gosh. So, I mean, one of the cool things, and I’ll just kind of, you know, I’ll pitch your show a little bit. One of the cool things about Ecamm M is.

[00:05:29] You can build something from scratch. I mean, you can build your own show, make it really personable, uh, and put your own spin on it. But it can be a little bit overwhelming. And you guys’ show building blocks really helps kind of break that down and like make it a lot easier, uh, following your advice and your tips and techniques.

[00:05:46] So if you guys are wanting to do that, make sure you check this, that out, that show out because it is a much watch show. Anyway, Grace, I’m sorry I took all your time, but you go ahead and ask the questions. No, I’ll do the, you know, I’ll do this more during the show today. You just know it.

[00:05:58] Grace Duffy: This is, this is what it’s all about.

[00:05:59] It’s all about the conversation. Right. The community, you know, I, I love all of it. We love Ecamm for bringing us all together. Mm-hmm. . But today we’re gonna talk about branding and designing your own live show. You know, VI video is, uh, more accessible than ever before with amazing technologies like Ecamm, which is bringing us to you today.

[00:06:19] And also every social media platform allows us to use video go live. But first I wanted to give Anna and Ful an opportunity to. Our audience about their live video journey, how they got started, how they get started on this journey of designing and branding, and just what was their professional background at the time, and just how did they get from there to here?

[00:06:42] Ana Gil: Yes. , you go. You go ahead and, uh,

[00:06:45] Fuljens Henry: Do you think first, not ladies for a second.

[00:06:47] Ana Gil: I you, cause like he, he enjoys that, that answering that

[00:06:51] Fuljens Henry: question. Um, well first off my, my background I have, I’ve had a nonprofit management background of 12 years. Uh, and I recently transitioned to doing, uh, more of the digital marketing social media for nonprofits now.

[00:07:07] Uh, but so for 12 years and during the. This was around, uh, March, April, 2020. Uh, you. We were stuck at home doing video conferencing. I’m on Zoom every day. I’m like, there’s gotta be something better. Cuz I, I, I wanna, I have like these creative juices flowing and I’m stuck at home. I got nothing to do , but that, you know, I wanna make my staff meetings much more vibrant.

[00:07:33] And, you know, we, we had a fitness program and the fitness program was suspended and um, we had to find ways to do that online now and stuff. And just wanted to. ways to do it just in a more fun fashion. Just doing it like as a Zoom call. Mm-hmm. . So I got introduced to a few things during that time. One was O B s.

[00:07:52] Opened obs and I closed obs and then got introduced to Ecamm. And the moment I, uh, the moment I tried it out, I was sold and I picked up the pro account that same day. Um, so I started off, uh, doing uh, live fitness classes on YouTube, on Twitch, on Zoom, um, multi Streaming, those. And, uh, that’s how I was able to build up my, uh, live video experience.

[00:08:21] In addition to that, I would host, uh, panels, uh, for my nonprofit and, uh, you know, and, and create like round table discussions and stuff like that, multi-camera setups, all that. So I was having a blast and that’s how I was able to like, you know, actually enhance my live video production skills. December came vlogs.

[00:08:41] So December, 2020, right. 2020. That was the vlogs time. And I was, I was up until, up until vlogs, I was always the one behind the camera doing the producing and whatnot. And then I got some FOMO because I’m just introduced to all these amazing creators around me and they’re all in front of the camera. And I just got pushed.

[00:09:04] So that was December 8th, 2020 when I just said, you know, I’m, I, I, I created some cool stuff. I created some cool graphics, you know, uh, news style presentations for these panels that I’m doing for my nonprofit. Why don’t I just go on camera and, and, and introduce myself in the Ecamm Live community and just show them what I’ve done, you know, showed them one done cuz like, I was like proud of my work and I took this big deep breath like

[00:09:32] I’m gonna click it. I’m gonna click it, I’m gonna click it, click it. No like, done. Alright, so now I’m on camera. And from there, um, you know, the community came out that was very supportive. I’ll never forget that day. And that’s when Anna Anna came, um, into my live Restream that day too. And I just knew her as her, her brand officially unofficial.

[00:09:50] Two days later she goes live and then I join her livestream, and then that’s how we, that’s how we met. Mm-hmm.

[00:09:57] Jeff Sieh: Very cool. That’s you, that’s an awesome story. So, yeah, Anna, I wanna know, how did you get started? ?

[00:10:03] Ana Gil: Yeah.

[00:10:04] Grace Duffy: Yeah.

[00:10:06] Ana Gil: So I got started with video. Um, I was actually, uh, always been in front of a camera. I am, uh, an event and headshot photographer.

[00:10:15] Mm-hmm. . And I also promote behind the scenes events, uh, with video for organizations in my area. So, Pre pandemic. I had a producer all the time with me, so I will be in front of a camera doing the behind the scenes and interacting with the audience, and he will be producing. Sometimes I will capture the video and then I just hand it the footage to him and he will do the rest.

[00:10:42] when the pandemic happened, I, we couldn’t do that. Mm-hmm. , so I had to actually, um, all of the events when, as you all recall, went virtual. So now, just because it wasn’t in real life, they still needed a footage. So I was like, how am I gonna do this? So my son is a gamer and I’m like, yo, like I, this is where I’m at right now, , right?

[00:11:05] And he’s like, get obs. And I’m like, what is obs? And like, just get it. And I’m like, okay, cool. I downloaded obs and I’m like, how do you use this? And then, um, he goes, Just open up a scene and I’m like, what is a scene? Anyway, I had no clue. It was two days that I needed to submit this, and I’m like, there has to be something else that’s easier and more intuitive than this because I consider myself to be pretty good with software.

[00:11:28] Mm-hmm. . So I found, I did a search, I found Diana Gladney with Ecamm Live. Right. And I just clicked on it, downloaded the trial version I downloaded, opened up e-Comm, live everyone, and it was just, You wanna go live, this is where you do it, . You wanna pre-record, this is where you do it, right? And do you wanna open up, uh, where the camera that you’re gonna be in?

[00:11:53] This is where you do it. And by the way, that’s called a scene. So I was like, Yes. And I went live, listen, and I did my pre-recording and all of that great stuff. And then people in the e m Live community saw the production that I was doing that, by the way, it was with a webcam, right? Mm-hmm. , it was with a webcam.

[00:12:13] I didn’t have the camera that I, um, installed that I have now. And it just looked great. And then everybody started asking, oh, what is your production? And all of that stuff. And then, That’s one of my fault. And

[00:12:25] Fuljens Henry: that, yeah. And then, and then, uh, was that, uh, two months later? No, it was actually in January.

[00:12:32] January, 2021. Uh, Anna was designing some her, her show, a run of show. Yeah. And wanted to simplify her, uh, process of creating Laura Thirds mm-hmm. for the show. And, and then I saw something, it was just like so simple. , we can create this inside of Ecamm. You don’t need to, uh, export, uh, you know something. You don’t need to go out.

[00:12:53] Yeah. You know, bring something in. You could just create a exact design inside of Ecamm. It’s like, join me and I’ll show you how. And then we did it together and then we put a little spin on it because we added animations to it. Cuz I think at that time, Ecamm had just introduced some Right. Flying in animations.

[00:13:08] Mm-hmm. . And we were like, oh. Mind blown. So like, we have to share this right now. Let’s go live and share this with the community.

[00:13:17] Ana Gil: Yeah. And then the, and then, and then the biggest thing was right, because you know, how when you open up, you know, when, for example, it’s hard for you like to, to take that first step.

[00:13:26] For example, adding an item to a cart, right? But then as soon as you add that item to a cart, it’s like the war opens up and you’re adding everything to it. Mm-hmm. . So that’s what happened with when we start, um, text overlaying, right. With Ecamm. Mm-hmm. . So after that we realized that, hey, you could actually expand.

[00:13:45] Graphic into a bigger screen and make it an overlay for the camera. And then that’s when we were like, okay, you know what? Let’s go.

[00:13:53] Fuljens Henry: And being able to group them together and then just having them all moving as, as one unit. It was awesome. So we went live into Doc Rocks. Uh, let’s get live v i p group that same day.

[00:14:04] People were just like, oh my God, this is amazing, . And then the next day we said, you know what? We have to open this up to the entire community. Let’s share this with the Ecamm Live community the next day, which we did. And that was like our first unofficial episode of Building Blocks. Yeah. And who was there?

[00:14:18] The director of Marketing at Ecamm. Katie was there watching the entire show, and she was amazed and a little birdie. Listen, you need to reach out to Katie and, uh, ask her about creating a show with this, because like, you know, a lot of people are talking about this. This is like really next level stuff.

[00:14:35] And we did, and that’s how we’re, that’s how building Blocks was born. Yeah, yeah,

[00:14:40] Jeff Sieh: yeah. That is building That’s such, that’s such a cool story. And by the way, if you’re just joining us, uh, make sure you go back a couple episode. Well, last week’s episode was with the amazing Katie Fox, who is the marketing director, and she had a lot of great advice for mm-hmm.

[00:14:55] building brands and Ecamm and all sorts of stuff. So make sure you check uh, them out. But, uh, Fuji, I love that. Yeah. Fuji, when you were talking about, um, You know, opening up op obs and then shutting it down right away. , I, I feel your pain. And the funny thing is, is a lot of people did not, don’t know that like, yeah, there’s people out there who will buy a Mac just so they can run Ecamm because they wanna be able to use this powerful software.

[00:15:21] They’re like, oh, okay. I can see what I can do. Uh, I don’t, I’m a pc, but I’m gonna get a Mac, just go livestream. So, um, I think that’s a really,

[00:15:27] Ana Gil: and now with a new M two, you know, like, like $1,200 and with that base model, you could actually just. Everything you can do with Ecamm without breaking a sweat.

[00:15:37] Fuljens Henry: Yeah,

[00:15:38] Jeff Sieh: yeah, yeah. So we have a, the, the amazing Mr. Paul Duncan goes building blocks, opened a whole new world of Ecamm. So yes, Mr. Uh, Mr. Paul Duncan. Thank you, sir.

[00:15:49] Grace Duffy: Katie says, Katie says, I haven’t even opened o bs sounds like a nightmare. And wish, like we had, we had Anna and Fullen’s on full screen, but if you could have seen me and Joe’s.

[00:15:59] My face os like, so I love that story. I love that it was a match made on Ecamm. Yes.

[00:16:07] Jeff Sieh: Right, right. So let’s go. I wanna, because I know people are watching this and they’re like, you know, this sounds great, but they’re using terms like lower thirds and scenes and all this stuff and like, what are they talking about?

[00:16:18] So kind of break it down and I’ll, I’ll start with you on, and then we’ll go to ful. Gens is, um, what are the key elements that somebody needs when they design a live?

[00:16:29] Ana Gil: Yeah. So when you design a live show, the first thing that you need to have is a lower third with your name. Mm-hmm. And basically a lower third is just that graphic that you see in, you’re seeing right now.

[00:16:40] Right? Right. A lower third, that is it, that’s a lower third with your name and what w your, if you have a title, if you, or, or the name of your show that identifies your show. So that will, I will say that will be the first thing, if that’s the only thing you have on your show. Mm-hmm. . . Right? The second thing that I would say would be if you have a logo to identify your, your brand mm-hmm.

[00:17:03] right? So that’s how you have your lower third, and now you have your logo, which easily you can bring in to, even if you’re just, for example, using, um, even if you’re just using, for example, zoom and you wanna brand yourself, just have your logo there. Mm-hmm. , right? Mm-hmm. and Zoom already gives, has your lawyer authority because you have your, your name.

[00:17:24] That’s it, right? Mm-hmm. , and then I would say that would be, yeah, a minimum, right?

[00:17:29] Fuljens Henry: What you should have. And then, and then to compliment that the colors of your choice. Mm-hmm. . And that’s going to help keep your consistency across the board. Let’s say if you have different shows, it’s, it helps to have different colors for the show to create some type of brand identity.

[00:17:42] Mm-hmm. , yeah.

[00:17:43] Ana Gil: Mm-hmm. . Yeah. And then you will have that. So, so let’s go back to your, your scene. Um, you and Grace is, you have one of you and

[00:17:49] Jeff Sieh: Grace alone. Oh, uh, it’s Grace. Let me see if it. Yeah. No, it’s, there we go. No, no. Okay. . Well, yeah. Knock out Grace. No, she was, I, I could, I could fix that. See, that’s what’s cool about Ecamm.

[00:18:00] I can fix it. Maybe so, but anyway, I’ll go back to, we’ll get to this. This is a scene, by the way. Yeah. Right.

[00:18:06] Ana Gil: So this are scenes, right? So where you seeing right now? Those are, those are, so if you have. If you have your show you, you are using Ecamm, you will have a scene for with yourself, right? With your lower third, which is your name on it, the brand, your show.

[00:18:18] Mm-hmm. . And then if you are, cuz typically when you have your show you are using, uh, the internet or you’re using a document or using some other sort sort of thing, then you will have a screen share, which is where you will share a screen, whichever screen it is that you would like to share. Whether that is Google.

[00:18:36] Mm-hmm. , whether. Keynote, uh, pages, whatever you want, you will have that there. Mm-hmm. , right? Yeah. And then that will have, because in Ecamm you’re already branded with your logo. Yeah. No matter where you change, your logo will be there. Mm-hmm. . So your show will be branded all

[00:18:51] Fuljens Henry: throughout. And then just, just that alone, if you just have your logo and your lower third, you’re already standing up, uh, uh, apart from 99.9 other people on Zoom

[00:19:01] Yeah, exactly.

[00:19:02] Ana Gil: Cause Yeah, cause, cause with, with Ecamm, you. , you bring your screen, whatever you’re seeing, you are bringing it inside of Zoom, so you’re looking really cool if that’s all you do. Right. But if you’re going live Streaming or you’re pre-recording is the same thing. Right? Right. The same

[00:19:18] Fuljens Henry: exact thing.

[00:19:18] Jeff Sieh: Yes. Yeah. So there’s, there’s a ton of different cool things you can do with e m. Like you can even use it for, uh, making TikTok videos because, because does that, you know, vertical video and all that kind of stuff too. So, um, You mentioned, you know, your logo and your design elements, that can be a little intimidating as well.

[00:19:36] So, you know, like you see ours at the top, you, we have our Social, Media, News, Live, uh, there. But when somebody’s coming, trying to come up with branding elements, so is the logo the first thing you should create? Um, and then work your way to like, you know, the background and all that different stuff. What do you suggest that they do first?

[00:19:56] Just that branding logo. W how do they get a good one? Because there’s a lot of bad logos out there, .

[00:20:01] Ana Gil: Yeah. So you know what, that’s a great question, Jeff. Um, I will say logo last, right? Really, and this is the reason why I’m saying this, right? This is the reason why I’m saying this for, if you are going to livestream and you are, there are so many different a already, you have a lot of things that you have to do.

[00:20:22] So bringing. , oh my gosh. I have to design the logo. So that means that you will not go live until you design that logo. That logo takes a long time. Yes. So you need to, but you know it takes a long time. So you can come in with your lower third. Identify yourself, the name of your show, identify your show, and easily inside a vcam you can hashtag name of your show.

[00:20:46] Right. And that is your logo for the time being. Right? Right. Because when you’re building, you’re building, people will be really, really welcoming to seeing people like transformation. They love seeing things. Right? Right. So they will see where you are and where you are going. So it will be great to show that.

[00:21:04] So I would say lower third with your name on it. And then if you don’t have a logo, start working on the logo. as you build your show. Mm-hmm. . Right? That’s great. But if you have a love already

[00:21:17] Fuljens Henry: Yeah. Show some

[00:21:18] Jeff Sieh: progression, . That’s great advice. Because it, what you’re basically saying is don’t wait to go live.

[00:21:23] Get going. Yeah. Get off. You know, you can take the training wheels off later, but start going live. Gotcha. Yes.

[00:21:29] Fuljens Henry: Yes.

[00:21:29] Grace Duffy: Absolutely. Mm-hmm. . Absolutely. I

[00:21:31] Fuljens Henry: agree. Yeah. What do you think? You agree? No, I, I totally agree.

[00:21:35] Jeff Sieh: Cool. Um, you had a question.

[00:21:37] Fuljens Henry: Great.

[00:21:38] Grace Duffy: Yeah. Yeah. We’ve got two great questions actually. Uh, Sandy Mali says, asks, how does Ecamm differ from Streamy Yard?

[00:21:44] And then Dave added to that and Riverside. So this is a question that we get a lot and, you know, live Streaming platforms, especially if you’re new to it. And just trying to figure out what, you know, what each one is and how they differ. Sandy points out, you don’t wanna master a different platform. And is that, is essentially the same thing?

[00:22:02] Mm-hmm. ? Mm-hmm. I get that. We wanna like invest, just like you did find that, that love of Ecamm for site match made on Ecamm. So talk to us about what is the difference between Ecamm and streamer, Ecamm or Riverside?

[00:22:18] Fuljens Henry: Yeah. Yeah. Well, for me, I don’t, I don’t have much experience with, uh, the Riverside platform.

[00:22:23] It’s one of those things where I was, I’m looking for alternatives just to see how they, how they, how they work, and how they function. And I just find myself going to mid league, back to Ecamm. Um, one main difference I would say, uh, I’m not, I’m, I’m not totally. I’m not totally sure about Riverside, but I know Streamy Yard is completely web-based, whereas Ecamm is an actual software that you have to install onto your Mac and, you know, it’s, it’s an all inclusive powerhouse.

[00:22:51] Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. . So I’m not sure about, about uh uh, streamy Yard, but. , you know, and without saying too much, with the new updates that are coming into Ecamm with multi Streaming camera switchers, uh, new sound effects, widgets, I don’t know if those other things can do all those things and with such ease that Ecamm does it.

[00:23:10] So yeah, those are the, yeah. .

[00:23:13] Jeff Sieh: So I, I, so I have, I have tested about every single. Come under the sun. Uh, and Streamy Yard’s a great program, but you’re right, it is, it’s web-based. Um, and for some reason, and I, and I’ve asked this question to those geniuses brothers that created this thing, is that, why does the camera always look so much better?

[00:23:33] Based on a web-based thing. It’s because they have the software, they’re able to take it directly into the, the max whatever display, blah, blah, blah, blah thing. But it works and it looks great. So that’s why I use it. Riverside is also web-based and it’s, uh, kind of a podcast platform where now they, they allow you to do video, you can edit it up there, but once again, it is also.

[00:23:54] Uh, web-based. And the cool thing is, um, with, uh, e m if you’re wanting to do a podcast, all your tracks are isolated just like Riverside are, and you have them at the, at the end of the show, I’ll have a, a track with, you know, on, on Fuji Fuji’s, um, thing, uh, Grace’s track and my track so I can edit it. I can sweet the sound, I can do all that stuff.

[00:24:16] Um, you just gotta figure out the best roi. You know what you’re gonna do, is it mm-hmm. and what’s gonna grow with you the most? Like, you may not need to do screen sharing right now, but you may need it later. So you gotta think about that as well. So anyway. Yeah.

[00:24:28] Fuljens Henry: And then, and then something too that just goes, just, I don’t know if it’s like, uh, underappreciated, but just being able to pull comments on screen.

[00:24:37] customize them to our, to our likings. And then now that we are hearing that we have comments on Amazon Live now with Ecamm. Right. You know, if, if you are live Streaming software, you don’t have those things, that’s a deal breaker for me. , I’m sorry.

[00:24:50] Jeff Sieh: That is so, I mean

[00:24:51] Ana Gil: those, yeah, those are great engagement tools.

[00:24:54] Yes. Great

[00:24:55] Jeff Sieh: engagement tools. So real quick, Dave Canyon has one more question I wanna bring up because he goes, that’s an okay answer for now. Thank you. Do I need a newer Mac? I just about a used 20 15 27 inch Mac. So I had that same 27 uh, inch iMac, uh, Dave Canyon and I just got rid of it because of the new features that are coming out on Ecamm M, which allows you.

[00:25:19] And little spoiler alert, next Thursday, version four is coming out and it lets you not only have isolated audio tracks, but isolated video tracks. If you have the apple silicone, which are the new models, like, that’s why I can’t use the 2015. Anymore. I mean, you can, Ecamm M still works, but you’re not gonna have mm-hmm , the isolated video tracks, which is for me, huge when it comes to repurposing.

[00:25:46] So, sorry, nerded out a little bit. Let’s get back to the video. .

[00:25:50] Grace Duffy: I wanna add, I wanna add though, not because you just bought this, like if that’s not something that you Absolutely. Exactly. You’re just looking for. Go live and get started. I think the 2015. And, and then also you’re, the people, uh, on your show don’t have to be on max to use Ecamm.

[00:26:07] Like for instance, I’m Streaming from a PC right now. Mm-hmm. , because I just get a link from Jeff and I’m go, and as a guest I can go live. So I’m able to, I, not everyone. . It’s very versatile. So, yeah, that’s a great point. Don’t like, you have to have the new thing because if you don’t need the separate videos, like, and Jeff does a lot, like he does Amazon, he does like a lot of other things.

[00:26:26] He, apparently he is dancing on TikTok. No, I didn’t know about that . But like, so, you know, if you don’t need that, you’re, you’re good to go. You’re good to go, right?

[00:26:37] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. Yes. So back to the designing a live show and um, we talked about branding and how important that is. So. , you know, are there any tools, I mean, do you build everything inside of Ecamm or what tools do you use to, you know, do you use Ecamm to create your, your overlays and graphics, or do you build them somewhere else and then import them in?

[00:27:01] Yeah,

[00:27:02] Ana Gil: so we mainly, right, because the premise of building blocks one of our shows is how to. and, and, and design your show inside of e Ecamm without needing any additional apps. So to answer your first question, we design everything inside of Ecamm. Mm-hmm. . There are other elements where we want to make it extra dynamic, add a little oomph to it, then we in pour.

[00:27:26] um, different animations. Mm-hmm. From

[00:27:28] Fuljens Henry: other software. Yeah. And then if we’re importing those things from other softwares, it can be, we, we like to go to Canva. Uh, earlier this, this morning, we showed how to create custom transitions, uh, using, using keynotes. So we have it here. . So we created something like that.

[00:27:44] Well, the don’t, don’t mind the don’t mind. The four. The four. The, the, so if we just do that one more time. We created this inside of, inside of Keynote. So like the swipe, transition. Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . And we show the, we showed the, we show the fam how to do that. And, and the beauty of that is exactly, if you have Ecamm, you have a Mac, and if you have a Mac, you have Keynote, and you could create all those things inside A keynote.

[00:28:03] Totally freed, no charge. Right? You don’t need a Canva Pro. It’s free. It’s native to your

[00:28:08] Ana Gil: computer. Yeah. And, and since he showed the one that we created inside, um, in Keynote, let’s show the one we created inside of

[00:28:16] Fuljens Henry: Ecamm. Right. And then this is something that you create in Ecamm now. Oh yeah. We had to add a sound effect because somebody was sleeping in.

[00:28:26] Yeah. But if we hide. . Um, so these, uh, these rectangles that are flying in, those were designed inside of Ecamm and we added the transitions directly. Mean cam. Mm-hmm. .

[00:28:38] Jeff Sieh: Very, very cool. And, and that’s, that’s the power of Ecamm. You can do all this stuff. Yeah. Um, you can make it as simple or as complex as you want.

[00:28:46] So now yeah, I’ve gotta figure out and do a bunch more, uh, animation overlays when I , so very, very cool. So, Grace Okay. I’ll go back to you. I, I’m, I always take all the time, get I, I start nerding out and all this stuff, but go ahead. Yep. You had

[00:28:59] Grace Duffy: your, you had your question about the future of live video, so let’s take it from there because I think we’re all very excited, but we wanna.

[00:29:05] We can watch what happened before and there’s a lot that’s happened. And then like, where are we going next? So let’s talk about the future.

[00:29:11] Jeff Sieh: So Grace just said it. What do you guys think is, you know, with, and we talked about this a little bit on your show, like what do you, with the rise of AI and some of this other stuff, what do you guys think the future of live video is?

[00:29:25] Because some people say like, eh, everybody’s doing it. I don’t need to do it now, or I’m gonna be lost in a Sieh of everybody else’s live. , what do you tell people? Like what is the future that you see for live video?

[00:29:39] Ana Gil: Yeah. Well, for me, I, in my opinion, live video is not going anywhere. I mean, it’s, it’s, it’s simply not.

[00:29:46] There are different platforms who are coming. To the, you know, online every single day. They’re probably, right now there is a developer who’s designing another app to bring live video and do something different that the other apps are not doing. So, for example, the now LinkedIn is getting. Pretty tight, right?

[00:30:05] With their live video and it’s platforms. Take adopt live video a little bit later. Not all of the, the platforms ruled out live, um, rolled out live video at the same time, which means that you have different. Um, different times to go on in different platforms to start with your live video, right? So for example, now, like I can mention, um, LinkedIn is, is going, is going hot with live, live videos.

[00:30:34] Mm-hmm. . So that’s a great time for you to go and make your footprint on LinkedIn because not everyone is live Restream. ends LinkedIn, right? Mm-hmm. , they have video, but not everybody is live Streaming. So that will separate you if you’re looking to look to, if you’re worried, like everybody’s doing the same thing and even if they are you, are you mm-hmm.

[00:30:56] right? So you’re gonna do it differently. Yep. So, yeah, that’s my,

[00:31:00] Fuljens Henry: and in addition to that, so just going back to how I started, right? I started behind the camera. There are so many opportunities now and moving forward. Mm-hmm. and opportunities that you can create on your own to be behind the camera and producing live video productions.

[00:31:14] Nonprofits for foundations, for other individuals. For businesses, yeah. That we are currently doing in our community because it’s something that they did not have that you’re introducing to them and they didn’t think that they needed before. And once they’re introduced to it right now, they love it now.

[00:31:28] Right. And it opens up a new world of so many different possibilities and engagement. and also also a new audience. Mm-hmm. , uh, for them to interact with and also ways to interact with their current audience. They don’t have to actually meet them in person physically. They can continue to interact them, vir, interact with them and engage with them virtually.

[00:31:47] Ana Gil: Yeah. Yeah. And it just, it just, it just, Connects you with your community. Mm-hmm. more because they see you interacting for like your shows, Jeffs and Grace. You, you know, your, your viewers interact with you. So it’s almost like if they see you in person, they’re gonna think that they know you, but there’s not gonna be like, oh my gosh.

[00:32:06] They’ll be like, oh, hey, Grace,

[00:32:08] Fuljens Henry: Jeff. Right. Right. Cause they see you

[00:32:11] Ana Gil: all the time. So that’s the connection the live video makes. So I don’t see that going anywhere. Yeah.

[00:32:17] Fuljens Henry: And then everything is, is. Video first. It’s great to do it live because you have the engagement, have the energy, and then you have that content that you can repurpose into other things as well.

[00:32:26] Mm-hmm. ?

[00:32:27] Jeff Sieh: Mm-hmm. . So I wanna go back real quick to answer a real quick question from Dave. He says, uh, cool. Are those templates or custom and you guys built those custom in those Yes. Those things inside of Ecamm m. Now you can use other ones that you can purchase at different places like El Gato. But the cool thing that, uh, with their building block show is they show how to do it inside of eam.

[00:32:47] Mm-hmm. . So if you’re not watching building blocks, you need to go do that. . What is the date that goes, you guys go live on, what was that again?

[00:32:53] Fuljens Henry: Fridays at 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

[00:32:56] Ana Gil: and to, if I may add the keynote transition that we created that we showed you, the nce, you can show it real quick. That was what created in Keynote and it’s just simply transparent.

[00:33:08] So you could use this on any program that is not ecap. Yes. Right. You can do that. And we actually have that for free on our buy me a coffee. We’re gonna upload it after day show right after the show. . And so you can download it and use, it doesn’t matter what software you live, production software you’re using.

[00:33:26] However, the other one that we created inside of Ecamm that is just custom for Ecamm, which is

[00:33:32] Fuljens Henry: Right, which is, uh, this one here. The suite. Yeah.

[00:33:36] Jeff Sieh: Yes. Very cool. The, the power of Ecamm. So, um, one, uh, gonna be a shout out to my friend, uh, Jim. He goes, uh, Jim, I also like that you can create, uh, scenes that you live with, vertical video with Ecamm s will be great for Instagram.

[00:33:48] And other platforms. Yes. Yes. Um, now we’ve talked about this and Grace and I, we talk about this a lot too, is we are always trying to, when we’re branding a live show, we’re talking also about, you know, boosting engagement and participation and you’ve seen it. That’s one of the cool things about Ecamm is we are able to, you know, bring up all these different lower thirds.

[00:34:10] I can bring up, you know, how to find Ecamm by going to socialmedianewslive.com/ecamm slash Ecamm. We wanna make this as engaging as possible, and Ecamm lets us do that. And so Grace had a great question that I’ll let her ask.

[00:34:23] Grace Duffy: Absolutely. Well, I’ve been, we, Jeff and I have been live Streaming for a very long time.

[00:34:26] And the big question we always get from you live streamers is, is like, ugh. You know, what if no one watches? What if no one’s watching? What if no one’s watching? And then this is immediately followed by what if people are watching

[00:34:42] So let’s say you’ve developed. Excellent concept for a show. Your graphics are, mm, chefs Kiss impeccable . You have a great co-host and an even better producer, and it’s 3, 2, 1 Live. Now what, what is your advice for drawing a live video audience and then keeping them engaged in what’s happening on your life?

[00:35:05] Ana Gil: Yeah, so, okay. So the first thing you do, just like in everything, so think about your show. You are the host of your show, just like you are the host if you’re hosting a party in real life in your house. So what do you do when you open the door and your guests. Come into your house, right? You greet them, you’re like, Hey, how are you?

[00:35:27] Oh yeah. And you show them around the house, right? You saw here where the refreshments are. Here’s where you know the cool snacks. Here’s the hidden stack. You show them everything, right? So you make them feel at home. So you bring them in with that. Also, where did you drive from? Was the drive great? Do you have, you know, what do you, oh yeah.

[00:35:46] So that translate into live Restream. Where you guys are tuning in from, which you did say, Jeff, and that’s something that is true. We honestly wanna know where you’re tuning in from because we wanna know who we are reaching, right? Mm-hmm. . So we are asking that really honest question where you’re tuning in from.

[00:36:04] At that point, everyone is going to engage and it’s gonna feel welcome. Mm-hmm. . So that is the first point of engagement when you are on your live Restream.

[00:36:12] Fuljens Henry: Yeah. Right? Yeah. And then again, going back to e. bring those comments on the screen because now we having a direct conversation with our audience and we also acknowledging our audience by bringing their comments on the screen as well.

[00:36:25] In addition to that, uh, we do for ourselves and on e n n, we do games, right? Mm-hmm. , we have trivia, we do giveaways. Yeah. And that keeps people coming in and keep keeping things different and uh, and engaging as well. And we like to switch it up every time. So for example, if you have a social media holiday calendar, You know, find out when National Hat Day is, or whatever the case might be, and create trivia surrounding that

[00:36:51] Ana Gil: holiday, like National Bacon Day.

[00:36:52] I mean, who doesn’t, who doesn’t wanna talk about bacon?

[00:36:55] Jeff Sieh: Don’t get me started. Don’t get me started. We’ll, never.

[00:36:58] Grace Duffy: We’ll never stop. It’ll never

[00:37:00] Jeff Sieh: stop. So, uh, before we, you asked the next question, Grace, I wanted say this, is that when I was on your show, you guys did something really, really cool, um, where you had everybody.

[00:37:09] Uh, tell where they were from, but only using emojis like food emojis and fruit emojis. So you guys could do that in the comments. Wherever you’re watching now, , let us know where you’re from using just the fruit and food emojis because, and then I was like, we got some really crazy ones, but that was really fun.

[00:37:26] Yeah. But that kind of stuff is, aw, that kind of stuff is awesome. It’s very creative and it does keep your audience engaged. So hats off to you guys for constantly coming up with some great stuff. Thank. Anyway. Go ahead, Grace. I’m over here.

[00:37:37] Grace Duffy: I’m over here looking for the brisket emoji. That’s . Bri,

[00:37:40] Jeff Sieh: we had, it was, there were some Texas barbecue stuff that was pretty good, right?

[00:37:44] There

[00:37:44] Fuljens Henry: was a

[00:37:44] Ana Gil: lot of, yeah, there was a lot of it. Yeah. Actually on e n Grace, you just mentioned that on e n. That’s when I found out what brisket was like. We were doing a, a trivia about something. We we’re talking about vegetarian, and then someone said brisket and. Can you make, how do you make brisket?

[00:38:00] Vegetarian? Cuz I had no clue what brisket was.

[00:38:03] Jeff Sieh: Had a tofu, maybe .

[00:38:06] Fuljens Henry: And that was like one of the first of our many, many food conversations we had during our live shows. .

[00:38:12] Jeff Sieh: That’s great. That’s

[00:38:13] Ana Gil: great. You said we already have an avocado? Yeah, we

[00:38:16] Jeff Sieh: have, Katie’s got an apple. The brisket, I don’t know what that other one is.

[00:38:21] An apple and a pie. Oh, pie and tea. Apple and a. Oh. She’s from 80. Is she from the uk? Is that where she’s from? Yeah, I believe. I believe so. Yeah, I think it. She is so very, very cool. See, this is what’s so fun. You learn more about your audience this way. So sorry, Grace. Now we’ve got everything off track.

[00:38:36] That’s your time

[00:38:38] Ana Gil: question. . Now

[00:38:38] Grace Duffy: we’re hungry. That’s the real problem, right? That’s right. Okay, so everyone’s time is valuable and it’s fractured like never before with all these different platforms work. You know, taking off and so much content out that there’s so much content to consume. So what are your tips for consistently delivering valuable content and keeping things interesting?

[00:38:57] We talked about, you know, ways to keep it interesting, but you know, your time is also fractured. You’re also over a place. And so talk to us about continually delivering content show after show.

[00:39:08] Ana Gil: Yeah, that’s a great question, Grace. Um, and that’s something that comes with knowing your audience and what your audience wants to.

[00:39:14] Wants to, um, hear and where they come from, the information that you, yourself, um, uh, told, kind of like the way you organize the show and what they expect from your show. So for us, we know what the show is about. So e for example, for Ecamm Network News, we, um, update the community on what’s happened in the world of Ecamm.

[00:39:36] We also update the community, what’s happening in the world of live Streaming, and that’s something. They are interested in. So when we are, every day of our lives, we go online and we see news, right? Mm-hmm. , we walk around and we see news. So every time that there’s something that I’m like, oh, you know, that might be great for E N N I write it down.

[00:39:58] I write it down. I have a list that I will not run out of context for E N N because content, because I write everything down. S watches a lot of other videos and he’s like, oh, this will be great for e n N. We write it down so we, you know, what takes us, the coming up with a content is because of that is easy.

[00:40:19] Um, because we already have that list, then we just develop it. Mm-hmm. afterwards. Yeah. And we’re just like, okay, so this is, this is it. This is the outline that we have. This is what we’re gonna talk about today. And so everything evolves around that specific mm-hmm. Thing. Our games, uh, for example, on Monday was Martha Martin Luther King’s Day.

[00:40:36] Mm-hmm. . So we had, our trivia was around him. The questions were around him. We had a show open up with him. So all of that, , you know, based on one idea. Mm-hmm. that we had. And then you just develop it. Yeah. And it’s just being, I wanna say just being organized and, and know your audience. Mm-hmm. , cuz that’s how you’re going to be able to deliver time after time on relevant content.

[00:41:00] Mm-hmm. ,

[00:41:00] Fuljens Henry: right? Yeah. In addition to that is. just being consistent, right? Mm-hmm. . So if you say you’re going to be live Mondays at 7:00 PM Eastern Standard time you come, you show up live every Monday at 7:00 PM Eastern Standard time. Mm-hmm. , because you have a audience that’s showing up for you, so you have to show up for them as well.

[00:41:15] So consistency is definitely key. Mm-hmm. ,

[00:41:18] Jeff Sieh: that’s a great point because I think a lot of people, when they’re starting to show they need to really plan like. We’ve had to tell guests before, like they wanna come on the show. And we’re like, and they went like, but can you move it? And we’re like, no, because our audience shows up here.

[00:41:30] Yes. I mean, we’d love to have you on and we try to do whatever we can, but this is when the show is so, uh, right. I think being that consistency is very, very cool. So. Mm-hmm. , on that note, I want to talk about, uh, one of the things that I think. . It’s really hard and I even struggle with it. But yes, promoting how to promote your show, like mm-hmm , you know, a lot of people think, oh, if I build it, they’ll just come.

[00:41:51] Well, that doesn’t always happen, you know? Consistency will help like you just mentioned. But how do you guys promote your show? Both of your shows? Cause you have two of them. That’s even a double hard task. You gotta do, you got two of ’em you gotta promote. So what is the best way to promote a live. .

[00:42:08] Ana Gil: Yeah.

[00:42:08] So the best way to promote your live show is by, um, there are different ways, but you could do it in text just by, on a graphic. Right. Just say, Hey, join us. Or you can do it in video with a quick sh. , quick, short, um, saying . Mm-hmm. saying, uh, this is what would, a little clip of what happened on your show.

[00:42:28] Mm-hmm. , right? So enticing them, um, or something that your guest said about that is relevant to them. Then you put that clip out there and say, join us. Next Monday, 7:00 PM Eastern time, and then so they know what it is, and then we just continue to post that. But then just because you posted that doesn’t mean that the, the next show, you’re gonna get an influx of viewers.

[00:42:53] Right? It’s just consistently. Doing it. Mm-hmm. . So you’re gonna do it in different platforms depending on where you want to attract those viewers from. Yes. And so you do that and that’s where you advertise. So it could be video, it could be, um, graphics, it could be just like this. You’re being a guest of somebody else’s show, right?

[00:43:11] Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . So you are promoting your show as well, and you’re sharing knowledge as well. Things like

[00:43:17] Fuljens Henry: that, right? Yeah, yeah. In addition to a, a newsletter. So, uh, if you’re part of the Ecamm Live community, you see that Ecamm sends out a weekly newsletter mm-hmm. , it’ll give you a run of show. So it’s our due diligence to make sure that our shows are also scheduled ahead of time.

[00:43:32] Mm-hmm. so in, in order for that promotion to go out in time and our, our shows are mentioned on that new. Yeah.

[00:43:38] Jeff Sieh: Yes. So one of the things I do, cuz you mentioned, you know, kind of repurposing a little bit, Anna, at the, you know, we were talking about one of the things to do after your show is over, and once again I’ve gotta talk about it because it is, it’s gonna change everything is the uh, uh, version four that is coming out next Thursday.

[00:43:56] with that I, there you go. The isolated video tracks are going to be huge. Oh, because my gosh, what I can after this, like, I’ll have a clean version of a and Fuji’s, um, video feed and as well as mine and Grace’s, so I can rearrange that any way I want for YouTube shorts, for TikTok, for all those different places on social media, which I’m doing now, which really does help.

[00:44:19] But this is gonna make it so much faster and so much easier. So if you’re not, if you’ve been on the fence with e. Uh, you need to get off the fence and get going because, uh, the stuff that’s happened is gonna be amazing. You can find out more about that at Social media News. Dot com slash m because not only that, there’s other cool things that are in there, but if you can tell, I’m a little bit excited about that one feature.

[00:44:42] So, oh yeah. I think

[00:44:43] Fuljens Henry: we’re

[00:44:44] Ana Gil: all, I really trying to like stay like our composure, like

[00:44:52] Jeff Sieh: Exactly. So Grace, you had a great question, which I think is a, it’s a really important for any type of creator. But a live video, because you’re scheduling, you’re doing live, you’re in front of people. You have that like, Nervousness. Like if you screw something up, you know there’s that little bit of more pressure when you’re going live.

[00:45:10] So you had a great question. So I’ll let you go ahead and ask that.

[00:45:13] Grace Duffy: Or even like you wake up, like I was telling Jeff, like I woke up this morning, I like wasn’t feeling awesome, but I was like excited about this show and you still go live, right? You still right Kava. And so there’s also that add pressure.

[00:45:23] But you know this, there’s a big problem in our affecting our industry and. This burn over and turn, turn burnout and turnover in the creator space. Uh, you know, there are many contributing fractures. The over oversaturation of media, the constant pressure to always be on, constantly and everywhere. And then of course, comparison to other creators.

[00:45:44] I know that we talked about this and, and, you know, before we launched the show today, but what tips do you have? What stories do you have? you had stories, creators from your own experience, from your clients that you’ve talked to on working through. working past and avoiding burnout. Let’s talk about that.

[00:46:03] Ana Gil: Yeah. So when, basically, great question. And yes, this is something that’s happening to, to all of us, and that has happened to all creators. I mean, I don’t think there is one creator that has not been touched by, burned out, right? Mm-hmm. . Um, so when I first started during the pandemic, I was like, this is so easy.

[00:46:23] I just have to turn the camera on and blah, blah, blah. Right? And this is so exciting. And at first you were like, excited. . But listen, you need to create that content, right? Mm-hmm. . And you need to create that content for every single show that you’re gonna have. Not only do you have to create that content, but you also have to entertain your audience.

[00:46:42] Not only do you have to entertain your audience, but you have to follow up after the show. So imagine if you have, and you’re doing it by yourself, and you have multiple. I thought it’s going to take a toll on you, right? I mean, for real is going to. So the quickly, I realized I could not do more than one show a week quickly, right after that, I was like, uh, no, this is not happening.

[00:47:05] I was tired. I was not being my best self to my family or to myself. I was taking time away from the things that I do to. My mental health, which is working out and reading. I was not doing that. I was reading, but I was reading for the content, not reading for enjoyment for me. Right. So that you, at that point, it’s like you don’t even know where you are at some point and you don’t want to get there.

[00:47:31] Right. And so to avoid burnout, in my opinion is know what you can. And break it down. Right? Know what your goal is. It’s your goal to go live because you want to promote your brand. It’s your goal to go live because you are an author and you want to, um, just, uh, grow your YouTube channel and get monetized.

[00:47:53] Like what is your goal? Mm-hmm. . And based on that, you break it down and make sure. That calendar, you include breaks for yourself. Mm-hmm. , you have to include those breaks in there. Mm-hmm. , and then you will know. No matter you will be, um, being honest to yourself because you will be taking care of yourself.

[00:48:11] Mm-hmm. , and you will also be taking care of your business, which is two separate things. Mm-hmm. , yet they both influence each other.

[00:48:17] Fuljens Henry: Mm-hmm. , right? Yep. Yeah. Yeah. And, uh, and this line of work can be a, a full-time career for a lot of people. Yeah. So, Yes. Treated like such. Right? So, you know, you, we, in, in the nine to five, we have vacations.

[00:48:29] So take your vacation. Mm-hmm. , take your break. And also self-care is important too. Exercise, eat healthy and make sure your mind is clear. And, uh, and that goes a long way because, you know, uh, I, I’ve been impacted as well, and a lot of people are going through the same thing. Uh, self-care is so important and I shout out to, uh, Ecamm when we do these virtual, uh, sessions like the Leap into livestream.

[00:48:54] Leap into, uh, Leap, into, uh, what’s the last one? Podcast.

[00:48:58] Jeff Sieh: Podcast, Leap into podcast

[00:49:00] Fuljens Henry: podcasting. We actually incorporated health and. Sessions in between, like we started off with health and wellness and in between we take these little, uh, yoga sessions by truck or twist yoga, you know, just to promote that because that is so important and, you know, and, and, and, and often

[00:49:15] Ana Gil: overlooked.

[00:49:15] Yeah. Yeah. You definitely have to do self-care before you get to the point where you need the self-care. Right, right.

[00:49:23] Jeff Sieh: Preventative maintenance, like it’s oil. Yes, yes. That’s what you gotta Exactly right. Yeah. Pow Jim, uh, alt over on YouTube and, and he has been, uh, a faithful. Uh, watcher for such a long time, but he goes, what if you don’t?

[00:49:35] Most of us don’t have the skill to build a business plan that ensures enough downtime. You know, it seems like, like my pal Ian Anderson Gray, you know, the east takes vacation. The Europeans do it, right? I mean, there was even an article today I was reading about how like they know what they’re do, they take breaks and they come over here and they’re like, you guys are sick.

[00:49:52] Why aren’t you taking breaks? . Um, how, how do, do you actually write that into your business plan? I mean, is that, I think that’s a great idea, Jim, is you have to,

[00:50:00] Ana Gil: you, you have to, and it doesn’t have to be an elaborate business plan. We do, you do need to know where you’re going. Mm-hmm. , like if you need to know where you’re going, because otherwise you’re just gonna.

[00:50:12] You’re gonna get burned down because you are looking for different things and you’re jumping from thing to thing, and then anything can shake you because you don’t know where you are. Mm-hmm. . Right? So if there’s one thing and then you see different people doing something that you thought you want it, you are gonna get shaken up.

[00:50:28] Yeah. But if you know where you’re going and you have your plan and people come in and they’re doing the same thing that you are doing, You’re human, you’ll be like, oh, shoot. But then you know where you’re going. Mm-hmm. . Right. And you know your plan and you know that it’s you, you know, like nobody delivers the way you do.

[00:50:45] Mm-hmm. , nobody, um, you know, has, um, the, the, we all have the same, for example, a lot of us have the same cameras. We can use the same graphic, we can use the same thing. Yet we have different viewers. Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . Right. Right. Even delivering the same con content. So having a plan, having a map of where you’re going.

[00:51:06] It is, I would say it’s number one to avoid.

[00:51:08] Fuljens Henry: Yeah. And also too mm-hmm. , we don’t realize how, how tied down and glued we are to our jobs until we sometimes just force ourselves to take a break. Yeah. Force yourself to take a vacation. Why not? Even if it’s not even tied into your building, your, your, your business plan.

[00:51:23] Just do it. And then when you are away and you, and you break away a little bit, you are gonna realize like, oh my gosh, I was like so tied down. and I do have the capability to step away. Step out and just take a little break. Your mind, your body, your spirit will thank you later. Oh, for sure.

[00:51:40] Ana Gil: And your content too.

[00:51:41] Oh my gosh. Your content will be so great after a break. So

[00:51:44] Fuljens Henry: much inspiration.

[00:51:44] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. So, uh, on that note, so how do you guys, you mentioned putting in a business plan and all that, but how do you guys stay motivated to go live and create content? One, you know, not just one time a week, but two times a week. So what, what motivates you, or how do you kind of build that into like, Hey, I get to go do this show, or Hey, I get to interact with Jim and Katie and all the people in there.

[00:52:07] What, what motivates you?

[00:52:09] Ana Gil: Yeah. Um, that’s a great question and I would say, uh, what motivates. Me personally is the community. Mm-hmm. and our viewers and how they show up, how they wanna learn, how um, they, they are growing from watching the show. How they’re growing from the information that we’re bringing them.

[00:52:31] How we see them like so excited about learning something new is we don’t wanna disappoint them. They’re awesome. Like all our viewers are incredible. So that keeps. Coming back and coming back and, and, and sometimes we’re like, it happens. We are like, oh, just like you Grace. So they’re like, oh, I’m not feeling it.

[00:52:51] I’m not feeling it, . But then as soon as we turn on the camera and we see our amazing viewers, we’re like, Hey, yeah, . Yeah. And

[00:53:01] Fuljens Henry: it’s just, yeah. Yeah. And ultimately we love what we do. Mm-hmm. , we’re passionate about this. And, uh, and that transitions into the work that we do. And when we go live, we just love it, you know?

[00:53:11] Mm-hmm. . You know, you have to love what you do also, and, and you have to be passionate about what you’re doing or else you may not take it seriously. Mm-hmm. . Yeah.

[00:53:18] Jeff Sieh: Mm-hmm. , that’s a great point. And that’s one of the things. So we are on our third year, Grace and I are of doing this. Yeah. And the thing that keeps us coming back is our, our fr our people like Jim and Katie and, uh, all the people who watch our show.

[00:53:31] Live and even not live. They watched it later on YouTube. We had our friend Gary Stockton, who, uh, he’s not here, he’s usually here every week, but um, he posted like somebody heard his name on Instagram and said, Hey Gary, I watched that show too on YouTube. They watch it later. So being, seeing that kind of stuff, the interactions of different people and one I just saw you guys’ face light up when you talked about your community, and I think dad is so cool.

[00:53:57] And that’s what it’s all about. We wanna give you guys a plenty of time and we want to talk about a little bit about like, we haven’t already, but Ecamm version four coming out. Um, and Katie says she watched it on the podcast, so that’s very, very cool. . Um, that’s, you have to put it everywhere, you know what I mean?

[00:54:14] So, yeah. I gotta get it everywhere. Yes. So we wanna know what’s coming up for you guys, where they can find us. Plug your stuff because one of the be uh, a great comment and it was from, this is what’s cool cuz you can market his favorite over on, uh, Dave says, uh, I’ll watch you on Fridays. They’re talking about your show at 10:00 AM.

[00:54:31] Great. I’m excited. You may have sold me, so that’s what we love to hear. Nice. Yeah. Yes, yes. So talk about the stuff you guys got going on, what’s next and all the things that you guys do. Yeah,

[00:54:45] Ana Gil: so as you heard throughout the show, we are the host of Ecamm Network News and Entertainment. That is a show that happens every Monday at 7:00 PM Eastern Standard time that happens on LinkedIn, um, as well as on the Ecamm Live YouTube channel.

[00:55:01] And we have another

[00:55:02] Fuljens Henry: show that is building blocks, and that is Fridays at 10:00 AM Eastern Central Time, also on the Ecamm Live YouTube channel and also on the Ecamm Live, uh, LinkedIn. and you can also follow us on our YouTube channel, Anna and Folden. That’s youtube.com. Anna and Fance where we have, uh, building blocks and we also have, uh, a huge library of different ways.

[00:55:24] You can just basically create anything that you want inside of Ecamm. The sky’s the limit in terms of what you can do with those text overlays, and there’s things that you never knew that you could create before. Yeah. , all that stuff is available. I believe it’s like about two years worth of content on our, uh, YouTube, YouTube channel.

[00:55:41] And, uh, and for me, uh, Jeff, when, when we last spoke after e n N, you got me, I’m so sold on Amazon, so I’m currently working on my three Amazon videos as you speak. So I’m gonna submit those things and I’m very excited about. .

[00:55:57] Ana Gil: Yeah. And I personally, I’m on LinkedIn as Anna, a n a Gill, g i l. And um, I post a lot of the behind the scenes videos that I personally do locally.

[00:56:09] So that’s something I’m on the other side of Ecamm in the, in my business. Mm-hmm. . So you can go ahead and check it out there as well. It’s pretty

[00:56:17] Fuljens Henry: fun. And she’s also an amazing head shots photographer that she’s. No, she’s not mentioning that, but like she’s kind of a big, a big deal around here, . Well,

[00:56:27] Jeff Sieh: I can’t, I can’t wait until, uh, I, I’m, you know, we meet up in a live conference somewhere cuz we, Grace and I both need that.

[00:56:34] So we are gonna hire you to take your hedge off because we need ’em. Badly. You’re gonna have to, you’re gonna have to, you’re gonna, it’s heavily Photoshop. I have a face that’s Photoshop. That’s perfect. Not to Photoshop. .

[00:56:44] Ana Gil: Listen Jeff, I’ll have to read how to make the beer look

[00:56:47] Grace Duffy: as real as

[00:56:49] Jeff Sieh: possible. . Cause I have to glue it on every day.

[00:56:50] It’s really hard. Um, but thank you guys so much for watching and, and yeah, so Jim says, you know, what are you waiting for about Amazon? Jim is what helped get me into Amazon. So, uh, I just keep plugging that cuz we are live over there. It’s great and I’m so glad that you guys. And Grace Duffy. Thank you once again for, uh, producing such an amazing.

[00:57:09] You do so well. So make sure you guys follow Grace everywhere. And with that, we’ll, uh, we’ll say goodbye for now. We’re gonna be, um, we’re gonna have a prerecorded show next week because I will actually be at podcast at Pod Fest in Orlando, actually speaking at the same time. This usually goes live, but we’re gonna release it live at the same time.

[00:57:25] But we’ll see you guys next week. I’ll make sure to jump in all the comments. Thank you, Dave Canyon, Katie Simpson, Jim, everybody who watched live, we appreciate. Uh, and we will see you guys next week. Bye everybody.

[00:57:37] Ana Gil: Bye everybody. Thank you.

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