Are you struggling with your content marketing strategy? Not sure where to focus your marketing budgets as you plan for 2023?

On this week’s Social Media News Live, Janet Murray reveals how her new Courageous Content Planner and Content Kit can save time and make more money for your business. And, we’ll cover the processes to keep your content consistent!


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[00:00:00] Jeff Sieh: Another addition of Social Media News Live, and Grace went away. As soon as we started the show. Um, don’t know why that happened, but, uh, her husband, there, she comes, she was rewiring the house or her husband was, and I don’t know. Yeah, you just, your husband, he gotta quit tinkering with all the wiring. I mean, that’s the thing.

[00:00:17] Grace Duffy: Did you hang up on me? Oh my gosh. Okay.

[00:00:19] Jeff Sieh: So anyway, wanna welcome you guys to the show. Um, by the way, we’ve got some, we got Janet Murray in the house and we’re gonna have a lot of fun with her. We gotta hang out with her at podcast move. And, uh, I was so excited to have her back on the show. So make sure you ask your questions.

[00:00:33] Just, she is, uh, super smart. I was, she had me over one time in London for one of her things and we had a blast there. So make sure you ask questions today. Yeah. And also

[00:00:43] Grace Duffy: I had to, I had to cut down our questions. Like I had 50 more questions. Right. And when I sent this to Jeff, I was like, these are too many questions.

[00:00:50] Isn’t it? He was like, well, and then Jeff gave me another, like 10 more and I’m like, okay. So get your questions in. Otherwise I’m just gonna take up the whole show. That’s right. And hog Janet all to myself, because that’s what this show’s all about is

[00:01:03] Jeff Sieh: that is, is Grace hogging. Every Grace is me hogging our guests.

[00:01:06] Why I give a shout out to our friend, uh, the Brian Ferrell. He says, good evening. Lovely. Forgive my recent S but it’s been very busy wedding season. It’s wedding season, you know, you’re busy, we understand Brian, but we are so glad that you are here with us today. And we’ve got the amazing Jim fuse, uh, from fusion marketing over on YouTube saying, hello, Jim was with us also at, um, Podcast movement.

[00:01:29] And if you miss that episode, make sure you guys go back and watch it. Cause we had all sorts of people there live from Ecamm S booth, um, talking about all things podcasting. So, uh, Jim is an excellent podcaster as well. So, um, let’s see. Before we get started, let me go ahead and get everything ready. Are you ready?

[00:01:46] Grace, Duffy. I

[00:01:47] Grace Duffy: am ready. Jeff.

[00:01:49] Jeff Sieh: See, here we go. Let me see why Amazon is not working for some reason. Um, alright, we’ll just start the show anyway. All right. Here we. And hello folks. Welcome to Social Media News Live I’m Jeff Sieh. And you’re not.

[00:02:04] Grace Duffy: And I’m Grace Duffy. And this is the show that keeps you up to date on what’s happening in the world of social media.

[00:02:10] And on today’s show, we’ve invited the brilliant Janet Murray to teach us all about building a content marketing strategy. We’re gonna talk about content planning, especially as we start thinking. The next year and going into the holiday season, we’re also going to talk to her about content templates because she rolled out or launched a, uh, content planner and kit.

[00:02:34] So we’re gonna talk to her about how do you use content templates, such as the one she’s providing and still be true to yourself, your voice, your brand, and not feel like a copycat. And we’re also going to explore what type of content you need for each stage of your marketing funnel. And she shared. Some incredible.

[00:02:51] That’s what I love about Janet is she tells you everything and she shared some incredible stats about her launching this product. And we’re gonna dive into what, what content she used to promote her content marketing planner. So Janet, we’re so excited to have you here.

[00:03:07] Janet Murray: Thank you for having me, which I said before was very, very British.

[00:03:10] I should think of something else to say. no, that’s really

[00:03:13] Jeff Sieh: good. You make you elevate the show. Like when we have you and eon, it just takes the show to another level with. Me from east Texas. It’s like, wow. It’s like, you know, beauty and the beast. But, uh, here we go. So if you guys don’t know who Janet is, let me introduce you.

[00:03:27] Um, she is a content marketing expert. She’s an author, she’s a podcaster and keynote speaker. She speaks worldwide about building online audiences and has taught thousands of coaches, creatives, and entrepreneurs, how to create engaging content. Now she’s planned and executed hundreds of digital product launches.

[00:03:45] From one off eBooks and master classes to complex online courses and memberships. She’s the host of the courageous content podcast. It’s hard to say for some reason. And she just launched her 20, 23 courageous content planner and content kit. So, this is gonna be exciting. So, uh, I’m so glad that you’re here.

[00:04:05] If you’re not following Janet, uh, you need to make sure you go to her podcast and subscribe to that, cuz that really helps podcasters out and leave her a rating review because that is super important, uh, for podcasters. But, uh, she’s got a great show. So make sure you check that

[00:04:18] Grace Duffy: out. Janet, how many years have you been publishing your content planner and content?

[00:04:24] Janet Murray: Um, so the first one was 2017. I’m just looking around, see if I’ve got it on my desk. Um, conveniently, I haven’t. Um, so 2017, it was one of those ideas that you, you know, you have an idea in that kind of entrepreneurial way where you think, oh, wouldn’t it be good if we had content planner and it had all these awareness days and key dates, um, and.

[00:04:44] I just kind of did it and published it. Um, I pre-sold it which it might be helpful to talk about later, um, and still never print the planner until we’ve sold it enough to, you know, to make sure we can cover the, the, the printing costs. Uh, so it’s always pre-sold we had our pre-order week, last week and yeah, as a content planner and, uh, it’s aimed to.

[00:05:03] Help entrepreneurs, coaches, creatives to save time on their content and to get more consistent, but it has developed a lot. It’s got a lot better since 2017, um, I’ve added new features. We’ve got the layout. I can show you the layout. I can see 2017 down there. Um, it’s improved a lot and you know, really based on customer feedback and customer questions and, you know, the whole content marketing thing, um, trying to solve people’s problems.

[00:05:30] So this year I’m really excited about it. Cause I think I’ve. Uh, last year really cracked the layout and the internal part of it. And this year, I think we’ve really, um, we’ve added a lot of features that I think will make it even better. And I think I’ve finally managed to crack one of my customer’s biggest problems.

[00:05:47] So we’re very excited about that.

[00:05:49] Grace Duffy: Oh my gosh. Well, we’re excited. So I think we’ve invited you cause we, uh, Jeff and I have been live Streaming for about that long since 20 17, 20 18. So I think we’ve invited you on every single year, around this time, because as I was. Researching the show to out to see what we’ve asked you in the past, there was one for each year and it was always around this time when your planner was launching.

[00:06:09] And, um, I guess this is kind of a big question, but over the years, over since 2017, what have been the most significant changes or evolutions, you said you cracked this big problem that your customers are facing. What has been like the most significant changes you’ve seen over the years? Was it live video, shorter content?

[00:06:29] Janet Murray: so I think for me, the problem I’ve always been trying to solve, which I promise is linked to your question. yeah, yeah. Is there was a lady a couple of years ago and hand on heart. It used to annoy me a bit um, because people would say, why isn’t your planner full of pre-written social media posts. So they’d buy it.

[00:06:48] And it had like thousands of awareness days and key dates and prompts. And I used to say to people. Well, I could write you 365 social media posts, and that will be easy. And I could charge you a load of money for that, and you’d be happy, but it wouldn’t work. like, because your business or brand is different to everybody.

[00:07:06] Else’s. Um, and it used to frustrate me that people couldn’t see that. Um, but obviously as entrepreneurs, our job is to try and solve problems and not to sort of just be frustrated with people and try and think, okay, well, where’s that person coming from? Why do they feel like that? I think the thing with content is that I dunno why it is, but a lot of people don’t really appreciate that how much skill is involved.

[00:07:31] Like, so I was a journalist before, so although I wasn’t creating social media content, I was a professional content creator. So I had an understanding of creating content for specific audience. And you. Tweaking that content and testing and, you know, looking at the analytics and looking at what was working and wasn’t, and, but people start businesses.

[00:07:49] They post a few times on Facebook or Instagram, and then they get frustrated quite quickly, um, in a way that maybe they wouldn’t get, if they tried to do their accounts or something, you know, they they’d understand that maybe they needed to pass that onto an accountant. So, but at the same time, I felt a bit frustrated cause it’s like, well, you know, this is a job.

[00:08:07] People get paid to create, create content for a living. Study as a degree, like there’s different types of content that, you know, you have to get really good at. But I, it really stuck with me. This experience of this lady was like, so upset. In fact, it wasn’t the lady, it was her sister , that was like really outraged.

[00:08:23] And we were trying to explain, look, you know, it wouldn’t help your sister in her business. If you know, she was posting the same as other people. Like there’s gotta be some understanding there of content and audience weather. Um, but it really stuck with me and. I saw other people out there selling content templates and I didn’t like it.

[00:08:41] And I’ve actually bought a lot over the years just to see what people create. And it just didn’t sit well with me, because again, it’s like, if it’s not tailored or it can’t be tailored to your business or brand, it’s just not gonna get you results. So I’ve been working this year and actually short form video helps, you know, when I said, oh, it is relevant.

[00:08:59] What you just ask? I started creating templates for people to help them make Instagram reels and TikTok. Um, and I, I realized. One of the biggest barriers to making them is just not knowing where to start, not knowing where to finish, not knowing what to do in the middle. And so I started just creating these little 32nd, you know, Almost like fill in the gaps templates.

[00:09:20] And what it did was it gave people like a framework to start with. So they’re like, okay, I’m gonna use this. I’m gonna fill in the gaps. I’m gonna create my little script or whatever. And then they do a few with my templates and then they’d be like, okay, now I feel a bit more confident I can do my own thing.

[00:09:35] So this year I’ve been experimenting with these fill in the gaps, templates that can be adapted for any business. I’ve tested them with all my. Um, and got all their feedback and it works, you know, they can be adapted to any business, any brand product, or service based business. They’re still, you still get some people who.

[00:09:54] They need a little bit of education and why wouldn’t you? Because again, the content marketing is a skill, you know, you gotta practice, you’ve got, you know, you can’t just expect to start a business and, and, and know it. So, so the planner this year has got, um, I did a couple of bonuses. We did our pre-order week, last week, but one of them was, um, an awareness day training.

[00:10:12] So as an I’ve put all my, all my trainings onto audio. Um, now with they ebook and audio and they can all be done within an hour, but there’s a training, um, on awareness days and how to actually take, you know, awareness days and key days and turn ’em into content. I always joked that I could take any day, however silly it sounds, and I could turn it into content that would, it’s just, it’s just knowing how to do it.

[00:10:33] You know, there’s a process. Um, and the other thing which I hope we’ll get to talk about is, um, cash generation content. Um, there was also an insight for me. That again, it’s this common story. People start a business, they get online, they post on Instagram, they post on Facebook and they’re like, oh, it’s not working.

[00:10:50] I haven’t got any clients or sales. Nobody’s responding to me and trying to solve that problem. And something I realized as well this year, I, I don’t think I’ve ever had so many people come to me. Who’ve paid for expensive coaching programs who dunno how to get a client who dunno how to create that very basic content.

[00:11:09] You know, I was a freelance journalist before, so I used to have to pitch ideas or I knew how to get work. I knew how to approach people. I just kind of had to work it out. And so I I’ve kind of figured out, you know, that also that it’s all very well teaching people about social media, but actually if they haven’t got the foundations in place and they don’t know how to reach out to somebody, uh, to offer their services, if they don’t know how to set up.

[00:11:33] Meeting, and it sounds really obvious. Right. Right. You know, there’s a phrase that I use, which is a horrible phrase. actually, it’s probably not as horrible in the us, but, um, it’s like people kind of fanning around on Instagram or Facebook and, and, and, and just. Spending, you know, far too much time, like I’m a content person.

[00:11:53] I love creating content, but I know that if I needed to bring money into my business today or tomorrow, that’s not the kind of content I would prioritize. So the, this year’s, planner’s also got, um, my cash generation content kit. So it’s a, um, a very specific content kit, uh, and a training that includes filling the gaps templates for that type of content.

[00:12:13] We can talk, we’ve got time and probably to talk about these three types of content. Right. Um, but I felt like there was a bit missing and somebody said to me, don’t you think business coaches should be teaching this? And I was like, well, yeah, but they’re not . Um, so, so, um, I think there’s loads of problems I’ve been trying to solve, but one of them is this business of like, Somebody said to me once, if somebody would just tell me what to post, where, and when, if you could just tell me what to post, where and when then that would be great.

[00:12:40] um, so, so I’ve been trying to solve all of these problems, trying to also make people aware that, you know, spending all your time on Instagram or creating email lead magnets may not be the best thing at times. When you need to bring money into your business, you need to create, know how to create that kind of content that gets brings money far.

[00:12:56] So, um, I know I’m. Speaking 10 to the dozen. And, um, but I hope you’re getting the idea

[00:13:02] Jeff Sieh: well, so yeah, I think it’s so, um, yeah, there’s a lot there and we’re gonna unpack a lot during the show. Uh, but you know, you talked about video content and you talked about how important that is in short form and we’ll get in until that.

[00:13:13] But I wanted to do, I thought that was a perfect way to talk really quickly about our sponsors of the show, which is Ecamm because they allow us to create amazing content. You can find out more about Ecamm. If you go to slash. They are sponsored to the show. So helping them out helps us out.

[00:13:31] Um, and by the way, they also have a really, really cool thing coming up called Leap into podcasting. You know, they’ve done Leap into live for many, many years, but on the 29th and the 30th of this month, they’re doing a two day interactive virtual summit, uh, compete, um, helping you become. Really proficient and getting started with Leap in, into video podcasting.

[00:13:53] If you go to loop Leap into, you can find out more about that. Grace and I will be speaking at that event. I believe we’re speaking on the. 29th. I think, I don’t know. I just made

[00:14:03] Grace Duffy: yeah, 29th. Okay. And we’re talking about, we talk about having guests and how we get guests like Janet Murray to join us on the show and then how we hopefully treat them very nicely.

[00:14:15] And,

[00:14:16] Jeff Sieh: and there is, there is a secret to getting good guests and our we’re gonna talk about our show flow, how we do this dance behind the scenes that you guys don’t most of the. Once in a while it breaks through. See? Yeah. But, um, there’s, there is a dance that Grace and I do, and we’re gonna share our little secrets on how to produce a live show.

[00:14:33] So make sure you go to Leap into to find out more about that and to sign up. And don’t forget to go to, if you wanna know how we’re creating this show, I use it to produce, I mean, Amazon videos, all sorts of stuff, but Ecamm S amazing tool slash Ecamm. So as we get deeper into the show, I wanna know from you guys in the audience, I see Sabrina’s there.

[00:14:54] Hey, Sabrina, Gary Stockton watching from Huntington beach. Um, I wanna ask you guys, um, like, do you guys struggle? Cuz I know I do with the, you know, the daily grind of creating these social media posts. Like, like Janet said, like so many people go, like I just wanna know what and when and where and that’s that sounds like it’s an easy question, but there’s a.

[00:15:18] That happens with that. So are you guys, um, frustrated with no Gary thoughts or dance with the Macina? You don’t wanna see me do a real dance, Gary? No. Um, but do you guys struggle with planning? I know Sabrina is an incredible social media content, creator and producer. Um, do you guys struggle with it? You know, this trying to get new clients in, so let us know down below wherever you’re watching in the comment section.

[00:15:41] Um, but we wanna talk about this. Uh, creator, you know, content planner that Janet has got this courageous content, courageous and content kit. There’s so many CS in that. I’ve just it’s it’s but so before Grace goes into her, her questions, I wanted to ask, I know you print this out. You mean, you mentioned you’re gonna make sure you sell enough to print it out.

[00:16:04] Have you ever played with a digital version? I know you have digital products. Talk about why you went with a physical book, cuz I think that’s really, really interest.

[00:16:15] Janet Murray: so, and by the way is my sound okay. Cause I realized halfway through that my podcast Mike was plugged in. It’s fine.

[00:16:22] Jeff Sieh: You’re good. Yeah.

[00:16:23] You’re it’s good enough. Yeah.

[00:16:25] Janet Murray: Um, so, um, I’ve, I’ve got one here to show you. So, um, we do have a digital version and actually this year people get the digital version as well, but I just think there’s something oh, so happens one here. Oh really? Um, and I think people. Just like, well, there’s a certain type of person that really like likes the real, you know, thing and it’s bounded, you know?

[00:16:51] Um, and, um, I’ll just show you some of the inside page. It’s the monthly pages and the what have you. Um, so there is a digital version of it as well. And everybody who gets it this year does get a digital version. But I just think, I dunno something nice about having something to write isn’t

[00:17:06] Jeff Sieh: there. Well, it, it also opens flat.

[00:17:07] I like that it opens flat on your desk. You don’t have something that, you know, it’s hard to keep. .

[00:17:12] Janet Murray: Yeah. And I have to say as well, but I don’t write in mind that much, which is a whole other topic because, um, I do use it every day, but I. um, some people say, oh, well, I don’t use planners. You know, I’ve tried using planners before, but what I always say is that like getting value out of a planner is not about how, how much you write in it, or, you know, it’s about, do you get the outcome that you need?

[00:17:32] So some people writing every page, like some people send me beautiful pictures and they’ve written in every bit and they’ve got lovely handwriting. Other people like me will use it more as a reference. Um, other people, uh, will use it in combination with the digital and a notebook. And for me, it’s just about what’s.

[00:17:48] The outcome, but there’s just something really nice about, you know, this is the last year. This is different about having a nice, a nice product and from a kind of branding point of view as well. So we have an event funny, you should mention Ecamm cuz Ecamm are our sponsors for, for our live event, um, in, um, Newcastle, which is in the north of the, uh, UK in, um, November.

[00:18:08] Um, and we always launched the planner at the event. So when people, we have four cover choices, if you look on the Instagram, you’ll be able to see the, the cover choices. We, we have a whole thing. And I know Grace was asking about the launch process, where we get community to, to vote. We put out eight cover choices, we get the community to vote, and then they vote.

[00:18:27] The favorite four. Um, and so everybody gets their planner. You know, if you come to the event, you get your planner, you’re the first to get it. Everybody turns up like, oh God, we’ve got my planner. You know? So I think there’s something quite nice from a branding point of view, as well about having a physical, um, product.

[00:18:44] Jeff Sieh: That’s awesome. Yeah. So by the way, you’ve got some people who agree with you. Um, like, uh, uh, CEO, Brian says you can’t beat the tactical feel of using a pen and paper. So, uh, what I do is I’m a nerd is I’ll take a dig like a digital planner, and I put it on my iPad. And then I used my apple pencil to write.

[00:19:03] So yeah. That way, cuz I, I am, I like to collect information cuz I used to have post-it notes everywhere cuz I like to mm-hmm you know, that I’m very visual and this is a way to, to that I can, you know, capture everything. So I love that you’re given away, um, the, you know, the digital version with the planner for this year.

[00:19:20] That’s really cool. And by the way, if you wanna find that planner, make sure you just go to, uh, we’ve been, we’ll flash it up on screen And there’s a code for that, correct? That you. But, yeah. Okay. So

[00:19:34] Janet Murray: you can, um, I think you’ve got the link to go straight to the page, but you should be able to find it.

[00:19:38] So it’s social 50 mm-hmm mm-hmm um, I would totally advise you if you’re going to invest in it is to get the, uh, the cash generation bundle because you get planner. We will say we, we send them all over the world. Mm-hmm . Um, you get the digital version, so exactly that you can use it on a tablet, um, if you want to, um, and you also get my cash generation content kit and all the templates and training, and you also get the awareness day kit and there’s also.

[00:20:07] Uh, fill in the gaps templates for the rest of the year for social media post. So there’s a heck of a lot of stuff in there. Basically you’re set up to succeed, but there’s 50 pounds off. I’m not very good on my conversions, but I think it’s a third, basically. It’s a third, um, off, um, if you use that code and that’s just, you know, for people are watching this, this show and that’s the, um, the, uh, cash generation bundle, which includes the planner, but all the other lovely stuff, as well as you’re basically getting it all free.

[00:20:35] If you use the. If you use the code. Okay. So yeah,

[00:20:38] Jeff Sieh: so that is social 50 is the code. So you guys write that down. Uh, if you had a planner, you could write it down in the planner, but, uh, that’s what you need. You need

[00:20:46] Grace Duffy: your planner that’s and that’s Janet Murray. I’m gonna spell it. M U R R a Y. Janet Murray.

[00:20:53] Dot Just make sure you spell that right. Because right. As I was researching this, I have to make sure they spelled her name. Right. So,

[00:21:01] Jeff Sieh: because there’s a Jan, another Janet Murray out there, who’s like, uh, now who’s

[00:21:03] Grace Duffy: also publishes things. We’re not gonna talk about her because the focus today, but anyway, no, it it’s.

[00:21:09] It’s very clear once you hear Janet’s voice and you see her on the live, which is. But anyway, just wanna make sure you guys are buying the right products at the right place. And yeah. So, uh, you said that Brian had a question, Jeff? No, I,

[00:21:23] Jeff Sieh: so, uh, Gary, uh, had a question. Yeah. So, um, he, he, when we asked the question, you know, you know what you struggle with with social media posts.

[00:21:31] And he said, uh, when not to post two and his company halted social for the Queen’s death, and we were actually talking with, um, Janet before the show, because she’s based in the UK and she actually put a post out about that. Can she just touch on Brian? I mean, Gary’s question a little bit, um, Janet, how to handle

[00:21:51] Janet Murray: stuff like that.

[00:21:53] Yeah. So, um, we were talking before, cuz I was a journalist for like, I dunno, 17 years or something. Um, before I fell into what I do now. So it’s definitely my kind of background and, you know, crisis calm and things. So I’ve put out quite a lot of posts. I was saying to, um, Grace, that’s my big, it was quite busy getting to the live cuz I’ve put out loads of content about this.

[00:22:14] Um, so obviously it’s, it’s a big thing. Um, in the UK, um, and people can have very strong opinions about it either way. Although British tend to be quite, quite polite over these sort of things. Um, but my feeling and my advice would be is. There’s a protocol. And, you know, at first everybody’s panicking and there’s supposed to be a blackout for 10 days or whatever.

[00:22:37] But, um, the whole protocol was created in the time where we didn’t have social media. And when we didn’t have, um, you know, online businesses or businesses that were open 24 7. So I think we have to kind of feel our way through it. Um, and my thing is always about really clear communications. So one of the.

[00:22:55] I did today was a posted something. I call a positioning statement. I’ve got a post about it on Instagram. It’s the last post I did, uh, where, you know, for some businesses, it isn’t practical. Like, you know, I have international customers all over the world. If my, somebody in my team said to me this morning, do you think we should close the inbox?

[00:23:13] I said, well, no, because like we’ve got customers from all over the world who, for them. Not like it is for us and we can’t just ignore them or say, sorry, you know, we’re gonna shut up shop till next week. Um, so for me, it’s just about communicating really clearly. So I put a positioning statement out on my page where I said, uh, we have stopped our normal, you know, like.

[00:23:33] Our normal activities, the only kind of content I have posted, uh, apart from this. And I, I actually mentioned this in my positioning statement, um, was, is, is kind of advice for people on, on what to post and you know, how, how to manage it. Um, but we’ve stopped all of our normal stuff if you like. Um, and we will take a view after the weekend.

[00:23:54] You know, we’ve been through enough of these kind of unprecedented events. If you like recently to know that, that, you know, the world can’t stop, you know, things happen that are right, you know, unfortunate and upsetting and people do react differently to them. So we’ve gotta be sensitive and we’ve got to take that on board, but at the same time, you know, we have to.

[00:24:14] People have to live and they have to run their businesses. So it’s kind of a fine balance. So, um, I, I, I always feel it’s just important just to communicate that really clearly. So I posted on my page to say, look, this is what we have done. We’ve stopped our normal activity. We’ll take a view at the beginning of next week.

[00:24:28] Uh, our sales activity with. Paused our ads as well. Cause I kind of think it is a little bit insensitive for me to suddenly pop up in someone’s feed, you know, talking about my Leap or whatever. Um, and this show, you know, I, I thought about it this morning. I thought, well, you know, and again, I mentioned it in my post, like.

[00:24:44] The host of this show from the us, like, do I wanna let you down at the last minute, having already let you they only mentioned this. They won’t mention what happened before, but, you know, but I wanna let you down at the last minute unnecessarily. Um, so I just, you know, explained that on my page. And for me, it’s just about being open and I’ve explained, you know, that we are, our inbox is open our normal hours and people can get in touch with us.

[00:25:08] And this is the reason why. And so for me, it’s just about being. Really clear and explaining. I think when people get upset about things, I certainly know in the pandemic, I saw a lot of people who didn’t run businesses didn’t realize that that was the only way that people survive. And it’s okay if you’re by your employer, isn’t it?

[00:25:32] Yeah.

[00:25:32] Grace Duffy: Well, and also I think, um, you know, I’ve been in digital marketing for a very long time, as of you and as is Jeff. And I think over time, Social media’s become less immediate. Right? So because of the algorithm and the weighted timelines, I’m seeing post from two or three days ago, that probably I’m seeing them today.

[00:25:51] And you know, not, not that I’ve seen anything inappropriate, but you also have to remember that if you’re posting something today, someone may not see it for another three days when we’ve the world has moved on. Not that this is something to move on from, but when it comes to big.

[00:26:03] Janet Murray: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And we have to remember, I said about one of my clients today in my membership group said, oh, what are you talking about?

[00:26:11] Cause I posted you something in the group saying, you know, does everybody want to go ahead with something that was happening? You know, do you all feel comfortable? Let me know if you don’t feel comfortable. And she’s like, what, what are you talking about? You know, is that, and that’s the thing we’ve gotta appreciate.

[00:26:23] I think that that not everybody, you know, depending on where you are in the world and the context for you and some people, you know, some. Auntie Royal as well. , you know, we have, and yeah, we have to be respectful of, you know, we have to as respectful of that, but, you know, for some people, um, you know, it’s, it’s, there’s, it’s, it can be quite a divisive issue.

[00:26:44] So I think we’ve just gotta be sensitive and we’ve gotta be kind. And, um, and for me, it’s just about communicating, explaining why you are doing what you’re doing and when you are doing it. And, you know, that’s, that’s always the key for me. That’s

[00:26:57] Jeff Sieh: a great, that’s a great, absolutely. So let’s talk about this, this content kit real quick before we on to next second, because these stats are phenomenous.

[00:27:05] So Grace talk

[00:27:05] Grace Duffy: about these. Absolutely. So this is something that Janet shared on Twitter, and I saw it on Facebook and I think you might have shared it on LinkedIn. So this is out there. If you want find her on her profiles, if you wanna see it, but I’m gonna go over these natural quick. You said that overall conversion rate was 6% and the average for digital pro products is one to 2%.

[00:27:23] I don’t know if people realize that. The conversion rate for digital products is rather low. And so that’s why you do a lot of promoting, but this reached 6%, which is quite phenomenal. Your ad spend your Facebook ad spend, went down significantly. You said that it was, uh, uh, 12,000 pounds last year. And you only spent about a thousand, 2000 pounds this year, and then your affiliate payouts were also.

[00:27:48] Accounted for 1% of revenue, uh, you know, you had a small band of planner customers who already knew and loved the product and were promoting it for you. And then you also, these are the two things we wanted to talk about. Your weightless conversions were 31%, the highest conversions ever, and expected to rise.

[00:28:03] Uh, once you’ve removed some duplicate context, and then you had 55% of your sales came from your email. And if your jaw hasn’t dropped listening to this, it should pick it up, pick it up because we’re gonna, we’re gonna ask you how this happened. And then you said that you marketed it to. Thousand of your 27,000 wait list, and you are gonna share some upcoming reports and debrief.

[00:28:27] So we wanna talk to you about this wait list of 31% and this 55% of sales through email, because. Um, like a lot of people haven’t like really gotten email going and then this idea of a wait list. It’s it’s like, how do you build a wait list around a product that isn’t there? Of course yours has already been proven and tried, but what about like something that hasn’t been proven, something that’s brand new and idea.

[00:28:52] So talk to us about how you grew such a reliable wait list and also how, um, we can too.

[00:28:59] Janet Murray: Okay. So, uh, so, oh, I could talk about this for hours. Like, um, I wasn’t very good at maths at school, but I absolutely love geeking out over stats and conversions as you can probably tell. Um, and that that’s probably part of it.

[00:29:13] Um, so I think this key thing is like lots of people when I launched my very first digital product, I remember I sold 13 and I was devastated. Right. And, um, And then thankfully for me, I, I learned that the average conversion rate for online sales was one to 2%, which was, um, which was amazing. I can see my accountants here.

[00:29:33] Fun. funnily enough school, like I’m sure he probably wouldn’t be so impressed with my, with my, um, attention to my accounting, but I certainly. I have a lot of attention to conversion and stats, but anyway, so I sold 13 of my first online call sort. That was terrible. When I looked at the conversions, actually I had converted about 2%.

[00:29:54] Um, but the problem was, I dunno if anyone remembers this, but at the time there people were selling all this stuff, like. Um, Jeff Walker’s product launch formula, right? Yeah. Yeah. And the trouble is, is that, I mean, we should know this we’re intelligent people, but I, I think there’s so much out there that’s brainwashing us about, you know, earn six figures overnight or whatever that we forget that we’re not as experienced as those people.

[00:30:16] We forget that we don’t have the same Facebook ads. Budget and we are expecting the same results. So luckily I kind of caught onto this and I just cracked on and just built my email list and learned about conversions and all that kind of stuff. So the thing for me that makes the biggest difference to digital product launch sales.

[00:30:35] So we sold 555 units. If you like in a seven day period, um, of a, quite a relatively low price product. Cause we did a, a launch. We did a launch price. Mm-hmm um, I think a lot of people until they try and do it, if somebody’s tried to do it, they’ll they will know how hard that is. But unless somebody’s tried to do it, they, you know, and, and, and sold five or 13, like I did, you know, they, they don’t know how hard it is, but it really is quite, it’s very hard.

[00:31:08] It’s not impossible, but it’s, it’s just about being strategic about it with your content. So. You know, I talked before about having the three types of content, the, uh, audience growth content, nurturing content and cash generation content. So the key thing with doing a big launch, like that is a lot of people just think about their car open week.

[00:31:26] So think about that seven days or nine days that they’re gonna be selling, because I’ve had quite a lot of experience. I know that. The most important period for me with the planner launch is the audience growth period. So I’m growing my audience all year round, cuz I’ve got a podcast. And so there’s a few things that I do, but in the run up to the planner launch, uh, if you look at my podcast episodes, they will, you know, the, the content will get more focused on content planning and content strategy and, you know, should, should you use content plan?

[00:31:55] You know, like there’s quite strategic. Um, but the other key thing is this wait list. So. if you just rock up and say, if I was just rock up and say, Hey, I’m selling this planner, uh, on the Monday, then you haven’t built up any excitement. You haven’t built up any buzz. You’re just kind of almost. Launching it on people, if you like.

[00:32:15] Um, but if you can get people involved in the process, excited, they’re on the wait list, they know that if they may take action early, they’re gonna get a great discount or bonuses or whatever. So what we do, which I touched on it earlier is so first of all, we get people involved in the product creation.

[00:32:30] So my planner has, uh, we usually start talking about July with eight cover choices and we get people to vote on. Favorite cover, cover choice. And that’s how we always get down to the final four. So that’s quite nice, cuz people are involved and they’re excited and you know, they wanting to see whether their choice gets through.

[00:32:49] And this year we tried, cuz it’s all about experimentation. We ran a competition. Um, and so if people entered the comp, if people, um, voted, they could be entered into a competition to win some goodies and tech gear and whatever. Um, interestingly. So we did that in August. So we normally do about a month of list building before the, so the, we opened ourselves on the 29th of August for a week.

[00:33:14] Interestingly though, I, I did like a very specific E email lead magnet, which was specifically designed to build like a wait list for this particular product, which was either fill in the gap template. I’m not joking. They’re on a Google doc and, um, and it was a little post that we did on my Facebook page and people really, you know, engaged with it and they liked these templates.

[00:33:36] So we, we put the thing about ads as well, that I’ve learned over the years is that, um, you know, just paying for ads is not gonna get you great results. Like the content’s gotta be good. It’s you know, so, so. Turning something into an ad that’s already doing very well, you know, is, is, is the best strategy.

[00:33:54] So we just turned a few of those posts into, um, into ads. Um, so by the time we opened our sales, I’m so geeky about this we had, we had eight, 13 people on the, and. These were people who put their hands up and said, I’m interested in this planner. They knew that they were gonna get a 50% discount and it was only available during free order week.

[00:34:15] They knew they were gonna get these bonuses that wouldn’t be available during that week. There was also the buzz about the, about the cover. I think I still gotta do some of the analysis. I think that the conversion, I think the conversion rate will be higher than 31%. When we look at it. You know what it’s like with email list, you get ju contact contact.

[00:34:34] So once we’ve taken those out. Um, so, so yeah, I mean, if you are starting a launch with 831 people who’ve put the hand up that are interested, we all know what people are. Like. We put the name on wait list and whatever. Um, I can already tell I haven’t crunched all of the numbers. Um, I’ve still got a bit more analysis to do, but I can already tell that the freebie lead magnet did better than the competition, which is interesting.

[00:34:56] Um, and it’s with lead magnets. It’s really important that the lead magnet really links well to the product. Um, so yeah, the wait list strategy is about, you know, if you can start your launch with a load of people, who’ve already put the hand up. They literally, I dunno if you saw great any of the screenshots that I showed of my, of my inbox, you know, with all the orders coming in mm-hmm so it’s about buzz, but it’s also about getting really qualified leads.

[00:35:20] And interestingly, again, geeky ad report coming out on this, um, the better quality leads you get the better, you know, so we actually started more geeky stats. Last year, we started with 1300 on our wait list. This year. We only. Uh, 813, but we converted so much better cuz they were better leads and that long term and other products and services people might invest in.

[00:35:45] So anyway, I’m probably getting a bit too geeky now, but you get

[00:35:48] Grace Duffy: no, no, no like you understand that. We’re all just like, I’m like how do I take notes and also listen

[00:35:54] Jeff Sieh: on the, yeah. So I’ve got some, I want to ask some questions about that. So, um, you’ve talked about, you know, Having high quality leads and how important that is.

[00:36:04] And I wanna know what, like, what is the, you know, what is the best type of content for lead generation? Cause you mentioned freebies. And a lot of times people say freebie’s, you know, people are just signing up to get the free thing. They’re trying to get the free iPad that they’re gonna have a drawing for.

[00:36:20] But you said something. I think that was key was that it ties into the product. And so can you talk about the importance of that freebie, which you said did really, really well better than the competition kind of thing that you had running? Yeah. Um, what are your insights on that, on creating this? You know, what, like, do you do TikTok posts to talk about, you know, this freebie, I mean, what kind of content like is the most effective for lead generation?

[00:36:45] Janet Murray: Well, interestingly, I get so excited about this, but interestingly, the best performing place, I think I need to go back and have a look. The best performance post was a text based post on my Facebook page, which just said, Hey, I’ve created, I’ve created, I did a few different ones, but, here’s do you want 24 fill in the gaps, social media post for next week.

[00:37:09] and I created them for you, Cause we use a messenger bot, to deliver our lead market post below, whatever it was, post freebie below, whatever it was. I can’t remember what the keyword was. And it was a text based post. It took me about five minutes to write, sometimes the things that take your ages to do it, they don’t work as well.

[00:37:28] It was literally like a text based post, but of course, I don’t just do it once. One of the things that I’ll publish when I do the report next week, and this would take people’s breath away, I think is how much content, and how many emails we send as well, which could be, you know, something that we could talk about as well.

[00:37:44] You know, you’ve got to be prepared to post far more content. Then you feel comfortable, so, interestingly that was that text space post, but you know, in the past there’s been videos, but I’ll give you two examples of lead magnets that I’ve done for this planner For me, with lead magnets, having a lead magnet, unfortunately is not enough. It’s, that’s a sort of rubbish lead magnets out there. It’s got to feel like buying the, product’s got to feel like. the Natural next step. So I often talk about it like a hand break turn. So people, sometimes they have a lead magnet and, it sounds good when people download it and then, but actually buying the product feels like, oh, like, what’s that got to do with the thing?

[00:38:25] So one that’s worked really well is we had a 30 day content plan, which we did last year and actually. Until we paused them the other day. It’s still running now. So it’s a 30 day content plan. So basically I’ve planned your content out for you. And interestingly, I’ll just show you this. this is the kind of thing that works I’ll just show you the page in my planner. So this page in my planner is a 30 day content plan that is in the front of the planet. That’s what the lead magnet looks like. So people. get A 30 day. It’s not the same one, but they get 30 days as a freebie and they’re like, oh, okay. So if I get this planner, I’m gonna get more of that.

[00:39:01] the fill in the gaps templates, basically the bonus with this year’s planner and content kit was, was a thousand filling the gaps templates, just like that. So if people have had a go at using the templates, so giving them a go, but I mean, that saved me a lot of time. And I had actually had.

[00:39:18] Testimonials from people saying, oh my I’m using these these templates to save me so much time, I’m gonna get a thousand free with a kit. And she’s also given 400 as a bonus for the rest of the year. So. It’s like, if you can give people almost a piece of what they’re gonna get with the paid product, does that make sense?

[00:39:37] this is obviously what I’ve learned over the years, having, published lots of different lead magnets. but that’s the ultimate goal. And I think, when people go wrong with lead magnets often it’s because, The lead magnet doesn’t really link closely enough to the product. So, like I say, it feels like a hand break turn and something actually you said to me earlier about what you think of the trends. And I was saying to one of my clients earlier, I think that email nurture sequences, I think they’re on the out. Like I think we just can’t be bothered to read them now. And I, that, you know, like in the days I remember, I dunno if you used to follow Plin.

[00:40:14] Jeff Sieh: He’s not fat at all. He’s way thin, but go ahead.

[00:40:16] Grace Duffy: Yeah. He used to be fat that there’s a whole fat baby thing with him. Anyway, that’s a whole, that’s a whole other thing. That’s a whole other thing. The fat baby thing.

[00:40:24] Janet Murray: I remember reading that he had like a, like a 45 part email nurture sequence and oh my goodness.

[00:40:31] In the day, that kind of thing, engaged people. But I realized actually I used to spend a lot of time writing, nurture sequences, and I think actually, no, just give people something really good. that really links closely to the product and then just sell ’em something because yeah, I don’t think we need to nurture.

[00:40:47] It’s interesting. I don’t think we need to nurture people as long as we think we do. If we’ve got the lead magnet. Right. If that makes sense. Anyway, there’s loads in there. Like I hope some of that makes sense.

[00:40:58] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. So by the way, um, it works because we got our friend Jim going, I just got the 30, the three 30 day social media content play from Janet’s website.

[00:41:06] So live video works to everybody. So that’s, that’s a great, and then, uh, uh, live video works. These numbers aren’t geeky, by the way. So he’s like, he’s like in the numbers, that’s why I count them. yeah.

[00:41:18] Grace Duffy: Yeah. That’s why he likes it. So you mentioned that these are some numbers that you published and you said that there’s more to come and there’s a sneak brief.

[00:41:25] Tell us where our audience can sign up to get a copy of this report. And this is a report of your experience launching this product. Where can we get that?

[00:41:36] Janet Murray: So if you head to my Instagram, which is at Jan Marie UK, um, and you DM me, it sounds a bit weird. I promise it’s not, but we’ve got a very clever messenger bot that delivers, delivers stuff to you.

[00:41:48] Um, if you just DM report, my messenger bot will add you to the wait list. So I’m due to publish it next Thursday. Obviously this current event. You we’ll see how things are next due to publish it next Thursday. And I’m also gonna do a class, which I’m gonna invite people to. Um, and I’ll basically take you through day by day what we did each day.

[00:42:08] So I’ll show you what I posted on social media, what emails we sent. I think you might have even seen Grace. I published the conversions, the, the open rate and the click rate. And I look at, I look at every and everything. Um, it’s fun. It’s not for everyone, but it’s fun. But, um, yeah, there’s, I think there’ll be a lot of really useful stuff in there, um, for people to take away if they are interested in geeky, digital launch

[00:42:34] Grace Duffy: stats.

[00:42:34] I think, I think you just identified our audience. Yeah. And that’s Jan Murray, Jan Murray, M U R R a Y K. So for those of you listening on the podcast, go to Jan Murray, K. Instagram and slide into those DMS.

[00:42:48] Jeff Sieh: So it’s and you put in a report, right? DM you

[00:42:51] Janet Murray: report like report. Yeah. Yeah. You can have a nice, we got, we use mini chat and we have, you can have a nice play with our messenger bot.

[00:42:58] Cause it will show you all sorts things and send you all sorts of things. Yeah. Gotcha.

[00:43:03] Jeff Sieh: And so, and just, we’ll take this break real quick to talk about, um, once again, our sponsor of the show Ecamm Janet Marie actually said that she’s gonna, they’re gonna be sponsoring her event coming up later. What’s the date of your event?

[00:43:15] Is it next year or this year? It’s

[00:43:17] Janet Murray: this year, November the first and second. Oh, okay.

[00:43:19] Jeff Sieh: Wow. That’s coming it’s this year is flying by folks, but you can find out more about Ecamm at slash Ecamm. They are an incredible tool, so much fun hanging out with them, uh, in podcast movement.

[00:43:31] Um, so we’re gonna finish up the section cuz we don’t have a ton of time left, but we’re gonna be talking more about creating this content strategy because. I’ve been in this business for a long time. You couldn’t tell cuz my voice cracked. It sounds like I was in puberty, but I’ve been doing this for a long time and um, it’s, it can be overwhelming.

[00:43:51] There’s a ton of changes, but it’s really, really important that you create, you know, this marketing strategy before you dived in. But dive in and Janet talked about geeking out about the numbers. It’s not all just because you like numbers it’s sometimes it’s out of necess. Um, so, um, I want to talk about, you know, your planner and your kit, you know, it gives marketers templates you can use, but you know, how do you know what type of content you should be creating, especially as we, you know, planning for 2023, which is coming up, you know, this TikTok still gonna be, the big thing is, you know, now YouTubes are YouTube is having podcasts, uh, built into it.

[00:44:27] So how do you know when you start planning out and looking at your kit, you know, buying your kit and you’re a planner. Um, you know, what type of content, I mean, you almost have to look time in a crystal ball, but what are your advice, uh, on, on that Janet?

[00:44:42] Janet Murray: Well, I think it really depends. I mean, I love TikTok.

[00:44:44] Um, I haven’t been posting regularly yet on the moment just because of, of time, but that would be my preferred platform if, um, I had, you know, wasn’t geeking out over email stats all the time. Um, so, but I. I think it can be a bit sort of dangerous to say, oh, you know, this is the platform that you need to be on.

[00:45:00] Cause I don’t really think that matters. I think it’s, and also I think it’s important that people are comfortable on the platform that they’re on. Um, cuz I could say, oh, you know, get on YouTube or do a podcast, whatever. But if that doesn’t, if that isn’t. You don’t enjoy creating it or you find it hard.

[00:45:15] Let lot of people find video hard. So I think it’s possible to be successful on any platform. Um, and the one that, you know, that you’re most likely to stick to. Um, and it’s probably better to do one well than do loads. Not very well. Um, but I think for me, the key thing is about knowing what to do when, so I posted the other day about this is this whole business about.

[00:45:38] Just tell me what to post, where and when, and this is this thing about these three types of content. So in times when you are looking to build your audience, so, um, So, so say for example, now I got a big bill and, and I, you know, I was really stuck for money in my business or, you know, I need, I wanted to invest in something mm-hmm it wouldn’t be any use of me sitting there creating, uh, Instagram posts or creating a new email lead market.

[00:46:05] Especially if I hadn’t done it before, for me actually I’m quite experienced. So I might be able to make some sales quite quickly, but if you don’t have a big email list or you don’t have this big audience, um, It’s more high touch. I think. So it’s about knowing what, so, so for me content strategy, isn’t even about, it’s not about what platform we are on.

[00:46:22] It’s not even really about what you’re posting. It’s about doing the right things at the right time. So as I said before, I’ve had clients who’ve come to me. Who’ve, you know, tried everything on social media. They’ve paid for expensive coaching programs. They’re like, what am I doing wrong? I still. I just, I still have, don’t have clients.

[00:46:37] I’ll be like, you need to go to events. Like you need to get yourself out and meet people. You need to like, you know, and there’s me, the digital marketers saying, like go to some networking events, whatever. But for me, it’s like doing the right things at the right time. So when you’ve got ti, like, so if you’ve got enough money coming into your business, you’ve, you’ve looked after your cash generation.

[00:46:55] Then you can focus on list building and podcasting and those kind of things, which take longer to convert. Um, but in times when you need to bring money, you’ve gotta focus on the cash generation stuff. Um, so people often say to me, well, if I’m doing a launch, you know, like how many posts should I do like this?

[00:47:12] And how many posts should I do like that? And it’s, or, or if I’m planning out my content for a month for a quarter, like how many of these types of posts, it really depends what you’re doing. So I talked about in August, in August, I did a lot of. Audience gross content and nurturing content because I knew it was leading up to a launch.

[00:47:26] And then during last week it was just all like sort of cash, you know, sales content. So it, so for me, it isn’t about sitting there going all right. Well, you know, I need to do this many weeks or you know, that I think for anyone who’s doing digital marketing, Once a week, you should be putting out something which is audience growth, like something which is, you know, in an ideal world, you know, a podcast or a show like this or something that can live on forever and people can find forever that you publish on your website in an ideal world.

[00:47:55] Um, but actually for me, it’s about publish, doing the right thing, doing the right things at the right time. And if you’re stuck for money, um, sitting there doing Instagram posts is probably not the best thing for you or creating an. That might take, you know, um, you know, a year for people. I have people who buy my planner and they’re on my email list for years, right before they make that first purchase or they listen to the podcast for years.

[00:48:19] So it’s, does it make sense about kind of like it’s about doing the right things at the right time and

[00:48:25] Jeff Sieh: see, I think that is so refreshing because so many social media gurus and stuff say, you’ve gotta do this and you’ve gotta do this, but they don’t talk about the bottom line. Like you were just saying.

[00:48:35] when you need to make money, you shouldn’t be, you know, you know, doing something that it would be like weeks or months before money could come in, you know? Right. You can’t just go live and all of a sudden expect, you know, to get business, you know, There’s there’s different parts of your business. I think that is really good.

[00:48:51] And I think that’s something a lot of people don’t wanna hear, but I think it’s really important. Um, anyway, yeah. Sorry. That was a mic drop moment. So, um, even Gary says great chat today, folks. So Gary knows what he’s talking about.

[00:49:04] Grace Duffy: So he’s, I think we need to have. We haven’t even gotten to half the questions, because this has been such a great conversation.

[00:49:10] I think we’re gonna have to have you on for a part two after, after your, after your conference, because you know, you got focused on that, but like afterwards, we’d love to have you on again for, we need you, like, we have so many

[00:49:21] Jeff Sieh: questions. Well, I wanna do a shout out too, because Janice con. When I went to Janet’s conference, I loved it because she one, she makes just speakers.

[00:49:30] Like you can’t come in and just leave. That’s not how it works. She makes you sit down. It was like a big mastermind. And I felt like as a speaker, That I really was able to help people like that. She almost had like a speed dating round where they would sit at your table. And I mean, it was, it was topnotch.

[00:49:45] And I thought it was very valuable, not just for me as a speaker, but also as the attendees just, just loved it. So if you’re in the area and you haven’t done

[00:49:53] Grace Duffy: it, how do you find the conference? Let’s let’s share the link. Is it, do

[00:49:57] Janet Murray: we just give it Janet it’s courageous content live and my assistant Julie is in the chat and she’s been sharing some.

[00:50:04] Okay, great. Yeah. And I think Jeff’s right. It’s a community event. It’s quite hard with it. We’re slightly bigger than we were before, but that’s what we’re trying to do is create a community. And like, we don’t wanna have an event where it’s like the speakers get up on stage and then they just get off and then they go off, you know?

[00:50:18] Right. And they sit in the green room and stay away from everybody. Like they’re part of the community. Like, and as Jeff says, I’m quite strict. I make, I make them work. But, but also I feel as speakers get more from it as well, because you know, you get more, you know, it’s like we were talking before. We were at podcast movement.

[00:50:35] You know, you need to bring money into your business, get yourself to an event, meet people, make connections. Like I’ve never spoken at event. I’ve never attended an event where I didn’t come away with opportunities in business. It’s just what happens when you get out and meet people. Isn’t it. And I think as much for the speakers as well as the delegates.

[00:50:51] Yeah. But it’s, it’s. The UK, as I said, it’s the only kind of like proper, big, um, you know, content marketing event. Um, Ecamm, we, we are live Streaming it, shout out to Ecamm, uh, there are sponsors and they’re gonna be running a session on content repurposing, um, and how to kind of come up with a really great workflow, you know, where you can take one piece of content and turn it into loads of different ones, right?

[00:51:13] Uh, captivate, who I’m sure. Our friends that captivate our audio sponsor, cuz I have about a million podcasts and they, they host my. Podcast. So they’re gonna be running some sessions, not only on starting a podcast, but growing a podcast as well. Um, and. I really love seeing people come from abroad. So please, sometimes people say, oh, is it okay if I come?

[00:51:34] If it’s like, absolutely. Like, we, we would love people to come to Newcastle and it’s an amazing

[00:51:39] Jeff Sieh: place. So yeah, it was a blast when I went. Um, so Julie here has put up the link. So you could find that here at this link at gen content live new. so, uh, Janet live Newcastle for you guys, listening on the podcast.

[00:52:02] So, Julie, thank you so much for putting that up. Uh, I’m gonna call an audible cuz we only got 10 minutes left. Yes. And we’re gonna have to have Janet back, but I wanted to talk about, um, and you, I think you wrote a post about it, but since we just came off podcast movement and um, it just was, top of my mind was like you quit your old podcast.

[00:52:20] and started a new one and you almost kind of rebranded and you like, I mean, I, I thought I, I couldn’t find the post, but I remember you talking about it and it was a big deal. Um, why did you do that and how stressful was it to stop a podcast and start another one, especially cuz your other one was pretty successful.

[00:52:36] Yeah. My other one

[00:52:37] Janet Murray: was one of the UK’s top, uh, market um, I think I just got a bit bored with it. I think I was complaining, no, I wasn’t bored with it, but I think I was getting to the stage where. If I was feeling a bit bored of it, I thought my listeners. You know, I wasn’t doing the best for them. Um, I felt that the episodes were too long.

[00:52:56] I felt I needed to do, you know, more concise interviews. And, but also the way that my business was moving, I wanted to focus much more on content planning and strategy and, and which is I’ve been able to do. Um, but I think I was Mo to Jeff was I was at you that I was Mo to about how every, so often someone finds the old podcast and then it starts overtaking the new one in the charts.

[00:53:15] I’m like, stop, stop, stop, subscribing to it. I don’t still don’t know if it was the right thing to do. Like, I, I talked to some of my podcasting friends and. I remember talking to Colin Ray, who’s a friend of I think, and saying, I just feel like I want a quick, a clean break. I could have kept the same RSS feed and kept it on the same one, but I felt like I wanted to start something new.

[00:53:37] And in a way, like I’ve, I’ve experimented quite a lot with the format. That, that is probably the whole thing about my brand courageous content as well is, and that’s another reason for it as well. Um, is it is about just being brave enough to go out there and go, well, do you know what. I don’t really know where this is going, but this is the kind of content I want to create.

[00:53:55] And I’ll find that’s exactly what’s happened. Like I’ve experimented I’ve, um, tried different things and I feel I’ve kind of, you know, arrived at, at kind of where I want to be. But there is a, a kind of important branding point there as well, because I’ve got the courageous content planner. I have this event, courageous content.

[00:54:15] I’m getting on a bit now and there might come a point where. You know, maybe I, I need to step away from it. And when you have a personal brand business, which is tied to your name, mm-hmm, like, you know, somebody else could theoretically, um, have the courageous content planner or have the courageous content live event.

[00:54:34] It’s not depend, you know, it’s a right. It’s a way of doing things. It’s a process or whatever. I mean, you know, it is very much informed by me, but to have a business and products, which are all tied to your name, I feel like that’s probably not the most sustainable business strategy, um, going forward, like, so I’m not getting any younger and, um, and you know, I don’t wanna have to, I enjoy working, but I don’t wanna feel like I have to work until like, you know, so whenever, so I dunno if that makes sense about, I wanted to create a brand that kind of.

[00:55:06] right without me or alongside me, if that makes sense. Right. Isn’t dependent on me being there all the

[00:55:10] Jeff Sieh: time. Well, if you’re getting up there, then I just need to, I just need to go lay down and somebody can start shoving dirt, dirt on top of me cuz uh, you, I, I wouldn’t even think that so well, Janet, this has been incredible.

[00:55:23] Um, once again, I want people to, to know that they can go find out more about your planner, um, by going to, and we’ve been putting it up all all day. It’s Janet Murray and that’s M U R R a Um, that’s where it’s the planners everywhere. Like she’s branded it really, really well. Um, but you also have the opportunity if you wanna save some.

[00:55:44] Is, you can actually, I’m gonna pull that up right there. Uh, enter the code social 50, uh, and that will give you a discount and some other cool stuff. So make sure you do that. Um, but you can also get her free planner like Jim, did, he went and got, um, got that and was able, yeah. Yeah.

[00:56:00] Grace Duffy: The free 30 day social media content plan from Janet’s website.

[00:56:04] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. So she’s if you want, so just go sign up anyway. Even if you’re you, you don’t want it, but you gotta learn from her. And like, if you just watch how she does it, watch her sequence, not sequence on her emails, uh, sign up for all that stuff, because she does a really great job. Um, uh, I’ve been following her stuff for years and she really, really, really, really does.

[00:56:25] Um, you mentioned Colin gray. We got him coming up shortly. Yeah. On the show. Um, so that’s gonna be an awesome one. He is from, is it Ireland? Scotland Scotland. See, it’s just so hard. Yes. I always get those mixed up anyway. So that’s gonna be a fun show too, but Grace, um, do you have any final words for us?

[00:56:44] Grace Duffy: No.

[00:56:45] Just, uh, tune in for us next week. It’s Fri, same time Friday, September 6th. Teeth 11:00 AM Eastern, 10:00 AM central. As Jeff mentioned, the wonderful Colin gray will be joining this. He will be talking about podcasting as we Leap into podcasting, uh, going into that event, we have some of the other speakers in the P he was said, podcast movement too.

[00:57:05] So there’s a whole week, uh, or whole month of podcasting.

[00:57:09] Jeff Sieh: Yeah, it’s gonna be awesome, Janet, thank you so much. And everybody make sure you go get her planner, uh, sign up for all her stuff. And we will see you guys next time. Don’t forget about our sponsors Ecamm slash Ecamm and they also have their own podcast called the flow, which is, uh, very, very interesting.

[00:57:25] And so, uh, we’ll play a little commercial about that, but thank you guys for watching. Appreciate all you appreciate you, Brian, Julie, uh, Gary, everybody who watched in the left comments today, we appreciate you. We wouldn’t do this without you. Uh, we’ll see you guys next week. Bye everybody. Hi,

[00:57:38] Grace Duffy: everyone.

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