What if we told you that marketers have been gravitating toward LinkedIn to fuel growth, engagement, and trust, and seeing the results? (And you can too!) 

On this week’s Social Media News Live! Jeff and Grace are joined by Louise Brogan to talk about building a LinkedIn community around your brand and the rise of the LinkedIn Creator. 

We’re also going to cover updates to Company Pages and LinkedIn Learning that you might want to consider for your content marketing strategy. And… what YOU need to know about the new LinkedIn Creator Accelerator Program.


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[00:00:00] Jeff Sieh: Hey folks, welcome to another edition of Social Media News Live. I’m Jeff. Sieh so glad that you’re here. I’m so excited to have Louise Brogan back on the show, not back on the show. The first time on this particular show, grace said a little with our show. We did before. It’s been an actual exactly a year when we had Louisa on the other show that we will shall not name, but the show though shall not

[00:00:26] Grace Duffy: be named.

[00:00:27] Yes. Went back to make sure that I had everything right for your bio. What did we say the last time? And then, I just, I go to update it, of course, with what you are doing. I do things like make sure that the podcast you’re talking about a year ago is still going, stuff like that still.

[00:00:41] And I noticed the date and it’s you know, it’s not the, exactly the same date because of, but it was like the exact same week. I was like, this is so exciting. So I guess true to what we were saying earlier September is just, LinkedIn’s like time to shine. I,

[00:00:56] Jeff Sieh: yeah, we

[00:00:57] Grace Duffy: should. We should go ahead and book you in for

[00:00:59] Jeff Sieh: September that’s right.

[00:01:00] Every year, Louise, at least is gonna be on the show on, in September. So if you guys are just joining us, thank you guys so much for watching. We would love for you guys to sprinkle the love across the interwebs. Let other people who are like. They’re looking for a job right now. They need to up their LinkedIn game.

[00:01:15] Let them know down below, call them in at, mention them down below. And they can, if they can’t make it live, they can watch the replay because I know that Louise is going to drop a ton of knowledge bombs, and I want to do some shout outs to some of our friends. Tracy is here. Tracy. Thank you so much for showing up watching over on LinkedIn.

[00:01:34] She is a long-time watcher. Thank you. And Sabrina, of course. Hey, it’s me Sabrina. Hey Sabrina. It’s me Jeff. Glad to see you again on a Friday. It makes my day seeing you in the comments every time. So thank you guys for showing up. This is going to be a fun show. Yeah. If you’re in the comments, let us know.

[00:01:53] Do you struggle with LinkedIn or have you, are you, we got a bunch of changes coming out today that we’re going to break down. Buckle up because we’re going to be going through this pretty at a pretty good clip, but there’s some stuff that I think you guys are gonna find really exciting on LinkedIn.

[00:02:09] So without further ado, I am going to hit the the podcast button and we will get started here by the way, if you guys want to know about the show and kind of, sometimes it’s hard to forget on a Friday. We’re. We’re done sometimes, but all you have to do is text me at 9 0 3 2 8 7 9 0 8 8.

[00:02:28] And you will get a reminder. There’s no spam. There’s nothing. It’s just the show reminders 10 minutes before the show starts, if you would like to have that reminder 9 0 3 2 8 7 9 0 8 8. And that will introduce you on my list, text list and get past these pesky algorithms. So

[00:02:45] Grace Duffy: here we go. That’s how Jeff reminds me to show up every week.

[00:02:48] That’s right,

[00:02:49] Jeff Sieh: exactly. Sometimes she doesn’t. Anyway, yes. So here we go. I’m going to put, hit play and we’ll get, hit record and we’ll get started.

[00:03:00] Welcome to Social Media News Live I’m Jeff Sieh and your not…


[00:03:04] Grace Duffy: And I’m Grace Duffy. And this is the show that keeps you up to date on everything that’s happening in the world of social media.

[00:03:12] Jeff Sieh: Are you ready to level up your LinkedIn today? We are joined by Louise Brogan and we’re going to be exploring how to build a LinkedIn community around your brand and the rise of the LinkedIn creator. We’re also going to uncover updates to company pages and LinkedIn learning that you might want to consider for your content marketing strategy.

[00:03:32] We’re going to be saying little tear, goodbye to LinkedIn stories and what you need to know about the new LinkedIn creator accelerator program. So Louise, I’m so excited to hear, how are you doing today?

[00:03:47] Louise Brogan: I am doing great, Jeff, and thank you so much for inviting me onto your show today. There’s so much happening on LinkedIn.

[00:03:54] It’s crazy. So it’s a great time. To get to share that with everybody.

[00:03:59] Jeff Sieh: So if you guys do not know who Louis Brogan is, she is a LinkedIn expert trainer and speaker, and she is the host of the link linking in with Louie’s podcast and the founder of the LinkedIn learners lab. She also shares videos with tips and techniques for leveraging LinkedIn on her YouTube channel, LinkedIn with Louise.

[00:04:20] And we’re going to bring up an all those links later and drop them down in the comments as well. Louise, you’re such a knowledge I was on with you or with Ian not very long ago. And once again, you blew my mind about LinkedIn, so I’m so excited. You’re on the show today.

[00:04:33] Louise Brogan: Excellent.

[00:04:36] Grace Duffy: So Louise, we have, we’re going to talk about this quite a bit, but there has been a giant bump in engagement on LinkedIn over this past year and a half.

[00:04:45] And so you and the LinkedIn expert that you are, what are some of the key trends that you’ve seen that have sparked more interaction among LinkedIn members? Because we always hear oh, I’m never on LinkedIn, unless I’m looking for a job, but I don’t think that’s the case because when I go on there, there’s just a wealth of information and articles and networking, and I’ve got this whole LinkedIn community over there, like people that will always comment on my post.

[00:05:08] Hi, Robert Lee, by the way. So it’s stuff like, it, there’s a real, there’s a real community and a real social sense there. So what is going on?

New Engagement and Community on LinkedIn

[00:05:19] Louise Brogan: Yeah, I think it’s, it really was spot. It really sparked by the pandemic and the fact that more people were starting to work from home. And we wanted that connection with the people that they were working with, but they didn’t have it in person.

[00:05:33] And LinkedIn was basically provided, it was just the kite in the right place at the right time. They were looking at improving the way for people to build relationships and community on the platform. And it was just that kind of at the same time, people were starting to flock there more often. The number of people on LinkedIn has jumped to 750 million users.

[00:05:54] I think it was started last year. It was about 630 million. So it’s a massively of number of people who are actually joining LinkedIn. And there’s a massive increase in the number of people who are engaging with stuff on LinkedIn. So it’s a, win-win all around, especially if you help people with LinkedIn.

[00:06:12] Grace Duffy: Absolutely. We have some updates to the company pages. We’re going to start with that because we have a lot to get into. So LinkedIn says that it is looking to provide more ways for brands to maximize their content efforts or content marketing efforts on the platform. And they also want to tap into, as you mentioned, this rise in user engagement, people that are on there actually interacting on a day to day basis and they have this new feature coming up pages called articles, four pages.

[00:06:43] So tell us what, tell us about this update and what do you think this means for brands and companies with company.

LinkedIn Updates Company Pages

[00:06:50] Louise Brogan: Yeah. So it’s really interesting because individual profiles have been able to write articles on LinkedIn for a long time now, and pages haven’t had that capability. So they’re really saying that it’s time to up your game in the kind of content that you’re sharing as a brand on LinkedIn.

[00:07:08] And one way they want you to do this is by writing longer form articles. And in those articles, you can embed video and you can then bed links to external websites by the way. But it’s about meeting people where they already are. So your audience, your potential customers and clients are on LinkedIn, and you can be discovered by them.

[00:07:29] If you start sharing. Articles about the content that the customer or client is interested in and having the longer piece, it’s not just you know, we have a, we have an event next week or we have a new product launch coming up. It’s like really building a community on writing articles. I run the content that your reader wants to see.

[00:07:52] And one of the things, the benefits for the company page owner is that you will be able to see who is actually engaging and reading our articles. So you’ll be able to go and look at the the, the analytics on those posts, on the articles who are spending time reading that content and who is really interested in what your company is doing.

[00:08:14] So I think a lot of people are concerned that you know what we’d like to publish our content on our own website. Why would we publish an article on LinkedIn and state. But it actually, if you start sharing the content on LinkedIn, you can then direct people at the end of that article to go and check out more on your website, or you can give them a free resource at the end of the article that they could then sign up for for a free resource or free download, or maybe you’re hosting an event or a webinar.

[00:08:45] And it’s a way of capturing those people. There’s so many tools you can, the lead capture forms that you could use if you create an event on your company page. So you write an article that leads people to want to know more about it, and you’re going to host an event or a webinar people have to, and don’t have to, but in order to get access to that webinar or that resource, they can fill in the lead capture form.

[00:09:09] And then you’re capturing those people, the people who are most interested in your content and your services and your products, you’re capturing their contact details. And then you’ll be able to reach out to those people in whatever format you are wanting to.

[00:09:24] Jeff Sieh: Gotcha. So I wanna bring up some comments here.

[00:09:27] So this is what Ian says and we’ll just see what he says here. So interesting. I’m finding that currently I get far less engagement on LinkedIn than other platforms. What is he doing wrong? So do you have an answer for Ian? I have a whole thing, a big, long list of what he’s doing wrong, but I don’t, we don’t have time today, but what would you say?

[00:09:47] Grace Duffy: Okay. All right. All right. Let’s break it down. Ian is asking, what are some of your tips deepening that engagement with your. Yes. Yes.

What Are Some Tips on Deepening Engagement on LinkedIn?

[00:09:57] Louise Brogan: Okay. So what is currently happening on LinkedIn? And I have the perfect example of this. So there was a lady called, I can’t remember her surname was called Mariam and she started a movement literally in the last 48 hours, 24 hours.

[00:10:13] And it’s about inspiring young girls to see what you can become in your career. So it’s all your content on LinkedIn really needs to fit around the professional business network because that’s what people are really there for. And that’s what LinkedIn want. They want people to be building their professional network, but this listening, Mary I’m starting to hashtag this girl is me.

[00:10:32] And the idea is that you share a picture of yourself as a child and a picture of yourself as the woman you are today. And you basically tell people what you were told as a child, what you’ve become in your career. I did this last night. Over 12,000 views of that so far. So checking what people are actually talking about on LinkedIn right now, LinkedIn news gives you this.

[00:10:55] When you look at your LinkedIn platform on the right-hand side, LinkedIn news, the top right-hand corner, and we’ll give you the five key things. People are talking about LinkedIn right now. So maybe think about using what’s current and we’ll be having discussions about currently. That was one of the other things about the LinkedIn articles.

[00:11:13] They are saying, you may have your more green your, your evergreen content on your website, but if there’s something happening like the grit reshuffle, or the grit resignation, and you write a con an article on that, on your company page. Now that’s really current at something your community are talking about.

[00:11:30] So check out what people are talking about and what’s trending on LinkedIn and that back be a good place to start.

[00:11:37] Jeff Sieh: Okay, good. We got Ian fixed up. He did say the LinkedIn live is a bit different. He doesn’t get anywhere near what he used to get, but he stills get more engagement than our posts. And I agree, I think LinkedIn live.

[00:11:48] I know, and we’ll talk about that in a little bit later, but it is a great way. That’s why we stream over there and why we love it so much as well. There’s a question here from, this is a great one from Elisa watching over on YouTube. Thanks Elisa. She says I’m seeing more poles than anything else right now.

[00:12:04] And they usually have nothing to do with the topic the person specializes in. I don’t want to resort to this, but it seems to be working. So what would you tell Alyssa? Because you see these things and you want to hop on I guess the trends or what’s popular, but what if it doesn’t fit in your niche?

[00:12:18] What would you tell them?

Should You Use LinkedIn Polls or Trends?

[00:12:21] Louise Brogan: So at least I use pools, but I use them maybe once every couple of weeks, because I do see there, they are being overused and the most common pool as a pool about LinkedIn pools, which is just driving me nuts. But if you can write a pool that actually relates to what you do, then you can create content around it.

[00:12:39] So for example, with me, I teach people how to use LinkedIn for business. So I might do a poll and say, do you have a company page? Yes, no. Never thought about it. And the key in Nicole is to start the discussion again with your community, all about creating conversation. So the fourth option is always other, let me know below, but my pools are always really to my business.

[00:13:00] I don’t get why people create pools. I’ve got nothing to do with what they’re doing because strategically what’s the point in that if you’re, this is, we’re on here to raise our profiles, promote our products and services, but the social selling aspect means you don’t just go buy my amazing thing.

[00:13:18] You want to create conversation around it. So if pools are working, you use the pool to have a discussion around whatever it is that you are building your business on. That would be my advice.

[00:13:29] Jeff Sieh: Great advice there. Grace, I know you had another question about pages, so, if you want to ask it, I will.

[00:13:37] Oh yeah. Is that a threat? Yes.

[00:13:42] Grace Duffy: Okay. You go ahead and ask it then. Jeff.

[00:13:45] No.

[00:13:45] Jeff Sieh: So so we’re talking, so I want to talk about the new company pages, because I really think, and I haven’t used them. You’re talking about these new articles where you can write and a lot of people are nervous of putting their best content on LinkedIn.

[00:13:56] Are there some calls to, you mentioned, sign up for my webinar. Where do you put those calls to action? Do you put them at the front? What options do you have? Because I think a lot of people haven’t tried this and a lot of times. Platform rolls out with something. If you start using it, you get a little bump on, how it shows up in the algorithm.

[00:14:15] And so if people want to start testing this out, what kind of call to actions work, where to put them, how to format it, that kind of stuff. Give us just like a real brief overview. Yeah.

Is There a Way to Use “Articles for Pages” to Drive an Action or Next Step on LinkedIn?

[00:14:25] Louise Brogan: Yeah. So what I made I can put articles is you can put rich media into them so you can embed your YouTube video.

[00:14:32] You, if you can embed your podcast into an article, but only it’s really weird only if you host it on a particular platform. So I’ve done that in the past. And then you can also pull out quotes and you can tag people and you will see two LinkedIn does recommend they have an article about this themselves on their marketing blog.

[00:14:53] I think it’s Randstad is the company that they recommend you go and check out. And if you look at their LinkedIn marketing’s article about articles and company pages, there’s lots of companies and people who are attacked. In those articles. So be clever about how you use them and embed content into them.

[00:15:14] So if you had a sign up page for your webinar, you can, you have a clickable link in the article. So I think the other thing is one of the reasons they’re saying articles are a great thing for our company page to do is you can like really spotlight people who work within your organization. So why not get your head of human resources to do an article about what it’s like to work in your company and give that person a bit of a spotlight.

[00:15:41] And then it’s a community building on light does not just about building a community of potential buyers. It’s also about building a community around your brand so that your company becomes an appealing place for people to actually want to work. Cause I think a lot of companies are struggling to fill places at the minute.

[00:16:00] You know, that’s all plays part of it as well. You’re really marketing your company as a group. To get a job.

[00:16:08] Jeff Sieh: So I think about that community thing. Gary, thanks for Gary watches every week. Thank you, Gary, for showing up again on YouTube. He says, I think LinkedIn is a great place to connect and collaborate just yesterday.

[00:16:19] I heard a woman on the radio, looked her up on LinkedIn and we’re scheduled to chat next week. So that kind of stuff is very cool. And I think more and more of those kinds of things are going to start happening on LinkedIn, especially with all some of the new stuff we’re going to be talking about.

[00:16:33] Rolling out. So anyway, it’s just, it’s cool. Um, let’s see. Do you have, as we’re thinking about good company pages, other than yours, of course, because I know Louise has got it all sorted out, but do you have any other like good brands or companies we can look at for examples of, this is the right way to do it on the.

What Are Some Examples of Brands/Individuals That Are Succeeding at Community Building on LinkedIn?

[00:16:57] Louise Brogan: Yeah. So there is M a UK based company called zero. They’re global, but the Zurich UK insurance company page, I think is a great example. And they have a mixture. They have a mixture of content. They have they use graphics with a picture of a person who works there and a quote from that person, as well as talking about, they talk about their products.

[00:17:19] Of course they do, but they really mix it up. And I think that’s great. There’s a contact of my, a guy called Keith Lewis is absolute brilliant guy. He works in that organization and he is really passionate about employee advocacy. So he tries to get the content on the page to reflect a lot of the people and who work in the company so that they feel involved.

[00:17:40] And then they want to share that content out into their personal networks. And that gives your company page a much broader reach. And I think that is a brilliant idea. So that’s definitely one, I think that’s worth checking out.

[00:17:57] Jeff Sieh: So I think Keith is out right now. Watch our show. Don’t go check now, watch our show.

[00:18:01] You can do it later now. Yeah.

[00:18:03] Grace Duffy: I think Keith is actually in the comments, so he is joining us here today. Believe I see his game up there. So this articles for pages was announced as part of LinkedIn’s last quarterly update in which they announced a few other tweaks. One of them is that LinkedIn announced that an upgraded integration between its live streaming and events tool.

[00:18:23] And we talked about that briefly as we were starting because as we scheduled the show, it automatically, for some reason became an event on Jeff’s page, but not on mine. They say that this will enable brands to scheduled live events on the platform and facilitate a new way to PR a new promotion option for upcoming live video events.

[00:18:43] So definitely if you are doing live video, check that out. Other news is that they added to. Ad optimization options. One was the brand lift testing similar to brand lift and other platforms. It will now enable brands to measure the impact of their promotions by taking a baseline of how people perceive that brand.

[00:18:59] And then the other update was the reach optimization, which now will enable advertisers to optimize the reach for a unique member count. So if you are doing LinkedIn ads, definitely check that out. But the thing that piqued our interest very much so is that LinkedIn is also lowering the threshold to access LinkedIn live.

[00:19:17] I know that’s something that people are still clamoring for. There’s all these you need to do this, you need to do that. And I think more and more people are getting access to Lincoln life, but they said that they are now reducing the requirement from a 500 page followers or connections for personal profiles to one 50.

Getting Accepted for LinkedIn Live

[00:19:36] Grace Duffy: And this is the first time that’s 150, by the way. This is the first time I’ve actually seen them put any numbers of parameters. They’ve always been like, Hey, just keep applying and you’ll get it just or keep posting content and you’ll get it. But this is the first time that they gave some hard, fast numbers.

[00:19:54] Did I miss something Louise? Is this something that everyone else knows? And I didn’t,

[00:20:00] Louise Brogan: no, I did actually. I did read something that one day, somebody who worked inside LinkedIn did give out some numbers about this a few months ago. So these numbers not a big surprise to me, but I also, one of the things that I find quite interesting is they say that if you apply for LinkedIn live, there’s two things.

[00:20:22] You should already be sharing video on your personal profile. So they, they, I think they literally go through it one by one. So they check if you’ve already done video. And the second thing is you have got to have a profile that abides by community standards. Now that’s well, what exactly does that mean?

[00:20:44] So your professional community standards, do you keep it clean? Do you know, are you are you professional with your network? You know, are you using, I think if you use some people use third party tools to send messages and stuff, and maybe those things would maybe stop you from getting it. But that’s what they say, abide by our community standards.

[00:21:05] And one tip that I was given, which definitely worked for me is start using video on your profile before you apply. So they knew that you’re, you could carry it,

[00:21:18] Jeff Sieh: that’s cool. So speaking of lowering things they said Lisa, because they learned it so much, they let me, and Hey they let me in.

[00:21:26] And when they got, I guess they must’ve left the door cracked cause I was able to sneak in. And it’s really, I know a lot of people have been frustrated because they’ve wanted this for so long, but I really think that it’s great. One, the tips that you Louise that, maybe put some video, make sure you’re doing video on there.

[00:21:43] But lowering it to 150 and I know they look at other things. So if you’re swearing uncontrollably on LinkedIn, that may be an issue. You might want to check that out. But they let those kind of people into. But so it’s just, it’s really interesting. I have heard a lot of people have started to get gain access to that.

[00:22:00] Hadn’t had it before are how often can you apply? I know you don’t want to spam LinkedIn, but how often would you recommend somebody apply if they haven’t gotten.

[00:22:11] Louise Brogan: So I’ve had it for a couple of years now, but when I first applied, I applied four times before I got it. So I think if you apply and you don’t get it, I don’t think they tell you if you didn’t get it.

[00:22:23] I don’t think they tell you’re on successful. So I would just wait, maybe an apply the following months. I think that would be a fair enough, but also GFI. I’ve heard a few people recently telling me that they’ve got it. And then other people saying I got it a year ago and I haven’t used it yet.

[00:22:37] And I’m curious as to whether those people will have access and remove. That will be interesting to

[00:22:44] Jeff Sieh: see as well. Yeah. So Dr. Ello says I spent four months sending messages to LinkedIn on a daily basis until I got my account approved, by the way, I reopened the same ticket every time. That’s funny, but he got it.

[00:22:56] He got in, so that’s very cool. So I didn’t get, I think I got rejected or like you said that you just don’t get it, for like three, like three times when I first started. And then finally I don’t know if I know somebody or whatever, but it finally, it finally let me in. And I love going to LinkedIn.

[00:23:16] I think we get so much great engagement and I. It’s worth continuing. I know people are frustrated, but it’s worth continuing to apply for a LinkedIn live. Cause I think it’s amazing. So there’s we mentioned these two little add things. So we got this new brand lift testing that it’s kinda like other brand lifts on other platforms.

[00:23:37] And then also this reach optimization kind of ads. Do you run many ads on LinkedIn, Louise, or is it all organic for you

[00:23:45] Louise Brogan: all organic. LinkedIn ads in the past. It is. I really feel that you need to have the expert if you’re going to spend money on ads, especially on LinkedIn, because it seems to be more expensive.

[00:23:58] And, but everything for me is organic. And if a client says can you do ads for us? I will say new. I’ll find somebody else who can

[00:24:06] Jeff Sieh: that’s good. Yeah. Yeah, because they are super expensive. I don’t know if there’s another platform that’s more, more expensive on this. So Ian says this really quick. He goes, I think the quality of the comments on LinkedIn live is great.

[00:24:18] And notice that Ian is making this comment from YouTube. Just wanted to point that out. But anyway, yes, I think that is very.

[00:24:26] Grace Duffy: He has channel hopping,

[00:24:27] Jeff Sieh: right? That’s right. He is. Thank you Ian, for doing that. So I know he actually is one of my friends and we actually just, he is great. I was the one with Louise on his show, not very long ago, but he was also really quickly.

[00:24:42] I want to do a shout out to our sponsor, to the show, which is Ecamm, that’s what we’re producing this show on switching the cameras, all that cool stuff. They just had this amazing Leap Into Live Streaming Bootcamp this last week, yesterday was the last day. And I have some of you are, I know, we’re really sorry that you missed it, but.

[00:24:59] They have a cool thing that decide to do, you can actually get the replay at ecamm.tv/replay. For only $10 for life. And I’m telling you what, not only was that a bearded guy, he had a decent session and Ian had a great session, but look at all, these are just some of the people I went to a doctor Elso was in there.

[00:25:20] There’s so many there’s not a session that I went to that I did not learn something. And oh my gosh, $10. That’s a no brainer. That’s what? Uh, is it like two happy meals? Throw your kids a bag of carrots and let them, forget about the happy meal, buy this at ecamm.tv/replay Your kids, your dentist, your doctor will thank me.

[00:25:41] Just, spin it on that. So it’s, it was amazing. I was so blown away with how I was there. Of course, I was a speaker, but even not being a speaker, it was a. I’m telling you, you cam.tv four slash replay $10 for the replays for life. All those sessions, pat Flynn, Ian Anderson, gray. Oh my gosh.

[00:26:01] It was amazing.

[00:26:01] Grace Duffy: Sorry. I caught, I caught some of it as I was like doing my day, but I was like, oh man, I miss that. Or I didn’t get to go to that session. So I miss just because it was like when I was picking up kids. So I’m really excited that all replay.

[00:26:15] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. So Dustin goes take away my kids happy meals.

[00:26:21] Yes, Dustin. I will, for this. I will. They need to be watching this because they’ll learn something so they can support you in their retirement in your retirement. So anyway, okay. Next section. We’re going to be talking all about. Opportunities with LinkedIn learning. So this is really interesting.

[00:26:38] Grace kind of break that I am I doing this section? Are you? I think you are you doing

Opportunities for LinkedIn Learning

[00:26:43] Grace Duffy: the LinkedIn expanded its learning hub for more users, making 40 popular courses available for free to help boost the take-up of this training opportunity. Now it’s free for a limited time. So they launched us back as a beta back in April, but now they’re opening it up to more organizations.

[00:27:02] And according to LinkedIn, this learning hub, that’s what they’re calling it. The learning hub enables businesses to provide professional development opportunities for their employees. Like I know this is a struggle for a lot of employers, especially smaller companies that may not have the resources to put together professional development, but they have to grow their employees.

[00:27:20] This is a problem. My husband’s company, he works for a small gaming company here in. And that’s one of the things is, are too small to put on the professional development, but their employees need it. So this is a great resource, whether you’re part of a big company running a company, or just out there looking for your next thing.

[00:27:37] So LinkedIn is using data insights to help highlight relevant skill paths and career development. So let me highlight that they’re combining all of the information they have about what skills you need to develop your career and putting that as part of this program. Louise, this sounds like such a great opportunity.

[00:27:57] They’re saying that it’s only open to certain companies, or maybe it’s only certain companies are doing this, but could you give us some insights into what is involved and how to take advantage of great opportunity and can anyone have access to.

[00:28:11] Louise Brogan: I think this is fantastic for organizations. So what they’ve done is instead of just having you know, there.

[00:28:19] So at the minute, if you have LinkedIn learning and you go into LinkedIn learning, there’s so much resources on there. But training on the training is around business, creative software and tech. That’s the key things. But what they’re saying is this learning platform or this learning hub for organizations, your company can go on there and you can create or curate training pathways for your employees.

[00:28:45] The company can upload its own training on LinkedIn. Somehow is going to add your company, branding to your content for your employees. Now I’m prob I’m thinking it’s probably a slightly larger companies to be honest right now. But they’re saying we have recommended training. So if you had somebody on a career path, They would know the recommended training.

[00:29:07] And what’s really lovely about it is when you look at it, it’s set out like Netflix or YouTube, the way they’ve got the training pathways for people. When your employee completes the training, the, their manager, or whoever’s in charge of training in the company can see that they’d completed the training.

[00:29:26] They can see who’s doing what who’s doing, what pathways they are mapping. This is clever. I think LinkedIn have so much knowledge about the skills. That people need for particular jobs that they will then recommend. So you want to become uh, a data miner or something. Here’s the skills that is required for that job.

[00:29:50] If someone is recruiting people who are software engineers work in Java at the complete showing my age and I, these are the key skills that person needs to be successful and applying for that job. So they’re able to look at what rules are right there at the minute, what people need for those roles, create pathways for.

[00:30:11] But the only thing is this learning hub is it’s only for organizations. So it’s not for me as a individual that yes, I have a company, but I have, um, I have people who work for me, but they’re not employees. So we, it’s not something for us to use, but we have LinkedIn learning anyway. Did you can go and use that.

[00:30:30] They’re giving it for free to everybody in an organization who currently pays for LinkedIn learning pro. So if this is an area that your company fits into, or you’re interested in using the LinkedIn learning like the volume of training on there is enormous. So if that’s something you’re interested in, I think you can just go and talk to one of the LinkedIn reps who works in you go to learning.linkedin.com and it’ll show you all the different ways that you can sign up for that with your company.

[00:31:02] It’s free initially, until they get more people into it and more people using it, and then there will be a charge, but of course they haven’t said yeah.

[00:31:12] Jeff Sieh: Gotcha. Yeah. So is this the, the content they, that they bought with lynda.com? They, I know they acquired lynda.com. Is this where that training comes from?

[00:31:22] Louise Brogan: Some of it then there is more inside there and the companies can upload their own training as well. So it’s rather than going to a third party place where you might have your own learning platform. LMS system or whatever, and you can put it all into decide LinkedIn, it’s all in the wrapper of your, of Jeff’s company.com and only your employees get access to that.

[00:31:45] But you can pull in other people’s training from the LinkedIn learning platform alongside Jeff’s company.com training. One thing for individuals who are watching, who want to learn, use LinkedIn learning, and haven’t got the professional account. Did you know that in America, you can get LinkedIn learning for free at your local life.

[00:32:09] I only find that recently it’s not in the UK, but in America you can access LinkedIn learning for free and a lot of public libraries, which I think is a really good resource for people.

[00:32:20] Jeff Sieh: Yeah, that is cool. I wonder if the remote thing works cause I have my like library card I can use on my computer. So let’s break.

[00:32:28] So this, I just want to make sure we’re clear on this because Elisa says, I pay for LinkedIn learning and there are so many classes, so worth it, but then again, they said that the hub is available for LinkedIn learning pro users for free until the ninth of of October. So how so is there, there are different levels.

[00:32:46] So individuals it’s not free. They have to pay for, I guess I’m still confused.

Difference between LinkedIn Learning and LinkedIn Learning Hub

[00:32:51] Louise Brogan: Okay. This is two separate things. It’s LinkedIn learning is for individual accounts. And as an organization, you might have bought a package of licenses for your staff to access LinkedIn. The LinkedIn learning hub is a hub for organizations only.

[00:33:13] It’s going to pull the training that we, that Alyssa and I can access of LinkedIn learning, but the company can then add in its own training into there as well. So think about like teachable or Thinkific, those kind of places instead of having well, here’s our company training modules here. Oh.

[00:33:32] But also we bought you licenses for LinkedIn. So you go over here and learn this, then they are saying let’s put it all in one place. So that are, we’re going to tell companies, get the LinkedIn learning pro license for your staff. We, we are going to invite you to upload your training in there as well.

[00:33:52] Jeff Sieh: Yeah, I think so I’m slow and I’m trying to press buttons at the same time. So I’ll go back and take notes. So, but we talked like last week we talked with Diana Gladney, which was amazing. She had so much stuff, but she, we talked about that LinkedIn launched this new feature called office hours where you know, LinkedIn learning users will be able to tune into live stream sessions with their course instructors and they get a better direct avenue to this education.

[00:34:21] So have you had any chance to check any of these live streaming events on LinkedIn and what do you think about them?

Live Streaming Events for LinkedIn Learning

[00:34:28] Louise Brogan: I think they’re brilliant and I went in and checked them out. I did anyway, you going to be laughing at me, but. You can see if you go into there, basically they’re tailored. So I do have LinkedIn learning because I pay for LinkedIn premium.

[00:34:44] So I go in like Alisa and I can see all the courses and they recommend courses to me based on the other courses that I’ve already looked at. Um, I follow Diane. She’s awesome. And, but I’m trying to learn more about video editing and I’m building my YouTube channel. So I’d be watching content like that.

[00:35:02] So then they’re saying here’s, we recommend you look at these. He was Louise, but the office ours is just it’s live Q and a live training sessions with experts. And you can watch ones that have already passed. So it’ll tell you what’s upcoming and the different you can do search on what your interest is.

[00:35:24] If you’re interested in personal development, they’ll say these ones are coming up and they’ll say, there’s like tab, you click on the other tab that says past events. So you can go back and watch. Older ones and you can access all the comments that people have in that. So that’s why I liked a lot about it.

[00:35:40] So if you know, if Jeff view and I were LinkedIn learning certified trainers, we could host an office. Our M together a week could be, I could be asking you questions and you could be asking me questions, but I’m what we’re doing now. All the comments come up and people can interact with that.

[00:35:58] So I think that’s a, I think it’s a really great new feature on LinkedIn. Personally. That’s only accessible to people who have LinkedIn learning, whether it’s pro or.

[00:36:11] Jeff Sieh: Got it. I think

[00:36:13] Grace Duffy: so there was a interesting quote with this update. It says, if they’re giving this, they’re offering this as giving more capacity for instructors to play in the role in the burgeoning creator economy, in which we will definitely get into that LinkedIn creator accelerator program in just one minute here.

[00:36:30] We, and they wanted to say, they’re saying that this is a good opportunity. One for networking, because you do have that opportunity to have that. One-on-one ask questions, drop those comments in there, but it’s also a good way to grow your audience within a professional relevant. The context, excuse me.

[00:36:47] And I’m looking here at the comments and I know there’s a ton of knowledge and experience and expertise, just even in our own audience. I wanted to ask, is there an opportunity for just anyone to create educational content for LinkedIn learning as a way to either launch a career as a video creator, as a course creator or whatnot, or a coach or a side hustle?

[00:37:09] Is there an opportunity for anyone to just say, look, I created a course and I want to get it on LinkedIn learning as a way to expand my, my classes, my audience or whatever.

How Do You Become a LinkedIn Instructor?

[00:37:21] Louise Brogan: Okay. So you had, there’s an application process. There isn’t like delay, so you apply to be a LinkedIn learning certified coach.

[00:37:31] And I don’t know if they do this. No, but I know there was a, there’s a, one of my English colleagues was actually flown out to To record her videos and it was really professionally done. Don’t know if that happens now, but you have to apply. They want you to say what three topics you are going to teach on.

[00:37:52] Hi, are you qualified to teach these? I thought that was really interesting because you know, I teach people how to use LinkedIn, but I haven’t got a marketing qualification and I haven’t got a teaching qualification. So I was curious to see how my application would be received. So you have to apply.

[00:38:11] Does she say why you’re qualified? They want you to say, what do you want to teach? What topics you want to teach on? And again, it falls within these remits of business. I’m just gonna check double-check business, creative software. So not interested in someone who’s going to teach you how to, do yoga.

[00:38:32] Well, they have a desk you have, um, they do have desks, yoga classes and LinkedIn learning. And so you actually have to apply. And then I guess again, oh yes. They want you to link to a video training where you have been teaching something as well. So they check you out before they let you become a trainer.

[00:38:51] Jeff Sieh: So I don’t want to show off my desk yoga too much, but if I had something like that, I could probably probably do that. And on that same note, because something that goes away like my desktop training of yoga we also said goodbye to LinkedIn stories. So grace, I know if you can get through this next year, Will you try?

LinkedIn Stories Are Canceled

[00:39:17] Grace Duffy: We actually only what is today? The 17th. So we have exactly 12 more days with LinkedIn stories after year and a half of rolling this out and making us love it. Your LinkedIn stories. I was just, I was waiting for Excel story, like Microsoft Excel story. I thought this was going to be a mini series. I thought this was going to be like, this is finally I didn’t hop on Instagram right away.

[00:39:44] I didn’t hop on TikTok right away, but maybe this is where. I could be an influencer, a real one. So, but they said it’s, it wasn’t really working out for a number of reasons. And they’re, re-imagining the video experience on LinkedIn. We know that they’ve been pushing video and video experiences, allowing more people to get on LinkedIn live.

[00:40:05] And so they want to make, they want to invest in things that are video products that are richer and more conversational. So they confirm that as of September 30th stories will be removed and members will no longer be able to create them. Images or video ads are scheduled to run between the stories will instead be shared on the professional networks feed.

[00:40:25] So if that is you take it up with them, and then LinkedIn says it’s removing the current stories experience and replacing it with something new, but I don’t know what that new thing is. Can you give us into insight, any insights into what this new evolved experience might entail and what do you think we can expect from.

[00:40:44] It’s

[00:40:45] Jeff Sieh: not going to be LinkedIn TikTok. Is it Louise? Please tell me. No,

What Will Replace LinkedIn Stories?

[00:40:49] Louise Brogan: not that I don’t think so, but I do have an inkling of what it is, because if you follow LinkedIn tech news, if you’re like a super geek like me back in August, I think they’re owners of an app called jump rope. And I said they have been bought over by LinkedIn and they, I think they’re 2 million users.

[00:41:12] I feel like they were Australian. I’m not entirely sure. But their video app was for your, the idea was that you created tutorial videos, and then they were pushing them out to different social media platforms. So LinkedIn acquired them and then they announced that they were taking stories away.

[00:41:32] They didn’t say it’s really funny. Cause there, I just think they’re re-imagining stories. That’s my impression, all that. Um, I think they’re replacing it with these short. Little tutorial videos. The problem with LinkedIn stories for me was I work on LinkedIn on my desktop and you could never, you never saw them, right?

[00:41:52] So they are only on the mobile and a lot of people. Yes, of course. Lot of people use mobile at LinkedIn. But a lot of people weren’t aware that they were there unless you’d create an, a story. You didn’t really see them at the top of your screen and you don’t see them at all on desktop. So I’m pretty interested to see what comes up with this.

[00:42:15] Re-imagined rich richer version of what this like the story is going to be also, it might only be for people who have the creator mode turned on because the finder of jump rope said that. Brought in as part of the work around LinkedIn creator. So that’ll be interesting to see if it’s only for those people.

[00:42:37] Have you noticed that we have to wait and see, hmm.

[00:42:39] Jeff Sieh: So it was interesting that they said that LinkedIn actually shared, it’s learning from this project, a project that said, you wish videos could live on your profile, not disappear because that was one of the things is you know, I’ve always had problems with the too.

[00:42:53] It’s if I create this great piece of content and it’s gone in 24 hours it’s a little hard to, work on it sometimes. Cause I’m super lazy. And they said you want to have a more professional story in a more personal way that showcase both of your personality and your expertise. Yeah, no kidding.

[00:43:08] Um, they want it, they’re talking about these new creative tools to make engaging videos and it’s really lacking compared to Instagram or TikTok or Snapchat with the tools that you get to use. So Louise, let’s just pull back a little bit and talk about, cause you’re on LinkedIn so much and you see a lot of.

[00:43:24] How can users make the most of LinkedIn video? Not even LinkedIn live, but like linked in video where you upload that video, like how it is today without Anita fancy you’ll stitch stuff that like TikTok has, what’s the best way for LinkedIn users.

How Can LinkedIn Users Make the Most of Video Content?

[00:43:39] Louise Brogan: Yeah. So whenever it’s kinda interesting cause I’m going to be doing a series, but video on LinkedIn, I’m starting at the end of September.

[00:43:45] So watch this space, but it’s, I think the key thing about video for LinkedIn is you have got to put, you have got to add captions because nobody turns the signed on and people aren’t missing out on that. And your video that you upload cannot be more than 10 minutes long. So I think. Teaching people, things being of service and coming out from that angle.

[00:44:10] And, maybe let’s, today in today’s video, I’m going to show you how to do X, Y, Z in three easy steps, that kind of content works. And also, I see people do video really well, where they have a product naturally, it’s human to human. You got somebody standing there being interviewed by their boss about, why did you create this product?

[00:44:32] How does it work? What are we going to do with it? And people engage with that way more than they do a high, you really highly polished over not just professionally produced, right? Advertising video. People don’t want to be advertised to, they want to engage and, as well. Creating a video that showcases your knowledge, your, what your company’s really good at and inviting people to, to comment.

[00:45:02] But again, but it’s all about community and engagement. If you can get people to start commenting underneath your video content, and it’s not going to be seen by a lot of people, so you’ve got to be clever and think what am I network want to know about? What do they want to know about our brand, our business?

[00:45:18] You could do like a finder story, your wife, this went, where did this business come from you? What was our small beginnings? Who, who came up with the idea for this business? Why did we quit this business? What is our business passionate about? Maybe you want to be more sustainable or environmentally friendly and explain why and did talking to CA I do think nothing beats a person talking to camera, but you’ve got the captions because otherwise people.

[00:45:47] Just be looking at you talking on scroll past June,

[00:45:50] Jeff Sieh: unfortunately. Very true. So speaking of things that are dead, or are, we think that are dead Gary asks us great questions. Are LinkedIn groups, dead Louise. I think Facebook has the leg up on them there. So I know in past companies, stuff that we’ve done with other places that we tried LinkedIn groups, and it got such to be a spam, a lot kind of stuff over there.

[00:46:17] We w we quit. So what are your thoughts about LinkedIn?

Are LinkedIn Groups Dead?

[00:46:21] Louise Brogan: I am in two groups that are really excellent. And even those grips that people who host those groups have to notify the people in the group sometimes to bring you into the grip so that you actually joined in the conversation. And so I think there’s a guy called Damien Corvettes on, he wrote a book about, and the social CEO to a brilliant grip, but he works on it.

[00:46:45] Know he heals, share something else and say, know tag and say, Louise, I thought you’d be interested in this article. What do you have to say about us? So he does make the effort a workout as a, his grip is excellent. And a grip that’s run by the people who. Run LinkedIn pages. And that is an excellent drip because that’s where I go to ask questions.

[00:47:06] So it’s a resource for me. That’s why I go there and I knew I’ll get my questions answered and other people ask questions and I’m able to support them. That feels like a proper community, but there are rest of the groups that I am in. I managed to clear them. I agree with, and was it Gary? There, there are so many that people it’s like, everything didn’t even managed to have to be managed by somebody which takes effort and time and otherwise they just become somewhere that everyone just shares.

[00:47:32] Oh, here’s my data’s post. Here’s my latest thing. Here’s all about me. And that’s not building community. People do want to be part of that. So yeah, two groups that I’m in are excellent at everything else. I really need just to remove myself idols.

[00:47:47] Jeff Sieh: So it takes work and you have to find the right groups to be in, so that’s great. Great advice. All right. This next, our final section is.

The LinkedIn Creator Economy

[00:47:57] Grace Duffy: Make way for the LinkedIn creator economy, that everyone has been working on their own creator community, their own creator economy. And LinkedIn is joining the fold this week. We learned about the launch of LinkedIn’s very own creator accelerator initiative, and it’s looking to support in-app talent.

[00:48:19] So people that are already active and engaging and building that sense of community on LinkedIn. And they want to keep its top voices. Talking on the platform. They want to keep them going. So as explained by Andres the head of community at LinkedIn, they are building on the tools and resources that they have available for creators today.

[00:48:41] And they’re rolling out this creator accelerator program and investing $25 million to help these creators build their audience and amplify their voices. It’s a 10 week incubator style program. So it’s not like they just send you off. They really are investing in you to grow, to develop. And they’re giving participants coaching a built-in creator network.

[00:49:01] So there’s a group worth joining, on LinkedIn and then an opportunity to be featured on the LinkedIn channels, plus a $15,000 grant to help them share content for conversation and build community. So tell us more about this program and what your hopes might be for its success. And are you seeing.

[00:49:24] Creative a crater program or creator community on LinkedIn.

What is LinkedIn Creator?

[00:49:29] Louise Brogan: Yes. So when LinkedIn creator chemo, I did turn it on. There’s been, it’s been a bit of a backlash against it, but I do like it. There are a couple of things. So I love the idea of this LinkedIn creator accelerator. What I don’t love is that it’s only available to Americans, sorry.

[00:49:51] And so I live in Northern Ireland in case people can’t tell by my accent. So it’s 10 weeks, there’s a hundred people and we’ll be taken up to 100, which means that if you do it there, so I know how they’re fussy. And so then to get 97 brilliant applicants, they’ll just stop at 87. And those people are going to be really supportive.

[00:50:11] Over those 10 weeks. I think a given tools I’m guessing there’ll be Chu and how to, really do brilliant video, how to write better articles, that kind of content idea, how to build their own community. So they say there’s three things. It’s about building an audience, creating a community and getting financially rewarded.

[00:50:32] So dine the line, it looks like they’re going to be monetizing people who are LinkedIn creators. I don’t know how that’s going to work. In terms of how many followers you like, they’ll probably be numbers that you have to hit for certain things, but there’s lots of tools out there for LinkedIn creators.

[00:50:49] So for example, every week there is the LinkedIn creators rind up by Daniel Roth, who is the head of LinkedIn news. He writes a post and he will. I think my five creators every week who he thinks are well, I’m guessing has taken, probably are doing a great job on LinkedIn. So you can go and look at those people.

[00:51:09] They then tell you five hashtags that night when they started this, they said, here are five hashtags that are currently really popular on LinkedIn. And this week it’s one of those ones is hashtag this girl is me. Or this little girl is me, but they previously, they said, and here are five hashtags we think are going, are increasing and are going to be of interest in the next week.

[00:51:35] I didn’t see that in the last Roundup that he did, but a couple of people that he mentioned this week, I really liked this one lady she’s called Tiffany Kent, K E N T. She is a financial advisor wealth manager. Leah day and she starts singing. It’s really funny. She just like starts singing a Taylor swift song about being 22.

[00:51:58] And then she literally pulls it into talking about the stock market and it’s so cool. And I thought that’s the kind of thing they’re looking for. It was entertaining funny. And then actually she got straight into business then, but she wants attention. And if she’s got 2000 followers, so it’s not like they are selecting their top five creators every week, who are people who have a hundred thousand followers, they’re naturally looking who is making a bit of a noise, a bit of a splash in this platform.

[00:52:28] And we’re people together and people are staying on the platform because of the content they’re creating. I think that’s what it’s about. They’ve also got upcoming training today. Friday today they have a class it’s it’s eight o’clock UK time. So I’m not sure what time that is. Maybe New York. That’s 3:00 PM.

[00:52:50] And that is aimed at giving black creators on the platform support and advice and tools to really use their link to creators next week. They have they’re launching, what it means to be a LinkedIn creator. And on the 27th of September, they have a five day what’s the day. Oh, so for say a five day, week long, a five day LinkedIn creators and learning week, and every day they are providing.

[00:53:22] Free webinar. I think it’s an hour long webinar and they have people who will be coming on. So one of the days, 24th, and there’s a lady called authentic Alex, her surname is and she is going to be presenting an article class and about storytelling. Hope, tell your story on LinkedIn, she’s a mental health advocate and a storyteller.

[00:53:44] So that’s going to be really cool and to find out when those workshops, I guess they are and are going to be all in there free to everybody. You have to go to the LinkedIn creator page on LinkedIn, and they’re going to list them all there. So you will, it’ll be in the bent and LinkedIn, as you have to sign up in order to go and attend that that training.

[00:54:05] But that looks really interesting. So that started the 27th.

[00:54:09] Jeff Sieh: Awesome. So I have a couple questions. Uh, especially because, so this is interesting. You know, Social Media today who we really like but the kind of snarky posts said like LinkedIn is not seem like the most obvious choice for creators, they’re doing all this stuff because, you don’t think of like creators you know, you tubers and be on Pinterest, all this stuff, creating stuff.

[00:54:33] It’s LinkedIn is where boring businesses, but they’re trying to not do this. And, but Sabrina has a great question. It’s what is LinkedIn want to be? So I thought that was really good. Like I would love to get rewarded for creating stuff on LinkedIn. I think that’s and things that aren’t boring.

[00:54:55] I automatically, it’s going to be up at the top. So convince us…

[00:54:59] Grace Duffy: as a note. We can also note Jeff Andrew came from industry. Yeah. He used to work at Instagram to become the head of community at LinkedIn in may. So we’re to the person that’s leading this up, has done this before. You know, obviously, I guess they want to be Instagram.

[00:55:20] I don’t know.

What Does LinkedIn Want to Be?

[00:55:21] Louise Brogan: A funny thing. It’s that the CEO of LinkedIn Ryan Rosansky when he did just LinkedIn stories, they were Instagram stories that he don’t and uploaded because I recognized all the images that he was using. And I was like, you’re not even using your own stickers from the intense stories on your LinkedIn stories.

[00:55:43] I thought that was funny. And then bringing in this guy from Instagram size. Interesting. But what does LinkedIn want to be? They say specifically they want to be a platform and where people build community around the world of work.

[00:55:56] Jeff Sieh: So they want to be the big water cooler, the big water cooler and the sky yeah.

[00:56:01] That we can’t cover. And Sabrina has a great point. Isn’t everyone, a creator now she thinks so. Yes, I agree. So if you’re creating content and putting it out on LinkedIn, I would say your creator. And so. It’s very interesting. So once again, we had more questions than we had time to deal with. Louise, we got to have you back for part two because you are a chock full of information.

[00:56:22] There’s a ton of great uh, great comments that people love your tips. Leander says, great advice. Love your tips, please. Thanks for an interesting implement implemented live guys. I missed the beginning of this. You can catch up on it. Yes. As soon as we’re done, you can watch the replay.

[00:56:39] It’s also a podcast Leona, so we will all at Social Media News, Live dot com and so many great, comments, Louise that people really enjoy. Seeing you, Jan says, Cindy, you greetings from the big, deep dabbed races from, and I’m in Texas too. So anyway, excite so much, but Louise, I want to give you a chance to tell everybody, about your podcast, where they can find out all about Louise Brogan, everything that you got on the plate.

[00:57:05] And you mentioned the little teaser of something you got in the works too. So tell them.

[00:57:09] Louise Brogan: Yeah. Um, my business is LinkedIn with Louise and I basically teach people how to use LinkedIn to win business in a non sleazy way. So you get, my podcast is LinkedIn with, I’m basically LinkedIn with Louise everywhere.

[00:57:25] Cause I like alliteration. So you know, and but yes I love to connect with people. So if you are on LinkedIn, come and connect with me and tell me that you saw me on the show and go and check out my YouTube channel as well, which I am growing with a passion because I actually discovered that I really love doing videos.

[00:57:46] And so yeah. Communicate with me on LinkedIn. That’d be

[00:57:48] Jeff Sieh: super. Yeah. So for you guys listening on the podcast, you can find her at on YouTube if you search for LinkedIn with Louise. So make sure you guys check that out. Also do me a favor, go to her podcast and actually. Give her a rating and review because that helps podcast people out so much when you get those rating and reviews over an apple.

[00:58:08] So go to your favorite podcast app, do a search for LinkedIn, with Louise and sign up for that. Give her a rating and review because that really helps everybody out. Uh, thank you three dropping. Everybody’s dropping it in the comments you guys are awesome. Appreciate you guys doing that. We would not be able to do the show without you, and we would not be able to do the show without our amazing sponsor Ecamm. They make this show happen. They just finished up the amazing Leap Into Live bootcamp. I spoke there, Pat Flynn spoke there, Leslie Samuel’s, but they’ve got this great thing if you happen to miss it because it’s over, you can get the replays for life. If you go to ecamm.tv/replay, that’s ecamm.tv/replay

[00:58:48] $10. That’s you know, a double latte at Starbucks now, so go get a, you don’t need caffeine today. It’s Friday. You can just take the rest of the day off. I give you permission. So thank you guys so much for being here, Louise, thank you so much for everything Grace, where can people find you?

[00:59:09] Because you are amazing for putting this show together?

[00:59:12] Grace Duffy: It is a pleasure and it is a joy to work with you, Jeff. The next two weeks I’ll actually be traveling at actual in-person conferences. So I’ll be at fin con 21 in Austin next week. And the following week I will be in at vid summit with a lot of our YouTube friends.

[00:59:29] So I know Darrel eaves, the stair leads event, and hopefully I’ll get to see a lot of you guys there. Yep.

[00:59:36] Jeff Sieh: Do not forget. This is a podcast as well. You can find us at your favorite podcast player, Social Media News, Live. Check that out. We would also love a rating and review. Our next show is Friday, September 24th at 11:00 AM.

[00:59:47] Eastern 10:00 AM central, and you can always find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Amazon live. So thank you guys so much for being here. Thank you Louise, for being here. Thank you to the amazing people in our comments and our audience for sharing it out. We love you guys. We wouldn’t do the show without you that we’ll see you guys next time.

[01:00:06] Bye everybody.

[01:00:08] Louise Brogan: Bye.

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