Where were YOU during the Great Facebook Outage of 2021? 

On this week’s Social Media News Live, Molly Mahoney joins Jeff and Grace to talk about the importance of an omnichannel presence in light of the Facebook outage!

We’re covering how you respond when your business is built on social media platforms. And what can you do to prepare NOW to protect your business in the future?


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[00:00:00] Jeff Sieh: Welcome to Social Media News Live. I’m Jeff Sieh and you’re not…

[00:00:04] Grace Duffy: I’m Grace Duffy. And this is the show that keeps you up to date on what’s happening in the world of social media. Today, we are joined by the paired performer, Molly Mahoney, and we were talking about the importance of an omni-channel presence.

[00:00:18] I wonder why. Oh, it’s because of the Facebook, Instagram. Messenger Oculus what’s up outage from this past week, but we’re going to cover how you should respond, not react, respond when your business is built on these social media platforms and who knows what the heck is going to happen to them.

[00:00:34] And then we’re also going to talk what you can do to prepare now, to protect your business in the future, because I know this was a flu thing, but it’s happened before and it may happen again. And we’re here to help you not be in the situation you probably were in this past.

[00:00:48] Jeff Sieh: That’s correct. That’s right.

[00:00:50] So if you don’t know who Molly is you probably haven’t been online for awhile, but she, you might know her as the prayer prepared performer. She is a Social Media growth strategist who specializes in creating authentic video content and organic social media, marketing, and optimization. She is a sought after speaker and EMC coach and live video trainer.

[00:01:11] I’ve watched her and followed her for years. She’s amazing, Molly. Thank you so much for being.

[00:01:16] Molly Mahoney: So grateful I’m so, so grateful. And there are so many little things that we did to make sure that I didn’t lose my entire business on Monday. I saw my life flash before my eyes, and I’m really excited to share what we did so that we can help others to have a really awesome pivot if they need to.

[00:01:36] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. It’s been a week. So Grace let’s just go right into the news because yeah. It’s yeah,

Major Facebook Service Outage

[00:01:42] Grace Duffy: it’s crazy. So Facebook and all of its associated apps, things that it has bought and acquired over the years, went down for several hours. You can get a detailed explanation as to why on the Facebook engineering blog, but basically long story short, all their company, they were doing a routine.

[00:01:57] If something went wrong and, we were out of we’re out of our Facebook and Instagram for basically a whole day, depending on what time you got up that today, but

[00:02:07] Molly Mahoney: Molly, you were, let’s go back

[00:02:10] Grace Duffy: to Monday. You’re about to launch your new program five day video kickstart. Is that.

[00:02:18] Molly Mahoney: So we had a free five day video kickstart that was happening on Facebook.

Molly’s Five Day Challenge Fiasco

[00:02:23] Molly Mahoney: The whole thing was planned. We’ve been planning this thing for months. It was like a five day challenge, but we called it a five day video kickstart because we were kick-starting people’s video plans and the ironic thing it and really magical thing is that the whole thing was about creating your own unique omnipresent video plan.

[00:02:41] So all by, yes, it could not have been more perfect. And we were getting ready to go live with the first day I had it scheduled and everything, and I went to hit, go live. And literally at 8 58, I got a message on my screen that said that all of the apps, the platforms had been down and there was no way I was going to be able to go live.

[00:03:05] And I took literally. Because I’ve been here before. And because to me being a prepared performer is not necessarily about memorizing your script or anything like that. It’s about living prepared and having a backup plan in place in case something happens so that you can make a decision on a dime.

[00:03:25] And I’m sure you guys would agree. And I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, but for me, the decision-making muscles are really. The one thing that I think has allowed us to have the success that we’ve had is because I don’t sit in this inaction if I had waited. Cause I could have at this moment been like, oh my gosh, let’s see if it comes back, we’ll send a message and tell everybody we’re just going to wait.

[00:03:47] But we had 700 people registered for this. And I was like, we’re not stopping. So in literally 30 seconds, I said, we’re going to YouTube. So I messaged my team and. Grace. And I had just been, sorry, Jeff, but Grace and I had been at vid summit and Grace. I think you remember that we were talking about how my YouTube channel has been totally neglected and how I was really excited to do something in a couple of weeks to boost some, some engagement, some reach, some views, some subscribers on my YouTube channel.

[00:04:21] So it was like the internet gods gave me this miraculous opportunity. So I messaged my team and there’s one thing that we did, which I’ll share if you want that really made it super easy to be able to switch everything. Yeah.

[00:04:36] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. So the funny thing was, so Grace, we were talking, we always talk about the show and she knew I was traveling and I’m like, we’ve got to get a show.

[00:04:43] We need a good guest, somebody who’s good. And she goes we got to talk about the outage. And I said, I saw Molly’s emails. Let’s get her because I follow your emails anyway, because they’re really good. You do a great job of, it’s just a good, case study on how to use an email list.

[00:04:58] And I saw the email, I’m like, oh, let’s see if we, if Molly’s available, let’s get her. I mean, I was the, one of the ones who got your email. Okay. Got it together. Yeah,

Importance of Not Being Complacent

[00:05:07] Jeff Sieh: yeah,

[00:05:07] Molly Mahoney: yeah. So the F we had, so the email thing is like a big thing for all of us to keep in mind also that oftentimes we get so complacent because we know we have people in a Facebook group where we know we have people on our following our business page or we’re friends with them on Facebook.

[00:05:23] And we don’t really think that we need to take. Data off of the platform, but we want to be doing as much as we can to make sure that we have emails. We have phone numbers, we have even messenger subscribers and maybe even push notifications, which I don’t have, but I know that’s a good idea. I mean, owning the data like Ryan Deiss said at traffic and conversion, it’s so important.

[00:05:46] And I didn’t mention Pinterest, but I should mention that too, that we’ve got to have all of these platforms ready to revive at any moment. Cause you never know what’s gonna hit.

[00:05:55] Grace Duffy: Yes that we over at, Restream got an email from one of our influencers, Owen video, Mr. Video, if you’re nasty Katie’s babies, please tell me you got that reference.

[00:06:06] So he immediately sent out this email. It was it was, it arrived at 3:30 PM my time, which was in the height of all this happening. And once we figured out, okay, this was a, this wasn’t just our internet. Being mean and address the outage and the recent controversy around Facebook’s profiting, all that, the congressional stuff.

[00:06:25] And it just address it really quickly, but it gave solid recommendations, get on YouTube. Like you’re just talking about uh, get that email list and giving links to more information. So he actually linked out to a lot of other resources on his. Channels to help you get an omni-channel presence.

[00:06:42] So it was a perfect example of a response, but our tendency as human beings is to react and Yuma. You are the pro when it comes to positivity, pivots, and being prepared, how can business owners and creators and marketers in these situations like they’ve built their businesses on these platforms? How can they respond instead of react when something catastrophic or catastrophic occurs?

How to Respond and Not to React to Catastrophic Circumstances?


[00:07:06] Molly Mahoney: This last question actually just gave me goosebumps. It’s just so silly, but this is something that I literally have dedicated my life to, which is finding the possibility in the problems. And so I actually have been practicing this muscle in addition to the decide muscle my whole life. I think, I worked on a cruise ship when I was in my early twenties and I, there was one show that I wasn’t in and.

[00:07:33] I heard from one of the dancers that the whole entire cast had decided to put on a show, making fun of me backstage. Yeah. Because anytime anybody would complain about things, I was always saying but we’re here, like in the middle of this gorgeous place, let’s find the silver lining. I was so committed to being positive.

[00:07:51] And I’m sure I annoyed the poop out of them so much so that they put their energy into their creative talents to do a whole show, making fun of my positivity. So this has been something that I think is also. It’s, the way that I was raised in it’s something that’s just innate in me as it is.

[00:08:07] And I am like on StrengthsFinder. Positivity is my number one strength. So I get that and it may not seem that easy for everyone to be able to do that, but I am telling you, it is the number one thing that you can commit to recognize that things happen for you and not to you.

FFTT Framework

[00:08:27] Molly Mahoney: So I have a little framework, but I’d love to share.

[00:08:31] Okay, it’s called the method. Can you say that? It’s F T T.

[00:08:38] Jeff Sieh: So it’s like glitch there for a minute. I’m like, did I miss it?

[00:08:43] Molly Mahoney: You

[00:08:43] Grace Duffy: know what? That sounds it’s like, you’re telling your negative thoughts, like

[00:08:47] Molly Mahoney: be quiet. I got like that. I like to do that with it too. Yeah. Okay. And here’s what it’s going for.

[00:08:55] It is the first thing that you do as you face it. And sometimes when you’re facing the problem, I think people think that I’m just like this Pollyanna, but that’s not it. I am like a Nancy drew problem solver. So you face it. And that’s what I did in this moment. I was like, oh, crud, this is actually happening.

[00:09:12] And we’re supposed to start in two minutes. Luckily, I did get a notification that it was the outage, that it wasn’t just my internet or something broken on my computer. So I investigated the situation too, to make sure that I knew what was really going on. So face it, then you feel it. And sometimes you only have two minutes to allow yourself to feel that thing.

[00:09:34] I get that there may be times where you have to allow yourself to really experience the pain. If it’s something that’s a little more heavy than a social media platform being down. So I felt it right in 30 seconds. And then this is a really important part. You twist it. And so you ask yourself over and over and over and over again.

[00:09:57] How can I make this a positive? How can I make this a positive? How can I make this a positive? And sometimes it takes a few days. Sometimes it takes a few weeks at this point. Because I think Grace, I told you this, Jeff, I don’t know if I’ve told you this before, but I was actually with Michael Stelzner and Emily Chrome.

[00:10:13] When I got a message from one of my team members three weeks ago, the first night of traffic and conversion that my Facebook ad account had been hacked and they had spent $20,000 in one day. I read that. Yeah. And in that moment, I could have freaked out and started crying and been like, what’s going on, but I didn’t.

[00:10:31] I, same thing. I was like, okay,

[00:10:36] how do I make this a positive? And I, I’m still in a place where I feel I’ve made this joke, which I don’t, this is not necessarily something to joke about, but this is really how it feels. I feel like I’ve been in this abusive relationship with Facebook. Yeah. I get it full stop because I have dedicated so much to celebrating the magic that we can create on that platform and the connections.

[00:10:58] And I’m so grateful for all of that, but it’s been three weeks and they are still sending me the same little like canned response. Yes. After. Weeks. And so in this moment, I also was like, you know what? This is the time that I can very easily be like by Facebook. In that little moments, I was like, there’s a positive.

[00:11:20] And I just kept finding more and more positives out of what could have been a total halt to our kickstart that we were doing. And so in that moment I messaged my team and here’s the thing that we did that made it really easy to make this. I’ve had a five day challenge before where my video broke on Facebook and it wasn’t a full outage.

[00:11:43] It was just mine, somehow stopped working. And it was a mess because I had to get everybody a new link and chase people down and all of this. So what I have started doing is every time I do a live video, I don’t share the actual video link. I share a forwarding link. So a redirect link using pretty links or rebrand lately.

[00:12:06] I don’t know if you want to explain more of what that is or do you guys use forwarding links or links like that?

[00:12:10] Grace Duffy: Explain it to our audience like that. They may not

[00:12:13] Molly Mahoney: be familiar with. Yeah, totally. It’s a link that is, it’s like a Ryan Ryan Laveck calls it a word of mouth link. So like I have on rebrand Lee, I have Molly dot Live.

Using Forwarding Links

[00:12:27] Molly Mahoney: And if you go to Mali dot Live, it will automatically forward you to the prepared performer. Now, as we heard earlier, the prepared performer is really hard to say it is very alliterative. Is that a word? I don’t know, but. It’s you think it was memorable, but even if I’m like on a phone with a customer service person, they turn it into the preferred performer that it’s like, people get very confused by it.

[00:12:51] They spell it wrong all the time, like all the time. And they spell prepared pre former is how people spell it all the time. So I realized I needed something that was easier to say. Molly dot Live Molly with a Y dot Live that goes to the places that I want to send people. And so with the video links that we’re using for the book of faces, for example, one issue that happens is now when you schedule a video on Facebook, they’ve changed it so that you have that weird post ahead of time.

[00:13:22] It’s stupid. It’s such no, it is such a bad choice. And I, Laurie has said that she spoke to somebody at Facebook who said that it was intentional because they thought it was a great way to help promote. But it’s like totally dumb because everybody gets so confused

[00:13:36] Jeff Sieh: opposite of easy to

[00:13:38] Molly Mahoney: promote it is. It makes no sense.

Using a Naming Convention for Content

[00:13:40] Molly Mahoney: So what help, what we’ve started doing with that is we always use a forwarding link and we use a naming convention. So every show that I do, if I do it on Facebook and you. Like I have one about a show about gifts and I’m never just thinking of the live show as the end result. I’m always thinking of how I’m going to create a library of content that I can revive and repurpose.

[00:14:05] So I have this, if I do a video on gifts, when I schedule a video, it’ll create that weird facebook.com/post/number number. It doesn’t say video in that URL or that whatever yeah. URL. I take that and I make a separate forwarding URL that is Molly dot Live slash F B gifts. That’s the one that takes you to the video on Facebook about the gifts.

[00:14:31] Now I started doing multi Streaming, which I’m so grateful for what you guys do with that. I started doing multi Streaming on Facebook and YouTube several months ago, just as like a way to get used to using the YouTube live platform, because there’s some things that are a little different and a little confusing.

[00:14:45] My YouTube channel has been a. Mess, but I’ve just started practicing it without really promoting it. So on YouTube, it’s Molly dot Live slash Y T gifts because it’s YouTube and that’s how we do every single show has those two links. Then we make show notes of the show like a blog post, actually, and that is Molly dot Live slash S in Ghana.

[00:15:10] So it’s super easy for me to remember, to refer people to, if I’m at a dinner table and someone’s oh, you know, your gift popped up randomly on my phone. I would love to know how to do that. I can just say, oh my gosh, go to Mali dot Live slash S and gifts. And it’ll get you right to the show notes.

[00:15:25] Jeff Sieh: Our friend, like doc rock does the same thing where he goes like doc, rock dot Live slash Instagram.

[00:15:29] And that takes him to you know, that kind of stuff. So I think that’s genius. I love the idea of naming convention.

[00:15:39] Molly Mahoney: Oh, yeah. And the dot Live.

[00:15:41] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. So I want to circle back just to talk about a little more of this, this this out outage and what we can do, because like it costs them Facebook $79 million in ad revenue just for that time. And it revealed how it revealed, like how many people were.

[00:16:00] Not only you Molly, but other people rely on Facebook. That’s their bread and butter. And, there was one business owner said, he left feeling nervous how reliant he was on the platform to do business. And, he may reconsider it. And I think a lot of people are doing that, you had this outage, you also had your Facebook ads thing, Jacqueline,

[00:16:19] Molly Mahoney: and then shut down.

[00:16:21] So it was half first and then they closed the accounts and now it’s just sitting I finally. Through some interesting ways, getting two of the accounts turned back on. So at this point I have two of the accounts turned back on, but it is bad.

[00:16:34] Jeff Sieh: And so like my friend Kim Garcia, she had the same thing, had a.

[00:16:38] Go, you know, she can’t use this ad account. She had to start a whole new one and it’s just a mess. We back in the day, Shaleen, Johnston, remember hat her Instagram account hacked. And remember that was her big thing. So this, and

[00:16:50] Molly Mahoney: recently one of my good friends, Jen Dunham, someone stole all took all of her pictures, created.

[00:16:56] This was just this week, created a separate profile called Jenny denim with her logo, with her brand, all of this stuff. And they’re selling crypto through that. And we’ve. Turned it in reported it, but you know what they say? They say, it’s not against community standards. And they said oh, we’ll investigate this, which I’m like, and I am, as I said, committed to so much positivity, but I’ve gotten to the point where I’m ready to get really loud about how horrible they are to actual human beings.

[00:17:23] Because my son, Charlie, could look at that and see, oh, this person is a bad person who was copying this person. He said,

[00:17:32] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. Yeah. So what do you, so I wanted to know real quick so you move people to YouTube and I know a lot of. They’re scared to do something like that. Like you just get an email.

[00:17:42] Did you have a lot of, did most

Did People Follow To YouTube When Facebook Went Down?

[00:17:44] Molly Mahoney: people know once again? Cause it was the coolest thing ever. And I think what we’re actually going to put together is a full plan. So we have these playbooks and our programs show up with video for different platforms and we have a playbook for our five day challenge.

[00:17:58] We are going to be putting together a full omnipresent five day challenge playbook because what we did and I don’t know if I can screen share, can I screen.

[00:18:06] Jeff Sieh: You might be able to yeah, we’ll see live video. Why not try things as

[00:18:11] Molly Mahoney: I try it, because I’m just going to show you my stats. So banana

[00:18:19] Jeff Sieh: just a second.

[00:18:19] So let me go. Okay. We’re pulling an audible. Let’s see if I can do this. Did it show there it goes. Okay. You see it? Yeah. Let me go and take this stupid overlapped.

[00:18:32] Okay, I’ll just leave it on. Go ahead. Talk to me though,

[00:18:37] Molly Mahoney: just to be clear. I started my YouTube channel in 2013 when I was a singing coach. So I had videos that I did at that point. How to sing a Sieh scale. And it’s me with a scale of notes saying 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 2, 3, 2, 1. That’s literally what it is.

[00:18:57] And that one video there’s two of them. Actually, they have over a hundred thousand views on those two. Then when Facebook live came out, I pivoted, I moved everything to Facebook live, and I just let my YouTube channel turn into this like collection of repurpose videos that I was not strategic with. So it’s been a real problem for me because the algorithm still thinks that I’m a musical theater coach and I hadn’t had a way to get it to realize that’s not what I’m doing anymore, but I didn’t want to leave the channel because I did have 3000 somewhat subscribers and I had all these views.

[00:19:31] This totally fixed it. So look at what happened by sending this. And I do understand that we had the benefit of the fact that no one could go on Facebook and everyone was freaking out. So I capitalized on that and you can see here, our views we’re at 143. What number? Just added a zero in the wrong place.

[00:19:54] Grace Duffy: I think, I think the message on YouTube has been received. You’ve moved on you’ve pivoted. Oh my gosh.

[00:20:01] Molly Mahoney: And then, it took a dip, but it’s still, it’s pretty strong. And the other crazy thing to me is if I go to my, I want to get to the right places. I still am. I’m still, it also forced me to learn how to use YouTube because, okay.

[00:20:20] So if I go here, you can see that I have these videos here. Check this out. This video. And most of my videos have 35 views. This video from the first day is already at 1.1 K. This video from the second day is already at 543. This video is already at 2 99. This video is at 2 46. Now look, what else ended up having.

[00:20:41] This video, which I did with Restream, I decided to do what Owen did. And this is another really awesome strategy for taking something potentially that’s a disaster and turning it into a positive. I did this video, it says hot mess. And I went live on. YouTube and LinkedIn using Restream and I said, Hey, it was Facebook hacked.

[00:21:05] What does this mean for you and your business? And I went on, I shared my story about my ad account, getting hacked. I shared a story about what I thought might’ve been happening with Facebook because nobody really knew at the time. And I went back and listened to it. And I was actually really careful to say, I don’t actually know, but people are saying this or this.

[00:21:19] I never claimed anything because I didn’t actually know, but that already has 645 views.

[00:21:24] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. Okay. So let’s, let’s talk about this. So you move people that, to. YouTube, you could easily get in the same pickle and something would happen to YouTube. So what do you do to keep. Okay. Yeah,

How Do You Continue a Multichannel Strategy?

[00:21:39] Molly Mahoney: I have such a good tip.

[00:21:39] Okay. Because I was like, should we move everything back to Facebook now? But then I was worried that maybe Facebook was going to stay broken. So we decided to keep all of the videos happening on YouTube, then check this out. And I really didn’t know what I was doing cause I’ve not been using it. We decided to use the community section instead of our Facebook group for the homework on our challenge.

[00:22:01] So when you go down here, you can see, and people are still catching up on it, but considering most people have never used most of our community didn’t even know what the community section was on YouTube. But we’ve had people here sharing their homework underneath this post. Okay. Which is just like you would do in a Facebook group.

[00:22:19] And we use those forwarding links. So we had the prepared, former.com/hw. One was the first day’s homework. HW two was the second day’s homework. And then I was like, okay, but I don’t want to lose engagement in our Facebook group. So how do we get people back to our Facebook group? So then we did something else where we had inside our Facebook groups, and I can show you that.

[00:22:44] Inside our Facebook group, we had people have to submit videos. They couldn’t do that. And we couldn’t figure out how to do that in the community. So they submit videos inside our Facebook group message from Grace. They submit videos here, and if they’re lost, look what I did. I’m so excited about this. I took the guides and I created a full guide inside the group that sends people to YouTube and.

[00:23:14] It’s going to get even cooler. There’s two more things I did. I did this video recap. So at the end of my video, I clap my hands. So there’s a spike in the audio. And then, and we’ve done this for a long time on our regular Facebook lives, but I did a little recap at the end of the video and posted that recap at this will scroll on my Facebook business page.

[00:23:36] So now I can do ads, which I just started with this video to remind people that this is happening. And it brings people back to the Facebook business page. If they want the recap, I’m not posting the recap on

[00:23:49] Jeff Sieh: for this video. It goes back to the Facebook business page or is it just live here by itself? No.

[00:23:53] So

[00:23:54] Molly Mahoney: if you click on it, it’s actually a video on the Facebook page, but because of the way Facebook works, if it’s a native video, it like shared it over there. And then the final, like totally crazy thing. And I’ll stop sharing now is we created. Tomorrow, we’re doing a practice room on Clubhouse. So we’re going to send everybody to Clubhouse tomorrow where they can jump up without having to actually be on camera and practice our framework for the intro of your video.

[00:24:24] Jeff Sieh: Wow. That’s cool. That’s how you do an omni-channel thing folks. So

[00:24:31] Grace Duffy: I just sit here in silence for a minute, because I was just absorbing, I know,

[00:24:34] Jeff Sieh: go back and take notes.

[00:24:37] Grace Duffy: I love how you integrated audio social too, because we are just at this conference room and people were trying to figure out how do you do this?

[00:24:44] People are talking about your office. This is how you can use Clubhouse and social audio to PR to help your, with your live videos. And I was like, okay. Yeah, but you just made that connection for me. Boom. Thank you

[00:24:57] Jeff Sieh: to the mission right there. And one thing I do want to talk about. Because Molly and Grace and I, all of us have been on doing live video for a long time.

[00:25:04] And live video has changed with like the technology before it was like, you had to go one channel because you really had to get the comments from them. And you had to build up one place now with the technology, like what we’re doing with Restream and Ecamm is that we can go live everywhere. Like I know, oh, Deb just said Molly nugget, and I can bring it up.

[00:25:21] And I know that she’s from Facebook. And so it’s just really cool. I don’t know. All of a sudden my comments quit working, but. But you can pull up all these things and know where people are and you can engage in all the different platforms, which has never been something that you do. And now with Restream like Molly, I gave her a link and she shared all her channels and it went live all over there and I can pull comments from there.

[00:25:41] It’s just, the technology is amazing.

[00:25:43] Molly Mahoney: Talk a little bit about that if we have a sec, because I think I may have shared this with you, Grace, that I used to be a little concerned about recommending that people broadcast to multiple platforms because. You Restream does an amazing job of bringing those questions in from all the different platforms so that the streamer can see it, but it does reduce the social proof because you’re splitting those comments and the views between all those platforms, however, recently, because things have been so cool.

[00:26:14] Facebook specifically, I’ve decided if we have to do this omnipresent thing, just to have a backup. So I would love to know your thoughts on that. And if you have one, like what do you send to your email list? Do you have one main place that you’re sending people, but then you have these other ones Live just to catch the outliers.

[00:26:30] How do you do that?

[00:26:31] Jeff Sieh: So what we do, we actually, so my email list goes to YouTube one because I want to build up that. And, and I, and if you’ve ever seen my Twitter stream and I repurposed the snot out of the show, so you’re going to be everywhere all

[00:26:44] Molly Mahoney: the time. I’ve been thinking that I need to use Twitter more.

[00:26:47] Again, my husband is like super into it and is obsessed with dot E. Do you know what, like those domains? So last night I actually went, I logged into Twitter for the first time in like maybe months. So we

[00:26:57] Jeff Sieh: get a lot of engagement over there. And so LinkedIn is another place we get it. So, but the cool thing is.

[00:27:04] We ha I have not seen since we started the show at the beginning of this year and we have been multicasting everywhere because I can go. And I know Gary is over on YouTube and he’s there all the time and I can talk to Gary every time. And I know that Dustin comes over there and goes to YouTube. And then I know I have my like Martin from LinkedIn.

[00:27:20] He’s always there. And so I, I have all the people and I feel like I’m spread out and building those communities and they’re watching where they want to walk.

[00:27:29] Molly Mahoney: Okay. One of our biggest tips that we talk about is that you need to meet your community where they’re at, and that means both physically. And emotionally right.

[00:27:39] Their belief system, but it covers both of those. So I love that because you’re making it very easy for your community to get the information that you provide and the value that you provide. And then when they’re ready, they’ll self select to purchase from you and come to where you are for your program.

[00:27:54] Absolutely. And I

[00:27:55] Grace Duffy: also, for me personally, I always fall back on the neuro diversity aspect of it. Where people learn so differently. Some people are very visual. Like Jeff used to have his woodcarving show where he’s just taking you. Step-by-step. Some people want to do that with you. Some people are watching this right now, or they have it on, but they’re engaging with it.

[00:28:15] I guess we are a podcast by the way. So you can punch the listen to replay, but sometimes they’ll have it on, in the background because they listen better. Some people need to see our faces and see us moving and talking and interacting, and that’s how it soaks in. So I also think about if you’re trying to teach something, you’re trying to connect, you’re trying to sell, you’re trying to build up that community.

[00:28:35] You have to also reach them where they’re at in terms of how they learn and how they engage in that. So that’s where I was go back to as well as that’s why. And you made a comment a few days ago. I was just like, it was brilliant. It was a post. It was about being authentic on camera and telling the truth.

[00:28:52] But you had this light in there where it wasn’t about the comments, it was about the commas. And I think where you are driving your engagement. So I think. I don’t think as much about the social proof as I do about am I reaching the people that need to hear what I’m saying, whatever it is that I’m saying, am I reaching them at the right time?

[00:29:11] And you can hit them where they’re at, like you said. And I think that I care less, more, I care less about, am I getting so many likes over here? Versus if I reach 10 people that matter, I don’t care about a thousand people that I’m reaching that don’t realize.

Commas Over Comments

[00:29:26] Molly Mahoney: I love that so much. And that, that quote was from my amazing friend.

[00:29:30] Shameca Tankerson who, by the way, I have goosebumps again. That’s the third goosebumps on this show. Shameeka. Who’ve been tankers. Decided she’s one of my best friends. And she has a quote, which is commas over comments so that you, you know, comments are great and they can lead to a conversation, that kind of stuff, but really her she’s a sales coach.

[00:29:51] So it’s about making more sales last week that a woman decided she was going to, she wrote on Facebook. I decided this morning I’ve created a hundred thousand dollar offer. If you’re interested in it, it is the highest level of support I can give. She sold three of them and one person paid in full what is actually happening right now.

[00:30:16] Grace Duffy: Yeah, so she needed, like she needed to reach three of the right people,

[00:30:20] Molly Mahoney: the right person from that. But it’s about really knowing who you’re speaking to, knowing your value. Having the confidence to be bold enough to put something like that out there also. And she’s obviously been like building trust and authority and has an amazing program.

[00:30:37] So I’m sure most of those people were already in her programs who decided to up-level to there. But I was like, whoa.

[00:30:44] Jeff Sieh: So Molly, I want to ask you because I have a feeling, I know the answer, but when you talk to, when your coaching or your people come up to you and Hey, you know, it’s the thing that you say the most to them the most used piece of advice go and you need to charge more.

Importance of Monetization

[00:30:59] Molly Mahoney: So that’s a great question because the very first thing that we do, we have a program called glam, which stands for go live and monetize. And one of the things that happened for me at Vid summit is. I was Shocked even the way I’ve seen this. So many times I was shocked by how many people have. A million followers and the only way they’re monetizing it is through ads I’m like you don’t have a program where people can pay you at least $15 to get more support from you. And no, I hadn’t really thought about that. And I’m like, what are you doing? So the first thing that we do in our glam program, which is about your revenue, visibility systems and your impact, and most people think that I’m teaching people just to have.

[00:31:42] videos or to create fun content. But really the very first thing that we do is we do a money map and this money map is a spreadsheet. I love spreadsheets, a spreadsheet that I created that takes you through. what Products or programs are you selling? How many of them do you need to sell in order to, and at which price point in order to hit your revenue goal and it, puts it together on a good, better and best framework so that you can see if you sell this many at this price, you’ll hit your good goal, better goal, best goal.

[00:32:15] And it brings it into reality where a lot of people are like, oh yeah, I want to hit a 10K a month, but they don’t actually do the math to go back and look. At what it’s actually going to take in the real world in order to make that happen. So I love talking about that piece of it and something that we can celebrate that when you make a sales transaction, that’s like the best thing that you can do for someone, because they are giving you energy in the form of money and they are getting back amazing value, a transformation.

[00:32:43] Even if it’s like a coffee cup that they’re buying.

[00:32:45] Jeff Sieh: Totally agree. So speaking of that, we want to make sure you have enough time to tell about your newest thing that is going on, that you were able to, if you haven’t figured it out, Molly knows what she’s talking about and she, this omni-channel stuff we’re going to have her on again, to talk more about this.

[00:33:00] I know because she is just the genius at this stuff, but she’s got some stuff coming up right now and I want to give her a chance to talk all about.

[00:33:07] Molly Mahoney: Thank you. Yes. So today is the fifth day of our five-day kickstart. So if you go to Mali dot Live slash show up, you can catch all of the replays. They’re going to be available through Sunday at 9:00 PM Pacific.

[00:33:22] And I’m sure this will be here for people to watch in the future. So I’ve been trying to find a way to, to maybe make them available, like for a limited time for people in the future, because it’s just been I’ve had so much fun. It’s been so valuable, but the response from our community has been so amazing.

[00:33:36] So even if you’re watching this in the future, there will be something that will help you with all of this at, for free at Molly dot Live slash show up. But today, if you’re watching this right now, go today, cause we’re going to have fun and it’s starting in 25 minutes. Yes.

[00:33:49] Jeff Sieh: It’s got to leave. That’s why we wanted to give her plenty of time, but go to, follow her everywhere.

[00:33:54] She is amazing. Her email list, sign up for email because I’ve been doing this for a while and I still learned. All the time for Molly and her emails are a great case study on how to do it, how to, if you’re doing live video, how to engage your audience offline. It’s amazing. So make sure you guys go sign up for that.

[00:34:13] Ian does that, he says F sounds like a singing diaphragmic exercises. My singing teacher got me to do it. I know you both sing. So I thought that was really funny. So

[00:34:21] Molly Mahoney: anyway, yeah. Ian Anderson, Greg.

[00:34:27] Jeff Sieh: So we will let you go make sure you guys go follow Molly. And we’re going to talk a couple a little bit while she goes a little bit more so stick around, but Molly, thank you

[00:34:35] Molly Mahoney: so much for so much.

[00:34:37] This has been so fun. I love nerding out on this stuff. So anytime you want to talk about it, I’m here. So good. I wish I could hug you both right now. I’ll definitely see you in March. At least. We’ll talk to you guys later.

[00:34:48] Jeff Sieh: Bye. Awesome. All right. Um, great. Let me pull up some of the comments we’ve got here because uh, I thought it was, why is this in black?

[00:34:57] Let me figure this here out, why we’re going. Uh, you go ahead and talk about some of the stuff that well,

[00:35:02] Grace Duffy: Molly is absolutely freaking amazing, and this is a part of it. She had to go to run her day five of her course. So we were very watchful at time, but I also wanted to talk to about like the level of vulnerability she had.

[00:35:15] And she shows in honor and honesty that she shows when she talks about her business. And you know, she’s very open and honest and she’s been writing these posts recently about telling the truth, how, we on video, we put this presence where. Hopefully you find it entertaining show on, are we really honest about what it takes to get where we are and where a business?

[00:35:39] I think you and I, Jeff, we’re pretty honest about where we’ve come from and what it took to get here, but, so Ian Anderson, gray actually posted this question. Facebook and I’ll put it out to our audience and it was how vital is vulnerability when it comes to a business on social media. And I get it especially if you’re a coach or a consultant entrepreneur or small business, which is you, it’s, it’s your personal reputation is tied up in everything that you do.

[00:36:06] And so what is that balance between being open and honest? I’d love to get people’s comments on that here in our, on our audience. But Jeff, what do you think.

Importance of Transparency

[00:36:14] Jeff Sieh: So I think the, I think it’s more and more apparent in today’s society that the more transparent you are, the, usually the better it ends up for you.

[00:36:22] The people get in trouble or people who aren’t transparent. So I think as a solopreneur, as a marketer, as a small business owner the better that you can express your. Your transparency and what you’re going on. Like I’m traveling, you guys see it’s new background. Don’t have my thing, I’m using econ, which is amazing for this set up.

[00:36:41] I couldn’t do it without them. So make sure you go check out our friends over on Ecamm at Social Media News, Live dot com foresight. And you know what I do that every week because they are a sponsor, but the only reason I sponsored them is because I love them. And I hope I’m very transparent about that.

[00:36:54] And like, Sabrina has this in Sabrina. She shows up every week. Thank you Sabrina for being here. She says, finding the possibilities in the problem. She’s talking the thing by Molly there. I think that’s just such a great quote and finding, being transparent. Is showing your problems, like things aren’t working a hundred percent, like I want them to today because you saw I’ll be that camera switched.

[00:37:18] That went to some weird camera up my. It’s live video, but that’s being transparent and that stuff happened. Um, I, and finding the possibilities, I think that’s so true. Sabrina, thank you for, um, coming today, but all so at least it says I have all the fun I do Alisa. That’s why I’m Jeff Sieh and you’re not.

[00:37:37] Uh, and Jim had a great point about when we’re talking about the dot lives and the redirects. Yes. Live. Thank you, Jim. He’s the one who got me onto the dot Live bandwagon. In fact, right now, if you go to Jeff Sieh dot Live, it goes to my Amazon where I’m Streaming life. I have not even Mo Molly blew my mind with some of the ideas now with redirects, so that’s going to be really cool.

[00:37:59] Um, oh, so many good stuff. Yeah. Chris says, yeah, LA dot library, drink for the win. Thank you, Chris, for letting us know. And the Ecamm people are in the house, so a big shout out to them. And pat is another faithful follower. Thank you, pat, for showing up today. And this is the question. Yeah. So Ian’s got some questions, Gary.

[00:38:21] Sieh here. The timing of that outage though. Okay. Let’s we didn’t talk about that right? In the middle of the stuff going on at Facebook, did you read all the conspiracy theory?

[00:38:33] Grace Duffy: I read all the conspiracy theories, which is why I was talking to Molly about how to respond and not react. There are a lot of reactions to it, right?

[00:38:40] So there are a lot of brands that jumped on to make fun or to, I loved how Twitter was just like welcome people from Facebook. Welcome to our world. And the TikTok did the same thing. I haven’t been following the controversy. Did you watch the 60 minutes interview? No,

[00:38:56] Jeff Sieh: I was traveling. That whole point, the stuff we talked about today, and Dustin brings it up.

[00:39:01] Like every audience should be focused on building the email list and Molly, she’s, that feels that way too. So yes. And then of course Twitter spaces is another place you can go on many channels. Gary has Gary dropped the, a link to your Twitter spaces that you have. I think you have a weekly one drop that in to people want to check that out because it’s really cool.

[00:39:22] So make sure

[00:39:23] Grace Duffy: and so we can share it on

[00:39:24] Jeff Sieh: the podcast. Yes. I want to be able to, so we can do that. Drop that in there if you can. Uh, Brian goes, we need to see a sea star wars. Woodcarvings they’re coming they’re care. They’re coming Brian. So just Dr. Ella says, hello. Uh, that is our show and yes, Facebook user Molly is freaking amazing.

[00:39:43] She is amazing. I’m so glad that we had her on the show today. Let’s see. Anything else, Grace, I want to make sure that you guys do know that we are sponsored by Ecamm. They do an amazing job. Like I’m traveling. I have, and I have been very hesitant to travel because of the show, but look it worked, it needs some lights next time, but other than that, he cam for the wind.

[00:40:05] I mean, I can switch my screens. I can do everything. This is all running off my little Mac book pro. How cool is that? I’m pretty stoked that it works. I can get out of the house more. So

[00:40:20] Grace Duffy: you do need to get out of the house where we need to draw you out of that house. More

[00:40:23] Jeff Sieh: Okay. Gary says he doesn’t have one for himself, but he’s got one coming.

[00:40:27] So as soon as you get that, Gary let us know because I wanna I want to make sure that we promote you. So

[00:40:34] Grace Duffy: anyway, yeah. Facebook user was Katie Simpson. So thanks

[00:40:38] Jeff Sieh: Katie. Yeah. So Grace, where can people find out more about you and the amazing stuff that is great.

[00:40:43] Grace Duffy: You can find me over at Restream, which also allows us to go live wherever we are.

[00:40:48] So it’s allowing us to distribute this show all over the place, all over the place. And we’re also able to pair, I love Restream Paris. So we were able to. Jeff set it up, like he does and Restream, and he can work together like peanut butter and jelly. And so he sent up the Restream, which allows us to go to all of these amazing places that we’re going to, and he sends me a link and I just add my channels.

[00:41:11] And then I sent Molly Lincoln and added her channels. No login credentials, no passwords having to be exchanged it just boop, check. It goes out and. Check all those boxes of where I wanted to go. And here we are multicasting to not only our channels for Social Media News life, but also my personal channels and all of wherever, Molly send it to so cool tool, check it out.

[00:41:34] If anything loved that. I’m over at, I oversee the video content over at Restream. So check us out. We have a bunch of tutorials on our YouTube page as well, and I went to vid summit to learn how to do better with our YouTube channels. Come join us over there.

[00:41:52] Jeff Sieh: Yes. And oh, it’s funny that um, somebody over it says, which one is peanut butter and which was jelly.

[00:41:57] I like peanut butter. So I’m going to say eCampus peanut butter and that’s right. Grace, it’s sweet, but it’s seriously. So this Paris thing, it’s a game changer because of the ability to increase your, if you do a live show and have a guest, it’s the ability to increase your audience. And there’s no login, but the thing is just like all the people who are watching on Molly’s.

[00:42:19] I could pull in their comments and engage with them with the Restream pair. So it really is a game changer. I’m using it for every one of our guests. And the cool thing is it works perfectly with Ecamm. Ecamm does so much more than live video. And I I’m so stoked that they’re a sponsor. So check them out at Social Media News, Live dot com forward slash econ at Social Media News, Live dot com forward slash E cam.

[00:42:42] And with that, thank you guys. Joining me on my travels and Grace for showing up and producing the show while I’m gone, hang up. Cause he never, no, he never

[00:42:51] Molly Mahoney: been a problem

[00:42:51] Grace Duffy: for the last two weeks with Eric.

[00:42:55] Jeff Sieh: He’s just you know, anyway, but no, Eric did a

[00:42:58] Molly Mahoney: great job. So

[00:43:00] Jeff Sieh: thank you guys for watching. Thank you, Gary.

[00:43:02] Dustin, everybody Sabrina, all of you who watch it and we will see you guys next time with another great episode. We’ll see you. Bye everybody

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