Podcasting offers a fantastic opportunity to grow your personal brand, community, and business.

On this week’s Social Media News Live, Katie Brinkley reveals how her podcast generates leads, builds her brand, and grows her agency. And, we’ll cover the workflow and processes that keep her show streamlined and consistent!

Watch/listen now to learn how to launch a business podcast of your own.


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[00:00:00] Jeff Sieh: Welcome to another edition of Social Media News Live. Thank you guys so much for joining us. Uh, we are back in the studios after a wonderful time at podcast movement. I hope you guys saw us broadcasting from E Cam’s booth. We had a lot of fun. There’s some tech issues, but you know, it’s a live show.

[00:00:17] It’s a conference everybody’s using the wifi, but, uh, doc rock, who is amazing biggest shout out to him, uh, running the Ecamm booth, he got everything back to normal. Grace, how you been back in the real world?

[00:00:29] Grace Duffy: I miss conference world there, the food was better and the room service was better. And, uh, yeah, so, and I got to meet people like our guests here, Katie.

[00:00:38] Yes. And I don’t get to, I don’t get to do that

[00:00:40] Katie Brinkley: when I’m you

[00:00:40] Jeff Sieh: don’t, they don’t let you out much. Do they?

[00:00:42] Grace Duffy: They don’t let me out much.

[00:00:43] Jeff Sieh: So . Yeah. So I’m gonna go ahead and get started. I’m gonna go ahead. And, and Grace, you may want to go live over on Amazon, but I was, I was so impressed with Katie. I got to meet her.

[00:00:52] Katie, did we meet at social media marketing world? I was trying to think of the first time we met. I know we met at Lima, but did we meet

[00:00:57] Katie Brinkley: before that? We met at pod Fest

[00:01:01] Jeff Sieh: pod, but, and then Lima

[00:01:03] Katie Brinkley: in social media marketing world.

[00:01:05] Jeff Sieh: Okay. I was, I couldn’t remember where,

[00:01:07] Katie Brinkley: but our path have continued to cross, um, especially like post pandemic.

[00:01:11] It feels like where’s, where’s Jeff that’s

[00:01:14] Jeff Sieh: right around the corner. He’s he’s there. So, uh, thank you guys for joining us on Amazon. I do wanna big give a big shout out and I’m gonna go to my camera real quick here to my friends over at sure. They actually provided this brand new limited edition. Uh, sure.

[00:01:30] M seven microphone. That’s what I’m using today. They provide it for me for review. I love this thing, but it’s exclusive over on Amazon and you guys can get it. If you like the white look, it’s the white no, uh, microphone, but you can get that over on Amazon and the carousel down below, but I really give a big shout out to sure.

[00:01:46] For letting me have this microphone, because as you can tell, it sounds really good and buttery. That’s what Grace always says. It sounds buttery. I, so once again, a reference to food. Uh, by Grace Duffy. So we’ve got, um, some of our friends already showing up. We’ve got Mia VAs. Oh, she’s a fellow Denver person.

[00:02:04] Hey Mia. I’ve known Mia forever. We, we did, we were doing the wild west Google plus there’s the other reference? Uh, there’s the other reference to, uh, when we were back in the day, doing a lot of live shows together. Mia had me on her show all the time. We had a lot of fun. Uh, she’s a character. So Mia, thank you for stopping by.

[00:02:21] Um, I, I think we’re all ready, Katie. Are you ready? I think you are Grace. Yeah. All right. Ready to go? I’m gonna hit go on the podcast machine. We’ll get started. Let me get all booted up here. Um, and uh, booted up. Gosh, how old am I? Here we go. Hello folks. Welcome to Social Media News Live I’m Jeff. And you’re not.

[00:02:42] Grace Duffy: And I’m Grace Duffy. And this is the show that keeps you up to date on the world of social media. Jeff and I are back from podcast movement. If you missed our time together. And I R L in a broadcast studio on the show floor, you can catch the replay of that from our show last week. But one of the best parts of podcast movement was we got to meet and lure some of our friends onto our show this week.

[00:03:07] And we have none other than the amazing can you, frankly, with us today joining us, and we’re going to talk to her about her session at podcast movement. She took the stage with Larry Roberts from random media. I think I read that right.

[00:03:23] Katie Brinkley: Ran.

[00:03:24] Grace Duffy: I was like, I was like, okay. I wanted to make sure it’s always funny.

[00:03:28] you try to read something on there. And then, so they’re sharing their favorite tools for streamlining your podcast, production and workflow. So you can save time and stay consistent. And we’re also gonna talk to her about how she uses podcasting to grow her business and how you can

[00:03:43] Jeff Sieh: too. So, Katie, how are you doing today?

[00:03:45] I’m so excited. You’re here. I’ve seen you speak, like, I don’t know, at, at Lima and you know, podcast movie. I was just so I’m just so glad that you’re finally on the. I

[00:03:52] Katie Brinkley: know. Thank you so much for having me. It’s about time. You got me on here guys.

[00:03:56] Jeff Sieh: right. See, I love it when they push back like that. So if you guys don’t know Katie, well, let me tell you about her.

[00:04:02] She is, has helped small businesses, entrepreneurs, personal brands, and coaches leverage social media to grow audiences and income for over 18 years. She is the founder and social media strategist at next step. Social communications. It’s a boutique digital marketing agency based outside of Denver in Littleton, Colorado.

[00:04:21] I used to live there by the way, uh, from building corporate level growth strategies for at and T to DirecTV, to implementing done for use social media for business owners. Katie has been at the forefront of, of the changes of how to effectively engage on social media because as we. Things are always changing.

[00:04:38] She’s a former broadcaster, a speaker and podcaster, and you can find her podcast, Rocky mountain marketing in all the places. Podcasts can be found. Go there, do me a favor, leave her a rating and review, share it with your friends, cuz that really does help podcasters out. So

[00:04:54] Grace Duffy: since this is a show all about podcasting, Katie, tell us about your podcast.

[00:04:58] How long have you been broadcasting and then what inspired you to

[00:05:02] Katie Brinkley: start? Yeah, so, uh, Rocky mountain marketing is my, my podcast. I started when a lot of other people started podcasting back in April of 2020, because we were all given the gift of time. Uh, but it, it really was something that I had been wanting to do for a while.

[00:05:19] As, as Jeff said, I’m a former broadcaster. I used to be the sports reporter for the Denver Broncos and the Colorado Rockies here in, in Denver. And um, I always wanted to get back on the microphone and so. What better time than April of 2020. And my, my podcast has definitely shifted over the past two and a half years.

[00:05:39] It originally was interviewing entrepreneurs to share their business tips, their marketing tips, uh, that helped them take their business to that next step. And now ironing in one Denver based entrepreneur and then two digital marketing experts from around the world a month, just to help share their best insights and their best secrets, uh, that some small business owners, some entrepreneur can use to really kind of help them take their business to their, their next steps.

[00:06:05] So that’s Rocky mountain marketing.

[00:06:07] Jeff Sieh: Awesome. And I do wanna do, uh, so Katie has been gracious enough to come to us from a remote location. So, uh, she doesn’t have her like super studio podcast stuff because, uh, I listen to her podcast and it sounds really, really good, but we are doing this live. So if you hear, I just wanna give her the out, say like, listen, if there’s some crackling or something it’s, uh, her podcast is, is really, really solid.

[00:06:30] So make sure you guys go check that. so, you

[00:06:32] Katie Brinkley: know, sorry. I, I feel bad. I was like, I’m gonna be at my best friend’s wedding up in the mountains. And I don’t

[00:06:39] Jeff Sieh: listen. We’ve had people call from elevators before, not a big deal. So

[00:06:43] Grace Duffy: you’re good. It’s really not this, this is, this is live video. Like we’re all in three separate locations last week, my internet, or no, the week before my internet just stopped working.

[00:06:52] And then I found out it was because my husband like restarted the power in the house. I’m like,

[00:06:56] Katie Brinkley: why?

[00:06:58] Jeff Sieh: right. See, it’s always, and like, we’ve had things where I’ve done a show from a hotel room and they were Jack hammering on the 12 floor, Jack hammering off like the concrete, uh, on the side of the building.

[00:07:09] So I’ve had that, the balcony of all things. So don’t feel bad. So I wanted to ask you, because I know you were there, you’re deep into podcasting. Um, what were your big takeaways, Katie from podcast?

[00:07:22] Katie Brinkley: Oh man. I, you know, podcast movement was one of the, the best conferences I’ve I’ve been to in, in 2022. I, it was the largest that I’ve been to mm-hmm and it was so cool to see all the different podcasters, all the different types of podcasts that are out there.

[00:07:38] And one of the things that I, I really took away from the entire event was consistency. I felt like every single session I went to, somebody said that word of consistency, because I feel like. That’s the hardest part of podcasting is, is remaining consistent, pushing out a, a show every week, regardless of location and guests and Jack hammering and internet, right.

[00:08:01] Staying consistent can be extremely difficult. And I think that, uh, that was one of the, the main topics that we, that I heard throughout the entire event. But I love that live events are back. I love being able to, to see you, Jeff, cuz like I said earlier, before we, we went live here, feels like we’ve seen each other at every, every single conference.

[00:08:22] Uh that’s that’s been around in, in 2022 and I got to meet you Grace. So it’s been, it was a great

[00:08:27] Jeff Sieh: event. Yeah, the fun, the fun thing. And Grace and I talked about this earlier is the, the ability to, you know, network with people. I mean, there’s great sessions and there’s really, there’s tons of opportunity to learn.

[00:08:37] Uh, but one of the hacks is to get a virtual ticket. So you can not feel stressed if you miss one, because a lot of the stuff that happens and I’m Katie, I’m sure that you had this happen as well is happens in the hallways, in the, the, you know, in the restaurants. And like, you know, I saw you hanging out there with people, you know, downstairs.

[00:08:54] And so there’s, there’s all that that happened. So did you, um, have some really like serendipitous, you know, networking things happen to you?

[00:09:02] Katie Brinkley: Absolutely. Uh, it’s so funny. I’m I, I know I’m getting old because I, when I saw the schedule and the parties, the networking parties didn’t start till 8:00 PM. I was just like 8:00 PM.

[00:09:13] That was when I was gonna start like winding down and going bed. Not that’s when the networking’s gonna start. Right. Um, but, but it’s so true. Like the, the magic does happen in the hallways and stopping to, to just talk to somebody, hear about their show or hear what they do. And it’s, it led to, to this it’s it’s led to me getting people onto my show.

[00:09:33] I’ve had, had the opportunity to get to know, uh, Jim I’ve and all these other people that I’ve seen around at other events. It’s like, okay, I’ve seen you here before. Let’s hear more about what it is that you do, because obviously we’re, we’re at a lot of the same events. So it, the magic does happen in the hallways.

[00:09:48] It does happen, you know, at. The late night event, networking events where you’re shouting at people, but you, you can’t dis discount how important it is to just stop and talk to people and go to these networking events go, man, I wanted to go to bed, but , that’s where, that’s where the magic

[00:10:06] does

[00:10:06] Jeff Sieh: happen. It was, I I’m real.

[00:10:08] It’s like in the, in the music, you know, that’s what I told. So we went down there and a lot of times the networking events are really packed. They’re in a bar, you know, in the lobby or something and you know, it’s loud and then, you know, what they need more is live music. So that’s what usually happens is you can’t hear and you have to go out in the corner.

[00:10:22] So that’s how old I am. I, um, I do wanna give a shout out to some, well, first of all, Katie, I wanted to ask, was there something at podcast movement that like you went, okay, that’s really good. I’m gonna implement that in my business or my podcast. Was there one thing that you gotta take away?

[00:10:39] Katie Brinkley: Yeah. You know, one of the things that even though I do social media on a regular basis, um, I’ve been really resistant on trying to do.

[00:10:50] Live video for my podcast. Um, and one of the things that I wanted to start doing earlier this year, I got the inspiration after podcast, but I I’ve still just kind of been dragging my feet on it is going live with my guests when their show airs. And I think that that is it’s such a great way to do cross promotion, right.

[00:11:09] New audiences in, but it gives that second element of like, Hey, we recorded this podcast. You can watch it on YouTube. You can listen to it on all the players, but Hey, we’re just gonna go live on Instagram or on Facebook just for 10 minutes to get to know a little bit more about you. Um, so that’s one of the, the biggest things that I’m going to start implementing with.

[00:11:30] A lot of my guests is trying to get them to, to do a live segment with me the week that their, their episode comes out. Mm-hmm . And, um, I loved fi I, I I’m active on fireside, but I kind of have forgotten. What an incredible tool. It is. Um, I was doing my NFL podcast on fireside. We, uh, stopped during the off season and we were kind of going back and forth if we wanted to use it again for this season.

[00:11:52] And after going to that keynote with Fallon and, and mark Cuban, I think that. It’s absolutely a great tool for, for that live podcast element. Especially if you have a lot of fans that wanna tune in and maybe wanna have that like more intimate feel, more membership type of feel.

[00:12:09] Grace Duffy: Mm, absolutely. Well, we couldn’t do this without our friends over at Ecamm, so right.

[00:12:14] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. Speaking away, Jeff, there you go. See, look what, look what she did. I, um, um, one of the things is that, uh, our show is sponsored by Ecamm and we were at their booth. And so if you like to find out more about them, how we do this show, it’s, you know, socialmedianewslive.com/ecamm for slash Ecamm, it’s wonderful.

[00:12:28] They even have stuff for podcasting. Like when I’m done with this show, even I’m going live. All the tracks are split up for me to go ahead and go edit. That’s one of the really, uh, powerful things you can use and I drop it right into descript. And then, uh, it’s, it’s really fast. There’s a, the whole process I do, but it starts with this show here on, uh, on Ecamm and you can once again, find out more socialmedianewslive.com/ecamm for slash Ecamm.

[00:12:49] One of the things I do wanna tell you about if you’re interested in video podcasting, uh, just like what Katie was talking about. And there was, and we’ll talk about this in the show later, but that was a lot of talk at podcast movement was video and video podcasting. Well Ecamm is actually. Leap, uh, into podcasting, which is they’ve, you know, they’ve been Leap live before.

[00:13:08] Well, they’re doing Leap into podcasting at the end of this year. That, I mean, end of this month, actually it starts on the 29th. Uh, it’s a two day virtual event. Grace and I are gonna be speaking there, but you can go to Leap into podcasting.com to sign up, to get, uh, access to that virtual event. It’s gonna be a lot of fun.

[00:13:23] So if you’re interested in this, this is the, the virtual event to go to because there’s gonna be some awesome trainings from some awesome people like Grace, not me, but Grace, Grace will be. So make sure to go check that out. I do wanna do a shout out to some of our friends. We got Gary Stockton, uh, saying good morning, Katie, Jeff and Grace.

[00:13:42] Um, and he also says that a separated audio track is a great feature for podcasters. Um, Seth says, get it, Katie. I hope you mean get, you know, get Grace, not me. Um, but you get it, get it, whatever, get it, whatever it is, get it, Katie. Get it. Our friend crystal Tosh says, Katie’s amazing. Amazing. Hi Grace and Jeff, my people.

[00:14:02] Well, you are our people. And in fact, if you wanna hear crystal, she was a couple episodes ago. I think it was right before we did our live show with Ecamm. We had her on the show. Yeah. She rocked it. She’s amazing. So make sure you go check that out. Jennifer asked is here as well. And then, you know, of course Mia is hanging around.

[00:14:18] So, uh, and Anne says, hi everyone. And we’ve also got people over on Amazon live. So we’ve got cookbook divas, which is such a great name, says good morning from Seattle. So. All sorts of folks tuning in this is a great show. So let’s dive right into it. Um, let’s start, um, I guess from the beginning, so Grace take it away.

[00:14:38] Well, before we kick

[00:14:39] Grace Duffy: off the show today, yes. Perfect place to start the ring. But before we kick off our, our segment here with Katie, well, we’ve already gotten into it, like, but tell us in the comments, those of you watching us live wherever you are, tell us if you have a podcast. Tell us what it is and what it’s about.

[00:14:55] So we can do a little shoutout for you. Yeah. And also let us know if you’re looking to start one, just put, start, and then, uh, but this is the show for you, whether you are an experienced season pro like Jeff and I and Katie, or you’re just a beginner. Like we were like two years ago, maybe well, Justin been doing this for a lot longer.

[00:15:13] I’m almost, I just kind of,

[00:15:14] Jeff Sieh: I know Gary has one, so Gary, make sure you drop your, uh, podcast in the comment. So let’s like cross promote each other. If you see some links, something that interests you go there, leave a rating review, listen to the podcast because that’s a great way to help each other out. Uh, so drop those.

[00:15:26] This is high praise

[00:15:27] Grace Duffy: from crystal here. She says, Katie inspired me to start a podcast after Lima. My favorite thing ever now I just have fun. Yes. Yes. And by the way, listen to Crystal’s podcast. It was the past the, was it past the BS? Is that the, is that the sensor

[00:15:43] Jeff Sieh: grading? I, yeah, that’s the censored one and Gary’s got one, the small business matters podcast.

[00:15:47] So, um, he’s an absolute beginner. But he’s got not, you’ve already, I think after seven episodes is what they usually cancel is what they say. So you’re already ahead of the game there, Gary. Yeah. Way to go

[00:15:57] Grace Duffy: already ahead of game already successful, but let’s start from the beginning. Like the first thing we want, we want to talk about is how you, what you have to establish when you’re getting started or looking to streamline your production.

[00:16:10] Like we mentioned, at the beginning of today’s show that your segment at podcast movement was all about consistently recording and publishing a podcast. And it can be a challenge for any creator, whether you’ve been doing this for nine episodes or 90, it’s the booking, the scheduling, the recording and everything, plus engaging your audience and building your community.

[00:16:30] As you mentioned in your talk, it can be very overwhelming very quickly without a system. So let’s start with what is the first thing that we should establish if we’re looking to start or streamline our product. .

[00:16:43] Katie Brinkley: Yeah. So I think that one of the first things, when you’re, when you’re deciding, Hey, a podcast is for me is decide if you wanna have it be a solo show or an interview show.

[00:16:52] what this one is, or if you wanna have a co-host now I definitely think that with the that you want to, make sure that you have an outline of what type of show you want to, to consistently talk about, like I said before, my podcast started by interviewing Denver based business owners. but then I started getting a lot more people in my network and I wanted to hear their stories, their advice, their tips.

[00:17:18] And so as the show went through, I started breaking out my season. So first, thing you want to decide is what type of show format you want to do. And then. Very first thing is to record three episodes. if you can have those three episodes recorded before you even publish them, it’s going to make it so that you’re already ahead of the game.

[00:17:42] You have three episodes out, and now you can focus on getting that next guest, which will lead you into batching your podcast. The last thing you wanna be doing is, oh my gosh, I have an interview show and then there’s nobody to interview tomorrow. And that’s, one of the things that happened with me when I was first getting started.

[00:18:01] Jeff Sieh: right. Yeah. I think we’ve all been there where like, oh, I, I have to put out more content and being consistent is I think the biggest things people struggle with when they get started for us. And it’s, and, and we’ll talk about this probably a little bit later. Yeah. One of the things, and, and I’ve talked with my friend, Eric Fisher, who’s another OG podcaster as well as Lu Mongiello, who was there.

[00:18:20] Who’s like a super OG, uh, podcaster. I hope he didn’t hear me say that, but, um, the thing is, is when you do live video, it’s really hard to batch. Like you can’t like, yeah. So like Grace and I, what we’ve had to do in the past, like we wanna take Christmas break. We still wanna have an episode. We’ve had to like record one earlier in the week and get it out.

[00:18:38] So there’s pros and cons. Um, when we get into the video podcasting, we’ll talk about like, you could do video podcasting and batch it too, but it just won’t go out live. So there’s pros and cons to each. So go ahead, Katie.

[00:18:51] Katie Brinkley: You, I was gonna say, I was gonna say too, one of the things with, with having the live podcast episode, like what you guys are doing is it’s great for that interaction.

[00:18:59] You’re able to have people come right in, they can ask their questions and it really makes people feel like they are a part of the show. And, and that’s the type of format that you. Chose to go with. Right. I absolutely love the live element for it, but if someone’s having a hard time, just even remaining consistent or getting started, I think that starting with that recorded the recorded batched sort of content and then, uh, releasing, maybe going live with a schedule that you can like, okay, well, I’ve been able to find guests consistently that can show up at Tuesdays at, at noon.

[00:19:34] Mm-hmm . Um, what about if we, what if we go ahead and, you know, start in incorporating the live show, the live element and, um, and get started that way. So I think that you guys are both seasoned pros, so I, I, I definitely think that with live it, it was probably a very easy entry for you, but just getting started.

[00:19:51] It can seem, I definitely feel like it can seem overwhelming to, to bring in the live element, um, especially for finding.

[00:19:57] Jeff Sieh: It’s yeah, I would. So I did this all wrong. Yeah. I did it the back. So me and I were talking yeah. Like me and I, when we started, we started with live and then I I’ve always taken the live and made a podcast out of it just because yeah.

[00:20:08] I’m lazy. And I wanted repurpose, so I did it the wrong way, but the way Katie says to do it, if you’re getting started, that’s probably the easiest, it’s the best way to build momentum, I would think because yeah. Okay. You’re used to what you’re doing. You got a thing and then you can add stuff later. I did it the hardest way, uh, possible.

[00:20:24] when I first started, uh, Gary has a good point here. Um, I wanted to pull up because this is another option. So like Dave Jackson invites podcasters to come into the show on Saturdays for his school podcasting he’s appeared there a couple of times. So that’s a great idea is like, you know, if you have a, a show that’s coming out like a weekly show and then having one day of the month where you have something like what Dave Jackson does and brings in somebody, that would be a way to even, you know, slowly integrate that as well.

[00:20:50] Cuz you could have some time in between shows. So thanks. Uh, Gary for that, uh, one of the questions Katie I wanted to ask is like, You know, there’s always the talk of tools and all that stuff. So what tools do you use to create your podcast and what do you recommend to like people who ask you how to get started or even to your clients?

[00:21:09] Katie Brinkley: Yeah. So, you know, you, I, I think a lot of people are like, okay, so you need to have, um, a really good microphone. You need to have like all of the, all of the things, but really, I, I think that just trying to find, uh, a platform where you can remain record your, your, your podcast. Um, I use, uh, Riverside FM and you can have the separate audio tracks.

[00:21:33] There’s Ecamm here. If you’re using a lot of video. So find a platform that you can remain consistent with for producing your podcast and then get a microphone. That’s I mean, the sure. That’s what I use typically. Um, but it doesn’t need to be the most expensive microphone right out the bat. If I think that when people are getting started with their podcast, they, they were like, okay, well I need all these things.

[00:22:00] This can cost me a grand just to get started. Um, but really find there’s there’s a lot of ’em out there. I think that there’s like the blue Yeti, which is maybe $200 mm-hmm and it’s not a bad microphone at all, and you can plug it right into your computer. So start with a, a good microphone. So you sound better than, you know, AirPods here, but just get started and utilizing some of these platforms.

[00:22:22] I, like I said, I use, uh, Riverside, um, but there’s, Ecamm here and there’s different re Streaming there’s fireside. Um, when, when my podcast, uh, across the pond, Got started with video mm-hmm we were using fireside. Right. And one of the reasons why I liked fireside was because we still had the live studio element.

[00:22:45] We still had the audio tracks. We still had the video option and mic host. He, he had, he didn’t have a microphone. All he had was the, the plugins. Right. And he sounded pretty darn good. So just getting started and trying these different tools out is going to help you. Um, I think build out your confidence and incorporate that high end look and feel and sound, uh, uh,

[00:23:12] Grace Duffy: oh,

[00:23:13] Jeff Sieh: Uh, oh, and a good internet connection would be something that you wanna make sure it’s solid

[00:23:18] Grace Duffy: internet connect.

[00:23:18] Well, you know, but here’s the thing, right? About a live show. We, we run the risk of this because it’s all about your internet connect, connect, the camera she’s coming backs. Perfect. But, uh, I just, just so that that’s part of being live, that that’s right. But you know, this is, and the podcast, people watching this as a podcast that didn’t happen.

[00:23:35] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. We can edit that

[00:23:36] Grace Duffy: out. That’s the thing, which is another reason why going, going, uh, just doing audio only has its benefits. So let’s see.

[00:23:42] Jeff Sieh: We’re used to the stuff breaking. Yeah. It’s just like, this is just, we just, we just can’t have nice things. Okay. So this is a great question. This is from Ann, Anna.

[00:23:51] She goes, uh, what Katie, what Mike do you use please? And probably the one that you use for your podcast, not the one you have on right. Yeah, can you, and you can’t hear us? Not at all. I think that she uses, why don’t you come? She said

[00:24:04] Grace Duffy: she mentioned the, okay, so she mentioned the blue Yeti. So that is a pretty common entry level.

[00:24:09] And I don’t mean entry level in a bad way. I just mean that like it’s accessible, like, and ever since the pandemic, Jeff, like I’ve been seeing more and more podcasting video equipment just at the corner aisles of target and Walmart, right? Yeah. So like my Elga Keylight here, I picked up a target one day.

[00:24:27] Right, right. and I, I, you have a beautiful mic. You have a beautiful, sure. Right there. Yes. This right here. Everyone thinks it’s a much higher end mic than it is because I have this like cage on it. Mm-hmm but this is actually an at 2020, which is pretty affordable. And I have been using this since I started live Streaming and no one knows.

[00:24:49] I mean, I could probably get a high end mic at this point, but like, so it’s not that hard to get started. It, it just basic basic and not spend a ton of money on your equipment. So,

[00:24:58] Jeff Sieh: yeah. So, and I started with the blue Yeti did it for actually, I started with my, what was on my laptop, uh, and used that for a long time.

[00:25:06] If you go back to YouTube, you can see some of the. The janky stuff. And that was before even me and I were doing things. And then I upgraded to the blue Yeti, my friend, Shannon Hernandez, who works for a radio station, recommended it to me. And I used that for years. And then I got the high PR 40, which I love, which is a great microphone.

[00:25:23] Uh, and then the sure, which Katie, I believe says that she uses at home is at the M seven or the SM seven B. Which one do you. The

[00:25:30] Katie Brinkley: I use the SM seven B. Right. I don’t have that fancy white one that one’s so pretty. I’m very jealous

[00:25:35] Jeff Sieh: of it. Yeah. So if you want it’s down there, but one of the things, you know, they will forgive bad video, but they won’t forgive good audio, so bad audio.

[00:25:41] So you wanna make sure you can get the best one and learn how to, you know, set the gain. Right. All that kind of stuff. Um, and you know, like she said that you can get good ones for under a hundred dollars. You like this. Sure. Right here that I’m talking on right now is listed right now as $249. So, you know, you can upgrade, you don’t have to stay with what you have once you start getting some momentum and you know, you’re gonna stick with it.

[00:26:03] It’s worth upgrading your microphone. So a couple of questions, uh, yeah, Gary says I have done this with jackhammers outside his door, so don’t feel bad. Uh, Katie, but, uh, yeah. Um, one tool that Gary says he uses also is the, um, waves, audio creator, toolkit, which I am unfamiliar with, but I’m gonna have to go.

[00:26:21] Check that out because, um, that sounds like I need a new tool. So, um, Katie, what do you use

[00:26:26] Grace Duffy: to edit your, yeah, so we record the audio. We we’ve, we’ve already talked a lot about the tools that we’re using to edit, to recapture the audio. Uh, what do you use to edit once the podcast is done

[00:26:38] Katie Brinkley: recording? So I edited in all of my podcast episodes in garage band.

[00:26:44] I’m a Mac user. I was using using garage band to edit everything and it worked really well. Um, I know that there’s a lot of different tools out there where you can actually edit right in the, the, uh, the, the player mm-hmm . So, but one of the things that, that I did over the past, Six months was I started delegating.

[00:27:03] And when I, I brought in a podcast editor, that was one of the things I, I hadn’t realized how much it was taking up my time, uh, how much time it was taking up with this podcast because you allow the, the hour to record. And that’s really all I was taking into account. But once I started tracking how long it was taking me to find guests to send out the emails, to make sure that they knew how to use all the equipment to then record the episode, to then edit the episode that upload, upload it to the, the server, you know, all that was taking me a lot of time.

[00:27:37] And so one of the things that I was able to delegate out pretty pretty quickly was my podcast production. And it made a world of difference because then all I had to do was find, focus on finding my guests and recording the episodes. So I use a, a. product, a software, a company called pod machine mm-hmm and I send off everything to them.

[00:28:01] I get all of it back in a Google drive. They upload it to Acast for me. Um, you know, it’s, it really streamline a lot of my workflow once I contract it out, just that part of editing my podcast. And it, it really, I mean, I don’t do a lot of editing with, with my podcast. I, I try to make it as raw as right as possible, but, you know, it’s, it was one of the things that it took at least 30 minutes, maybe an hour back of my work week back and gave me that time to focus on other aspects of my.

[00:28:35] So that’s so I

[00:28:36] Jeff Sieh: have a, oh, go ahead. I was gonna say, is she talked specifically about this? I think it’s two episodes ago with the, the, the gal from Disney that was used to work for. Yeah. Yeah. Uh, so go check that out because they kind of dove into this and how much time you can actually take back. I still edit.

[00:28:50] I’m like Gary here. I still edit my podcast and do editing for other people, but I do, um, now have a team that does our video clips. If you follow us on Twitter, uh, you’ll see that we have all the clips of our shows and stuff. So that is something I do delegate out now because, uh, it does suck up a lot of time.

[00:29:07] I enjoy it, but I’m like, mm, I could do better work with something

[00:29:10] Katie Brinkley: else. well, that that’s so true. I mean, like, it’s not that it’s not that hard to, to, to edit it. I mean, but the time that it was taking me and, and the video clips, like you said, mm-hmm like, this is a video podcast and video is, is, is everything.

[00:29:25] Yeah. So if you can get those clips and have somebody that’s like, okay, well I’m already editing the video. I’m just gonna grab these three clips from the podcast for them to share on social. I mean, that’s repurposing to the max mm-hmm so it’s, it’s great that I love the fact that you’re using them, just at least for getting you some of that shorter form content and for the video

[00:29:45] Jeff Sieh: aspect.

[00:29:46] Oh, we repurpose everything like, um, yeah. Yeah. It’s it’s ugly. I mean, I do. I mean, it’s like, I always squeeze it all out, so, uh, I wanna bring up this because this goes back to and Mia as an OG, like she’s been on since there’s been video on the web and she, same thing. Yes. We went with the mic on the log check camera, then the blue Yeti, and now I’m with the, at, uh, 2005 and now she needs to upgrade the, to this mic.

[00:30:09] Mike, this mic M is on Amazon. You can get it at my right down. It’s highlighted Mike SEL right now. Jeff do live. Um, but anyway, sorry, she she’ll get that. But, uh, and Gary said it is a huge commitment. Most bosses don’t realize how much time. Oh, preach it brother, because, uh, yeah, I’ve been there trying to convince bosses like this.

[00:30:29] This is work, Jeff.

[00:30:30] Grace Duffy: Jeff you work for

[00:30:31] Jeff Sieh: yourself. I know, but I have to tell myself that is a lot of time, so yes, yes. And I also, this is a great, uh, great thing too, that Gary says is, uh, I also have an amazing Grace to, to help power the podcast. Yes. G you have no idea how much stuff that Grace does behind the scenes.

[00:30:50] She is the true hero. I just walk in the door at the end. So, um, so let’s go onto our, our, uh, you know, next section, we’ve kind of gone off a topic, but you had a question Grace, that you wanted to. Oh,

[00:31:03] Grace Duffy: yeah. So I, I just wanted to point out that a lot of people that, uh, in my life don’t know what I do for a living.

[00:31:09] And so they really don’t know as they’re getting started, that like, there are people that you can hire to do these little things for you. And they are big things, not, not to downgrade, but these things that, um, like editors and people to write your transcripts for you. So where do you find these people?

[00:31:26] If you’re, if you’re not in the know or you don’t have the great connections that the three of us do.

[00:31:31] Katie Brinkley: Yeah. You know, and I think that, uh, it’s you brought up a really good point, Grace, with like, you don’t realize how much time is taking you and I wasn’t realizing, so I, one of the things that, uh, my business coach had me do was track my time.

[00:31:43] Cause I was like, I don’t know how I’m gonna be able to ski get. Customers in because I don’t have the time. And so for two weeks straight, I, I literally tracked every aspect of my day from Sieh opening up emails that went to go get coffee. I tracked all of it. I used toggle, which is T O G G L. And everything was tracked for two weeks.

[00:32:05] And that’s where I really learned like, okay, the podcast has really taken me about four or five hours a week and I’m only accounting for an hour. So how can I get those four to five hours back? And that was how I figured out. Okay. The podcast is the first thing that I need to find, uh, an outsource for.

[00:32:21] So, um, like I said before, I used pod machine, um, they were also at podcast movement. They had a booth there. I found them at podcast. Um, I’ve been satisfied with them. Edit everything they do the transcriptions. Uh, but I mean, word of mouth is huge. I utilize Facebook groups to find, um, different people to, to interview and to talk with I’m part of, uh, you know, like Denver marketing, mavens, and, uh, you know, just different, different, uh, Facebook groups, but don’t discount, you know, like fiber.

[00:32:53] Um, that was where I actually found my very first podcast editor. He was, he was great. He was, um, over in the Ukraine and he did an awesome job. So you can find a lot of people on fiber that, um, can get you started, but, uh, ask your network, post a message on Facebook, ask it on Twitter. And it’s, I always try to go through referral marketing first to, to find contract help, uh, before I, I head on out to, you know, the interwebs.

[00:33:21] Gotcha. Gotcha.

[00:33:23] Grace Duffy: Good idea. So how far ahead do you plan your show topics and your guests now? So our show is very much tied to like the news. And so we are very much running, probably a little bit longer planning or, you know, shorter rather than planning long term. And I know that it would be a lot less stressful if we could plan long term.

[00:33:41] But how far ahead do you plan topics and guests for your show?

[00:33:45] Katie Brinkley: Well, I’m not live, so I do think that if you are having a live show, like what you guys have versus a, batched show, or pre-recorded show like what I utilize, it’s completely different. I, definitely try to find people that are up to date with the latest trends and I will move, episodes around, but I’m afforded that luxury because I have a, workflow in place.

[00:34:11] whether it’s. Finding so I had Judy Fox come on to talk about LinkedIn newsletters. because they had come out, like on Monday. And I was like, okay, I saw her. And I was like, Hey, can you come on my podcast? And I was able to put it out two weeks later, it was still newer news. since I had other stuff batched, I was able to just move a podcast episode.

[00:34:32] So what I do is I record every single Wednesday between 10 and one, and that’s when my guests can, come on and they can book it. And if it’s not for another, three weeks, that’s where I’m like, okay, this is more of a trending topic. I need to get them in sooner. How can we get this recorded on a Thursday or a Tuesday?

[00:34:52] But by batching, my, shows in may, I opened up Wednesdays and Thursdays. So I was recording two episodes a week, at least. And it got me through, the summer and it allowed me still to put in that timely news, Shows where like, again, Judy came in, I think the third week of, July or June, and we talked about LinkedIn newsletters and it was trending and since I already had stuff done recorded, all I had to do was just move it another week out.

[00:35:22] So, set up a, scheduled recording time for your guests to, come on. even if you already have, those three shows, you should have a three show cushion for your podcast. So right now I’m recording shows that are gonna come out the first week of October. If, we talk about something that’s breaking news, I have the ability to move stuff around.

[00:35:49] Jeff Sieh: So that is awesome. So like Mia says, uh, batching is, uh, so smart and I totally agree with that. In fact, batching sounds heavenly, cuz sometimes we like, we were like, uh, you know, there, so. You do a trade off. Like I love being able to, my thing is always community.

[00:36:07] I love being able to bring in Mia’s comment and Gary’s, and, you know, uh, everybody asking questions. Um, and I that’s what like gives me fire and I love talking to the community. Um, but sometimes it would be nice to batch. So there is that trade off. One of the things that I wanted to ask you, because I think it’s pat Flynn who says that, uh, and I would love to know your take on that.

[00:36:27] He says it’s better not to batch your content as a beginner so that you can learn from your mistakes faster. Um, I, I don’t know what I think about. I, I all, I’m all about learning from my mistakes, but I don’t wanna sometimes have my mistakes be so public. So what is your, what is your thought on that? Uh, Katie?

[00:36:44] Katie Brinkley: Well, that, uh, I’ll make my mistake very public right now. Uh, so when I, when I first got started, I was utilizing LinkedIn to find guests and I was reaching out to people that had a certain, you know, like owner title that lived in the Denver area. And I was trying to make those connections over on LinkedIn.

[00:37:01] Well, during the pandemic, people had a lot of extra time on their hands. Oh yeah. So I just gave them my open calendar. And one day I recorded six podcast episodes. Um, that’s batching to the extreme. Um, I, it was, I was extremely burnt out. I don’t even know like what I was saying by the time the last podcast episode came out.

[00:37:21] Because as you guys know, like you have to have some energy, you have to kind of bring it whenever you are recording a podcast and it’s hard to be on for, for seven hours. So I think that that was too much batching and there was things that we were saying where, um, here’s, here’s another good example. I was a guest on someone’s show and I was, we were skiing and so, or getting ready to go skiing.

[00:37:43] And so I was talking about, oh, it’s snowing right now. Da, da, da. And like on the. Well, when the episode came out, it was like the first week of October. So it was a 10 month lag time from when we recorded until it came out. And I was like, well, now I just kind of sound like, where the heck does this girl live?

[00:37:58] That she’s getting ready to go skiing. Right. And it’s the first week of October. So, I mean, that’s, I think extreme BA batching mm-hmm um, you, you can, I like the, the three week kind of, uh, batching cushion that I have, because then it allows me to still be somewhat timely, uh, with the, the news that we talk about or with the, the topic that we’re talking about, but I’m not recording eight podcast episodes in one day and getting burnt out and everything is still pretty relevant.

[00:38:28] So again, I keep going back to when you’re first getting started, have those three episodes, because then you’ll have that three. Kind of batching timeline and then just open up one day a week, uh, that your guests can book or two, if you’re just getting started like Wednesdays and Thursdays, like maybe Wednesday afternoons and Thursday mornings that they can choose from.

[00:38:48] And that way you won’t get burnt out and you’ll still continue to stay a little bit ahead.

[00:38:53] Jeff Sieh: So I think that’s, those are great points and I’m gonna, I’m gonna break protocol Grace to ask one more question, but Mia says, uh, I like the combo of batching and, and on the fly, uh, PS Katie’s place in Steamboat is amazing.

[00:39:04] So very, very cool. So, um, once again, I’m gonna, I’m gonna ask this question because hashtag free consulting, uh, but let’s discuss what happens after your show, like yes. How do you streamline getting your show notes out your transcripts out and like your, your follow up publication, you know, promotion after you publish?

[00:39:22] So what, how do you.

[00:39:24] Katie Brinkley: so don’t discount Trello, um, Trello, Asana, those project management tools. Um, I come from corporate and using those project management tools that I was like, when I started my own business, I was like, I’m never using these things again. Bye. Um, because it, it sounds horrible, right. Uh, when I say like, alright, less implemented project management flow, but if you utilize Trello boards and have everything in there from like, okay, this is when I’m going, the guest is gonna book.

[00:39:52] This is when I’m gonna record. Okay. It’s recorded now. It’s, I’m gonna move this card over to here and it’s in the postproduction phase and it allows you to one, keep everything in one spot. So if I publish the episode, um, for, with cab, you know, which came out two weeks ago, mm-hmm and let’s say, I wanna publish it, like talk about it again and kind of give it some, some fresh life or some new blood I keep like, okay, where did I put that video clip?

[00:40:19] And I don’t have to go through a Google drive or like try and find it in email. And it’s right there in the Trello board with the rest of the podcast episode. So I utilize Trello boards and you really just have to set it up once. And once you set it up, you can record yourself using a tool like loom L O O m.com mm-hmm

[00:40:41] And you get, I think like five minutes free for, um, you know, for like 20 videos. But I recorded myself as it was record as, as I went through process of uploading the episode. Okay, now I have the guest and now I’m gonna move it over here. And this is where I’m gonna put the video files. And that was the training video for my assistant.

[00:41:00] So I just did it once. That was their training video. And now you’ve delegated that part of your podcast production out. So utilize Trello boards and it helps you keep everything or, or Asana, or, um, I think there’s notion, but use the project management tool and, and set it up once. And then it’ll help you really, again, streamline your workflow.

[00:41:19] So you can hand off other aspects of. The podcast production process.

[00:41:24] Jeff Sieh: So that’s mic drop number one right there. So, uh, that was, that’s gonna be clipped out and re-shared everywhere. Uh, that was some great, uh, some tips. Uh, in fact, I do, uh, GEI Kawasaki’s remarkable people podcast, and we use Trello a lot.

[00:41:37] So peg fit, Patrick has got an amazing Trello board. That’s what I look at to see what to work on next, what, you know, guest is coming up, you know, so it’s, it’s really, really, uh, cool. Uh, and I do wanna do a shout out to, uh, hi, Jeff and Grace and Katie from Lou M. And I believe that’s my friend Lu man Angelo, who he just gotta hang out with at, uh, um, podcast movement.

[00:41:57] He is an OG podcaster. In fact, he’s got something I’m gonna do a little shout out for him because he’s just a nice guy. Um, and he won a roader too. Gosh, what, uh, I was right behind him too. I could have signed up and I could have won. Um, but, uh, he’s got a great thing coming out called, uh, momentum. It is actually a 50 it’s limits to 50 people.

[00:42:16] It’s uh, his mastermind. Um, he’s got a couple seats left. I’m gonna be speaking there. He announced, uh, on Wednesday, the speakers, uh, Duncan Wardle, who’s this, he used to be like the head of, um, like innovation at Disney. He’s gonna be one of the speakers. It’s gonna be amazing. You can find out more about that and you can come see me at, you can go to Luman, jello.com and I think it’s slash momentum where you can find out more about that.

[00:42:38] So, uh, very, very cool. Yes. Um, you need to stop

[00:42:42] Grace Duffy: telling us well, old, old GS, I think jeez, well seasoned it’s we are well

[00:42:47] Katie Brinkley: seasoned.

[00:42:48] Jeff Sieh: Lou is very Sieh if you still watch it, he’s very seasoned. Cuz we went out we’re seasoned. He is very seasoned. So next section, when we kind of hinted about it a little bit is live video podcasting, which is what we’re doing, but it’s a big topic at this year’s podcast movement.

[00:43:04] Was this video podcasting, especially with the news, this just came out that week with, uh, YouTube doing a podcasting thing that we’re it’s podcastings are showing up on YouTubes. There was a lot of strong opinions, uh, pros and cons. You know, we’re a live show. We’ve always been a live show. That’s distributors a podcast, and we’ve seen the benefits of being a live show, like repurposing content, allowing us to engage directly.

[00:43:27] And in real time it keeps us consistent week after week. So, uh, you know, we’ve kind of gotten your take on this already, Katie. Um, but you know, if you’re not already live Streaming, do you think it’s worth the investment? With this whole YouTube podcasting thing for discoverability and search. What are your thoughts on that?

[00:43:44] Because you kind of teased that you were thinking about doing that with Riverside, cuz you have that capability mm-hmm um, is that like on your, your roadmap of what you’re gonna start doing? So

[00:43:55] Katie Brinkley: I I’m happy, I have a different roadmap for it because I do think that there’s a huge element to showing up live, but it’s really hard for finding guests for batching, all the things we talked about earlier.

[00:44:08] And so what I was planning on doing was implementing, uh, fireside into my podcast production. Um, and again, we, we, we talked about, uh, a little bit, they were the keynotes at a podcast movement, but one of the things that I like about it is that you could sell it almost as a membership. So the people that know about it, they can buy tickets like, like a Patreon or they buy me a coffee.

[00:44:33] And if they wanna show up to the live show. and be a part of the audience, be a part of the interaction you could sell it, uh, as that way of like, okay, well, if you wanna show up live mm-hmm , you can, you know, pay $5 a month and you get to watch it, you know, live, or you can listen to it two days later when the podcast a, uh, airs.

[00:44:52] I think that too, like with what you guys are doing here, not this is still a podcast. Yeah. We’re going live and there’s, there’s a bunch of people watching right now. They have the time to, to, to pop in, but maybe they missed beginning and they they’re, they’ve missed all that stuff about Trello. So now they wanna go back and listen to the podcast.

[00:45:09] So I think that incorporating a live element of it is a very smart idea. Um, hope, hopefully it, it, it causes enough people to be like, ah, I wanna listen to the first half of that episode or, um, I am just more of a, an audio person. So I think that incorporating video is essential for your, for your podcast.

[00:45:28] Whether or not, you wanna go live, you do just have, need to have a, a bigger roadmap and a really strong, uh, guest kind system. Um, we talked about this in my session a bit about how to find guests and that I feel like it can be one of the harder aspects of, of a podcast, uh, production, you know, especially when you’re live.

[00:45:50] Uh, so one of the things that I use there’s there’s agencies out there, but my favorite tool is something called pod match.com mm-hmm um, and it’s, it’s great because it’s it as a, as a show, you can be on there or as just a guest. And so you have a ton of people that want to be on podcasts, and if somebody wants to be on your show, You’re gonna be able, Hey, we show it’s a live show on Fridays.

[00:46:18] If they really wanna be there, then they’re gonna make it work for you. So it’s not, it’s not so much of like, Hey, who, who the heck am I gonna find this week? You have an entire directory of people that you can, that you can connect with and you get four new connections, um, a day. So, I mean, that’s a lot of people that you can connect with.

[00:46:34] Um, if, if you have the elite package, I think you’d get like 20 a day. So that’s some serious, uh, guests connecting, but it’s like match.com for, for podcasters. And it’s one of my favorite tools for finding guests. And if you’re utilizing something like that for, for, if you’re an interview show, then it will absolutely make staying consistent and incorporating this live aspect a lot easier.

[00:46:56] Jeff Sieh: Yeah, my problem. When I’m on those directories, they always swipe the wrong way. They’re like get around, swipe him, swipe left. Um, no, it’s not like Tinder. No, but the, uh, the funny thing is, is there’s a lot, there’s actually some agencies, I think there’s one called interview valet, and there’s some other ones that will do the same Gusto.

[00:47:12] Yeah. There’s some services that will do that to help, you know, get those, those match you, those people up. Um, which I think is really good. Now tell me this, Katie. I would, and I’ve told other beginning podcasters and, and people this, I think because of video and the stuff that’s coming out with YouTube, that if you’re starting a podcast, even if you’re not going to put it out right away, you still should capture the video element.

[00:47:36] Katie Brinkley: Oh yeah. Okay. I mean like, think about, think about like reels. I mean, mm-hmm, yeah. Utilizing it for YouTube shorts for, for your Facebook group. Anything you need to be recording. Your podcast with video. I, I it’s, it’s rare now that I feel that I found somebody that has me come on and it’s just the audio mm-hmm, always, always, always have the video, even if you’re not going live, because the content you are going to be able to create with that video is going to do wonders for your social media presence for your podcast growth, whether or not you wanna use this clip as an ad or, or again, like I keep going back to reels and TikTok.

[00:48:20] It’s going to give you so much more content. So absolutely record your re uh, your, your video, your podcasts, um, and it it’ll make a world of difference. I mean, that’s part of the re reason you have a podcast, right. Is to have more content and right, this, this is just more content that you can, you can push out

[00:48:36] Jeff Sieh: there.

[00:48:37] So a couple things with that, we’ve had some, cuz I’m been really trying to get guy to do this on his show. Uh, there’s some people who really don’t wanna be camera ready. And so you need to make sure when you actually are telling them, like this is gonna be video and we’ll record it, it’s not going out live, but we’re gonna record it.

[00:48:51] It may be used for this. And I think also like I had the, um, I was blessed to be able to go on Lou show and we talked about some of the stuff that I was able to do at Disney. And, um, he has with all his guests, he has his, it’s a zoom call and you have that interactivity. So it’s not just looking like at a bubble or an icon, like back in the old days when you’d be on a podcast and you.

[00:49:12] Just, you know, you’re trying to say bandwidth and you like trying to get the best audio. So, but you, so you have that, you have that interaction and you can tell stories and there’s facial interactions that going on and being able to capture that and use it later, like you said, is I think good, but just that interactivity, I think makes a big difference when you can see the person you’re talking to.

[00:49:29] So

[00:49:30] Katie Brinkley: well, and, and Jeff, Jeff and Grace, one of the things too, that I think, you said camera ready, making sure that your guests know to show up camera ready. When I send out my podcast, booking link, everything is in there. So I’m not actually having to go back and forth and spend time anymore. Hey, can I get your bio?

[00:49:48] Hey, can I get your headshot? Hey, can I have this. So in when they book time to show up onto the show in there, I asked their bio, it asked them to upload a headshot. It asks them, Hey, we are gonna be live on video. Make sure that you show up camera ready. Hey, make sure that you show up with an appropriate microphone.

[00:50:06] it doesn’t need to be a $200 microphone, but make sure that you’re showing up with something other than just your computer microphone. and then it says, Hey, we’re gonna be sharing this on social media. You will get your own social media clips to share. will you share? You know? And so people like understand like, oh, okay.

[00:50:25] So this. I’m gonna be required to share about with my network. Okay. This is gonna be used on video. So I can’t just show up, you know, using my, showing up on Riverside, on my phone or something, so they show up ready and, you don’t have to worry about being like, oh, yeah, this is video.

[00:50:43] you gotta get out of the PJs.

[00:50:46] Grace Duffy: well, I know you, you just have to get just the top has to be ready, right? Yeah. Like just the top, just right. Just up

[00:50:51] Jeff Sieh: here. Yeah. The time it takes to glue on my beard is long, but it’s worth it in the, in the end time. Oh my God. Um, so, uh, one of the things is, is I wanna do another big shout out to the sponsors of the show.

[00:51:02] Ecamm and you can find out more about them at socialmedianewslive.com/ecamm four slash Ecamm. But one of the things I did wanna say about Ecamm is like, you don’t have to use it to go live. You can do it with just what we were talking about earlier is yeah, you can have interviews come on and you’re actually recording the show, uh, live and in a podcast.

[00:51:18] So I just wanna make sure you guys know that you don’t have to go live with Ecamm. You can use it just to record a podcast or a video podcast that you could later upload to YouTube. In fact, right after you’re done, it gives you the option. If you wanna upload that. Do that thing right. To YouTube and, and edit it up there.

[00:51:32] But, um, yeah. So anyway, socialmedianewslive.com/ecamm for slash Ecamm. They’re amazing. And don’t forget if you’re wanting to learn how to do this stuff. At the end of this month, they’re gonna be starting to do the Leap into podcasting. Find out more and sign up for that at Leap into podcasting.com. Grace is gonna be there sharing her awesomeness and I’ll show up too and press some buttons.

[00:51:52] So, um, make sure you guys do that, um, because it’s gonna be a great event. So all next section, Grace, we gotta burn through this because this is you’ve taken up so much time. Grace with all your, your questions, all my questions and intrusions. I know

[00:52:05] Grace Duffy: and audibles all we wanna talk about. I’ll wrap up the show today by talking about podcasting, to grow your business.

[00:52:13] Now we know that podcasting is an amazing opportunity to grow yourself as a personal brand, grow your community. And promote your business, but, so let’s talk about how to do that. There’s already so much going on as digital marketers. I work for a company that we have these two perspectives. I work for a company.

[00:52:30] Jeff works for himself and there’s already so much to do. And, you know, we have the show, we have a, so it feels like a podcast on top of that. It’s just one more thing. So what is, um, why should I start a business podcast? What are the benefits?

[00:52:44] Katie Brinkley: Oh man, there’s so many benefits and it, it’s not, it’s not just for, you know, having the opportunity to grow your business.

[00:52:53] The thing that my podcast, my podcast did for me was it grew my network. And if you are a, if you are a local based business or if you are a, a business that does do needs a lot of networking and referral, uh, marketing, it’s huge. So, okay. Let’s just pretend that you are a realtor. Why should a realtor have a podcast?

[00:53:15] Well, they could go out and interview different small business owners throughout their local community. They could go and interview, uh, the, the boutique on main street and the new coffee shop that just opened and hear their story by doing that. Now, the, the coffee shop owner knows the Hey, I was on this, this podcast with a realtor.

[00:53:37] Um, and we talked all about my PO my coffee shop and why I have it. I’m gonna share it with all my friends and family. I’m gonna put a sign out there saying, Hey, listen to this episode. And everyone that comes and listens to it now, they’re like, oh, well, if I wanna live in this area, that guy that I listen to on the podcast, um, I should maybe use him as my realtor.

[00:53:56] So it helps you grow your network. I think that a lot of people think of podcasting just for the, the downloads and the sponsorships. But really if you think about it as a business and how can I meet more people? How can I talk to PE? I mean, Jeff, I feel like I saw you speak on stage pre pandemic, um, at social media marketing world in 2020 mm-hmm and I loved what you had to share.

[00:54:24] And you know, one of the things that I never would imagine is that I would be here on, on your show, you know, and I it’s, it’s all because of having the different networks and being able to connect with people. And, you know, I’ve had Judy Fox on my show and sub Zimmerman, and I mean, I’ve had people that I’ve seen speak on stage before and now they’re coming on my show and having a one-on-one conversation with me.

[00:54:47] Mm-hmm . So if there’s people that you want to talk to, there’s people that you want to have a conversation with. If you have a podcast, you have the opportunity to sit down one on one with them and kind of pick their brain, hear all of their best tips and build a relationship with them. So whether it’s networking, whether it’s you want, you wanna talk to people in your industry that you admire and that you find value from.

[00:55:11] Podcasting for business is, is an incredible way of, of just growing your business and growing your network. So, uh, sorry. That was really, really long, but think that no, hashtag free

[00:55:24] Jeff Sieh: consulting is all about it. Yeah, that’s

[00:55:25] Katie Brinkley: true. Yeah. Well, I think that a lot of people just get caught up in the, in like the sponsors, they just get caught like, well, how can I, how can I, you know, get to 10,000 downloads a month and make money off of it and be the next show Rogan, go in with a different mindset of how can I build authentic relationships?

[00:55:41] How can I grow my community around my business? And one you’ll have more fun with your podcast, but two, your, your relationships in your network will

[00:55:50] Jeff Sieh: grow. So one of the things too is once I’m gonna go back and hit that repurposing thing, is that when I can take clips and show it on LinkedIn, that like, oh, I was talking to mark Schaffer or Neil Schaffer, or, you know, Mari Smith and put those, you know, the people in our industry who are like people like, oh, These are big people, you know, like these are people to listen to.

[00:56:10] Now, for me, when you said, you’re excited about my show, you need to set your bar a little bit higher, but other than that, I mean, we’re fine. You know, you need some new goals, but, um, uh, but yeah, so, but, but, but being, you know, associated with those and, and becoming just, and this is sounds really, uh, is what I did.

[00:56:26] It’s just by being associated with those people, you become a thought leader, you know, you’re actually just interviewing them and asking smart questions, but that it kind of rubs off, like the people you hang around with kind of rub off on you. It’s the same thing. It’s like, you’re perceived as a thought leader.

[00:56:41] Oh, I had Katie Brinkley on my show. He must know about podcasting, you know, stuff like that. So, I mean, it does, it has that. And I have Grace on because she’s, she’s just amazing. And Jeff must be a little bit of awesome because he things around Grace, just

[00:56:55] Grace Duffy: that’s Jeff writing

[00:56:56] Jeff Sieh: my star. That’s right. I’ve Grace hotels as much as possible happen here.

[00:57:00] All I’m sorry. Go ahead, Grace. She had a question. Well,

[00:57:03] Grace Duffy: yes, I wanted to know what do you think in your opinion, as a podcast, creator, podcast listener, a consumer of podcast, what do you think makes a podcast binge worthy and irresistible and what would make someone want to listen to a business podcast?

[00:57:21] Katie Brinkley: So the biggest thing for, for, for more download, well, not for more downloads, but for why someone would wanna listen is make sure that you are a good listener, um, as a host.

[00:57:31] So when you are interviewing, like, I have a, you know, like maybe five, 10 questions that I will prep prep for every episode. But most of the time I hope I don’t get to. All of those questions. I hope that the conversation goes in a place that they haven’t really ever talked about before. You know, they share shared a story that they’ve never shared on another podcast.

[00:57:52] And it’s by being a good listener and hearing what someone says that can bring out those, those stories. Um, I mean, Netflix, you know, they spent, I think like 30 million in documentaries, you know, last year, people wanna hear stories. People wanna hear other people’s stories and what their tips are and why they think that way.

[00:58:14] And if you can be a good listener and find something like, huh, so they said, she said that she’s gonna be a, you know, trying to implement more Instagram lives. You know, she does social media. Why have you not done it before Katie? You know, like why what’s stopped you in the past. So listen to what someone’s saying and finding that nugget of like.

[00:58:33] That’s interesting. Why would they say that? And really bringing that out? Because if you are thinking that your listener probably is too, and you can tell when, when there’s just a whole bunch of recycled, uh, you know, so tell us where you’re from. Tell us why you started your business, be a good listener, and you’ll be able to find amazing stories that people have never shared before.

[00:58:55] And that’s what people will wanna hear with here to hear and become your biggest fans.

[00:59:01] Jeff Sieh: Awesome. Well, I have one last question and I think for people who are getting started, it’s important. Like, what is the ROI of business podcasting? Like how do you measure success? Because I know some people start a podcast they’ve done 10 episodes or a hundred episodes, and they’re only getting like, you know, 75 to a hundred downloads.

[00:59:20] They’re like, why am I doing this? Why am I struggling to find guests? Why am I doing this to myself each week? Is this even worth it? What do you tell people who are struggling kind of like that? What’s like the ROI of business podcasting.

[00:59:32] Katie Brinkley: So when you are starting out, don’t, don’t look at the, the download numbers, uh, think about there’s some been times where someone has stopped by my office.

[00:59:41] This is not my office, but someone stopped by my office and she was like, excuse me. And I was like, yeah, she’s like, I just wanna let you know, I listened to your podcast. I was like, oh, well, thank you. And she’s like, I love what you shared about Google ads. It was, I’ve been trying Google ads forever, and it’s never worked.

[00:59:54] Don’t worry about the download numbers. If I, if you’re consistently speaking to 70 people in a room, I, you know, somebody that goes out on stage and speaks, I’m happy having 70 people in a room listening to what I have to say. So keep showing up for those 70 people, those 100 people and find the network of people that you want to connect with.

[01:00:16] Because as a business podcast, it can be tricky. It can be hard. And it’s hard not to look at the, the download numbers as right as the, the overlying. Like that’s the key thing. So. Focus in on the network that you’re building with the guests that you’re bringing on. And just think about those 7100, 200 people that are listening every single week, because you are making a difference in their life.

[01:00:37] You are impacting them. And if you’re standing on stage speaking to a hundred people that is quite a, a filled room, so right. Just take it and, and enjoy, enjoy the.

[01:00:48] Grace Duffy: I wanna share a moment of building on that. I wanna share a moment. It was a moment I shared it. So last week, you know, we were live and together in real life recording from the Ecamm stage.

[01:00:59] And we had our friends from, that were at the conference, just like standing in front of us, watching us. And I had a little emotional moment because I know that we go live. Obviously I see the comments I see. Like, I have friends that come on and say, oh, I watched a show about this. It’s great. But watching those people physically standing there in front of us watching us, like was just, that was like the aha moment for me of just like, that was the best moment of the conference for me was just like making that connection of what we’re doing.

[01:01:24] And the people are actually watching us. Like, I was like, Jeff, it’s so emotional. .

[01:01:30] Jeff Sieh: And I just took off my glasses, so I couldn’t see. So that was . That’s how I deal with, you know, we weren’t chopping onion. That’s how I deal with emotions. Yes. So just ignore it, press them down, hold them in, put food on it, put food on.

[01:01:42] It’s eat your feelings. That’s my, that’s my, um, that’s my advice. So Katie, thank you so much for this show that coming on the show today so much great advice for people. Um, and I wanna make sure you have plenty of time to tell people where they can find you, what you got going on and all the things that is all Katie Bri.

[01:02:00] Katie Brinkley: Yeah. So check out my podcast. It’s called Rocky mountain marketing. It comes out every Tuesday and you can connect with me right down there. Next step, social communications. Um, I’m on social media. So connect with me on LinkedIn at Katie Brinkley or on Instagram at I am Katie Brinkley. Thanks so much for having me guys.

[01:02:17] This is

[01:02:17] Jeff Sieh: so much fun. Awesome. And it’s been good. We’re gonna have to have you on again, cuz there’s gonna be, I know more podcasting news happening, uh, later in the year, cuz it’s a, it’s a change in and Grace, the amazing Grace stuffy. Where can we find you? Tell us what’s going on. You can

[01:02:31] Grace Duffy: find me here every week with Jeff.

[01:02:33] Our next show September, uh, September 9th at 11:00 AM. Eastern 10:00 AM central. And you can find us at all the places. And then in between shows you can find me over at V so I, Jeff, you have our

[01:02:43] Jeff Sieh: V link. I do. Of course I do. Right. There you go. socialmedianewslive.com/ecamm com.

[01:02:49] Grace Duffy: Uh, socialmedianewslive.com/ecamm we have a long URL, jeff.com/chat, and you can find us our show there.

[01:02:57] Jeff and I are both on there. I’m there all week long. So come talk to us, drop in your questions and, uh, it’s a great way to connect. So find us there. We’ll

[01:03:06] Jeff Sieh: see you guys next week. Thanks for watching everybody. Bye. Every.

[01:03:10] Katie Brinkley: And promote

[01:03:11] Grace Duffy: your video podcast. I’m Katie

[01:03:13] Katie Brinkley: Fox and I’m doc Brockton, community

[01:03:14] Grace Duffy: manager here at Ecamm and we’re here to help you

[01:03:16] Katie Brinkley: find your flow.

[01:03:18] Guys. This is gonna be a cool show that we’re putting together to help you launch your podcast. If where it’s like editing really freak you out, you’re in the right place. Cuz we’re gonna talk about how it could be much, much easier than what you have likely in your head. We want to give you an opportunity to get with the flow.

[01:03:35] You see what I did there? Yeah. With the flow. I think this is gonna be fun. We do a lot of questions from the community about launching podcasts or running podcasts with Ecamm and thought it’d be a great idea to give you the workflow, like how to do your podcast and ask Katie to come along. First of all, make sure you lock this down.

[01:03:54] Make sure you put this in your podcast. Subscribe so you can get to us as we put these out and you will catch us

[01:03:59] Grace Duffy: Tuesdays

[01:04:00] Katie Brinkley: at 12:00 PM Eastern on YouTube and obviously wherever your favorite podcast, including us. Are listened to come and visit us for the flow. Thank you, Katie. Thank you, doc. And we’ll be in your ears soon.


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