Getting brand deals can be the Holy Grail for many creators. What does it take to get started? How big of an influencer do you have to be? How do you even find brands to partner with? These are just some of the questions we’ll discuss in this episode.

Our special guest is Chris P Giles. He has spent the last 18 years in the entertainment and live events industry and helps entrepreneurs and content creators navigate and monetize in a digital world.

We also have a special guest co-host, Chris Stone from Dealcasters, who has tons of experience working with brands.


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[00:00:00] Jeff Sieh: Hello folks. Welcome to another edition of Social Media News Live. I am so excited to have all of you guys in the house today. I’ve got, uh, two. Oh for my favorite people. I mean the two Chris’s, I know this is gonna be an issue trying to remember who to call on, but we’ll, but we will make do so if you guys are just joining us, we would love it.

[00:00:19] If you would share it across the interwebs. Uh, if, and we’re talking about building brand deals today, and this is something that I wish I would’ve, when I was first started out, I would. Known about. So make sure that you call in your friends who, you know, who are interested in this, you know, at mention them down below, uh, ask your questions because we have two experts.

[00:00:39] Chris is Chris P uh, Chris P is the guest. Chris stone is technically my co-host cuz Grace is out gallivanting around, uh, for the 4th of July holiday. Uh, but, uh, make sure you ask your questions, cuz this is gonna be a really good deal. Um, Chris P where are you at? I’m not even sure where you’re calling in.

[00:01:00] Chris P. Giles: Based in, uh, Charlotte, North Carolina. Okay.

[00:01:03] Jeff Sieh: Very, very cool. Very, very cool. So we’ve got some people already dialing in and, uh, stone Christone. You are from Atlanta, right?

[00:01:14] Chris Stone: or I am, I’m just down the road from Chris. P, um, in, in Atlanta who at three and a half hours away, probably from, uh, from Charlotte. So yeah, I’m, I’m, uh, based here in Atlanta, happy to be on my most favorite live show on the interweb, Social Media News Live and welcome to these like fantastic people who I’m gonna try to do my best Grace Duffy, which means I’ll be completely.

[00:01:42] But I’ll do my best. I’ll do my best. No, there is only one Grace stuff. She’s the amazing Grace is what I call her. That’s that’s true. Everybody needs a

[00:01:52] Jeff Sieh: Grace. So I’m really curious, cuz I noticed this last night when I was another show, I’m not being able to pull in. Some of you guys comments on Facebook?

[00:02:00] Um, it’s just saying Facebook user, but, uh, we got Katie from the UK. We got Rob SBAs, Rob. I thought you were on vacation. So thank you. If you, if you are for joining in, or maybe you just need a vacation from your vacation and decided to come in here. Uh, there’s our friend, Tim, uh, good morning from the bears and the turkeys.

[00:02:19] I don’t know what

[00:02:20] Chris Stone: that means. Yes. He’s in, well, he is in Pennsylvania where it’s like, he looks out his window and there’s like bears and turkeys. Like, you know, Calvan like, uh, you know, out in his, his backyard together. So are they together or? Sure. Sometimes I suppose.

[00:02:34] Jeff Sieh: And there’s Monty, we Monty, thank you for joining in today.

[00:02:37] He goes, let’s talk some money. Yeah. Monty mean, yeah, brand deal goat. He’s another guy that is on top of it. Uh, especially on Amazon live and my friend, Ian ashen gray. From the UK, always making fun of Texas. Howdy. Howdy. Howdy. Thank you. Thank you, Ian. That’s great. So, uh, yeah, we’re talking all about building brand deals.

[00:02:56] So I’m gonna go ahead and hit, go on the podcast machine and we’ll get started. You guys ready? Yes, sir. I think so. All right, here we go. Hello folks. Welcome to Social Media News Live I’m Jeff Sieh and you’re not, and this is the show that keeps you up to date on what’s happening in the world of social.

[00:03:13] On today’s show. We have our friend Chris Giles, and we’re talking all about brand deals and how to get them. Chris, how are you doing today? My friend.

[00:03:21] Chris P. Giles: Hey man. Doing great, man. Appreciate, uh, you having me on how are you?

[00:03:25] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. So if you don’t know who Chris is, let me introduce you to him. Chris P Giles is the founder and lead creator at back black thigh media, where he helps entrepreneurs and content creators.

[00:03:37] And monetize in a digital world. He has spent the last 18 years in the entertainment and live events industry, where he has done everything from DJing, audio engineering, video engineering, and more for live and virtual events. He also currently handles marketing and business development for Jay street productions.

[00:03:56] Uh, Chris, I I’m really did I one, did I pronounce your company? Right? Because I just black tie yeah. Back tie. Okay. And, uh, tell us how you kind of got started. Like give us a brief overview kind of on your journey or your, maybe your superhero origin story, cuz you are a

[00:04:10] Chris P. Giles: superhero in my book. Man, uh, or story, man, look, I got started, um, in production in church, man.

[00:04:16] I, I, I wanted to figure out a way to not have to sit in the service with all the older people. And so, uh, they said, Hey, these young guys, they, they should, they know how to push the buttons. Right. So I got in, uh, into production man in like 15. And so, uh, 18, I got my first set of, uh, CD turntables. I that’s, I wasn’t, I was CD turntables and, um, just started down that path man of entertainment and wanted to do music.

[00:04:37] And, um, so then I’d opened up the door to being able to mix live church events, getting into some of the contemporary stuff and being able to mix some of those bigger bands and then went full time at production man, and started doing a lot of corporate events, um, some music stuff and, uh, 2020. There weren’t no more live events to produce.

[00:04:56] Right, right, right. And so I said, Hey, I got all this gear at home. Well, don’t, I, uh, at first really, I was just like, let me play video games on the internet, you know, since I have nothing better to do with my time. Right. And, uh, man, it turned into a, oh, I can get paid to do this thing. Yeah. Let’s let’s uh, let’s get into it, man.

[00:05:12] And so, uh, man, that’s, that’s how I get online and that’s why my face shows up on the internet now, man, ,

[00:05:18] Jeff Sieh: you know, that’s really funny. It’s kind of a similar story. I started. Doing video stuff in church as well. And I didn’t DJ, but, um, I wanted, the reason I got into computers is because I had to, you know, back in the day and maybe Chris stone remembers this, but dos and all that.

[00:05:33] I wanted to play video games and I had to work on computers cuz they just wouldn’t. You’d have to load those F floppies. I remember. When Stein 3d came out in my college dorm and I was like, this is amazing. This is a whole new world. So anyway, uh, Chris stone, tell us, um, a little bit about your self and, uh, he’s filling in for Grace today, but, uh, he’s amazing.

[00:05:52] I’ve seen him over on deal casters for that’s my favorite show on the interwebs. Uh, so talk about a little bit about, you know, your origin story, how you got there and a little bit about, uh, deal gas. Yeah,

[00:06:04] Chris Stone: I’m Chris stone. I’m not Grace Duffy. And I know a lot of people get us confused. That’s right. Um, so just, I just wanna be there.

[00:06:10] I just wanna make that clear, but, uh, yeah, I’m uh, Chris stone, I’m a cast And I work with motivated entrepreneurs to do their show because they don’t wanna know how the sausage is made. So I do that for them. And I also, co-host a show with my good buddy Jim fuse on Amazon. And. Called a deal casters, and we have a blast, uh, doing it.

[00:06:34] And, uh, that’s how we met, uh, Chris P Giles. Who’s on the show today. Tech talk with Chris, we saw this guy like playing video games and then talking to people as they came in and telling him what computers to buy and what headphones they should be. And I was like, okay, this guy knows what he’s doing. This guy knows what he’s talking about.

[00:06:52] And, uh, we became fast. So much so that, uh, we, uh, were able to meet in person for the first time down in Orlando at, uh, pod Fest and vid Fest on an entire day, uh, Friday for, uh, for Amazon and be able to, uh, help other people go live on Amazon. Like, uh, like Ian Anderson, gray is now and that’s right. Just, uh, just crushing it.

[00:07:13] So looking forward to, uh, to chopping it up with you, gentlemen. Yeah. So,

[00:07:18] Jeff Sieh: uh, and I was at, I gotta meet Chris GOs there as well at, uh, in Florida. So that was really, really cool. Cause I had been watching as well. I stalk a lot of people just want, let you to know. So he probably didn’t know he had all creep at all, but I stalk a lot of people.

[00:07:32] So, uh, I was watching his

[00:07:33] Chris P. Giles: shows over on it’s. Okay. I was watching YouTube, man. It’s all good. That’s

[00:07:35] Jeff Sieh: alright. See, it’s easy. Yeah. So, uh, before, you know, we talked about, you know, meeting people and one of the things I wanna do a big shout out to my friends over at E. And you can find out more about them at slash Ecamm.

[00:07:48] They’re gonna be at podcast movement coming up the end of August in Dallas. So if you guys wanna come hang out with them, they’re gonna do a cool bunch of cool stuff. They’ve got a booth. I think we’re actually gonna broadcast this show on Friday morning from the booth. So if you wanna come and say hi and check that out, that’s gonna be a lot of fun.

[00:08:05] And right now, They have a special deal going on that if you are a new user and if you go to slash Ecamm, you can get 30% off of Ecamm. So the promo code that you’ll use is July 30 and it lasts all this month. So they’re doing all sorts of cool stuff. They, you know, um, they got this one time discount of any plan standard pro monthly or annual.

[00:08:29] Just use that promo code July 30 and check that out. All right. Let’s get into it. Because like I said, at the top of the show, I wish I would’ve known what I know now. When I first got started and both of these guys have really, I’ve watched them make brand deals. Uh, Chris stone has even, you know, we message each other back and forth.

[00:08:50] He helps me out this way. So these guys know what they’re talking about when it comes to brand deals. And we are gonna talk about that. So make sure if, if I miss anything or you want your question answered, you know, ask it down below because I wanna make this show all about you guys, but let’s talk about from right from the top brand deals.

[00:09:06] So when we say brand deals, Chris Giles, what does that mean? What is that talking about? Let’s take it from like people who have no idea what that means.

[00:09:15] Chris P. Giles: For me, if you have no clue what it is to me, it’s the idea of a company has a product or a service that they sell and they want you to promote that said product or service, and they’re gonna pay you directly for it.

[00:09:27] Not affiliate, not any of that. They’re gonna give you a check or cash for the right to promote their product. And so that’s the simplest form of a brand deal. Gotcha. Gotcha.

[00:09:37] Jeff Sieh: So we had somebody and I know this cuz this was the thing too, is like, I need a brand deal with Sonic. We spend too much on drinks there.

[00:09:44] Yeah. So let me know how that works because that would be, uh, really, really cool. Um, so that brings up another point and uh, Christ stone. I know you have done both, so maybe you can take this one. How are these different from say a sponsorship like, you know, Ecamm sponsors this. That’s not really a brand deal.

[00:10:04] So what’s kind of the difference between.

[00:10:08] Chris Stone: There’s not a whole lot of difference. I think I, I don’t like to get hung up too much on, the semantics of all of this. when you’re having a conversation with a company that has a product, whether that’s a SAS product or whether that’s an actual physical product, like a camera or a lens or a, drill or whatever, they want you to promote it and, Ecamm being a sponsor of this show.

[00:10:34] obviously you are promoting it, you are using it. And people are seeing it. And, by the way, I love Ecamm and it’s not just for, not just because it’s sponsored. I, use it all the time for doing scenes and, all kinds of stuff. But, I think, if people have a misconception about, brand deals and sponsorships, from the standpoint of, One is dictating something and the other is dictating it’s, a collaborative effort, really.

[00:11:03] And a lot of what we may get into is, as a creator, which, we all hear are, we have certain things that we’d like to accomplish in our. in our content creator journey and having these, brand deals allow us financially to do that if we’re using these products already. And we’re very sensitive about our brands and how it has to be something we really truly believe in, And if we’re using something already, like the microphone I’m speaking into. These brands, may be more apt to have conversations with you. And therefore that becomes an exchange of products, but also an exchange of money in return for deliverables. And I think that’s really how brand deals work.

[00:11:55] Whereas sponsorships feel more you’re endorsing something and, It’s, more of a, long term. You can only use this kind of thing, for a certain amount of time. And that sort of plays into the trust of the people that, maybe follow you versus, what is a, brand deal.

[00:12:18] If, that makes any sense and that’s, again, logistically semantically, like it’s all there’s a lot of gray areas in there. It’s really just a conversation of. Hey, if you do X, Y, and Z, and we pay you, Y does this make sense? And then you just have a conversation and, sign something.

[00:12:40] And then, in, terms of how we do it, we like to over deliver, so that we can, be that sort of comfortable pair of shoes for that particular brand when it’s time to do something else.

[00:12:54] Jeff Sieh: So, Chris Giles, can you actually have. Both at the same time, can you have a sponsorship and a brand deal?

[00:13:01] I mean, I know I’ve seen some YouTubers who have done, you know, or I guess it could also like, you know, you do a brand deal, then it could morph into a sponsorship if you’re doing a live show. Have, have you seen that happen before?

[00:13:12] Chris P. Giles: Yeah, absolutely. Man, I think, um, I mean just the way, uh, Christone explained it, right.

[00:13:16] If, if you know, this show is sponsored by Ecamm right. Mm-hmm but then over my shoulder I have a coffee company. That is the a brand deal where they go, Hey, can we just sit up a pack of coffee in the background? And you just shout us out one time? Like that then becomes the brand deal of like, I have the coffee, or like Christone said the microphone itself.

[00:13:36] I was sponsor, I was a, this was a brand deal where they sent me the microphone and paid me to talk about it, but they don’t sponsor the show. Right. Right. And so I think that’s where you kind of get in those differentiations where you can use both at the same time and, you know, maximize that income, stack it.

[00:13:49] Right. That’s right.

[00:13:50] Jeff Sieh: That’s right. So. And either one, are you gonna take this one, but how long do brand deals usually last? Do you put a, a time limit on them or do you say like, we’ll just go until they’re not happy anymore? Like what do you, what do you do? Um, Chris P I’ll start with you and then we’ll, we’ll go over to stone.

[00:14:08] Chris P. Giles: Yeah, for sure. for me, I I think it comes down to your personal right. And what, you’re willing to do. And for example, the microphone I’m using, when I did the, deal with them, it was an open ended thing. We basically were like, Hey, when we wanna stop, we’ll stop. Or, we’ll let you know if we don’t wanna.

[00:14:23] You to, if we don’t wanna pay you anymore to do videos. but it was just like, Hey, per video, every time you go live, send us the link and we’ll send you a check. And so those are the ones that I like. the one thing I always suggest though, is if you are trying to put in a contract where there’s a time limit, exclusivity, I’m not a fan of exclusivity.

[00:14:41] So I don’t like it to be like, Hey, I can only talk about you for six months personally. but again, at your personal, you have. Look at your business plan and go, how does this fit into my overall goal, obviously for the right amount of money, I’ll talk exclusively about anything,

[00:14:57] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. So before we go to Chris stone, Jarhead six says, just got a deal that will last a year, one shot a month for 12 months.

[00:15:06] So thanks for being specific for that. It’s very, very cool. So from what I understand is you, if you do make an exclusive deal, like I’m only gonna talk about this. Then you have to raise the prices because you’re kind of put yourself in a box. So go ahead, Christ.

[00:15:22] Chris Stone: And I, and I think length of time plays into that as well.

[00:15:25] Um, you know, for us, uh, exclusivity, especially for, uh, SAS, especially for, you know, because Jim and I are remote producers and we have to use multiple, uh, softwares for, uh, doing, uh, anything. And so for us, it it’s a non-starter to be exclusive to any one, uh, software company, especially as it relates to, uh, live Streaming remote production, because we have.

[00:15:48] Other businesses, other streams of revenue as, uh, content creators. And so we have to really be sensitive, uh, to that. And, you know, I also think it plays everything. And Chris P Gil spoke into this. Everything plays into the trust of your audience, the people who you are speaking to and, um, exclusivity is boy, you really, really have to believe.

[00:16:12] In, in that thing and, and like, nothing else will ever compare to that for that period of time. It’s really hard to do that. Mm-hmm um, and so, you know, but believe it or not, there are companies that we talk to, um, that we’ve done deals with that actually encourage you to use their competition and to speak about their competition.

[00:16:32] because they want that as well. They, you know, so as in, in the Amazon influencer world, um, you know, we’re not, you know, you know, a major influencers, we’re just not in. And so there’s a trust level of like, this is just a normal Chris stone is just a normal person who knows a. To be dangerous about microphones and, and tech and, and those kinds of things.

[00:16:58] And so people, you know, are kind of like, I can identify with this person and maybe, you know, he knows a little bit about the road caster pro, and I could buy that. But if Kevin Hart shows up and starts talking about the roader pro, are you more AP? To buy that. And so I think a lot of brands are realizing, especially on this platform with more nano influencers and more micro influencers and whatever people that have thousands of influencer, uh, thousands of followers, not tens of thousands or hundreds of millions that.

[00:17:27] They have power on platforms like this. And so if they’re using varying products and being able to talk about those varying products, it actually behooves that brand to be a part of that mix, as opposed to being exclusively, um, the one and only particular microphone brand that a tech influencer uses, they’d rather just be a component of that.

[00:17:50] And then they have a longer game that they can, you know, be a part of that, that whole thing. If that makes

[00:17:55] Jeff Sieh: sense. Yeah. I think what you said is the, the really, the big thing I got out of that is like, okay, you know, brands are starting to realize that these nano influencers can talk directly to the people instead of the celebrity, talking down to those people.

[00:18:09] And that’s becoming more and more lucrative. And we’ve had like Stephanie Lou on the show and some other people, and the rise of this live video shopping, which we are just on the cusp of. And we’re gonna have, you know, there’s gonna be more and more brands looking for people like, you know, Chris stone, Jeff C Chris gees, you know, that they can talk to the people and know how to use live video.

[00:18:28] So I thought that was really, really cool. Um, um, I do wanna pull up one comment really quick. And this is from, uh, our friend Scott HES. He says Chris stone is normal in what world says the guy with an orange wig as his profile photo. That’s what I like. Scott. Yeah, but Scott is killing it on Amazon live too.

[00:18:46] I mean, yeah, Amazon and, and Amazon live. So, uh, he’s, he, I know he’s made some great brand deals as well. So one of the things I wanted to ask and Chris, uh, GOs, you can take this one first is like, what are the typical deliverables and deliverables in a brand deal? Because I know a lot of people are like, do I just have to say their, their name or hold up their mug or what is kind of the deliverables if I could.

[00:19:11] Yeah, hooked on phonics is gonna be my brand sponsor here. um, what are the typical deliverables in a brand deal?

[00:19:20] Chris P. Giles: Yeah, for sure. And so the thing I love about this is that you can be creative. It’s literally whatever you want it to be. And so for me, what I, try to do in my brand deals is I don’t allow them to dictate what they’re getting.

[00:19:32] I let them know what I’m willing to give. And so just say, for example, on Amazon live, I’d say, Hey, I’m willing to feature, your product on an Amazon on an actual live stream right. But you’re one product of many on our live stream I’m also willing to clip that out and make it an, a short Amazon product, video.

[00:19:52] And so that’s what I tell them and that’s what I’m willing to do for them. And I make sure that they’re clear. I’ll take your notes personally, but I don’t speak to a script. because everything that I do is gonna be the genuine I want, I’m gonna tell the truth. I won’t bad talk it. I won’t say it’s the horrible product.

[00:20:08] I will point out the goods and the bads. And so I make sure to explain it up front. When you get to other platforms, that’s when you have to differentiate, if you’re on Instagram, are you doing a couple stories because stories are shorter, right? Are you doing a reel for them?

[00:20:20] Are you doing just the picture post? And so you can create the packages as much as you want. And one of the cool things I think is when you’re on multiple platforms, as a creator, you can bundle those things up because you can still lead the people back to that product or service that you’re, having that deal.

[00:20:37] with very, cool.

[00:20:38] Jeff Sieh: So Christone, do you, you know, do you stay on platform for like your deliverables? Like, you know, he talked about mixing like Instagram stories and all that stuff, or, I mean, how do you usually, what are your kind. Standard deliverables that you offer your clients.

[00:20:52] Chris Stone: If the brand is coming to you because of a particular platform, then that’s what the lion share of what your deliverables should be, obviously.

[00:21:01] So like, you know, and a majority of what people are coming to us, uh, for is, is what we’re doing on Amazon. And so, you know, uh, a majority of what our deliverables will be, will be Amazon related. And so the other things, uh, socials, um, videos, YouTube, all of those things that we sort of create in terms of packages are smaller.

[00:21:24] Um, and, but they’re smaller in terms of impact and what the brand wants. And I think what Chris said was, was key. Um, Chris P what he said was key was because you, you should create packages for yourself as, as an influencer. And, and, and there should be a, if a brand comes to you, um, because of your Amazon show, here’s what you can provide to them at this particular price.

[00:21:49] Um, which is, you know, shoppable video, you know, featured in a particular live Restream and you know, whatever else you can do for them on Amazon, your shop, all of those things that you can, you know, do for them, create a package, but also keep it in pencil for two reasons. Number one. Not every brand and not every product is the same.

[00:22:08] They’re all different and they’re all gonna have different needs and you all, you should sort of serve and serve that brand’s needs so that, you know, they’re more apt to come back to you. They feel like they’re getting some value from you. Um, but also like. You know, the, the other things that you’re adding, which maybe Instagram reels, YouTube videos, like all those things that are a part of your package, just know that those aren’t as interesting to them as the thing that they came to you for.

[00:22:35] So that’s a nice thing, but don’t spend too much time with that. So, you know, create a package that’s kind of mallable that you can just kind of change for that particular brand for that particular product. Uh, but also be ready to. Raise your price be able to, when you, when you, uh, write down that price, uh, and type it out to look at it and then raise it again before you send it, because, um, what we learned early on, and maybe I’m jumping ahead here, Jeff.

[00:23:04] That’s alright. You’re good. What we learned early on is, um, we got some very quick yeses. And we were initially very happy when we got, and then we realized, boy, that was really fast. We didn’t charge enough. Right. And so I think that’s, that’s the other thing you gotta realize is especially, uh, you know, a lot of these Amazon influencers aren’t used to.

[00:23:27] You know, having these conversations with these brands. And so, you know, I, you hear these stories of, of them either not charging or charging very little. And, um, then you just, you realize like you’re a lot more valuable than that. So we’ve we learned, uh, early on to. To raise those prices and even raise them again, uh, the longer that we’re able to do that and increase the value because if you do get no’s then you know, that may be no for now, but it may be yes.

[00:23:58] Later.

[00:23:59] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. So, uh, Chris P because Chris stone opened this door, let’s talk a little bit and I don’t wanna do a shout out cuz uh, our friend Randall con. Over on Amazon live says, Hey, Chris, Chris and Jeff, he says, Chris can be dangerous. He didn’t say which one. So we’re just gonna lump you both in together.

[00:24:15] You’re both D we’re both full of dangerous. That’s right. Exactly. So Chris P talk about like your strategy for pricing, uh, because I, I think, especially for people watching who are, you know, trying to, trying to navigate this, maybe for the first time, this kind of advice is really invaluable. So what is your thoughts on.

[00:24:33] Chris P. Giles: Yeah, for me, one of the things, the way I started originally was I said, what is it that I wanna make an hour, just in a theory. Right? Because that’s something that most people’s mind can wrap their head around. Right. And then I go, okay, you know, 15, you can get at a regular place. So it’s like, let’s, ramp it up.

[00:24:47] If I’m going live on a live stream and I wanna make 50 bucks or a hundred bucks an hour, that’s where I start at. And then what happens is, as you grow. You test the waters and you just, literally, I started sending out higher numbers when Chris said he sent it and they said, yes, too fast. I was like, okay.

[00:25:03] They said it too fast. Next time. I’ll double it. And see what they say. And literally just keep raising the price until you get so much pushback that you’re like, okay, this might be my sweet spot. another thing for me, and like we were talking about the packaging earlier, Is when you’re thinking about the deliverables.

[00:25:18] Thinking about your strategy and how long it takes you to create that content. so for a live stream right, me personally, I’m, at the hip. I literally just put a bunch of stuff on the table next to me and I go, there’s no plan to it. I’m just that kind of person. And then, so for a shoppable video, To me, that’s an extra add-on but it, has a perceived value Because for me, what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna go chop it out of my live stream I’m not creating a second video. And so I add that in and now it’s a perceived value of, oh, I get a live stream and a shoppable video. And now I can add a premium on that because it is to them, it’s a perceived value case.

[00:25:53] So that’s how I get started in there for me.

[00:25:55] Jeff Sieh: Awesome. Great advice. And we do have, uh, so I’m I saw him speak at. Uh, the, the Amazon day we have, uh, Justin Moore, who is like the brand deal guy saying you have my favorite topic. Yeah. He killed it on those that, that, uh, your panel or you’re having him talk. So that was,

[00:26:11] Chris Stone: yeah.

[00:26:11] He’s, he’s fantastic. If anybody wants to know, uh, and follow up after this show, uh, How to, you know, the, uh, levels above me, uh, for sure. In terms of, uh, dealing with brands, uh, creator, wizard, uh, Justin Moore, uh, look him up on, on YouTube and definitely at, at the, at a minimum go and subscribe to Justin Moore’s email list.

[00:26:36] It’s free to you. And, um, I have, I don’t know about you guys, but I, I subscribe to. Probably too many email, uh, lists, right? Some, some on purpose others, like how the heck did I get on this list? But, uh, Justin Moore’s email list. That thing every single time I open it up and every single time I read it, that’s how valuable it is.

[00:26:58] Not only is it just valuable mindset stuff, fun, uh, mem. Uh, as a, as a content creator, uh, dealing with brands, but also a list of here are a bunch of brands that are, um, like looking for content from you that will pay you in every single one of those emails. So go and subscribe to that.

[00:27:19] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. Great, great advice.

[00:27:20] I did that. When I heard you heard him in Florida. Uh, so jar had six studio says that, uh, you know, when we were talking about, you know, saying yes, very quick, he says, that’s happened to me. The brand says, yes, yes, very, very quick. And something, you know, we talked about deliverables before and something that I have done is I’ll list a lot of deliverables deliverables, and, um, Have a huge price because then I can pair it down.

[00:27:44] Like instead of, instead of like going like hitting small and they say, yes, too quick, I do something that I’m pretty sure they’re gonna say no to, but I can take stuff away, but then they can come back and say, well, if we wanna do this later, how much, you know, mm-hmm you could do it that way. So start the kind of the opposite way then going the other way.

[00:28:02] So anyway, that take, that took me a long time to learn, cuz I did a lot of free stuff. So, uh, let’s talk about you. The big elephant in the room. And we, we talked about Justin for one of the things. If you wanna get brand deals, sign up for his newsletter. Um, and we’ll, we’ll drop that in, in the show notes, uh, after the show, but here’s the big question.

[00:28:21] Like how big do I have to be before I can get a brand deal? So crispy take that away. Uh,

[00:28:28] Man. I think so the funny part about this is I’m not a size guy, like I’m, I consider myself a nano micro influencer, whatever the actual term is. if we’re looking at Amazon live specifically, like I have 500 followers over there.

[00:28:39] And so I don’t sell on followers though. I sell on the fact that if you have a product on Amazon, I know the strategy of how to get your product seen and move units. And for me, that’s what it becomes to is the value proposition. What value can you give to a brand? you can have a thousand, but if you have a thousand people, that 900 of ’em are gonna go buy what you say, then you just communicate that value to that brand.

[00:29:04] And so to me, any size, man, and guess what? Ask. The worst they can say is no, you didn’t have it before. that is so true. Being able to just, and I don’t know why so many of us wait that we don’t think that we are big enough or we’re, you know, we have enough followers or our show, you know, whatever.

[00:29:23] And man, that, if there’s one takeaway you can take away from this show it’s this is like ask the worst they could do is say, no, it doesn’t hurt you at all. It’s not gonna like, cause you anything, but it could even if they say no, it could develop a relationship later. Um, and so being able to talk to brands and being able to like have just their email address is a, is a great thing.

[00:29:44] So, uh, Christo,

[00:29:45] Chris Stone: you think you wanna know how to be able to talk to brands? Start talking to brands, right. I, you know, seriously it, and it’s like, if you want brand deals, I mean, you’re gonna, you’re gonna have to go through some mistakes. You’re gonna have to go through a lot of nos, you know? Um, you know, I, I always talk about as a creator to, to create more than you.

[00:30:09] You can sit back and consume a show like this, which you should, this is a fantastic show. Go and follow Social Media News, Live best show on the interwebs. Um, but if you don’t act on these things, if you don’t, you know, learn about how to create a course or a podcast or how to speak to brands and you know, like you, you, you can consume that all day long, but if you don’t.

[00:30:30] Pick up your phone or start typing emails or start doing tactical things to, um, and, and act on those things. You’re you’re not going to just automatically be the amazing brand whisperer. You have to start doing it and start making mistakes. I made a ton of them. Made a ton of them. I’m I’m sure Jeff, you, you and Chris probably can say yes, I made mistakes.

[00:30:54] I, I, you know, I creeped into the DMS of, of, of this particular brand and said, Hey, wanna talk, you know, or whatever, that kind of stuff. Those are mistakes. Um, you know, but there are, there are some great information that you can get from people like Justin Moore from Kirk NuGen from Jeff, Sieh from crispy Giles.

[00:31:11] It’s like take that information and act on it and start having these conversations start making mistakes and being okay with. And, you know, but I, I think in terms of the, the, the question, how big do you have to be, not that big and, and it’s, it’s getting better and better that, that, uh, you know, that, that line is moving.

[00:31:29] That goal post is those are moving. In fact, it’s better that you’re not a major influencer, especially when it comes to live selling, people are identifying more with, you know, walking into Costco and somebody’s baking some little pizza bite and you’re like that really. Good. You don’t look at the person that’s baking it and go, well, you’re not Kevin Hart.

[00:31:49] Yeah. You know, it’s like, no, you just really liked whatever that was.

[00:31:54] Jeff Sieh: And now I’m hungry. So I gotta go to, yes. Let’s yes. Um, so, uh, somebody said, did, did Chris stone just say, be a brain whisper? Yes. Um, and, uh, he did so hashtag brain whisper, uh, and Chris, somebody else said exactly. Chris started acting on what you have learned, uh, and heard about.

[00:32:13] Um, yeah. And, uh, Katie says, aha moment for her was what value can you give to a brand? And so one of the things you. This next question I want to ask and I’ll, I’m just gonna throw out. What I have have done is like, how do I pitch brands when I’m small? One of the best things I have found is to go to conferences.

[00:32:33] Like we just went to the, the one that, uh, Christone and Jim F helped put on at podcast and going into those booths and talking to the people. Who have Mike deals have mic products and, and stuff like that. So a long time ago, uh, he sent me this microphone, which is a Ohio PR 40, which is an amazing microphone.

[00:32:53] Well, um, they, I, I met ’em at a conference. I met ’em and sat down and talked to ’em and they’re like, Hey, do you wanna, do you wanna Mike? And I’m like, yeah, I do. So send it. Um, but the cool, and then also I think is the importance. The community that you’re in is not having the scarcity mindset and being able to go like when they were, how microphone was at, um, podcast.

[00:33:16] And I was able to take Jim F from deal casters and go, Hey, this, this guy, you know, he’s on Amazon live too. He’d be a great mix, uh, fit for you guys. And so that stuff started happening. And so. The relationships. I think we, we need to also talk about is like the networking and helping each other out, but also just getting FaceTime at a booth and like, tell me about your mics.

[00:33:37] And by the way, I’m an Amazon influencer or whatever, or I do live shows or I have a TikTok channel or whatever. So, um, Chris talks, Chris P talk about how, um, when you’re small to get those deals, some other things that you have found that, that are helpful. . Yeah,

[00:33:53] Chris P. Giles: I love that. Like in Katie’s question, she was like, what value do you add?

[00:33:55] And what you have to look at is yourself and what you provide personally, right? Hmm. And so, you know, if you’re, if you’re a mom blogger, right, then you go, Hey, I’m a mom blogger that I have, you know, 500 other moms that come join me on Amazon live or on Instagram. And ask me questions about this kind of stuff.

[00:34:10] I would love to. Promote your product to them because I believe in your product, you know, um, one thing for me, I’m a te so again, in my story, right, I’m a production guy. And so my setup is a, you know, is a higher level with the lights and the nice camera and all that. And so on one of the brand deals, like for the microphone company that I did, I met them.

[00:34:28] To talk about Amazon live. And then they said, Hey, we actually have a show on, um, Alibaba. We do, there’s an Alibaba live and we’re right now, we’re Streaming it from our phones and it’s just some people in the office and they’re Streaming it vertical on a, at a conference table. Right. Uh, can we pay you. To do what you do on Amazon live for us on Alibaba.

[00:34:50] And of course I’m like, well, absolutely. Cuz I don’t know anybody else on Alibaba. Right. So, right, right. Yeah. I’ll take the shot. Like, and so that, for me, that was the value that I personally had because that’s the space that I’m in. So just think about what it is you personally have, that’s different from other audiences or, um, unique that you can share.

[00:35:09] Jeff Sieh: You know, what about you, Christo?


[00:35:13] Chris Stone: Yeah, I love, I love that perspective. I think, um, You, I think we have to realize like, nobody knows who you. And most people don’t care. I, you know, I, I, I know I’m not trying to, you know, deflate anyone or pop any, any balloons here, but, um, you know, don’t automatically assume that people know, uh, everything there is about Amazon, uh, a life selling or your brand or what you’re doing.

[00:35:41] And, um, so you gotta go and you gotta get it and that you’ve gotta go and make yourself, um, And make yourself aware. And don’t just assume that if you just put your card table out on the, on the flea market, that people are gonna flock to it. And so, you know, you just, you’ve gotta, you know, when, when you have that sort of mindset and think, you know, oh God, everybody knows about deal casters.

[00:36:05] And they, they don’t. You know, so if you wanna talk to a brand and get a brand deal of something that you really like, uh, the first thing that we do is we use the, we actually use the product. We have a conversation with sure. Um, we have a conversation with sure. One of the first things they said is you guys use the product, you guys, you guys understand, you guys have the ear monitors, you have the microphones, you understand the product.

[00:36:29] And so it’s like, If you have this dream brand that you wanna work with, if like, oh God, it would be so awesome. If I were to talk to Sony or if I were to talk, I’m just throwing out brands at this point. Well, if you don’t use it and you just want that product from that company, you’re probably not gonna have a conversation with them.

[00:36:51] So go and use it and understand it and then do tactical things like, you know, follow them on social, start responding to them. Start, you know, making yourself aware of who those people are. Start finding out who those people are, that are in charge of influencers. Find other influencers who are, who do have deals, who are talking about those particular brands.

[00:37:14] Find out. To your point, Jeff network with somebody, like, if I really wanted to hire PR 40 or I really wanted to work with he and I saw that Jeff and Scott airs as well as a PR 40, Hey, do you guys know anybody at he? You know? Oh yeah, yeah. I know is, you know, whatever, like that’s, that’s how you start to, you know, open, open doors.

[00:37:39] Don’t just sit back mm-hmm and think. If you go live as an influencer, um, that you’re gonna be approached by these dream brands. You’ll get approached by brands. For sure. You’re our inboxes are full of brands. Yeah. Um, you know, but 99% of those are not dream brands. And so you, you just have to, you have to be, uh, tactical about it and you have to sort of mix and match, uh, both of them because you, you do, you can’t say no to everyone.

[00:38:08] You wanna be able to, to work with brands because you wanna get those reps in.

[00:38:13] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. One of the things, um, well, well, we’ll talk about this later, but you know, kind of some of those, the brand deals, but I wanna talk a little bit, so, so we, we kind of, so how we approach brands, but then how. Actually find those brands other than networking and stuff like that.

[00:38:28] Like if, for example, a lot of brands do not even know about Amazon live or shoppable videos. They have no clue. And I’ve talked to some, even at that conference we were at was, they were like, I, I don’t even know how to find out. Who’s an Amazon influencer. There’s no, there’s no real database or anything like you.

[00:38:47] Can’t right. And you can’t really search it like you can TikTok or Instagram or something like that. It’s just like, you just kind of run across it. So, um, How do you find brands? Like, let’s say you’re a small influencer and how do you find brands? Like, for example, I wanna really get a brand deal with Mercedes.

[00:39:03] So like you, what Chris Don said, I’m just gonna go buy a Mercedes and, uh, use it. That’s a great idea. Hopefully. Yeah. It’s a fantastic, I’m sure. My wife let us know how that works. It’s a business it’s right off, right? Yeah, exactly.

[00:39:14] Chris Stone: So talk about like, make sure you click my, my, uh, my affiliate link before you buy the Mercedes and,

[00:39:21] Jeff Sieh: and we might as well get into this now because when you start doing stuff.

[00:39:24] And, and you mentioned your inbox getting full. You’re gonna get all sorts of junk sent to you. Like, Hey, will you review this? Or, you know, it’s free. We’ll just, you know, give it to you, just make a review. That’s all we want. And then you start getting, you know, a lot of junk. So how do you find those good brands that are willing to partner with influencers?

[00:39:44] Um, do we have to get with an agency? Do we have to, you know, Other than FaceTime, what’s the best way to do that. So how do you partner, how do you find those brands that you want to have those deals with Chris P what are your.

[00:39:56] Chris P. Giles: yeah. For, so this is funny one, literally this is a process that I went through was, and, um, I, I got a VA to do it.

[00:40:02] Obviously you can do it yourself. But what I did was, is I literally said, what do I talk about mostly, right? What is my main thing? So for me, it was it’s tech, right. And live Streaming, that kind of content. And so I literally was like, Hey. I’m just gonna type in microphones on Amazon and literally go through and figure out who all these brands are.

[00:40:18] Right. Or I’m gonna go through and find who sells cameras outside of the main three, right? Who sells, uh, game, you know, I’m in gaming. So gaming keyboards, mice headphones, and literally go through and make that list. and once I made that list, literally I just started searching up for contact information and Amazon itself doesn’t make it easy to find contact.

[00:40:36] So what, um, the strategy we used was, uh, to go to LinkedIn and we’d literally type in LinkedIn and go, you know, marketing department, uh, influencer. Like we would just try to use those keywords, but you would literally put, um, like my keyboards course there. So I’d put in course air marketing and try to find somebody that’s in that position and connect with them.

[00:40:56] Literally now you’re just cold messaging them like, Hey, have you ever heard of Amazon live? Like I saw you work at Corsa and I love your products. You know, I’d love to see if there’s something we can do together because I know that’s what you’re trying to do. You’re trying to sell more of your product.

[00:41:08] And I know it’s not for sale on Amazon specifically. Right. And so that’s one of the ways that we took that path. So

[00:41:13] Jeff Sieh: real quick, a follow up question to that. Uh, Chris P. The messaging the way you just said that. I think a lot of people don’t understand how to do an ask. So can you dive in a little bit with that?

[00:41:25] Because you mentioned, Hey, I used your product. I love it. I would love to, instead of like, this is my rate, you know, you need, you know, you know what, I you’ve gotten those before. So talk a little bit about messaging when you were approaching those.

[00:41:38] Chris P. Giles: yeah. When we were talking about a value earlier, right.

[00:41:40] For me, what I understand about people in general, this is the world. The world is everybody’s selfish . And so if you’re, if you’re the marketer, at course air, you don’t care that I’m on Amazon live, you don’t care that you don’t even really care that I have a million followers. Right. That’s it. Until I go, Hey, this is the value I can add for.

[00:41:58] There’s a new platform that I can get more eyeballs on your product and help you sell more of what you have. And this is how I would do it. I would love to see if we can partner together. So it’s always lead with what you can do for the other person. Um, and not like you said, the selfish ask and again, on the back end, you obviously you’re asking for something, but you’re, you’re giving first you’re you’re providing something first.

[00:42:19] Jeff Sieh: So Chris stone.

[00:42:21] Chris Stone: Uh, that’s so good. Yeah, it is. That’s so good. It’s perfect. You’re gonna make me respond to that show. Well, no, I wanna

[00:42:27] Jeff Sieh: take it. I wanna take it a different way because, because you mentioned before, like we, we, a lot of times we think that we, we are not, we don’t have enough followers. We don’t have enough value.

[00:42:37] And what Chris P said was like, here’s, you know, you wanna show them your value, but what if you’re just getting started out Christ and you feel like you, I mean, I just, I just made influencer. You know, do I have to wait a certain amount of time, get so many followers? You know, what is my value when I’m first getting started?

[00:42:54] And how do I communicate that to brands?

[00:42:58] Chris Stone: I think, I think confidence is a huge, huge, huge issue. Um, and, and so you, you have to have that confidence. I mean, you, you, you heard Chris, uh, you know, speak with confidence just now. Mm-hmm, talking about here’s what I can do for you. There’s no reason why you can’t have that same confidence, even if you, this is the first time you’re having a conversation with a.

[00:43:21] There’s no reason, because if you are confident you can deliver this, then, um, no matter the price, you know, that, that this is your first conversation with a brand and you’re confident you can deliver that to, uh, to this brand. Then you should be able to do that. If you get a know, then, then you get to go to the next one and then go to the next one and learn from each one of those conversations.

[00:43:45] It’s that confidence is like, you know, I mean, you said it, you countered it, Jeff, and you said, you know, you’re buffered say I’m just a brand new influencer. It’s like, so what. It it’s like, you’re an influencer. We all, we all started there. Right. Um, and so I don’t know who came up with this thing years ago, uh, that in order to be a X amount of influencer, you had to have this social proof, right.

[00:44:09] Of X amount of subscribers or followers in this particular world in live selling. It’s it doesn’t matter. It is inconsequential with the value you can bring on this platform. If you’re an influencer already with a hundred followers or 10,000 followers, there’s not a huge difference. There really is not a huge difference, especially knowing on Amazon, that there’s less than 2000 total influencers with 50 million YouTube channels that there’s only like less than 2000 influencers on it.

[00:44:44] And of those 2000, you know, a couple a hundred are really leaning into this. You have a huge advantage to a brand on the biggest mall in the world. Well, second biggest, I guess, Alibaba may. The biggest. And again, Chris P Jes has a cumulative advantage over everyone being alive on Alibaba, uh, right now. But I just, you know, there’s no reason, none, no reason if you’re an Amazon influencer that you should, that you should not have a conversation with a brand and say, I’m an Amazon influencer.

[00:45:17] I. Is a perfect way of, of the way Chris said is like, I use this, I use your product. Here’s how I use it. Here’s what I can do for you. Because just like he said, and I mentioned earlier, they don’t care about you. They only care what you can do for them in their job to make their job easier. When they’re sitting in on the zoom call with their bosses in a conference room, what are we doing about influencer market?

[00:45:45] Well, all of a sudden, this person says, well, I’m having a conversation with this Amazon influencer about doing this with this product and this, with this product, which checks all the boxes of what they were supposed to do in their job. You’ve made their job easier and they’re gonna get promoted or whatever.

[00:46:00] Right. That’s, that’s what, that’s what we’re doing. We’re helping them in their job. And oh, by the way, getting paid to talk about brands that we like.

[00:46:10] Jeff Sieh: Yeah. I think too, the, um, you know, you mentioned. The, the bringing the value to them. And so what I, this is to be honest is total transparency. Prime day is, you know, coming up the 12th and 13th, I approached brands and said, Hey, I’m gonna go live a lot for prime day.

[00:46:28] Yep. If you want to be a part of this, here you go. And that was my opening. And I, I mean, that’s, and it’s all about them. It’s like, Hey, I’m gonna be there anyway, doing this really cool stuff. During the biggest sales day, that’s gonna happen since black, before black Friday, do you wanna be a part of it or not?

[00:46:45] And most all of them went, oh yeah. Yeah. Want yeah.

[00:46:49] Chris P. Giles: To no brainer. .

[00:46:52] Jeff Sieh: Yeah, exactly. So, uh, let’s talk a little bit as you. And, you know, and I’ve seen this happen more and more is agencies are jumping on, uh, these, um, influencers. And the funny thing is I’m gonna backtrack a little bit. I think we’ve all been in this space long enough to know that a lot of influencers don’t make any money.

[00:47:10] And so, um, it’s all kind of shadow and smoke, but, um, and we were talking about these small ones, but, but brands are some of these, uh, agencies are starting to notice, like, especially like we were talking about Amazon live, Amazon influencers. They there’s, there’s a, there’s a dollar amount, like you are converting sales.

[00:47:27] Um, and so these agencies are, are coming, you know, out of the woodwork, trying to partner with some of these influencers. Like when should you hire an agency or when should you be a part of an agency? And like, what’s their typical cut that they have, uh, crispy. What are your, what’s your thoughts on that on agencies?

[00:47:42] Chris P. Giles: I think it becomes like hiring anything else. And, and so I think so one of the things is the mindset, right? Is you gotta look at this as a business, as a creator, it’s a creator business. And so for me, one of the things that I, I recognize is that at a certain level, I have to delegate stuff because I only have so much time to go live.

[00:47:59] I only have so much time to send emails. Personally. I only have so much time to answer emails personally. Like, you know, Christo said like, Our email box is full, but you, somebody still has to go through it to see which ones are the actual brand. Cuz you don’t know until you open it up to go, oh, this is bad.

[00:48:13] This is bad. Okay. This is a good one. Let me respond. Right. And so it, it becomes a time thing really. And what are you willing to give up? And so what is your long term plan? Right. And so for, uh, me, one of the things that we even jumped into, uh, for a period and we’re, we’re working out how to actually make it worth, it was being able to fill that void for.

[00:48:32] That you need the help because you don’t understand, or you just don’t have the time to do it. Right. Because that’s why agents and agencies exist because some people just don’t wanna do it. They just wanna show up on camera and, and go live. And so it becomes a personal decision based on your business model.

[00:48:48] Um, I mean, again, the percentages can range anywhere from, um, I’ve seen some as, as low as three or 4%, and these are like, cuz they have millions and millions and they make a lot of money to, you know, up. 15 to 20%, which sound harsh. But generally those are the ones that you’re really only getting paid a, a couple hundred bucks per thing.

[00:49:05] And so they have to somehow recoup the, the hours of having somebody look through your stuff. Um, but yeah, at the end of the day, I feel like it comes down to a personal decision of your business strategy and what you can afford to give away.

[00:49:17] Jeff Sieh: Very cool. So what are your thoughts about, um, agencies and working with those Christ?

[00:49:23] Chris Stone: Yeah, I think, um, we haven’t had a lot of experience actually working with agencies. And the reason is, is because, you know, we’re control freaks. No, uh, I think , I, I just feel like, um, any time, this is the kind of the. The sensitive sort of thing with, with brand deals and everything else is we want to make sure that it’s a comfortable working relationship, which means, um, you know, first and foremost, our, our goal in everything is to make sure that the people that are watching and listening to us trust what we’re saying.

[00:50:01] And so if I say this phone charger, Awesome. And I use it for this and I use it for this and I use it for this. It isn’t because that company paid me money to say that it is because I believe in it and maybe the company did pay me money, but I believe in it. And so that means that if I’m having a conversation with a company or, or a brand, and I’m supposed to be doing something that falls outside of that parameter, It’s a non-starter because I, I have to know and trust that particular item and brand personally, we have to like really stand by it.

[00:50:41] And so that means, we say no a lot because I open the box and it fell apart. Or I don’t like this because it doesn’t sound good or whatever. And we’re gonna say, we’re gonna say, tell the brand, listen, this doesn’t. For us because, um, you know, sorry, uh, this doesn’t, it doesn’t fall within that. And so I think when it comes to agency, there’s a lot of prerequisites and requirements and things that are a little out of our control and we’re just not comfortable doing it because for us, the longer game of trust with our audience is, is much more valuable.

[00:51:17] Jeff Sieh: So. Let’s talk about cuz we’re getting short on time. I mean, I could, we could do hours on this, but uh, John and Facebook said, I just followed deal casters on Amazon. You guys need to follow both these guys. I’ve been putting up their names the entire time. Thank John. So, um, uh, Chris P why don’t you say yours for the podcast so people can know where to follow you real quick, uh, before.

[00:51:37] Yeah,

[00:51:38] Chris P. Giles: yeah, absolutely. Uh, tech talk with takes you right to the Amazon page. And

[00:51:45] Jeff Sieh: of course the amazing deal casters at deal, You can follow them as well. So let’s talk real quick with the time we have left, um, some like best practices. So like, okay. I got a brand deal. How cool is that?

[00:51:57] Okay. Now what do I do? Like, what are some of your best practices Chris P like, what do you like to do when they sign on the dotted line? I know both of you guys over deliver, so, uh, I know sure. That’s one of them, but what are some other best practice? Uh, for working with brands,

[00:52:12] Chris P. Giles: uh, some of my, some mine’s gonna sound crazy, man, cuz I’m like that straightforward guy.

[00:52:16] One of the things like Chris said was, was that the, the authenticity of the product, right? You, you know, whether you like it or not type thing, like, so you prefer to do products that you like. Um, I actually tell, uh, I’ll take the deals and say, Hey, I’m talking about your product, but just know that I’m gonna be honest about it.

[00:52:33] Like I don’t, I don’t do the talking points. A company, they had a, a 360 camera and it didn’t work on my live Restream. And so they were upset by it. And I was like, well, on my deal, I was very clear in the deal that I don’t open the box until I go live. And so if it doesn’t work, like you should really fix that.

[00:52:51] Like, I’ll go on the next one. So you, since you helped me figure it out and tell them what I, what was wrong with it, but. I, it was the authenticity. So now my audience goes, oh, he’ll tell us if it’s actually not a great product. Or if this is a flaw and you may need to check something else out. And so, um, that, that’s the big thing for me is making sure we’re clear on the communication of the what’s, what to expect.

[00:53:12] Uh, because I’m just very different in, in that sense. So that’s the biggest thing. And then making sure that whatever you do say you’ll deliver, uh, that you deliver it quickly. And, um, within the timeframe, cuz a lot of times people are like, oh, I keep telling ’em three days. And then I got behind in two weeks and that makes you look bad.

[00:53:27] Cuz why would they ever wanna do a deal with you if you can’t even follow what you told them you would do? Um, so those are kind of my two best practices with,

[00:53:35] Jeff Sieh: so on your time, what do you, what do you typically tell people to make like a video? Let’s say just a shop video. Do you give them a certain. Like it’s a week, two weeks.

[00:53:43] What’s your typical time for a turnaround?

[00:53:45] Chris P. Giles: Yeah, on a shop of video where, I mean, it’s a week for me. Um, if it’s a live Restream, what I’ll do is because if I’m gonna put it in, if the package is multiple live streams, I make sure I clearly communicate, like I’m not gonna do it Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, right?

[00:53:57] I’ll do it one this week, one next week, one the week after to kind of help them, spread it out and tell them the strategy. Essentially. I also try to educate. And explain the strategy behind it, right? Because if I’m talking about this particular microphone, I explain to them, this microphone has the ability to show up on other mic pages.

[00:54:14] Right. If we do this right. And so I’m gonna tell them, Hey, I’m gonna have other mic, like items in there. Right. I won’t talk about other mics, but I’ll have preamps and road caster and this other stuff in the carousel that I’ll be talking about that compliment your product, but it’s really to help you. Um, and so, yeah, so generally a week, um, And again, as you guys are talking about, you know, prime day, obviously, then you’re like, oh, well that’s in a couple weeks.

[00:54:37] So, you know, we gotta make sure it’s up quick and that kind of thing.

[00:54:41] Jeff Sieh: Cool. Chris stone, what is your best practices, uh, for working with, with, uh, brands?

[00:54:47] Chris Stone: Yeah, I, I love what, what he was he was talking about. I think it just falls under the, you know, there there’s a misconception, especially from the brand world that a lot of influencers are kind of flaky and, you know, kind of, you know, creators and just, you know, sleep until 11, you know, and, and do what they want to do.

[00:55:05] And, and I think, uh, be profess. Um, answer their emails. Be clear. I love that. You know, what Chris is talking about is, is let them know what to expect, not surprise them, uh, with, with something out of the blue, like, uh, oh, well you didn’t tell me you were going to have this, that and the other and maybe so I think.

[00:55:25] What you need to do, especially if you’re in a conversation with a brand that is paying you and sending you products, and there’s expectations really be clear with them on, you know, get some context, get some context about their company, find out what their, you know, what. Their expect, not just their expectations of, you know, deliverable at, you know, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, but like, tell me a little bit more about your company.

[00:55:48] What’s uh, what’s the culture like, like what do you guys have coming up? Do you guys have any, any sort of promotions that are coming up? Like what’s a big focus right now for you guys. Um, you know, like talk about that kind of stuff, which can spark all kinds of different conversations, which may end up.

[00:56:04] Um, showing up on your live streams, uh, you know, product videos with that context, because if a focus of a microphone company is they want to be, um, you know, hitting a particular demographic and that fits fits within your brand. Like maybe start speaking to those. Um, that context within some of your videos within some.

[00:56:26] And so they’re like, well, this, this person understands our company. This person understands what we want to achieve with that. And I don’t think, I think there’s a lot of influencers that are like, oh, check the box, I’m getting free stuff. And I’m just here’s this. And here’s what it does. And like the page says what it does, like add some real context, add some real personality, add some real, um, value to, uh, to what you’re doing.

[00:56:48] Not just value to the customer, but value to the company and the brand. You’re doing the deal with.

[00:56:55] Jeff Sieh: Awesome. Awesome stuff. So, um, we are at the end of your time and my computer is just about ready to die. So I’m having trouble switching screens. So I don’t know if it’s gonna be on better

[00:57:06] Chris Stone: screen to be on than I know.

[00:57:07] It’s it’s the me, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve taken over social media’s live. Welcome to the Christ stone show.

[00:57:14] Jeff Sieh: I just it’s just time for a new Mac. Keep having to pour gasoline

[00:57:19] Chris Stone: in it. No, I love your max. Jeff. This

[00:57:20] Jeff Sieh: is the best match ever. Yeah. It’s probably, you love it. Don’t you? Well, hopefully. So Chris, while you’re up on screen, why don’t you tell us, um, where there you go.

[00:57:29] We’ll just leave it here and I won’t touch anything, but, uh, Chris stone tell everybody where they can find out more about you and everything. Awesome that you

[00:57:37] do.

[00:57:38] Chris Stone: uh, Chris And that way, when you go there, you can, wherever you wanna connect with me, if you wanna connect with me on LinkedIn, you want to see some wacky videos you wanna, you know, look at my new, my flashy new Pinterest page that, uh, that Jeff Sieh helped me with, um, a couple of idea pins, but, um, you know, we can connect wherever you wanna connect by going Chris

[00:58:04] And

[00:58:04] Jeff Sieh: Chris P Giles. Thank you so much. My friend for coming on, uh, this show today, you were so much information. You, you, I mean, I loved hanging out with you and seeing you at, uh, podcast and Amazon live day there. Um, but where can people find out all things, Chris P Giles.

[00:58:19] Chris P. Giles: Man that’s easy, man. Uh, Chris P Giles one, the number, the number one on all social media, crisp P uh, for contact info.

[00:58:27] Um, I mean, apparently I need to get like Chris stone with these dots, man. I need Now he’s the one who made get just for the record. Like that’s the only reason I haven’t dot live.

[00:58:36] Jeff Sieh: Oh, that’s that? Hey, he got me on live too. So he’s, he’s the man. So. And all you guys think you got so much for joining us, make sure that you check out our, our sponsors Ecamm.

[00:58:46] You can find that out at Social Media News Live slash Ecamm, and they have a special, this, uh, this, um, this month going on, you can all their plans. You can get 30% off if you go there and put the promo code, July 30 and that’s all upper case all squished together. And with that, we’ll see you guys next time.

[00:59:07] Bye everyone. Have a great. and I don’t know if I can

[00:59:11] Chris Stone: quit.

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