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Holiday Hustle: Influencer Secrets for Seasonal Sales

🔔 Gear up for the Holiday Hustle with Social Media News Live because we’ve got not one, but two powerhouse influencers, MarieLou Mandl and Kirk Nugent, to unveil “Influencer Secrets for Seasonal Sales.” 🎄

Trace the journey of these remarkable influencers as they share their expertise on leveraging technology and live selling to skyrocket your holiday sales. From MarieLou’s creative tech insights to Kirk’s live video marketing strategies, this episode is a treasure trove for marketers, small businesses, and solopreneurs. 📈

We’ll delve into effective live selling techniques, creating content that not only engages but also sells, and much more. Your holiday sales strategy is about to get a major upgrade! 🚀

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Email List Growth Tactics With Liz Wilcox

🔔 Tune in to Social Media News Live as we have Liz Wilcox diving into “Email List Growth Tactics.”

From her initial sale in a campground to mastering email marketing and growing her venture into a multiple six-figure income, Liz’s journey is all about actionable insights. We’ll delve into the starting steps of list building, keeping subscribers engaged, and scaling up to monetize your list.

Don’t miss Liz’s game-changing advice for budding list builders! 🚀

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Boosting Creativity with AI: Insights From Katie Richman

🔔 Dive into the world of “Boosting Creativity with AI” with our special guest, Katie Richman.

Katie, with her vast experience from Loud Labs to major tech giants, has harnessed the power of AI to revolutionize creative processes. We’ll uncover her secrets on collaborating with AI for brainstorming, her unique approach to treating AI as a “human junior partner,” and how AI can be the game-changer in creative endeavors.

Unlock the future of creativity with AI insights from Katie! 🚀

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LinkedIn Landmines: Evading Everyday Errors

🔔 We’re welcoming Beth Granger for an insightful session on “LinkedIn Landmines: Evading Everyday Errors.”

From her beginnings as a passionate professional to becoming a LinkedIn luminary, Beth’s journey is a blueprint for LinkedIn success. We’ll delve into her strategies, the evolution of her LinkedIn expertise, and her perspectives on the do’s and don’ts of the platform.

Don’t miss Beth’s invaluable tips for mastering LinkedIn! 🚀

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Disney’s Magic in Marketing: Conor Brown’s Storytelling Secrets

🔔 We’re welcoming Conor Brown for an enchanting session on “Disney’s Magic in Marketing”

From his days as a Walt Disney World Cast Member to the creation of the WDW Opinion, Conor’s journey is a spellbinding tale of merging storytelling with marketing. We’ll delve into his Disney experiences, the evolution of WDW Opinion, and his strategies for infusing Disney’s magic into digital marketing.

Don’t miss Conor’s expert tips for crafting captivating brand narratives! 🚀

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The State of Social Care in 2023

🔔 We’re thrilled to have Brooke B. Sellas with us to discuss the “State of Social Care in 2023.”

From founding B Squared Media with the mantra: Think Conversation, Not Campaign™ to publishing her groundbreaking book, Conversations That Connect, Brooke’s expertise in social media customer care is unparalleled. Dive into the evolving landscape of social media service, understand customer expectations, and prepare for the future with insights from a leader who’s been at the forefront for over a decade.

Don’t miss Brooke’s invaluable insights on how to truly connect and serve in the digital age! 🚀

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Leveraging AI to Enhance Creative Workflows

🔔 We’re diving in with Ryan Koral on “Creative Workflows Using AI.”

From his beginnings as a documentary filmmaker to the inspiring tales told at Tell Studios, Ryan’s voyage is nothing short of a cinematic masterclass. We’ll unravel his techniques, the ascent of Studio Sherpas, and his keen insights on harnessing the power of AI in filmmaking and content creation.

Don’t miss Ryan’s golden nuggets on jump-starting creativity with AI! 🎥

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Becoming Unforgettable

🔔 We’re thrilled to welcome Phil Mershon as he unveils his new book, “Unforgettable: The Art and Science of Creating Memorable Experiences!”

From his expertise in crafting memorable experiences to his insights on personal branding, Phil’s wisdom is a beacon for those looking to leave a lasting impression. We’ll dive deep into the art of creating an unforgettable personal brand, the power of compelling content, and the secrets to developing an extraordinary presence.

Don’t miss out on Phil’s invaluable tips and insights from his must-read book! 🚀

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The Magic of Storytelling with AI

🔔 Join us as we welcome back Jason Canapp for an enlightening session on “The Magic of Storytelling with AI.”

Last time, the audience had so many fantastic questions that we couldn’t dive into the final section of our discussion. Now, we’re picking up right where we left off! From his innovative vision behind ‘Here With The Magic’ to the transformative power of AI in video production, Jason’s journey is a testament to the future of immersive experiences. We’ll delve into the integration of AI in storytelling, ethical considerations, and the role of AI in the creative process.

Don’t miss this chance to dive deeper into how Jason harnesses AI to redefine storytelling and immersive experiences! 🚀

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Mastering Link-less Strategy on Youtube Shorts

Gear up for another episode of Social Media News Live! We’re thrilled to have Nick Nimmin with us, diving deep into “Mastering Linkless Strategy on YouTube Shorts.”

From his expertise in YouTube growth to his strategies for navigating the ever-changing digital landscape, Nick’s insights are invaluable for any creator. We’ll discuss the recent changes, the future of short-form content, and how creators can adapt and thrive in this new linkless era.

Get ready for actionable strategies and Nick’s unique perspective on the ever-changing world of content creation!

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