Date Archives December 2023

Crafting Short-Form Content

🔔 We’re thrilled to welcome Shelly Nathan back on the show for an in-depth discussion on “Crafting Short-Form Content.”

Discover how Shelly, with over 40k TikTok followers and a knack for captivating YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels, has mastered the art of engaging audiences in just seconds. We’ll delve into her strategies, the creative process behind her most successful videos, and her perspective on the evolving landscape of short-form platforms.

Prepare to elevate your content game with Shelly’s expertise! 🚀

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Mindful Marketing: Harnessing Self-Awareness for Brand Success

🔔 We’re thrilled to have Angie Robinson explore “Mindful Marketing: Harnessing Self-Awareness for Brand Success.”

With over 20 years in Human Resources and Organizational Development and her expertise as a certified life and leadership coach, Angie’s session promises to be a deep dive into the transformative power of self-awareness in marketing. We’ll discuss how this critical skill impacts brand authenticity, customer engagement, and adapting to digital advancements, including AI.

Prepare to gain invaluable insights for elevating your brand strategy with mindfulness and self-awareness. Don’t miss out! 🚀

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Charting the Social Shift: Navigating the Evolving World of Social Media and Web3

🔔 We’re thrilled to welcome Katie Brinkley back on the show for a dynamic discussion on “Charting the Social Shift: Navigating the Evolving World of Social Media and Web3.”

We’ll explore the evolution of social media as Katie shares her deep knowledge from the onset of Facebook and Instagram to the future realms of Web 3.0 and the Metaverse. Discover the transformative power of Web 3.0, the rising influence of AI in content creation, and key strategies for today’s social media landscape.

Don’t miss Katie’s valuable insights and tips for thriving in today’s digital world! 🚀

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Expert Moderation Secrets: Elevating Events & Tackling Trolls

🔔Tune into Social Media News Live! We’re featuring “Expert Moderation Secrets with Paul Duncan: Elevating Events & Tackling Trolls.”

Explore Paul Duncan’s transformation from telecom professional to leading event moderator. Gain insights into engaging audiences and ensuring safe, vibrant online communities. Perfect for anyone who wants to master digital engagement!

🚀 Don’t miss out!

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Leverage Instagram For Business: Transformative Tactics

🔔 Get ready for another exciting Social Media News Live episode! We’re thrilled to welcome Julie Voris for an insightful session on “Leverage Instagram For Business: Transformative Tactics.”

Dive into Julie’s incredible journey from a high school teacher to a CEO and discover how she revolutionized her business using Instagram. We’ll discuss her unique strategies, the power of social media in entrepreneurship, and her invaluable tips for leveraging Instagram for business success.

Tune in for this not-to-be-missed opportunity to elevate your brand on Instagram! 🚀

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