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Is the show that keeps you up-to-date on what's happening in the world of social media! We talk with industry experts, innovators, creators, and storytellers about the latest social media tools, tips, and tactics. We broadcast live so YOU can ask the questions that matter most to you and your business.

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Meet The Hosts

The weirdos Behind The Show

Jeff Sieh is an international speaker and visual marketing consultant, specializing in Pinterest, visual marketing, and video. He hosts the Social Media News Live show and podcast and is also “Head Beard” at Manly Pinterest Tips.  Jeff has worked with and produced visual content for various companies, including Guy Kawasaki, Kim Garst, Social Media Examiner, and Tailwind.

Jeff’s deepest wish is that he followed his mother’s advice to not “make that face or might get stuck that way.”  Hence his constant “blue steel” scowl at the camera.

Grace Duffy is the Virtual Events Manager at Restream, where she oversees their involvement in industry events, both big and small, and looks after the live shows on the Restream channels, hosted by a phenomenal line-up of hosts and influencers in the live streaming industry. She is the producer for Social Media News Live, a social media marketing strategist, and offers a wealth of experience in creating online content.

She’d like you to know that she’s lactose-intolerant but would follow a good (and it has to be AMAZING) bowl of queso anywhere.

Erik is the Director of Social Media Education at Agorapulse where he heads up the Social Media Manager School. He is also the producer and host of the productivity podcast ‘Beyond The To-Do List’ for almost 9 years

He also just got new glasses. Don’t say anything about them.  He’s sensitive….

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Peg Fitzpatrick PegFitzpatrick.com

Social media changes in a snap so I love listening to this podcast to find out the hottest trends and news as it hits. Jeff Sieh is funny and smart - a great combination! Looking forward to more episodes!

Steve McDonald Founder of LeadKlozer

Jeff is the best in keeping me up to speed on what I need to know, before I need to know it!

Ian Anderson Gray iag.me

I've been looking for a show to help keep me up to date with the latest in the social media world. And I'm loving this podcast hosted by Jeff Sieh and Erik Fisher. Packed with news, great guests, and detailed info and facts, it's also fun and engaging.

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